Geegeez Gold Review: Racecard and Horse Racing Form Tools

Geegeez Gold Review

Matt Bisogno and his Geegeez team believe that horse racing punters deserve so much more.

The problem with many racecards found in newspapers and online is that they often point bettors to the obvious selections with deflated prices.

It's near impossible to make a profit on these horses in the long run as there just isn't any value in the odds. Matt found that other subscription sites for information such as trainer statistics and form was just too costly for the average punter, so he decided to come up with his own service.

Introducing Geegeez Gold, a revolutionary collection of racecard and form tools.

The aim was to create a formbook that was time-saving, innovative, easy to use, feature rich, visual and importantly, accessible and affordable. In fact, the first 30 days membership only costs £1.

Geegeez Gold Review - Form Profile

One of the most popular tools available on Geegeez Gold is the "Instant Expert", as it shows you strong selections right away using a simple colour coding system.

In the above example, the three highlighted horses all finished in the top three and according to Matt, this is not a rarity for the tool.

So what else does Geegeez Gold give us access to?

  • State-of-the-art racecards
  • In-depth formbook with multiple filters
  • Instant Expert
  • Pace maps that allow you to see how a race will run before it has ran
  • Draw toolbox to see which part of the draw has an advantage
  • Odds comparison
  • Stat of the Day tipping service
  • Reporting suite
  • A tracker to follow horses, jockeys, trainers etc. with options email alerts
  • Prize tipping league
  • Geegeez Gold forum

We tested out the service for ourselves and we are delighted to report that we finished our review with £228.40 profit to £10 stakes.

Our full Geegeez Gold review is below, including our own results and statistics.

Our Results

We spent a couple of months working our way through Geegeez Gold, starting by reading the User Guide and then moving on to the Geegeez Gold Play Book.

We were able to make a respectable profit of 22.84 points at an ROI of 35.7% using just a small selection of the available strategies.

The Play Book is like a short course on how to use the Geegeez tools and reports to analyse races and hopefully find some winners. It is split into 9 sections or "plays" and each strategy is released once a week to ensure that there isn't any rushing into things.

There was quite a lot of information to get through in the Play Book, but there were useful video tutorials that guide you through the various aspects of the site. 

In our review we focused on the first three strategies:

  • The Shortlist and Instant Expert
  • The Shortlist and Instant Expert (Place)
  • Trainer Jockey Combo

The systems that we tried made use of a couple of the many reports available with Geegeez Gold. They were simple to get to grips with and we were able to achieve some impressive results.

The bulk of our bets were generated from the Trainer Jocky Combo Stats report. We planned on using some of the other systems but that system was working out so well that we decided to stick with it.

Key Stats

Instant Expert WinInstant Expert PlaceTrainer Jockey ComboTotal
Number of Bets855164
Total Stakes (pts)8.005.0051.0064.00
Profit/Loss (pts)2.592.8017.4522.84
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£25.90£28.00£174.50£228.40
Strike Rate60.0%60.0%31.4%34.4%
Overall Bank Growth22.80%
Bank (100pt starting)122.84


10/09/201914:10 WorcesterTrumps BenefitTrainer Jockey Combo1.004.333.33103.33
10/09/201914:20 LeicesterTuraath e/wTrainer Jockey Combo1.009.00-1.00102.33
10/09/201915:10 WorcesterHallings CometTrainer Jockey Combo1.003.75-1.00101.33
10/09/201914:30 CatterickFox HillTrainer Jockey Combo1.003.752.48103.81
10/09/201917:35 KelsoOne Night In MilanInstant Expert Win1.004.503.50107.31
10/09/201918:10 KelsoHonourable GentInstant Expert Place1.002.261.20108.50
11/09/201915:45 UttoxeterGortroe JoeTrainer Jockey Combo1.006.80-1.00107.50
11/09/201916:55 UttoxeterEmboleTrainer Jockey Combo1.004.33-1.00106.50
11/09/201915:00 DoncasterQueens GiftInstant Expert Place1.003.552.42108.92
11/09/201915:00 DoncasterQueens GiftInstant Expert Place1.002.241.18110.10
12/09/201914:30 ListowelFranklynInstant Expert Win1.003.002.00112.10
12/09/201918:50 ChelmsfordSolar Heights e/wInstant Expert Win1.007.00-1.00111.10
13/09/201915:00 ChesterTorochicaTrainer Jockey Combo1.003.00-1.00110.10
13/09/201917:35 SandownMy Boy SepoyInstant Expert Win1.004.20-1.00109.10
16/09/201915:20 WorcesterDalkingstown e/wTrainer Jockey Combo1.0013.000.70109.80
16/09/201914:20 WorcesterReally SuperTrainer Jockey Combo1.003.25-1.00108.80
16/09/201917:35 ThirskFeebi e/wTrainer Jockey Combo1.0017.0010.60119.40
17/09/201914:40 YarmouthTiger CrusadeTrainer Jockey Combo1.002.501.50120.90
17/09/201915:10 YarmouthUniversal OrderTrainer Jockey Combo1.004.333.33124.23
17/09/201920:00 NewcastleInductiveTrainer Jockey Combo1.006.50-1.00123.23
17/09/201920:30 NewcastleBe ProudTrainer Jockey Combo1.003.50-1.00122.23
17/09/201916:30 RedcarCritical VoltageTrainer Jockey Combo1.004.00-1.00121.23
17/09/201919:00 NewcastleFineryTrainer Jockey Combo1.005.00-1.00120.23
18/09/201916:40 BeverleyArchimedesTrainer Jockey Combo1.005.50-1.00119.23
18/09/201916:20 YarmouthLady DauphinTrainer Jockey Combo1.007.00-1.00118.23
19/09/201914:20 YarmouthCarlos FelixTrainer Jockey Combo1.005.00-1.00117.23
19/09/201916:50 YarmouthPolybiusTrainer Jockey Combo1.008.00-1.00116.23
19/09/201918:30 Chelmsford CityAlemaratalyoumTrainer Jockey Combo1.007.50-1.00115.23
19/09/201915:50 YarmouthPotters Lady JaneInstant Expert Place1.003.20-1.00114.23
20/09/201914:55 NewburySeparate e/wTrainer Jockey Combo1.0013.007.20121.43
20/09/201915:30 BallinrobeHarvest BowTrainer Jockey Combo1.003.251.69123.12
20/09/201917:10 BallinrobeCocohulababy e/wTrainer Jockey Combo1.0013.000.78123.90
20/09/201913:50 NewburySmokey BearTrainer Jockey Combo1.003.252.25126.15
20/09/201914:00 Newton AbbottShaman Du BerlaisTrainer Jockey Combo1.002.88-1.00125.15
20/09/201914:20 NewburyBlakeney PointTrainer Jockey Combo1.006.00-1.00124.15
20/09/201916:30 NewburyQuadrilateralTrainer Jockey Combo1.002.751.75125.90
20/09/201917:50 Newcastle NataleenaTrainer Jockey Combo1.006.50-1.00124.90
20/09/201916:20 AyrArrowtownInstant Expert Place1.004.20-1.00123.90
21/09/201915:35 CatterickComeatchooTrainer Jockey Combo1.008.50-1.00122.90
21/09/201914:25 CatterickLittle TedTrainer Jockey Combo1.005.50-1.00121.90
21/09/201916:55 AyrRaydianceTrainer Jockey Combo1.007.00-1.00120.90
21/09/201916:40 NewburyWhat A WelcomeInstant Expert Win1.005.00-1.00119.90
21/09/201914:20 NewburyDesert EncounterInstant Expert Win1.003.202.09121.99
22/09/201914:30 HamiltonPopping CorksTrainer Jockey Combo1.009.008.00129.99
22/09/201914:45 PlumptonHarmoniseTrainer Jockey Combo1.007.00-1.00128.99
23/09/201914:00 HamiltonLeochTrainer Jockey Combo1.006.00-1.00127.99
23/09/201914:30 HamiltonKodicatTrainer Jockey Combo1.009.00-1.00126.99
23/09/201915:40 HamiltonRetirement BeckonsTrainer Jockey Combo1.007.00-1.00125.99
23/09/201916:10 HamiltonMultellieTrainer Jockey Combo1.005.504.50130.49
23/09/201916:10 HamiltonCarbon DatingTrainer Jockey Combo1.008.00-1.00129.49
23/09/201916:45 HamiltonTwentysixthstreetTrainer Jockey Combo1.007.50-1.00128.49
23/09/201917:15 HamiltonMecca's GiftTrainer Jockey Combo1.006.00-1.00127.49
24/09/201916:00 LingfieldGiving BackTrainer Jockey Combo1.004.00-1.00126.49
24/09/201915:35 BeverleyDuke of Firenze e/wTrainer Jockey Combo1.009.00-1.00125.49
25/09/201918:30 KemptonSquelch e/wTrainer Jockey Combo1.0017.001.10126.59
25/09/201918:00 KemptonEnd ZoneTrainer Jockey Combo1.002.63-1.00125.59
25/09/201919:15 NewcastleBlazing DreamsTrainer Jockey Combo1.008.40-1.00124.59
25/09/201915:15 PerthCarrolls MilanInstant Expert Win1.004.00-1.00123.59
26/09/201919:45 SouthwellColwood e/wTrainer Jockey Combo1.008.500.25123.84
26/09/201914:50 PontefractWalkonbyTrainer Jockey Combo1.004.003.00126.84
26/09/201914:45 Gowran ParkCredenzaTrainer Jockey Combo1.004.50-1.00125.84
26/09/201917:50 NewmarketThimbleweedTrainer Jockey Combo1.006.00-1.00124.84
26/09/201916:00 PontefractFrancis XavierInstant Expert Win1.002.75-1.00123.84
30/09/201915:25 HamiltonTwentysixthstreetTrainer Jockey Combo1.004.20-1.00122.84

Review Summary

Geegeez Gold offers an absolute wealth of stats and information to make race analysis easier than ever. It is far superior to any free alternatives that we have come across and lives up to its "More insight, less time" tagline.

We barely scratched the surface of the tools and reports that are available, but even so, we were able to make an easy profit.

It can be difficult to know where to start with the service as there is so much to get through, but the Play Book does a great job of introducing some basic strategies and showing how some of the reports work.

We totally agree with the Geegeez advice that "The important thing is to take your time, and not to try to 'reinvent yourself' overnight." We took it slow during our review and stuck to a few simple strategies whilst we got more accustomed to how the reports worked.

It's been a pleasure trying out Geegeez Gold and we have learnt so much from it. We can happily recommend the service and have awarded our coveted 5 star rating!

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Matt Bisogno and his team believe that horse racing punters deserve so much more. Introducing Geegeez Gold, a revolutionary collection of racecard and form tools.

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