Lay-Z-Dogs Review: Introduction

Written by Laura Turner

Lay-Z-Dogs review

Lay-Z-Dogs is a greyhound laying system that shows you how to find and profit from dogs that lose in their races.

It comes in the form of a PDF, where everything is explained step-by-step, including each part of the selection process in detail and a simplified recap that you can easily refer back to later.

There is also a full walkthrough of the system near the end, so you can see a lay bet being picked out from start to finish.

The steps are easy to follow and once you have done it a couple of times it becomes second nature. There are a couple of external websites that you need to look at for certain stats, but they are free of charge.

The system had been tested by an independent reviewer before being released and they managed to double their £500 starting bank within a month.

  • Selections: 137
  • Strike rate: 88%
  • Longest losing run: 2
  • Longest winning run: 26
  • Profit to £10 stakes: £519.50
  • ROI: 38%

The stats certainly look impressive but we will be testing the system to see if we can get anywhere near those kind of results.

Our first thoughts are that it is really well put together and although there are a few stats to check, it is explained simply, so even if you have no prior knowledge of greyhound racing it should be easy enough to follow.

We will give it a try and update this post once we have some results.

Please note: This system is currently closed to new members to protect liquidity.

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    • Hi Karl, I don’t have enough results yet. I had been testing the system for a bit and then realised that I had been missing one of the criteria, so I had to ditch those results and start again. So far I have recorded 41 bets and lost 6.96 points.

    • Hi Rob, It’s not going very well. I have lost 20.54 points so far and since then have had to take a little break. It’s quite time consuming to do each morning and I have been running the Banker Bets Football Trading Clubs review at the same time, so it’s on hold for now.

      The system is closed to new members at the moment, so you won’t be able to find it. I will be picking it back up in a few weeks time to get the review finished, so perhaps check back in 1-2 months.

      • Hi Laura . I bought the Lay z dogs pdf 6 months ago ,mostly because I’m always interested in different laying strategies.I haven’t had time to start implementing it yet ,although l looked briefly. Have you had another look at it recently and if so how successful has it been. One thing I did find out was that many tracks didn’t meet the criteria and the greyhounds that fitted the bill tended to be highly priced around 8.0s and up on betfair which was a little concerning ,knowing the amount that win at around those odds . Obviously at those odds one winner can blow the profits . Any feedback gratefully received

        • Hi Danny, I didn’t have much success with it and as it was no longer available for purchase, I decided not to continue with the review. Another factor was that I found it very time consuming, as going through all the tracks each days could take more than 30 minutes and then placing bets/recording results on top of that.

          • Hello Laura . Thanks for getting back to me . It seemed like a non starter to me as well . Have you come across any decent greyhound laying strategies or for that matter horses . I’ve been at it a few years to varying degrees of success and failure and would be grateful if you have any advice from a fellow guitar player
            All the best

  • Hello Laura . Thanks for getting back to me . I’ll have a look into the strategy you advised . I’ve learnt a lot about the fibonacci sequence as regards stock trading ,so I’d be interested to see how it’s applied to lay betting and staking .
    All the best

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