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Ultimate Golf Tips Review

Note: This service is n​o longer available. Take a look at some of our "passed" services here.

Our review of the Ultimate Golf Tips service from Tipsters Empire has been cut short after losing a staggering amount in the past two months. We have recorded losses in excess of 60 points each month and have now bust our betting bank.

When we started the review a 125 point bank was advised but we have noticed this has now been altered to 200 points. Given how things have gone during our review, we're not even sure if 200 points would be enough to handle the variance.

On a more positive note, we were impressed with the write ups that the tipster produced and it's obvious that he's very clued up about golf.

The issue is that betting at high odds means that wins are going to be few and far between and the majority of us would not have the patience to ride it out. 

Review Stats-132.17pts loss, -75.1% ROI, 8% SR
Stakes Usually 1-2 points per bet advised
Starting bank 125 points
Average no. betsApprox. 40-45 per month
Time of emailsTuesday or Wednesday
Price£34.99 per month or £87.50 per quarter. More membership options available on sales page.

Key Stats - Overall
 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets8787
Total Stakes (pts)176.00176.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-132.17-132.17
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£1,321.70-£1,321.70
Average Odds46.6348.43
Strike Rate8.0%8.0%
Overall Bank Growth-105.7%-105.7%
Bank (125pt starting)-7.17-7.17

Ultimate Golf Tips Review Graph

Results - Update Two
DateTournamentSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
12/09/2018KLM Dutch OpenKiradech Aphibarnrat2.00Yes29.00-2.0053.34
12/09/2018KLM Dutch OpenGeorge Coetzee2.00Yes56.00-2.0051.34
12/09/2018KLM Dutch OpenMartin Kaymer2.00Yes67.00-2.0049.34
12/09/2018KLM Dutch OpenDavid Drysdale2.00Yes176.00-2.0047.34
16/09/2018KLM Dutch OpenRichard Mcevoy2.00No13.00-2.0045.34
18/09/2018The Portugal MastersLucas Bjerregaard2.00No19.00-2.0043.34
18/09/2018The Portugal MastersMatt Wallace2.00Yes34.00-2.0041.34
18/09/2018The Portugal MastersNacho Elvira2.00Yes51.00-2.0039.34
18/09/2018The Portugal MastersGavin Green2.00Yes101.00-2.0037.34
19/09/2018The Tour ChampionshipBryson Dechambeau2.00No21.00-2.0035.34
19/09/2018The Tour ChampionshipWebb Simpson2.00Yes29.001.3336.67
19/09/2018The Tour ChampionshipXander Schauffle2.00Yes31.00-2.0034.67
19/09/2018The Tour ChampionshipCameron Smith2.00Yes67.00-2.0032.67
20/09/2018The Tour ChampionshipBubba Watson to beat Brooks Koepka2.00No2.75-2.0030.67
23/09/2018The Tour ChampionshipRory Mcilroy2.00No5.00-2.0028.67
25/09/2018Ryder CupUSA 17 EUROPE 111.00No17.00-1.0027.67
25/09/2018Ryder CupUSA 18 EUROPE 101.00No31.00-1.0026.67
26/09/2018Ryder CupUSA6.00No1.91-6.0020.67
26/09/2018Ryder CupTop USA Points Scorer Bryson Dechambeau1.00No13.00-1.0019.67
26/09/2018Ryder CupTop European Alex Noren1.00No17.00-1.0018.67
30/09/2018Ryder CupJustin Thomas to beat Rory Mcilroy2.00No2.152.3020.97
30/09/2018Ryder CupWebb Simpson to beat Justin Rose2.00No2.883.7624.73
30/09/2018Ryder CupTyrrell Hatton to beat Patrick Reed2.00No2.10-2.0022.73
30/09/2018Ryder CupTony Finau to beat Tommy Fleetwood2.00No2.753.5026.23
02/10/2018Dunhill LinksEddie Pepperell2.00Yes26.00-2.0024.23
02/10/2018Dunhill LinksMartin Kaymer2.00Yes67.00-2.0022.23
02/10/2018Dunhill LinksMatthew Southgate2.00Yes91.00-2.0020.23
02/10/2018Dunhill LinksNacho Elvira2.00Yes126.00-2.0018.23
03/10/2018The Safeway OpenBrendan Steele2.00Yes41.00-2.0016.23
03/10/2018The Safeway OpenLuke List2.00Yes51.004.6020.83
03/10/2018The Safeway OpenBronson Burgoon2.00Yes81.00-2.0018.83
03/10/2018The Safeway OpenSean OHair2.00Yes151.00-2.0016.83
07/10/2018The Safeway OpenBill Haas2.00Yes19.00-2.0014.83
09/10/2018The British MastersFrancesco Molinari2.00No11.00-2.0012.83
09/10/2018The British MastersThorbjorn Olesen2.00Yes26.00-2.0010.83
09/10/2018The British MastersAndrea Pavan2.00Yes61.00-2.008.83
09/10/2018The British MastersNacho Elvira2.00Yes91.00-2.006.83
10/10/2018The CIMB ClassicXander Schauffle2.00No17.00-2.004.83
10/10/2018The CIMB ClassicKeegan Bradley2.00Yes26.00-2.002.83
10/10/2018The CIMB ClassicJB Holmes2.00Yes56.00-2.000.83
10/10/2018The CIMB ClassicStewart Cink2.00Yes81.00-2.00-1.17
10/10/2018British Masters/CIMBMolinari and Schauffle2.00Yes153.00-2.00-3.17
12/10/2018The British MastersLee Westwood to beat Harrington and Bjorn2.00No2.50-2.00-5.17
13/10/2018The CIMB ClassicLouis Oosthuizen1.00No10.00-1.00-6.17
13/10/2018The CIMB ClassicBronson Burgoon1.00No17.00-1.00-7.17


We could not fault the professionalism of this service, however the bank management has let it down and after losing more than 130 points in two months, it's a clear fail. 

Ultimate Golf Tips Review: Update One

9th September 2018

Betting on golf can be a bit of a nightmare and the first set of results for our review of Ultimate Golf Tips has proven it, with a whopping 69.7 points lost in the first month.

This has brought our 125 point starting bank down to 55.34 points, which is a 55.7% decrease.

There were just 2 bets that returned a profit throughout the whole month and one of those was a 2 ball bet at odds of 1.67. The other was a tournament winner bet that paid out at place odds of 12/1 which was a nice return, but not nearly enough to make any impact on what we had already lost.

Key Stats - Update One
 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets4242
Total Stakes (pts)88.0088.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-69.66-69.66
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£696.60-£696.60
Average Odds51.01052.800
Strike Rate4.8%4.8%
Overall Bank Growth-55.7%-55.7%
Bank (125pt starting)55.3455.34

Results - Update One
DateTournamentSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
12/08/2018PGA ChampionshipAdam Scott2.00No9.00-2.00123.00
14/08/2018Scandinavian MastersAlexander Bjork2.00Yes23.00-2.00121.00
14/08/2018Scandinavian MastersJoakim Largergren2.00Yes29.00-2.00119.00
14/08/2018Scandinavian MastersJens Dantorp2.00Yes67.00-2.00117.00
14/08/2018Scandinavian MastersMatteo Manessero2.00Yes126.00-2.00115.00
15/08/2018The Wyndham ChampionshipWebb Simpson2.00No13.00-2.00113.00
15/08/2018The Wyndham ChampionshipShane Lowry2.00Yes26.00-2.00111.00
15/08/2018The Wyndham ChampionshipAbraham Ancer2.00Yes81.00-2.00109.00
15/08/2018The Wyndham ChampionshipBen Crane2.00Yes201.00-2.00107.00
19/08/2018Scandinavian MastersNino Bertasio to beat Robert Rock2.00No2.50-2.00105.00
21/08/2018The Northern TrustFrancesco Molinari2.00No23.00-2.00103.00
21/08/2018The Northern TrustPatrick Cantlay2.00Yes46.00-2.00101.00
21/08/2018The Northern TrustBrandt Snedeker2.00Yes51.00-2.0099.00
21/08/2018The Northern TrustAnirban Lahiri2.00Yes251.00-2.0097.00
22/08/2018The Czech MastersMatt Wallace2.00No23.00-2.0095.00
22/08/2018The Czech MastersHaydn Porteous2.00Yes36.00-2.0093.00
22/08/2018The Czech MastersJordan Smith2.00Yes56.00-2.0091.00
22/08/2018The Czech MastersNicolas Colseartes2.00Yes81.00-2.0089.00
26/08/2018The Czech MastersScott Jamieson2.00Yes23.00-2.0087.00
26/08/2018Northern TrustJordan Spieth2.00Yes29.00-2.0085.00
28/08/2018Ryder CupUSA to win the Ryder Cup6.00No1.91-6.0079.00
29/08/2018Made in DenmarkThor Bjorn Olesen2.00No9.00-2.0077.00
29/08/2018Made in DenmarkEddie Pepperell2.00Yes23.00-2.0075.00
29/08/2018Made in DenmarkTom Lewis2.00Yes61.00-2.0073.00
29/08/2018Made in DenmarkRichard Mcevoy2.00Yes101.00-2.0071.00
30/08/2018The Dell Technologies OpenBrooks Koepka2.00No13.00-2.0069.00
30/08/2018The Dell Technologies OpenPatrick Cantlay2.00Yes31.00-2.0067.00
30/08/2018The Dell Technologies OpenBrandt Snedeker2.00Yes67.00-2.0065.00
30/08/2018The Dell Technologies OpenKevin Na2.00Yes101.00-2.0063.00
02/09/2018Made in DenmarkMatt Wallace to beat Callum Shinkwin2.00No1.671.3464.34
03/09/2018The Dell Technologies OpenTommy Fleetwood2.00Yes51.00-2.0062.34
03/09/2018The Dell Technologies OpenKyle Stanley to beat Rory Mcllroy2.00No3.00-2.0060.34
04/09/2018Omega MastersCharl Schwartzel2.00No26.00-2.0058.34
04/09/2018Omega MastersDanny Willett2.00Yes41.00-2.0056.34
04/09/2018Omega MastersAlexander Levy2.00Yes67.00-2.0054.34
04/09/2018Omega MastersAndres Romero2.00Yes201.00-2.0052.34
05/09/2018The BMW ChampionshipBryson Dechambeau2.00No17.00-2.0050.34
05/09/2018The BMW ChampionshipHideki Matsuyama2.00Yes23.00-2.0048.34
05/09/2018The BMW ChampionshipBrandt Snedeker2.00Yes71.00-2.0046.34
05/09/2018The BMW ChampionshipXander Schauffle2.00Yes101.0013.0059.34
09/09/2018Omega MastersNacho Elvira to beat Hideto Tanihara2.00No2.00-2.0057.34
09/09/2018The BMW ChampionshipRickie Fowler2.00No8.50-2.0055.34

We need some big wins and we need them soon or this review could quickly turn into a disaster. We will report back in a month's time with our next update.

Ultimate Golf Tips Review: Introduction

8th August 2018

Tipsters Empire's new resident golf tipster has been causing a stir with their new service, Ultimate Golf Tips, already hitting a 90/1 winner during their proofing.

Since April they have delivered a profit of 172.71 points at a staggering ROI of 61.3%, generating an average monthly profit of £450.56 to £10 stakes.

The tipster has apparently been involved in golf betting for nearly three decades and has been betting professionally on golf for around 15 years. He's worked for several bookmakers and odds compilers in the past, where he was able to make connections to both the European and PGA Tours.

He uses his knowledge and connections to compile his own prices and takes a long-term view with his betting, with many selections being at double figure prices.

With his tips he includes a write-up as to why he thinks the selection offers good value and he also evaluates the tournament as it is running, sometimes picking out more selections as it progresses.

The selections are generally sent out on a Tuesday or Wednesday but there can sometimes be more tips later in the week.

A betting bank of 125 points is advised, although the results started with a 100 point bank. This may have been added in afterwards, as we can see there was quite a big drawdown during the first couple of months.

We will be back next month with our first update where we hope to have hit some juicy winners.

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Welcome to our Ultimate Golf Tips review, a service from Tipsters Empire that provides betting advice for European and PGA golf tours.


  • Excellent write ups provided
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  • Advised betting bank was bust within two months
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