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Clear Bonus Profits Review
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Welcome to our Clear Bonus Profits review - A matched betting service that shows you how to make risk-free money from bookie bonuses and on-going promotions.

We have now been trying out matched betting service Clear Bonus Profits for three months and our volunteer reviewer Ollie has reported back with his latest results. Over the last month he has mostly been working through the Daily Offers, which varied between horse racing, football and casino offers.

Overall he added a further £409.69 profit, which gives him an overall total of £1400.86 banked since the beginning of the review. That works out as an average of £467 per month… tidy!

  • Sportsbook welcome bonuses +£905.68
  • Bingo offers +53.00
  • Casino offers +£13.00
  • On-going sports offers +£429.18

Total +£1400.86

Month Three Results
01/10/2016Paddy Power(Swansea v Liverpool) £25 refund if losing HT-£2.72£988.45
02/10/2016LadbrokesRefund if Postponed wins-£4.10£984.35
01/10/2016BetfredRefund if horse 2nd-£1.83£982.52
01/10/2016TotesportRefund if horse 2nd-£1.83£980.69
01/10/2016BetwayRefund if horse 2nd-£4.81£975.88
01/10/2016MobilbetWelcome bonus£25.80£1,001.68
02/10/2016Paddy Power(Man Utd v Stoke) £25 refund if losing HT-£0.20£1,001.48
02/10/2016William HillRefund if horse 2nd-£2.15£999.33
02/10/2016NetbetWelcome bonus£26.12£1,025.45
03/10/2016Bingo StreetBingo welcome bonus-£10.00£1,015.45
04/10/2016Boylegames£5 risk free£0.00£1,015.45
04/10/2016Netbet mobileWelcome bonus£5.98£1,021.43
07/10/2016BwinRoad to russia £25 free bet£15.88£1,037.31
07/10/2016Poker StarsBet 3 x £10 for £5 free bet£2.14£1,039.45
07/10/2016Betfair Arcade£10 bonus-£10.00£1,029.45
07/10/2016BetwayRefund if horse 2nd£41.33£1,070.78
08/10/2016BetfredRefund if horse 2nd-£2.49£1,068.29
08/10/2016TotesportRefund if horse 2nd-£2.67£1,065.62
08/10/2016UnibetRefund if horse 2nd (20)-£1.72£1,063.90
08/10/2016BetwayRefund if horse 2nd-£2.62£1,061.28
09/10/2016Cheeky BingoBingo welcome bonus£21.20£1,082.48
14/10/2016888sportBet £20 get £10£7.22£1,089.70
14/10/2016Betfair Arcade£5 Double Chance£8.00£1,097.70
15/10/2016LadbrokesRefund if Galileo wins-£2.92£1,094.78
15/10/2016William HillRefund if horse 2nd£19.27£1,114.05
15/10/2016Bet365Channel 4 offer£4.20£1,118.25
15/10/2016BetwayRefund if horse 2nd-£2.10£1,116.15
15/10/2016LadbrokesBet £20 get £10 inplay£6.92£1,123.07
15/10/2016SkybetRefund if horse 2nd or 3rd-£1.56£1,121.51
17/10/2016Poker StarsSpin & Bet Liverpool get £5 per goal£0.00£1,121.51
17/10/2016SkybetFree bet£3.81£1,125.32
18/10/2016LadbrokesBet £20 get £10 inplay£7.04£1,132.36
22/10/2016Bet365Channel 4 offer£13.61£1,145.97
22/10/2016BetfredRefund if horse 2nd£21.52£1,167.49
22/10/2016BetwayRefund if horse 2nd£15.19£1,182.68
23/10/2016LadbrokesRefund if draw (Chelsea v Man Utd)-£2.09£1,180.59
23/10/2016Bet365Channel 4 offer-£3.72£1,176.87
23/10/2016CoralWin win get in offer£92.89£1,269.76
25/10/2016LadbrokesBet £20 get £10 inplay£6.43£1,276.19
25/10/2016BetvictorBet £5 get £5 free bet£3.14£1,279.33
26/10/2016CoralWin win get in offer-£3.48£1,275.85
29/10/2016CoralWin win get in offer-£6.07£1,269.78
29/10/2016Bet365Channel 4 offer£79.22£1,349.00
29/10/2016BetwayRefund if horse 2nd-£3.56£1,345.44
29/10/2016UnibetRefund if horse 2nd-£0.39£1,345.05
29/10/2016William HillRefund if horse 2nd£41.31£1,386.36
29/10/2016Sporting BetRefund if horse 2nd£16.98£1,403.34
30/10/2016ToalsBet £40 get £5£2.52£1,405.86
31/10/2016Betfair Casino£5 matched bonus-£5.00£1,400.86

What is Clear Bonus Profits?

Clear Bonus Profits is a matched betting service run by Steve Trow from Bets For Today.

Membership gives you access to the following areas of the site:

Academy – The Academy is there to teach you everything you need to know about matched betting if you are new to the strategy. Some of the topics include video tutorials that walk you through step by step.

There are also advanced guides for completed various refund offers, as well as strategies for completing +ev casino offers.

Even if you are not new to matched betting, there may be some strategies that you haven’t come across before and it’s always useful to have somewhere to refer to for advanced offers. The guide on how to calculate the estimated value of casino offers is particularly useful.

Welcome Offers – Here you can find instructions for completing over 40 bookie new account offers, as well as Bingo and Casino welcome bonuses.

Daily Offers – This page is home to the Daily Offer calendar, where you can find all the latest on-going promotions. It includes offers for both sportsbooks and casinos with the estimated value of each offer already calculated. At the time of writing this on a Saturday afternoon there are 27 offers available across various sites.

Some are as simple as following a bookie on Twitter to get a free bet.

There aren’t usually as many offers during the week, but Ollie found that there were always at least 5-10 offers per day.

Forum – The forum is updated daily with topics on the on-going offers and there are posts where you can discuss the welcome bonuses or just general chat. It is fairly quiet at the moment with the service being quite new, but this should pick up soon. Originally the forum was on Facebook, but it has recently been moved in-house.

Software – Here there is Odds Matching software that can be used for finding suitable qualifying bets or free bets. This will be familiar to you if you have used any odds matching software before.

There is also the Racing Blaster and Tennis Blaster, which make finding potential qualifying bets for Horse Racing and Tennis offers quick and easy.

Calculator – The calculator comes in two modes, simple or advanced, and is used for calculating the correct stakes for qualifying bets or different types of free bets.

You read more in-depth information about each part of the site in our introductory post below.

What Sets Clear Bonus Profits Apart from Other Matched Betting Services?

You may have noticed that we have already reviewed several other Matched Betting services before, so what is different about Clear Bonus Profits?

Firstly, what you see is what you get with this service. Steve has advised us that the membership fee grants access to all areas of the site. You do not have to pay anything extra for use of any of the software and any future software or other features that are added to the site will be included without a price increase.

Many matched betting services have an odds matching / comparison tool, whether you have to pay extra for it or not, but the Racing and Tennis Blaster tools are designed to go one step further.

The Racing Blaster page shows all the races scheduled for that day. There are buttons for each bookie offer that is available for each of the races and when clicked, the software opens underneath. You are then able to see the available matches for that particular bookie offer on the chosen race.

On a busy Saturday of horse racing offers, this software is invaluable.

Finally, it has to be said that the layout is one of the most clean and user-friendly that we have come across so far in our matched betting service reviews.

Cost of Membership

Membership costs £1.00 for 7 days and then £19.00 per month. There is a refund guarantee of 60 days, but seriously, we can’t see how you can fail to make money with this service.

It's a shame that there isn't an annual membership option - perhaps this is something the service will consider adding in the future once they are more established.

Some things to note:
  • We’re not sure what is going on with the Tennis Blaster, but it is currently only showing a section for Wimbledon 2016, which has been and gone. It may be that there haven’t been any other suitable Tennis offers since.
  • The offers that you will find on this site are primarily for UK/IRE residents, so although the strategies may work in other countries, you would have to check you are eligible for each of the offers.
  • Bookies are becoming more savvy when it comes to identifying matched bettors and if their traders do spot an account that is taking advantage of promotions, they may limit your bet sizes or close your account altogether. However, this is likely to happen whether you are profiting from risk free offers or just making a profit in general from betting, so you may as well take advantage while you can!


Whether you are new to matched betting or already have some experience, there is something for everyone with this service. Our reviewer, Ollie, merely touched the service of what is available but has managed to bank a healthy profit.

When I first started as a member of Clear Bonus Profits, I didn’t imagine I’d be over £1000 better off by the end of the trial. I knew nothing of matched betting beforehand and learnt from scratch how it all works through the academy.

I enjoyed doing the racing offers the most, as you still have that element of excitement hoping for a horse to come second, but you know that you can’t lose the bet either way. I’ve been able to treat myself with my winnings, but as I’m a student some of it has gone towards my accommodation and food (and drink!) costs which is a weight off my mind. The rest has gone back into my float so that I can continue with the daily offers.

I would highly recommend Clear Bonus Profits to anyone, in fact I have already started telling my mates about it. They all think it’s too good to be true, but it really works!​


Despite the service being the new kid on the block, we've been impressed by how well the site has been put together. Steve has advised that there is more software in development to be added to the site soon, so the potential profit will increase even further.

Clear Bonus Profits has earned a place alongside the likes of Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser with a 5 star pass rating.

Clear Bonus Profits Review: Update Two

6th October 2016

We have now completed the second month of our review of Clear Bonus Profits and Ollie has reported back with his results. He has managed to beat last month’s results with a further profit of £567.02, which adds up to a total profit of £991.17 overall.

He started the month continuing with the Welcome Bonus offers but he has also started checking the Daily Offers calendar and having a bash at some of those.

Throughout the month he completed a total of 43 offers:

  • £465.43 profit from 21 x Welcome Bonuses
  • £101.59 profit from 22 x On-going Bonuses

He has also started working through some of the Bingo/Casino offers and got off to a good start making a profit of £51.80.

Month #2 Results
02/09/2016VernonsWelcome bonus£20.75£444.90
03/09/2016Bet VictorWelcome bonus£19.92£464.82
03/09/2016UnibetWelcome bonus£13.28£478.10
03/09/2016TotesportWelcome bonus£12.88£490.98
04/09/2016LadbrokesWelcome bonus£6.55£497.53
04/09/2016BetsafeWelcome bonus£16.10£513.63
05/09/2016BwinWelcome bonus£30.99£544.62
09/09/2016MarathonWelcome bonus£14.64£559.26
10/09/2016TitanbetWelcome bonus£30.12£589.38
10/09/2016138Welcome bonus£13.97£603.35
10/09/2016BetfairBet £5 get £5 free bet casino-£10.00£593.35
10/09/2016BetfredRefund if horse 2nd-£2.25£591.10
10/09/2016BetwayRefund if horse 2nd-£0.04£591.06
10/09/2016BetfairRefund if horse wins-£2.81£588.25
10/09/2016TotesportRefund if horse 2nd-£1.17£587.08
10/09/2016William Hill£20 risk free vegas£20.00£607.08
11/09/2016Paddy Power(Swansea v Chelsea) £25 refund if losing HT£13.58£620.66
13/09/2016BoylesportsWelcome bonus£31.44£652.10
13/09/2016Paddy Power(PSG v Arsenal) £25 refund if losing HT£17.90£670.00
14/09/2016Fun88Welcome bonus£16.56£686.56
14/09/2016Sporting BetWelcome bonus£14.72£701.28
14/09/2016BwinDaily spin£1.60£702.88
14/09/2016Paddy Power(Tottenham v Monaco) £25 refund if losing HT-£3.80£699.08
17/09/201610betWelcome bonus£37.20£736.28
17/09/2016MatchbookWelcome bonus£8.70£744.98
17/09/2016Paddy Power(Everton v Middlesbrough) £25 refund if losing HT-£1.10£743.88
17/09/2016BetfairFree bet if horse wins-£1.15£742.73
18/09/2016Ladbrokes(Watford v Man Utd) Bet £20 get £10 free bet£6.86£749.59
18/09/2016Bet At HomeWelcome bonus£12.32£761.91
18/09/2016ApollobetWelcome bonus£5.69£767.60
18/09/2016Apollo GamesRisk free bonus£0.00£767.60
18/09/2016Paddy Power(Watford v Man Utd) £25 refund if losing HT£21.20£788.80
21/09/2016888 LadiesBingo welcome bonus£41.80£830.60
24/09/2016Ladbrokes(Man Utd v Leicester) Bet £20 get £10 free bet£6.89£837.49
24/09/201612betWelcome bonus£38.22£875.71
24/09/2016Paddy Power(Man Utd v Leicester) £25 refund if losing HT-£1.30£874.41
26/09/2016CoralBet £10 get £10 free NFL£7.65£882.06
26/09/2016CashpointWelcome bonus£37.92£919.98
26/09/2016Ladbrokes(Leicester v Porto) Bet £20 get £10 free bet£6.91£926.89
29/09/2016BetfairBet £25 get 2 x £5 free bets£6.40£933.29
30/09/2016Betfred Games£5 risk free roulette£10.00£943.29
30/09/2016RedbetWelcome bonus£41.66£984.95
30/09/2016Ladbrokes(Everton v Crystal Palace) Bet £20 get £10 free bet£6.22£991.17

Ollie has now completed all of the sports Welcome Bonus offers on the site, so he will be purely focusing on the on-going offers for the final month of the review.

We'll be back next month with his final results.

Clear Bonus Profits Review: Update One

4th September 2016

Our volunteer reviewer, Ollie, has been putting Clear Bonus Profits to the test for one month now and he has reported back with his results.

So far he has managed to complete 17 of the Welcome Bonus Offers and has made a total profit of… £424.15! That’s pretty good going seen as he is new to the world of matched betting.

He has been following the bonuses on the Bookmaker Offers page in order as recommended and has finished all of the beginner offers and made a start on the intermediate. There’s still 24 offers on the list to go, so plenty more money to be made.

I did not believe “risk free betting” existed before I started with Clear Bonus Profits. After reading the articles in the academy I still felt a bit nervous, but once I saw the profits building up I gained confidence. The academy is really helpful as a newbie as it has loads of examples, pictures and videos to help you learn.

​I’ve used some of the profit I made this month to buy a PS4, so I’m well happy with that! There’s still loads of stuff on the site left for me to do, so I’m looking forward to seeing how much more money I can make.

Clear Bonus Profits Reviewer

Month #1 Results
01/08/2016CoralWelcome bonus£17.97£17.97
01/08/2016Leo VegasWelcome bonus£25.56£43.53
01/08/2016Bet 4 CausesWelcome bonus£4.98£48.51
04/08/2016Paddy PowerWelcome bonus£25.08£73.59
04/08/2016BetfredWelcome bonus£25.06£98.65
10/08/2016Bet BrightWelcome bonus£13.35£112.00
10/08/2016Stan JamesWelcome bonus£16.71£128.71
13/08/2016Poker StarsWelcome bonus£23.92£152.63
15/08/2016William HillWelcome bonus£21.22£173.85
18/08/2016BetwayWelcome bonus£22.36£196.21
20/08/2016LadbrokesWelcome bonus£41.59£237.80
21/08/2016BetdaqWelcome bonus£20.03£257.83
24/08/2016Bet365Welcome bonus£135.29£393.12
24/08/2016Bet McleanWelcome bonus£3.12£396.24
25/08/2016GentingWelcome bonus£6.67£402.91
26/08/201621betWelcome bonus£6.26£409.17
30/08/2016888sportWelcome bonus£14.98£424.15

Ollie is going to continue working through the Welcome Offers, but it might take him a bit longer now that the summer break is over. We will report back with his results once he has finished them all, including the casino & bingo sign up bonuses.

Clear Bonus Profits Review: Introduction

1st August 2016

Matched Betting is a well-known low risk strategy used for taking advantage of the promotions and bonuses offered by online bookmakers. It has been around for many years and it is still going strong, as bookies continue to try and attract new customers.

Clear Bonus Profits is a new service that aims to show the ropes to newcomers of the Matched Betting world, but also looks to be beneficial for those who are already experienced.

It is run by Steve Trow who you may have heard of from Bets For Today. He is a former accountant who now makes a living from sports trading, straight betting and matched betting and he now wants to show people how they can do the same.

He launched Clear Bonus Profits with the aim of creating a clear path for learning the matched betting process, as well as offering guidance and tools for continuing to make risk-free profits in the long term.

Membership to the site gives you full access to everything in one place - the tutorials, video guides, software and calculators. Where some services might charge an additional fee for odds matching software or on-going bookie offers, this one doesn’t.

Clear Bonus Profits Review Dashboard

How does it work?

For beginners the first stop is the “Academy” where there are tutorials and video guides to all the main aspects of matched betting, from bankroll management to backing and laying, betting exchanges and calculating the EV (expected value) of casino offers.

After learning the basics, you can move on to making some risk free money from bookie “Welcome Bonus Offers”. Here there are over 40 offers listed, split into easy, intermediate and advanced categories. The idea is to work your way through them in the order that they are listed in.

From the “Easy” section alone there is a minimum of £458 risk-free profit to be made.

  • Easy offers - £458+
  • Intermediate offers - £145+
  • Advanced offers - £501+

= £1104+ risk-free profit

When clicking on a welcome offer, you are taken to a page that guides you through opening an account, placing your qualifying bet and how to place the free bet. The main terms and conditions that you need to know are all provided, such as minimum odds and stake.

There is also a list of the information you need to put into the “Matched Betting Calculator” to make sure the correct stakes are calculated.

Finally the odds matching software is built-in to the page at the bottom, so for example you are competing a Coral welcome bonus, all the best matches for Coral are listed to save time.

So that is over £1000 profit to be made just from completing the welcome bonuses… and that is just the beginning!

Daily Offers

After completing the Sign Up Bonuses, you are advised to move on to the next section, which is the Daily Offers.

Here there is a calendar shows all the available bookie offers for each day.

Clear Bonus Profits Review Daily Offers

By clicking on the offer, it expands and gives more details, such as the main terms and conditions, the recommended strategy, a link to the offer and a link to the forum page where you can discuss the offer with other members.

On first glance, we really like the look of this. The layout is clear and it’s easy to look through and see what offers you fancy doing that day. There appears to be offers listed every day, even though we are looking at it on one of the quietest days of the week for sports. There are also the casino bonus offers to work through too.

At the weekend we expect it would get quite full, but there is a great little feature that lets you add the offer to your own calendar so that you can keep track of what you’re doing.

Casino and Bingo Bonuses

It doesn’t end there! The other lucrative parts of the site are the Bingo and Casino offers. Here you can find guides on completing both risk-free bonuses and offers that aren’t risk-free but are +ev in the long term.

There are also extra guides for these offers in the Academy, such as optimal blackjack strategy and calculating EV.

Clear Bonus Profits Review Interface

Odds Software and Calculators

The odds software is quite standard and if you have ever used this type of software before you will most likely recognise it. Again there is a guide provided on how to use it if not.

You can use it for finding arbs (arbitrage bets) or matches for the various offers available.

One of the things we really like so far is the Racing and Tennis Blasters.

Clear Bonus Profits Review Racing Blaster Software

On opening up either the Racing or Tennis Blaster software, you are presented with a page listing all the races that day that have refund offers and the corresponding bookie. By clicking on the offer, the odds matching software is opened up below it with potential matches that you could use to qualify for the offer.

It also states the qualifying loss at a glance so that you can work out whether it is suitable or not.

This is going to be major time saver when it comes to completing daily offers.

Clear Bonus Profits Review Racing Blaster

Finally, there is the Matched Betting Calculator that we mentioned earlier. This has a simple and advanced mode.

The advanced mode is useful for calculating underlays or overlays, which you may want to do with certain offers. There is a simple slider to adjust the stake and the figures are updated automatically.

Clear Bonus Profits Review Matched Betting Calculator


The forum has recently been transferred over from Facebook to an in-house forum, which personally we definitely prefer. It is fairly active at the moment and is sure to get even busier as the site grows.

There are threads for all the New Account Offers and Daily Offers and these are updated regularly.

Steve is also active himself in the forum and is always on hand to give advice on anything.


There is a trial available for £1, which gives 7 days full access to the site.

Following this membership is priced at £19.00 per month.

We have a volunteer for this review, Ollie, who will be putting Clear Bonus Profits to the test. Ollie is a student and is completely new to Matched Betting and betting online in general. He has had the odd accumulator bet on the football at weekends, but that is pretty much it.

He is going to work his way through the Welcome Bonuses and report back in a month’s time. We’re looking forward to seeing how he gets on!

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