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World Soccer Pro Review

World Soccer Pro Update Four

15th December 2017

We're back with the latest results to our World Soccer Pro review and it's been very similar to last month with a small loss of 3.4 points at the available odds. Had we have been able to get the same odds that were quoted in the emails we would have made a profit in 3 out of 4 months now, but instead we have only experienced one profitable month.

The results to level 1 point stakes show that we are just about breaking even with a small loss of 0.77 points.

Key Stats - Update Four
 Advised OddsAvailable OddsLevel Stakes
Number of Bets686868
Total Stakes (pts)340.00340.0068.00
Profit/Loss (pts)2.20-3.40-0.68
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£22.00-£34.00-£6.80
Average Odds2.582.552.55
Strike Rate41.2%41.2%41.2%
Bank (250pt starting)273.23244.95249.23
Bank Growth/Decline9.3%-2.0%-0.3%

Results - Update Four
DateFixtureBetStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
17/11/2017De Graafschap v NEC NijmegenDe Graafschap5.002.30-5.00243.35
17/11/2017Preston v BoltonPreston5.002.05-5.00238.35
17/11/2017De Graafschap v NEC NijmegenOver 1.5 Goals FH5.002.557.75246.10
18/11/2017Puebla v Lobos BUAPPuebla5.002.30-5.00241.10
18/11/2017Tosu v FC TokyoFC Tokyo5.003.00-5.00236.10
18/11/2017Arsenal v TottenhamBTTS No5.002.809.00245.10
18/11/2017Arsenal v TottenhamUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.407.00252.10
18/11/2017Leverkusen v RB LeipzigLeverkusen5.002.40-5.00247.10
18/11/2017Cardiff v BrentfordCardiff5.002.206.00253.10
18/11/2017QPR v Aston VillaQPR5.002.70-5.00248.10
18/11/2017C Palace v EvertonC Palace5.002.44-5.00243.10
18/11/2017Guingamp v AngersGuingamp5.002.38-5.00238.10
18/11/2017West Brom v ChelseaBTTS Yes5.002.20-5.00233.10
18/11/2017Northampton v ScunthorpeOver 2.5 Goals5.002.206.00239.10
18/11/2017West Brom v ChelseaOver 2.5 Goals5.002.105.50244.60
18/11/2017Mattersburg v SCR AltachOver 2.5 Goals5.002.10-5.00239.60
18/11/2017Atletico Huila v TigresOver 2.5 Goals5.002.30-5.00234.60
18/11/2017Hull v IpswichOver 3.5 Goals5.003.0010.00244.60
18/11/2017C Palace v EvertonBTTS No5.002.00-5.00239.60
18/11/2017Leverkusen v RB LeipzigUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.70-5.00234.60
18/11/2017KV Kortrijk v Sint TruidenUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.12-5.00229.60
18/11/2017Napoli v AC MilanUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.60-5.00224.60
19/11/2017Zulte-Waregem v GenkZulte-Waregem5.002.76-5.00219.60
19/11/2017Udinese v CagliariUdinese5.002.02-5.00214.60
19/11/2017Werder Bremen v HannoverWerder Bremen5.002.296.45221.05
19/11/2017Caen v NiceOver 2.5 Goals5.002.30-5.00216.05
19/11/2017Dinamo Bucharest v CFR ClujBTTS Yes5.002.05-5.00211.05
21/11/2017Accrington v WycombeAccrington5.002.608.00219.05
21/11/2017Peterborough v PortsmouthPeterborough5.002.557.75226.80
21/11/2017Nottm Forest v NorwichNorwich5.003.00-5.00221.80
21/11/2017Chesterfield v Forest GreenOver 2.5 Goals5.002.005.00226.80
24/11/2017Nimes v Bourg-PeronnasUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.58-5.00221.80
25/11/2017Swansea v BournemouthOver 2.5 Goals5.002.30-5.00216.80
25/11/2017ESTAC Troyes v AngersOver 2.5 Goals5.002.246.20223.00
25/11/2017Hull v Bristol CityOver 3.5 Goals5.003.1010.50233.50
25/11/2017Swansea v BournemouthOver 3.5 Goals5.004.50-5.00228.50
25/11/2017ESTAC Troyes v AngersOver 3.5 Goals5.004.30-5.00223.50
25/11/2017Dortmund v SchalkeUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.50-5.00218.50
25/11/2017Liverpool v ChelseaUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.326.60225.10
25/11/2017Dover v AFC FyldeOver 1.5 Goals FH5.002.88-5.00220.10
26/11/2017Deportivo v Athletic BilbaoBTTS No5.002.10-5.00215.10
26/11/2017Villarreal v SevillaBTTS No5.002.35-5.00210.10
26/11/2017Genoa v RomaBTTS No5.002.20-5.00205.10
26/11/2017FC Koln v Hertha BerlinBTTS No5.001.954.75209.85
27/11/2017Emmen v MVV MaastrichtUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.30-5.00204.85
28/11/2017Bromley v AldershotBromley5.002.99-5.00199.85
29/11/2017Angers v RennesBTTS Yes5.002.005.00204.85
29/11/2017Toulouse v NiceBTTS Yes5.002.005.00209.85
04/12/2017Birmingham v WolvesOver 2.5 Goals5.002.20-5.00204.85
04/12/2017Jong PSV v Fortuna SittardUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.60-5.00199.85
08/12/2017Cesena v PescaraCesena5.002.356.75206.60
08/12/2017Tours v NancyOver 2.5 Goals5.002.206.00212.60
08/12/2017Tours v NancyOver 3.5 Goals5.004.20-5.00207.60
09/12/2017Barnsley v DerbyDerby5.002.326.60214.20
09/12/2017Burton v PrestonPreston5.002.005.00219.20
09/12/2017Hull v BrentfordBrentford5.002.44-5.00214.20
09/12/2017QPR v LeedsLeeds5.002.628.10222.30
09/12/2017Burton v PrestonOver 2.5 Goals5.002.145.70228.00
09/12/2017Middlesbrough v IpswichOver 2.5 Goals5.002.12-5.00223.00
09/12/2017QPR v LeedsOver 2.5 Goals5.002.005.00228.00
09/12/2017C Palace v BournemouthOver 2.5 Goals5.002.065.30233.30
09/12/2017Newcastle v LeicesterOver 2.5 Goals5.002.085.40238.70
09/12/2017Angers v MontpellierOver 2.5 Goals5.002.72-5.00233.70
09/12/2017Burton v PrestonOver 3.5 Goals5.004.20-5.00228.70
09/12/2017Middlesbrough v IpswichOver 3.5 Goals5.003.90-5.00223.70
09/12/2017QPR v LeedsOver 3.5 Goals5.003.5012.50236.20
09/12/2017C Palace v BournemouthOver 3.5 Goals5.003.7513.75249.95
11/12/2017Reading v CardiffReading5.002.88-5.00244.95

We were tempted to wrap this review up here and now as it's been quite a disappointment, but as we did say last month that we were going to continue for another 2-3 months, we will stand by that. 

We'll report back soon with our next set of results.

World Soccer Pro Update Three

14th November 2017

In month three of our World Soccer Pro review we lost 4.2 points at the available odds, which makes it an overall loss of 1.65 points using the advised stakes and a loss of 0.1 points using 1 point level stakes.

It's been a slow start to the season for the service but it has managed to stay afloat so far. We are going to continue following for another 2-3 months to see how things go from here.

Key Stats - Update Three
 Advised OddsAvailable OddsLevel Stakes
Number of Bets898989
Total Stakes (pts)445.00445.0089.00
Profit/Loss (pts)3.60-4.20-0.84
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£36.00-£42.00-£8.40
Average Odds2.422.382.38
Strike Rate42.7%42.7%42.7%
Bank (250pt starting)271.03248.35249.91
Bank Growth/Decline8.4%-0.7%0.0%

Results - Update Three
DateFixtureBetStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
13/10/2017Liefering vs HartbergLiefering5.002.256.25258.80
13/10/2017UTC Cajamarca v MelgarUTC Cajamarca5.001.95-5.00253.80
13/10/2017Emmen v Jong PSVBTTS No5.002.30-5.00248.80
14/10/2017Arminia Bielefeld v Fortuna DusseldorfArminia Bielefeld5.002.62-5.00243.80
14/10/2017Hannover v Eintracht FrankfurtHannover5.002.60-5.00238.80
14/10/2017Hannover v Eintracht FrankfurtBTTS Yes5.002.005.00243.80
14/10/2017LASK Linz v Red Bull SalzburgLASK Linz5.005.20-5.00238.80
14/10/2017SCR Altach v Admira WackerSCR Altach5.002.00-5.00233.80
14/10/2017Walsall v BlackpoolWalsall5.002.60-5.00228.80
14/10/2017Mansfield v SwindonMansfield5.002.00-5.00223.80
14/10/2017Accrington v CoventryOver 2.5 Goals5.002.30-5.00218.80
14/10/2017C Palace v ChelseaBTTS Yes5.002.005.00223.80
14/10/2017Figueirense v Santa Cruz PEOver 2.5 Goals5.002.386.90230.70
14/10/2017Gaz Metan Medias v Viitorul ConstantaBTTS Yes5.002.00-5.00225.70
14/10/2017Zlin v Vysocina JihlavaBTTS Yes5.002.005.00230.70
14/10/2017Konyaspor v GalatasarayUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.105.50236.20
15/10/2017Kasimpasa v SivassporKasimpasa5.002.36-5.00231.20
15/10/2017Molde v BrannMolde5.002.065.30236.50
15/10/2017Fluminense v AvaiBTTS Yes5.002.22-5.00231.50
15/10/2017Fluminense v AvaiOver 2.5 Goals5.002.26-5.00226.50
15/10/2017Montpellier v NiceOver 2.5 Goals5.002.36-5.00221.50
15/10/2017Montpellier v NiceBTTS No5.002.005.00226.50
17/10/2017Southend v PeterboroughUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.386.90233.40
17/10/2017Blackburn v PlymouthBTTS No5.001.95-5.00228.40
17/10/2017Crewe v Notts CoOver 2.5 Goals5.002.18-5.00223.40
17/10/2017Exeter v LutonUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.00-5.00218.40
17/10/2017Exeter v LutonBTTS No5.002.30-5.00213.40
17/10/2017Stevenage v AccringtonBTTS No5.002.20-5.00208.40
20/10/2017Zaglebie Lubin v Piast GliwiceBTTS Yes5.002.005.00213.40
21/10/2017Gillingham v NorthamptonGillingham5.002.40-5.00208.40
21/10/2017Oleksandria v Veres RivneOleksandria5.002.05-5.00203.40
21/10/2017Valencia v SevillaValencia5.002.155.75209.15
21/10/2017Eupen v KV MechelenKV Mechelen5.002.90-5.00204.15
21/10/2017Eupen v KV MechelenOver 3.5 Goals5.002.628.10212.25
21/10/2017Angers v ToulouseBTTS Yes5.002.08-5.00207.25
21/10/2017Bromley v WokingOver 1.5 Goals FH5.002.628.10215.35
21/10/2017Dover v MaidenheadOver 1.5 Goals FH5.002.75-5.00210.35
21/10/2017Derby v Sheff WedBTTS No5.002.005.00215.35
22/10/2017FC Koln v Werder BremenFC Koln5.002.45-5.00210.35
22/10/2017Vejle v ViborgVejle5.002.306.50216.85
22/10/2017Kayserispor v KonyasporKayserispor5.002.105.50222.35
22/10/2017Sogndal v SarpsborgOver 2.5 Goals5.002.005.00227.35
22/10/2017Feyenoord v AjaxUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.30-5.00222.35
22/10/2017Tottenham v LiverpoolUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.14-5.00217.35
23/10/2017Moreirense v BragaBTTS Yes5.002.00-5.00212.35
24/10/2017FC Halifax Town v Maidstone UtdOver 2.5 Goals5.002.00-5.00207.35
24/10/2017Chester v BarrowOver 2.5 Goals5.002.105.50212.85
25/10/2017Genk v Club BruggeGenk5.002.437.15220.00
27/10/2017Go Ahead Eagles v Jong AZGo Ahead Eagles5.001.984.90224.90
27/10/2017Leeds v Sheff UtdLeeds5.002.38-5.00219.90
28/10/2017Hoffenheim v MgladbachHoffenheim5.002.20-5.00214.90
28/10/2017Torquay v HartlepoolTorquay5.002.35-5.00209.90
28/10/2017AC Milan v JuventusAC Milan5.004.40-5.00204.90
28/10/2017Arsenal v SwanseaBTTS Yes5.002.005.00209.90
28/10/2017Lugo v GimnasticBTTS Yes5.002.10-5.00204.90
28/10/2017Macclesfield v EastleighOver 2.5 Goals5.002.065.30210.20
28/10/2017C Palace v West HamOver 2.5 Goals5.002.206.00216.20
28/10/2017Internacional v CearaOver 2.5 Goals5.002.25-5.00211.20
28/10/2017C Palace v West HamOver 3.5 Goals5.004.0015.00226.20
28/10/2017Burton v IpswichOver 3.5 Goals5.004.00-5.00221.20
28/10/2017Burton v IpswichBTTS No5.002.03-5.00216.20
29/10/2017Kofu v KobeKobe5.003.0010.00226.20
29/10/2017Duisburg v Union BerlinUnion Berlin5.002.40-5.00221.20
29/10/2017Vitesse v PSVUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.40-5.00216.20
29/10/2017Valerenga v MoldeMolde5.002.899.45225.65
29/10/2017Pacos Ferreira v Estoril PraiaBTTS Yes5.001.95-5.00220.65
30/10/2017Brondby v RandersUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.50-5.00215.65
31/10/2017Leeds v DerbyLeeds5.002.50-5.00210.65
31/10/2017QPR v Sheff UtdQPR5.002.809.00219.65
31/10/2017Leeds v DerbyBTTS No5.002.00-5.00214.65
03/11/2017Almere City v Jong AZ AlkmaarAlmere City5.002.256.25220.90
03/11/2017Pescara v PalermoPescara5.002.31-5.00215.90
03/11/2017Dordrecht v Den BoschDen Bosch5.002.809.00224.90
03/11/2017Rennes v BordeauxBTTS Yes5.002.00-5.00219.90
03/11/2017Sparta Rotterdam v HeerenveenOver 3.5 Goals5.002.85-5.00214.90
03/11/2017Wolves v FulhamUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.206.00220.90
03/11/2017Tours v Bourg-PeronnasBTTS No5.002.15-5.00215.90
04/11/2017Tondela v BoavistaOver 2.5 Goals5.002.638.15224.05
04/11/2017Tondela v BoavistaBTTS Yes5.002.155.75229.80
04/11/2017Gaz Metan Medias v Dinamo BucharestBTTS Yes5.002.10-5.00224.80
04/11/2017Bolton v NorwichOver 3.5 Goals5.003.50-5.00219.80
04/11/2017Excelsior v Roda JCUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.185.90225.70
04/11/2017Excelsior v Roda JCBTTS No5.002.236.15231.85
05/11/2017Levante v GironaLevante5.002.45-5.00226.85
05/11/2017HB Koge v Fremad AmagerHB Koge5.002.105.50232.35
05/11/2017Nice v DijonNice5.002.005.00237.35
05/11/2017Anderlecht v Club BruggeUnder 2.5 Goals5.003.0010.00247.35
05/11/2017Anderlecht v Club BruggeBTTS No5.002.206.00253.35
05/11/2017Guimaraes v BenficaBTTS No5.002.04-5.00248.35

We'll be back in a month's time with our next update.

World Soccer Pro Update Two

13th October 2017

After a shaky start to our review of World Soccer Pro, tipster Brett is back on track with a profit of 24.45 points this month at the available odds and advised stakes. This puts us at a small profit of 2.55 points overall.

We've also been recording results to level 1 point stakes which shows a total profit of 0.75 points, so there's not a huge difference between the two so far.

We have been struggling to get the same odds that are quoted in the emails at times and you can see below how the gap is starting to open up. The difference in profit between the advised odds and what we were able to achieve is now a total of 14.88 points, so in the long term it's likely that we would be making considerably less profit than the official results.

Key Stats - Update Two
 Advised OddsAvailable OddsLevel Stakes
Number of Bets757575
Total Stakes (pts)370.00370.0075.00
Profit/Loss (pts)35.2524.454.49
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£352.50£244.50£44.90
Average Odds2.572.502.50
Strike Rate44.0%44.0%44.0%
Bank (250pt starting)267.43252.55250.75
Bank Growth/Decline7.0%1.0%0.3%

Results - Update Two
DateFixtureBetStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
12/09/2017QPR v MillwallQPR5.002.38-5.00223.10
12/09/2017Notts Co v SwindonNotts Co5.002.155.75228.85
13/09/2017Comerciantes Unidos v Sport RosarioBTTS Yes5.002.20-5.00223.85
14/09/2017Vikingur Reykjavik v HafnarfjordurHafnarfjordur5.002.195.95229.80
16/09/2017Omiya v G-OsakaBTTS No5.002.20-5.00224.80
16/09/2017Bradford v RotherhamBradford5.002.256.25231.05
16/09/2017Stabaek v StromsgodsetStabaek5.002.55-5.00226.05
16/09/2017Lokeren v AntwerpLokeren5.002.25-5.00221.05
16/09/2017Millwall v LeedsOver 2.5 Goals5.002.23-5.00216.05
16/09/2017Cambridge Utd v CoventryOver 2.5 Goals5.002.356.75222.80
17/09/2017Iwata v UrawaIwata5.003.20-5.00217.80
17/09/2017Chievo v AtalantaChievo5.003.20-5.00212.80
17/09/2017Genoa v LazioGenoa5.004.00-5.00207.80
17/09/2017Doncaster v ScunthorpeOver 2.5 Goals5.002.10-5.00202.80
17/09/2017Rosenborg v ValerengaUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.40-5.00197.80
17/09/2017Viking v MoldeBTTS No5.002.40-5.00192.80
19/09/2017Norrkoping v HackenNorrkoping5.002.507.50200.30
20/09/2017Ostersunds FK v Malmo FFMalmo FF5.002.75-5.00195.30
20/09/2017Halmstads v Kalmar FFOver 2.5 Goals5.002.11-5.00190.30
20/09/2017Braunschweig v Greuther FurthOver 2.5 Goals5.002.105.50195.80
21/09/2017Sundsvall v AIKOver 2.5 Goals3.002.05-3.00192.80
21/09/2017Sundsvall v AIKBTTS Yes3.002.05-3.00189.80
22/09/2017Erzgebirge v SV SandhausenErzgebirge5.002.678.35198.15
22/09/2017Duisburg v Holstein KielDuisburg5.002.89-5.00193.15
22/09/2017Galway Utd v Sligo RoversOver 2.5 Goals5.002.115.55198.70
22/09/2017Wacker Innsbruck vs HartbergWacker Innsbruck5.002.22-5.00193.70
23/09/2017Shimizu v HiroshimaOver 3.5 Goals5.003.2511.25204.95
23/09/2017Kofu v Yokohama FMYokohama FM5.002.15-5.00199.95
23/09/2017Kyoto v ShonanOver 2.5 Goals5.002.20-5.00194.95
23/09/2017St Pauli v Fortuna DusseldorfSt Pauli5.002.40-5.00189.95
23/09/2017Hoffenheim v SchalkeHoffenheim5.002.175.85195.80
23/09/2017Coventry v ExeterOver 2.5 Goals5.002.00-5.00190.80
23/09/2017Sutton Utd v BarrowOver 2.5 Goals5.002.055.25196.05
23/09/2017Solihull Moors v Dag and RedOver 1.5 Goals FH5.002.708.50204.55
23/09/2017Rochdale v GillinghamOver 1.5 Goals FH5.002.708.50213.05
24/09/2017Hacken v AIKOver 2.5 Goals5.002.005.00218.05
24/09/2017Chapecoense v Ponte PretaOver 2.5 Goals5.002.38-5.00213.05
24/09/2017Sheff Wed v Sheff UtdSheff Wed5.002.10-5.00208.05
24/09/2017Kalmar FF v Ostersunds FKKalmar FF5.003.1010.50218.55
24/09/2017Stjarnan v ValurStjarnan5.002.30-5.00213.55
24/09/2017Lugano v Grasshoppers ZurichLugano5.002.17-5.00208.55
24/09/2017Fluminense v PalmeirasFluminense5.003.22-5.00203.55
24/09/2017Lugano v Grasshoppers ZurichOver 1.5 Goals FH5.002.63-5.00198.55
24/09/2017Chapecoense v Ponte PretaOver 3.5 Goals5.004.50-5.00193.55
24/09/2017Tondela v BragaNo5.001.95-5.00188.55
26/09/2017Ipswich v SunderlandIpswich5.002.507.50196.05
26/09/2017Bury v Oxford UtdOver 2.5 Goals5.002.005.00201.05
26/09/2017Lincoln v BarnetOver 2.5 Goals5.002.035.15206.20
27/09/2017Sheff Utd v WolvesOver 2.5 Goals5.002.21-5.00201.20
28/09/2017Houston Dynamo v LA GalaxyBTTS No5.002.39-5.00196.20
29/09/2017Paris FC v NimesOver 2.5 Goals5.002.236.15202.35
30/09/2017St Polten v Sturm GrazSt Polten5.003.90-5.00197.35
30/09/2017Admira Wacker v LASK LinzAdmira Wacker5.002.557.75205.10
30/09/2017Mattersburg v Rapid ViennaMattersburg5.004.05-5.00200.10
30/09/2017Bradford v DoncasterBradford5.002.165.80205.90
30/09/2017Stevenage v Port ValeStevenage5.002.105.50211.40
30/09/2017Stoke v SouthamptonStoke5.003.0010.00221.40
30/09/2017Mansfield v Notts CoOver 2.5 Goals5.002.206.00227.40
30/09/2017Burton v WolvesOver 2.5 Goals5.002.165.80233.20
30/09/2017Reading v NorwichOver 2.5 Goals5.002.005.00238.20
30/09/2017Burton v WolvesOver 3.5 Goals5.004.1015.50253.70
30/09/2017Hamburg v Werder BremenOver 3.5 Goals5.003.25-5.00248.70
30/09/2017KV Kortrijk v OostendeOver 3.5 Goals5.002.70-5.00243.70
30/09/2017Eupen v GenkBTTS No5.002.25-5.00238.70
30/09/2017Dinamo Bucharest v Astra GiurgiuBTTS Yes5.002.005.00243.70
01/10/2017Hammarby v NorrkopingNorrkoping4.003.008.00251.70
01/10/2017Philadelphia v SeattleSeattle5.002.88-5.00246.70
01/10/2017Sogndal v MoldeBTTS No5.002.22-5.00241.70
01/10/2017AIK v ElfsborgUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.60-5.00236.70
01/10/2017Hammarby v NorrkopingUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.386.90243.60
03/10/2017Hartlepool v BarrowOver 2.5 Goals5.002.20-5.00238.60
07/10/2017Cheltenham v SwindonCheltenham5.002.206.00244.60
07/10/2017Sutton Utd v AFC FyldeOver 1.5 Goals FH5.002.547.70252.30
08/10/2017Albacete v Lorca FCAlbacete5.002.055.25257.55
08/10/2017Gillingham v PortsmouthOver 2.5 Goals5.002.05-5.00252.55

We'll be back in a month's time with our next set of results.

World Soccer Pro Update One

14th September 2017

The first month of our review of World Soccer Pro started well with profits steadily building up to over 40 points. Unfortunately, the service had a bad time heading towards the end of the month, losing 20 out of 25 bets. This wiped out all of the profit and we have ended up with a loss of 21.9 points at an ROI of -9.5% at the available odds.

Stakes have been advised at either 3 or 5 points each, but we have also been recording results at level 1 point stakes which has shown a loss of 3.74 points.

We haven't always been able to get the advised odds and this has resulted in us losing just over 4 points extra in comparison.

Key Stats - Update One
 Advised OddsAvailable OddsLevel Stakes
Number of Bets515151
Total Stakes (pts)231.00231.0051.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-17.82-21.90-3.74
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£178.20-£219.00-£37.40
Average Odds2.482.432.43
Strike Rate39.2%39.2%39.2%
Bank (250pt starting)232.18228.10246.26
Bank Growth/Decline-7.1%-8.8%-1.5%

Results - Update One
DateFixtureBetStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
12/08/2017Molde v RosenborgUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.30-5.00245.00
12/08/2017Vitoria BA v AvaiBTTS Yes5.002.16-5.00240.00
13/08/2017LA Galaxy v New York CityNew York City5.002.768.80248.80
13/08/2017Hammarby v Ostersunds FKHammarby5.002.72-5.00243.80
13/08/2017Sao Paulo v CruzeiroBTTS Yes5.002.206.00249.80
13/08/2017Brann v Odds BKOver 2.5 Goals5.002.10-5.00244.80
13/08/2017Clan Juvenil v BarcelonaOver 2.5 Goals5.002.12-5.00239.80
16/08/2017Mito v KyotoKyoto5.002.55-5.00234.80
18/08/2017Once Caldas v TolimaOver 2.5 Goals5.002.386.90241.70
18/08/2017Galway Utd v Shamrock RoversShamrock Rovers5.002.005.00246.70
19/08/2017Criciuma v OesteBTTS Yes5.002.105.50252.20
19/08/2017Niigata v SendaiOver 2.5 Goals5.002.105.50257.70
19/08/2017G-Osaka v KashiwaG-Osaka5.002.75-5.00252.70
19/08/2017AFC Utd v Malmo FFBTTS Yes5.001.954.75257.45
19/08/2017Corinthians v Vitoria BABTTS Yes5.002.10-5.00252.45
19/08/2017Lillestrom v ValerengaBTTS No5.002.38-5.00247.45
20/08/2017Stabaek v MoldeStabaek3.002.805.40252.85
20/08/2017Stabaek v MoldeUnder 2.5 Goals3.002.40-3.00249.85
20/08/2017Avai v Sao PauloBTTS Yes5.002.206.00255.85
20/08/2017Universitario v Union ComercioBTTS Yes5.002.125.60261.45
21/08/2017Sundsvall v Kalmar FFOver 2.5 Goals3.002.153.45264.90
21/08/2017Sundsvall v Kalmar FFOver 3.5 Goals3.004.109.30274.20
21/08/2017Orebro v HammarbyOrebro3.002.32-3.00271.20
21/08/2017Orebro v HammarbyUnder 2.5 Goals3.002.404.20275.40
22/08/2017Brasil de Pelotas v GoiasOver 2.5 Goals5.002.306.50281.90
23/08/2017Chapecoense v CorinthiansCorinthians5.002.658.25290.15
24/08/2017Toronto FC v PhiladelphiaUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.60-5.00285.15
26/08/2017Fluminense v Vasco da GamaBTTS Yes5.002.00-5.00280.15
26/08/2017Vila Nova v ABCOver 2.5 Goals5.002.20-5.00275.15
27/08/2017Orlando City v Vancouver WhitecapsOver 3.5 Goals5.002.88-5.00270.15
27/08/2017Kofu v KawasakiOver 2.5 Goals5.002.266.30276.45
27/08/2017Flamengo v Atletico PROver 2.5 Goals3.002.13-3.00273.45
27/08/2017Avai v ChapecoenseOver 2.5 Goals3.002.65-3.00270.45
27/08/2017Flamengo v Atletico PRBTTS Yes3.002.12-3.00267.45
27/08/2017Avai v ChapecoenseBTTS Yes3.002.15-3.00264.45
27/08/2017Santa Fe v MillonariosBTTS Yes5.002.30-5.00259.45
27/08/2017Sundsvall v OrebroOver 3.5 Goals5.003.15-5.00254.45
27/08/2017Montreal Impact v Toronto FCMontreal Impact5.002.90-5.00249.45
28/08/2017GAIS v DegerforsGAIS5.002.407.00256.45
04/09/2017Atvidabergs v VarnamoAtvidabergs5.003.00-5.00251.45
08/09/2017Leganes v GetafeLeganes5.002.10-5.00246.45
09/09/2017Niigata v HiroshimaBTTS No3.002.153.45249.90
09/09/2017Niigata v HiroshimaOver 2.5 Goals3.001.93-3.00246.90
09/09/2017Urawa v KashiwaUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.30-5.00241.90
09/09/2017Everton v TottenhamEverton5.004.30-5.00236.90
09/09/2017Atletico MG v PalmeirasAtletico MG5.002.12-5.00231.90
09/09/2017Sao Paulo v Ponte PretaOver 2.5 Goals5.002.165.80237.70
09/09/2017Londrina v CearaBTTS Yes5.002.085.40243.10
10/09/2017General Diaz v Nacional (Par)Nacional (Par)5.002.88-5.00238.10
10/09/2017Hammarby v AIKAIK5.002.60-5.00233.10
11/09/2017Lahti v KuPSOver 2.5 Goals5.002.23-5.00228.10

We will be back in a month's time with our next update.

World Soccer Pro Introduction

15th August 2017

World Soccer Pro is a football tips service run by business analyst Brett Silver on the Bet Kudos site that focuses on betting on worldwide football leagues, excluding internationals or cup games.

The service has been running since February 2016 and has reported a profit of 343.68 points to date, which works out at an average of around 18 points profit per month. Looking at the results for 2017 alone we can see that he has racked up a profit of 158.13 points​, but unfortunately we cannot see any other stats such as strike rate or ROI.

The service covers a range of markets but the majority of bets are either both teams to score, over/under goals or match odds.

Brett claims that he never bets on odds on selections and specialises in betting at odds up to 5/1. This means that there will be more ups and downs from variance in comparison to most football tips services.

His aim is to make long term, consistent profits rather and he states that it is not a get rick quick scheme and patience is needed.

Membership to the service is available only in three month or six month subscriptions, priced at £39 and £59 (+ VAT) respectively. We think this is quite a good idea as in our opinion a service should be given at least three months before making any kind of judgement, but it would be useful to have some sort of initial trial period.

A 250 point starting bank is recommended and stakes are advised at 5 points per bet. This is a common staking plan used by Betfan/Bet Kudos tipsters, which we are not overly keen on as it can make results look better than they actually are. It is basically a 50 point bank with 1 point staked per bet.

We will record results for both the advised stakes and level 1 point stakes.

With this aside, the reported results so far show good promise and we're looking forward to seeing how the review goes. We will be following the tips over the next three months and will report back each month with an update of our results.

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