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VDW Maximiser Review
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Welcome to our VDW Maximiser review, a web-based horse racing tool from Race Advisor based on the Van Der Wheil ratings method.


  • Useful tool for narrowing down potential horse racing bets
  • Reasonable subscription cost
  • Cons

  • We found it difficult to make a profit during four months of testing
  • We have spent the last four months testing the VDW Maximiser software and it has certainly been an interesting journey. It has given us an insight into the daily routine of a tipster, scanning through the day's races and narrowing down selections.

    The software is based on the VDW (Van Der Wheil) method, which is basically a ranking system that rates horses by their form, ability and class.

    At the beginning of our review we started by following the five strategies explained in the video guides. This didn't go so well and the vendor advised that they were more of a guide to learn how the software works and that it would be better to cross-reference our selections with other sources such as the Racing Post.

    We decided to stop using the strategies and just use all of the stats available on the software to find our own selections and then as advised, check them against other free racing websites.

    We saw a big improvement in our results with 2 out of 3 profitable months but unfortunately only made a small profit just under 1 point in the end.

    Review Stats+0.81pts profit, 0.9% ROI, 43.4% SR
    StakesNone advised – we used between 0.5 – 2 points
    Starting bank None advised – we used 100 points
    Average no. betsVaries between user
    Price£19.99 +VAT for the first 60 days and then £24.99 +VAT per month thereafter

    Key Stats - Overall
    Number of Bets76
    Total Stakes (pts)91.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)0.81
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£8.10
    Strike Rate43.4%
    Bank Growth81.0%
    Bank (100pt starting)100.81

    Results - Update Four
    21/05/2018Carlisle14:45Seen the Lyte e/w2.004.804.86112.81
    21/05/2018Leicester19:00Dubai Empire e/w2.005.60-2.00110.81
    21/05/2018Windsor19:15Colonial Classic1.003.35-1.00109.81
    22/05/2018Nottingham15:25Caiya e/w2.004.70-2.00107.81
    23/05/2018Southwell17:35Sword of Fate1.002.281.22109.03
    23/05/2018Warwick16:15San Benedeto1.003.00-1.00108.03
    24/05/2018Chelmsford19:45Emirates Flyer e/w2.006.800.01108.04
    25/05/2018Pontefract19:30Celebrity Dancer1.003.20-1.00107.04
    30/05/2018Gowran Park19:30Espere1.002.401.33108.37
    31/05/2018Chelmsford19:10Codicil e/w2.007.40-2.00106.37
    05/06/2018Fontwell16:45Champagne George e/w2.004.00-2.00104.37
    05/06/2018Southwell19:35Riviere Argentee e/w1.0012.00-1.00103.37
    06/06/2018Uttoxeter16:10No Hiding Place TBP1.002.22-1.00102.37
    08/06/2018Stratford18:40Master Baker1.005.30-1.00101.37
    09/06/2018Newmarket15:05Yafta TBP1.002.061.01102.38
    12/06/2018Chelmsford15:50Emirates Flyer e/w1.0019.500.89103.27
    14/06/2018Nottingham16:55Angelina Dor e/w2.008.000.11103.38
    19/06/2018Ascot16:20US Navy Flag e/w2.005.80-2.00101.38
    19/06/2018Sligo19:20Betsey Trotter e/w2.008.601.19102.57
    20/06/2018Ascot15:05Southern France e/w2.006.600.24102.81
    20/06/2018Chelmsford20:10Mountain Bell e/w2.004.10-2.00100.81


    VDW Maximiser is not the easiest service to rate as every person that uses it will most likely end up with different results, depending on how they choose to make use of the tool. We came to the conclusion that as a resource to help narrow down potential selections to bet on in a race, it was brilliant. 

    It very quickly shows you a horses form and ability rating, as well as how relevant the race is to the VDW system based on past results.

    We found that the strategies given in the video guides didn't perform very well, although we could perhaps have tested them for longer. The issue with that was that it was quite time-consuming to check for qualifiers for five different systems, which is why we decided to just focus on narrowing down bets race by race.

    We have been informed by the vendor that they are planning on upgrading the documentation that goes with all of their services, so this may help in the future.

    As a stand-alone tool, we did find it tough to make an overall profit after four months and that makes it difficult to recommend VDW Maximiser, especially to beginners. However, we do feel that the tool would certainly be useful for some people, perhaps for more experienced bettors, so we have decided that a neutral rating is fair.

    VDW Maximiser Review: Update Three

    21st May 2018

    We have continued using the same methods as last month in our VDW Maximiser review and it is working out well with another profitable month. We have managed to make a total profit of 7.95 points at an ROI of 13.5% over the past two months. 

    We have tried to be as selective as we can with our chosen bets and have researched each one by cross-referencing with the Racing Post and Timeform. Although the amount of profit we've made so far isn't exactly mindblowing, we're pleased to have made a gradual increase to our bank by adding in some lower risk bets in place markets.

    Key Stats - Update Three
    Number of Bets33
    Total Stakes (pts)34.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)2.73
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£27.30
    Strike Rate36.40%
    Bank Growth8.0%
    Bank (100pt starting)107.95

    All results include a deduction of 5% Betfair commission.

    Results - Update Three
    23/04/2018Windsor18:20Zoraya e/w2.009.20-2.00103.22
    24/04/2018Huntingdon18:55Ratify Win1.004.602.64105.86
    24/04/2018Huntingdon18:55Ratify 2 TBP1.002.501.11106.97
    24/04/2018Punchestown17:30Un De Sceaux Win0.509.003.68110.65
    24/04/2018Punchestown17:30Un De Sceaux TBP1.002.120.87111.52
    24/04/2018Punchestown18:40Shattered Love TBP0.502.24-0.50110.52
    24/04/2018Punchestown18:40Finian's Oscar TBP0.503.35-0.50110.02
    25/04/2018Punchestown16:55Kilbricken Storm TBP1.001.950.90110.92
    26/04/2018Warwick15:55Cresswell Legend e/w2.005.50-2.00108.92
    27/04/2018Sandown15:35Here Comes When Win0.506.20-0.50108.42
    27/04/2018Sandown15:35Here Comes When TBP1.001.90-1.00107.42
    28/04/2018Punchestown16:25Farclas 2 TBP1.002.06-1.00106.42
    30/04/2018Southwell17:50Mr Buttons1.002.22-1.00105.42
    30/04/2018Thirsk17:05Lord Caprio TBP1.002.16-1.00104.42
    04/05/2018Chepstow14:30Coeur Blimey1.002.841.75105.17
    04/05/2018Cork17:20Motown Girl Win0.507.60-0.50104.67
    04/05/2018Cork17:20Motown Girl TBP1.001.780.74105.41
    06/05/2018Newmarket15:35Laurens e/w2.0010.001.09106.50
    09/05/2018Chester15:35Family Tree Win0.5019.00-0.50106.00
    09/05/2018Chester15:35Family Tree 4 TBP0.503.30-0.50105.50
    12/05/2018Ascot16:00Zhui Feng 5 TBP1.005.804.56110.06
    12/05/2018Ascot16:00Zhui Feng Win0.5038.00-0.50109.56
    12/05/2018Nottingham15:50Clon Coulis Win0.508.00-0.50109.06
    12/05/2018Nottingham15:50Clon Coulis TBP1.002.32-1.00108.06
    16/05/2018Yarmouth14:10Nearest Green e/w2.004.20-2.00106.06
    17/05/2018York15:30Wells Farhh Go e/w2.008.00-2.00104.06
    17/05/2018Salisbury14:40Fayrouz Rose e/w2.004.10-2.00102.06
    17/05/2018Newmarket20:35Outside Inside TBP1.002.48-1.00101.06
    18/05/2018Newbury16:45Kings Proctor 2 TBP1.002.821.70105.80
    20/05/2018Market Rasen16:20Monbeg Charmer TBP1.003.152.15107.95

    We feel confident that there is money to be made from this software based on our experience so far, but we are going to continue testing it for a further month so that we have a full three months worth of results using our revised strategy.

    VDW Maximiser Review: Update Two

    22nd April 2018

    During the first month of our VDW Maximiser review, we had started by testing out the strategies from the video guides and it hadn't gone so well. The vendor explained that they were really more of a starting point to learn how the software works, so we decided to change our tack for month two.

    Instead of following any particular strategy we have been using the software to narrow races down, only looking at the most profitable races each day and have been a lot more selective.

    Once we had a shortlist of promising horses, we cross-referenced them against the Racing Post and Timeform analysis before making a final decision on whether they would make a good bet.

    This has been working out much better for us and we have finished the month with a profit of 5.22 points at an ROI of 20.9%. We did actually build up to a high of 13.36 points but unfortunately there was a losing run towards the end of the month that set us back.

    Key Stats - Update Two
    Number of Bets22
    Total Stakes (pts)25.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)5.22
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£52.20
    Strike Rate54.5%
    Bank Growth5.2%
    Bank (100pt starting)105.22

    Note: We have started with a fresh bank of 100 points to separate our results from using the strategies vs our new method.

    Results - Update Two
    DateCourseTimeHorseTotal StakeOddsP/LBank
    22/03/2018Cork14:35Lieutenant Colonel1.002.752.75102.75
    23/03/2018Kempton20:15Native Fighter 2 TBP1.002.061.01103.76
    23/03/2018Newbury15:40Ice Cool Champs TBP1.002.52-1.00102.76
    24/03/2018Doncaster15:35Lord Glitters e/w1.006.400.09102.85
    28/03/2018Newcastle20:15Lord Caprio TBP1.001.800.76102.61
    03/04/2018Lingfield14:20Gold Filigree e/w2.009.201.00103.61
    04/04/2018Lingfield15:15Kalagia/Kaths Lustre1.003.972.97106.58
    05/04/2018Wolverhampton16:50Volevo Lui 3 TBP1.002.381.31107.89
    06/04/2018Lingfield15:55Zac Brown Win0.504.50-0.50107.39
    06/04/2018Lingfield15:55Zac Brown TBP1.002.261.20108.59
    11/04/2018Dundalk20:00Hyperlapse TBP1.002.10-1.00107.59
    12/04/2018Taunton16:30Risk And Roll Win0.506.602.66110.25
    12/04/2018Taunton16:30Risk And Roll TBP1.003.051.95112.19
    13/04/2018Naas15:50Capri with Yucatan saver1.002.761.17113.36
    13/04/2018Ballinrobe18:30Kilcarry Bridge TBP1.003.80-1.00112.36
    18/04/2018Dundalk19:30Andesh e/w2.006.20-2.00110.36
    18/04/2018Newmarket15:00Deauville TBP1.001.910.86111.22
    18/04/2018Newmarket15:35Threading e/w2.005.60-2.00109.22
    19/04/2018Newmarket15:00Le Brivido1.002.92-1.00108.22
    19/04/2018Ripon17:10Book of Dreams1.003.70-1.00107.22
    19/04/2018Newcastle18:40Lumi e/w2.005.60-2.00105.22

    The software is proving to be very useful in narrowing down races. We will continue using the same method for another month and will report back with how we get on.

    VDW Maximiser Review: Update One

    22nd March 2018

    We've been testing the VDW Maximiser software for a month now and things haven't really been going to plan. We have lost 15 points so far from a total of 65 races, with 27 of them returning a profit. 

    We have used all five strategies, but the results below exclude strategy 4 which uses a separate bank and staking system. Here is a breakdown of the profit/loss for each strategy:

    • Strategy 1: +2.02pts 
    • Strategy 2: -2.11pts
    • Strategy 3 : -7.82pts
    • Strategy 5: -7.09pts

    There have only been 4 selections for strategy 4 this month and it has made a loss of 2.89 points so far.

    Key Stats - Update One
    Number of Bets65
    Total Stakes (pts)66.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-15.00
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£150.00
    Strike Rate41.5%
    Bank Growth-15.0%
    Bank (100pt starting)85.00

    Results - Update One
    11/03/2018Market Rasen15:0551.00-1.0090.55

    Blindly following the strategies hasn't gone so well for us so far, so we decided to ask for some advice from the vendor.

    They wrote back with quite a comprehensive reply, but the gist of it is the strategies were designed to help users learn to use the software and perhaps come up with their own angles. Although the software helps to narrow the field down to find the best horses, it's beneficial to use other sites, such as the Racing Post, alongside it to narrow selections down further.

    So, the plan over the next month is to run some extra checks using some of the free resources around and be a bit more selective. We are also considering scrapping the dutching strategies (2 & 3) as we feel these races are bit trickier to analyse.

    VDW Maximiser Review: Introduction

    15th February 2018

    The Van Der Wheil (VDW) method is a horse ratings system that originated in the 1980s and it works by scoring each horse based on its form, ability or class. The idea is that there are more factors to consider than simply backing horses based on their form alone, as they can still be beaten by those of a higher ability or class.

    The VDW method focuses on the top five horses in the betting line-up, as statistically this is where 83% of winners are claimed to come from.

    The strategy in it's original form was to rate each horse by their ability in the two most valuable races on the card, then back the horses with the most consistent form in the top five of the betting market.

    The VDW Maximiser software uses the same principles but has been "turbo-charged", claiming to make the method more profitable than ever.

    VDW Maximiser Review Interface

    The software rates every horse in every race each day by VDW form and ability and also works out a custom VDW score.

    The software interface is quite simple but underneath there are some powerful calculations being carried out. The sales page breaks it down into five steps:

    • The software compares the races you are looking at with all previous similar races and checks how VDW performed then.
    • It scores the ratings in these races based on their performance and combines it with the current odds of the horses.
    • It then determines how suitable the VDW ratings are for the race.
    • minus
      It calculates the VDW form, ability and score for each horse in the race and also updates regularly with the live odds taken from Betfair.
    • minus
       You can then assess whether the bet looks good or to move on to the next race.
    VDW Maximiser Review Scores

    It comes with five strategies that make use of various features, such as the VDW scores and the horses marked in green as you can see above. These are explained in details in video guides that walk you through the filters you need to look at and the best way to maximise profits. 

    We have only checked out three of them so far and two of them involve dutching several horses, which is great if you prefer a low risk style of betting.

    We are pleased to see that we don't need to use any bookies with this software as all bets can be placed at Betfair or another exchange as long as there is enough liquidity.

    Access to the software is priced at £19.99 +VAT for the first 60 days and then £24.99 +VAT per month thereafter.

    We have begun testing the first three strategies with 4/5 wins so far and we will be adding in strategies 4 + 5 once we have got more of a feel for how it works.

    We will report back in a month's time with our first set of results.

    • Goal Profits Rating
    • Rated 3 stars

    • VDW Maximiser
    • Reviewed by:
    • Published on:
    • Last modified: 27th June 2018

    Welcome to our VDW Maximiser review, a web-based horse racing tool from Race Advisor based on the Van Der Wheil ratings method.


  • Useful tool for narrowing down potential horse racing bets
  • Reasonable subscription cost
  • Cons

  • We found it difficult to make a profit during four months of testing
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