Premier Greyhound Tips Review: Greyhound Betting Tips

Premier Greyhound Tips Review

Premier Greyhound Tips have reported a 700% bank growth since launching at Betting Gods back in 2014.

The reported stats certainly looked impressive with the total profit at the time of our review up to £7,008.35 at an ROI of 10.31.%.

The service is run by Michael, who right from the off says that you need to forget your preconceptions of greyhound racing. He knows it isn't the most glamorous of sports, but it hasn't stopped him making a profit from it.

There is nothing more that we want as a review site to find a service that is profitable in the long term. There have been tons of tipping services that have had a good run and then disappear when things start to go downhill. 

Premier Greyhound Tips has stuck around for six years and has a nice profit graph to show for it. He even has members that are still following his tips since the service launched.

Premier Greyhound Tips Review

The service sends out 1 or 2 selections each day with full analysis so you know why the bets have been selected.

They are emailed out between 1.00 and 3.00pm each day or you can get them on your phone through the Betting God's app.

We followed the service for three months and finished with an outstanding 50.18 points profit at an ROI of 25.3%. It was an easy "pass" for Premier Greyhound Tips!

Review Stats+50.18pts profit, 25.3% ROI, 33.3% SR
Stakes Advised between 1-5 points
Starting bank 100 points
Average no. betsApprox. 25 per month
Time of emailsAfternoon around 2pm
Price£1.99 for 15 days then £17 per month

Month One Results

It had been a disappointing start to our Premier Greyhound Tips review with 9.52 points lost in the first month. There were 21 bets and only 5 of them returned a profit, which wasn't enough to put us in an overall winning position. 

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets212121
Total Stakes (pts)
Profit/Loss (pts)-10.41-9.52-10.0
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£104.10)(£95.20)(£100.00)
Strike Rate23.8%23.8%23.8%
Overall Bank Growth-10.4%-9.5%-10.0%
Bank (100pt starting)89.5990.4890.00


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
27/11/20208.54 RomfordKOOGA KEIRA2.00Yes34.00-2.0098.00
27/11/20209.12 RomfordSLANEYSIDE IZZY3.00No3.006.00104.00
01/12/20207.26 SheffieldSIGNET HAWK2.00No4.00-2.00102.00
01/12/20207.41 SheffieldCONEY KUCCINI4.00No2.626.48108.48
03/12/20208.21 Perry BarBALLYNABEE JENNY2.00No4.00-2.00106.48
04/12/20206.28 RomfordELMS BEE4.00No3.00-4.00102.48
05/12/20208.10 ShelbourneSPORTING PAT5.00No2.38-5.0097.48
06/12/20207.18 Central ParkVIEW KING2.00No7.00-2.0095.48
07/12/20207.34 NottinghamUPTON LEGEND4.00No3.5010.00105.48
09/12/20207.26 SunderlandFOR CLASSICSTOM2.00Yes6.00-2.00103.48
10/12/20207.26 NewcastlePOPPER DALE2.00No4.00-2.00101.48
11/12/20206.28 RomfordELMS BEE3.00No3.25-3.0098.48
13/12/20206.19 SwindonKIMPTON CHARLIE2.00No3.755.50103.98
14/12/20209.11 NottinghamSTRIDES FARRAN1.00No6.50-1.00102.98
15/12/20207.58 SheffieldSTUDENT PRINCE2.00No3.25-2.00100.98
17/12/20208.36 Perry BarrBAGGIOS SECRET2.00No6.00-2.0098.98
18/12/20209.12 RomfordGOLDIES LINEKAR2.00No6.00-2.0096.98
19/12/20208.54 HoveROXHOLME KRISTOF5.00No2.38-5.0091.98
20/12/20206.58 Central ParkEMOTIONAL5.00No2.002.5094.48
21/12/20208.21 NottinghamCHURCHILL HOLLY2.00No3.25-2.0092.48
23/12/20207.41 SunderlandLOOSTER BATSON2.00No11.00-2.0090.48

Month Two Results

Month two turned out to be much better in our review of Premier Greyhound Tips, with 19.56 points profit at an ROI of 33.7%. That meant that we had recovered the loss from month one and had an overall profit of 10.04 points.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets232323
Total Stakes (pts)
Profit/Loss (pts)23.5619.5613.44
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£235.60£195.60£134.40
Strike Rate30.4%30.4%30.4%
Overall Bank Growth13.2%10.0%3.4%
Bank (100pt starting)113.15110.04103.44


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
27/12/20207.58 SwindonBRACKERS CHIEF2.00No5.008.0098.48
29/12/20207.09 SheffieldCARNEYS JILL1.00No6.50-1.0097.48
30/12/20207.58 SunderlandBALLYHI RANGER1.00No4.00-1.0096.48
02/01/20218.27 SheffieldHITTHELIDS LIL1.00No5.00-1.0095.48
03/01/20218.27 SwindonSWEET LEAF3.00No5.50-3.0092.48
04/01/20218.36 NottinghamSLANEYSIDE CARLY1.00No7.00-1.0091.48
05/01/20218.12 SheffieldLIGHTFOOT GAGA4.00No2.877.4898.96
07/01/20219.11 Perry BarrMAGICAL FOX2.00No3.104.20103.16
10/01/20217.41 SwindonSTAIDNAHANAJIM2.00No5.00-2.00101.16
11/01/20219.11 NottinghamDROOPYS EMMY3.00No4.00-3.0098.16
12/01/20216.51 SheffieldDOMINO STYLE1.00No3.25-1.0097.16
12/01/20217.26 SheffieldBENJIES LAD4.00No4.5014.00111.16
14/01/20218.06 Perry BarrBALLYMAC MEOLDY2.00No4.33-2.00109.16
15/01/20218.17 RomfordAAYAMZA LEXIE3.00No3.25-3.00106.16
17/01/20217.18 Central ParkBURROW MARGE4.00No3.5010.00116.16
18/01/20216.36 YarmouthKhaleesi Legend2.00No5.50-2.00114.16
19/01/20216.19 SheffieldCAMP TIMMY5.00No2.75-5.00109.16
21/01/20217.41 NewcastleGEORDIE JAY2.00No7.00-2.00107.16
22/01/20217.41 NottinghamMIDSHIPMAN2.00Yes9.00-2.00105.16
22/01/20218.38 RomfordGOLDIES HODDLE4.00No1.912.88108.04
24/01/20218.12 SwindonSIGNET ERIC4.00No5.00-4.00104.04
25/01/20218.36 NottinghamRILEY RAY3.00No2.88-3.00101.04
26/01/20216.51 SheffieldALLOURTOMORROWS2.00No5.509.00110.04

Month Three Results

It was an even better month for Premier Greyhound Tips with more than 40 points profit banked in month three of our review. This meant that we were making great progress and were halfway to doubling our starting bank.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets343434
Total Stakes (pts)
Profit/Loss (pts)41.2740.1429.88
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£412.70£401.40£298.80
Strike Rate41.2%41.2%41.2%
Overall Bank Growth54.4%50.2%33.3%
Bank (100pt starting)154.42150.18133.32


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
28/01/20218.27 NewcastleESTELLA3.00No3.256.75116.79
29/01/20217.26 NottinghamTOWSTAR PERONI3.00No2.755.25122.04
01/02/20218.43 HarlowDOONEEN VIOLET1.00No3.25-1.00121.04
02/02/20217.36 HenlowTEMPLETUOHY KING2.00No3.004.00125.04
04/02/20217.36 HoveFAHY CAIN3.00No3.758.25133.29
05/02/20219.02 Central ParkYOU ALL WHITE2.00No5.00-2.00131.29
06/02/202111.09 CrayfordCLEVER AIRMOUNT3.00No2.75-3.00128.29
06/02/20216.33 MonmoreBLASTOFF MASON4.00No3.008.00136.29
09/02/20218.38 HenlowSAY GOODBYE2.00No3.505.00141.29
09/02/20219.28 HenlowWESTMEAD JAZZ3.00No4.339.99151.28
10/02/20216.59 YarmouthADAMANT LORETTA2.00No3.25-2.00149.28
11/02/20218.54 HoveKILLEACLE AMELIA3.00No4.00-3.00146.28
11/02/20219.12 HoveBALLYMONEY ZUMA1.00No3.50-1.00145.28
12/02/20216.58 RomfordCIRQUE DU SOLEIL2.00No4.50-2.00143.28
12/02/20219.28 RomfordMANASSAS3.00No3.75-3.00140.28
14/02/20218.23 HenlowDROOPYS ASPIRANT4.00No2.255.00145.28
14/02/20219.02 HenlowLOCKDOWN PEARL2.00No7.0012.00157.28
15/02/202111.54 HenlowDEACON SHIFTY3.00No2.75-3.00154.28
15/02/20212.52 RomfordJEOPARDY ANGEL2.00No4.33-2.00152.28
16/02/20216.33 MonmoreBOCKOS BELLY4.00No2.75-4.00148.28
16/02/20218.43 MonmoreCOOLAVANNY KYSER2.00No2.202.40150.68
16/02/20218.17 HenlowGRAIGUES COVE2.00No5.00-2.00148.68
17/02/20211.39 CrayfordALF N TOM3.00No3.60-3.00145.68
18/02/20211.39 HenlowDROOPYS CRISTINA2.00No5.50-2.00143.68
18/02/20216.58 HoveDINNER EFTOKIA3.00No4.00-3.00140.68
19/02/20216.28 RomfordBUBBLY RASCAL2.00No3.254.50145.18
19/02/20217.36 RomfordRICKY JEZABELLE3.00No5.00-3.00142.18
20/02/20217.44 MonmoreDADDYS PRINCE2.00No3.50-2.00140.18
22/02/20217.56 DoncasterWANTED STACEY2.00No5.008.00148.18
23/02/20217.56 HenlowFRAINEY MASTER2.00No2.88-2.00146.18
25/02/20219.12 HoveCHADWELL HAVANA2.00No2.753.50149.68
26/02/20211.24 HoveMARYS ANGEL2.00No7.00-2.00147.68
26/02/20213.18 CrayfordLACKEN MEAVE2.00No4.00-2.00145.68
26/02/20214.08 MonmoreLONGVALE TINA1.00No5.504.50150.18

Review Summary

  • Analysis included for each tip
  • Established tipster who has been on the platform since 2014
  • Profitable at Betfair SP during our review

Premier Greyhound Tips delivered a fantastic set of results during our three month review, with 50.18 points profit at an ROI of 25.3%.

The tipster displayed excellent knowledge of the sport with his analysis and reasoning included for every bet. He managed to deliver consistent winners throughout the review, especially in month three when he was in particularly good form.

We were also pleased to see that the service had been profitable at Betfair SP, as prices often shorten quite soon after the markets are formed. Our Betfair SP bank had grown by 33.3% in three months, which was still a great achievement.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets787878
Total Stakes (pts)198.0198.0198.0
Profit/Loss (pts)54.4250.1833.32
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£544.20£501.80£333.20
Strike Rate33.3%33.3%33.3%
Overall Bank Growth54.4%50.2%33.3%
Bank (100pt starting)154.42150.18133.32

It's no wonder Michael is still around at Betting Gods since he launched in 2014, as he definitely still has the knack of staying ahead of the bookies and finding value in Greyhound Racing.

Premier Greyhound Tips has been given a "pass" rating!

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Premier Greyhound Tips delivered a fantastic set of results during our three month review, with 50.18 points profit at an ROI of 25.3%.

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