The BSP Tipster Review: Introduction

The BSP Tipster Review

The BSP Tipster is one of the latest horse racing tips services to join the Betting Gods site and it is unique in that it is said to work using Betfair Exchange alone. 

Since May the service has recorded a profit of £709.22 at an ROI of 13.1%. That's an average monthly profit of £118 to £10 stakes.

Being able to profit at Betfair SP has some huge plus points. For a start, there would be no more worries about bookie accounts being restricted or closed. It's also just quicker and easier in general as there is no need to look around for betting odds and login to different sites.

Of course, you could still opt to bet on the selections at the bookies if you wanted but we will only be recording bets at BSP in our review.

The service sends 2-4 tips out per day at around 12 - 2pm and they can be accessed either via email, the member's area or through the app.

We will be following the service over the next few months and will report back with a monthly update of our results.

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