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Trademate Sports Review
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  • Last modified: 18th July 2018

Welcome to our Trademate Sports review where we test out this value betting software designed to find bets with a profitable edge.


  • Well designed and user-friendly interface
  • Takes care of tracking bets, updating results and profit/loss automatically
  • Kelly staking system that automatically calculates how much to place on each bet
  • Excellent support
  • Cons

  • High membership cost unless you're a Scandinavian citizen
  • We struggled using the minimum £1,000 bankroll and would suggest using at least £5,000 to get the best out of the software
  • We have reached the end of our Trademate Sports review after testing the software for just over four months. On the whole we have had a positive experience, but we have picked up on a few things that we feel would help to get the best out of the software and give a higher return.

    We started with a £1,000 starting bank with £100 split across 10 bookmakers and finished with a profit of £123.59, which is a 12.4% increase to the bank.

    The software itself has been a joy to use, with the interface being extremely user friendly and easy to use. It takes care of tracking bets, results and compiling statistics and graphs automatically, so all you have to do is place the bet at the bookmaker and register the trade on the software.

    Trademate Sports Review - Register Trade

    We set the software to search for value bets with a minimum of 2% edge and to begin with we started with all sports. Later on we decided to exclude American sports as they weren't performing well, but it may have had something to do with it being the beginning of the season for some US sports.

    • Basketball: -£48.07
    • Ice Hockey: -£61.30
    • Football: +£172.52
    • Baseball: -£103.92
    • minus
      Rugby Union: +£87.61
    • minus
      Tennis: +£76.75
    • minus
      Total: +£123.59

    The main issue we found was that our starting bank was not big enough. We feel that to get the best out of the software you would need to start with perhaps £5,000 - £10,000 at the core level.

    This way, you would be able to spread the bank around a lot more bookmakers and the software would be able to find much more betting opportunities.

    We also found that you have to be either on your PC a lot to keep an eye out for new bets, although there is a notification system for desktops. The notification system for mobiles is set to be ready for the new winter football season, which we feel would be a great addition.

    Trademate CEO Marius gave us some useful advice:

    First, the key to performing well with Trademate is to get in a large turnover, because there is only a small edge on each game 2-5%, how much profit one can expect to make is a function of the number of trades x stake per trade x closing edge. When I use TM for around 6-8 hours a week I manage to get in around 80-100 trades per week. Our most active users are able to get in 4-500 per week. But then also spend much more time than me. 

    Second, an important factor is the starting bankroll. €1k is the minimum one should start out with. Smaller bank --> Smaller stake sizes. To make up for this one needs to put in more trades to reach the same turnover as a person with a higher starting bank and stake sizes, but fewer trades. 

    Third, value betting has in its nature a lot of variance. So getting in a larger volume of trades is important for the good and bad swings to cancel out and leave you with the expected value.

    Naturally having access to more bookies = more edges in general.

    Review Stats £123.59 profit, 3.6% ROI, 43.9% SR
    Stakes Kelly staking plan
    Starting bank User discretion, we used £1000
    Average no. bets Depends how often you check the software, we averaged approx. 60 per month
    Price €30 per month for Scandinavian citizens, €120 per month for core or €400 per month for pro
    Rating Pass

    Key Stats - Overall
    Number of Bets246
    Total Stakes£3,402.00
    Average Odds2.52
    Strike Rate43.9%
    Overall Bank Growth12.4%
    Bank (£1000 starting)£1,123.59

    Trademate Sports Review Graph

    Results - Update Four
    05/06/2018Dominic Thiem vs Alexander ZverevGame hcp -4.5 (Dominic Thiem)£11.002.20£13.20£1,227.93
    08/06/2018Marco Cecchinato vs Dominic ThiemGame hcp -9.5 (Dominic Thiem)£11.004.00-£11.00£1,216.93
    10/06/2018Sandefjord vs FK HaugesundAsian hcp +0.25 (Sandefjord)£24.002.41-£24.00£1,192.93
    10/06/2018Frosinone vs CittadellaAsian hcp +0.25 (Cittadella)£24.002.18£14.16£1,207.09
    13/06/2018CD Numancia vs Real ValladolidUnder 1.5 - Ordinary Time£12.003.00-£12.00£1,195.09
    13/06/2018Sport Recife vs Gremio RSDraw no bet (Gremio RS)£23.002.00£0.00£1,195.09
    20/06/2018Iran vs SpainAsian hcp -0.75 (Spain) - 1st Half£10.002.00-£10.00£1,185.09
    25/06/2018Elias Ymer vs Stefano NapolitanoStefano Napolitano to win£17.002.50£25.50£1,210.59
    25/06/2018Tobias Kamke vs Prajnesh GunneswaranPrajnesh Gunneswaran to win - 2nd Set£12.002.40-£12.00£1,198.59
    25/06/2018Miomir Kecmanovic vs Enrique Lopez-PerezSet hcp -1.5 (Miomir Kecmanovic)£27.002.00-£27.00£1,171.59
    26/06/2018Australia vs PeruUnder 1 - 1st Half£24.002.02£0.00£1,171.59
    26/06/2018Christian Harrison vs Dennis NovikovChristian Harrison to win£33.002.15£37.95£1,209.54
    26/06/2018Denmark vs FranceDraw no bet (Denmark)£11.003.50£0.00£1,209.54
    26/06/2018Peter Polansky vs Alejandro Davidovich FokinaAlejandro Davidovich Fokina to win£11.003.00-£11.00£1,198.54
    26/06/2018Iceland vs Croatia1x2 (Croatia)£25.002.20£30.00£1,228.54
    26/06/2018Fiorita vs Lincoln FCOver 2.5£16.002.00-£16.00£1,212.54
    28/06/2018Matthias Bachinger vs Dennis NovakDennis Novak to win£33.002.20£39.60£1,252.14
    28/06/2018Europa FC vs FC Prishtina1x2 (FC Prishtina) - 1st Half£11.003.20-£11.00£1,241.14
    29/06/2018FC TPS Turku vs IFK Mariehamn1x2 (FC TPS Turku)£11.002.15£12.65£1,253.79
    02/07/2018Lucas Pouille vs Denis KudlaGame hcp -3.5 (Lucas Pouille)£15.002.25£18.75£1,272.54
    02/07/2018Daniil Medvedev vs Borna CoricUnder 37.5£24.002.00£24.00£1,296.54
    02/07/2018Guillermo Garcia Lopez vs Gastao EliasOver 30.5£27.002.00-£27.00£1,269.54
    02/07/2018Ryan Harrison vs Roberto Carballes BaenaGame hcp +5.5 (Roberto Carballes Baena)£17.002.88-£17.00£1,252.54
    02/07/2018Laslo Djere vs Paolo LorenziLaslo Djere to win£24.002.20-£24.00£1,228.54
    03/07/2018Albert Ramos Vinolas vs Stephane RobertGame hcp -4.5 (Albert Ramos Vinolas)£28.002.38-£28.00£1,200.54
    05/07/2018Horacio Zeballos vs Novak DjokovicOver 27.5£18.002.00-£18.00£1,182.54
    05/07/2018Marcos Baghdatis vs Karen KhachanovMarcos Baghdatis to win - 1st Set£12.003.10-£12.00£1,170.54
    05/07/2018Stephane Robert vs Matthew EbdenStephane Robert to win - 1st Set£14.003.75-£14.00£1,156.54
    05/07/2018Juan Martin Del Potro vs Feliciano LopezSet hcp -2.5 (Juan Martin Del Potro)£10.003.35£23.50£1,180.04
    05/07/2018Trakai FK vs Cefn Druids AFCAsian hcp -1.25 (Trakai FK)£13.002.00-£6.50£1,173.54
    05/07/2018Bala Town vs SP Tre FioriEuro hcp (0-2) (Bala Town)£21.002.38-£21.00£1,152.54
    05/07/2018KI Klaksvík vs Birkirkara FCUnder 0.5 - 1st Half (Ordinary Time)£13.002.40-£13.00£1,139.54
    06/07/2018Philipp Kohlschreiber vs Kevin AndersonGame hcp +3.5 (Philipp Kohlschreiber)£12.002.10-£12.00£1,127.54
    09/07/2018Kei Nishikori vs Ernests GulbisOver 36.5£10.002.00£10.00£1,137.54
    09/07/2018Roger Federer vs Adrian MannarinoGame hcp +8.5 (Adrian Mannarino)£10.002.00-£10.00£1,127.54
    09/07/2018Jiri Vesely vs Rafael NadalSet hcp +2.5 (Jiri Vesely)£15.002.38-£15.00£1,112.54
    09/07/2018Karen Khachanov vs Novak DjokovicSet hcp +2.5 (Karen Khachanov)£16.002.00-£16.00£1,096.54
    09/07/2018Hammarby IF vs Ostersunds FK1x2 (Hammarby IF)£19.002.15-£19.00£1,077.54
    10/07/2018F91 Dudelange vs VideotonDraw no bet (F91 Dudelange)£15.003.20£0.00£1,077.54
    10/07/2018FK Shkendija 79 vs The New Saints FCEuro hcp (0-1) (FK Shkendija 79)£23.002.00£23.00£1,100.54
    10/07/2018Cork City FC vs KP Legia WarszawaDraw £10.003.60-£10.00£1,090.54
    10/07/2018KF Drita vs MalmoUnder 1.25 - 1st Half£13.002.02-£13.00£1,077.54
    11/07/2018Novak Djokovic vs Kei NishikoriGame hcp -7.5 (Novak Djokovic)£15.002.75£26.25£1,103.79
    11/07/2018Juan Martin Del Potro vs Rafael NadalGame hcp -6.5 (Rafael Nadal)£9.003.20-£9.00£1,094.79
    11/07/2018FC Astana vs FK Sutjeska NiksicAsian hcp +2 (FK Sutjeska Niksic)£24.002.20£28.80£1,123.59

    Trademate Nordics

    There is a seperate service available exclusively for Scandinavian citizens, which offers access to the Trademate software at a fraction of the standard price.

    It covers three bookmakers; Svenska Spel, Danske Spill & Norsk Tipping, which at the time of writing do not limit the stakes of winning players.

    The idea is to build up a bankroll with this service before moving on to betting at more European bookmakers. It's a great opportunity if you live in either Norway, Sweden, or Denmark as you are free to value bet as much as you'd like without worrying about having your accounts closed.


    Trademate Sports is a well-designed bit of kit and far better than many similar value betting tools that we have seen on the market.

    We found that it would be more suited to those that are able to start with betting bank of around £5,000 or more to get the best out of the software. Any smaller than that and we feel it would be a struggle to make enough profit to cover the membership fees.

    We were pleased to be able to make a profit from our small bankroll and as you can see from our performance chart there is a clear upward trend in our results. With more money in the starting pot, this software could really get to work and we feel it is certainly worthy of a pass rating.

    Trademate Sports Review: Update Three

    5th June 2018

    It's been a great month for our Trademate Sports review with a profit of £238.91 added to the bank, which when added to the small loss from the previous two months gives us an overall profit of £214.73.

    The football and rugby bets have had three out of three profitable months now and profits are building up nicely for both of those. However, all three of the US sports have not been performing well so we have decided to remove those from our Tradefeed for the remainder of the review.

    We've noticed tennis bets appearing on the feed now that the new season is underway and these have had a great start with a profit of £121 from the 9 bets that we have placed so far.

    • Basketball: -£48.07
    • Ice Hockey: -£61.30
    • Football: +£219.41
    • Baseball: -£103.92
    • minus
      Rugby Union: +£87.61
    • minus
      Tennis: +£121.00
    • minus
      Total: +£214.73

    Key Stats - Update Three
    Number of Bets65
    Total Stakes£847.00
    Average Odds2.57
    Strike Rate49.2%
    Overall Bank Growth21.5%
    Bank (£1000 starting)£1,214.73

    Results - Update Three
    28/04/2018Spezia vs CremoneseDraw£11.002.90-£11.00£964.82
    28/04/2018Hertha BSC Berlin vs FC AugsburgHertha BSC Berlin£11.002.15-£11.00£953.82
    28/04/2018SC Freiburg vs 1. FC KolnOver 2.5£14.002.00£14.00£967.82
    28/04/2018FC Bayern Munchen vs Eintracht FrankfurtAsian hcp +0.75 (Eintracht Frankfurt)£11.002.04-£11.00£956.82
    28/04/2018Reading vs Ipswich Town FCAsian hcp +0.25 (Ipswich Town FC)£9.002.38£12.38£969.20
    28/04/2018Morecambe FC vs BarnetBarnet£11.002.87£20.57£989.77
    28/04/2018Peterborough United vs Fleetwood TownFleetwood Town£6.004.00-£6.00£983.77
    28/04/2018Burton Albion vs Bolton WanderersDraw£8.003.39-£8.00£975.77
    28/04/2018Stevenage Borough vs Exeter City FCOver 2.5£12.002.10£13.20£988.97
    28/04/2018Connacht vs LeinsterDraw no bet (Connacht)£12.002.08£12.96£1,001.93
    28/04/2018SL Benfica vs CD TondelaOver 1.5 - 1st Half£14.002.10£15.40£1,017.33
    29/04/2018Sampdoria vs CagliariSampdoria£11.002.05£11.55£1,028.88
    01/05/2018Minnesota Twins vs Toronto Blue JaysAsian hcp -1.5 (Minnesota Twins)£14.002.95-£14.00£1,014.88
    02/05/2018Chicago Cubs vs Colorado RockiesUnder 9.5£16.002.50£24.00£1,038.88
    02/05/2018Los Angeles Angels vs Baltimore OriolesUnder 8.5£18.002.20£21.60£1,060.48
    04/05/2018Los Angeles Angels vs Baltimore OriolesOver 9.5£20.002.20£24.00£1,084.48
    05/05/2018St. Louis Cardinals vs Chicago CubsEuro hcp (0-1) (Chicago Cubs)£11.002.90-£11.00£1,073.48
    05/05/2018KV Kortrijk vs Zulte-WaregemOver 3.5£14.002.62-£14.00£1,059.48
    08/05/2018Piast Gliwice vs Lechia GdanskPiast Gliwice£12.002.38-£12.00£1,047.48
    08/05/2018St. Louis Cardinals vs Minnesota TwinsOver 8.5£12.002.05-£12.00£1,035.48
    09/05/2018Houston Rockets vs Utah JazzDraw no bet (Utah Jazz)£8.002.85-£8.00£1,027.48
    09/05/2018Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ersDraw no bet (Boston Celtics)£18.002.10£19.80£1,047.28
    09/05/2018Milwaukee Brewers vs Cleveland IndiansUnder 7.5£15.002.25-£15.00£1,032.28
    09/05/2018Celtic FC vs KilmarnockOver 1.5 - 1st Half£13.002.35-£13.00£1,019.28
    09/05/2018Sevilla FC vs Real MadridSevilla FC£16.002.30£20.80£1,040.08
    10/05/2018New York Yankees vs Boston Red SoxUnder 7.5£16.002.35-£16.00£1,024.08
    11/05/2018Baltimore Orioles vs Kansas City RoyalsEuro hcp (0-1) (Baltimore Orioles)£10.003.15£21.50£1,045.58
    11/05/2018La Hoya Lorca vs CD NumanciaLa Hoya Lorca£6.004.00£18.00£1,063.58
    12/05/2018Sandecja Nowy Sacz vs MKS Cracovia KrakowDraw£6.003.50-£6.00£1,057.58
    12/05/2018FC Bayern Munchen vs VfB StuttgartEuro hcp (0-2) (FC Bayern Munchen)£15.002.20-£15.00£1,042.58
    12/05/2018Leinster vs Racing Metro 92 ParisEuro hcp (10-0) (Racing Metro 92 Paris)£19.002.10£20.90£1,063.48
    12/05/2018Galatasaray SK vs MalatyasporOver 1.5 - 1st Half£16.002.35£21.60£1,085.08
    12/05/2018Getafe vs Atletico MadridAtletico Madrid£12.002.65£19.80£1,104.88
    12/05/2018Royal Antwerp FC vs K. Sint-TruidenseK. Sint-Truidense£9.003.50£22.50£1,127.38
    12/05/2018Internazionale Milano vs SassuoloAsian hcp +2 (Sassuolo)£17.002.20£20.40£1,147.78
    13/05/2018Cultural Leonesa vs LugoEuro hcp (1-0) (Lugo)£18.002.10£19.80£1,167.58
    13/05/20181. FC Heidenheim 1846 vs SpVgg Greuther FurthSpVgg Greuther Furth£8.003.29-£8.00£1,159.58
    13/05/2018Atletico Paranaense vs Atletico MineiroAtletico Mineiro£9.003.10£18.90£1,178.48
    15/05/2018Kansas City Royals vs Tampa Bay Devil RaysEuro hcp (0-1) (Tampa Bay Devil Rays)£9.002.95-£9.00£1,169.48
    17/05/2018FC Emmen vs Sparta RotterdamFC Emmen£16.002.20-£16.00£1,153.48
    17/05/2018VfL Wolfsburg vs KSV Holstein KielAsian hcp -0.5 (VfL Wolfsburg) - 1st Half£12.002.15£13.80£1,167.28
    18/05/2018Pittsburgh Pirates vs San Diego PadresSan Diego Padres to win£10.002.45-£10.00£1,157.28
    18/05/2018Novara vs ACD Virtus EntellaDraw no bet (ACD Virtus Entella)£12.002.90£22.80£1,180.08
    20/05/2018De Graafschap vs Almere CityOver 1.5 - 1st Half£17.002.00£17.00£1,197.08
    20/05/2018Alcorcon vs Rayo VallecanoDraw£15.002.88-£15.00£1,182.08
    20/05/2018Los Angeles Angels vs Tampa Bay Devil RaysUnder 7.5£13.002.05£13.65£1,195.73
    21/05/2018Choinski Jan vs Alexander BublikChoinski Jan to win£27.002.20£32.40£1,228.13
    21/05/2018Pedro Martinez Portero vs Marcelo Arevalo-GonzalezMarcelo Arevalo-Gonzalez to win£13.002.10£14.30£1,242.43
    21/05/2018Lugo vs SD HuescaDraw no bet (Lugo)£13.003.25-£13.00£1,229.43
    22/05/2018Chicago White Sox vs Baltimore OriolesEuro hcp (0-1) (Chicago White Sox)£12.003.20-£12.00£1,217.43
    22/05/2018St. Louis Cardinals vs Kansas City RoyalsOver 8.5£19.002.00-£19.00£1,198.43
    23/05/2018Washington Nationals vs San Diego PadresAsian hcp -2.5 (Washington Nationals)£11.002.88-£11.00£1,187.43
    23/05/2018Tampa Bay Devil Rays vs Boston Red SoxOver 7.5£12.002.25-£12.00£1,175.43
    23/05/2018St. Louis Cardinals vs Kansas City RoyalsAsian hcp -2.5 (St. Louis Cardinals)£12.002.62-£12.00£1,163.43
    30/05/2018Jaume Antoni Munar Clar vs Novak DjokovicGame hcp -9 (Novak Djokovic)£11.002.00-£11.00£1,152.43
    30/05/2018Jared Donaldson vs Grigor DimitrovJared Donaldson to win - 1st Set£12.003.75£33.00£1,185.43
    30/05/2018Lucas Pouille vs Cameron NorrieGame hcp -6.5 (Lucas Pouille)£14.002.00-£14.00£1,171.43
    30/05/2018Dominic Thiem vs Stefanos TsitsipasStefanos Tsitsipas to win - 1st Set£10.003.25-£10.00£1,161.43
    30/05/2018Milwaukee Brewers vs St. Louis CardinalUnder 8.5£17.002.00£17.00£1,178.43
    30/05/2018Arizona Diamondbacks vs Cincinnati RedsUnder 7.5£14.002.25-£14.00£1,164.43
    31/05/2018Detroit Tigers vs Los Angeles AngelsOver 8.5£12.002.05-£12.00£1,152.43
    01/06/2018Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland CavaliersDraw no bet (Cleveland Cavaliers) - 2nd Quarter£14.003.30-£14.00£1,138.43
    02/06/2018Mischa Zverev vs Kevin AndersonSet hcp +2.5 (Mischa Zverev)£14.002.00£14.00£1,152.43
    03/06/2018Novak Djokovic vs Fernando VerdascoGame hcp -7.5 (Novak Djokovic)£14.003.20£30.80£1,183.23
    04/06/2018Rafael Nadal vs Maximilian MartererGame hcp +9.5 (Maximilian Marterer)£14.003.25£31.50£1,214.73

    Please note: There's a gap in our results from 24th - 29th as we hadn't realised our membership had run out, so we have extended the month by an extra few days to cover this period.

    We are going to continue testing the software for a further month without the American sports and will be back next month with an update.

    Trademate Sports Review: Update Two

    29th April 2018

    It's been almost a scratch month in our Trademate Sports review with a small loss of £6.03, which makes it an overall loss of £24.18 so far.

    The month started out well and we built up to a profit of almost £150 mid way through the month before plummeting back down. There have been quite a few baseball bets starting to appear on the trade list now that the MLB season is underway, but we've only managed to make a profit from 4 out of 15 of them so far.

    Although we have seen an improvement in the Ice Hockey results after a poor performance last month, all of the American sports seem to be struggling. 

    The football and rugby bets have been doing well with 2 out of 2 profitable months, although it hasn't quite been enough to cover the losses from the other sports and make an overall profit.

    • Basketball: -£45.87 
    • Ice Hockey: -£61.30
    • Football: +£75.91
    • Baseball: -£46.67
    • minus
      Rugby Union: +£53.75
    • minus
      Total: -£24.18

    Key Stats - Update Two
    Number of Bets72
    Total Stakes£975.00
    Average Odds2.52
    Strike Rate40.3%
    Overall Bank Growth-2.4%
    Bank (£1000 starting)£975.82

    Results - Update Two
    29/03/2018Charlotte Hornets vs Cleveland CavaliersOver 226.5£23.002.25-£23.00£958.85
    29/03/2018Utah Jazz vs Boston CelticsAsian hcp -8.5 (Utah Jazz)£13.002.10-£13.00£945.85
    29/03/2018Vegas Golden Knights vs Arizona CoyotesArizona Coyotes to win£10.003.20£22.00£967.85
    29/03/2018Empoli vs SalernitanaAsian hcp -1.25 (Empoli)£20.002.17£23.40£991.25
    29/03/2018Saski Baskonia S.A.D. vs Maccabi Tel AvivAsian hcp -9.5 (Saski Baskonia S.A.D.)£13.002.10£14.30£1,005.55
    29/03/2018Toronto Blue Jays vs New York YankeesAsian hcp -2.5 (New York Yankees)£9.002.88£16.92£1,022.47
    29/03/2018Tampa Bay Devil Rays vs Boston Red SoxAsian hcp -2.5 (Boston Red Sox)£12.002.88£22.56£1,045.03
    29/03/2018San Diego Padres vs Milwaukee BrewersAsian hcp -2.5 (Milwaukee Brewers)£10.003.40-£10.00£1,035.03
    31/03/2018FK Amkar Perm vs FK Lokomotiv MoscowAsian hcp +0.75 (FK Amkar Perm)£18.002.40£25.20£1,060.23
    31/03/2018Walsall vs PortsmouthWalsall£7.003.25-£7.00£1,053.23
    31/03/2018Sassuolo vs NapoliAsian hcp +1.25 (Sassuolo)£27.002.10£29.70£1,082.93
    31/03/2018Levadiakos vs Olympiakos Piraeus FCEuro hcp (0-1) (Olympiakos Piraeus FC)£18.002.05-£18.00£1,064.93
    31/03/2018Lierse SK vs Royal Mouscron PeruwelzRoyal Mouscron Peruwelz£10.002.75£17.50£1,082.43
    31/03/2018Eupen vs Kfco Beerschot-WilrijkAsian hcp -0.75 (Eupen)£16.002.35-£16.00£1,066.43
    03/04/2018Juventus FC vs Real MadridOver 2.5£12.002.10£13.20£1,079.63
    05/04/2018RB Leipzig vs Olympique MarseilleAsian hcp -1 (RB Leipzig)£13.002.38£0.00£1,079.63
    05/04/2018San Diego Padres vs Colorado RockieAsian hcp -2.5 (Colorado Rockies)£9.003.60-£9.00£1,070.63
    06/04/2018Edinburgh Rugby vs UlsterEuro hcp (0-8) (Edinburgh Rugby )£21.002.25-£21.00£1,049.63
    06/04/2018Ospreys vs ConnachtEuro hcp (0-8) (Ospreys)£16.002.00£16.00£1,065.63
    06/04/2018Sale Sharks vs WaspsDraw no bet (Sale Sharks)£20.002.20£24.00£1,089.63
    07/04/2018Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati RedsAsian hcp -1.5 (Cincinnati Reds)£10.002.75-£10.00£1,079.63
    07/04/2018Tampa Bay Lightning vs Buffalo SabresAsian hcp -0.5 (Tampa Bay Lightning) - 1st Period£17.002.10£18.70£1,098.33
    07/04/2018Everton vs LiverpoolLiverpool£10.002.10-£10.00£1,088.33
    07/04/2018Free State Cheetahs vs Cardiff BluesEuro hcp (11-0) (Cardiff Blues)£23.002.25£28.75£1,117.08
    07/04/2018SC Freiburg vs VfL WolfsburgAsian hcp -0.25 (SC Freiburg)£11.002.10-£11.00£1,106.08
    07/04/2018FC Augsburg vs FC Bayern MunchenEuro hcp (0-1) (FC Bayern Munchen)£15.002.35£20.25£1,126.33
    07/04/2018Cambridge United vs Exeter City FCOver 2.5£17.002.30£22.10£1,148.43
    07/04/2018Bristol Rovers vs Charlton Athletic FCCharlton Athletic FC£9.003.00-£9.00£1,139.43
    07/04/2018AS Monaco vs FC NantesAsian hcp +1 (FC Nantes)£16.002.05£0.00£1,139.43
    08/04/2018Torino FC vs Internazionale MilanoAsian hcp -0.5 (Internazionale Milano)£12.002.10-£12.00£1,127.43
    08/04/2018FC Kaiserslautern vs SSV Jahn RegensburgFC Kaiserslautern£12.002.40-£12.00£1,115.43
    08/04/2018Crotone vs Bologna F.C.Bologna F.C.£7.003.40-£7.00£1,108.43
    08/04/2018SK Brann Bergen vs Kristiansund BKEuro hcp (1-0) (Kristiansund BK)£12.002.50-£12.00£1,096.43
    08/04/2018Real Sporting de Gijon vs CF Reus DeportiuEuro hcp (1-0) (CF Reus Deportiu)£10.002.62-£10.00£1,086.43
    08/04/2018FC Porto vs Desportivo das AvesOver 1.5 - 1st Half£17.002.25£21.25£1,107.68
    10/04/2018Gillingham vs Blackburn RoversEuro hcp (0-1) (Blackburn Rovers)£11.002.55-£11.00£1,096.68
    11/04/2018Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ersAsian hcp -10.5 (Philadelphia 76ers)£18.002.35-£18.00£1,078.68
    12/04/2018Miami Marlins vs New York MetsAsian hcp -1.5 (Miami Marlins)£8.003.90-£8.00£1,070.68
    12/04/2018Boston Celtics vs Brooklyn NetsBrooklyn Nets to win£17.002.05-£17.00£1,053.68
    12/04/2018Orlando Magic vs Washington WizardsOver 103.5 - 1st Half£19.002.05-£19.00£1,034.68
    12/04/2018Bradford City vs Shrewsbury TownUnder 1.5£10.003.00£20.00£1,054.68
    12/04/2018FC Red Bull Salzburg vs SS LazioUnder 2.5£14.002.38-£14.00£1,040.68
    13/04/2018KKS Lech Poznan vs SSA Korona Kolporter KielceAsian hcp +1.25 (SSA Korona Kolporter Kielce)£23.002.25£28.75£1,069.43
    14/04/2018Grimsby Town vs BarnetGrimsby Town£10.002.54-£10.00£1,059.43
    14/04/2018Peterborough United vs RochdaleRochdale£14.002.65£23.10£1,082.53
    14/04/2018Sivasspor vs Fenerbahce SKEuro hcp (1-0) (Sivasspor)£15.002.30-£15.00£1,067.53
    14/04/2018VVV Venlo vs SC HeerenveenDraw no bet (VVV Venlo)£16.002.05-£16.00£1,051.53
    14/04/2018Standard Liege vs KAA GentOver 2.5£21.002.25-£21.00£1,030.53
    14/04/2018Houston Astros vs Texas RangersAsian hcp -1.5 (Houston Astros)£22.002.20-£22.00£1,008.53
    17/04/2018Colorado Avalanche vs Nashville PredatorsUnder 5£15.002.62-£15.00£993.53
    17/04/2018KAA Gent vs Racing GenkDraw no bet (Racing Genk)£11.002.50£0.00£993.53
    17/04/2018Toronto Blue Jays vs Kansas City RoyalsEuro hcp (0-1) (Toronto Blue Jays)£20.002.10£22.00£1,015.53
    18/04/2018Atlanta Braves vs Philadelphia PhilliesAsian hcp -1.5 (Atlanta Braves)£10.003.20-£10.00£1,005.53
    18/04/2018KSC Lokeren vs KV OostendeKV Oostende£10.003.00-£10.00£995.53
    19/04/2018Seattle Mariners vs Houston AstrosUnder 7.5£11.002.35-£11.00£984.53
    20/04/2018RC Lens vs Le Havre ACDraw no bet (Le Havre AC)£9.002.62£0.00£984.53
    21/04/2018Sevilla FC vs FC BarcelonaOver 3.5£22.002.25£27.50£1,012.03
    22/04/2018Atlanta Braves vs New York MetsOver 8.5£13.002.25-£13.00£999.03
    22/04/2018Chelsea vs Southampton FCAsian hcp +1 (Southampton FC)£13.002.15-£13.00£986.03
    22/04/2018Malaga CF vs Real SociedadEuro hcp (1-0) (Malaga CF)£19.002.10£20.90£1,006.93
    22/04/2018Besiktas JK vs MalatyasporAsian hcp +1.75 (Malatyaspor)£18.002.20-£9.00£997.93
    22/04/2018Rosenborg BK vs IK Start KristiansandAsian hcp +1.5 (IK Start Kristiansand)£6.002.20-£6.00£991.93
    22/04/2018Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City RoyalsAsian hcp -1.5 (Detroit Tigers)£11.002.35-£11.00£980.93
    22/04/2018Chicago White Sox vs Houston AstrosUnder 7.5£11.002.25-£11.00£969.93
    22/04/2018Oakland Athletics vs Boston Red SoxUnder 7.5£9.002.65£14.85£984.78
    24/04/2018Coventry City FC vs Lincoln CityDraw£7.003.25-£7.00£977.78
    24/04/2018Shrewsbury Town vs Peterborough UnitedShrewsbury Town£8.002.75£14.00£991.78
    25/04/2018Ranheim Trondheim vs SK Brann BergenDraw no bet (Ranheim Trondheim)£8.003.00-£8.00£983.78
    25/04/2018Stade Caen vs FC ToulouseDraw£8.002.88£15.04£998.82
    26/04/2018Baltimore Orioles vs Tampa Bay Devil RaysAsian hcp -1.5 (Baltimore Orioles)£8.003.00-£8.00£990.82
    26/04/2018BC Zalgiris Kaunas vs Olympiakos PireusDraw no bet (Olympiakos Pireus) - 1st Half£9.002.70-£9.00£981.82
    27/04/2018Bourg-Peronnas vs Stade Brestois 29Bourg-Peronnas£6.003.60-£6.00£975.82

    We will carry on as we have been doing and see whether there is an improvement in the American sports over the next couple of months. It may be that we scrap them altogether from our filters, but we're not giving up on them just yet.

    Trademate Sports Review: Update One

    29th March 2018

    It's been a slow start to our Trademate Sports review with a hoard of losing bets at the beginning of the month setting us back. We were pleased to see a swift recovery towards the end though and despite finishing in a losing position, a couple of winning bets could see us back on track again.

    We have finished month one with a loss of -£18.15 after betting on 64 selections at a strike rate of 45.3%.

    We decided to break down the profit/loss by sport, which interestly we could not find in the analytics section of the Trademate tool. It's quite an eye opener and shows that the NHL bets are the sole cause behind our loss this month.

    From 16 NHL bets, 10 have lost, 2 pushed and 2 won to give us a total loss of £87.00. We won't give up on NHL just yet, but if it continues to perform poorly then we will consider removing Ice Hockey from our Tradefeed filters.

    • Basketball: +£38.83 
    • Ice Hockey: -£87.00
    • Football: +£24.02
    • Rugby Union: +£6.00
    • Total: -£18.15

    Key Stats - Update One
    Number of Bets64
    Total Stakes£807.00
    Average Odds2.49
    Strike Rate45.3%
    Overall Bank Growth-1.8%
    Bank (£1000 starting)£981.85

    Results - Update One
    28/02/2018Tampa Bay Lightning v Buffalo SabresTampa Bay Lightning -0.5 1st Period£13.002.20£15.60£1,015.60
    02/03/2018Los Angeles Kings vs Columbus Blue JacketsColumbus Blue Jackets£6.002.25-£6.00£1,009.60
    02/03/2018San Jose Sharks vs Chicago BlackhawksUnder 5 Goals£13.002.95-£13.00£996.60
    02/03/2018Arizona Coyotes vs Minnesota WildUnder 4.5£12.003.10-£12.00£984.60
    02/03/2018Philadelphia Flyers vs Carolina HurricanesUnder 5£13.002.62£0.00£984.60
    03/03/2018Anaheim Ducks vs Columbus Blue JacketsUnder 5£14.002.55-£14.00£970.60
    03/03/2018FK Zenit St. Petersburg vs FK Amkar PermFK Amkar Perm +0.75£9.003.45£22.05£992.65
    03/03/2018SSA Korona Kolporter Kielce vs MKS Pogon SzczecinMKS Pogon Szczecin£6.003.39-£6.00£986.65
    03/03/2018Boston Bruins vs Montreal CanadiensBoston Bruins -1.5£16.002.48-£16.00£970.65
    03/03/2018FK Krasnodar vs FK Rostov na DonuFK Rostov +0.5£15.002.10-£15.00£955.65
    03/03/2018Cittadella vs PescaraCittadella -0.75£12.002.16£13.92£969.57
    03/03/2018Villarreal CF vs Girona FCVillarreal -0.75£11.002.02-£11.00£958.57
    03/03/2018Lyngby BK vs HobroHobro£9.002.60£14.40£972.97
    03/03/2018Bolton Wanderers vs Preston North End FCPreston North End£18.002.20£21.60£994.57
    03/03/2018Swansea City vs West Ham UnitedUnder 2£11.002.13-£11.00£983.57
    03/03/2018Southend United vs WalsallSouthend£13.002.05-£13.00£970.57
    03/03/2018Royal Antwerp FC vs EupenEupen DNB£14.002.65-£14.00£956.57
    04/03/2018Manchester City vs ChelseaMan City 1st Half£12.002.25-£12.00£944.57
    04/03/2018Fenerbahce SK vs Akhisar Belediye GSAkhisar +1.25£16.002.01£16.16£960.73
    04/03/2018FC Thun vs FC St. GallenFC Thun£20.002.05-£20.00£940.73
    05/03/2018Jagiellonia Bialystok SSA vs TS Wisla KrakowOver 2.5£15.002.00-£15.00£925.73
    05/03/2018San Martin de San Juan vs IndependienteIndependiente£11.002.25£13.75£939.48
    05/03/2018Desportivo das Aves vs PortimonenseDesportivo -0.25£14.002.10£15.40£954.88
    06/03/2018Buffalo Sabres vs Toronto Maple LeafsUnder 5£13.002.85-£13.00£941.88
    06/03/2018Chicago Bulls vs Boston CelticsOver 215.5£13.002.01-£13.00£928.88
    08/03/2018BC Khimky Moscow Region vs Armani Jeans Olimpia MilanoUnder 160.5£21.002.30-£21.00£907.88
    08/03/2018Anadolu Efes Istanbul vs Maccabi Tel AvivAnadolu Efes Istanbul£10.002.55-£10.00£897.88
    08/03/2018Valencia BC vs Saski Baskonia S.A.DValencia BC£16.002.20-£16.00£881.88
    08/03/2018SS Lazio vs Dynamo KievEuro hcp (1-0) (Dynamo Kiev)£7.002.90£13.30£895.18
    09/03/2018OB Odense vs AGF AarhusDraw no bet (AGF Aarhus)£12.002.38£16.56£911.74
    10/03/2018Milwaukee Bucks vs New York KnicksOver 214.5£16.002.15£18.40£930.14
    10/03/2018Grimsby Town vs Port ValeUnder 1.5£9.003.00-£9.00£921.14
    10/03/2018Stevenage Borough vs Crewe AlexandraDraw no bet (Crewe Alexandra)£14.002.50£0.00£921.14
    10/03/2018Chesterfield vs Lincoln CityLincoln City£15.002.00£15.00£936.14
    10/03/2018Palermo vs FrosinoneUnder 1.5£10.003.10£21.00£957.14
    10/03/2018Philadelphia Flyers vs Winnipeg JetsUnder 5£8.003.05£16.40£973.54
    10/03/2018Boston Bruins vs Chicago BlackhawksUnder 5£9.003.25-£9.00£964.54
    10/03/2018Tampa Bay Lightning vs Montreal CanadiensUnder 5£7.003.40£0.00£964.54
    10/03/2018Buffalo Sabres vs Vegas Golden KnightsOver 1.5 - 1st Period£15.002.00-£15.00£949.54
    11/03/2018FK Rostov na Donu vs FK Zenit St. PetersburgDraw no bet (FK Rostov na Donu)£14.002.50£0.00£949.54
    11/03/2018KSC Lokeren vs Zulte-WaregemKSC Lokeren£7.003.25-£7.00£942.54
    11/03/2018FC PAOK Thessaloniki vs AEK AthensEuro hcp (1-0) (AEK Athens)£14.002.37-£14.00£928.54
    11/03/2018Pacos Ferreira vs FC PortoAsian hcp +1 (Pacos Ferreira)£7.003.45£17.15£945.69
    12/03/2018Florida Panthers vs Ottawa SenatorsUnder 5£7.003.25-£7.00£938.69
    13/03/2018Atlanta Hawks vs Oklahoma City ThunderOver 217£13.002.30£16.90£955.59
    14/03/2018Besiktas JK vs FC Bayern MunchenAsian hcp -1.25 (FC Bayern Munchen)£11.002.00£11.00£966.59
    14/03/2018Toronto Maple Leafs vs Dallas StarsUnder 5£14.002.62-£14.00£952.59
    17/03/2018SV 1916 Sandhausen vs VfL BochumDraw no bet (VfL Bochum)£11.002.00£11.00£963.59
    17/03/2018Oldham Athletic vs PortsmouthDraw£6.003.39-£6.00£957.59
    17/03/2018Cambridge United vs Swindon TownCambridge United£16.002.60-£16.00£941.59
    17/03/2018Leeds United vs Sheffield Wednesday FCUnder 2.25£12.002.00-£12.00£929.59
    17/03/2018SKN St. Polten vs VfB Admira Wacker ModlingDraw no bet (VfB Admira Wacker Modling)£25.002.00£25.00£954.59
    18/03/2018AGF Aarhus vs AaB AalborgDraw£7.003.39£16.73£971.32
    18/03/2018Napoli vs GenoaAsian hcp +1.75 (Genoa)£16.002.00£16.00£987.32
    20/03/2018San Antonio Spurs vs Golden State WarriorsUnder 203.5£17.002.05£17.85£1,005.17
    23/03/2018Houston Rockets vs Detroit PistonsEuro hcp (13-0) (Detroit Pistons)£11.002.00£11.00£1,016.17
    24/03/2018Bradford City vs GillinghamGillingham£7.003.60-£7.00£1,009.17
    24/03/2018Saracens vs HarlequinsEuro hcp (12-0) (Harlequins)£12.002.00-£12.00£997.17
    24/03/2018Ospreys vs LeinsterDraw no bet (Ospreys)£9.003.00£18.00£1,015.17
    24/03/2018Columbus Crew vs D.C. UnitedUnder 2.5£13.002.30-£13.00£1,002.17
    25/03/2018Alcorcon vs Gimnastic de TarragonaOver 2.25£13.002.05-£13.00£989.17
    25/03/2018Real Zaragoza vs Sevilla BOver 2.75£16.002.00-£16.00£973.17
    27/03/2018Detroit Pistons vs Los Angeles LakersUnder 212£17.002.25-£17.00£956.17
    27/03/2018Minnesota Timberwolves vs Memphis GrizzliesUnder 216.5£24.002.07£25.68£981.85

    The Trademate tool itself has been a joy to use so far, now we just need it to generate a profit for us. Hopefully we will see some better results over the coming month. We'll report back soon with our latest results.

    Trademate Sports Review: Introduction

    28th February 2018

    Trademate Sports is a value betting service co-founded by poker player and professional sports bettor, Jonas Gjelstad, who ran a documentary series last year where he grew a sports betting bankroll from $10,000 to $1,000,000 in one year.

    The Trademate tool is designed to calculate the true odds of sports events and flag any selections up on the system when bookies have set their odds too high. It calculates an edge percentage so you can instantly see the value of the bet. The scanner monitors odds 24/7 and when any value bets are found they are listed on the Tradefeed and if enabled, they will also pop up on your desktop and/or make a bell sound.

    Trademate Sports Review Stats

    There are a number of sports included in the Trademate scanner, including football, basketball, American football, handball, rugby, baseball, tennis and eSports.

    The software has customisable filters such as the sport, odds range, edge percentage and recommended leagues.

    It supports 110 bookmakers and you can easily tick which ones you have access to, so that the software will only flag up bets at odds that you will be able to obtain. You can also set the available starting balance you have in each bookie and your total betting bank is calculated and displayed on the dashboard.

    Clicking on a bet flagged up in the Tradefeed allows you to register the trade, which adds it to a bet tracker. The default staking system is the Kelly Criterion, which takes into account the edge, odds and bankroll to determine the bet size. The stake sizing can be adjusted in the settings according to your desired level of risk.

    Once the event has finished, the result of the bet/trades are updated and the profit or loss is added to the balance. Statistics such as bank growth, total profit, ROI and number of trades are also calculated automatically on the dashboard.

    This takes away the need for spreadsheets and manually updating results which is a big positive for us, although it would be handy if you could export results to a spreadsheet.

    Here is a snapshot of the team's own Trademate software dashboard:

    Trademate Sports Review Trade Stats

    Live score updates and key statistics of any game can be found in the "Game Centre" and this can also be set up to send alerts to your desktop.

    Membership Plans

    There are three membership plans:

    Trademate Nordics, which is for Scandinavian citizens only as it supports Scandinavian bookmakers and makes it possible to value bet without having stakes limited. This is priced at €30 per month.

    Trademate Core is the entry level value betting tool and is ideal for building up a bankroll before moving into more advanced betting such as Asian Handicaps. This is priced at €120 per month.

    Trademate Pro is designed for professional sports bettors or individuals that want to trade the Asian Handicap and/or Exchange markets. This is priced at €400 per month.


    Our initial impression of the service is good; the software seems to work well and it is easy to navigate. The help centre has articles from sports betting fundamentals to more advanced topics and the team have put together tons of video guides demonstating the software and more aspects of value betting.

    We are going to be testing the core product out, starting with a bank of £1000 split across 10 bookmakers. We have set the filters to find bets between the odds of 2.00 and 4.00 and a minimum edge of 2%.

    We will report back with our first set of results in a month's time.


  • Well designed and user-friendly interface
  • Takes care of tracking bets, updating results and profit/loss automatically
  • Kelly staking system that automatically calculates how much to place on each bet
  • Excellent support
  • Cons

  • High membership cost unless you’re a Scandinavian citizen
  • We struggled using the minimum £1,000 bankroll and would suggest using at least £5,000 to get the best out of the software
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