BSP Profits Review: Month Four Update

BSP Profits went through some lengthy proofing at Betting Gods, with a full year of bets recorded before the service launched.

Since January 2023, the service has produced £1,317.90 profit, which works out as 131.79 points. The ROI was extremely good at 49.92% during these twelve months.

As its name suggests, all of the service's bets are at Betfair SP, so you only need access to Betfair Exchange rather than traditional bookmakers. This is a massive plus point, as there is no fear of having stakes limited or accounts closed.

Also, the bets can be placed at any time, as long as it is before the race has started. With regular tips services, it can often be a rush after tips are released to put bets on before the odds crash, but this is another problem eliminated when betting at BSP.

There have been an average of 22 bets per month, so it is a steady volume of bets and easily manageable.

We are really excited to try this service out and hope that the results will continue to be positive throughout our review.

Month One Update

BSP Profits got off to a good start in the first month of our review, with 7.26 points profit at an ROI of 45.4%.

The tipster emphasised that the cornerstone of his betting philosophy is selectivity, so we can expect to see a lower volume of tips than most horse tipping services. However, there were still sixteen bets for the month, which we thought was a fair amount.

We were pleased with what we had seen of the service so far and hoped to be able to report more profit in month two.

Key Stats

Number of Bets16
Total Stakes (pts)16.00
Profit/Loss (pts)7.26
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£72.60
Strike Rate37.5%
Overall Bank Growth7.3%
Bank (100pt starting)107.26


DateRaceBetStakeBSP Win OddsP/LBank
01/02/202420:00 ChelmsfordWadacre Gomez1.003.332.28102.28
03/02/202417:00 WolverhamptonCollusion1.000.00-1.00101.28
05/02/202413:45 LingfieldLocal Bay1.000.00-1.00100.28
05/02/202416:20 LingfieldHot Front1.000.00-1.0099.28
10/02/202418:30 WolverhamptonTorrent1.000.00-1.0098.28
12/02/202418:30 WolverhamptonCupid's Dream1.000.00-1.0097.28
13/02/202417:30 NewcastleQuiet Resolve1.008.717.56104.84
14/02/202418:00 KemptonKing David1.000.00-1.00103.84
14/02/202419:00 KemptonChipstead1.000.00-1.00102.84
18/02/202420:30 KemptonDubawi Time1.001.890.87103.71
19/02/202413:17 LingfieldMonks Mead1.000.00-1.00102.71
20/02/202419:00 NewcastleSisyphean1.003.021.98104.69
21/02/202419:30 KemptonFleur De Mer1.000.00-1.00103.69
24/02/202418:50 ChelmsfordNight Of Desire1.003.372.32106.01
24/02/202419:20 ChelmsfordLove De Vega1.003.292.24108.26
28/02/202418:30 KemptonCondor Pasa1.000.00-1.00107.26

Month Two Update

After a good start to our BSP Profits review in month one, it was a shame to hand back all of our accumulated profit in month two after a poor set of results. We lost 8.05 points, so we were back to where we started.

One of the main issues we had during this month was the bets were winning at very low odds. Three of the winners had steamed in to below evens, so it made it difficult to make enough profit to cover the losing bets.

Key Stats

Number of Bets24
Total Stakes (pts)24.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-8.05
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£80.50
Strike Rate29.2%
Overall Bank Growth-0.8%
Bank (100pt starting)99.21


DateRaceBetStakeBSP Win OddsP/LBank
06/03/202416:55 KemptonTrojan Storm1.000.00-1.00106.26
11/03/202418:00 WolverhamptonCoppersmith1.001.970.95107.21
11/03/202420:30 WolverhamptonSunset In Paris1.003.132.09109.30
12/03/202415:30 CheltenhamState Man1.001.440.43109.73
12/03/202416:10 CheltenhamLossiemouth1.001.720.71110.43
13/03/202417:20 KemptonAssailant1.000.00-1.00109.43
13/03/202419:30 KemptonTortured Soul1.002.271.24110.68
14/03/202418:00 ChelmsfordHeavenly Fire1.000.00-1.00109.68
14/03/202420:00 ChelmsfordPlatinum Jubilee1.003.352.30111.98
15/03/202418:40 NewcastleBack Tomorrow1.000.00-1.00110.98
18/03/202419:30 NewcastleForever Noah1.000.00-1.00109.98
22/03/202413:42 LingfieldSouthbank1.000.00-1.00108.98
22/03/202415:12 LingfieldTribal Wisdom1.000.00-1.00107.98
22/03/202415:45 LingfieldDarlo Pride1.000.00-1.00106.98
23/03/202417:15 WolverhamptonNancy P1.000.00-1.00105.98
25/03/202418:00 NewcastleKuwaitya1.000.00-1.00104.98
27/03/202417:30 KemptonGamekeeper1.000.00-1.00103.98
27/03/202418:00 KemptonShow Me A Hero1.000.00-1.00102.98
27/03/202418:30 KemptonDr Foster1.000.00-1.00101.98
27/03/202419:00 KemptonMount Athos1.002.251.23103.21
29/03/202413:40 ChelmsfordAddictive1.000.00-1.00102.21
29/03/202415:00 NewcastleJust A Spark1.000.00-1.00101.21
29/03/202416:00 ChelmsfordBossy Parker1.000.00-1.00100.21
29/03/202416:35 ChelmsfordBilly Mill1.000.00-1.0099.21

Month Three Update

It was another poor month of results for BSP profits in the third part of our review. We faced the same issues as the previous month, with many of the winning horses going off at low odds.

With it being such a straight-forward service to follow, we decided that we would keep our review running to see if the results got any better in the coming months.

Key Stats

Number of Bets39
Total Stakes (pts)39.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-8.18
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£81.80
Strike Rate20.5%
Overall Bank Growth-9.0%
Bank (100pt starting)91.03


DateRaceBetStakeBSP Win OddsP/LBank
01/04/202414:15 WolverhamptonPappano1.002.111.09100.29
01/04/202414:20 KemptonEducate1.000.00-1.0099.29
01/04/202414:55 KemptonForest Of Dean1.000.00-1.0098.29
01/04/202415:30 KemptonLiseo1.003.832.77101.07
01/04/202416:40 KemptonVultar1.000.00-1.00100.07
02/04/202418:30 WolverhamptonHot Front1.000.00-1.0099.07
03/04/202418:00 KemptonLady Bancroft1.000.00-1.0098.07
03/04/202418:30 KemptonCeltic Warrior1.002.000.9899.05
03/04/202420:00 KemptonZachary1.000.00-1.0098.05
03/04/202420:30 KemptonCracker Star1.000.00-1.0097.05
04/04/202414:20 LingfieldBattle Queen1.000.00-1.0096.05
04/04/202416:25 LingfieldMahboob1.001.230.2396.27
04/04/202417:00 LingfieldChiefman1.000.00-1.0095.27
05/04/202414:30 LingfieldFaster Bee1.000.00-1.0094.27
06/04/202414:05 KemptonChoisya1.000.00-1.0093.27
06/04/202414:40 KemptonKillybegs Warrior1.000.00-1.0092.27
06/04/202415:15 KemptonSpirit Mixer1.000.00-1.0091.27
06/04/202415:30 ChelmsfordBracken's Laugh1.0013.0211.78103.05
06/04/202415:45 KemptonAhlain1.000.00-1.00102.05
06/04/202416:25 KemptonNotable Speech1.001.640.63102.68
06/04/202416:40 ChelmsfordJohnny Johnson1.000.00-1.00101.68
06/04/202417:45 ChelmsfordOnce Adaay1.000.00-1.00100.68
08/04/202415:00 LingfieldSomething To Do1.000.00-1.0099.68
08/04/202415:30 LingfieldMart1.000.00-1.0098.68
08/04/202416:20 NewcastleZain Blue1.000.00-1.0097.68
10/04/202414:40 WolverhamptonAmeerjet1.000.00-1.0096.68
10/04/202415:22 LingfieldRoger Henry1.000.00-1.0095.68
10/04/202417:00 LingfieldTortured Soul1.000.00-1.0094.68
10/04/202417:30 KemptonLady Dorchester1.000.00-1.0093.68
10/04/202419:00 KemptonSilver Trumpet1.000.00-1.0092.68
11/04/202416:50 SouthwellSavvy Brilliance1.000.00-1.0091.68
11/04/202419:30 ChelmsfordCapital Theory1.000.00-1.0090.68
12/04/202419:00 SouthwellThe Bay Warrior1.000.00-1.0089.68
19/04/202414:20 AyrCatch Him Derry1.002.031.0190.69
22/04/202414:52 PontefractForceful Speed1.000.00-1.0089.69
23/04/202421:00 WolverhamptonGidwa1.000.00-1.0088.69
25/04/202419:00 ChelmsfordDors Toyboy1.000.00-1.0087.69
27/04/202415:20 HaydockShelbourne1.000.00-1.0086.69
29/04/202415:15 AyrFiver Friday1.005.434.3491.03

Month Four Update

Results were much better in month four of our BSP Profits review, with 12.13 points profit from a total of 22 bets.

That put us back into a profitable position, working out as an overall bank growth of 3.2%. We hoped that the tipster could build on that during the next couple of months.

Key Stats

Number of Bets22
Total Stakes (pts)22.00
Profit/Loss (pts)12.13
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£121.30
Strike Rate36.4%
Overall Bank Growth3.2%
Bank (100pt starting)103.16


DateRaceBetStakeBSP Win OddsP/LBank
03/05/202414:25 NewmarketEndless Victory1.000.00-1.0090.03
03/05/202417:00 GoodwoodPhoenix Passion1.003.232.1992.21
06/05/202415:05 BeverleyPrincess Alex1.003.372.3294.54
09/05/202414:05 ChesterTeej A1.005.144.0698.59
10/05/202419:50 RiponBearwith1.000.00-1.0097.59
11/05/202415:45 AscotMidair1.000.00-1.0096.59
17/05/202416:15 YorkFirst Conquest1.000.00-1.0095.59
18/05/202416:25 NewmarketPrometeo1.000.00-1.0094.59
20/05/202417:06 WindsorLucentio1.008.407.25101.85
20/05/202420:30 CarlislePaborus1.002.131.11102.95
22/05/202415:50 AyrKelpie Grey1.000.00-1.00101.95
23/05/202418:07 SandownZipster1.000.00-1.00100.95
23/05/202420:52 ChelmsfordLudo's Landing1.000.00-1.0099.95
24/05/202418:45 PontefractEnchanted Life1.001.740.73100.68
25/05/202416:05 ChesterYanifer1.000.00-1.0099.68
27/05/202416:45 LeicesterThe Good Biscuit1.000.00-1.0098.68
28/05/202416:55 LeicesterKalama Sunrise1.000.00-1.0097.68
28/05/202418:10 LingfieldMy Mate Mike1.005.634.54102.22
30/05/202419:55 CarlisleGalyx1.000.00-1.00101.22
31/05/202414:00 EpsomTeej A1.005.023.94105.16
31/05/202416:30 EpsomDance Sequence1.000.00-1.00104.16
31/05/202416:45 ChepstowTheworldsnotenough1.000.00-1.00103.16

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