L7N Longshots Review: High Odds Betting Tips

L7N Longshots Review
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Welcome to our L7N Longshots review - A horse racing betting service from the tipster behind the popular Lucky 7 Naps service that focuses on finding value at high odds.


  • Transparent results
  • Each-way staking lowers the risk of long losing runs


  • Sporadic timing of emails
  • Some trouble getting the advised odds
  • Long term results show a loss at BSP

We’ve been reviewing L7N Longshots for the last three months and after 178 bets we have finished the trial with a profit of 101.47 points at the available odds with an ROI of 11.4%.

Using £10 stakes this gives us a profit of £1014.70, which is an average of £338 per month.

Our final verdict is that the service has earned itself a place on our "Passed" list.

It hasn’t been plain sailing with us losing over half our bank in the first month, but the service made a fantastic recovery in month two, followed by another winning month with 34.26pts profit to finish the review.

Review Stats101.47pts profit, 11.4% ROI, 25.3% SR
Stakes Stakes advised at 5pts / 2.5pts each way
Starting bank 200 points
Average no. bets2-3 per day
Time of emailsVaried between morning, afternoon and evening
Price£39 per month or £75 per quarter

L7N Longshots is run by tipster Michael on the Bet Fan network. He also runs service Lucky 7 Naps, but unfortunately our review of that service came to an untimely end after busting the bank.

His Longshots service focuses on finding bets for horses that are mostly outsiders and priced high. During our review the odds ranged from 4.5 to 81, averaging at 18.76.

This means you must be prepared for long losing runs with this service, but the each-way staking does soften the blow as you don’t have to wait quite as long for a return on your bets. The longest losing run that we experienced was 12 losing bets.

The bets are all advised to be staked to 5pts, so 2.5pts each way, and our bank did struggle at times. At its lowest it hit 67 points, so perhaps this needs to be bigger, as effectively the 200pt bank is only a 40pt bank using these stakes.

Key Stats
 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBetfair SP
Number of Bets178178178
Total Stakes (pts)890.00890.00890.00
Profit/Loss (pts)+169.71+101.47+50.87
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)+£1,697.10+£1,014.70+£508.70
Average Odds19.8418.7620.45
Strike Rate25.3%25.3%25.3%
Bank (200pts starting)369.71301.47250.87

L7N Longshots Review Graph

Month #3 Results
DateCourseTimeSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
03/10/2016Windsor15:50Zambeasy e/w5.0026.00-5.00262.21
03/10/2016Windsor16:50Outback Ruler e/w5.0011.003.44265.65
04/10/2016Leicester16:20Kingthistle e/w5.0015.00-5.00260.65
05/10/2016Kempton18:50Bank Of Gibraltar e/w5.0015.00-5.00255.65
06/10/2016Tramore17:05Clearly Capable e/w5.0034.00-5.00250.65
07/10/2016York15:25Calvinist e/w5.0021.0062.50313.15
07/10/2016Newmarket15:45Lord Yeats e/w5.0026.00-5.00308.15
07/10/2016York15:55Shipyard e/w5.0010.00-5.00303.15
08/10/2016York15:45Lexington Abbey e/w5.0015.006.25309.40
08/10/2016York15:45Ninjago e/w5.0023.00-5.00304.40
08/10/2016Newmarket16:10Grumeti e/w5.0029.00-5.00299.40
09/10/2016Limerick16:40Killer Crow e/w5.0012.00-5.00294.40
10/10/2016Curragh14:45Lake George e/w5.0015.00-5.00289.40
11/10/2016Musselburgh17:25Yair Hill e/w5.0021.00-5.00284.40
12/10/2016Kempton17:55Ask The Guru e/w5.0017.0048.00332.40
13/10/2016Carlisle17:30Bourne e/w5.007.0018.00350.40
14/10/2016Haydock15:10Father Bertie e/w5.007.00-5.00345.40
14/10/2016Redcar16:00Danot e/w5.0019.00-5.00340.40
14/10/2016Haydock17:30Bulas Belle e/w5.0034.00-5.00335.40
15/10/2016Ascot16:25Here Comes When e/w5.0026.00-5.00330.40
15/10/2016Catterick16:05Energia Fox e/w5.0013.00-5.00325.40
15/10/2016Ascot16:25Donncha e/w5.0019.00-5.00320.40
16/10/2016Newcastle17:30Royal Mezyan e/w5.0019.0050.63371.03
17/10/2016Windsor15:50Fiftyshadesfreed e/w5.0012.00-5.00366.03
18/10/2016Yarmouth15:50Rio Ronaldo e/w5.008.00-5.00361.03
18/10/2016Yarmouth15:50Merdon Castle e/w5.0021.00-5.00356.03
19/10/2016Kempton19:50Captain Lars e/w5.0026.00-5.00351.03
20/10/2016Thurles16:55For Sinead e/w5.009.0025.00376.03
20/10/2016Newton Abbot17:10Guantoshol e/w5.0013.00-5.00371.03
21/10/2016Newbury16:10Red Artist e/w5.009.00-5.00366.03
21/10/2016Doncaster15:45Ocean Sheridan e/w5.0015.00-5.00361.03
22/10/2016Doncaster13:35American Artist e/w5.009.002.50363.53
22/10/2016Doncaster14:40Orvar e/w5.0026.00-5.00358.53
22/10/2016Newbury14:50Green Light e/w5.0026.00-5.00353.53
22/10/2016Doncaster15:15Wrangler e/w5.0012.004.38357.91
22/10/2016Newbury14:50Awake My Soul e/w5.0041.00-5.00352.91
23/10/2016Leopardstown16:50Greanta e/w5.0019.00-5.00347.91
23/10/2016Leopardstown16:15Snoozing Indian e/w5.0011.00-5.00342.91
24/10/2016Ayr15:05Solway Sam e/w5.0023.0010.56353.47
25/10/2016Chepstow17:10Joe The Rogue e/w5.0034.00-5.00348.47
25/10/2016Chepstow17:10L Frank Baum e/w5.009.000.50348.97
26/10/2016Chelmsford15:00Pactolus e/w5.0019.00-5.00343.97
27/10/2016Lingfield15:45Peril e/w5.0011.00-5.00338.97
27/10/2016Lingfield16:50Port Paradise e/w5.0015.006.25345.22
28/10/2016Uttoxeter15:10Whitstable Native e/w5.0021.00-5.00340.22
28/10/2016Newcastle16:40Yasir e/w5.0015.00-5.00335.22
28/10/2016Newcastle17:10Another Lincolnday e/w5.0011.00-5.00330.22
29/10/2016Ascot14:25Croco Bay e/w5.0017.00-5.00325.22
29/10/2016Ascot15:00Fergall e/w5.0019.00-5.00320.22
29/10/2016Newmarket15:30Shady McCoy e/w5.007.00-5.00315.22
29/10/2016Ascot15:35Un Ace e/w5.0021.00-5.00310.22
30/10/2016Carlisle14:45Askamore Darsi e/w5.009.00-5.00305.22
31/10/2016Kempton14:20Many Dreams e/w5.0012.00-5.00300.22
31/10/2016Galway15:55Call Vinnie e/w5.007.001.25301.47

The bets are emailed out daily, but the times varied and sometimes there was more than one email per day. Sometimes the emails were sent in the morning between 8.00-9.00am, but mostly it would be around 12.00-2.00pm with a further email for evening bets between 5.00-6.00pm.

We found that the advised odds were not always available and the odds were quick to drop after the email had been received, so you really have to be on the ball if you want to get the best returns. But even then, sometimes the odds had dropped before the email had even reached our inbox (we checked this using Oddschecker’s odds history feature).

Despite this, we were still able to increase the bank by more than 50%, but had we got the recommended odds we would have made a further 68.24 points and would have increased the bank by 84%.

At Betfair SP the service would have made a profit of 50.87 points, however, on the Bet Fan proofing page the service has not shown a profit at BSP in the long term.


The service costs either £39 per month or £75 per quarter, which works out at £25 per month.


We will be awarding the service with a pass, but there are a few issues with the timing of emails, getting the required odds and the BSP results.

Despite this, through the peaks and troughs the service delivered an impressive profit during the review and has made over 1300 points profit since it began, not including BOG. All results are available to view via the Bet Fan proofing page.

Taking everthing into account, we have decided to give a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5.

L7N Longshots Review: Update Two

6th October 2016

It has been a complete U-turn in the second month of our review of L7N Longshots with a profit of 194.23 points banked and an ROI of 64.74%, which puts us back in the black after a tough start in the first month.

The strike rate was more than double that of last month, with 21 winning bets out of 60 which adds up to 35%. The average odds since the beginning of the review have been at 19.33 and there’s been an overall strike rate of 26%, which is well above the 5.2% needed to break even.

At Betfair SP odds the service made an impressive profit of 188.86 points and an ROI of 62.95%. As the bets are often sent out in the afternoon, the odds don’t tend to drop too much before the race begins.

Key Stats
 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBetfair SP
Number of Bets606060
Total Stakes (pts)300.00300.00300.00
Profit/Loss (pts)+206.49+194.23+188.86
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)+£2,064.90+£1,942.30+£1,888.60
Average Odds19.8819.2820.42
Strike Rate35.0%35.0%35.0%
Bank (200pts starting)292.63267.21251.15

Month #2 Results
DateCourseTimeSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
02/09/2016Ascot14:35Funding Deficit e/w5.0021.0010.0082.98
02/09/2016Haydock15:20Barkston Ash e/w5.0026.00-5.0077.98
02/09/2016Ascot15:45Knight Music e/w5.0026.00-5.0072.98
03/09/2016Ascot14:40Bobby Wheeler e/w5.0017.00-5.0067.98
03/09/2016Ascot15:10New Caledonia e/w5.0015.0043.75111.73
03/09/2016Haydock15:30Suegioo e/w5.0026.00-5.00106.73
03/09/2016Ascot16:10Moonraker e/w5.0019.00-5.00101.73
03/09/2016Ascot16:10Spring Loaded e/w5.0011.00-5.0096.73
04/09/2016York14:40Throckley e/w5.0013.004.63101.36
05/09/2016Windsor16:50Rock Palm e/w5.0021.00-5.0096.36
06/09/2016Galway17:55Rockey Storm e/w5.008.001.8898.24
07/09/2016Doncaster17:15L C Saloon e/w5.0026.00-5.0093.24
08/09/2016Doncaster16:15Emerald e/w5.0019.00-5.0088.24
08/09/2016Doncaster18:00Holiday Magic e/w5.0034.00-5.0083.24
09/09/2016Sandown17:15Youre Always Right e/w5.0026.00-5.0078.24
10/09/2016Doncaster14:35Red Pike e/w5.0019.00-5.0073.24
10/09/2016Bath16:25Bob's Boy e/w5.0012.00-5.0068.24
10/09/2016Leopardstown16:35Quick Jack e/w5.008.0020.7889.02
10/09/2016Leopardstown16:35Modem e/w5.0021.00-5.0084.02
11/09/2016Curragh14:00Above The Rest e/w5.006.50-5.0079.02
11/09/2016Curragh17:55Stronger Than Me e/w5.0034.00-5.0074.02
12/09/2016Worcester16:50Jigsaw Financial e/w5.0015.00-5.0069.02
13/09/2016Thirsk17:30Big Storm Coming e/w5.0015.0041.56110.58
14/09/2016Kelso17:25Son Of Feyan e/w5.0034.0013.18123.76
15/09/2016Ayr14:00Miss Van Gogh e/w5.0011.00-5.00118.76
15/09/2016Chelmsford20:20Icy Blue e/w5.0034.00-5.00113.76
16/09/2016Ayr15:05Lincoln e/w5.0017.0045.00158.76
16/09/2016Hexham18:35Filbert e/w5.0017.00-5.00153.76
17/09/2016Listowel14:55Knockraha Boss e/w5.0015.00-5.00148.76
17/09/2016Newbury14:50Baydar e/w5.009.0023.75172.51
17/09/2016Ayr15:10Haley Bop e/w5.0013.005.00177.51
18/09/2016Uttoxeter14:10Flemensbay e/w5.0034.00-5.00172.51
19/09/2016Kempton17:10Mountain Rescue e/w5.0010.0028.13200.64
19/09/2016Kempton17:10Red Avenger e/w5.0029.00-5.00195.64
20/09/2016Lingfield17:40Estibdaad e/w5.0013.00-5.00190.64
21/09/2016Redcar18:05Coquine e/w5.0017.00-5.00185.64
22/09/2016Chelmsford18:45Graceful Lady e/w5.0021.007.50193.14
23/09/2016Newmarket17:55Faithful Creek e/w5.0041.00-5.00188.14
23/09/2016Newcastle19:45Tiga Tuan e/w5.0029.00-5.00183.14
23/09/2016Newcastle21:15Gowanless e/w5.0023.00-5.00178.14
24/09/2016Newmarket16:10Gm Hopkins e/w5.0026.00-5.00173.14
24/09/2016Newmarket17:20Shady McCoy e/w5.0010.002.84175.98
25/09/2016Curragh16:30Tithonus e/w5.0017.0040.00215.98
26/09/2016Hamilton16:20Tectonic e/w5.007.50-5.00210.98
26/09/2016Newton Abbot16:30Agentleman e/w5.0011.00-5.00205.98
27/09/2016Wolverhampton18:40Rock Warbler e/w5.0021.009.38215.36
27/09/2016Wolverhampton19:10Fossa e/w5.0067.0038.75254.11
28/09/2016Nottingham16:40Captain Bob e/w5.0015.00-5.00249.11
28/09/2016Nottingham16:40Ambitious Icarus e/w5.0015.00-5.00244.11
28/09/2016Kempton20:40Thane Of Cawdor e/w5.0023.00-5.00239.11
29/09/2016Chelmsford20:10Skiff e/w5.0015.00-5.00234.11
29/09/2016Chelmsford20:40East Coast Lady e/w5.0041.0022.50256.61
30/09/2016Ascot14:00Gothic Empire e/w5.009.0022.50279.11
30/09/2016Ascot16:55Sunblazer e/w5.0013.00-5.00274.11
30/09/2016Ascot16:55Teak e/w5.008.00-5.00269.11
30/09/2016Newcastle20:20Ziggy Lee e/w5.0015.005.38274.49
01/10/2016Newmarket14:50Gratzie e/w5.0011.00-5.00269.49
01/10/2016Ascot15:40Firmament e/w5.007.501.56271.05
01/10/2016Ascot16:50Union Rose e/w5.0012.00-5.00266.05
01/10/2016Ascot16:50Dutch Masterpiece e/w5.007.501.16267.21

Fantastic results, but there’s certainly going to be a lot of ups and downs with this service. It’ll be interesting to see what next month will bring.

We’ll report back soon with another update.

L7N Longshots Review: Update One

5th September 2016

We’ve been trialling L7N Longshots for one month now and it’s time for an update. This month there were 64 bets and just 11 of them won or placed, which is a strike rate of 17.2%. At the available odds we have lost over half of our 200 point betting bank, with a total loss of 127.02 points.

We were not able to get the advised odds in some cases, but if we had we would still have had a loss of 113.86 points. The Betfair SP results were even worse still, with a loss of 137.71 points.

The bets are all each-way bets and the odds have ranged from 4.50 to 81.00, averaging at 19.38. We have to expect plenty of losing runs with these high odds, but as the stakes are advised at 2.50 points each-way, the losses have built up very quickly and had a damaging effect on our bank.

Key Stats
 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBetfair SP
Number of Bets646464
Total Stakes (pts)320.00320.00320.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-113.86-127.02-137.71
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£1,138.60-£1,270.20-£1,377.10
Average Odds20.5019.3819.06
Strike Rate17.2%17.2%17.2%
Bank (pts)86.1472.9862.29

Month #1 Results
DateCourseTimeSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
02/08/2016Salisbury16:30Just Fred e/w5.0021.00-5.00195.00
02/08/2016Catterick16:45Kisumu e/w5.0029.00-5.00190.00
02/08/2016Roscommon20:10Ocean Glandore e/w5.0021.007.50197.50
03/08/2016Kempton21:10Port Gaverne e/w5.0029.00-5.00192.50
04/08/2016Brighton15:30Rose Above e/w5.0012.00-5.00187.50
04/08/2016Newcastle17:50Allfredandnobell e/w5.0012.00-5.00182.50
05/08/2016Wolverhampton14:50Orlando Rogue e/w5.0013.00-5.00177.50
05/08/2016Tipperary17:30Nicotina e/w5.0013.00-5.00172.50
06/08/2016Ascot13:45Green Light e/w5.0017.00-5.00167.50
06/08/2016Haydock14:00Treasury Notes e/w5.0010.0023.91191.41
06/08/2016Ascot14:55Balty Boys e/w5.0013.00-5.00186.41
08/08/2016Windsor17:50State Of The Union e/w5.0012.00-5.00181.41
09/08/2016Thirsk17:35Anushka Noo Noo e/w5.0025.00-5.00176.41
10/08/2016Kempton21:10Enchanted Moment e/w5.0013.00-5.00171.41
11/08/2016Salisbury14:40Attitude Rocks e/w5.0021.00-5.00166.41
11/08/2016Yarmouth20:05Royal Mighty e/w5.0041.00-5.00161.41
12/08/2016Newcastle16:10Go Go Green e/w5.0015.00-5.00156.41
13/08/2016Ripon15:25Grandad's World e/w5.0019.00-5.00151.41
13/08/2016Doncaster16:20Barnet Fair e/w5.0010.00-5.00146.41
13/08/2016Ripon16:30Spryt e/w5.0013.00-5.00141.41
14/08/2016Southwell14:30Larkhall e/w5.0015.004.50145.91
14/08/2016Southwell16:05Kyllachykov e/w5.0034.00-5.00140.91
15/08/2016Chelmsford15:00Dream Ruler e/w5.0026.0010.00150.91
15/08/2016Thirsk17:15Darrington e/w5.0013.00-5.00145.91
16/08/2016Kempton14:15Freddy With A Y e/w5.0010.00-5.00140.91
16/08/2016Tipperary19:50Battle Of Clontarf e/w5.0013.00-5.00135.91
17/08/2016York13:55Zanetto e/w5.0034.00-5.00130.91
17/08/2016York16:20Botany Bay e/w5.0010.00-5.00125.91
17/08/2016York13:55Move In Time e/w5.0017.00-5.00120.91
17/08/2016York13:55Harry Hurricane e/w5.0015.00-5.00115.91
17/08/2016York16:20Nakeeta e/w5.009.002.25118.16
17/08/2016Worcester20:00Karl Marx e/w5.0017.00-5.00113.16
18/08/2016York15:05Lat Hawill e/w5.0013.00-5.00108.16
18/08/2016York16:55Sharaakah e/w5.0021.00-5.00103.16
19/08/2016York16:55Manson e/w5.0013.00-5.0098.16
19/08/2016Killarney18:55Sword Of The Lord e/w5.0013.003.00101.16
20/08/2016York13:45Erik The Red e/w5.0013.005.00106.16
20/08/2016York14:50Master Blueyes e/w5.0011.00-5.00101.16
20/08/2016York16:00Kinema e/w5.0012.00-5.0096.16
20/08/2016Sandown16:15Son Of Africa e/w5.0021.0053.13149.29
21/08/2016Curragh16:45Harvey Specter e/w5.009.00-5.00144.29
22/08/2016Carlisle15:45Lord Rob e/w5.0021.00-5.00139.29
22/08/2016Thirsk20:05Firesnake e/w5.0081.00-5.00134.29
22/08/2016Thirsk20:05Mustn't Grumble e/w5.0026.00-5.00129.29
23/08/2016Yarmouth15:30He's My Boy e/w5.0011.00-5.00124.29
24/08/2016Catterick15:50Grandad Chunk e/w5.0011.00-5.00119.29
24/08/2016Stratford19:20Iktiview e/w5.0029.00-5.00114.29
24/08/2016Stratford19:50Premier Rose e/w5.0026.00-5.00109.29
25/08/2016Sedgefield19:00Larkhall e/w5.0012.00-5.00104.29
25/08/2016Wolverhampton19:45Little Indian e/w5.0023.00-5.0099.29
26/08/2016Thirsk16:05Blaine e/w5.0029.00-5.0094.29
26/08/2016Ffos Las17:05Shore Step e/w5.009.00-5.0089.29
27/08/2016Goodwood15:20Nuno Tristan e/w5.0019.008.1997.48
27/08/2016Goodwood15:20Shady McCoy e/w5.0013.00-5.0092.48
27/08/2016Goodwood15:20Rivellino e/w5.0015.00-5.0087.48
27/08/2016Redcar18:50Im Dapper Too e/w5.0013.00-5.0082.48
28/08/2016Curragh17:00Hasanour e/w5.0021.0010.0092.48
29/08/2016Chepstow16:15Last Summer e/w5.0026.00-5.0087.48
29/08/2016Cartmel17:45Murtys Delight e/w5.0041.00-5.0082.48
30/08/2016Goodwood15:35Camargue e/w5.0034.00-5.0077.48
31/08/2016Bath14:30Whitecrest e/w5.0017.00-5.0072.48
31/08/2016Gowran Park19:00Windsor Beach e/w5.004.5010.5082.98
31/08/2016Carlisle19:20Italian Beauty e/w5.0010.00-5.0077.98
01/09/2016Salisbury16:40Genuine Approval e/w5.0051.00-5.0072.98

Things could quickly turn around with this service with a few winning bets, but we have to admit we feel uncomfortable so far with the way the review has started. Had we been using real money, we would have lost £1270.20 at £10 per point so far.

We’re not ready to throw the towel in yet, so we’ll be back in a month’s time with our next set of results.

L7N Longshots Review: Introduction

2nd August 2016

This week we are starting a new review of a horse racing tips service called L7N Longshots, run by Michael who also runs a popular service called Lucky 7 Naps, which we will also be reviewing over the same period. L7N Longshots has been running since Feb 2015 and has recorded a total profit of 1230.97 points, with an ROI of 22.63% and a strike rate of 22.02% to date.

The service is also showing a profit of 241.85 points with an ROI of 4.47% at Betfair SP odds, which is a big difference but nevertheless, it’s a promising sign.

The tips are mainly each-way bets and as the name of the service suggests, there are a lot of selections at high odds or “longshots”.

As is usually the case with services from the Bet Fan group, there is no analysis behind the bets included in the emails. However, there is a full history of results available to view in the “Service Proofing” section, which can be filtered by Advised Odds, Betfair SP, BOG and Industry SP.

Bets are emailed out twice a day, around lunchtime for afternoon races and late afternoon for evening races.

They come with advised stakes between 1 and 5 points and a starting bank of 200 points is recommended.

Membership to the service costs either £39.00 per month or £75 per quarter, which brings it down to £25 per month.

We’ll be recording results at the advised odds and the odds that were generally available at the time of the email, as well as Betfair SP results over the next three months. It’s possible that the review may need to be extended for a longer period due to the nature of the service.

We’ll be back next month with our first update.


  • Transparent results
  • Each-way staking lowers the risk of long losing runs


  • Sporadic timing of emails
  • Some trouble getting the advised odds
  • Long term results show a loss at BSP

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