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Welcome to our WeBetYouWin review - A tipping service focusing on major European and international football specialising in the asian handicap markets.


  • Professional service and timely emails
  • Transparent results
  • Cons

  • Disappointing results since inception
  • Advised odds often taken from bookmakers that are unavailable in the UK
  • We have come to the end of our review of WeBetYouWin after recording results over the past four months. The review didn't get off to a good start, losing over 20 points in the first two months at the available odds, however the service did manage to recover from this and we have finished with a more acceptable loss of 6.69 points.

    The service is ran by a team of professional bettors from Sweden and they send out tips throughout the week via email covering the main European and international football leagues. They specialise in the Asian Handicap markets and have provided a guide on this type of betting for those who are new to it.

    Breakdown of monthly profit/loss:

    • Update 1: -7.47pts
    • Update 2: -14.01pts
    • Update 3 : +10.55pts
    • Update 4: +4.24pts
    • Total: -6.69pts

    We have also calculated the results using flat 1 point stakes and this showed a similar loss of 6.60 points but a lower ROI of -4.7%.

    The tips have been received well in advance of matches so there's plenty of time to get bets on and we have been able to achieve similar odds most of the time, despite them often being quoted from Pinnacle and other bookmakers that are currently unavailable in the UK.

    Review Stats-6.69pts loss, -3.2% ROI, 51.8% SR
    StakesAdvised between 0.5 – 2.5 point stakes
    Starting bank 50 points
    Average no. betsApprox. 35 per month
    Time of emailsMorning 7.00-8.00am
    Price£5.95 for 1st month then £29 per month or £199 per year

    Key Stats - Overall
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsLevel Stakes
    Number of Bets139139139
    Total Stakes (pts)209.75209.75139.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-5.53-6.69-6.60
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£55.30-£66.90-£66.00
    Average Odds2.022.012.01
    Strike Rate51.8%51.8%51.8%
    Bank (50pt starting)44.4743.3143.40
    Bank Growth/Decline-11.1%-13.4%-13.2%

    WeBetYouWin Review Graph

    Results - Update Four
    DateFixtureMarketStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
    17/11/2017Arsenal v TottenhamTottenham +0 (Asian, same as dnb)1.502.13-1.5037.57
    17/11/2017Roma v LazioRoma -0,25 (Asian)1.501.971.4639.03
    18/11/2017Bournemouth v HuddersfieldBournemouth -0,5 (Asian)1.501.821.2340.26
    18/11/2017Liverpool v SouthamptonLiverpool -1,5 (Asian)1.502.281.9242.18
    18/11/2017Leicester v Manchester CityManchester City -1,5 (Asian)1.502.021.5343.71
    19/11/2017Benevento v SassuoloSassuolo -0,5 (Asian)
    19/11/2017Udinese v CagliariUdinese -0,5 (Asian)1.502.00-1.5043.34
    19/11/2017Espanyol v ValenciaValencia -0,25 (Asian)1.502.101.6544.99
    19/11/2017Athletic Bilbao v VillarrealVillarreal +0,25 (Asian)1.502.050.7945.78
    19/11/2017Inter v AtalantaInter -0,75 (Asian)1.502.031.5547.32
    21/11/2017Spartak Moscow v MariborSpartak Moscow -1,5 (Asian)1.501.74-1.5045.82
    23/11/2017Oestersund v FK Zorya LuhanskOestersund -0,5 (Asian)1.502.081.6247.44
    23/11/2017Athletic Bilbao v Hertha BerlinAthletic Bilbao -0,5 (Asian)1.501.660.9948.43
    25/11/2017Bologna v SampdoriaSampdoria +0 (Asian, same as dnb)1.502.21-1.5046.93
    25/11/2017Dortmund v Schalke 04Schalke -0,5 (Asian)0.504.60-0.5046.43
    25/11/2017Swansea v BournemouthBournemouth +0 (Asian, same as dnb)1.501.980.0046.43
    25/11/2017Newcastle v WatfordWatford +0,25 (Asian)
    25/11/2017Cagliari v InterInter -0,75 (Asian)1.502.041.5648.99
    26/11/2017Genoa v RomaRoma -0,75 (Asian)2.001.86-2.0046.99
    26/11/2017Lazio v FiorentinaLazio -0,75 (Asian)1.501.91-1.5045.49
    26/11/2017Villarreal v SevillaVillarreal -0,25 (Asian)1.501.95-1.5043.99
    26/11/2017Valencia v BarcelonaValencia -0,5 (Asian)0.504.60-0.5043.49
    26/11/2017Monaco v Paris Saint GermainParis Saint Germain -1 (Asian)2.001.710.0043.49
    28/11/2017Leicester v TottenhamTottenham -0,5 (Asian)1.501.75-1.5041.99
    29/11/2017Stoke v LiverpoolLiverpool -1 (Asian)1.501.881.3243.31


    As a service we like WeBetYouWin's selective approach, careful staking and general professionalism, but the fact is we didn't make a profit in our review and the results on the website to date are disappointing. 

    After 11 months the team have only managed to deliver a profit of 16.03 points at the advised prices, which would make it a struggle to even cover the subscription fees. You would have to be staking £20 per point to have broken even and the majority of the bets are set at 1.5 points each.

    It's just not a big enough return for most people and there are better services around, however we do think there is potential here so we will be awarding a neutral rating.

    WeBetYouWin Review: Update Three

    16th November 2017

    We're pleased to see a winning month for WeBetYouWin after a poor start to the review, with a profit of 10.55 points at the advised stakes. We are still just under 11 points down overall, but hopefully if this good form continues we will be back on track soon.

    The results using 1 point level stakes show a profit this month of 6.82 points and a loss of 9.14 points in total.

    Key Stats - Update Three
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsLevel Stakes
    Number of Bets424242
    Total Stakes (pts)65.0065.0042.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)10.6910.556.82
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£106.90£105.50£68.20
    Average Odds2.022.012.01
    Strike Rate61.9%61.9%61.9%
    Bank (50pt starting)40.0939.0740.86
    Bank Growth/Decline-19.8%-21.9%-18.3%

    Results - Update Three
    DateFixtureMarketStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
    14/10/2017Hoffenheim vs AugsburgHoffenheim -0,5 (Asian)1.501.83-1.5027.03
    14/10/2017Crystal Palace v Chelsea & Dalkurd v ÖsterChelsea and Dalkurd win1.501.97-1.5025.53
    15/10/2017Fiorentina v UdineseFiorentina -1 (Asian)1.502.120.0025.53
    15/10/2017Bologna v SPALBologna -0,5 (Asian)1.502.071.6127.13
    15/10/2017Sassuolo v ChievoChievo +0,25 (Asian)1.502.020.7727.90
    15/10/2017Southampton v NewcastleSouthampton -0,5 (Asian)1.501.93-1.5026.40
    15/10/2017Inter v MilanInter -0,25 (Asian)1.501.891.3427.74
    17/10/2017Manchester City v NapoliManchester City -1 (Asian)
    17/10/2017Feyenoord v Shakhtar DonetskShakhtar Donetsk -0,25 (Asian)1.501.831.2528.98
    18/10/2017Qaraba? v Atletico Madrid/Anderlecht v PSG/Bayern Munich v Celtic/Juventus v Sporting LisbonAtletico Madrid/Paris Saint-Germain/Bayern Munich/Juventus1.502.16-1.5027.48
    19/10/2017Benevento v FiorentinaFiorentina -1 (Asian)
    20/10/2017West Ham v BrightonWest Ham -0,5 (Asian)1.501.86-1.5028.12
    21/10/2017Eintracht Frankfurt v DortmundDortmund -0,75 (Asian)1.502.14-1.5026.62
    21/10/2017Real Betis v AlavésReal Betis -0,75 (Asian)1.501.761.1427.76
    21/10/2017Sampdoria v CrotoneSampdoria -1 (Asian)1.502.061.5929.35
    21/10/2017Valencia v SevillaValencia -0,5 (Asian)1.502.051.5830.93
    22/10/2017Benevento v FiorentinaFiorentina -1 (Asian)
    22/10/2017Villarreal v Las PalmasVillarreal -1 (Asian)1.501.981.4734.48
    22/10/2017Udinese v Juventus & Lazio v CagliariJuventus and Lazio win double2.001.811.6236.10
    23/10/2017Real Sociedad v EspanyolReal Sociedad -0,75 (Asian)1.501.95-1.5034.60
    25/10/2017Atalanta v Verona & Genoa v NapoliAtalanta and Napoli win double1.501.941.4136.01
    25/10/2017Bologna v LazioLazio -0,75 (Asian)1.502.070.8036.81
    28/10/2017Manchester United v TottenhamTottenham +0,25 (Asian)1.502.01-1.5035.31
    28/10/2017Alaves v ValenciaValencia -0,75 (Asian)2.001.860.8636.17
    28/10/2017Milan v JuventusJuventus -0,5 (Asian)1.501.971.4637.62
    28/10/2017Watford v StokeWatford -0,5 (Asian)1.502.00-1.5036.12
    28/10/2017Manchester United v TottenhamTottenham +0,25 (Asian)1.502.10-1.5034.62
    29/10/2017Benevento v LazioLazio -1,5 (Asian)1.501.841.2635.88
    29/10/2017Crotone v FiorentinaFiorentina -0,75 (Asian)1.501.95-1.5034.38
    29/10/2017Sampdoria v ChievoSampdoria -0,5 (Asian)1.502.081.6236.00
    29/10/2017Spal v GenoaGenoa +0 (Asian same as dnb)1.501.79-1.5034.50
    29/10/2017Udinese v AtalantaAtalanta -0,5 (Asian)1.502.05-1.5033.00
    29/10/2017Tornio v CagliariTorino -0,75 (Asian)1.501.710.5333.53
    29/10/2017Malaga v Celta VigoCelta Vigo -0,5 (Asian)1.002.42-1.0032.53
    29/10/2017Lille v MarseilleMarseille -0,5 (Asian)
    03/11/2017Genoa v SampdoriaSampdoria +0 (Asian, same as dnb)2.001.871.7435.47
    03/11/2017Fiorentina v RomaRoma -0,5 (Asian)1.502.301.9537.42
    04/11/2017Valencia v LeganesValencia -1 (Asian)1.501.941.4138.83
    04/11/2017Bologna v CrotoneBologna -0,5 (Asian)1.501.83-1.5037.33
    04/11/2017Dortmund v Bayern MunichBayern Munich -0,5 (Asian)1.502.081.6238.95
    04/11/2017West Ham v LiverpoolLiverpool -1 (Asian)1.502.081.6240.57
    05/11/2017Inter v Torino & Villarreal v MalagaInter and Villarreal win double1.502.67-1.5039.07

    We are extending our review for a further month to see how things go from here. We'll report back soon with our next set of results.

    WeBetYouWin Review: Update Two

    12th October 2017

    It's been another poor month of results in our WeBetYouWin review with a further loss of 14.01 points at the available odds, which gives us a total loss of 21.48 points. We are using the recommended 50 point starting bank, so this works out as a 43% decrease over two months.

    The free trial that the service was offering has now been extended to 31st December 2017 for anyone that originally signed up and the team have also opened this offer up to any other Goal Profits Review readers that have yet to sign up.

    Key Stats - Update Two
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsLevel Stakes
    Number of Bets363636
    Total Stakes (pts)54.5054.5036.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-13.31-14.01-9.68
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£133.10-£140.10-£96.80
    Average Odds1.981.951.95
    Strike Rate38.9%38.9%38.9%
    Bank (50pt starting)29.4028.5334.04
    Bank Growth/Decline-41.2%-42.9%-31.9%

    Results - Update Two
    DateFixtureMarketStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
    13/09/2017Feyenoord v Manchester CityManchester City -1,25 (Asian)1.501.811.2243.75
    13/09/2017Shakhtar Donetsk v NapoliNapoli -0,5 (Asian)1.502.00-1.5042.25
    13/09/2017Liverpool v SevillaLiverpool -0,75 (Asian)2.001.94-2.0040.25
    14/09/2017Hoffenheim v Braga, Istanbul Basaksehir v LudogoretsHoffenheim and Istanbul Basaksehir to Win1.002.20-1.0039.25
    17/09/2017Sassuolo v JuventusJuventus -1 (Asian)2.001.851.7040.95
    17/09/2017Hoffenheim v Hertha BerlinHoffenheim -0,5 (Asian)1.501.84-1.5039.45
    17/09/2017Chelsea v ArsenalChelsea -0,5 (Asian)2.001.88-2.0037.45
    20/09/2017Benevento v RomaRoma -1,25 (Asian)1.501.741.1138.56
    20/09/2017Hamburger SV v Borussia DortmundBorussia Dortmund -1,25 (Asian)1.501.831.2539.81
    20/09/2017Juventus v FiorentinaJuventus -1,25 (Asian)1.501.88-0.7539.06
    20/09/2017Verona v SampdoriaSampdoria -0,75 (Asian)1.502.43-1.5037.56
    21/09/2017Villarreal v EspanyolVillarreal -0,75 (Asian)1.501.90-1.5036.06
    23/09/2017Everton v BournemouthEverton -0,75 (Asian)1.501.911.3737.42
    23/09/2017Stoke v ChelseaChelsea -0,75 (Asian)2.001.791.5839.00
    23/09/2017Leicester v LiverpoolLiverpool -0,5 (Asian)1.501.911.3740.37
    24/09/2017Verona v LazioLazio -1 (Asian)1.501.921.3841.75
    24/09/2017Hannover 96 v FC CologneHannover 96 -0,5 (Asian)1.001.88-1.0040.75
    24/09/2017Real Sociedad v ValenciaValencia +0,25 (Asian)1.501.851.2842.02
    25/09/2017Monaco v FC PortoMonaco -0,5 (Asian)1.502.10-1.5040.52
    26/09/2017Spartak Moscow v LiverpoolLiverpool -0,75 (Asian)1.501.75-1.5039.02
    26/09/2017Be?ikta? v Red Bull LeipzigRed Bull Leipzig -0,25 (Asian)1.002.03-1.0038.02
    27/09/2017Qaraba? v RomaRoma -1 (Asian)2.001.750.0038.02
    27/09/2017Atletico Madrid v ChelseaAtletico Madrid -0,25 (Asian)1.501.84-1.5036.52
    28/09/2017Ostersund v Hertha BerlinHertha Berlin -0,5 (Asian)1.002.52-1.0035.52
    29/09/2017Celta v GironaCelta -0,75 (Asian)1.501.88-1.5034.02
    30/09/2017Stoke v SouthamptonSouthampton +0 (Asian)1.501.87-1.5032.52
    30/09/2017West Ham v SwanseaWest Ham -0,5 (Asian)1.501.881.3233.84
    30/09/2017Udinese v SampdoriaSampdoria +0 (Asian)1.502.00-1.5032.34
    30/09/2017Levante v AlavesLevante -0,75 (Asian)1.502.10-1.5030.84
    30/09/2017Genoa v BolognaBologna +0,25 (Asian)1.501.981.4732.31
    01/10/2017Benevento v InterInter -1,5 (Asian)1.501.80-1.5030.81
    01/10/2017Torino v VeronaTorino -1,5 (Asian)1.501.92-1.5029.31
    01/10/2017Newcastle v LiverpoolLiverpool -0,75 (Asian)1.501.92-1.5027.81
    01/10/2017Milan v RomaRoma -0,5 (Asian)1.002.621.6229.43
    01/10/2017Valencia v Atletic BilbaoValencia -0,5 (Asian)1.501.731.1030.53
    01/10/2017Atalanta v JuventusJuventus -0,5 (Asian)2.001.85-2.0028.53

    We will continue to follow the service for another month and will report back with more results soon.

    WeBetYouWin Review: Update One

    13th September 2017

    So far in our WeBetYouWin review we have received 36 tips, with almost all of them being Asian Handicap bets. Following the advised stakes we have made a loss 7.47 points at an ROI of -13.6% at the available odds.

    The stakes have varied between 1.50 and 2.50 points, so we decided to record our results to level stakes alongside the advised stakes to compare. Level stakes would have given a loss of 6.28 points at an ROI of -17.4%.

    Hopefully we will see an improvement in next month's update once the Winter leagues start to settle.

    Key Stats - Update One
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsLevel Stakes
    Number of Bets363636
    Total Stakes (pts)54.7554.7536.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-7.29-7.47-6.28
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£72.90-£74.70-£62.80
    Average Odds1.951.931.93
    Strike Rate47.2%47.2%47.2%
    Bank (50pt starting)42.7142.5443.72
    Bank Growth/Decline-14.6%-14.9%-12.6%

    Results - Update One
    DateFixtureMarketStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
    12/08/2017Watford v LiverpoolLiverpool -1 (Asian)1.502.00-1.5048.50
    12/08/2017West Bromwich v BournemouthBournemouth +0,25 (Asian)1.501.81-1.5047.00
    12/08/2017Brighton v Manchester CityManchester City -1,5 (Asian)1.502.061.5948.59
    13/08/2017Newcastle v TottenhamTottenham -0,75 (Asian)1.501.801.2049.79
    13/08/2017Man Utd v West HamWest Ham +1,5 (Asian)1.501.91-1.5048.29
    16/08/2017Napoli v NiceNapoli -1,5 (Asian)1.501.881.3249.61
    18/08/2017Metz v MonacoMonaco -1,5 (Asian)1.501.91-1.5048.11
    19/08/2017Bournemouth v WatfordBournemouth -0,5 (Asian)1.501.99-1.5046.61
    19/08/2017Burnley v West BromBurnley -0,5 (Asian)1.002.55-1.0045.61
    19/08/2017Southampton v West HamSouthampton -0,75 (Asian)1.501.970.7346.34
    19/08/2017Stoke v ArsenalArsenal -0,5 (Asian)1.501.91-1.5044.84
    19/08/2017Sevilla v EspanyolSevilla -0,75 (Asian)1.501.75-1.5043.34
    20/08/2017Inter v FiorentinaInter -0,75 (Asian)1.501.691.0444.37
    20/08/2017Crotone v MilanMilan -0,75 (Asian)1.501.640.9645.33
    20/08/2017Sampdoria v BeneventoSampdoria -0,75 (Asian)1.501.860.6545.98
    20/08/2017Sassuolo v GenoaSassuolo -0,5 (Asian)1.501.91-1.5044.48
    26/08/2017Bournemouth v Manchester CityManchester City -1,5 (Asian)1.501.93-1.5042.98
    26/08/2017Watford v BrightonWatford -0,5 (Asian)1.501.95-1.5041.48
    26/08/2017Newcastle v West HamWest Ham +0,25 (Asian)1.501.91-1.5039.98
    26/08/2017Las Palmas v Atletico MadridAtletico -0,5 (Asian)1.501.731.1041.07
    27/08/2017Liverpool v ArsenalLiverpool -0,5 (Asian)1.502.171.7642.83
    27/08/2017Torino v SassuoloTorino -0,5 (Asian)2.001.751.5044.33
    27/08/2017Eibar v Atletico BilbaoEibar +0 (Asian)1.501.81-1.5042.83
    27/08/2017Espanyol v LeganesEspanyol -0,5 (Asian)1.502.00-1.5041.33
    27/08/2017Napoli v AtalantaNapoli -1,25 (Asian)1.501.951.4342.75
    31/08/2017France v Holland, Bulgaria v SwedenFrance and Sweden to Win1.002.88-1.0041.75
    01/09/2017Czech Republic v GermanyGermany -1 (Asian)1.501.780.0041.75
    01/09/2017Denmark v PolandPoland +0,25 (Asian)1.501.80-1.5040.25
    08/09/2017Hamburger SV v RB LeipzigRB Leipzig -0,75 (Asian)1.502.251.8842.13
    09/09/2017Manchester City v LiverpoolLiverpool +0,5 (Asian)1.502.00-1.5040.63
    09/09/2017Brighton v West BromWest Brom +0,25 (Asian)1.751.73-1.7538.88
    09/09/2017Leicester v ChelseaChelsea -0,5 (Asian)2.501.802.0040.88
    09/09/2017Nice v MonacoMonaco -0,75 (Asian)1.501.78-1.5039.38
    10/09/2017Atalanta v SassuoloAtalanta -0,75 (Asian)1.501.810.6440.02
    10/09/2017Benevento v TorinoTorino -0,5 (Asian)1.501.851.2841.29
    11/09/2017Celtic v Paris Saint-GermainParis Saint-Germain -1,75 (Asian)1.501.831.2542.54

    Check back next month with the latest update to our results.

    WeBetYouWin Review: Introduction

    12th August 2017

    ​There's plenty of football action now that the winter leagues have kicked off, so it's the perfect time to get some football tipster reviews started. WeBetYouWin is a betting service run by a group of professional bettors who are based in Sweden.

    Their tips cover major European football including top flight leagues from France, Spain and Germany, but their main focus is the English Premier League and Italian Serie A.

    Their results start from January 2017 and show a profit of 22.22 points at an ROI of 9.11% up until the end of July. They work from a 50 point bank, so this represents a growth of 44.4%.

    Five of the seven months so far have returned a profit, with June and July giving the worst performance losing 4.66 points. There were only 10 bets during this time as opposed to an average of 30 bets per month prior to that, so it's clear to see that the Winter leagues are where this service's strengths lie.

    The tipster's state that they have a selective approach, only betting if there is value and never forcing bets just for the sake of it.

    The tips are sent out via email, usually on the morning of the match day so there is plenty of time to place bets. The majority of the bets are Asian Handicaps, which may seem complicated if you are unfamiliar with this type of betting, but it's quite straightforward and there is a guide on the website to explain how it works.

    The team recommend a starting bank of 50 points and stakes are advised for each bet between 0.5 and 3 points, but the standard bet size is 1.5 points.

    The service is currently free until October 12th with no payments details required. After the free trial ends the service will be offering paid scubsriptions, but we don't have any details on membership costs as of yet.

    We will run our review over the next three months and will report back with a monthly update of our results.

    • Goal Profits Rating
    • Rated 2.5 stars

    • WeBetYouWin
    • Reviewed by:
    • Published on:
    • Last modified: 23rd May 2018

    Welcome to our WeBetYouWin review - A tipping service focusing on major European and international football specialising in the asian handicap markets.


  • Professional service and timely emails
  • Transparent results
  • Cons

  • Disappointing results since inception
  • Advised odds often taken from bookmakers that are unavailable in the UK
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