The Form Guy Review: Form Based Horse Racing Tips

The Form Guy won two monthly tipping competitions, followed by the overall grand prize, before launching his betting service.

All tipsters have their own way of sourcing selections that they deem to be good value, with the main focus being to find bookmaker's odds that look to be higher than they should be.

Stevie Vee, who runs this horse racing tips service, says that in order to maximise betting profits you need to spend a lot of time researching the form of the horses.

His strategy is to find horses that have an advantage that most punters or even bookmakers haven't spotted. 

Stevie has been studying form for most of his adult life and has even been a bookmaker in the past. He says that he finds being a tipster is actually harder, but he finds it far more enjoyable and loves sharing his winning bets with his clients.

To date, the results for the service show 160.66 points profit since proofing started in October 2021.

The bets are a mixture of win and each-way and going by the past results, they are staked between 0.5 to 2 points each. 

They are sent out by email the evening before the racing and are also posted to a member's area of the website.

While Stevie says that maximum profit will be achieved by using "Best Odds Guaranteed" bookmakers, he says that strong profits can still be made without that concession, or alternatively at Betfair.

We don't include BOG in our results, so we recorded profit/loss at the advised and available odds and Betfair SP. 

Before you continue...

Our 'The Form Guy' review ended with a fail rating.

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Month One Update

It was a terrible start to our review of The Form Guy with 38.88 points lost in the first month, which was more than a third of our starting bank. It seemed like it would be quite a battle to recover what was lost, but we had our fingers crossed.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets686868
Total Stakes (pts)83.583.583.5
Profit/Loss (pts)-38.77-38.88-37.89
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£387.70)(£388.80)(£378.90)
Strike Rate19.1%19.1%19.1%
Overall Bank Growth-38.8%-38.9%-37.9%
Bank (100pt starting)61.2361.1262.11


DateRaceBetTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
21/04/20234.25 NewburyTafreej1.50NO3.25-1.5098.50
22/04/20232.00 ThirskSparkling Red 1.00YES17.00-1.0097.50
22/04/20232.35 ThirskLa Pulga1.00NO7.00-1.0096.50
22/04/20232.05 NewburyMagical Sunset1.00NO6.00-1.0095.50
22/04/20232.05 NewburyMagical Sunset x Remarquee RFC0.50NO0.00-0.5095.00
23/04/20233.15 StratfordThe Questioner1.50NO3.25-1.5093.50
25/04/20234.50 PunchestownBrazil2.00YES7.00-2.0091.50
25/04/20233.35 EpsomMadam Ambassador2.00YES9.00-2.0089.50
25/04/20233.50 YarmouthSassy belle1.00NO7.00-1.0088.50
26/04/20234.05 PerthNotnowlinda1.00NO5.00-1.0087.50
26/04/20231.50 CatterickSpanish Angel1.00YES9.000.3087.80
26/04/20233.25 CatterickClear white light1.00NO8.00-1.0086.80
27/04/20231.30 PerthPoetic music2.00NO2.382.7689.56
27/04/20232.00 PerthLoukarak1.00YES13.00-1.0088.56
27/04/20234.00 BeverleyHortazar 1.00NO5.00-1.0087.56
28/04/20231.30 PerthLetterstone Lady1.00NO5.50-1.0086.56
28/04/20232.05 PerthFairlawn Flyer 1.00YES17.00-1.0085.56
29/04/20232.50 SandMcfabulous 0.50NO11.00-0.5085.06
29/04/20234.35 SandSamarrive1.00NO5.50-1.0084.06
29/04/20233.45 HayMontassib1.50YES9.000.4584.51
30/04/20232.50 LongchampVadeni1.50NO2.75-1.5083.01
01/05/20233.35 CurraghQueen Aminatu1.50NO2.50-1.5081.51
01/05/20234.38 BeverleyMakalu1.00NO4.50-1.0080.51
03/05/20231.40 PontefractMuker1.00YES21.00-1.0079.51
03/05/20233.15 AscotTrueshan2.00NO2.25-2.0077.51
03/05/20233.50 AscotBradsell1.00NO4.20-1.0076.51
04/05/20231.30 AyrDark company1.00NO4.00-1.0075.51
04/05/20232.45 SalisburyMichaels choice1.00YES10.000.4075.91
05/05/20231.50 NewmarketNative trail2.00NO2.25-2.0073.91
05/05/20233.35 NewmarketHurricane lane1.50NO2.632.4476.35
05/05/2023Above double1.00NO5.76-1.0075.35
06/05/20232,000 GuineasLittle big bear1.00NO6.00-1.0074.35
06/05/20232.15 NewmarketAzure blue1.00NO6.004.5078.85
07/05/20231.15 NewmarketAdayar2.00NO2.202.4081.25
07/05/20231,000 GuineasTahiyra2.00NO2.75-2.0079.25
07/05/20231.50 NewmarketBerkshire Rocco1.00YES13.00-1.0078.25
08/05/20233.50 WorcesterEbony Gale1.00YES34.00-1.0077.25
10/05/20233.45 ChesterCalifornia Gem1.00YES8.50-1.0076.25
10/05/20232.05 ChesterSquealer1.00NO7.50-1.0075.25
10/05/20232.40 ChesterCite d’or1.00YES26.00-1.0074.25
11/05/20231.30 ChesterKings Lynn1.00NO5.00-1.0073.25
11/05/20232.40 ChesterLocal Dynasty1.00NO4.50-1.0072.25
11/05/20233.15 ChesterChangingoftheguard2.00NO3.00-2.0070.25
12/05/20232.05 ChesterSavvy victory1.00NO4.33-1.0069.25
12/05/20232.40 ChesterPoint Lonsdale2.00NO2.202.4071.65
12/05/20234.10 AscotBickerstaffe1.00YES10.00-1.0070.65
13/05/20231.30 Ascot Savvy knight1.50YES7.50-1.5069.15
13/05/20233.50 HayAngel Bleu2.00NO3.004.0073.15
14/05/20234.15 HamiltonMountain warrior1.00NO6.00-1.0072.15
14/05/20236.15 HamiltonRavenscraig castle1.00NO7.50-1.0071.15
14/05/2023Above double1.00YES0.001.3072.45
15/05/20234.20 CattLangholm1.50NO4.33-1.5070.95
15/05/20234.20 CattLangholm x mews house RFC0.50NO0.00-0.5070.45
16/05/20231.30 ChepstowCaribou1.00NO7.00-1.0069.45
16/05/20232.40 ChepstowBluebell time1.00YES10.00-1.0068.45
17/05/20233.00 YorkThe Astrologist1.50YES6.50-1.5066.95
17/05/20233.35 YorkNovakai1.50YES6.500.0867.02
17/05/20234.10 YorkChuzzlewit1.00NO7.50-1.0066.02
17/05/20235.15 YorkSplendent1.00YES11.000.5066.52
18/05/20232.25 YorkStay alert 1.00YES8.50-1.0065.52
18/05/20233.35 YorkPassenger1.00NO6.00-1.0064.52
18/05/20234.10 YorkRocket Rodney1.00NO5.00-1.0063.52
18/05/20237.30 Newmarket Liseo1.00NO6.00-1.0062.52
19/05/20233.00 YorkMasekela 1.50YES9.50-1.5061.02
19/05/20233.35 YorkSiskany1.00NO4.00-1.0060.02
19/05/20234.10 YorkKathab1.50NO3.25-1.5058.52
20/05/20234.10 NewburyBless him1.00YES12.00-1.0057.52
20/05/20233.50 NewmarketMontassib2.00NO2.803.6061.12

Month Two Update

It was another poor month for The Form Guy with 11.15 points lost at the available odds, which added to what we had already lost meant that our bank had decreased by 50% in two months.

Things were not looking good for the service, but we had another month left to see if they could turn it around.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets646464
Total Stakes (pts)84.584.584.5
Profit/Loss (pts)-10.9-11.15-17.08
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£109.00)(£111.50)(£170.80)
Strike Rate29.70%29.70%29.70%
Overall Bank Growth-49.70%-50.00%-55.00%
Bank (100pt starting)50.3449.9845.04


DateRaceBetTotal StakeEW?Available OddsAvailable P/LAvailable Bank
21/05/20233.45 NaasThe Antarctic1.50NO3.003.0064.12
22/05/20233.30 RedcarSenesi1.00NO4.003.0067.12
22/05/20231.35 RedcarKing Alexander / Hobbs Joy SFC0.50NO0.00-0.5066.62
23/05/20232.53 BrightonIsland native1.00YES17.001.1067.72
23/05/20234.53 BrightonMostawaa1.00NO3.752.7570.47
23/05/20237.00 AyrAbduction1.50NO5.00-1.5068.97
24/05/20232.35 YarmouthCavalluccio1.00NO5.50-1.0067.97
27/05/20233.40 / 3.50 CurraghRoyal Scotsman / Tahiyra Double1.50NO0.00-1.5066.47
25/05/20233.30 HayChasseral2.00NO3.50-2.0064.47
25/05/20238.12 / 8.42 SandownAssessment / Greek order1.00NO0.00-1.0063.47
26/05/20233.00 GoodVeil of shadows1.50NO3.25-1.5061.97
26/05/20232.05 HayMaghlaak2.00NO2.75-2.0059.97
27/05/20233.00 HayLittle big bear2.00NO2.753.1563.12
27/05/20232.25 HayCovey1.50NO4.004.5067.62
27/05/20233.30 HayDramatised1.50YES6.504.9572.57
28/05/20232.45 CurraghVadeni2.00NO2.10-2.0070.57
29/05/20231.30 WindsorAs if by chance1.00NO6.505.2375.80
29/05/20234.51 WindsorEnola grey1.00YES26.00-1.0074.80
30/05/20232.10 BrightonVandad1.00NO7.00-1.0073.80
30/05/20232.50 RedcarBook of tales1.00NO7.00-1.0072.80
31/05/20232.10 BeverleyVan Gerwen1.00NO7.00-1.0071.80
31/05/20234.40 BeverleyClotherholme1.00YES8.500.2572.05
31/05/20232.20 HamiltonAbate1.50NO3.503.7575.80
01/06/20233.30 YarmouthKing of the plains1.00NO4.00-1.0074.80
02/06/20233.10 EpsomWestover2.00NO3.00-2.0072.80
02/06/20234.30 EpsomSavethelastdance1.50NO2.25-1.5071.30
02/06/20235.45 EpsomUrban sprawl1.00NO5.50-1.0070.30
02/06/20232.00 EpsomThe Camden colt1.00NO6.00-1.0069.30
02/06/20233.45 EpsomMajestic1.00YES7.500.1569.45
03/06/20231.30 EpsomMilitary order1.50NO6.00-1.5067.95
03/06/20232.10 EpsomProsperous voyage1.50NO2.502.2570.20
03/06/20231.50 MusselburghAbduction2.00NO3.50-2.0068.20
04/06/20233.45 NottinghamPoint lynas1.00NO3.75-1.0067.20
04/06/20235.15 NottinghamHans solo Berger1.00NO4.00-1.0066.20
05/06/20232.30 / 3.00 Thirsk Je Ne Sais Quoi / Tyndrum1.50NO0.00-1.5064.70
07/06/20232.00 NewburyMapmaker1.50NO3.253.3868.08
07/06/20234.20 NewburyDiscretion1.00NO5.00-1.0067.08
08/06/20235.40 YarmouthEastern charm1.00NO2.63-1.0066.08
08/06/20233.35 HamiltonKhanjar1.50NO2.50-1.5064.58
08/06/2023Above double1.00NO0.00-1.0063.58
09/06/20234.40 ThirskStalingrad1.00NO5.50-1.0062.58
09/06/20237.20 HayAbsolutelyflawless1.00NO5.50-1.0061.58
10/06/20232.25 HayGlobal heat1.00YES17.00-1.0060.58
10/06/20233.00 HayTime lock2.00NO3.50-2.0058.58
11/06/20231.35 GoodChola empire1.00YES6.500.0558.63
11/06/20233.20 GoodHighly spirited1.00YES21.00-1.0057.63
11/06/20234.55 GoodEpsom faithful1.00YES17.001.1058.73
11/06/20234.05 PerthLandofsmiles1.50NO3.50-1.5057.23
12/06/20237.10 WindsorBedford flyer1.00NO6.00-1.0056.23
12/06/20239.00 Pontefract Hi Clare1.00NO4.003.0059.23
13/06/20232.10 Salisbury Jungle Mac1.00NO4.00-1.0058.23
15/06/20231.50 NewburyTele red1.00NO6.50-1.0057.23
15/06/20234.30 NewburyShobiz2.00NO2.10-2.0055.23
16/06/20238.20 GoodMan of Eden2.00NO2.75-2.0053.23
17/06/20232.10 ChesterCopper knight1.00NO5.00-1.0052.23
17/06/20233.25 SandClassic1.50NO4.50-1.5050.73
18/06/20233.05 ChantillyRunning lion1.00NO4.50-1.0049.73
20/06/20232.30 AscotModern games1.50NO3.00-1.5048.23
20/06/20233.05 AscotRiver Tiber1.50NO2.752.6350.85
20/06/20233.40 AscotDramatised2.00YESSP-2.0048.85
20/06/20234.20 AscotChaldean2.00NO3.25-2.0046.85
20/06/20235.00 AscotUrban artiste1.00YES26.00-1.0045.85
20/06/20235.35 AscotBolshoi ballet1.50YES8.500.3846.23
20/06/20236.10 AscotVauban2.00NO2.883.7549.98

Month Three Update

After two months of poor results from The Form Guy, the third month ended up being even worse. We lost a further 48.61 points, which meant that we were 1 point off busting our bank.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets868686
Total Stakes (pts)110.5110.5110.5
Profit/Loss (pts)-48.61-48.61-46.00
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£486.10)(£486.10)(£460.00)
Strike Rate19.8%19.8%18.6%
Overall Bank Growth-98.3%-98.6%-101.0%
Bank (100pt starting)1.731.37-0.97


DateRaceBetTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
21/06/20233.05 AscotCrystal caprice1.50YESSP-1.5048.48
21/06/20233.40 AscotProsperous voyage1.00NO4.00-1.0047.48
21/06/20234.20 AscotAdayar1.00NO4.00-1.0046.48
21/06/20235.00 AscotAtrium1.00YES21.00-1.0045.48
21/06/20235.35 AscotPeking opera1.50YES8.00-1.5043.98
21/06/20236.10 AscotJohannes Brahms1.50NO5.00-1.5042.48
22/06/20232.30 AscotMalc1.00YES23.001.7044.18
22/06/20233.05 AscotPerfuse1.00YES9.500.3544.53
22/06/20233.05 AscotBertinelli1.00NO7.00-1.0043.53
22/06/20233.05 AscotRFC0.25NO0.00-0.2543.28
22/06/20233.40 AscotMidnight mile 1.00YES21.00-1.0042.28
22/06/20234.20 AscotElder Eldarov1.50NO5.50-1.5040.78
22/06/20235.00 AscotFort vega1.00YES21.00-1.0039.78
22/06/20235.35 AscotEpictetus1.00NO6.00-1.0038.78
22/06/2023Epictetus x Drumroll RFC0.250.00-0.2538.53
22/06/20236.10 AscotTotally charming1.50YES15.00-1.5037.03
23/06/20232.30 AscotJabaara1.50YES7.50-1.5035.53
23/06/20233.05 AscotLittle big bear3.00NO2.10-3.0032.53
23/06/20233.40 AscotMoracana1.00YES26.002.0034.53
23/06/20235.00 AscotPolly putt 1.00YES51.00-1.0033.53
23/06/20235.35 AscotKing of steel3.00NO2.103.3036.83
23/06/20236.10 AscotRocket Rodney1.00YES26.00-1.0035.83
24/06/20232.40 AscotPearls & Rubies2.00NO3.25-2.0033.83
24/06/20233.05 AscotMysterious night1.00YESSP-1.0032.83
24/06/20233.40 AscotHighfield princess2.00YES6.500.1032.93
24/06/20235.00 AscotFirst folio1.00YESSP-1.0031.93
24/06/20235.00 AscotHurricane Ivor1.00YESSP-1.0030.93
24/06/20235.35 AscotCuban dawn1.00YES23.00-1.0029.93
24/06/20235.35 AscotLion of war0.50NO8.00-0.5029.43
24/06/20236.10 AscotDawn rising2.00NO3.755.5034.93
25/06/20234.15 PontefractProphet’s dream2.00YES6.50-2.0032.93
27/06/20234.00 BrightonTolstoy1.00YES10.000.4033.33
28/06/20234.28 WorcesterSolo Saxophone1.00YES11.00-1.0032.33
28/06/20233.40 SalisburySkysail1.50NO3.75-1.5030.83
29/06/20232.25 Nottingham / 4.20 NewmarketWinter crown / Urban sprawl1.50NO0.00-1.5029.33
30/06/20231.55 CartZamond1.00NO6.00-1.0028.33
30/06/20237.25 ChesterChasseral1.00NO5.00-1.0027.33
01/07/202312.20 NewcastleBatal Dubai1.00NO6.505.5032.83
01/07/202312.40 NewmarketStar of mystery1.50NO2.381.9634.79
01/07/20231.50 NewmarketBerkshire shadow1.00NO5.00-1.0033.79
01/07/20234.30 WindsorEducator1.50NO3.25-1.5032.29
02/07/20232.25 CurraghComanche falls2.00NO2.382.7535.04
02/07/20233.40 CurraghAuguste Rodin x proud and regal SFC0.50NO0.00-0.5034.54
02/07/20234.50 CurraghSheyya1.00YES23.00-1.0033.54
02/07/20234.10 WindsorRogue rocket 1.00YES17.00-1.0032.54
03/07/20232.40 PontefractDunnington lad1.00YES19.00-1.0031.54
04/07/20233.47 HamiltonRoaring legend2.00NO2.88-2.0029.54
05/07/20234.15 ThirskMubhijah2.00NO2.75-2.0027.54
06/07/20234.10 HaySignificantly1.50NO3.754.1331.66
07/07/20234.15 SandSaga1.50NO2.38-1.5030.16
07/07/20232.55 DoncasterPure Angel1.50NO2.38-1.5028.66
07/07/20234.05 DoncasterRocket Rodney1.00NO4.50-1.0027.66
08/07/20232.40 HayTime lock2.00YES9.00-2.0025.66
08/07/20234.02 BeverleyYoung and fun1.00NO4.50-1.0024.66
08/07/20231.50 SandMarshman1.00NO5.50-1.0023.66
09/07/20234.05 M/RRocambolas1.00NO3.75-1.0022.66
09/07/20234.50 AyrRedarna1.00YES8.50-1.0021.66
10/07/20235.20 ChepstowLunar space0.50YES26.001.0022.66
10/07/20236.15 RiponArizona desert1.00NO4.00-1.0021.66
12/07/20232.20 YarmouthCopper mountain1.00YES21.00-1.0020.66
12/07/20233.20 YarmouthCalcutta dream1.00NO6.50-1.0019.66
13/07/20231.50 Newmarket Tower of London2.00NO2.50-2.0017.66
13/07/20232.25 Newmarket Malc1.00NO5.00-1.0016.66
13/07/20237.50 NewburyTony Montana2.00NO1.83-2.0014.66
13/07/20238.50 NewburyMcCauley’s tavern2.00YES9.00-2.0012.66
14/07/20233.35 Newmarket Remarquee 1.00NO5.00-1.0011.66
14/07/20232.40 YorkSwingalong2.00NO2.883.7515.41
14/07/20234.35 AscotLion kingdom1.00NO5.50-1.0014.41
15/07/20234.35 NewmarketShaquille1.00NO4.003.0017.41
15/07/20232.20 Ascot Aldaary2.00NO3.25-2.0015.41
15/07/20233.10 YorkSpirit dancer1.50YESSP-1.5013.91
16/07/20234.50 PerthPetrastar1.50NO3.75-1.5012.41
17/07/20232.35 AyrU.S navy jack1.00YES20.00-1.0011.41
17/07/20233.10 AyrRory1.00NO6.00-1.0010.41
17/07/20233.45 AyrTinto1.50YES15.00-1.508.91
17/07/20234.20 AyrHonour and dreams1.00NO6.00-1.007.91
17/07/20234.55 AyrEy up its jazz1.50NO3.75-1.506.41
17/07/20235.30 AyrReal terms 1.00YES7.000.106.51
18/07/20233.45 BeverleyWades magic1.00YES10.000.406.91
18/07/20234.20 BeverleyJames Watt1.00YES8.50-1.005.91
19/07/20235.35 YarmouthDark kestrel1.50YES7.00-1.504.41
19/07/20232.52 CatterickLa Forza1.00NOSP-1.003.41
20/07/20232.20 HamiltonSayida kingman1.50NO3.75-1.501.91
20/07/20233.55 HamiltonBotanical2.00NO1.731.463.37
20/07/20234.55 HamiltonSmart lass1.00YES19.00-1.002.37
20/07/20233.25 HamiltonDetective1.00NO6.50-1.001.37

Review Summary

The results that we recorded went from bad to worse during our review of The Form Guy and we were on the brink of losing our entire betting bank. We had lost 98.63 points in just three months following the service.

At BSP it wasn't any better, with the bank already bust and 100.97 points lost.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets218218218
Total Stakes (pts)278.5278.5278.5
Profit/Loss (pts)-98.27-98.63-100.97
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£982.70)(£986.30)(£1,009.70)
Strike Rate22.5%22.5%20.6%
Overall Bank Growth-98.3%-98.6%-101.0%
Bank (100pt starting)1.731.37-0.97

It's a clear fail for this service, with some of the poorest results that we have seen from a horse racing tipster in such a short spell. We will move on swiftly from this in hope to find some better tips services around.

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Geegeez Gold Review

Geegeez Gold Review: Racecard and Horse Racing Form Tools

Matt Bisogno and his team believe that horse racing punters deserve so much more. Introducing Geegeez Gold, a revolutionary collection of racecard and form tools.

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Outplayed Review

Outplayed Review: UK’s Biggest Matched Betting Site

We proved that matched betting is still alive and well in 2022 with £1,743.62 profit banked from our Outplayed review. See our full results here.

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NS Bets Review

NS Bets Review: Data Driven Betting Strategies and Tips

We achieved a 29.5% bank growth in our NS Bets review, a tipping service offering “Data Driven” betting tips and strategies for a range of sports including football, horse racing and golf.

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