Football Bankbuilder Review: Lay Betting System

Football Bankbuilder Review
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Welcome to our Football Bankbuilder review - A lay betting system from the authors of the highly popular Little Acorns strategy, Matt Fisher and Andrew David.

Our review of Football Bankbuilder has now come to an end and we are pleased to report that it has made a profit in each of the three months of our trial with both of the staking plans we tested.

Dave started off with a bank of £352, the lowest starting bank suggested by the author, and has made an overall profit of £87.84 with a very healthy ROI of 18.7% using the High/Low staking plan. This works out as a profit of 43.92 points.

At level £2.00 stakes the system returned a profit of £20.92 with an ROI of 12.1%.

This system gets an easy pass from us!

Here is an example of what we would have made with various advised starting banks and stake sizes:

  • £2.00 per point / £352 starting bank: +£87.84
  • £5.00 per point / £880 starting bank: +£219.60
  • £10.00 per point / £1760 starting bank: +£439.92
  • £25.00 per point / £4400 starting bank: +£1098
  • £50 per point / £8800 starting bank: +£2196
  • £100 per point / £17600 starting bank: +£4392

Football Bankbuilder is a lay betting system from the authors of the highly popular Little Acorns strategy, Matt Fisher and Andrew David. It comes in the form of a PDF guide and is based on using set criteria for match selection and placing lay bets on Over/Under Goals markets. We found it to be straightforward and very much a set and forget system.

There are currently three different staking plans recommended – Fibonacci, Two Steps Back After A Winner and Level Staking, and the new High/Low staking plan now known as Profit Booster, which has been vigourously tested over 12 months.

The results for the system will vary from person to person, in part due to match selection and in part due to which staking plan is used. We tested out the High/Low algorithm, which sets the level of the following days bets.

For our review the low stakes were set at £2.00 and the high stakes at £6.00. We started the first month being instructed to bet “High, but for the whole of the last two months, the staking system instructed to bet at “Low” stakes and this is reflected in the profits and performance chart below.

Football Bankbuilder Review Graph

The increases during our trial were not dramatic, however the authors do recommend compounding the bank each month, which could soon see the profits mount up.

The High/Low plan is designed to protect the bank during a downturn, although fortunately our results proved to be very consistent and there weren’t any major losing streaks.

Key Stats
Number of Bets192192
Total Liabilities£468.94£173.55
Average Odds1.901.90
Strike Rate54.7%54.7%
End Bank£439.84£372.92

Month Three Results
15/02/16Jong Ajax v Go Ahead EaglesX2.00L1.91-1.82422.22364.11
15/02/16Nurnberg v BochumX2.00L1.921.90424.12365.06
15/02/16Brescia v AscoliX2.00L1.931.90426.02366.01
16/02/16Accrington v CarlisleX2.00L1.861.90427.92366.96
16/02/16Dundee v MotherwellX2.00L1.91-1.82426.10366.05
16/02/16Hartlepool v Notts CountyX2.00L1.98-1.96424.14365.07
18/02/16FC Inter v HJK HelsinkiX2.00L1.921.90426.04366.02
18/02/16CSKA Moscow v Dinamo MoscowX2.00L1.991.90427.94366.97
18/02/16Midtyjlland v Man UtdX2.00L1.801.90429.84367.92
19/02/16St Pauli v FSV FrankfurtX2.00L1.851.90431.74368.87
19/02/16Den Haag v ZwolleX2.00L1.851.90433.64369.82
19/02/16E Frankfurt v HamburgX2.00L1.841.90435.54370.77
20/02/16Kasimpasa v EskisehirsporX2.00L1.98-1.96433.58369.79
20/02/16Exeter v Newport CountyX2.00L1.98-1.96431.62368.81
20/02/16Cagliari v PescaraX2.00L1.94-1.88429.74367.87
23/02/16Albion v BrechinX2.00L1.99-1.98427.76366.88
23/02/16Barnet v PortsmouthX2.00L1.97-1.94425.82365.91
23/02/16Brentford v WolvesX2.00L1.911.90427.72366.86
26/02/16Achilles v Jong PSVX2.00L1.91-1.82425.90365.95
26/02/16Excelsior v NijmegenX2.00L1.941.90427.80366.90
26/02/16VVV Venlo v NAC BredaX2.00L1.901.90429.70367.85
27/02/16Bochum v SV SandhausenX2.00L1.971.90431.60368.80
27/02/16W Bremen v SV DarmstadtX2.00L1.931.90433.50369.75
27/02/16Wimbledon v OxfordX2.00L1.971.90435.40370.70
28/02/16Heracles v RodaX2.00L1.971.90437.30371.65
28/02/16Utrecht v FeyenoordX2.00L1.86-1.72435.58370.79
28/02/16Udinese v VeronaX2.00L1.951.90437.48371.74
29/02/16FC Midtjylland v AaBX2.00L1.91-1.82435.66370.83
29/02/16Fenerbache v BesiktasX2.00L1.931.90437.56371.78
29/02/16Sogndal v TromsoX2.00L1.971.90439.46372.73
01/03/16Greuther Furth v Union BerlinX2.00L1.97-1.94437.52371.76
01/03/16Hannover v WolfsburgX2.00L1.93-1.86435.66370.83
01/03/16Albion v StenhousemuirX2.00L1.911.90437.56371.78
02/03/16Malaga v ValenciaX2.00L1.881.90439.46372.73
02/03/16Rio Av v BragaX2.00L1.99-1.98437.48371.74
02/03/16Schalke v HamburgX2.00L1.931.90439.38372.69
04/03/16Austria Lustenau v St PoltenX2.00L1.97-1.94437.44371.72
04/03/16Austria Salzburg v FC Weiner NeustadtX2.00L1.91-1.82435.62370.81
04/03/16Mersin Yurdu v SivassporX2.00L1.93-1.86433.76369.88
05/03/16Union Berlin v FSV FrankfurtX2.00L1.90-1.80431.96368.98
05/03/16Bursaspor v RizesporX2.00L1.901.90433.86369.93
05/03/16Barnet v HartlepoolX2.00L1.971.90435.76370.88
06/03/16Kasimpasa v AntalysporX2.00L1.89-1.78433.98369.99
06/03/16Nijmegen v HeraclesX2.00L1.991.90435.88370.94
06/03/16Bochum v Arminia BielefeldX2.00L1.99-1.98433.90369.95
07/03/16Adanaspor v Kayseri ErciyessporX2.00L1.911.90435.80370.90
07/03/16St Gallen v GrasshoppersX2.00L1.831.90437.70371.85
08/03/16Hull v ArsenalX2.00L1.921.90439.60372.80
08/03/16Berwick v ArbroathX2.00L1.96-1.92437.68371.84
08/03/16Bristol Rovers v WimbledonX2.00L1.911.90439.58372.79
10/03/16FC Basel v SevillaX2.00L1.97-1.94437.64371.82
10/03/16Shaktar v AnderlechtX2.00L1.951.90439.54372.77
10/03/16A Bilbao v ValenciaX2.00L1.81-1.62437.92371.96
11/03/16FC Tokyo v KobeX2.00L1.94-1.88436.04371.02
11/03/16FAC Team Fur Wien v Austria LustenauX2.00L1.981.90437.94371.97
11/03/16Trabzonspor v Mersin Idman YurduX2.00L1.921.90439.84372.92
12/03/16Kashiwa v IwataX2.00L1.981.90441.74373.87
12/03/16Duisburg v Union BerlinX2.00L1.98-1.96439.78372.89
12/03/16Samsunspor v AlanyesporX2.00L1.971.90441.68373.84
13/03/16Lyngby v SkiveX2.00L1.95-1.90439.78372.89
13/03/16Young Boys v SionX2.00L1.97-1.94437.84371.92
13/03/16Vitesse v FeyenoordX2.00L1.971.90439.74372.87
14/03/16Austria Lustenau v Lask LinzX2.00L1.941.90441.64373.82
14/03/16Antalyaspor v BursasporX2.00L1.90-1.80439.84372.92


Football Bankbuilder costs a one-off fee of £97, which includes the strategy e-book and full support. The High/Low staking plan has now been released and officially named "Profit Booster" and costs an additional £19.97.

It is for the individual user to assess whether this staking plan is worth paying extra for, or whether they would stick to the other plans provided, or some other of their own devising.

On the basis that there has been an increase in profit each month, this system certainly merits a pass and it would be a useful addition to any betting portfolio.


The system takes very little time to implement each day and Dave has been able to steadily increase his bank and achieve a fantastic return on his money. Highly recommended!

Football Bankbuilder Review: Update Two

16th February 2016

It’s Dave here with an update to my review of Football Bankbuilder, the football laying system, which is now at the end of the second month. I have followed the selection process and the algorithm, which this month has seen most if not all of my bets placed for the minimum amount with a resultant small increase in my bank size. We are however still increasing the bank albeit very slowly at present.

Using the algorithm has seen my bank increase from £416.68 at the end of last month to £424.04 at the end of this. This is certainly not a dramatic increase but as we all know, results have been very strange over the last month or so.

Again, when using level stakes, the bank has increased from £361.34 to £365.02. Not huge but going the right way.

This is a normal curvature for FBB when in downturn - it shows the resilience of the staking plan that even on a downturn we can make slight gains and protect the bank.

It’s more like an investment program, hence why we have many heavy hitters using this too, as when we win we win good but when we lose we lose very little.

Matt Fisher
Joint Author of Football Bankbuilder

Key Stats
Number of Bets7676
Total Stakes£152.00£76.00
Average Odds1.901.90
Strike Rate51.3%51.3%

Month Two Results
15/01/16Fortuna Sittard v Den BoschX2.00L1.841.90418.58362.29
15/01/16Volendam v NAC BredaX2.00L1.76-1.52417.06361.53
15/01/16Waalwijk v TelstarX2.00L1.81-1.62415.44360.72
16/01/16Karsiyaka v Adana DemirsporX2.00L1.88-1.76413.68359.84
16/01/16Barnet v CarlisleX2.00L1.921.90415.58360.79
17/01/16Den Haag v AjaxX2.00L1.99-1.98413.60359.80
17/01/16Genoa v PalermoX2.00L1.921.90415.50360.75
17/01/16Ross County v AberdeenX2.00L1.941.90417.40361.70
18/01/16Alanyaspor v DenizlisporX2.00L1.95-1.90415.50360.75
18/01/16Arminia Bielefeld v SchalkeX2.00L1.821.90417.40361.70
18/01/16Den Bosch v VolendamX2.00L1.891.90419.30362.65
19/01/16Akhisar Belediye v GalatasarayX2.00L1.951.90421.20363.60
19/01/16Accrington v HartlepoolX2.00L1.90-1.80419.40362.70
19/01/16Bradford v BuryX2.00L1.85-1.70417.70361.85
20/01/16Boulogne v LorientX2.00L1.87-1.74415.96360.98
20/01/16Adanspor v GaziantepsporX2.00L1.971.90417.86361.93
22/01/16Bourg Peronnas v ValenciennesX2.00L1.88-1.76416.10361.05
22/01/16Chateroux v DunkerqueX2.00L1.93-1.86414.24360.12
22/01/16Emmen v Den BoschX2.00L1.751.90416.14361.07
23/01/16Lahti v HIFKX2.00L1.811.90418.04362.02
23/01/16Norwich v LiverpoolX2.00L1.781.90419.94362.97
23/01/16Mersin V Akhisar BelediyeX2.00L1.99-1.98417.96361.98
24/01/16A Bilbao v EibarX2.00L1.941.90419.86362.93
24/01/16Sivasspor v EskisehirasporX2.00L1.991.90421.76363.88
24/01/16Fiorentina v TorinoX2.00L1.88-1.76420.00363.00
25/01/16Achilles v Fortuna SittardX2.00L1.86-1.72418.28362.14
26/01/16Willem II v GroningenX2.00L1.951.90420.18363.09
26/01/16Blackpool v Sheffield UtdX2.00L1.90-1.80418.38362.19
26/01/15Bradford v BarnsleyX2.00L1.90-1.80416.58361.29
27/01/16Gaziantepspor v TrabzonsporX2.00L1.881.90418.48362.24
27/01/16Antalyaspor v FenerbacheX2.00L1.871.90420.38363.19
27/01/16De Graafschap v Den HaagX2.00L1.90-1.80418.58362.29
28/01/16Eskisehirspor v BursasporX2.00L1.95-1.90416.68361.34
28/01/16Roda v UtrechtX2.00L1.871.90418.58362.29
28/01/16Las Palmas v ValenciaX2.00L1.84-1.68416.90361.45
29/01/16Willem II v HeraclesX2.00L1.921.90418.80362.40
29/01/16Mainz v B MonchengladbachX2.00L1.831.90420.70363.35
30/01/16Cesena v AscoliX2.00L1.891.90422.60364.30
30/01/16Augsburg v E FrankfurtX2.00L1.821.90424.50365.25
30/01/16SV Darmstadt v SchalkeX2.00L1.96-1.92422.58364.29
01/02/16Trabzonspor v A BelediyeX2.00L1.98-1.96420.62363.31
02/02/16Albion v StranraerX2.00L1.991.90422.52364.26
02/02/16Arsenal v SouthamptonX2.00L1.87-1.74420.78363.39
03/02/16Lyon v BordeauxX2.00L1.941.90422.68364.34
03/02/16Aberdeen v CelticX2.00L1.91-1.82420.86363.43
03/02/16Brugge v GentX2.00L1.971.90422.76364.38
04/02/16RoPS v KuPSX2.00L1.81-1.62421.14363.57
04/02/16Sevilla v Celta VigoX2.00L1.91-1.82419.32362.66
05/02/16Bochum v FreiburgX2.00L1.92-1.84417.48361.74
05/02/16Kaiserlauten v Union BerlinX2.00L1.901.90419.38362.69
05/02/16Osnabruck v CottbusX2.00L1.91-1.82417.56361.78
06/02/16Kayserispor v Mersin Idman YurduX2.00L1.91-1.82415.74360.87
06/02/16Schalke v WolfsburgX2.00L1.94-1.88413.86359.93
06/02/16Cardiff v MK DonsX2.00L1.86-1.72412.14359.07
07/02/16Verona v Inter MilanX2.00L1.99-1.98410.16358.08
07/02/16Celta Vigo v SevillaX2.00L1.981.90412.06359.03
07/02/16Marseille v PSGX2.00L1.951.90413.96359.98
08/02/16Kasimpasa v GlenclerbirgliX2.00L1.82-1.64412.32359.16
08/02/16Go Ahead Eagles v Den BoschX2.00L1.841.90414.22360.11
09/02/16Cowdenbeath v AlbionX2.00L1.95-1.90412.32359.16
09/02/16Dagenham & Redbridge v WycombeX2.00L1.831.90414.22360.11
09/02/16Hartlepool v StevenageX2.00L1.981.90416.12361.06
10/02/16Troyes v St EtienneX2.00L1.97-1.94414.18360.09
10/02/16Halifax v ChesterX2.00L1.95-1.90412.28359.14
10/02/16Peterborough v WBAX2.00L1.93-1.86410.42358.21
11/02/16Baseksehir v RizesporX2.00L1.951.90412.32359.16
11/02/16Celta Vigo v SevillaX2.00L1.76-1.52410.80358.40
12/02/16FSV Frankfurt v Greuther FurthX2.00L1.831.90412.70359.35
12/02/16Go Ahead Eagles v VVV VenloX2.00L1.951.90414.60360.30
12/02/16Helmond v Den BoschX2.00L1.821.90416.50361.25
13/02/16Glenclerbirligi v BursasporX2.00L1.98-1.96414.54360.27
13/02/16Darmstadt v LeverkeusenX2.00L1.901.90416.44361.22
13/02/16Stuttgart v Hertha BerlinX2.00L1.921.90418.34362.17
14/02/16AC Milan v GenoaX2.00L1.861.90420.24363.12
14/02/16Freiburg v Fortuna DusseldorfX2.00L1.941.90422.14364.07
14/02/16Excelsior v Den HaagX2.00L1.951.90424.04365.02

I feel that hopefully, the bank will increase in the final month of the trial especially if the algorithm tells me to make larger bets which I am sure that it will at some stage. I am still maintaining straight £2 bets when told to bet low and £6 bets when told to bet high.

The user selects the matches to use on a daily basis and it may be that I need to tighten the filters on my selections a little. Each individual will get different results using this as they will doubtless pick different matches to mine as their selections.

I will report back in a months’ time with the final update for this system and am hopeful that a reasonable profit will have been achieved at the end of this time.

Football Bankbuilder Review: Update One

19th January 2016

It’s Dave here with an update to my trial of Football Bankbuilder, which has now come to the end of its first month. I started with the smallest bank suggested by the author of £352.00 and using their "High/Low" algorithm, this has grown to £416.68 an increase of £64.68. In total from 52 lay bets, there was a liability of £212.98, which gave a return on investment of 30.4%.

I feel that this is a very satisfactory outcome for the first month and bodes well for the system, which concentrates solely on one particular football market.

I have been entering the data into the algorithm they supply on a daily basis and placing my stakes according to the result of doing that which is instantly indicated after pressing the submit button. Where it suggested "LOW" then my stakes have been a straight £2 bet and where it shows "HIGH", the stakes have been increased to £6.

Key Stats
Number of Bets5252
Total Liability£212.98£45.57
Average Odds1.881.88
Strike Rate57.7%57.7%

Month One Results
DateMatchU/2.5O/2.5StakeHi/LoOddsP/LBankLevel Stakes
14/12/15El Jaish V Al Sadd (Qatar)X6H1.81-4.86347.14351.19
14/12/15Cracovia Krakow v Korona KielaX6H1.945.70352.84352.14
14/12/15Samsunspor v BalikesirsporX6H1.92-5.52347.32351.22
15/12/15Persija Jakarta v PS TNIX6H1.945.70353.02352.17
15/12/15Acharniakos v IraklisX6H1.99-5.94347.08351.18
15/12/15FC Goa v Delhi DynamoX6H1.955.70352.78352.13
16/12/15Aydinspor v Mersin IdmanYusduX6H1.95-5.70347.08351.18
16/12/15Mladost Liceni v OFK BelgradeX6H1.75-4.50342.58350.43
16/12/15Penservikos v Asteras TripolisX6H1.935.70348.28351.38
17/12/15Lazio v UdineseX6H1.935.70353.98352.33
17/12/15Dynamo Dresden v Wurzburger KickersX6H1.825.70359.68353.28
17/12/15Wolves v LeedsX6H1.715.70365.38354.23
26/12/15Brentford v BrightonX6H1.995.70371.08355.18
26/12/15KV Kortrijk v Club BruggeX6H1.97-5.82365.26354.21
26/12/15Antalyaspor v GaziantapsporX6H1.965.70370.96355.16
27/12/15Elazigspor v AdanasporX6H1.94-5.64365.32354.22
27/12/15Kayserispor v GalatasarayX6H1.945.70371.02355.17
27/12/15Zulte Waregam v OostendeX6H1.85.70376.72356.12
28/12/15Southend v MillwallX6H1.915.70382.42357.07
28/12/15Bristol Rovers v Leyton OrientX6H1.865.70388.12358.02
28/12/15Burneley v Bristol CityX6H1.745.70393.82358.97
29/12/15Airdrie v StenhousemuirX6H1.695.70399.52359.92
29/12/15Fulham v RotherhamX6H1.83-4.98394.54359.09
29/12/15Cowdenbeath v AyrX6H1.71-4.26390.28358.38
30/12/15Hamilton v Inverness Caley ThistleX6H1.855.70395.98359.33
30/12/15PSG v InterX6H1.955.70401.68360.28
30/12/15Celta Vigo v A BilboaX6H1.985.70407.38361.23
02/01/16Dundee v Dundee UnitedX6H1.95-5.70401.68360.28
02/01/16W Ham v LiverpoolX6H1.77-4.62397.06359.51
03/01/16C Palace v ChelseaX6H1.785.70402.76360.46
03/01/16Betis v EibarX6H1.755.70408.46361.41
03/01/16Everton v SpursX6H1.825.70414.16362.36
06/01/16Chemnitzer v SV DarmstadtX6H1.95.70419.86363.31
06/01/16Palermo v FiorentinaX6H1.975.70425.56364.26
06/01/16R Vallecano v A MadridX6H1.76-4.56421363.5
07/01/16C Brugge v AZ AlkmaarX2L1.8-1.60419.4362.7
07/01/16Wigan v GillinghamX2L1.911.90421.3363.65
09/01/16Wycombe v A VillaX2L1.78-1.56419.74362.87
09/01/16Arbroath v ElginX2L1.79-1.58418.16362.08
09/01/16Sevilla v A BilboaX2L1.91-1.82416.34361.17
10/01/16Carlisle v YeovilX2L1.97-1.94414.4360.2
10/01/16Sociedad v ValenciaX2L1.811.90416.3361.15
10/01/16Sporting Lisbon v BragaX2L1.871.90418.2362.1
12/01/16Adanspor v TrabzonsporX2L1.94-1.88416.32361.16
12/01/16Bournemouth v West HamX2L1.871.90418.22362.11
12/01/16Brentford v MiddlesbroughX2L1.82-1.64416.58361.29
13/01/16Toulouse v MarseillesX2L1.971.90418.48362.24
13/01/16Villareal v A BilbaoX2L1.94-1.88416.6361.3
13/01/16Liverpool v ArsenalX2L1.941.90418.5362.25
14/01/16Karabukspor v Sivas BelediyesporX2L1.93-1.86416.64361.32
14/01/16Eskisehirspor v TepiciksporX2L1.93-1.86414.78360.39
14/01/16Granada v ValenciaX2L1.931.90416.68361.34

Match selections are made by the individual user and so everybody who uses this method will have different results. The authors do suggest certain types of leagues and matches to avoid but, at the end of the day, this is again down to the individual. Up to a maximum of three matches are selected per day.

This is very much a set and forget system and would be ideal for anyone who either is not available all day or is constrained by time as it only takes a matter of minutes to select the days bets and place them.

As always, there will be a further update in a month.

Football Bankbuilder Review: Introduction

19th December 2015

Hi I’m David and I’m commencing a three month trial of Football Bankbuilder by Matt Fisher and Andrew David. You may have come across other systems from Matt or Andrew, including the popular Little Acorns strategy. This system may also be familiar to some of you as it has been around for some time.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the system, it takes a particular football market and then applies a number of criteria to obtain the days match selections. Lay bets are placed on Betfair and generally, there is no trading involved. Instructions for the system are detailed in a 32-page manual.

The sales page starts by suggesting you can turn £1000 into £3138.43 in 12 months and then into £30912.68 in 36 months. After reading on, we see that the authors have been testing the system since 2011 and there has only been one losing month since inception.

Knowing that they were able to achieve consistent profits each month, they experimented with various staking plans and worked out a way to compound a small betting bank into a large sum. That explains the initial bold claims – however, they do state that there may be setbacks along the way.

It's not, of course, all plain sailing because you may sustain a slight loss some months which could delay your reaching the target amount by month 36. However, indications are it's unlikely to be much beyond 36 months when you get there.

Football Bankbuilder

They currently recommend three different staking plans – Fibonacci, Two Steps Back After A Winner and Level Staking. However, the author has come up with a new staking plan called High/Low, which I shall try to explain further in next months update. The reason for this being that it relies on past data to set the stakes and until I use it in anger, I do not know the current stake level.

The suggested bank at minimum £2 stakes is £352. I will use minimum stakes (but at the level set by the system) as they can increase quite quickly. The author indicates that a maximum of between one and three bets a day is best.

The system is available for a one off price of £97. This includes the strategy guide plus full support from the author. The staking plan that we are testing for this review is yet to be released, but it’s likely that it will be once it has been tested rigorously.

I will report back next month with my results using level stakes and of course the new High/Low method.


  1. Hi, nice to see that footballbankbuilder get pass from you. I want to pay for tjis system but have one question. Can I use this system just in Betfair or I have to use and some other bookmakers too? I asking that because I am from Bulgaria and now can place my bets only in Betfair.

  2. Did your guy ignore the match odds liquidity guideline? I see a lot of fixtures in the posted results which probably wouldn’t have managed to reach it prior to KO.

    1. Hi David, response from Dave who reviewed the product: “I felt that a liquidity of £2000 was sufficient for bets of this size and used that as a rough rule of thumb (same as Goal Profits). The main leagues met these criteria as they are the ones that people stake money on and therefore, they feature more prominently than others. Each individual will perhaps choose different matches based on the core criteria and for various reasons, (e.g. I know nothing at all about Russian League 3 football) leave out some of the choices in favour of others “

  3. Thanks,

    I’m a month in, adhering to the liquidity guidelines and using high/low with the recommendations from its creator Jerome which allows more than one game to be bet on at a time. So far I’m £34 down on a £1000 bank after 94 bets. No sign of any real upwards movement.

    I will stick with it as perhaps this month being a mixture of end of season plus Scandi/Russian games is uncharacteristic. However I may go back to waiting for the outcome of one match before betting on another (as per Andrew/Matt) if things don’t pick up in Months 2 & 3.

  4. hi, i have this system and i have started trading out when there is no chance of the score coming in. Maybe a few pence but as gp states try and control your losses so i guess over time the few pence will soon add up.

  5. Great system once the hi/lo algorithm kicks in, currently on £1,344 from a £1,000 and all in a safe environment with no massive risk. One of best footie methods i’ve used for a long time. Hats off to the hi/lo developer.

    1. Hi Martin, We recently did another two months worth of testing Football Bankbuilder selections and I will be analysing the results soon, so keep an eye out for an update.

    1. Hi Scott, we did do some more testing – 99 bets using £2 base stakes, that resulted in a loss of £0.07 using the fibonacci staking and a profit of £13.99 using the two steps back plan. The high/low staking is still our favourite out of all of them as it is lower risk than the recovery types.

  6. Yes the high low staking plan is excellent for this one with no loss chasing either! The fib sequence for me made +17 points so cant understand the above? although i stick to the big leagues as advised seem more reliable so that may be the difference

  7. Really interested in this system. One question: Is the revelation staking plan the same as the high/low? If so, do we get both when purchasing the system?

    1. The high/low staking plan is called “Profit Booster” and according to the updated sales page usually costs an extra £37, but is currently free of charge for a limited amount of customers. We are not sure about the “Revelation” staking plan, but we will contact the authors to find out and let you know.

    1. Hi Alberto, There’s nothing new to report as there haven’t been any notable changes to the system since our review and our original rating still stands.

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