The Winning Trap Review: Month One Update

The Winning Trap review

The Winning Trap is a greyhound tips service with an impressive record of more than £500 profit per month to £10 stakes.

Tipster Adam has been running the service since November 2021 and has reported £3,507.92 profit at an ROI of 12.04% at the time of writing our review.

Usually when we see average monthly profits, it doesn't mean that the figure was achieved most of the time as results from tipping service can often be sporadic.

With this service though, the tipster has consistently produced a monthly profit of more than £500 with the exception of one month where he made a small loss.

The Winning Trap review results

The tips are sent out at approximately 11.30am for the afternoon races and 4.30pm for the evening races and you can receive them by email, through the member's area or the mobile app.

Betting Gods have assured us that the selections are available to back at all major bookmakers and exchanges, but we will be recording our own results at the available odds to check this.

We will be following the service for the next few months and will report back soon with our first batch of results.

Month One Update

The Winning Trap made 6.69 points profit in the first month of our review at the advised odds. Unfortunately we were not able to make anywhere near that amount, due to the odds being cut quickly after the emails were received.

We recorded a loss of 20.85 points at the available odds and even worse, a 40.82 points loss at Betfair SP.

It seems that it would be quite difficult following this service because of this issue, but we decided to continue with our review on the off chance that things got better.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets140140140
Total Stakes (pts)353.0353.0353.0
Profit/Loss (pts)6.69-20.85-40.82
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£66.90(£208.50)(£408.20)
Strike Rate34.3%34.3%34.3%
Overall Bank Growth5.3%-16.7%-32.7%
Bank (125pt starting)131.69104.1584.18


DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
26/05/20221851 SunderlandBarntick Jackie4.002.004.00129.00
26/05/20221809 HoveDoorus Jet2.003.004.00133.00
26/05/20222054 HoveClairkeith Bonny2.003.50-2.00131.00
27/05/20221809 RomfordChelms Hamster2.003.254.50135.50
27/05/20221858 RomfordBubbly Cristal2.004.75-2.00133.50
27/05/20221948 TowcesterDeadly Showtime3.002.88-3.00130.50
27/05/20221956 RomfordBubbly Bollinger2.003.75-2.00128.50
27/05/20221944 Central ParkSleepy Seanie2.002.252.50131.00
27/05/20222023 Central ParkKitmans Alexa3.002.50-3.00128.00
27/05/20222102 Central ParkFweshairpie3.004.009.00137.00
28/05/20221309 CrayfordPitch and Toss3.004.00-3.00134.00
28/05/20221930 TowcesterBockos Viera2.003.25-2.00132.00
28/05/20221944 MonmoreShelbys Memory3.002.63-3.00129.00
28/05/20221948 TowcesterPriceless Jet2.004.33-2.00127.00
28/05/20222003 MonmoreTrionas Travel3.003.00-3.00124.00
29/05/20221828 Central ParkHavana Lover2.003.004.00128.00
29/05/20221918 Central ParkGetwiththetimes2.004.50-2.00126.00
29/05/20221936 Central ParkView Abbey2.002.25-2.00124.00
29/05/20221956 Central ParkHavana class3.002.253.75127.75
29/05/20222054 Central ParkDistant Bolt3.002.75-3.00124.75
29/05/20222128 Central ParkLizs Legacy3.003.00-3.00121.75
29/05/20221944 HenlowRestless Lass3.003.00-3.00118.75
30/05/20221046 Central ParkBirchgrove buddy2.002.633.26122.01
30/05/20221131 Central ParkManseville Toto2.003.004.00126.01
30/05/20221317 Central ParkBallymac Sputnik2.002.202.40128.41
30/05/20221333 Central ParkFeora Lottie2.002.753.50131.91
30/05/20222111 NottinghamBiomaran2.004.00-2.00129.91
31/05/20221851 SheffieldSkywalker Mint3.002.10-3.00126.91
31/05/20221907 CrayfordBrian the Bolt2.003.25-2.00124.91
31/05/20221958 SheffieldSavana Scrappy3.002.38-3.00121.91
31/05/20222006 NewcastleDarbys Delight2.003.004.00125.91
31/05/20222052 NewcastleDroopys QuickTime2.005.00-2.00123.91
31/05/20222101 SheffieldFarneys Richie2.004.33-2.00121.91
31/05/20222126 NewcastleCoppice Psyche3.002.38-3.00118.91
01/06/20221916 YarmouthFizz3.002.38-3.00115.91
01/06/20221934 YarmouthYoung Burke3.003.50-3.00112.91
01/06/20221941 SunderlandBashful Luigi2.005.00-2.00110.91
01/06/20222003 HarlowRossetti2.003.25-2.00108.91
01/06/20222043 HarlowLuna Jezzabelle2.002.753.50112.41
02/06/20221046 Central ParkWaikiki Bonnie2.002.883.76116.17
02/06/20221101 Central ParkBrennan’s Kante2.003.00-2.00114.17
02/06/20221216 Central ParkHazelwood Magic2.004.00-2.00112.17
02/06/20221317 Central ParkThe Last Mohican2.004.006.00118.17
02/06/20221333 Central ParkMarie’s Flash2.003.004.00122.17
02/06/20221918 HoveNandad3.002.63-3.00119.17
02/06/20222017 HoveSampson Rocket2.002.883.76122.93
02/06/20222101 SunderlandPopper Sophia2.003.00-2.00120.93
02/06/20222112 HoveBallymac Speed2.003.75-2.00118.93
03/06/20221956 RomfordGone to Rome3.002.755.25124.18
03/06/20222038 RomfordBurgess Elite2.005.00-2.00122.18
03/06/20222054 RomfordCome Asyouare2.003.25-2.00120.18
03/06/20222128 RomfordSonic Emjay2.002.75-2.00118.18
03/06/20222118 Central ParkBirchgrove Hilda3.002.88-3.00115.18
04/06/20221948 TowcesterBarefoot Supremo3.003.25-3.00112.18
04/06/20222038 MonmoreGavins Rocco3.003.507.50119.68
04/06/20222120 TowcesterDroopys Mural2.004.336.66126.34
04/06/20221820 TowcesterDarbys Delight2.003.50-2.00124.34
04/06/20221907 HoveRayman2.003.75-2.00122.34
05/06/20221858 Central ParkMarch on cherry2.004.50-2.00120.34
05/06/20221936 Central ParkWarzone Tom3.003.006.00126.34
05/06/20221956 Central ParkTintreach Best2.004.006.00132.34
05/06/20222038 Central ParkDecisive Annie2.003.505.00137.34
05/06/20221909 SwindonCoppice Beliver2.003.004.00141.34
05/06/20222046 SwindonStefans Rocket3.004.00-3.00138.34
06/06/20221131 Central ParkGreenhill Tokyo3.002.103.30141.64
06/06/20221201 Central ParkLostrigg Louie2.001.911.82143.46
06/06/20221934 NottinghamDapper Rodney3.003.006.00149.46
07/06/20221317 Central ParkArtebury Blue2.003.00-2.00147.46
07/06/20221528 HoveSharp Bobby3.002.63-3.00144.46
07/06/20221851 SheffieldSavana Eruption3.003.50-3.00141.46
07/06/20221926 SheffieldBallintree Emily4.001.83-4.00137.46
08/06/20221924 HarlowLamorna Ollie3.002.63-3.00134.46
08/06/20222043 HarlowTinks Boy3.003.256.75141.21
09/06/20221216 Central ParkMandys Lady3.002.38-3.00138.21
09/06/20221333 Central ParkPinewood Syd3.002.75-3.00135.21
09/06/20221841 Perry BarrMonraud Thunder4.002.50-4.00131.21
10/06/20221404 NewcastleCoolavanny Hawk3.002.88-3.00128.21
10/06/20221930 TowcesterBettys Book2.002.623.25131.46
10/06/20221948 TowcesterWide Open3.002.384.14135.60
10/06/20222112 RomfordAero Activate2.003.004.00139.60
11/06/20221037 CrayfordMarch on cherry2.004.00-2.00137.60
11/06/20221239 CrayfordRitzy Spirit2.005.00-2.00135.60
11/06/20221309 CrayfordWicky Dickie3.002.50-3.00132.60
11/06/20222023 MonmoreDroopys Calvary2.004.006.00138.60
11/06/20222043 MonmoreAero Dylan3.002.50-3.00135.60
12/06/20221828 Central ParkWaste House Rock3.005.0012.00147.60
12/06/20221851 SwindonSkywalker Lisa3.004.50-3.00144.60
12/06/20221936 Central ParkMan Like Jack4.001.913.64148.24
12/06/20222038 Central ParkGreenhill Tokyo3.002.25-3.00145.24
13/06/20221101 Central ParkSenehal Brandy2.002.252.50147.74
13/06/20221116 Central ParkRyedale Cowboy2.002.88-2.00145.74
13/06/20221216 Central ParkSpice Box3.002.253.75149.49
13/06/20221951 NottinghamDroppys Flight3.002.62-3.00146.49
14/06/20221116 Central ParkCanya Survive3.003.25-3.00143.49
14/06/20221851 SheffieldBallintree Emily3.002.504.50147.99
15/06/20221859 YarmouthSwift Unkind2.003.505.00152.99
15/06/20221934 YarmouthDominance3.002.253.75156.74
15/06/20222043 HarlowTinks Boy3.002.003.00159.74
15/06/20222101 SunderlandAutumn Defender2.002.753.50163.24
16/06/20221858 HoveLenson On Ice2.002.62-2.00161.24
16/06/20221918 HoveSeomra Syd2.003.00-2.00159.24
16/06/20222017 HoveChelms Cub4.001.53-4.00155.24
16/06/20222038 HoveDerrinasafa Boss2.003.75-2.00153.24
25/06/2022Dorando MarathonSavana Volcano w/o Space Jet4.002.25-4.00149.24
18/06/20221907 MonmoreLuminous Invader3.002.50-3.00146.24
18/06/20221924 MonmoreAero Dylan2.002.90-2.00144.24
18/06/20221930 TowcesterBellmore Sally3.003.006.00150.24
18/06/20222023 MonmoreFreedom Editor3.003.25-3.00147.24
19/06/20221248 SheffieldDerby Miles3.003.75-3.00144.24
19/06/20221304 SheffieldSavana Eruption2.002.38-2.00142.24
19/06/20221843 Central ParkEmers Romeo2.001.571.14143.38
19/06/20221918 Central ParkDecisive Amy3.002.50-3.00140.38
20/06/20221146 Central ParkTuckeys Jet2.003.00-2.00138.38
20/06/20221201 Central ParkPinewood Syd2.004.00-2.00136.38
20/06/20221317 Central ParkSpice Box2.003.75-2.00134.38
20/06/20221918 DoncasterBurnfoot Juliet3.003.00-3.00131.38
20/06/20222006 NottinghamDroopys Ambush4.003.25-4.00127.38
20/06/20222046 YarmouthHondos Thunder2.003.50-2.00125.38
21/06/20221412 HoveDinner Kyriagou2.005.50-2.00123.38
21/06/20222128 TowcesterGrangeview Floss3.002.50-3.00120.38
21/06/20221859 NewcastleAltmore Willow2.004.00-2.00118.38
21/06/20222012 SheffieldCumerviewcracker2.002.88-2.00116.38
22/06/20221907 HarlowMythical Jet3.001.912.73119.11
22/06/20221924 HarlowLamorna Ollie2.002.75-2.00117.11
22/06/20222043 HarlowTinks Boy2.004.50-2.00115.11
23/06/20221317 Central ParkClouanna Neil3.002.63-3.00112.11
23/06/20221909 SunderlandSkidroes Buick3.002.885.64117.75
23/06/20222017 HoveCrystal Alice4.002.104.40122.15
23/06/20221809 HoveYassoo Patrick2.002.753.50125.65
23/06/20221848 MonmoreChasing Asling2.002.38-2.00123.65
23/06/20221944 MonmoreHaywood Owen2.002.50-2.00121.65
23/06/20222112 HoveThunder Black2.003.50-2.00119.65
24/06/20221828 RomfordBubbly Dancer2.002.252.50122.15
24/06/20221907 Central ParkMoanteen Alice2.003.50-2.00120.15
24/06/20221936 RomfordDroopys Chaser3.003.25-3.00117.15
24/06/20222043 Central ParkGreenhall Tokyo4.002.38-4.00113.15
24/06/20222142 RomfordDuggee Dodo2.003.75-2.00111.15
25/06/20221820 TowcesterGuiri Steve2.005.00-2.00109.15
25/06/20221930 TowcesterNormansland Flyer2.004.50-2.00107.15
25/06/20222005 TowcesterBellmore Sally3.003.50-3.00104.15

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