Corner Betting King Review: Month One Update

Corner Betting King is a unique football tips service from Betting Gods, who have been able to generate consistent profits by betting only on the Corners market. 

Their proofing began in July 2022 and since then they have reported 189.39 points profit at an ROI of 10.72%. Impressively, during this period they have only had two losing months, with 18 out of 20 finishing with a profit.

The Corners market is quite niche, but you will find it available to bet on at many bookmakers. 

From the tipping emails that we had received prior to starting our review, we could see that many tips had advised odds from either Bet365 or Marsbet, both of which are available in the UK.

Whilst you may be able to find the odds elsewhere, ideally it would be best to have an account at either of these to make sure that the advised odds are obtainable.

Tips are posted each day at around 8.00am and they can be found in the member's area, on the app or via email.

With such an impressive set of historical results with steady monthly profits, we have high hopes for this service. We will be following the service for at least three months, so fingers crossed!

Month One Update

Our Corner Betting King review got off to a decent start with 6.63 points profit at the available odds at an ROI of 7.4%.

We didn't have any trouble at all getting the advised odds at Bet365 and found that they stuck around for a long time after the tipping emails were received. On a couple of occasions, the odds had moved to an even better price.

We hoped to see the tipster build up some more profit in month two.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets4545
Total Stakes (pts)90.090.0
Profit/Loss (pts)6.636.63
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£66.30£66.30
Strike Rate60.0%60.0%
Overall Bank Growth6.6%6.6%
Bank (100pt starting)106.63106.63


DateMatchBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
28/02/2024Leixoes vs NacionalUnder 5 HT Corners2.002.25-2.0098.00
29/02/2024Al Wehda vs Al TaawonUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.002.032.05100.05
01/03/2024Macarthur FC vs Melbourne CityUnder 5.5 HT Corners2.001.75-2.0098.05
01/03/2024Lazio vs AC MilanUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.731.4599.50
02/03/2024Mito vs KofuUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.781.55101.05
02/03/2024Sagan Tosu vs Hokkaido Consadole SapporoUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.88-2.0099.05
03/03/2024Tochigi SC vs Montedio YamagataUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.83-2.0097.05
03/03/2024Genk vs Club Brugge KVUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.002.05-2.0095.05
04/03/2024Alianza vs Santa FeUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.881.7596.80
04/03/2024Alanyaspor vs TrabzonsporUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.90-2.0094.80
05/03/2024Barracas Central vs IndependienteUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.831.6596.45
06/03/2024Leones vs LlanerosUnder 5.5 HT Corners2.001.78-2.0094.45
06/03/2024Union De Santa Fe vs Boca JuniorsUnder 4 HT Corners2.001.750.0094.45
07/03/2024Sturm Graz vs LilleUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.88-2.0092.45
08/03/2024Radnik vs Radnicki 1923Under 4 HT Corners2.001.951.9094.35
09/03/2024Zhejiang Professional vs Shanghai PortUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.831.6696.01
09/03/2024Mezokovesd-Zsory vs DVTKUnder 5 HT Corners2.002.002.0098.01
10/03/2024Fujieda MYFC vs Oita TrinitaUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.83-2.0096.01
10/03/2024Liverpool vs Manchester CityUnder 5 HT Corners2.001.751.5097.51
11/03/2024Os Belenenses vs LeixoesUnder 5 HT Corners2.001.831.6699.17
11/03/2024Almeria vs SevillaUnder 5 HT Corners2.001.731.45100.62
12/03/2024Grimsby vs MK DonsUnder 5 HT Corners2.001.801.60102.22
12/03/2024Birmingham vs MiddlesbroughUnder 5 HT Corners2.001.801.60103.82
14/03/2024Rangers vs BenficaUnder 5 HT Corners2.001.88-2.00101.82
14/03/2024Villarreal vs MarseilleUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.93-2.0099.82
15/03/2024Heracles vs G.A. EaglesUnder 5 HT Corners2.001.831.65101.47
16/03/2024Hansa Rostock vs Greuther FurthUnder 5 HT Corners2.001.731.45102.92
17/03/2024Gimcheon Sangmu vs JeonbukUnder 5 HT Corners2.001.73-2.00100.92
17/03/2024Korona Kielce vs Pogon SzczecinUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.002.002.00102.92
18/03/2024Banfield vs Talleres CordobaUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.831.65104.57
18/03/2024Atl. San Luis vs PachucaUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.981.95106.52
19/03/2024Leones vs HuilaUnder 5 HT Corners2.001.850.00106.52
20/03/2024Chiba vs Shimizu S-PulseUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.93-2.00104.52
20/03/2024Ehime vs V-Varen NagasakiUnder 5.5 HT Corners2.001.751.50106.02
20/03/2024Tokushima vs Renofa YamaguchiUnder 4 HT Corners2.002.05-2.00104.02
21/03/2024Belgrano vs LanusUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.751.50105.52
21/03/2024Israel vs IcelandUnder 4 HT Corners2.002.052.10107.62
23/03/2024Alcorcon vs R. OviedoUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.751.50109.12
24/03/2024Tochigi SC vs Oita TrinitaUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.881.76110.88
24/03/2024Amorebieta vs GijonUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.831.65112.53
25/03/2024Aguilas vs Santa FeUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.88-2.00110.53
26/03/2024Orense vs EmelecUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.001.78-2.00108.53
26/03/2024Georgia vs GreeceUnder 4 HT Corners2.002.00-2.00106.53
27/03/2024AD Santos vs GuanacastecaUnder 4.5 HT Corners2.002.052.10108.63
27/03/2024Bogota vs TigresUnder 4 HT Corners2.002.05-2.00106.63

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