Punter’s Profit Pro Review: Month One Update

Punter's Profit Pro have reported an impressive monthly average profit of 13.65 points since launching as a horse racing tips service on Betting Gods in May 2023.

Their total profit prior to us starting this review adds up to 163.79 points at a respectable ROI of 12.96%. This means that they have already doubled their 150 point starting bank in less than 12 months.

The odds of the tipster's selections are on the lower side for horse racing with the average odds at 6.33. They are also mostly win only bets, with just occasional each-way bets advised.

Although they have had some losing months since launching, they look to have recovered quickly from them. In the previous three months before we commenced our review, they had racked up 46.64 points of profit.

Selections are sent out each morning at around 8.00am and they are available on the app, by email or in the member's area.

We will be recording our own results from the service for the next few months, including at the odds available and at Betfair SP.

Month One Update

We had an amazing start to our Punter's Profit Pro review, banking 20.55 points profit at an ROI of 15.8%.

What was even more impressive was the performance of the tips at Betfair SP, with 39.54 points profit recorded at an ROI of 30.4%. We found that several of the each-way bets had drifted to a much higher SP by the time the race started.

Best Odds Guaranteed would have boosted profits considerably, but for our review results this concession is not included.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets747474
Total Stakes (pts)130.00130.00130.00
Profit/Loss (pts)20.5420.5539.54
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£205.40£205.50£395.40
Strike Rate31.1%31.1%29.7%
Overall Bank Growth13.7%13.7%26.4%
Bank (150pt starting)170.54170.55189.54


DateRaceBetTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
08/04/202415:30 LingfieldMart4.00NO2.20-4.00146.00
08/04/202417:00 LingfieldCiara Pearl2.00NO3.505.00151.00
08/04/202418:30 WolverhamptonLawmans Blis1.50NO5.50-1.50149.50
09/04/202419:00 SouthwellSoames Forsyte1.50YES8.50-1.50148.00
09/04/202420:00 SouthwellRoyal Elysian1.50YES8.000.30148.30
10/04/202415:10 WolverhamptonNo Half Measures4.00NO2.385.52153.82
10/04/202417:00 LingfieldTortured Soul1.50NO5.50-1.50152.32
10/04/202419:30 KemptonGoing The Distance3.00NO2.634.88157.20
10/04/202420:00 KemptonCinnodin1.50NO5.006.00163.20
12/04/202417:30 SouthwellTurbo Command2.00NO3.50-2.00161.20
12/04/202418:30 SouthwellBond Spirit1.00NO12.00-1.00160.20
12/04/202419:30 SouthwellMy Margie2.00NO4.006.00166.20
15/04/202415:50 WindsorDear Daphne1.00YES8.00-1.00165.20
16/04/202414:20 NewmarketBroadway Act2.00NO3.50-2.00163.20
16/04/202415:30 NewmarketBold Style2.00NO3.75-2.00161.20
16/04/202416:40 NewmarketOnly In Jakarta1.00YES10.00-1.00160.20
16/04/202418:30 NewcastleDyrholaey5.00NO2.005.00165.20
17/04/202414:25 NewmarketEl Cordobes1.00NO6.00-1.00164.20
17/04/202415:00 NewmarketOttoman Fleet2.00NO3.755.50169.70
17/04/202417:20 NewmarketStormy Waves1.50NO4.33-1.50168.20
17/04/202418:30 KemptonSir Les Patterson2.00NO3.505.00173.20
17/04/202419:30 KemptonOne More Wave1.00NO6.00-1.00172.20
18/04/202415:35 NewmarketNative Approach2.00NO3.75-2.00170.20
18/04/202416:45 NewmarketEndless Victory4.00NO2.204.80175.00
19/04/202414:12 NewburyWiltshire1.50YES9.007.20182.20
19/04/202415:12 NewburyArabian Tribe2.50NO3.00-2.50179.70
19/04/202418:45 BathBlack Smoke1.50YES8.00-1.50178.20
20/04/202413:30 NewburyHamish2.00NO3.755.50183.70
20/04/202414:05 NewburyRelief Rally2.00NO3.75-2.00181.70
20/04/202414:40 NewburyEl Bodon1.00YES26.002.00183.70
20/04/202417:45 BrightonLord Melbourne1.50NO4.00-1.50182.20
20/04/202419:20 BrightonFreetodream2.50NO3.25-2.50179.70
22/04/202415:22 PontefractGolden Melody1.50YES8.500.38180.07
22/04/202417:00 PontefractThursday's Child1.00NO7.006.00186.07
22/04/202417:30 PontefractTrilby2.00NO3.75-2.00184.07
22/04/202418:50 WindsorCock And Bull2.00NO2.50-2.00182.07
24/04/202416:50 CatterickBeauty Choice1.50NO5.00-1.50180.57
25/04/202419:30 ChelmsfordSandy Paradise1.00NO6.005.00185.57
26/04/202414:25 SandownDesert Hero1.00NO5.50-1.00184.57
26/04/202415:35 SandownRemaadd1.50YES8.500.38184.95
26/04/202420:30 NewcastleElzaal1.50NO4.33-1.50183.45
27/04/202415:20 HaydockShelbourne4.00NO2.25-4.00179.45
27/04/202419:10 DoncasterAttila The Honey1.00YES11.00-1.00178.45
27/04/202421:00 WolverhamptonGlobal Tycoon2.00NO3.50-2.00176.45
29/04/202415:15 AyrRoll It In Glitter1.00NO8.50-1.00175.45
29/04/202415:50 AyrClassy Al1.00NO5.50-1.00174.45
29/04/202418:39 WindsorMythical Guest2.00NO3.50-2.00172.45
29/04/202419:00 WolverhamptonLiosa1.00NO5.50-1.00171.45
30/04/202418:20 CatterickNey1.00NO5.004.00175.45
01/05/202413:10 AscotSex On Fire1.00NO5.00-1.00174.45
01/05/202414:25 WolverhamptonPublicity1.00NO5.50-1.00173.45
01/05/202415:25 AscotBuccabay1.00NO5.00-1.00172.45
01/05/202418:45 BrightonGilbert1.50YES7.00-1.50170.95
02/05/202416:10 LingfieldAnother Thought1.00YES9.50-1.00169.95
02/05/202416:35 AyrTafsir3.50NO2.50-3.50166.45
02/05/202416:40 LingfieldEdmund Ironside1.50NO4.35-1.50164.95
02/05/202418:25 ChelmsfordRed Hat Eagle2.00YES6.00-2.00162.95
03/05/202414:50 MusselburghZaphea1.00NO5.504.50167.45
03/05/202415:00 NewmarketNoble Dynasty1.50NO5.006.00173.45
03/05/202415:35 NewmarketBold Style2.00NO3.50-2.00171.45
03/05/202416:10 NewmarketCastle Way2.00NO3.75-2.00169.45
03/05/202416:25 GoodwoodAshariba1.50NO4.00-1.50167.95
03/05/202416:30 MusselburghLedger2.00NO3.50-2.00165.95
03/05/202417:00 GoodwoodPhoenix Passion3.00NO2.504.50170.45
04/05/202413:10 NewmarketStar Guest2.00NO3.25-2.00168.45
04/05/202414:05 GoodwoodMarcella1.50YES6.50-1.50166.95
04/05/202414:10 ThirskHoly Fire1.00YES11.00-1.00165.95
04/05/202414:45 GoodwoodLegacy Power1.50YES7.50-1.50164.45
04/05/202414:55 NewmarketBeautiful Diamond1.50NO4.33-1.50162.95
04/05/202415:35 NewmarketNotable Speech1.00YES12.006.60169.55
04/05/202416:10 NewmarketKnightswood1.00NO6.00-1.00168.55
04/05/202416:45 NewmarketEye Of Dubai1.00NO5.00-1.00167.55
06/05/202415:05 BeverleyPrincess Alex2.00NO3.254.50172.05
06/05/202416:00 BathCiotag1.50NO5.50-1.50170.55

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