Trademate Sports Review: Value Betting Software

Trademate Sports Review

The Trademate Sports tool scans bookmaker markets to find overpriced bets for you to take advantage of.

It works by calculating the true odds of a sports event and then shows an edge percentage, so you can instantly see the value of the bet when it is flagged up.

The scanner monitors odds 24/7 and posts available bets based on your filters once they are available, so you can bet whenever you want, on whatever you want.

The value betting service was co-founded by professional poker player Jonas Gjelstad who grew a sports betting bankroll from $10,000 to $1,000,000 in one year.

There are a number of sports included in the Trademate scanner, including football, basketball, American football, handball, rugby, baseball, tennis and eSports.

The software has customisable filters such as the sport, odds range, edge percentage and recommended leagues.

It supports 110 bookmakers and you can easily tick which ones you have access to, so that the software will only find bets at odds that you will be able to obtain. You can also set the available starting balance you have in each bookie and your total betting bank is calculated and displayed on the dashboard.

We carried out two trials of the software and both were a success. With some adjustments to our strategy in the second trial, our profits soared. We finished with £17,685 profit, which was a 176.9% increase to our starting bank.

Clicking on a bet flagged up in the Tradefeed allows you to register the trade, which adds it to a bet tracker. The default staking system is the Kelly Criterion, which takes into account the edge, odds and bankroll to determine the bet size. The stake sizing can be adjusted in the settings according to your desired level of risk.

Once the event has finished, the result of the bet/trades are updated and the profit or loss is added to the balance. Statistics such as bank growth, total profit, ROI and number of trades are also calculated automatically on the dashboard.

This takes away the need for spreadsheets and manually updating results which is a big positive for us, although it would be handy if you could export results to a spreadsheet.

Here is a snapshot of the team's own Trademate software dashboard:

Trademate Sports Review Trade Stats

Trial 2: Month One Results

Our original Trademate Sports review took place more than two years ago back in 2018, so we decided to do a re-trial and take a slightly different tack to our first trial.

We had a great start with £4,671 profit banked in the first month at an ROI of 4.8%.

Last time around, we had only gone in with a £1,000 bank but we had later been advised that the service works much better with a larger bank spread across as many bookmakers as possible. This would give more betting opportunities and hopefully result in more profit.

On that basis, we went in with £10,000 in our second trial split across 24 bookmakers and 2 betting exchanges.

Unfortunately, the software didn't have the option to download our results in a CSV file, but we did have some stats and a graph that it had put together. (Update: This feature has now been added to the software).

Trademate Sports Review Month One Graph
Total turnover98.4k GBP
Total profit4671 GBP
Average ROI4.8%
Flat ROI3.2%
Closing edge Standard Deviation6.4
Average odds placed2.37 ( 42.2% )
Average true closing odds2.27 ( 44.1% )
Hit rate43.0%
Average time before kick off5 hours
Number of trades851

We could instantly see an improvement using this service with a bigger starting bank. We hoped results would continue to be as good as the review went on.

Trial 2: Month Two Results

Our Trademate Sports review was going very well indeed and we had doubled our bank at this point. We were up to £10,563 profit, which was a bank growth of 105.6%.

As you can see by the graph below, we were very close to the EV (expected value), which was £9,790 profit.

There had been some variance along the way, but we rode it out and the profit line was heading in the right direction.

Trademate Sports Review Month Two Graph
Total turnover165.5k GBP
Total profit10563 GBP
Average ROI6.4%
Flat ROI2.9%
Closing edge Standard Deviation6.2
Average odds placed2.33 ( 42.9% )
Average true closing odds2.23 ( 44.8% )
Hit rate44.0%
Average time before kick off5 hours
Number of trades1278

Trial 2: Month Three Results

After three months of using the Trademate Sports software for our second trial, we had built up a profit of £17,685, which was a 176.9% increase to our starting bank.

Our EV was around £17,193, so we were running slightly better, but very close to what we were expected to achieve.

Trademate Sports Review Month Three Graph
Total turnover303.7k GBP
Total profit17685 GBP
Average ROI5.8%
Flat ROI2.7%
Closing edge Standard Deviation6.1
Average odds placed2.31 ( 43.3% )
Average true closing odds2.22 ( 45.0% )
Hit rate45.0%
Average time before kick off5 hours
Number of trades1864

Trial 1 Results

In our first trial of Trademate Sports, we tested the software for just over four months. On the whole we had a positive experience, but we picked up on a few things that we felt would help to get the best out of the software and give a higher return.

We started with a £1,000 starting bank with £100 split across 10 bookmakers and finished with a profit of £123.59, which is a 12.4% increase to the bank.

The software itself had been a joy to use, with the interface being extremely user friendly and easy to use. It took care of tracking bets, results and compiling statistics and graphs automatically, so all you had to do is place the bet at the bookmaker and register the trade on the software.

Trademate Sports Review - Register Trade

We set the software to search for value bets with a minimum of 2% edge and to begin with we started with all sports. Later on we decided to exclude American sports as they weren't performing well, but it may have had something to do with it being the beginning of the season for some US sports.

  • Basketball: -£48.07
  • Ice Hockey: -£61.30
  • Football: +£172.52
  • Rugby Union: +£87.61
  • Baseball: -£103.92
  • Tennis: +£123.59
  • Total: +£123.59

Key Stats

Number of Bets246
Total Stakes£3,402.00
Average Odds2.52
Strike Rate43.9%
Overall Bank Growth12.4%
Bank (£1000 starting)£1,123.59
Trademate Sports Review Graph

The main issue we found was that our starting bank was not big enough. We felt that to get the best out of the software you would need to start with perhaps £5,000 - £10,000 at the core level.

This way, you would be able to spread the bank around a lot more bookmakers and the software would be able to find much more betting opportunities.

We also found that you have to be either on your PC a lot to keep an eye out for new bets, although there is a notification system for desktops. The notification system for mobiles was set to be ready for the new winter football season.

Trademate CEO Marius gave us some useful advice:

First, the key to performing well with Trademate is to get in a large turnover, because there is only a small edge on each game 2-5%, how much profit one can expect to make is a function of the number of trades x stake per trade x closing edge. When I use TM for around 6-8 hours a week I manage to get in around 80-100 trades per week. Our most active users are able to get in 4-500 per week. But then also spend much more time than me. 

Second, an important factor is the starting bankroll. €1k is the minimum one should start out with. Smaller bank --> Smaller stake sizes. To make up for this one needs to put in more trades to reach the same turnover as a person with a higher starting bank and stake sizes, but fewer trades. 

Third, value betting has in its nature a lot of variance. So getting in a larger volume of trades is important for the good and bad swings to cancel out and leave you with the expected value.

Naturally having access to more bookies = more edges in general.

Review Summary

Trademate Sports is a well-designed bit of kit and far better than many similar value betting tools that we have seen on the market.

Despite finishing our first trial with a profit, we felt that we needed to adjust our strategy based on the team's advice. We waited a while and then began a second trial, which was a great success.

We banked £17,685 profit, which was a 176.9% increase to our starting bank. 

Trademate Sports Review Month Three Graph

We found that the service would be more suited to those that are able to start with betting bank of at least £5,000 to get the best out of the software.

There needs to be enough funds available to spread around several bookmakers. In fact, we used 21 and 1 exchange. 

For those interested in just using an exchange, we are pleased to say we achieved positive results. We were able to make a respectable £1,095 profit from Betfair Exchange. We turned over £5,809 in 46 bets, which worked out as an ROI of 18.8%.

We are so glad that we gave this product another go, as it turned out to be a cracker.

Although we had seen promising results from a smaller bankroll of £1,000 in our first trial, increasing our starting bank and increasing our bet volume saw our profits soar.

Trademate Sports is a solid value betting service and we stand by our initial pass rating.

Review Stats£17,685 profit, 5.8% ROI, 176.9% bank growth
Stakes Kelly staking plan
Starting bank User discretion, we used £10,000
Average no. betsThe more, the better! We averaged around 600 per month.
Price€120 per month for core, €400 per month for pro, €30 per month for Nordic bookmakers only or $49 for US Sports only. Discounts available for quarterly memberships.

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  • Last modified: 17th January 2021

We made £17,685 profit in our Trademate Sports review, the web-based software that finds value bets for a variety of sports based on your chosen filters.


  • Well designed and user-friendly interface
  • Takes care of tracking bets, updating results and profit/loss automatically
  • Kelly staking system that automatically calculates how much to place on each bet
  • Excellent support
  • Cons

  • High membership cost unless you’re a Scandinavian citizen
  • We struggled using the minimum £1,000 bankroll and would suggest using at least £5,000 to get the best out of the software
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