Winning Favourites Review: Horse Racing Tips Service

Written by Laura Turner

jockey racing in gold ahead of other horses

Winning Favourites is a horse racing tips service that reports a high strike rate, making it ideal for a small starting bank.

The biggest drawdown that the tipster experienced during their three month proofing with the vendor was 9 points. On that basis, they say a 25 point starting bank would be ample.

Since July 2021, the service has reported 62.52 points profit from betting on favourites.

Simply backing all favourites is not profitable. Winning Favourites have calculated that if you had bet on all of them in the past ten years you would have an ROI of approximately -2.7%. 

This tipster has managed to find a way to narrow the selections down and betting on only the favourites that offer value has seen his ROI fly up to 14%.

It can be much easier to deal with psychologically if you have regular winners coming in, rather than having to ride out lots of long losing streaks.

We don't come across horse racing tipsters who only back favourites too often, so we were interested to see how the review would go.

Our results were recorded at the advised odds, available odds and Betfair SP below.

Read on for our full Winning Favourites review, or click here to start a free trial.

Month One Update

Finding winning favourites was proving to be difficult in our review of this horse racing tips service. We finished the first month with a loss of 11.76 points at the available odds, although BSP results had been a bit better with 5.25 points lost.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets676767
Total Stakes (pts)
Profit/Loss (pts)-13.85-11.76-5.25
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£138.50)(£117.60)(£52.50)
Strike Rate32.8%32.8%32.8%
Overall Bank Growth-13.8%-11.8%-5.3%
Bank (100pt starting)86.1688.2594.75


DateRaceBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
29/04/2023Punchestown 6.05Sorrentino1.002.10-1.00 99.00
01/05/2023Kempton 1.55Iolaos Du Mou1.003.00-1.00 98.00
01/05/2023Down Royal 3.20The Friday Man1.002.10-1.00 97.00
01/05/2023Curragh 3.35Queen Aminatu1.002.38-1.00 96.00
01/05/2023Down Royal 4.30Focus Point1.002.75-1.00 95.00
02/05/2023Yarmouth 3.30Wild Side1.002.251.25 96.25
02/05/2023Nottingham 4.10Golden Lyra1.002.88-1.00 95.25
02/05/2023Wolverhampton 6.40Peony1.002.881.88 97.13
03/05/2023Ascot 2.40Dancing Goddess1.002.00-1.00 96.13
03/05/2023Pontefract 4.35Reidh1.002.75-1.00 95.13
04/05/2023Redcar 2.20Indiana Be1.002.00-1.00 94.13
04/05/2023Tipperary 7.55Spindleberry1.002.75-1.00 93.13
04/05/2023Tipperary 8.25Whats Up Darling1.003.502.50 95.63
05/05/2023Goodwood 1.30Ethandun1.002.75-1.00 94.63
05/05/2023Newmarket 2.25Majestic Pride1.003.50-1.00 93.63
05/05/2023Newcastle 6.10Flying Circus1.002.50-1.00 92.63
05/05/2023Cheltenham 8.17Magic Saint1.003.00-1.00 91.63
05/05/2023Downpatrick 8.30Surf Club1.002.38-1.00 90.63
06/05/2023Uttoxeter 2.05Clody Flyer1.002.001.00 91.63
06/05/2023Newmarket 4.40Auguste Rodin1.003.00-1.00 90.63
06/05/2023Cork 4.10Lisnagar Fortune1.001.91-1.00 89.63
06/05/2023Cork 5.25Familiar Dreams1.002.20-1.00 88.63
07/05/2023Leopardstown 2.15American Sonja1.002.88-1.00 87.63
07/05/2023Newmarket 3.40Tahiyra1.002.88-1.00 86.63
08/05/2023Ayr 3.30Abu Royal1.002.101.10 87.73
09/05/2023Fakenham 4.55For Rita1.002.63-1.00 86.73
10/05/2023Fontwell 5.45Hot Rod Lincoln1.002.251.25 87.98
11/05/2023Clonmel 6.18Fameaftertheglory1.003.25-1.00 86.98
12/05/2023Wolverhampton 6.05Estate1.002.63-1.00 85.98
14/05/2023Killarney 5.25My Great Mate1.002.50-1.00 84.98
15/05/2023Catterick 3.20Opera Legend1.002.50-1.00 83.98
15/05/2023Windsor 6.05Rockit Tommy1.002.201.20 85.18
15/05/2023Killarney 6.55Saint Sam1.002.501.50 86.68
15/05/2023Killarney 8.25Naruto1.002.631.63 88.30
16/05/2023Beverley 2.25Bombay Bazaar1.002.101.10 89.40
16/05/2023Sandown 7.15Royal Symbol1.002.20-1.00 88.40
16/05/2023Killarney 6.05Fernao1.002.40-1.00 87.40
16/05/2023Sligo 7.55Marvelosa1.002.100.99 88.39
17/05/2023Newton Abbot 2.35King Of The Lake1.001.83-1.00 87.39
17/05/2023York 3.35Infinite Cosmos1.003.00-1.00 86.39
17/05/2023Worcester 4.35Moonshine Spirit1.001.91-1.00 85.39
17/05/2023York 4.45Kylian1.002.10-1.00 84.39
17/05/2023Newton Abbot 4.55Young Buck1.003.002.00 86.39
18/05/2023Salisbury 3.45Kingfisher King1.002.501.50 87.89
18/05/2023Newmarket 5.15Flag Of St George1.002.631.63 89.52
19/05/2023Newbury 3.50Equatorial1.002.10-1.00 88.52
19/05/2023Downpatrick 7.15Gorthill1.003.752.75 91.27
19/05/2023Downpatrick 7.45Vaucelet1.002.10-1.00 90.27
19/05/2023Downpatrick 8.20The Wallpark1.001.730.73 91.00
20/05/2023Newbury 4.45Blue Stocking1.002.10-1.00 90.00
20/05/2023Doncaster 6.05Anfaal1.003.50-1.00 89.00
21/05/2023Ripon 2.55Valadero1.002.20-1.00 88.00
21/05/2023Ripon 3.25Market Value1.002.501.50 89.50
21/05/2023Naas 3.45The Antarctic1.003.002.00 91.50
22/05/2023Carlisle 4.40Inverlochy1.002.20-1.00 90.50
22/05/2023Windsor 7.05Gentle Light1.004.50-1.00 89.50
23/05/2023Hexham 6.20Harper Valley1.002.381.38 90.87
24/05/2023Kempton 6.10Sparklight1.002.88-1.00 89.87
24/05/2023Kempton 7.10Kitten Gloves1.002.00-1.00 88.87
26/05/2023Goodwood 3.00Veil Of Shadows1.003.75-1.00 87.87
26/05/2023Haydock 4.25Zouzanna1.002.631.63 89.50
26/05/2023Pontefract 6.55Ormolulu1.002.88-1.00 88.50
26/05/2023Limerick 8.15Ivana1.002.501.50 90.00
27/05/2023Curragh 3.40Royal Scotsman1.003.50-1.00 89.00
27/05/2023Salisbury 6.40Leadenhall1.002.63-1.00 88.00
27/05/2023Salisbury 7.10Sandrine1.003.25-1.00 87.00
28/05/2023Uttoxeter 2.50Ooh Betty1.002.251.25 88.25

Month Two Update

It was another tricky month for Winning Favourites and we just about broke even by the end of it. A small profit of 2.32 points was made at Betfair SP and if we were to include Best Odds Guaranteed we would have recorded a profit.

We don't like to rely on BOG though, so we don't include it in our results. Bookies have been known to take it away from some customers and they have various rules on what time and what races it counts for, so we go by the original odds given.

We want to see services that can make a profit at those odds and then any extra generated from BOG is a nice bonus.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets585858
Total Stakes (pts)58.0058.0058.00
Profit/Loss (pts)0.21-0.322.32
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£2.10 (£3.20)£23.20
Strike Rate43.1%43.1%43.1%
Overall Bank Growth-13.6%-12.1%-2.9%
Bank (100pt starting)86.3687.9297.07


DateRaceBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
29/05/2023Windsor 2.35Nine Tenths1.002.101.10 89.35
30/05/2023Leicester 1.55Ocean Runner1.002.10-1.00 88.35
30/05/2023Redcar 3.20Crystal Mariner1.002.25-1.00 87.35
30/05/2023Nottingham 6.55Ardad's Great1.002.10-1.00 86.35
31/05/2023Newton Abbot 1.55Carrigeen Kampala1.002.001.00 87.35
31/05/2023Beverley 3.40Man Of A'an1.002.25-1.00 86.35
31/05/2023Wexford 8.30Full Metal Jacket1.002.38-1.00 85.35
01/06/2023Yarmouth 2.30Inner City1.002.63-1.00 84.35
03/06/2023Doncaster 3.25Resolute Man1.002.20-1.00 83.35
03/06/2023Tramore 7.30Calazure1.002.00-1.00 82.35
03/06/2023Tramore 8.30Vadsa Queen1.002.101.10 83.45
03/06/2023Worcester 4.55Ruler Legend1.002.50-1.00 82.45
04/06/2023Fakenham 4.00State of Bliss1.002.100.99 83.44
05/06/2023Windsor 6.45Lady Dreamer1.003.50-1.00 82.44
07/06/2023Kempton 6.20Merlin The Wizard1.003.002.00 84.44
08/06/2023Chelmsford 6.20Red Danielle1.002.88-1.00 83.44
09/06/2023Market Rasen 1.50Jeepydoff Meel 84.24
09/06/2023Bath 6.38Toca Madera1.002.101.10 85.34
09/06/2023Haydock 6.45King Of The Plains1.002.20-1.00 84.34
09/06/2023Clonmel 8.00Kilballyowen1.002.75-1.00 83.34
09/06/2023Haydock 8.25Ancient Wisdom1.002.001.00 84.34
10/06/2023Beverley 2.05Midnight Affair1.001.910.91 85.25
10/06/2023Beverley 3.15Fusterlander1.002.88-1.00 84.25
10/06/2023Lingfield 8.15Edge Of Ember1.002.50-1.00 83.25
11/06/2023Punchestown 1.40Arctic Fly1.002.001.00 84.25
13/06/2023Salisbury 2.40Daymer Bay1.002.50-1.00 83.25
13/06/2023Southwell 3.00Johnny James1.002.101.10 84.35
13/06/2023Salisbury 3.40Equatorial1.002.381.38 85.72
13/06/2023Sligo 5.28Artemis Angel1.002.20-1.00 84.72
14/06/2023Yarmouth 2.50Crowning1.003.25-1.00 83.72
15/06/2023Nottingham 2.10Moyet1.002.40-1.00 82.72
15/06/2023Newbury 2.20Mafnood1.004.00-1.00 81.72
15/06/2023Newbury 2.50Satirical1.003.50-1.00 80.72
16/06/2023Chepstow 2.15Lordship1.001.910.91 81.63
16/06/2023Fairyhouse 5.05Ms Brightside1.003.252.25 83.88
16/06/2023Cork 6.35Rosscarbery1.002.751.75 85.63
17/06/2023Sandown 2.50Great State1.002.50-1.00 84.63
18/06/2023Gowran 5.25Trustyourinstinct1.002.381.38 86.01
19/06/2023Lingfield 3.00Ventura Express1.002.50-1.00 85.01
19/06/2023Wolves 3.10Cheifman1.002.88-1.00 84.01
19/06/2023Kilbeggan 8.13Minella Mate1.002.751.75 85.76
21/06/2023Wexford 6.25Pink In The Park1.002.100.94 86.69
22/06/2023Ripon 2.15Barg1.003.501.88 88.57
22/06/2023Ascot 5.35Torito1.005.00-1.00 87.57
22/06/2023Leopardstown 8.20Nikini1.003.25-1.00 86.57
23/06/2023Ascot 5.35King Of Steel1.002.101.10 87.66
23/06/2023Newmarket 6.30Clan Cheiftan1.002.50-1.00 86.66
23/06/2023Limerick 7.20Layfayette1.002.751.88 88.54
23/06/2023Down Royal 7.45Blame The Champagne1.002.25-1.00 87.54
24/06/2023Redcar 1.37Brave Empire1.002.501.50 89.04
24/06/2023Ascot 3.05Covey1.003.50-1.00 88.04
24/06/2023Ayr 3.34Royal Acclaim1.002.75-1.00 87.04
24/06/2023Down Royal 5.40Merlin Giant1.002.751.66 88.70
24/06/2023Lingfield 8.20Swiss Star1.002.20-1.00 87.70
25/06/2023Pontefract 3.45Whoop Whoop1.002.00-1.00 86.70
26/06/2023Wolverhampton 7.00Mutasawi1.002.50-1.00 85.70
28/06/2023Salisbury 3.10Equity Law1.002.201.08 86.78
28/06/2023Worcester 3.58Gaius1.002.631.14 87.92

Month Three Update

It was a good month for Winning Favourites with 10.63 points profit, which meant that we had almost regained what had been lost in the previous two months.

There was a similar profit recorded at BSP with 10.71 points banked at an ROI of 17.6%.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets616161
Total Stakes (pts)
Profit/Loss (pts)11.0810.6310.71
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£110.80 £106.30 £107.10
Strike Rate49.2%49.2%49.2%
Overall Bank Growth-2.6%-1.5%7.8%
Bank (100pt starting)97.4498.55107.78


DateRaceBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
29/06/2023Newmarket 3.45Spring Dawn1.002.101.10 89.02
29/06/2023Leicester 5.12Great Truth1.002.201.20 90.22
30/06/2023Cartmel 4.15Slate Lane1.002.251.00 91.22
01/07/2023Curragh 1.40City Of Troy1.003.752.75 93.97
01/07/2023Curragh 4.00Al Riffa1.002.25-1.00 92.97
02/07/2023Curragh 2.25Commanche Falls1.002.101.10 94.07
02/07/2023Curragh 5.25Tarawa1.002.10-1.00 93.07
04/07/2023Roscommon 4.45Profit Refused1.002.001.00 94.07
04/07/2023Roscommon 7.50Espionage1.002.001.00 95.07
05/07/2023Thirsk 4.15Mubhijah1.002.63-1.00 94.07
05/07/2023Tipperary 4.35Lady Tilbury1.002.381.38 95.45
06/07/2023Haydock 4.45Hidden Pass1.001.91-1.00 94.45
06/07/2023Newbury 5.35Clove Hitch1.002.20-1.00 93.45
06/07/2023Newbury 6.40Baheer1.002.501.50 94.95
07/07/2023Newton Abbot 3.15Sandalwood1.002.101.10 96.05
07/07/2023Sandown 3.40Arabian Crown1.002.10-1.00 95.05
07/07/2023Sandown 4.15Saga1.002.63-1.00 94.05
07/07/2023Wexford 5.05Chrisco1.003.00-1.00 93.05
07/07/2023Haydock 7.15Beveragino1.003.25-1.00 92.05
07/07/2023Wexford 8.28Friends1.002.001.00 93.05
08/07/2023Beverley 2.15Expert Choice1.002.10-1.00 92.05
08/07/2023Haydock 2.40Mimikyu1.002.75-1.00 91.05
08/07/2023Naas 5.05Vernet1.002.00-1.00 90.05
09/07/2023Chelmsford 2.10Insanity1.002.63-1.00 89.05
09/07/2023Sligo 2.35Bukhill1.002.631.63 90.67
10/07/2023Roscommon 6.38Williamstown Dancer1.002.001.00 91.67
12/07/2023Kempton 6.30Works Of Art1.002.501.50 93.17
13/07/2023Downpatrick 3.15The Folkes Tiara1.002.381.38 94.55
13/07/2023Newbury 6.40Mapmaker1.002.101.10 95.65
15/07/2023Ascot 2.55Under The Sun1.002.88-1.00 94.65
15/07/2023Chester 4.27Holguin1.003.252.25 96.90
15/07/2023Salisbury 6.15Montauk Point1.002.381.38 98.27
16/07/2023Stratford 2.50Two Past Eight1.002.25-1.00 97.27
17/07/20235.20 KillarneyBremen1.002.251.25 98.52
17/07/20236.10 WindsorCrocus Time1.003.25-1.00 97.52
18/07/2023Killarney 5.45Most Wanted1.002.00-1.00 96.52
19/07/2023Catterick 3.22Willolaupi1.002.50-1.00 95.52
20/07/2023Killarney 5.00The Last Mardi1.002.201.20 96.72
21/07/2023Newbury 2.25Maximum Dividend1.002.10-1.00 95.72
21/07/2023Haydock 2.40Bint Havana Grey1.002.25-1.00 94.72
21/07/2023Newbury 3.00Warm Spell1.002.101.10 95.82
21/07/2023Newmarket 5.45Wild Goddess1.002.101.10 96.92
21/07/2023Pontefract 6.05Slevin1.004.00-1.00 95.92
21/07/2023Newmarket 6.55Elnajmm1.002.20-1.00 94.92
21/07/2023Hamilton 7.40Chesspiece1.002.001.00 95.92
22/07/2023Newbury 1.15Infinity Blue1.003.75-1.00 94.92
22/07/2023Ripon 3.20Unequal Love1.002.631.63 96.55
22/07/2023Newbury 3.35Relief Rally1.002.251.25 97.80
22/07/2023Market Rasen 4.25Sobegrand1.002.10-1.00 96.80
25/07/2023Ballinrobe 5.08Simpletwistofaith1.004.50-1.00 95.80
25/07/2023Wolves 6.00Bigger Than Giga1.003.502.50 98.30
25/07/2023Chelmsford 6.50Macanudo1.003.00-1.00 97.30
25/07/2023Chelmsford 8.20Alexandretta1.002.50-1.00 96.30
26/07/2023Naas 8.00Carrytheone1.002.88-1.00 95.30
26/07/20234.40 LingfieldTenhotfourcrazy1.002.251.25 96.55
27/07/2023Doncaster 3.40Musical Art1.002.75-1.00 95.55
27/07/2023Leopardstown 4.37Brilliant1.002.501.50 97.05
27/07/2023Leopardstown 6.22Zarinsk1.003.402.40 99.45
28/07/2023Thirsk 2.35Nighteyes1.002.00-1.00 98.45
28/07/2023Thirsk 4.20Labalaba1.002.25-1.00 97.45
28/07/2023Cork 6.32Vain Gloria1.002.101.10 98.55

Review Summary

Winning Favourites was a very simple horse racing tips service to follow, with an average of two bets per day to be backed as a one point win single bet.

Sadly we were unable to make an overall profit from the service in the three months that we tracked bets from them and we finished with a small loss of 1.45 points.

At Betfair SP we recorded 7.78 points profit, which was a nice plus point. If we had included "Best Odds Guaranteed" in our results, there would have been bonus profit that would have given us a profit over the three months.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets186186186
Total Stakes (pts)186.00186.00186.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-2.57-1.457.78
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£25.70)(£14.50)£77.80
Strike Rate41.4%41.4%41.4%
Overall Bank Growth-2.6%-1.5%7.8%
Bank (100pt starting)97.4498.55107.78

The service showed some promise during our review and if you have access to BOG it may be worth following. As we don't include it in our results and base our reviews only on the standard results, we gave the service a "Neutral" rating.

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