The Profitable Game Review

The Profitable Game Review

Note: This service was discontinued before we could complete our review. Take a look at some of our "passed" services here.

The Profitable Game is a football betting service that claims to have developed 8 different winning systems over the past five years. Apparently there have been thousands of bets since the creation of each system and the ROI stands at 16.2% to date.

The bets are generated from a database that analyses match data and produces a probability of which team will win. Although it isn't always correct, it is said to have been profitable in the long term.

The other aspect that the database searches for is whether the selection has any value or not to be sure that there is a profitable edge over time.

Unfortunately there aren't any results or statistics available to look at on the website, but there are profit graphs for each system and they all show a steady upward profit line.

Chris who runs the service has advised us that the systems have a proven edge betting in the match odds and Asian Handicap markets between odds of 1.20 and 3.00.

Although the systems have been tested since October 2014, they have only recently been made available to the public, which explains why we haven't come across the service before.

The bets are sent out via email at least 4 hours prior to kick off and they are sent throughout the day between 7.00am and 11.30pm. There can be up to 700 bets per month, so we are obviously not going to be able to record all of them but we will try our best to track as many as possible.  

Rather than noting the available odds, the emails contain the "target odds" and "minimum odds", so some bets won't qualify if they don't meet the required odds and won't be recorded.

The service is available on Clickbank which means there is a 30 day moneyback guarantee and there are several membership plans to choose from.

We have begun tracking bets and will report back with our first set of results in a month's time.

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