Bonz Bets Review: Month One Update

Bonz Bets claim to have achieved a staggering amount of profit from their in-play football betting tips, with 522.41 points profit at an impressive ROI of 10.2%.

Bonz mainly targets lower league football, including youth and women's leagues, as many of these games slip under the bookmaker's radars. They tend not to focus on them as much and this is when profitable opportunities can arise.

His historical results show that there is plenty of value available and he has been consistently successful in finding it.

The only caveat is that you need a Bet365 account to be able to follow the service. It's possible that some of the bets might be available elsewhere, but the service is designed to be used with this particular bookmaker.

The service is part of the Wadster Bet Bots platform, which operate using a "pay when you profit" model.

This means that rather than paying a monthly subscription fee, you pay for credits instead. Credits are only used up if the bets win and you are given a credit for each losing bet.

All tips are sent via the Telegram app, which is very simple to set up.

With it being an in-play betting service, there is added protection in that you won't have any of your credits deducted for bets that you have missed. You need to actually click on the bet to view it for it to be linked to your account.

For our Bonz Bets review, we will be tracking bets as often as we can, but it's unlikely that we will be able to record all of them.

We feel that this will be a good way of judging what can sort of profit could be achieved by using the service alongside other commitments. It will be interesting to compare our results at the end of it!

Free Credits

Try Bonz Bets for free

To get 3 free credits for Bonz Bets, enter /affiliate into Telegram, followed by the code GOAL03.

Try the service out, free of charge.

Month One Update

It was a positive start to our Bonz Bets review with 7.59 points profit at the odds that we could find available, which was slightly more than the profit achieved at the advised odds. 

With all of the bets being on in-play football matches, we were expecting it to be a lot more difficult to get the same odds. As it turned out, it was much easier that we had thought, so we were really pleased about that.

We were able to bet on 40 selections and we haven't counted, but we expect there were probably double that amount sent out.

If you have a busy schedule, which we do, it can be very easy to miss bets as they have to be placed within minutes of being received. We worked on setting some time aside on busier days, particularly the weekends, to get our betting volume up.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets4040
Total Stakes (pts)77.577.5
Profit/Loss (pts)7.267.59
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£72.60£75.90
Strike Rate55.0%55.0%
Overall Bank Growth7.3%7.6%
Bank (100pt starting)107.26107.59


DateBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
23/03/2024River Plate U20 -0.25 FH2.002.35-1.0099.00
23/03/2024Cordoba U19 -
23/03/2024AGF Women -
23/03/2024Moyola Park
23/03/2024EMF Fuensalida Women 0.0 FH2.002.100.00105.30
24/03/202476 Igdir Belediyespor -0.25 FH2.002.20-1.00104.30
24/03/2024Balears FC Women -
24/03/2024ETO Akademia
24/03/2024Sport Extremadura Women -0.25 FH2.001.90-1.00105.40
28/03/2024Corinthians Women U20 0.0 FH2.002.20-2.00103.40
28/03/2024Eupen Reserves -
28/03/2024Coban Imperial Reserves +
28/03/2024CD INCA +
03/04/2024Al-Shamal U21 -
03/04/2024Zacapa 0.0 FH2.001.83-2.0099.40
05/04/2024Bankstown City Lions FC -
05/04/2024UD Leiria U19 0.0 FH2.002.032.05103.15
05/04/2024Fuerte San Francisco Reserves -0.25 FH2.002.00-2.00101.15
06/04/2024Hills United FC U20
06/04/2024Viktoria Plzen U19 -0.25 FH2.002.052.10105.85
06/04/2024Adelaide Olympic 0.0
06/04/2024FK Tatran Kadan
06/04/2024Prague Raptors Women TO WIN 2HALF0.504.50-0.50103.35
06/04/2024SG Union Klosterfelde
06/04/2024Grasshoppers U19 -
06/04/2024FC Malaga City Women 0.0 FH2.002.250.00103.25
07/04/2024Paderborn U19 -0.25 FH2.002.03-2.00101.25
07/04/2024US Orleans U19 -
12/04/2024Preston Lions U23 -
13/04/2024Perth SC Women
13/04/2024Hakoah Sydney City East U20 +1 3 Way Handicap1.004.33-1.00101.55
13/04/2024FK Usti nad Labem B 0.0 FH2.001.930.00101.55
13/04/2024Vitoria SC Women
13/04/2024Pacos Ferreira B U19 -0.25 FH2.002.40-1.00102.45
14/04/2024Innstranden 0.0 FH2.002.000.00102.45
14/04/2024Follo -0.25 FH2.002.152.30104.75
14/04/2024PSG U19 -0.25 FH2.001.981.96106.71
14/04/2024BSS Monor -0.25 FH2.002.002.00108.71
14/04/2024ZNK Agram Women +
14/04/2024Atletico Madrid Women B -

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