Very few people have the time or money to test out every betting system, strategy and service available. Our aim at Goal Profits Reviews is to provide unbiased and honest reviews of as many betting and trading products as possible so that you know what to look more closely at and what to avoid completely.

The systems and services listed in this category have been independently reviewed by Goal Profits. During the review period we were able to make a profit by following tips or instructions provided to us. We have checked that the prices which were claimed to be available actually were and that published results are true and correct.

We have not received any form of payment for reviewing these betting systems, strategies and services. In order to be completely honest and transparent, we would like to point out that if you choose to buy a product we have reviewed, we may receive an affiliate commission. This does not affect the price you pay in any way whatsoever and provides us with some compensation for the time we have spent providing you with this review service.

Robert Fraser's Tennis Tips Review

Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips Review: Betting Service

We've come to the end of our three month review of Robert Fraser's Tennis Tips and have made an overall profit of 83.39 points at an ROI of 17.9% at the available odds and advised stakes. After more than two...

Rainbow's End Review

Rainbow’s End Review: Best Odds Guaranteed Racing System

Guest reviewer Barry has been testing out the Rainbow's End horse racing system for just over six weeks now and has reported back with some impressive results. He has bet on a total of 221 races and made a profit...

Dobbin Day Review

Dobbin Day Review: Horse Racing Trading Software

After finding our feet in the first part of our Dobbin Day review, we managed to make a steady profit in month two and three, finishing with an overall profit of £26.01 to £5.00 stakes or 5.20 points. This works...

Any Other Win Review

Any Other Win Review: Correct Score Trading System

Any Other Win is a correct score football trading system which achieved an impressive 98 out of 107 profitable trades. Dave, who reviewed the service over three months, banked a total profit of £194.69.

Elite Betting Syndicate Review

Elite Betting Syndicate Review: Horse Racing Tips

At the end of our three month trial of Elite Betting Syndicate we have made a profit of 11.86 points at an ROI of 4.6% at the available odds. The service has been easy to follow with tips being sent...

Football Advisor Betting Review

Football Advisor Lays Review: Lay Betting Tips

It's been another steady month for Football Advisor Lays, with a strike rate of 87.5% giving us a profit of 5.30 points. Since the start of the review we have made a total profit of 23.17 points at an ROI...

Matched Bets Review

Matched Bets Review: Risk Free Betting

Matched betting is a risk free way of making money from the incentives, such as free bets and refund bonuses, that online bookies offer to new and existing customers. It's a strategy that has been around for a long time,...

Racing Accumulator Review

Racing Accumulator Review: Automated Betting System

We have reached the end of our Racing Accumulator review after receiving a huge amount of bets - 1961 to be exact! We have made a substantial profit during the review, mainly from the Straight Backing strategy, but it hasn't...

Winning Footy Tips Review

Winning Footy Tips Review: Football Betting

We have been trialling Winning Footy Tips from Bets For Today over the last three months and we're ready to announce our final verdict. With all three months delivering a profit and an outstanding 45.8% return on our investment, it's...

Profit Squad Review

Profit Squad Review: Matched Betting Service

Welcome to our Profit Squad review, where we will be taking a look at another popular matched betting service and finding out how it stacks up against what is already out there.

Each Way Sniper Review

Each Way Sniper Review: Risk Free Horse Racing System

We have been running our review of Mike Cruickshank's Each Way Sniper betting system for over a month and we’re back with an update of our results. From 37 bets we made a total profit of £149.83 using £25 each...

Jolly Lock IP Review

Jolly Lock IP Review: Stop Those Snooping Bookies

Jolly Lock IP is a virtual desktop that has been designed to combat this problem by completely blocking any spyware and protecting you from the bookie’s prying eyes. You are given a unique UK IP address, so you can log...

Race D Base Review

Race D Base Review: Horse Racing Statistics Software

Race D Base is a tool developed by the Winning More team that collates daily horse racing data that you would otherwise have to visit several sites to get access to. It is ideal for analysing data and creating your...

5 Star Bot Review

5 Star Bot Review: Automated Betting Software

5 Star Bot is a web-based betting bot designed to automate bets for Betfair horse racing and greyhound markets. It is an ideal solution if you don’t have access to a VPS because it runs on its own server 24/7...

The Judge Review

The Judge Review: Greyhound Racing Tips

We have reached the end of our review of Bet Kudos greyhound tipster, The Judge, after following tips over the last three months. We made a profit in two out of three months, finishing the review with a total of...

Value Machine Review Betting Software

The Value Machine Review: Horse Racing Betting Software

We’ve reached the end of our review of The Value Machine software and we have had two out of three winning months, finishing with a total profit of 43.37 points at an excellent ROI of 19.1%. Considering we have just...

Saw Deluxe Bot Review

SAW Deluxe Bot Review: Automated Betting Software

We have been running the SAW Deluxe Bot since early November and have now racked up over 1640 bets. Our total profit did reach a high of £198.50 but then it crashed back down after a series of recovery bets....

Match Day Profits Review

Match Day Profits Review: Low Risk Betting Tips

After following Match Day Profits over the last three months, it is time for the conclusion to our review. Overall we made a total profit of £244.65, which is an average monthly profit of £81.55.

Football Accumulator Tips Review

Football Accumulator Tips Review: Acca Betting Service

We’ve reached the end of our review of Football Accumulator Tips from the FootyBetter site and after three out of three profitable months, we have finished with a total profit of 13.59 points with an ROI of 26.6%.

FootyBetter Extra Review

FootyBetter Extra Review: Low Odds Football Tips

We are at the end of our three month review of FootyBetter Extra and the service has had two out of three winning months, finishing with a total profit of £392 to £100 stakes with an ROI of 6.3%.