Footy Star Review: Football Value Betting Tips Service

Footy Star is a football tips service that finds bets at odds higher than the probability of the outcome, or in other words, value bets.

They try to avoid evident mistakes from bookies, as these are often quickly corrected, but instead they analyse markets and find discrepancies with the statistics to take advantage of.

Most of the bets are based on the Both Teams to Score markets or occasionally on Over/Under Goals.

Since joining the Tipstrr platform in May 2022, they have accumulated 195.5 points profit at an ROI of 18.1%. They have achieved consistent profits with 12 out of 15 winning months overall.

The main bookmakers that the service uses are Betfair or 888sport, but we are going to check the Betfair Exchange odds to see if it's an option to bet there instead of using traditional bookmakers.

With such promising looking results, we look forward to trying this football tips service out and will report back with our first batch of results next month.

Review Stats+5.5pts profit, 2.3% ROI, 37.9% SR
Stakes Level 1 point stakes
Starting bank 100 points
Average no. betsApprox. 80 per month
Time of emails9.00-10.00pm
Price£29 per month

Month One Update

It was a poor start to our Footy Star review and it meant that we were on the back foot for the rest of the month, but fortunately the tipster managed to turn a corner and make a partial recovery towards the end of the first period.

We finished the month with a loss of 8.12 points from a total of 64 bets.

When we first started our review, we had been hopeful that we would be able to use Betfair Exchange for the service. We found that it would not be a viable option and soon gave up on it after struggling with liquidity or even being able to find the match.

We found that there were quite a few obscure selections that were only available at a small number of bookmakers.

Key Stats

Available Odds
Number of Bets64
Total Stakes (pts)64.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-8.12
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£81.20)
Strike Rate32.8%
Overall Bank Growth-8.1%
Bank (100pt starting)91.88


DateMatchBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
09/08/2023Vaajakoski v GBK KokkolaBTTS No1.002.55-1.0099.00
09/08/2023Gnistan Ogeli v KontuBTTS No1.003.80-1.0098.00
10/08/2023Finnkurd v HPS HelsinkiBTTS No1.002.60-1.0097.00
11/08/2023Redlands v Brisbane CityBTTS No1.002.90-1.0096.00
11/08/2023JaPS v GnistanBTTS No1.002.62-1.0095.00
11/08/2023Vikingur Gota v KI KlaksvikBTTS No1.002.37-1.0094.00
12/08/2023Leon v TijuanaBTTS No1.002.55-1.0093.00
12/08/2023Ahlafors IF v LjungskileBTTS No1.002.621.6294.62
12/08/2023Oskarshamns v ArianaBTTS No1.002.30-1.0093.62
12/08/2023Sandefjord v MoldeBTTS No1.002.62-1.0092.62
12/08/2023IF Algarna v Team TG FFBTTS No1.002.50-1.0091.62
12/08/2023Karlbergs BK v SkiljeboBTTS No1.002.62-1.0090.62
12/08/2023VIFK Vaasa v OLS OuloBTTS No1.002.601.6092.22
13/08/2023IFK Osteraker v FC ArlandaBTTS No1.003.10-1.0091.22
13/08/2023Narva Trans v KuressaareBTTS No1.002.251.2592.47
14/08/2023Vanersborgs v TrollhattanBTTS No1.002.251.2593.72
16/08/2023Stjarnan v BreidablikBTTS No1.002.50-1.0092.72
16/08/2023HauPa v Tervarit-jBTTS No1.002.75-1.0091.72
18/08/2023Friska Viljor v IF AlgarnaBTTS No1.003.00-1.0090.72
19/08/2023Degerfors v GothenburgBTTS No1.002.25-1.0089.72
19/08/2023Angelholms v LjungskileBTTS No1.002.301.3091.02
19/08/2023GBK Kokkola v VIFK VaasaBTTS No1.002.87-1.0090.02
19/08/2023JBK v KuPS AkatemiaBTTS No1.002.60-1.0089.02
19/08/2023Torns v AtvidabergsBTTS No1.002.15-1.0088.02
19/08/2023Heilongjiang Lava v Qingdao Youth IslandBTTS No1.002.25-1.0087.02
20/08/2023Sunshine Coast v Brisbane CityBTTS No1.002.60-1.0086.02
20/08/2023Skiljebo v Viggbyholms IK FFBTTS No1.002.62-1.0085.02
20/08/2023EB Streymur v AB ArgirBTTS No1.002.37-1.0084.02
21/08/2023KTP v HakaBTTS No1.002.30-1.0083.02
23/08/2023PPJ v ReipasBTTS No1.002.871.8784.89
25/08/2023Ljungskile v NorrbyBTTS No1.002.401.4086.29
26/08/2023Tvaakers v TrollhattanBTTS No1.002.251.2587.54
26/08/2023Brisbane City v Gold Coast UtdBTTS No1.002.60-1.0086.54
26/08/2023Olympic FC v Eastern SuburbsBTTS No1.002.80-1.0085.54
26/08/2023TP-47 v JBKBTTS No1.002.55-1.0084.54
26/08/2023KaPa v KPV KokkolaBTTS No1.002.40-1.0083.54
26/08/2023IF Algarna v BergnasetBTTS No1.003.00-1.0082.54
27/08/2023Tindastoll v Thor/KABTTS No1.002.251.2583.79
27/08/2023Throttur v BreidablikBTTS No1.002.30-1.0082.79
27/08/2023Futura v PPJBTTS No1.003.00-1.0081.79
27/08/2023PEPO v KiffenBTTS No1.002.751.7583.54
27/08/2023EPS Reservi v KirkkonummiBTTS No1.002.87-1.0082.54
27/08/2023Astra Hungary v MOL Fehervar (W)BTTS No1.002.751.7584.29
27/08/2023SC Grobina v Riga FC ReservesBTTS No1.002.50-1.0083.29
28/08/2023KuPS Akatemia v OLS OuloBTTS No1.002.551.5584.84
29/08/2023JJK Jyvaskyla v JaPSBTTS No1.002.50-1.0083.84
30/08/2023Silas v BFA VilniusBTTS No1.002.801.8085.64
31/08/2023Pachuca v AtlasBTTS No1.002.40-1.0084.64
01/09/2023FFC Vorderland (W) v Sturm Graz (W)BTTS No1.004.003.0087.64
01/09/2023Genk v Club BruggeBTTS No1.002.75-1.0086.64
02/09/2023HIFK v SJK AkatemiaBTTS No1.002.62-1.0085.64
02/09/2023MP Mikkelin v TPS TurkuBTTS No1.002.501.5087.14
02/09/2023PKK-U v Klubi 04BTTS No1.002.751.7588.89
02/09/2023VIFK Vaasa v KuPS AkatemiaBTTS No1.002.751.7590.64
02/09/2023MOL Fehervar v Szent Mihaly SEBTTS No1.002.751.7592.39
02/09/2023FK Tukums 2000 v AFA OlaineBTTS No1.002.50-1.0091.39
02/09/2023Haladas Viktoria v Astra HungaryBTTS No1.002.75-1.0090.39
02/09/2023Szekszardi UFC v DiosgyoriBTTS No1.002.75-1.0089.39
03/09/2023FC Lustenau/FC Dornbirn (W) v Union KleinmunchenBTTS No1.003.30-1.0088.39
03/09/2023Spartans Wfc v AberdeenBTTS No1.002.751.7590.14
03/09/2023Hamilton v Dundee UtdBTTS No1.002.75-1.0089.14
04/09/2023Tijuana v MonterreyBTTS No1.002.55-1.0088.14
08/09/2023Atlantis Akatemia v PKK-UBTTS No1.002.871.8790.01
08/09/2023HIFK II v FC EspooBTTS No1.002.871.8791.88

Month Two Update

Footy Star produced a much better set of results in month two of our review, managing to recover all of what was lost in month one. They finished with 8.13 points profit, which meant that we were back where we started at zero.

There wasn't much else to report on the service at this stage, other than it had continued to tip some quite obscure selections from lower tier leagues.

Key Stats

Available Odds
Number of Bets77
Total Stakes (pts)77.00
Profit/Loss (pts)8.13
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£81.30
Strike Rate39.0%
Overall Bank Growth0.0%
Bank (100pt starting)100.01


DateMatchBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
09/09/2023SFA 2000 Sarajevo (W) v FC Flora Tallinn (W)BTTS No1.002.87-1.0090.88
09/09/2023BIIK Kazygurt (W) v Cliftonville (W)BTTS No1.003.20-1.0089.88
09/09/2023KuPS Akatemia v OTPBTTS No1.002.75-1.0088.88
09/09/2023Vaajakoski v OLS OuloBTTS No1.002.55-1.0087.88
09/09/2023FC Carl Zeiss Jena (w) v FC Nurnberg (W)BTTS No1.003.302.3090.18
09/09/2023Diosgyori v SoroksarBTTS No1.003.202.2092.38
10/09/2023Clube Atletico Ouriense (W) v Clube de AlbergariaBTTS No1.002.751.7594.13
10/09/2023Szent Mihaly SE v Haladas ViktoriaBTTS No1.004.00-1.0093.13
12/09/2023PKKU/2 v KoiPSBTTS No1.004.00-1.0092.13
12/09/2023Hafnarfjordur v ThrotturBTTS No1.002.50-1.0091.13
13/09/2023Thor/KA v BreidablikBTTS No1.002.40-1.0090.13
13/09/2023Partick Thistle v Spartans WfcBTTS No1.002.751.7591.88
15/09/2023Haladas Viktoria v MOL FehervarBTTS No1.002.55-1.0090.88
16/09/2023SD Eibar (W) v Levante Las PlanasBTTS No1.002.55-1.0089.88
16/09/2023Banik Ostrava v Lokomotiva Brno Horni HerspiceBTTS No1.002.551.5591.43
16/09/2023Sturm Graz v USC Landhaus (W)BTTS No1.003.00-1.0090.43
16/09/2023Real Betis v VillarrealBTTS No1.002.551.5591.98
16/09/2023ToTe v JaPS-47BTTS No1.003.002.0093.98
16/09/2023PPJ v Atlantis AkatemiaBTTS No1.002.871.8795.85
16/09/2023VIFK Vaasa v VaajakoskiBTTS No1.002.75-1.0094.85
17/09/2023Tenerife v Sporting de HuelvaBTTS No1.003.002.0096.85
17/09/2023Fredericia v HelsingorBTTS No1.002.501.5098.35
17/09/2023Pontypridd Town (W) v The New Saints (W)BTTS No1.003.80-1.0097.35
17/09/2023EPS Reservi v LJSBTTS No1.003.002.0099.35
20/09/2023EIF II v EPS ReserviBTTS No1.003.302.30101.65
20/09/2023GrIFK v NuPSBTTS No1.002.601.60103.25
21/09/2023PEPO v ReipasBTTS No1.002.60-1.00102.25
22/09/2023PuiU v ValttiBTTS No1.003.30-1.00101.25
22/09/2023Ponnistajat v PPJ/RuoholahtiBTTS No1.003.80-1.00100.25
22/09/2023SJK Akatemia v TPS TurkuBTTS No1.002.62-1.0099.25
22/09/2023Kolding v FredericiaBTTS No1.002.50-1.0098.25
22/09/2023Kematen v WorglBTTS No1.002.87-1.0097.25
22/09/2023B93 Copenhagen v HobroBTTS No1.002.50-1.0096.25
22/09/2023ToTe v HerToBTTS No1.002.75-1.0095.25
23/09/2023TP-47 v KuPS AkatemiaBTTS No1.002.551.5596.80
23/09/2023JS Hercules v JBKBTTS No1.002.87-1.0095.80
24/09/2023Zilina B v Slovan Bratislava IIBTTS No1.003.00-1.0094.80
24/09/2023Narpes Kraft v OLS OuloBTTS No1.002.55-1.0093.80
24/09/2023Cardiff Metropolitan (W) v The New Saints (W)BTTS No1.002.87-1.0092.80
26/09/2023EIF II v GrIFKBTTS No1.003.60-1.0091.80
29/09/2023Znojmo v FC ZlinskoBTTS No1.003.00-1.0090.80
29/09/2023Terengganu v SelangorBTTS No1.002.621.6292.42
29/09/2023HPS Helsinki v MPSBTTS No1.002.601.6094.02
29/09/2023Rb Leipzig (w) v SG Essen-SchonebeckBTTS No1.002.50-1.0093.02
29/09/2023HerTo v Gnistan OgeliBTTS No1.004.50-1.0092.02
29/09/2023Bray Wanderers v Cobh RamblersBTTS No1.002.62-1.0091.02
30/09/2023Lokomotiva Brno Horni Herspice v PardubiceBTTS No1.002.25-1.0090.02
30/09/2023Guingamp v ReimsBTTS No1.002.601.6091.62
30/09/2023Villarreal v ValenciaBTTS No1.002.55-1.0090.62
30/09/2023RiPS v PuiUBTTS No1.002.551.5592.17
30/09/2023Rudar Velenje v Triglav KranjBTTS No1.002.401.4093.57
01/10/2023HB Koge v HelsingorBTTS No1.002.621.6295.19
01/10/2023Aston Villa v Manchester UtdBTTS No1.002.62-1.0094.19
01/10/2023PEPO v PKK-UBTTS No1.003.802.8096.99
01/10/2023TP-47 v GBK KokkolaBTTS No1.003.00-1.0095.99
01/10/2023Everton v Brighton and Hove AlbionBTTS No1.002.87-1.0094.99
01/10/2023Bristol City v Leicester CityBTTS No1.002.62-1.0093.99
01/10/2023Sturm Graz (Am) v AmstettenBTTS No1.002.80-1.0092.99
01/10/2023Cardiff Metropolitan (W) v Swansea City (W)BTTS No1.002.60-1.0091.99
01/10/2023Angelholms v VanersborgsBTTS No1.002.201.2093.19
03/10/2023San Luis v TijuanaBTTS No1.002.551.5594.74
05/10/2023Juarez v LeonBTTS No1.002.751.7596.49
05/10/2023Stomilanki Olsztyn (W) v Medyk KoninBTTS No1.003.002.0098.49
05/10/2023Celtic v Glasgow CityBTTS No1.002.75-1.0097.49
06/10/2023DSV Leoben v LafnitzBTTS No1.002.62-1.0096.49
06/10/2023SV Horn v KapfenbergerBTTS No1.002.621.6298.11
06/10/2023SAPA Helsinki v HerToBTTS No1.004.00-1.0097.11
07/10/2023JaPS-47 v MPSBTTS No1.003.20-1.0096.11
07/10/2023ToTe v ValttiBTTS No1.002.87-1.0095.11
07/10/2023Hamburg II v Blau-Weiss LohneBTTS No1.002.62-1.0094.11
07/10/2023Dornbirn v Sturm Graz (Am)BTTS No1.002.62-1.0093.11
08/10/2023RoPS v KuPS AkatemiaBTTS No1.003.002.0095.11
08/10/2023GBK Kokkola v JBKBTTS No1.003.302.3097.41
08/10/2023SG FC Bergheim/USK Hof (W) v FC Lustenau/FC DornbiBTTS No1.003.30-1.0096.41
08/10/2023FC Espoo v EPS ReserviBTTS No1.003.00-1.0095.41
08/10/2023Budaorsi SC (W) v SoroksarBTTS No1.004.003.0098.41
08/10/2023Hibernian v Partick ThistleBTTS No1.002.601.60100.01

Month Three Update

There was a further profit of 5.49 points added to the bank in month three of our Footy Star review, which meant that our bank had increased by 5.5% during our review overall.

Key Stats

Available Odds
Number of Bets99
Total Stakes (pts)99.00
Profit/Loss (pts)5.49
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£54.90
Strike Rate40.4%
Overall Bank Growth5.5%
Bank (100pt starting)105.50


DateMatchBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
10/10/2023Wislanie Jaskowice v GarbarniaBTTS No1.002.87-1.0099.01
11/10/2023ZFK Spartak v RosengardBTTS No1.002.75-1.0098.01
11/10/2023Birmingham City v Brighton and Hove AlbionBTTS No1.002.751.7599.76
11/10/2023Leicester City v LiverpoolBTTS No1.002.62-1.0098.76
11/10/2023Bristol City v SouthamptonBTTS No1.002.55-1.0097.76
11/10/2023West Ham Utd v Charlton (W)BTTS No1.002.55-1.0096.76
12/10/2023Mazatlan v SantosBTTS No1.002.55-1.0095.76
12/10/2023Queretaro v PumasBTTS No1.002.55-1.0094.76
13/10/2023Pachuca v TijuanaBTTS No1.002.75-1.0093.76
13/10/2023Utrecht v ADO Den HaagBTTS No1.002.871.8795.63
14/10/2023Lokomotiva Brno Horni Herspice v PlzenBTTS No1.002.87-1.0094.63
14/10/2023Rekord Bielsko-Biala v Czarni SosnowiecBTTS No1.002.55-1.0093.63
14/10/2023Slovan Liberec v Banik OstravaBTTS No1.002.20-1.0092.63
14/10/2023USC Landhaus (W) v First Vienna FC 1894 (W)BTTS No1.002.55-1.0091.63
14/10/2023Szekszardi UFC v Szent Mihaly SEBTTS No1.003.30-1.0090.63
14/10/2023Asane v FK LynBTTS No1.002.40-1.0089.63
14/10/2023Fortuna Dusseldorf II v BocholtBTTS No1.002.371.3791.00
14/10/2023Velbert v Schalke 04 IIBTTS No1.002.621.6292.62
15/10/2023Angelholms v ArianaBTTS No1.002.371.3793.99
15/10/2023Spartans Wfc v HeartsBTTS No1.002.40-1.0092.99
15/10/2023Hamilton v Montrose FC (W)BTTS No1.002.75-1.0091.99
15/10/2023Motherwell v Dundee UtdBTTS No1.002.871.8793.86
15/10/2023FC Petrzalka v Tatran Lip MikulasBTTS No1.002.30-1.0092.86
17/10/2023Leon v TolucaBTTS No1.002.551.5594.41
20/10/2023Unirea Bascov v Sporting RosioriBTTS No1.002.55-1.0093.41
20/10/2023ACS Sepsi v Muscelul CampulungBTTS No1.002.551.5594.96
20/10/2023Lafnitz v SV StripfingBTTS No1.002.621.6296.58
20/10/2023Hillerod v FredericiaBTTS No1.002.62-1.0095.58
20/10/2023FC Wil v ThunBTTS No1.002.551.5597.13
21/10/2023Zilina B v PuchovBTTS No1.002.80-1.0096.13
21/10/2023Gornik Zabrze II v KS Stilon Gorzow WielkopolskBTTS No1.002.87-1.0095.13
21/10/2023Malzenice v Spartak MyjavaBTTS No1.002.30-1.0094.13
21/10/2023Szent Mihaly SE v SoroksarBTTS No1.003.002.0096.13
21/10/2023Caernarfon v Cardiff MetropolitanBTTS No1.002.30-1.0095.13
21/10/2023Wexford v Shamrock RoversBTTS No1.002.60-1.0094.13
22/10/2023TuS Blau-Weis Konigsdorf v VfL VichttalBTTS No1.003.302.3096.43
22/10/2023Trollhattan v AngelholmsBTTS No1.002.501.5097.93
22/10/2023Wuxi Wuguo v Heilongjiang LavaBTTS No1.002.30-1.0096.93
22/10/2023Slovan Bratislava II v SamorinBTTS No1.002.621.6298.55
22/10/2023Vaduz v FC AarauBTTS No1.002.75-1.0097.55
22/10/2023Iskra Ksieginice v KS Piast Nowa RudaBTTS No1.002.751.7599.30
25/10/2023Zaqatala v Araz Saatli SCBTTS No1.002.621.62100.92
27/10/2023Lafnitz v Sturm Graz (Am)BTTS No1.002.62-1.0099.92
27/10/2023Bergisch Gladbach 09 v SV Eintracht HohkeppelBTTS No1.003.00-1.0098.92
28/10/2023Angelholms v TvaakersBTTS No1.002.37-1.0097.92
28/10/2023Taby v Hammarby TFFBTTS No1.002.621.6299.54
28/10/2023Oltul Curtisoara v CS Vedita Colonesti MSBTTS No1.002.55-1.0098.54
28/10/2023Ljungskile v OskarshamnsBTTS No1.002.37-1.0097.54
28/10/2023Ahlafors IF v BK OlympicBTTS No1.002.301.3098.84
28/10/2023Lunds v TrollhattanBTTS No1.002.621.62100.46
28/10/2023BW Linz v Wolfsberger ACBTTS No1.002.451.45101.91
28/10/2023Fujieda MYFC v MitoBTTS No1.002.401.40103.31
28/10/2023Velbert v Koln IIBTTS No1.002.50-1.00102.31
28/10/2023Sassuolo v BolognaBTTS No1.002.50-1.00101.31
28/10/2023Barcelona v Real MadridBTTS No1.002.62-1.00100.31
28/10/2023MOL Fehervar v SoroksarBTTS No1.002.55-1.0099.31
28/10/2023Kuching v PenangBTTS No1.002.501.50100.81
28/10/2023Slavoj Trebisov v Zilina BBTTS No1.002.62-1.0099.81
28/10/2023Ballymena v Dungannon SwiftsBTTS No1.002.30-1.0098.81
29/10/2023Austria Lustenau v HartbergBTTS No1.002.371.37100.18
29/10/2023Vanersborgs v ArianaBTTS No1.002.40-1.0099.18
31/10/2023Turnisce v NK Prekmurec DobrovnikBTTS No1.002.70-1.0098.18
01/11/2023DLR Waves v Shamrock RoversBTTS No1.002.20-1.0097.18
01/11/2023Galway Utd v Athlone TownBTTS No1.002.251.2598.43
03/11/2023CS Avantul Periam v Csc Peciu NouBTTS No1.002.751.75100.18
03/11/2023FC Schaffhausen v Stade NyonnaisBTTS No1.002.40-1.0099.18
03/11/2023Xamax v FC WilBTTS No1.002.55-1.0098.18
03/11/2023FC Aarau v ThunBTTS No1.002.62-1.0097.18
03/11/2023Hearts B v University of StirlingBTTS No1.002.601.6098.78
03/11/2023AEZ Zakakiou v Ethnikos AchnasBTTS No1.002.50-1.0097.78
04/11/2023Tvaakers v VanersborgsBTTS No1.002.301.3099.08
04/11/2023BK Olympic v TrollhattanBTTS No1.002.80-1.0098.08
04/11/2023Stocksund v VasalundsBTTS No1.002.801.8099.88
04/11/2023Atvidabergs v AngelholmsBTTS No1.002.371.37101.25
04/11/2023Ariana v LjungskileBTTS No1.002.30-1.00100.25
04/11/2023Arbroath v Partick ThistleBTTS No1.002.50-1.0099.25
04/11/2023Juarez v PumasBTTS No1.002.751.75101.00
04/11/2023Union Kleinmunchen (W) v SV Neulengbach (W)BTTS No1.002.871.87102.87
04/11/2023Viitorul Daesti v CSM Ramnicu ValceaBTTS No1.002.40-1.00101.87
04/11/2023Zilina B v FC PetrzalkaBTTS No1.002.621.62103.49
04/11/2023Diosgyori v Szent Mihaly SEBTTS No1.002.75-1.00102.49
04/11/2023Glenavon v Dungannon SwiftsBTTS No1.002.501.50103.99
04/11/2023Szekszardi UFC v Haladas ViktoriaBTTS No1.003.00-1.00102.99
04/11/2023Greve Fodbold v AllerodBTTS No1.002.55-1.00101.99
05/11/2023Stomilanki Olsztyn (W) v Rekord Bielsko-BialaBTTS No1.002.55-1.00100.99
05/11/2023Eskilsminne v LundsBTTS No1.002.30-1.0099.99
05/11/2023Motherwell v AberdeenBTTS No1.003.30-1.0098.99
05/11/2023Montrose FC (W) v HibernianBTTS No1.002.401.40100.39
05/11/2023Umea v SollentunaBTTS No1.002.80-1.0099.39
05/11/2023AC Taipei v Hang YuenBTTS No1.002.401.40100.79
05/11/2023Taiwan Steel v TatungBTTS No1.002.40-1.0099.79
05/11/2023Malzenice v SamorinBTTS No1.002.371.37101.16
05/11/2023Slovan Bratislava II v PuchovBTTS No1.002.37-1.00100.16
05/11/2023Ming Chuan v TaipowerBTTS No1.003.202.20102.36
06/11/2023NK Ilirija v NK BiljeBTTS No1.002.401.40103.76
07/11/2023Oviedo Moderno (W) v Alhama CFBTTS No1.002.871.87105.63
08/11/2023Resovia Rzeszow (w) v AZS UJ KrakowBTTS No1.002.75-1.00104.63
08/11/2023Polonia Sroda WLKP (W) v Rekord Bielsko-BialaBTTS No1.002.871.87106.50
08/11/2023Bo'ness v East KilbrideBTTS No1.002.60-1.00105.50

Review Summary

We finished our Footy Star review with a small profit of 5.5 points at an ROI of 2.3% after tracking bets from the service for a total of three months.

All of the tips were for the Both Teams to Score (No) market and although we were sure the tipster had a way to find value in that market, we were not sure how viable it would be long-term.

Many of the tips were in obscure leagues and there were teams that we had never come across before.

This meant that firstly, the bets would be easily spotted by the bookmaker and your account would be flagged, and secondly, there were often only one or two that had the market available to begin with.

Key Stats

Available Odds
Number of Bets240
Total Stakes (pts)240.00
Profit/Loss (pts)5.5
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£55.00
Strike Rate37.9%
Overall Bank Growth5.5%
Bank (100pt starting)105.50

We do think that you could follow this service and make a long-term profit, but only if there was no fear of stake limitations and bookmaker account closure. Unfortunately, that isn't the case and this would be classed as a high-risk service for that.

Also, it's likely that the one bookmaker in particular that seems to be overpricing bets in this market will soon realise and that will be the end of it. We're surprised that they have carried on doing it for this long though, so who knows!

We feel that a "Neutral" rating is fair for Footy Star.

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