Assured Soccer Profits Review: Correct Score Trading System

Assured Soccer Profits Review
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Welcome to our Assured Soccer Profits review, a low risk football trading system based on the Correct Score market.


  • Low risk
  • Detailed training guides and videos


  • May be overwhelming if new to trading

It’s Bryn here with my final update to the Assured Soccer Profits system review. The second period of the review ran from 20th Feb – 1st May 2016. During this time I managed 26 trades, 17 of them turned a profit, 6 were scratched (£0) and 3 were losers, which is a 88% strike rate including scratch results. My profit for this period was £85.71.

Overall since I started the review I have increased my £500 starting bank by 37.6% and made a total profit of £187.87. My maximum liability per trade was £50 (10% of the bank) but realistically the full liability is not at risk unless you decide not to make any trading moves at all (not recommended).

The overall return on investment was 6.3%, but it was calculated as if using the full £50 stake so in reality the return is much higher.

Assured Soccer Profits Review Half Price Offer Exclusive to Goal Profits
What is Assured Soccer Profits?

Assured Soccer Profits (ASP) is a football trading strategy from John Duncan, based on trading the Correct Score markets on betting exchanges such as Betfair. The strategy is fully documented in a PDF file, but after signing up you are also given access to the member’s area.

Here you will find a wealth of information including tutorial videos, additional guides, calculators, spreadsheets… the list goes on!

There is also the Method Modules page, which contains additional learning material from the Assured Soccer Profits blog that has been compiled into PDFs for each subject.

There is lots of valuable information here that will help you to deal with the various situations that you will come across whilst using the system.

Key Stats
 Update OneUpdate TwoOverall
Trading Days121527
Number of Trades342660
Most Profitable Trade+£12.36
Least Profitable Trade-£4.30
Strike Rate91.2%88.5%90.0%

Assured Soccer Profits Performance Graph

Full Results
DateTeam 1Team 2ScoreProfit/LossCumulative P/L
10/11/15America MGVictoria BA4-0£6.13£16.83
10/11/15Sampaio CorreaAtletico Go2-0£0.96£17.79
15/11/15HartlepoolL Orient3-1£7.13£44.89
18/11/15Atleticao PRPalmeiras3-3£4.18£46.95
18/11/15Ponte PretaFiqueirense0-1£0.00£52.37
19/11/15Lech PoznanZaglebie1-0£0.00£58.08
21/11/15GuangzhouAl Ahli1-0£0.48£69.97
21/11/15Man CityLiverpool1-4£3.80£78.33
21/11/15JuventusAC Milan1-0£0.17£78.50
26/11/15Dinamo MinskPlzen1-0£0.00£81.94
26/11/15FC BaselFiorentina2-2£1.90£83.84
26/11/15Legia WarsawFC Midtylland1-0£2.38£86.22
26/11/15BragaSolvan Liberec2-1£5.87£92.09
06/12/15CapriAC Milan0-0-£4.30£98.36
22/02/16Univde ConcepaSan Marco2-1£4.56£106.72
23/02/16BurnleyNottm Forest1-0£0.00£106.72
27/02/16AC MilanTorino1-0£5.60£116.12
11/03/16Spartak Moscow IILuch-Energiya2-1£5.04£124.96
13/04/16Benfica BLeixoes0-2£9.99£144.46
24/04/16Torku KonyasporRizepor3-1£1.23£158.05
24/04/16ViborgFC Copenhagen1-1£1.90£171.36
24/04/16AlmeriaTh Bilbao B3-2£9.51£180.87
29/04/16Le HavreNimes3-1£7.26£184.40

I only managed 27 trading days over both periods, this was not a reflection of the system it was due to other commitments that I had. Trades are available just about every day so it’s fair to say that concentrating solely on this ASP I would have been able to trade the same amount of matches within one month.

As you know, this is a trading system so if another person would trade exactly the same matches than me the results would be slightly different due to your trading style, entry/exit points and the amount of risk you are comfortable with.

I was very pleased with my results and turned a good profit from a relatively small starting bank of £500. If I had increased my stake in line with my bank more profit would have been made, but I stuck to my max liability of £50 based on a £500 starting bank through the review period.

A word of advice

There is a lot of information on the website and it can be overwhelming to begin with, but I strongly advise you to take your time to read through it especially the way to handle the trade if goals start flying in as this is the one scenario that could result in a big loss.

It’s so important to understand what you need to do if goals go in, you can turn a bad situation into a profitable one if you have understood the advice given.

To start off with, so you get used to the system and the market reaction I suggest you paper-trade or use minimum stakes until you come across a situation when you get early goals.

Make sure you understand what you need to do in this situation, as it is a very important part of the system and probably the most common situation that people struggle with.

I traded very cautiously and took no risks at all and by using the calculator provided I got out of the trades to ensure scratch or very small profit on every available opportunity.

A few trades were very close to bigger losses but I avoided the losses due to my conservative approach. I made a few mistakes and some of my losses could have been avoided if I had exited the trades sooner.

This is not a system to take risks on, follow the advice given and get out before going into the red. As I mentioned in my first review it’s not the most exciting system and you MUST have discipline.

If you don’t exit when you should then you will lose your bank, no doubt.

Follow the plan and make those small gains, they soon mount up.


Assured Soccer Profits is available for a one-off payment of £49 - a 50% discount exclusive to Goal Profits.


I have learnt a lot on my own trading style and feel the system has helped improve my discipline, so the system has given me more than just profit.

If you are disciplined, patient and willing to put a bit of effort into reading and learning the system back to front then it’s a great little system to make consistent profit.

I can see it becoming a very profitable system in my portfolio. There will be times when a loser comes along but you are able to control that loss and soon make it up.

The system will not be suited for everyone, if you are a disciplined and patient trader then I would highly recommend.

If you have any questions regarding my ASP experience then please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will reply as soon as I can.

Assured Soccer Profits Review: Update One

8th January 2016

It’s Bryn here with my 1st update to Assured Soccer Profits. The first period of my review runs from 10/11/2015 to 07/12/2015. During this 1st review period I turned a £500 bank into £602.16, which is an increase of 20.4%.

I got involved in 34 matches, 23 of them were profitable, 3 ended in a loss and 8 matches ended on scratch (£0). This works out as a 91.2% strike rate including scratch results.

I worked on a liability of 10% of my bank per match (£50). This is a high liability for the small returns that you can see on my P/L sheet but during the match this liability is reduced considerably.

I have spent around 1hr per trading day to pick out the matches but this will reduce considerably once I get more experienced with the system.

The majority of the trades were over by half time and you don't need to be watching the market like a hawk during in-play, so you could be picking out other potential trades whilst keeping an eye out on the market you are playing in.

Month #1 Results
DateTeam 1Team 2ScoreProfit/LossBank
10/11/15America MGVictoria BA4-0£6.13£516.83
10/11/15Sampaio CorreaAtletico Go2-0£0.96£517.79
15/11/15HartlepoolL Orient3-1£7.13£544.89
18/11/15Atleticao PRPalmeiras3-3£4.18£546.95
18/11/15Ponte PretaFiqueirense0-1£0.00£552.37
19/11/15Lech PoznanZaglebie1-0£0.00£558.08
21/11/15GuangzhouAl Ahli1-0£0.48£569.97
21/11/15Man CityLiverpool1-4£3.80£578.33
21/11/15JuventusAC Milan1-0£0.17£578.50
26/11/15Dinamo MinskPlzen1-0£0.00£581.94
26/11/15FC BaselFiorentina2-2£1.90£583.84
26/11/15Legia WarsawFC Midtylland1-0£2.38£586.22
26/11/15BragaSolvan Liberec2-1£5.87£592.09
06/12/15CapriAC Milan0-0-£4.30£598.36


I feel there is long-term profit to be made with the system and a great addition to any portfolio, the key being discipline, and I mean DISCIPLINE, if you don't have this magic word then this is not for you.

You also need to be on your guard every single trade, due to the high liability a mistake could be costly and take time to get back loss, but if you follow the instructions to the letter those liabilities will be reduced to a much more manageable loss or more often than not a scratch trade.

It is not the most exciting system, but you have to decide if you are trading for entertainment or to make money, I’m here to make money and looking forward to starting the second period of my review, which will run from mid Jan to mid Feb.

Assured Soccer Profits Review: Introduction

13th November 2015

Hi, I’m Bryn and I’ll be conducting a full review of Assured Soccer Profits (ASP).

So what is ASP? It is a Betting Exchange trading system based on one Football/Soccer Market.

Even before logging in I had a good feeling about this, no big claims on the sales page that this system will be the key to your early retirement and guaranteed £1000’s for little effort, I do hate those sites with false, unrealistic claims! I liked ASP’s very honest statement:

It doesn't seem much when you compare it to some of the claims you see out there from betting system touts but, once you have mastered ASP, this £50, £60 or even £100 per week profit can be achieved CONSISTENTLY just so long as you are prepared to master the strategy.

Assured Soccer Profits
Getting Started with ASP

When you first log in you are faced with a very simple website, very easy to navigate with links and buttons to guide you to the vast amount of information available.

As advised I read the “Quick Start Guide” first, moved onto the “getting started videos” which there were 5 then got my teeth into the “ASP Full Manual” which goes into much further detail.

Assured Soccer Profits Review Half Price Offer Exclusive to Goal Profits

Some of the getting started videos are obviously aimed for the beginner and probably some of the areas covered would be a bit of a drag for an experienced trader, however, I do recommend watching all the videos and read the full guide, do not just jump in trading after reading the quick guide however experienced you are.

There is much more information available to you, from results pages, blank spreadsheet, statistical stream, extra videos on example trades, calculators... the list goes on.

There is also a method modules section, which I find interesting, from different strategies that can be played depending on the way the match goes to reducing liabilities, there is so much information available which I’ll be digesting during this review.

  • If you are a beginner it’s advised to paper trade first before risking your money.

I have experience of trading and fully understood the concept of the system so was happy to carry on with the review with real money, and yes my own hard earned money!


Assured Soccer Profits is available at the special price of £49 through our link - a saving of 50%, which gives you access to the full membership package including training materials and support.

My first impressions

I set up a Bank of £500, ASP advices not risk more than 10% of your bank at any one time. At the time of writing I have traded for three days (only 6 trades) and my £500 bank has grown to £537.

Very good first impressions on the whole site and system, a 7% increase in my trading bank in 3 days is an excellent return but it’s a long road ahead so not getting carried away.

Of what I have seen so far I can see this system making consistent long term profit but only if you are disciplined and willing to put a little work into the selection process. I’m looking forward to seeing just how disciplined I am!

The answer will be in the results which I will update you with next month.


  • Low risk
  • Detailed training guides and videos


  • May be overwhelming if new to trading


  1. Hello,

    if we buy this product directly their website it is more expensive but the payment goes through Clickbank which means there is a Money Back Guarantee if it doesn’t suit is.

    If we buy it through your link, it is cheaper, but it goes directly to PayPal, so it is unclear if there is Money Back Guarantee.

    Can you please clarify that.

    1. Hi John, I checked with John Duncan from ASP and he has clarified that there is a 30 day money-back guarantee if you decide to purchase via our link (Paypal).

  2. May I ask how the selections were made during this trial as the strike rate is impressive, I see few options:

    1. Based only on odds in the manual
    2. Based on the statistical stream on members site + if they match the odds
    3. Based on odds and statistics not on the members site
    4. Something else

    I am really looking forward to see how the reviewer made the selections as this is very important. Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi John,
    Most of the selections were made based on the odds/filters in the manual(which is a must) and just a quick glance at head/head stats for anything obvious e.g high scoring matches.
    I did use the statistical stream for around three selections in the second review, looking back at my personal notes they were :
    27/02/16 AC Milan Torino 1-0 £5.60
    28/02/16 Maritimo Academica 1-0 £0.95
    28/02/16 Juventus Inter 2-0 £0.47

    Using the statistical stream will save time and for the majority of times will end up picking the same matches as manual research would do , ideal if research time is limited…so a very useful tool to use….

    In my opinion the more experienced you get with the system you don’t need a lot of research time as you are able to get yourself out of matches that go against you, the most important aspect of the system is discipline and knowing what to do when goals go flying in..

    Hope I’ve answered your question, just let me know if you require further info…


  4. I bought ASP because of this review. Its going pretty well so far.

    Just want to ask if anyone wants to start a Skype room for trading it live since a few heads are better than one?

    Add me on Skype: andrewmooton if interested.


  5. Hi Andrew, great to hear it’s going well…not into Skype myself but a great idea for fellow members..good luck with it….


  6. How up to date is this system? I am aware of the two initial lay bets, but one of them isn’t available anymore on Betfair. Does the system still work?

    1. Hi Charlie, When Betfair made changes to the correct score market the ASP manual was updated, so yes the system still works with the new set up.

  7. I bought ASP from this site and whilst I like the concept I was disappointed to find it has not been updated in posts or comments or videos since 2012…..Giving the distinct impression of being abandoned. No wonder there is a discount LOL.

    1. Hi Neil, Not sure what you mean? The manual was fully revised in 2015. There’s no real need for the videos to be updated as the strategy still works the same as when they were first recorded. There have been some changes to the Betfair CS markets but these are detailed in the new manual.

  8. Hi Laura, My apologies it was 2016 Euro’s in the Diary and I first thought it was 2012. Still my point stands that there has been nothing added for well over a year. Geoff has retired and John’s gone too by the looks of it.. The point I was trying to make is that there is no sense of community within the site, no recent games, commentaries, diary posts, feedback etc. As I said though I do like it and I have made my own tweaks to it.

    1. Yes, we can still highly recommend the system. It’s one of our favourites as it is a low risk strategy and a steady bank builder that has stood the test of time.

  9. Trading Soccer General ASP

    I want to get straight to the point with this message. This is about the Assured Soccer Profits System. It first launched over two years ago now and I wanted to wait until it had a proven track record before telling you all about it. Everywhere I look on line I am seeing great feedback and it is clear that a lot of people are getting excellent results using this. I know it’s been a great investment for almost everyone that has used it except those people, of course, that can’t make anything work because they want it all with no effort.

    Yes there is some effort required here to absorb the material but I just wish everything that came out and called itself a betting system could be even a fraction of the quality that this product is. After all, it is quality that that counts in the end and this meets any quality test you want to apply to it. On two or three occasions the system has been closed to new members so that customer support has not been overwhelmed but a waiting list of people eager to get in soon develops again. It is open for new members at the moment so if you want a great system to use on soccer, get in!

    You get 2 years of real results to look at covering pretty much any game situation, you get manuals that explain the system in minute detail along with situation specific game modules. You get full email support on a personal basis directly from the guy who published the system. You get video tutorials by the cart load, you get blogs, bet calculation tools to help you get better results and ultimately you get what is probably the best soccer betting system that you are ever going to see and it is safe and simple to use.

    It will not guarantee you a win in every game but it will show you how to minimise any losses on the bad games and take profit over all. I can’t believe that it isn’t being sold for 5 times the current asking price. There is a one-off payment for access to the member’s site for the lifetime of the product that also includes any updates and new information that is produced now and in the future.

    At last! Something proven and sensible that anyone with a pc, Internet connection and exchange account can use and if you don’t have one of those go and get it because you are not going to want to miss out on this.

    Haven’t bet a bean in your life? Don’t worry; you’ll learn how reading this system and there are guides to help you get started on the exchanges too. Haven’t got much money? Don’t worry; you can start with as little as £150 to £200 as a betting fund. That’s it, I’ve given you the highlights and the Assured Soccer Profits site will tell you much more. I love this and I think you will too, go take a look now!

  10. Hi joo

    I bought the system a few years ago but haven’t really used it to be honest. I have no doubt that the guy behind the system is 100% credible and also, I am sure that the system can deliver some profits. My main concern with the system has always been that it seems to deliver very small profits relative to the time you need to spend on each trade. Of course, it can be scaled to some extent, but I still have found the profit/time ratio to be rather low which is my main (if not only) reason to not use it.

    I would love to hear that it is scalable so you don’t make small change per trade, but I feel that the stakes need to be extremely high to make more than £1-5 per trade and given it’s not designed to have a 100% strike rate (unlike the Daisho system, which is much more expensive but works on some of the same parameters), a full loss will be very expensive. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Hi Paul, Potentially it would work on any exchange, but the problem is there might not be money in the market on exchanges other than Betfair.

    1. Hi Zoltan, We don’t feel it’s worth a re-test at this stage as there hasn’t been any change to the system. If there is anything major added to the system in the future we will certainly consider a re-test.

  11. Hi guys,

    Is there anyone who still use this system?

    Is it can produce long term profits?

    Can somebody prove that with recent results?



  12. i must admit that i wish the videos were updated, so i can work out how to translate the excellent info given, into actually placing a bet on betfair, its looks to me the system is based upon a bet that can no longer be placed, so its a no go for me? is there anyone out there who wishes to show us on youtube?

    1. Hi Jim, Yes it is a shame there aren’t any updated videos as far as I can see, but the guide explains in detail how the system works with the new Betfair market. It’s not a huge difference so you should still find the videos beneficial to watch after reading the guide/quick start guide.

    2. Hi Jim

      You can definitely still use the system and I don’t see why it shouldn’t work as well as it always has, as the principles behind it still applies. I don’t personally use it a lot as I feel the profits are somewhat on the low side, but if used properly you should be able to scale up and the risk is still rather small, as long as you follow the rules exactly as laid out. You just need patience and being willing to paper trade it – or keeping stakes very low – before you start using it for real.

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