Early Odds Review: Horse Racing Betting Tips

Early Odds Review

Early Odds specialises in finding value horse racing bets the night before races are run.

We have reviewed Early Odds twice now and achieved excellent profits both times. In fact, we made in excess of 200 points profit at the available odds (we checked every one).

Our first trial back in 2016 resulted in 162.16 points profit to level 1 point stakes (36.4% ROI) and the second trial banked a further 41.37 points profit (17.6% ROI). More than 200 points profit in the bank!

Despite the service focusing on taking early value prices, the Betfair SP results also proved to be profitable. Trial one made 58.91 points profit and trial two achieved 20.58 points profit.

All the results for both trials are below or click here to get started with Early Odds.

Review Update - Latest Results

As you can see in the results breakdown below, Early Odds continues to be a solid horse racing tips service to follow. They have delivered 187.57 points profit in the past 12 months, which works out as £1,875.70 to £10 stakes.

DateProfit/Loss (Points)Profit/Loss (£10 Stakes)


Early Odds is run by Max, a computer programmer and professional horse racing analyst from Montenegro.

He spent a long time building up his own database and developed software to conduct analysis. He is now able to calculate what he believes the odds should be and compare them with what the bookmakers are offering in order to find value.

Max's tips were 'live proofed' between November 2015 and January 2016, generating 186.90 points profit using level 1 point stakes. His profits continued into February and March.

Early Odds Review Results Graph

Max sends out an average of 5 win only tips per day, which are mainly sent out before 10.00pm the evening before races. He advises a 120 point starting bank and all selections are to be backed using 1 point level stakes.

We did sometimes receive extra selections the next day. We were always forewarned if there would be more tips to come, but there was no set time.

I don’t claim to have secret insider contacts at race courses or psychic abilities! What I do have is programming skills and a monetary fascination in the sport of kings.

I have used my skills and the desire to profit to develop a cash winning formula. Any emotion is stripped from the strategy and it has been working perfectly for years.


Early Odds

Key Stats

Trial 1

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBetfair SP
Number of Bets446446446
Total Stakes (pts)446.00446.00446.00
Profit/Loss (pts)+162.75+162.16+58.91
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)+£1,627.50+£1,621.60+£589.10
Average Odds7.247.186.71
Strike Rate24%24%24%
Bank (pts)282.75282.16178.91

Trial 2

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets235235235
Total Stakes (pts)235.00235.00235.00
Profit/Loss (pts)48.3341.3720.58
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£483.30£413.70£205.80
Average Odds6.125.796.17
Strike Rate25.1%25.1%25.1%
Bank Growth40.3%34.5%17.2%
Bank (120pt starting)168.33161.37140.58

Results Graphs

As with all value betting, you must expect to experience some long losing streaks! We had a run of 20 losing bets in the row in the first month and you do need patience to ride out the storm.

As you can see on the trial two graph, it was a shaky start but things came good in the end.

Trial One Results Graph

Early Odds Horse Tips Review Graph

Trial Two Results Graph

Early Odds Review Graph 2

Trial One Summary

We got off to a great start in trial one, making 50.96 points profit during the first month.

Month two was even better and added a further 100.71 points profit to our bank. We had more than doubled our starting bank in just two months and all was looking rosy!

The third month was not as explosive, but still achieved a profit of 10.49 points.

We were able to get the required odds most of the time, but we did find that some of the bookies hadn’t priced their markets up yet so we were limited to which ones we could use. We could have waited a bit longer, but then there was the risk of the odds shortening.

The odds ranged from evens to 25/1 and we hit plenty of short-priced winners which kept the profits ticking over while we waited for a big one to land.

Trial Two Summary

From time to time, we re-trial services to make sure that they are still profitable and worthy of our pass ratings.

Betfan had reported a profit of more than 300 points for Early Odds since the end of our first trial and an average profit of approximately 18 points per month, so that was very promising.

The stakes were still set to a level 1 point per bet and the tips were still sent out the evening before, with the occasional few bets on the day of the race.

We didn't enjoy such a good start this time around, losing 13.44 points during month one. Losing runs are absolutely normal with value betting and we were not too concerned so early on.

Month two was better, banking 12.69 points profit to get us back more or less level then month three did the business. We achieved 40.62 points profit to end up with 41.37 points profit for the second trial overall.

Overall Summary

Having made a profit during two separate trials, we're very happy to recommend Early Odds.

The published long-term results have been consistently good with a profit of more than 800 points delivered at the advised odds and 148 points at BSP. During both trials we were able to match the suggested odds most of the time, so these numbers appear to be realistic.

There are no dodgy staking plans; it's a simple 1 point stake per bet.

It's great to see that Max is still delivering the goods and providing consistent profits to his followers. We can confidently recommend the service as a great addition to your betting portfolio.

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Early Odds is a value horse racing betting service which banked a profit both times we trialled the results. We highly recommend taking a look at this tipster.


  • Solid, consistent profits
  • Simple level staking plan
  • Most bets received evening before races
  • Able to get the required odds the majority of the time


  • Membership is expensive unless you opt for long-term options

11 thoughts on “Early Odds Review: Horse Racing Betting Tips”

  1. Nice review.

    The problem with this is that you cannot only use betfair. The odds provided are most of the times higher on different bookies. And the advised odds change on the provided bookies.

    • Hi bik, not sure what you mean? We always check what odds are available at the time the email is received and record the results based on these odds as well as the advised odds. The service made a profit of 58.91 points at Betfair SP over three months and 162.16 points profit from the odds available.

  2. I have been a member since April most of the prices are impossible to get. Bookies don’t like laying prices overnight. I have no accounts that lay decent bets and have to go to the betting shops.. You have to be a magician to obtain the profit quoted. Therefore I have left the service. It’s just like price wise fantasy profit and loss figures.

    • Hi Zainal, during the review we tested what the available odds were after receiving the email and we were able to get the required odds the majority of the time. They do disappear quite quickly so you really need to try and get the bets on within half an hour or less if possible. Of course the more popular the service becomes, the more chance there is of odds being cut with many people trying to get bets on at the same time. There’s a widget that you can download from the vendor that might help as it alerts you when new tips are available.

  3. hi ..would placing bets with bookies the night before, put your accounts @ risk ? ..I do a lot of matched betting,freebets,bonuses,reloads etc & am aware how sensitive bookies can be with people seeking value bets ..have recently joined goalprofits & taking the slow & steady route with trading & am looking to add to my betting bank with several tipster services ..by having a few services running alondside each other, the betting bank should grow steadily ..if the service was profitable with betfair SP prices, the selections must have had gr8 value …regards

    • Hi Rick, in my experience it doesn’t really matter when you put your bets on… if you are making a profit your accounts will be at risk sooner or later. There are some ways to prolong the life of your accounts, like placing “cover” bets on short priced favs (football or horses) and lay them off for a few pence loss at Betfair. Also be sure to rotate the bookies you use.

  4. Its true that it is not always possible to achieve the same odds as the advised odds largely due to not having accounts with all bookmakers but this service still delivers profit month after month. In 8 months I have banked 208 points profit, even after missing a couple of selections due to mistakes by me and problems with internet connection on my phone.

    • Pas le pmu…Trouve-toi un exchange genre Betfair ou Orbit. Les cotes sont supérieures et tu peux faire des lay!

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