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Our review of Bonus Bagging, a matched betting service from Mike Cruickshank, that shows you how to take advantage of online sports, casino and bingo bonuses and make risk free money

Bonus Bagging Final Review

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Welcome to our Bonus Bagging review - Mike Cruickshank's beginner Matched Betting service that guides you through making risk free profits from bookie bonuses.

John Paul has reached the end of his trial of the Bonus Bagging service and he’s reported back with some fantastic results. He has completed 16 bookie bonuses throughout the review period and made a profit of £341.41!

Bonus Bagging Review One Pound Special Offer

Each offer required a qualifying bet to be made, before moving on to the next set of instructions that explain how to extract a profit from the bonus. JP says he has found the emails very straightforward and easy to follow, and the customer service has been excellent, with prompt replies to any queries.

I’m really pleased with Bonus Bagging. I was aware of Bonus Bagging for a while but was skeptical about it. I was never really sure you could make money but as you can see in one month I’ve made over £300.

John Paul
Bonus Bagging Reviewer

The main areas of the site
  • FAQ – This section covers the key questions you might have, with written or video guidance
  • Refunds – Information on how to make the most of refund offers, for example £25 refund if your horse comes 2nd
  • Bookmakers – The latest promotions on offer at the bookies
  • Reloads – Examples of previous offers, used for research purposes
  • Products – Details of some of Mike's other matched betting products
  • Missed bets – Allows you to receive any bets you have missed via email
  • Odds Matching – An odds comparison tool – compares current bookmaker markets with Betfair
  • Arbitrage – Arbitrage software, also includes dutching & custom search

How exactly does the Bonus Bagging process work?

Once you have gained access to the Bonus Bagging login page, you are sent to the main page where you can request new qualifying bets, free bets and rollover bets. This is a vital part of the product and probably the page you will use the most.

Bonus Bagging Home Screenshot

Once you have requested a bet, you follow the simple instructions that are sent directly to your email inbox. If it is a new bookie sign up offer you often need to place a qualifying bet before receiving a free bet. The Bonus Bagging software finds a bet that will lose a very small amount of money whatever the outcome.

When the qualifying bet has been settled you can then move on to requesting a free bet. The software will now calculate what you need to do to guarantee yourself a risk-free profit.

If the free bet amount is £10, you are likely to finish the process with between £8-£9 risk free profit.

The bigger the free bet, the more money you will make!

The Rollover Bet button is used for when bookmakers have certain conditions such as wager 3 x the deposit amount before withdrawing. The software will keep sending you bets until you are able to withdraw your profits.

When you've finished, move on to the next bookie bonus – rinse and repeat!

It doesn't end there...

Even when you have worked your way through all the sign up offers available via Bonus Bagging, you may receive follow up free bets from time to time.

Here is an example of when we received a £10.00 free bet from Boylesports. There was no qualifying bet needed, as it was a "no deposit bonus".

Bonus Bagging Review Claim Free Bet

First we clicked the “Claim Free Bet” button. Less than 3 minutes later we received an email with our free bet details. Here you can see we made £8.29 regardless of the result of the bet.

Bonus Bagging Review Free Bet

It’s understandable that some people would be skeptical, or think that it is some kind of scam – it just seems too easy!

But the results from our review speak for themselves…
DateBookieProfit / LossRunning Total
07/10/15Paddy Power£19.00£19.00
09/10/15William Hill£16.97£35.97
18/10/15Stan James£6.62£125.84
24/10/15Sky Bet£32.98£158.82
31/10/15Titan Bet£19.41£193.99
31/10/1532 Red Sport£19.15£213.14
23/10/15Bet Victor£21.00£255.47

Bonus Bagging Profit Chart

The great thing with this service is that even if you only have a small amount of time to spend on it, you can still make an excellent profit, as John Paul has proven already.

Also, you don’t need a big starting bank to get going. £500 would be more than enough, but you could also make a decent start with as little as £200. A larger bank would definitely help to get through the bonus offers quicker, as you could work on a few at a time.

As the saying goes, “The more you put in to it, the more you will get out of it.


As you can see, Bonus Bagging is a really easy way to build up your bank, or perhaps earn some spending money. If you don’t already have many bookie accounts, you could easily make £1000+ risk free. Even if you have already signed up to a few bookies already, you are bound to come across some that you may have not seen or overlooked before.

With just one click you are told what the bet on, where and for how much. No betting knowledge is required and your money is never at risk. You have nothing to lose, and even if you find out it’s not for you (which we very much doubt!), Mike offers a 60-day money back guarentee. It’s a no brainer!

There isn’t a Bonus Bagging forum as such, but it is not required as Mike is on hand via email for any support needed.

John Paul is planning on moving on to Profit Maximiser next, where he can learn how to take advantage of the reload bonuses the bookies are now offering him. The great thing about Bonus Bagging is, even when you have run out of bookies to sign up to, Mike still sends out on-going offers each month to keep the profits ticking over.

This has been the easiest review we have had to do, and Bonus Bagging will be placed firmly in to the Passed box!

Bonus Bagging is now available to try for just £1 for 7 days and a one off payment of £26 for lifetime membership. John Paul managed to make more than this in his first week of the review!

Bonus Bagging Introduction

12th October 2015

There’s a lot of buzz about Bonus Bagging – the risk-free betting service from Mike Cruickshank, so we thought we would put it to the test!

The sales page claims you can easily make £500 per month using this product. It sounds too good to be true, but there’s a plenty of people saying it’s the real deal. So how does it work?

With the use of automated software, Bonus Bagging shows you how to take advantage of online bookmaker sign-up bonuses. It guides you through each arbitrage bet and shows you how to extract profits from the many bookie welcome offers around.

Reviewing Bonus Bagging is one of our volunteer reviewers – John Paul. He hasn’t signed up to many sports books yet so he should be able to get the most out of this service.

John Paul's First Impressions

The home page is simply laid out, although there is no welcome information to guide you through the site. I browsed the other sections but initially I couldn’t find my way back to the home page. I later found more menu options at the bottom of the page, but this wasn’t easy to see at first.

​The home page contains the bet requesting buttons and is one of the most used pages, so I think it would be better to have a clear link at the top with the main menu.

After getting used to the navigation of the site, I found the various sections very informative with written and video support.​

Bonus Bagging Review

The process is very straightforward – register with the bookmaker and follow the instructions for your first bet. It is clear this first bet is to enable you to claim your free bet. Using a back and lay method, you minimise your loss on the first bet.

As soon as the free bets are credited to your account, you can return to Bonus Bagging and request your free bet. The free bet instructions are clear and there is even a link to change the bet should the odds in the email change. The emails are prompt and the instructions were very easy to follow.

So the question now is… does it do what it says on the can?
First week using Bonus Bagging4th - 11th October 2015

I received my first qualifying offer, which was for Paddy Power (bet £10 for a £30 free bet), and followed the instructions. Once the bet was settled, I contacted Bonus Bagging for my first free bet straight away.

I placed the £30 free bet on a match later that evening. Clear instructions were sent and I immediately placed the bets and then went off to work. That evening, I followed the match and sure enough the results were as described and my bank balance increased by £19. I then contacted Bonus Bagging for a new qualifying bet.

This time the offer was with Betfair and as I had already used the sports book before, I was not eligible for this offer. I simply contacted Bonus Bagging for a new offer.

This time it was for William Hill (bet £25 get a £25 free bet). Again, I followed the instructions for the qualifying bet and then claimed the free bet. I placed the bets as instructed and sat back and waited for the bets to be settled. Sure enough, as promised, I made nearly £18.

It’s now Friday and William Hill has already contacted me with a follow up offer (bet £15 and get £15 free bet). My next qualifying bet was at Corals (Bet £5 get £20 free bet). I placed the qualifying bet and went off to enjoy my weekend with a day at Alton Towers.​

On Sunday morning I requested my free bet. Unfortunately there were issues with their website and I was unable to place my bets as planned. I simply contacted Bonus Bagging again and they sent out a new bet. However the problems are still there, but I have another 24 hours before the game is played so hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be in a better position.​

At the end of week one I can certainly say it does what it says on the tin. Everything is easy to follow and any questions I have asked have been dealt with promptly.​

I will be almost £35 better off this week with one free bet still to come. I am going to continue with only having one active offer going at any one time. You can request up to 3 bets a day but one is enough for me at the minute.​

Already one satisfied customer, looking forward to week two with Bonus Bagging!​

Bonus Bagging is available at just £1 for 7 days and then £26 for unlimited access (John Paul has already made more than this in his 1st week of the trial!).

John Paul is continuing with his trial and will update us with his results next month.


  1. Is bonus bagging avaible for use if i am not from UK ?

    For example i live in albania… Most of bookies dont have offers for residents in albania …

    1. Hi Klaudio, Unfortunately the majority of the promotions offered by bookmakers are only available for customers based in the UK & Ireland.

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