NS Bets Review: Data Driven Betting Strategies and Tips

NS Bets is a tipping service offering "Data Driven" betting tips for a range of sports including football, horse racing and golf.

During a period of five months, tipster Neel Shah had been offering selections for free on Telegram to a small private community and delivered an impressive set of results.

From a total of 994 bets, he returned a profit of 101 points at an ROI of 15.6% for his select group.

He decided to launch the service properly after proving himself and continued to provide regular tips via Telegram and on the Bet Chat website. 

One of the areas of sport he focuses on is the football player props markets, which includes categories covering the individual performance of players. For example, Shots on Target, Passes or Points.

These are markets that the bookmakers generally don't spend as much time pricing up so there can be some great value bets.

We tracked Neel's bets for three months and it was an epic trial, with more than 700 bets. It turned out to be a success with a 29.5% bank growth achieved and we were delighted to give the service a "Pass" rating.

Euro 2024 and Copa America Tips Package

Get access to Neel's pre-tournament outright bets as well as bets throughout both tournaments.

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Review Stats+29.46pts profit, 5.6% ROI, 29.5% SR
Stakes Various advised
Starting bank 100 points
Average no. betsApprox. 250 per month
Time tips sentVarious
PriceIndividual sports packages £19.97 per month or full package £49.97 per month

Month One Update

It had been a busy first month for our NS Bets review with 301 bets and trades recorded. There had been lots to get our teeth into as our review happened to start during the World Cup 2022 tournament.

At the advised odds, we recorded a small loss of 2.23 points but at the odds that we were able to find we recorded 3.55 points profit.

It was a shame as the profit had been climbing nicely up to around 24 points but there were a couple of bad runs that set us back again. There were a lot of big surprises during the World Cup so we felt quite lucky to come away unscathed!

As there was a high volume of bets, we had been placing as many of them as we could with real money using small stakes to make it easier to track results.

It all went fairly smoothly, only on one occasion the advertised line had moved making it a "no bet", but most of the time we were able to get the same odds and lines or better.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets301299
Total Stakes (pts)264.8266.55
Profit/Loss (pts)-2.233.55
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£22.30)£35.50
Strike Rate35.2%34.8%
Overall Bank Growth-2.2%3.6%
Bank (100pt starting)97.77103.55


DateEventBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
22/11/2022Morocco v CroatiaHakimi O2.5 Tackles1.002.001.00101.00
22/11/2022Morocco v CroatiaHakimi O3.5 Tackles0.503.40(0.50)100.50
22/11/2022Morocco v CroatiaHakimi O4.5 Tackles0.255.00(0.25)100.25
22/11/2022Germany v JapanOver 3.5 Offsides1.001.750.75101.00
22/11/2022Belgium v CanadaCanada +
22/11/2022Morocco v CroatiaCroatia -0.251.501.89(0.75)100.25
23/11/2022Spain v Costa RicaGonzalez Over 68.5 Passes1.002.501.50101.75
23/11/2022Spain v Costa RicaGonzalez Over 72.5 Passes0.503.751.38103.13
23/11/2022Spain v Costa RicaGonzalez Over 76.5 Passes0.255.501.13104.25
23/11/2022Morocco v CroatiaLay U1.5 Goals0.561.28(0.56)103.69
23/11/2022Switzerland v CameroonXhaka 65 or more passes1.002.25(1.00)102.69
23/11/2022Germany v JapanLay U2.5 Goals0.661.331.96104.65
23/11/2022Switzerland v CameroonXhaka Over 71.5 Passes0.503.75(0.50)104.15
23/11/2022Switzerland v CameroonXhaka Over 75.5 Passes0.255.50(0.25)103.90
23/11/2022Switzerland v CameroonXhaka Over 79.5 Passes0.258.00(0.25)103.65
23/11/2022Belgium v CanadaLay U1.5 Goals0.251.10(0.25)103.40
23/11/2022Uruguay v South KoreaUnder 8.5 Corners1.002.101.10104.50
23/11/2022Switzerland v CameroonSwitzerland -1.5 Corners1.001.800.80105.30
25/11/2022Wales v IranRed card in the match0.505.502.25107.55
25/11/2022Qatar v SenegalKoulibaly Under 74.5 Passes1.501.831.25108.80
25/11/2022Wales v IranLay U2.5 FH Goals1.501.09(0.20)108.60
25/11/2022Wales v IranIran1.504.00(0.15)108.45
25/11/2022Wales v IranLay U2.5 Goals1.501.16(0.50)107.95
25/11/2022Wales v IranLay U1.5 Goals1.501.172.45110.40
25/11/2022Qatar v SenegalLay U1.5 FH Goals0.161.16(0.16)110.24
25/11/2022Qatar v SenegalLay Senegal U2.5 Goals0.341.340.98111.22
25/11/2022England v USANo card0.2536.008.75119.97
25/11/2022England v USAUSA0.508.60(0.15)119.82
25/11/2022Netherlands v EcuadorLay Under 3.5 Goals0.721.30(0.72)119.10
26/11/2022Tunisia v AustraliaLeckie Under 27.5 Passes1.501.83(1.50)117.60
26/11/2022Tunisia v AustraliaLay O1.5 Goals0.391.190.87118.47
26/11/2022Poland v Saudi ArabiaLay Poland, Back Saudi0.761.33(0.76)117.71
26/11/2022France v DenmarkLay U2.5 Goals0.441.221.62119.33
26/11/2022Argentina v MexicoLay U2.5 FH Goals0.301.10(0.30)119.03
26/11/2022Argentina v MexicoLay U1.5 Goals1.531.610.02119.05
27/11/2022Japan v Costa RicaEndo Tackles Over 1.51.501.731.10120.14
27/11/2022Spain v GermanyLay U2.5 FH Goals0.981.14(1.03)119.11
27/11/2022Morocco v BelgiumMorocco Draw No Bet1.003.152.15121.26
27/11/2022Spain v GermanySule Over 50.5 Passes3.001.66(3.00)118.26
27/11/2022Spain v GermanyLay U2.5 Goals0.651.260.01118.27
28/11/2022Cameroon v SerbiaCameroon Most Corners0.504.001.50119.77
28/11/2022Cameroon v SerbiaCameroon DNB1.004.00(0.28)119.49
28/11/2022Brazil v SwitzerlandBrazil to win to nil1.002.281.28120.77
28/11/2022Brazil v SwitzerlandRaphinha Over 1.5 SOT1.003.50(1.00)119.77
28/11/2022Cameroon v SerbiaLay U2.5 FH Goals0.151.053.00122.77
28/11/2022Cameroon v SerbiaUnder 6.5 Goals0.743.600.43123.20
28/11/2022Portugal v UruguayLay U2.5 Goals1.001.320.04123.24
29/11/2022Iran v USAIran first carded team2.001.73(2.00)121.24
29/11/2022Iran v USAHome team sending off0.258.00(0.25)120.99
29/11/2022Netherlands v QatarOver 1.5 Cody Gakpo SOT1.502.50(1.50)119.49
29/11/2022Netherlands v QatarOver 1.5 Depay SOT1.502.50(1.50)117.99
29/11/2022Ecuador v SenegalHT/FT0.4044.00(0.40)117.59
29/11/2022Hero World ChallengeCorey Conners E/W0.5034.00(0.50)117.09
29/11/2022Hero World ChallengeMax Homa E/W0.5026.00(0.50)116.59
29/11/2022Canada v MoroccoHakimi 1+ SOT1.003.20(1.00)115.59
29/11/2022Canada v MoroccoHakimi 2+ SOT0.2017.00(0.20)115.39
29/11/2022Canada v MoroccoHakimi 3+ SOT0.10101.00(0.10)115.29
29/11/2022Canada v MoroccoHakimi 4+ SOT0.02501.00(0.02)115.27
29/11/2022Australia v West IndiesAustralia Over 11.5 Wickets Caught2.001.91(2.00)113.27
29/11/2022Canada v MoroccoHakimi 2+ Shots0.504.33(0.50)112.77
29/11/2022Netherlands v QatarLay U2.5 FH Goals0.391.07(0.39)112.38
29/11/2022Netherlands v QatarLay U3.5 Goals0.601.24(0.60)111.78
29/11/2022Ecuador v SenegalLay U3.5 Goals0.591.36(0.59)111.19
29/11/2022Iran v USAIran -0.5 AH Cards2.002.102.20113.39
29/11/2022Wales v EnglandLay U2.5 FH Goals0.501.08(0.50)112.89
29/11/2022Wales v EnglandLay U1.5FH Goals0.161.04(0.16)112.73
29/11/2022Iran v USALay U2.5 Goals0.501.14(0.50)112.23
29/11/2022Saudi Arabia v MexicoSaudi Arabia1.005.05(1.00)111.23
30/11/2022Tunisia v FranceTunisia -1.0 AH Cards2.001.900.00111.23
30/11/2022Croatia v BelgiumLuka Modric O54.5 Passes1.001.83(1.00)110.23
30/11/2022Croatia v BelgiumLuka Modric O58.5 Passes0.502.62(0.50)109.73
30/11/2022Croatia v BelgiumLuka Modric O62.5 Passes0.254.00(0.25)109.48
30/11/2022Croatia v BelgiumLuka Modric O66.5 Passes0.206.00(0.20)109.28
30/11/2022Croatia v BelgiumLuka Modric O70.5 Passes0.208.50(0.20)109.08
30/11/2022Croatia v BelgiumMarcelo Brozovic O58.5 Passes1.251.831.04110.12
30/11/2022Croatia v BelgiumMarcelo Brozovic O62.5 Passes0.502.620.81110.93
30/11/2022Croatia v BelgiumMarcelo Brozovic O66.5 Passes0.503.751.38112.31
30/11/2022Croatia v BelgiumMarcelo Brozovic O70.5 Passes0.255.501.13113.43
30/11/2022Croatia v BelgiumMarcelo Brozovic O74.5 Passes0.258.501.88115.31
30/11/2022Poland v Argentina/Australia v DenmarkArgentina/Denmark Most Corners1.001.880.88116.19
30/11/2022Japan v SpainGonzalez Over 72.5 Passes1.251.831.04117.23
30/11/2022Japan v SpainGonzalez Over 77.5 Passes0.752.621.22118.45
30/11/2022Japan v SpainGonzalez Over 82.5 Passes0.504.331.67120.11
30/11/2022Japan v SpainGonzalez Over 87.5 Passes0.257.001.50121.61
30/11/2022Sri Lanka v AfghanistanSri Lanka Most Fours2.001.91(2.00)119.61
30/11/2022Saudi Arabia v MexicoLozano O0.5 Offsides1.002.401.40121.01
30/11/2022Poland v ArgentinaLay U2.5 FH Goals0.221.06(0.22)120.80
30/11/2022Saudi Arabia v MexicoLay U1.5 FH Goals0.341.09(0.34)120.46
30/11/2022Poland v ArgentinaLay U2.5 Goals0.881.380.04120.50
30/11/2022Saudi Arabia v MexicoLay U2.5 Goals0.841.292.41122.91
30/11/2022Ghana v UruguayLamptey Over 1.5 Tackles1.501.720.00122.91
30/11/2022Ghana v UruguayLamptey Over 2.5 Tackles0.503.000.00122.91
30/11/2022Ghana v UruguayLamptey Over 3.5 Tackles0.255.000.00122.91
30/11/2022Ghana v UruguayLamptey Over 4.5 Tackles0.258.000.00122.91
01/12/2022Canada v MoroccoOver 17.5 Tackles1.501.801.20124.11
01/12/2022Croatia v BelgiumLay U2.5 FH Goals0.131.04(0.13)123.98
01/12/2022Croatia v BelgiumLay U2.5 Goals1.001.29(1.00)122.98
01/12/2022Serbia v SwitzerlandXhaka to be sent off0.2529.00(0.25)122.73
01/12/2022Japan v SpainLay U2.5 FH Goals0.231.08(0.23)122.50
01/12/2022Ghana v UruguayKudus O0.5 SOT1.002.251.25123.75
01/12/2022Ghana v UruguayKudus O1.5 SOT0.509.00(0.50)123.25
01/12/2022Costa Rica v GermanyLay U2.5 FH Goals0.781.22(0.78)122.47
01/12/2022Costa Rica v GermanyLay U3.5 Goals1.081.541.96124.43
01/12/2022Japan v SpainLay U4.5 Goals0.601.24(0.60)123.83
01/12/2022Costa Rica v GermanyLay U5.5 Goals1.001.500.49124.32
01/12/2022Group BettingUruguay To Qualify1.502.00(1.50)122.82
02/12/2022Ghana v UruguayValverde Over 60.5 PassesLINES MOVED122.82
02/12/2022Ghana v UruguayValverde Over 64.5 Passes122.82
02/12/2022Netherlands v USAVirgil van Dijk O67.5 Passes2.001.83(2.00)120.82
02/12/2022Netherlands v USAVirgil van Dijk O72.5 Passes0.502.75(0.50)120.32
02/12/2022Netherlands v USAVirgil van Dijk O77.5 Passes0.254.33(0.25)120.07
02/12/2022Netherlands v USAVirgil van Dijk O82.5 Passes0.257.00(0.25)119.82
02/12/2022Netherlands v USAFrenkie De Jong O66.5 Passes2.001.83(2.00)117.82
02/12/2022Netherlands v USAFrenkie De Jong O71.5 Passes0.502.75(0.50)117.32
02/12/2022Netherlands v USAFrenkie De Jong O76.5 Passes0.254.33(0.25)117.07
02/12/2022Netherlands v USAFrenkie De Jong O81.5 Passes0.257.50(0.25)116.82
02/12/2022Ghana v UruguayLay U2.5 FH Goals0.271.090.04116.86
02/12/2022South Korea v PortugalLay U2.5 FH Goals0.241.080.01116.87
02/12/2022Ghana v Uruguay10 minute cards1.003.40(1.00)115.87
02/12/2022Ghana v UruguayMatch odds trade0.180.00(0.18)115.69
02/12/2022South Korea v PortugalLay U3.5 Goals0.771.35(0.09)115.60
02/12/2022England v SenegalDeclan Rice O61.5 Passes2.001.83(2.00)113.60
02/12/2022England v SenegalDeclan Rice O65.5 Passes1.002.62(1.00)112.60
02/12/2022England v SenegalDeclan Rice O69.5 Passes0.503.75(0.50)112.10
02/12/2022England v SenegalDeclan Rice O73.5 Passes0.255.50(0.25)111.85
02/12/2022England v SenegalDeclan Rice O77.5 Passes0.258.00(0.25)111.60
02/12/2022Ghana v UruguayLay O2.5 Goals2.002.260.01111.61
02/12/2022Serbia v SwitzerlandLay U2.5 FH Goals0.251.073.09114.69
02/12/2022Cameroon v BrazilBrazil1.501.94(1.50)113.19
02/12/2022Serbia v SwitzerlandLay U6.5 Goals1.080.32(0.32)112.87
02/12/2022Argentina v AustrliaArgentina to win both halves2.502.50(2.50)110.37
02/12/2022Japan v CroatiaJapan0.754.000.00110.37
03/12/2022Netherlands v USALay O0.5 Goals0.391.13(0.39)109.98
03/12/2022Netherlands v USAMatch odds trade0.604.60(0.25)109.73
03/12/2022Netherlands v USALay U2.5 FH Goals0.481.16(0.48)109.25
03/12/2022Netherlands v USALay U3.5 Goals1.181.472.01111.26
03/12/2022Argentina v AustraliaOtamendi Over 88.5 Passes2.001.831.66112.92
03/12/2022Argentina v AustraliaOtamendi Over 93.5 Passes1.002.621.62114.54
03/12/2022Argentina v AustraliaOtamendi Over 98.5 Passes0.504.00(0.50)114.04
03/12/2022Argentina v AustraliaLay U2.5 FH Goals0.541.13(0.54)113.50
03/12/2022Argentina v AustraliaLay U2.5 Goals1.781.780.98114.48
03/12/2022Central Districts v OtagoOver 86.5 Highest Individual Score2.001.831.66116.14
03/12/2022Japan v CroatiaLovren Over 66.5 Passes2.001.831.67117.81
03/12/2022Japan v CroatiaLovren Over 71.5 Passes1.002.751.75119.56
03/12/2022Japan v CroatiaLovren Over 76.5 Passes0.504.331.67121.22
03/12/2022Japan v CroatiaLovren Over 81.5 Passes0.257.50(0.25)120.97
03/12/2022Portugal v SwitzerlandEmbolo FGS e/w0.2512.00(0.25)120.72
04/12/2022West Indies (W) v England (W)Sophie Ecclestone Top Team Bowler1.003.75(1.00)119.72
04/12/2022West Indies (W) v England (W)Sophie Ecclestone Top Match Bowler0.505.00(0.50)119.22
04/12/2022France v PolandLay U2.5 FH Goals0.461.14(0.46)118.76
04/12/2022West Indies (W) v England (W)Knight Top Batsman0.5010.004.50123.26
04/12/2022West Indies (W) v England (W)Alleyne Top Batsman0.2529.00(0.25)123.01
04/12/2022West Indies (W) v England (W)Grimmond Top Batsman0.1041.00(0.10)122.91
04/12/2022West Indies (W) v England (W)England Over 22.5 Boundaries3.001.832.49125.40
04/12/2022England v SenegalHarry Kane 1+ SOT1.001.610.61126.01
04/12/2022Morocco v SpainPablo Martin Gavi Over 61.5 Passes1.251.83(1.25)124.76
04/12/2022Morocco v SpainPablo Martin Gavi Over 65.5 Passes0.752.62(0.75)124.01
04/12/2022Morocco v SpainPablo Martin Gavi Over 69.5 Passes0.503.75(0.50)123.51
04/12/2022Morocco v SpainPablo Martin Gavi Over 73.5 Passes0.255.50(0.25)123.26
04/12/2022Morocco v SpainPablo Martin Gavi Over 77.5 Passes0.258.00(0.25)123.01
04/12/2022England v SenegalLay U2.5 FH Goals0.121.04(0.12)122.89
04/12/2022Japan v CroatiaJunya Ito O2.5 Tackles1.002.62(1.00)121.89
04/12/2022Japan v CroatiaJunya Ito O3.5 Tackles0.504.50(0.50)121.39
04/12/2022Brazil v South KoreaCorners Bet Builder1.001.900.90122.29
04/12/2022England v FranceHT/FT0.200.00(0.20)122.09
05/12/20224.20 WolverhamptonGriggy e/w0.5028.000.97123.06
05/12/20226.50 WolverhamptonMusaytir e/w0.20101.00(0.20)122.86
05/12/2022Japan v CroatiaGvardiol Over 77.5 Passes2.001.67(2.00)120.86
05/12/2022Japan v CroatiaLay U2.5 FH Goals0.131.03(0.13)120.73
05/12/2022Japan v CroatiaLay U1.5 FH Goals0.601.03(0.06)120.67
05/12/2022Japan v CroatiaLay U3.5 Goals0.901.12(0.90)119.78
05/12/2022Brazil v South KoreaNeymar 2+ SOT2.001.97(2.00)117.78
05/12/2022Brazil v South KoreaBack U4.5 Goals1.502.04(0.47)117.31
05/12/202212.45 TramoreIndulging e/w0.5034.001.40118.71
05/12/20221.25 UttoxeterTellairsue e/w0.5025.00(0.50)118.21
05/12/20221.25 UttoxeterWhite Rhino e/w0.2046.00(0.20)118.01
05/12/20226.50 SouthwellMelodramatica e/w1.0020.00(1.00)117.01
06/12/2022Morocco v SpainBet Builder1.004.00(1.00)116.01
06/12/2022Morocco v SpainHakimi Over 3.5 Tackles1.001.80(1.00)115.01
06/12/2022Morocco v SpainHakimi Over 4.5 Tackles0.502.62(0.50)114.51
06/12/2022Morocco v SpainHakimi Over 5.5 Tackles0.253.75(0.25)114.26
06/12/2022Bangladesh v IndiaIndia Under 16.5 Runs1.502.10(1.50)112.76
06/12/2022West Indies (W) vs England (W)Alleyne Top Bat0.2515.00(0.25)112.51
06/12/2022Bangladesh v IndiaShakib Top Bowler0.504.20(0.50)112.01
06/12/2022Portugal v SwitzerlandAkanji O58.5 Passes2.001.831.66113.67
06/12/2022Portugal v SwitzerlandAkanji O62.5 Passes1.002.62(1.00)112.67
06/12/2022Portugal v SwitzerlandAkanji O66.5 Passes0.503.75(0.50)112.17
06/12/2022Portugal v SwitzerlandAkanji O70.5 Passes0.256.00(0.25)111.92
06/12/2022West Indies (W) vs England (W)England Over
06/12/2022West Indies (W) vs England (W)England Most Sixes2.001.72(2.00)106.92
06/12/2022Portugal v SwitzerlandLay Portugal, Back Switzerland0.320.00(0.32)106.60
07/12/2022Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipChristian Maas e/w 8 places0.20276.00(0.20)106.40
07/12/2022Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipDaan Huizing e/w 8 places0.20201.00(0.20)106.20
07/12/2022Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipBryce Easton e/w 8 places0.20201.00(0.20)106.00
07/12/2022Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipJustin Walters e/w 8 places0.4081.00(0.40)105.60
07/12/2022Australia v West IndiesStarc Top Bowler1.003.75(1.00)104.60
07/12/2022Australia v West IndiesStarc v Joseph Bowler match up0.752.10(0.75)103.85
07/12/2022West Indies (W) v England (W)Alleyne0.2517.00(0.25)103.60
07/12/2022West Indies (W) v England (W)Knight0.5023.00(0.50)103.10
08/12/2022Croatia v BrazilGabriel Eder Militao Over 1.5 Tackles1.002.50(1.00)102.10
08/12/2022Croatia v BrazilGabriel Eder Militao Over 2.5 Tackles0.504.50(0.50)101.60
08/12/2022Croatia v BrazilGabriel Eder Militao Over 3.5 Tackles0.258.50(0.25)101.35
08/12/2022Croatia v BrazilBrazil to win both halves1.003.50(1.00)100.35
08/12/2022Bangladesh v IndiaOver 14.5 runs1.501.801.20101.55
08/12/2022India (W) vs Australia (W)Over 28.5 Fours1.001.910.91102.46
08/12/2022Netherlands v ArgentinaMarcos Acuna Under 46.5 Passes2.001.831.66104.12
08/12/2022Netherlands v ArgentinaHT/FT0.4034.00(0.40)103.72
08/12/2022Pakistan vs EnglandOver 339.5 Runs (took 342.5)3.001.83(3.00)100.72
09/12/2022Netherlands v ArgentinaJurrien Timber Card0.505.602.30103.02
09/12/20225:00 DundalkSlow Burner e/w 4 places0.2091.00(0.20)102.82
09/12/20225:00 DundalkCozy Cartel e/w 4 places0.2091.00(0.20)102.62
09/12/20228:00 DundalkAdams Barbour e/w 7 places0.6026.00(0.60)102.02
09/12/20224:10 WolverhamptonPivoting e/w 4 places0.5041.00(0.50)101.52
09/12/2022Netherlands v ArgentinaMessi 2+ SOT2.002.623.18104.70
09/12/2022Croatia v BrazilLay U2.5 Goals0.601.24(0.60)104.10
09/12/2022Croatia v BrazilNeymar O3.5 Shots2.001.721.44105.54
09/12/2022Croatia v BrazilMatch odds trade1.502.78(1.50)104.04
09/12/2022Croatia v BrazilET O.5 Goals0.831.83(0.83)103.21
09/12/2022Colombo v GalleJanat Top Colombo Batsman0.3017.00(0.30)102.91
09/12/2022Croatia v BrazilAntony to be booked extra time0.2511.00(0.25)102.66
09/12/2022Netherlands v ArgentinaMessi 3+ SOT0.255.50(0.25)102.41
09/12/2022Netherlands v ArgentinaLay O0.5 Goals0.421.14(0.42)101.99
10/12/2022Morocco v PortugalRace to 7 corners1.002.251.25103.24
10/12/2022Morocco v PortugalRace to 9 corners0.255.001.00104.24
10/12/2022England v FranceMbappe O1.5 SOT2.002.30(2.00)102.24
10/12/2022Morocco v PortugalLay O0.5 Goals0.331.11(0.33)101.91
10/12/2022Morocco v PortugalLay U1.5 Goals0.901.900.55102.46
10/12/2022Morocco v PortugalOver 2.5 Cards2.001.801.60104.06
10/12/2022England v FranceHarry Kane 1+ SOT2.001.721.41105.47
10/12/2022England v FranceLay U2.5 FH Goals0.211.05(0.21)105.26
10/12/2022England v FranceLay O3.5 Goals2.002.361.07106.34
11/12/2022Argentina v CroatiaLovren Over 60.5 Passes2.001.831.66108.00
11/12/2022Argentina v CroatiaLovren Over 64.5 Passes0.752.621.22109.21
11/12/2022Argentina v CroatiaLovren Over 68.5 Passes0.503.751.38110.59
11/12/2022Argentina v CroatiaLovren Over 72.5 Passes0.255.501.13111.71
11/12/2022Argentina v CroatiaLovren Over 76.5 Passes0.258.50(0.25)111.46
11/12/2022Argentina v CroatiaOtamendi Over 74.5 Passes2.001.82(2.00)109.46
11/12/2022Argentina v CroatiaOtamendi Over 79.5 Passes1.002.62(1.00)108.46
11/12/2022Argentina v CroatiaOtamendi Over 84.5 Passes0.504.33(0.50)107.96
11/12/2022Argentina v CroatiaOtamendi Over 89.5 Passes0.257.00(0.25)107.71
11/12/2022Argentina v CroatiaMessi 2+ SOT2.002.062.08109.79
11/12/2022Argentina v CroatiaMessi 3+ SOT0.505.50(0.50)109.29
11/12/2022France v MoroccoYoussef En-Nesyri O0.5 Tackles2.001.83(2.00)107.29
11/12/2022France v MoroccoYoussef En-Nesyri O1.5 Tackles0.754.33(0.75)106.54
11/12/2022France v MoroccoYoussef En-Nesyri O2.5 Tackles0.258.50(0.25)106.29
11/12/2022France v MoroccoMbappe 2+ SOT2.001.88(2.00)104.29
11/12/2022France v MoroccoFrance -3.5 Corners3.001.90(3.00)101.29
11/12/2022West Indies vs EnglandEngland Most Fours2.001.621.24102.53
11/12/2022West Indies vs EnglandEngland Most Sixes1.002.251.25103.78
12/12/2022India v BangladeshIndia to win2.501.571.43105.20
12/12/2022Sydney v MelbourneAlex Hales MOTM0.758.00(0.75)104.45
12/12/202215.45 WolverhamptonMidgetonamission e/w0.3051.00(0.30)104.15
12/12/2022Lucky 150.300.00(0.01)104.14
13/12/2022Sydney v MelbourneOver 158.5 Runs1.502.00(1.50)102.64
13/12/2022Argentina v CroatiaLay O0.5 Goals0.501.14(0.50)102.14
13/12/2022India (W) v Australia (W)India Most Sixes1.003.00(1.00)101.14
13/12/2022India (W) v Australia (W)Over 35.5 Fours1.501.801.20102.34
13/12/2022Adelaide v SydneyAdelaide Under 5.5 Sixes0.751.83(0.75)101.59
13/12/2022Adelaide v SydneyUnder 11.5 Sixes1.002.001.00102.59
13/12/2022Argentina v CroatiaOver 3.5 Cards1.002.001.00103.59
13/12/2022Argentina v CroatiaMatch odds trade0.201.09(0.20)103.39
13/12/2022Melbourne Stars vs HobartHobart Most Sixes1.501.91(1.50)101.89
13/12/2022Mauritius OpenGary Hurley e/w 8 places0.20171.00(0.20)101.69
13/12/2022Mauritius OpenSimon Forsstrom e/w 8 places0.20111.002.10103.79
13/12/2022Mauritius OpenRhys Enoch e/w 7 places0.20251.00(0.20)103.59
13/12/2022Mauritius OpenAngel Hidalgo e/w 8 places0.20111.00(0.20)103.39
13/12/2022Mauritius OpenJames Hart Du Preez e/w 7 places0.20201.00(0.20)103.19
14/12/2022Pakistan v EnglandAbrar Ahmed Top Bowler1.004.331.67104.86
14/12/2022France v MoroccoMbappe 3+ SOT0.504.30(0.50)104.36
14/12/2022France v MoroccoBack O2.5 Goals1.802.100.04104.40
14/12/2022France v MoroccoLay U2.5 FH Goals0.301.10(0.30)104.10
14/12/2022West Indies (W) v England (W)England Most Sixes1.501.95(1.50)102.60
15/12/20223.03 SouthwellPlanxty e/w0.4041.00(0.40)102.20
15/12/2022Mansell v RobbOver 5.5 180s1.502.00(1.50)100.70
15/12/2022West Indies (W) vs England (W)Winfield-Hill Top Bat1.0013.00(1.00)99.70
15/12/2022Barry v SampsonUnder 3.5 Sets1.501.73(1.50)98.20
15/12/2022Barry v SampsonBarry -2.5 Handicap1.501.83(1.50)96.70
16/12/2022Pakistan vs EnglandEngland Over 194.5 Runs (50 Overs)3.501.832.9199.60
16/12/2022Argentina v FranceArgentina10.002.860.2899.88
17/12/2022Croatia v MoroccoMorocco DNB1.502.34(1.50)98.38
18/12/2022Argentina v FranceMessi 2+ SOT1.502.311.92100.31
18/12/2022Argentina v FranceBet Builder0.508.50(0.50)99.81
18/12/2022Argentina v FranceEnzo Fernandez O65.5 Passes1.501.831.25101.05
18/12/2022Argentina v FranceEnzo Fernandez O70.5 Passes0.752.75(0.75)100.30
18/12/2022Argentina v FranceEnzo Fernandez O75.5 Passes0.504.33(0.50)99.80
18/12/2022Argentina v FranceEnzo Fernandez O80.5 Passes0.257.50(0.25)99.55
18/12/2022Argentina v FranceMessi O41.5 Passes1.001.830.83100.38
18/12/2022Argentina v FranceMessi O44.5 Passes0.502.500.75101.13
18/12/2022Argentina v FranceMessi O47.5 Passes0.253.50(0.25)100.88
18/12/2022Argentina v FranceMessi O50.5 Passes0.255.00(0.25)100.63
18/12/2022Argentina v FranceMessi O53.5 Passes0.107.00(0.10)100.53
18/12/2022Argentina v FranceMessi to win O2.5 Fouls1.002.20(1.00)99.53
18/12/2022Argentina v FranceDembele MOTM0.2517.00(0.25)99.28
18/12/2022Argentina v FranceGriezmann Over 2.5 Tackles0.503.001.00100.28
18/12/2022Argentina v FranceLay O0.5 Goals1.001.13(1.00)99.28
27/11/2022World Cup 2022Kylian Mbappe Top Goalscorer1.504.505.25104.53
18/12/2022Campbell v BaggishBaggish Most 180s1.002.621.62106.15
18/12/2022West Indies (W) v England (W)England Highest 1st 6 Overs2.001.80(2.00)104.15
19/12/202212:40 PunchestownMaggie Walsh 1-2 market0.20101.00(0.20)103.95
19/12/20222:40 PunchestownJust Jacob e/w 3 places0.20101.00(0.20)103.75
19/12/202212:50 KemptonJames Bradley e/w 6 places0.2076.00(0.20)103.55

Month Two Update

It was a fantastic month for NS Bets with 30.47 points profit at an ROI of 22.5% at the odds that we were able to find. At the advised odds we would have made 24.19 points profit, so we managed to bag an extra 6 points by shopping around.

There were quite a high amount of bets again with 200 in total for the month, but it wasn't as hectic the first month when the World Cup was taking place.

For our own real money bets that we have been placing to make it easier to track results, we managed to make 24.4 points profit with a limited amount of bookmakers to work with. It was good to see that this falls in line with the advised odds results.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets200200
Total Stakes (pts)135.37135.13
Profit/Loss (pts)24.1930.47
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£241.90 £304.70
Strike Rate33.5%33.5%
Overall Bank Growth22.0%34.0%
Bank (100pt starting)121.95134.02


DateEventBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
20/12/202212:05 NaasBrides Hill e/w 4 places0.6024.001.08 104.63
20/12/202212:35 NaasWild Caprice e/w 5 places0.6017.00(0.60)104.03
20/12/2022Sydney v HobartUnder 14.5 Match Sixes2.001.911.82 105.85
21/12/2022Man United v BurnleyUnder 20.5 Shots2.002.00(2.00)103.85
22/12/202219:30 SouthwellRoyal Musketeer e/w 4 places0.4029.00(0.40)103.45
22/12/202215:40 Ffos LasFou Diligence e/w 6 places0.2081.00(0.20)103.25
22/12/202219:30 SouthwellLegal Reform e/w 4 places0.5034.00(0.50)102.75
22/12/2022Man City v LiverpoolCole Palmer Over 0.5 SOT1.002.10(1.00)101.75
22/12/2022Man City v LiverpoolCole Palmer Over 1.5 SOT0.507.00(0.50)101.25
22/12/2022Man City v LiverpoolCole Palmer Over 1.5 Shots1.002.251.25 102.50
24/12/2022Brentford v TottenhamHarry Kane 2+ SOT2.502.644.10 106.60
25/12/2022Arsenal v West HamDeclan Rice O59.5 Passes1.002.62(1.00)105.60
25/12/2022Arsenal v West HamDeclan Rice O63.5 Passes0.504.00(0.50)105.10
25/12/2022Arsenal v West HamDeclan Rice O67.5 Passes0.256.00(0.25)104.85
25/12/2022Arsenal v West HamDeclan Rice O71.5 Passes0.258.50(0.25)104.60
25/12/202214:20 LeopardstownMidnight Run e/w 2 places0.2019.00(0.20)104.40
25/12/202212:55 KemptonMetier e/w 2 places0.2041.00(0.20)104.20
25/12/202216:45 WolverhamptonMidgetonamission e/w 5 places0.4031.00(0.40)103.80
25/12/202214:30 KemptonFrodon e/w 4 places0.4017.000.44 104.24
25/12/202214:38 WincantonJohn Betjeman e/w 6 places0.4018.000.48 104.72
25/12/202213:35 WetherbyTop Villen Ben e/w 4 places0.4019.000.52 105.24
25/12/202212:32 FontwellCarlow Farmer e/w 4 places0.4029.00(0.40)104.84
25/12/202213:00 WetherbyMr Dealer e/w 4 places0.3041.00(0.30)104.54
25/12/202214:08 LimerickRebel Early e/w 5 places0.4031.00(0.40)104.14
25/12/202215:50 LimerickLorand e/w 4 places0.2041.00(0.20)103.94
25/12/202215:15 LimerickSound Money e/w 4 places0.4041.00(0.40)103.54
25/12/202213:33 LimerickElusive Guy e/w 3 places0.5019.00(0.50)103.04
25/12/202214:40 LimerickAdamently Chosen e/w 2 places0.4013.000.40 103.44
26/12/202212:15 NewcastleButo e/w 6 places0.2081.00(0.20)103.24
26/12/202214:50 Market RasenTopofthecotswolds e/w 5 places0.4041.00(0.40)102.84
26/12/202214:08 LimerickRebel Early e/w 4 places0.4034.00(0.40)102.44
26/12/202213:35 WetherbyWindsor Avenue e/w 5 places0.4026.00(0.40)102.04
26/12/202214:35 NewcastleFusain e/w 4 places0.4019.000.52 102.56
26/12/202214:25 WolverhamptonCarlotta e/w 2 places0.2081.00(0.20)102.36
26/12/2022West Ham v ArsenalDraw No Bet - West Ham0.505.30(0.50)101.86
26/12/202212:30 Market RasenPride of Hawridge e/w 3 places0.2067.00(0.20)101.66
26/12/2022Villa v LiverpoolSalah 2+ SOT1.502.542.32 103.98
26/12/202214:50 ChepstowGats and Go e/w 6 places0.2067.00(0.20)103.78
26/12/202211:50 WetherbySongbird's Tale e/w 6 places0.5028.00(0.50)103.28
26/12/202213:45 LeopardstownAshroe Diamond e/w 2 places0.8013.00(0.80)102.48
27/12/202213:40 ChepstowThe Churchill Lad e/w 3 places0.2067.00(0.20)102.28
28/12/2022Michael Smith v Martin SchindlerMichael Smith & Most 180s2.001.80(2.00)100.28
28/12/202214:45 GreyvilleBugsy Malone e/w 4 places0.5034.00(0.50)99.78
28/12/2022Hibernian v CelticFuruhashi O1.5 SOT1.003.552.55 102.33
28/12/2022PSG v StrasbourgBack U2.5 Goals1.252.600.52 102.85
28/12/2022Perth v MelbournePerth Most Sixes1.501.83(1.50)101.35
28/12/202216:00 SouthwellNine Elms e/w 4 places0.5021.00(0.50)100.85
28/12/202216:00 SouthwellAl Sull Elle e/w 4 places0.5026.00(0.50)100.35
28/12/202215:25 LeopardstownCato Capone e/w 3 places0.6017.00(0.60)99.75
29/12/202213:38 KelsoDonna's Double e/w 4 places0.5019.00(0.50)99.25
29/12/202215:10 DoncasterMaid O'Malley e/w 2 places0.4029.00(0.40)98.85
12/12/2022Big Bash OutrightPeter Siddle Top AS Bowle1.002.25(1.00)97.85
30/12/2022Liverpool v LeicesterTimothy Castagne O35.5 Passes1.001.830.83 98.68
30/12/2022Liverpool v LeicesterTimothy Castagne O38.5 Passes0.502.500.75 99.43
30/12/2022Liverpool v LeicesterTimothy Castagne O41.5 Passes0.253.750.69 100.12
30/12/2022Liverpool v LeicesterTimothy Castagne O44.5 Passes0.255.00(0.25)99.87
30/12/2022Liverpool v LeicesterTimothy Castagne O47.5 Passes0.108.00(0.10)99.77
30/12/202216:56 National ParkForeverandever e/w 5 places0.2067.00(0.20)99.57
30/12/202215:45 TauntonColonel Manderson e/w 5 places0.5010.000.20 99.77
30/12/202214:45 TauntonMoon King e/w 6 places0.4014.00(0.40)99.37
30/12/202213:45 TauntonRestandbethankful e/w 5 places0.5021.00(0.50)98.87
30/12/202217:00 WolverhamptonIconicdaay e/w 5 places0.2034.000.56 99.43
30/12/2022Man Utd v WolvesRashford 2+ SOT2.002.923.84 103.27
30/12/2022Man Utd v WolvesAntony 2+ SOT0.505.202.10 105.37
31/12/202212:47 PunchestownSpades Are Trumps e/w 5 places0.5019.00(0.50)104.87
31/12/202214:32 PunchestownLegacy Thor e/w 7 places0.5034.001.12 105.99
31/12/202214:05 LingfieldMohi e/w 6 places0.4015.00(0.40)105.59
31/12/202214:32 PunchestownSit Down Lucy e/w 7 places0.5025.00(0.50)105.09
31/12/202213:35 WarwickRocco e/w 5 places0.4027.000.84 105.93
31/12/202213:50 NewburyBothwell Bridge e/w 5 places0.4026.00(0.40)105.53
31/12/202215:42 PunchestownC'est Rien e/w 5 places0.6012.00(0.60)104.93
31/12/2022Wolverhampton v Man UtdRuben Neves Over 56.5 Passes1.251.831.04 105.96
31/12/2022Wolverhampton v Man UtdRuben Neves Over 60.5 Passes0.752.62(0.75)105.21
31/12/2022Wolverhampton v Man UtdRuben Neves Over 64.5 Passes0.504.00(0.50)104.71
31/12/2022Wolverhampton v Man UtdRuben Neves Over 68.5 Passes0.256.00(0.25)104.46
31/12/2022Wolverhampton v Man UtdRuben Neves Over 72.5 Passes0.108.50(0.10)104.36
31/12/2022Fulham v SouthamptonMitrovic 2+ SOT2.002.06(2.00)102.36
01/01/2023Nottingham Forest v ChelseaJoe Worrall U39.5 Passes1.001.830.83 103.19
01/01/2023Tottenham v Aston VillaTyrone Mings U48.5 Passes1.001.830.83 104.02
01/01/2023Double0.501.181.18 105.20
01/01/202315:15 ExeterBarrowmount e/w 5 places0.2051.00(0.20)105.00
01/01/202315:35 CatterickBelvedere Blast e/w 5 places0.5025.00(0.50)104.50
01/01/2023Lens v PSGMbappe 1+ SOT in each half1.502.662.49 106.99
01/01/2023Nottingham Forest v ChelseaUnder 24.5 Shots2.002.002.00 108.99
01/01/2023Lens v PSGPSG Race to 5 Corners1.502.752.63 111.62
01/01/2023Lens v PSGPSG Race to 7 Corners0.5011.005.00 116.62
02/01/202313:30 PlumptonGalway Mahler e/w 3 places0.4012.50(0.40)116.22
02/01/2023Brentford v LiverpoolLay U4.5 Goals0.501.380.00 116.22
02/01/2023Arsenal v NewcastleMartinelli 2+ SOT0.754.00(0.75)115.47
03/01/2023Leicester v FulhamMitrovic 2+ SOT2.002.60(2.00)113.47
03/01/202316:02 PornichetMeandro e/w 4 places1.009.50(1.00)112.47
03/01/202317:15 PornichetGrand Leon e/w 4 places1.0017.00(1.00)111.47
03/01/202317:45 PornichetProud Penelope e/w 4 places1.0026.002.00 113.47
03/01/202319:15 PornichetCosmic Goddess e/w 3 places2.0011.00(2.00)111.47
04/01/202318:30 KemptonBezzas Lad e/w 3 places0.4041.001.40 112.87
04/01/202316:55 KemptonHopeman Harbour e/w 4 places0.5017.000.55 113.42
04/01/202315:20 NewcastleAtrafan e/w 4 places0.4019.000.52 113.94
04/01/202314:20 NewcastleIato's Angel e/w 3 places1.0013.00(1.00)112.94
04/01/2023Crystal Palace v TottenhamZaha 2+ SOT0.504.30(0.50)112.44
04/01/2023Crystal Palace v TottenhamKane 2+ SOT1.502.542.31 114.75
04/01/2023Oviedo v Atletico MadridLay U1.5 FH Goals0.401.160.00 114.75
04/01/2023Crystal Palace v TottenhamLay U2.5 FH Goals0.331.13(0.33)114.42
04/01/2023Intercity Sant Joan C.F v BarcelonaLay U2.5 FH Goals0.201.08(0.20)114.22
04/01/2023Intercity Sant Joan C.F v BarcelonaLay U3.5 Goals0.761.381.22 115.44
04/01/2023Leeds v West HamLay Draw0.181.19(0.18)115.26
04/01/2023Inter v NapoliLay U2.5 FH Goals0.201.08(0.20)115.06
05/01/2023Chelsea v Man CityLay U2.5 FH Goals0.401.11(0.40)114.66
05/01/2023Chelsea v Man CityLay U1.5 FH Goals0.071.07(0.07)114.59
05/01/2023Chelsea v Man CityLay U2.5 Goals0.751.32(0.75)113.84
06/01/2023Man Utd v EvertonUnder 24.5 Shots2.001.831.67 115.51
05/01/202314:00 Ffos LasPilgrims King e/w 4 places1.0013.00(1.00)114.51
05/01/2023Chelsea v Man CityHaaland 2+ SOT3.001.85(3.00)111.51
06/01/2023Race 3 Santa AnitaOutright e/w 3 places0.5019.00(0.50)111.01
06/01/2023Race 8 Tampa Bay DownsMotawaafeq e/w 4 places0.4022.00(0.40)110.61
07/01/202318:30 KemptonAlways Fearless e/w 4 places0.4034.001.12 111.73
07/01/202315:00 SandownBroken Quest e/w 6 places0.4041.001.40 113.13
07/01/202314:25 SandownUkantango e/w 3 places0.2034.00(0.20)112.93
08/01/202313:00 SouthwellCopper Mountain e/w 3 places0.4041.00(0.40)112.53
08/01/202315:40 ChepstowMr Muldoon e/w 4 places0.4034.007.92 120.45
09/01/202314:30 TauntonVia Dante e/w 3 places0.4067.00(0.40)120.05
09/01/202315:35 TauntonKentford Mallard e/w 4 places0.6031.001.50 121.55
09/01/202314:45 AyrRoxyfet e/w 4 places0.4023.00(0.40)121.15
10/01/2023Sony OpenJimmy Walker e/w0.10501.00(0.10)121.05
10/01/2023Sony OpenNate Lashley e/w0.10401.001.52 122.57
10/01/2023Sony OpenPaul Haley e/w0.10401.00(0.10)122.47
10/01/2023Sony OpenSam Stevens e/w0.10401.00(0.10)122.37
10/01/2023Sony OpenDavis Thompson e/w0.20251.00(0.20)122.17
12/01/202315:35 NewcastleAnother Angel e/w 4 places0.4021.00(0.40)121.77
12/01/202312:05 NewcastleInternational Law e/w 4 places0.4023.00(0.40)121.37
12/01/202315:00 NewcastleSki Jump e/w 4 places0.2067.00(0.20)121.17
12/01/202312:40 NewcastleShowmedemoney e/w 3 places0.4017.00(0.40)120.77
12/01/2023Fulham v ChelseaAntonee Robinson O35.5 Passes1.501.831.25 122.02
12/01/2023Fulham v ChelseaAntonee Robinson O38.5 Passes0.752.501.13 123.14
12/01/2023Fulham v ChelseaAntonee Robinson O41.5 Passes0.503.751.38 124.52
12/01/2023Fulham v ChelseaAntonee Robinson O44.5 Passes0.255.501.13 125.64
12/01/2023Fulham v ChelseaAntonee Robinson O47.5 Passes0.258.001.75 127.39
13/01/2023Man Utd v Man CityHaaland 2+ SOT2.001.96(2.00)125.39
13/01/202315:45 NewcastleMujid e/w 4 places0.3041.001.05 126.44
13/01/202315:40 LingfieldMiss Elsa e/w 4 places0.4025.00(0.40)126.04
13/01/202312:40 LingfieldMusaytir e/w 4 places0.4031.006.48 132.52
13/01/202315:45 NewcastleKingson e/w 5 places0.2091.00(0.20)132.32
13/01/2023Aston Villa v LeedsOllie Watkins 2+ SOT0.503.05(0.50)131.82
13/01/2023Aston Villa v LeedsOllie Watkins 1+ SOT2.001.70(2.00)129.82
13/01/2023Zimbabwe v IrelandIreland Over 11.5 Fours1.501.72(1.50)128.32
13/01/2023Hobart v SydneyHobart Highest 1st 6 Overs2.001.911.82 130.14
14/01/2023Man Utd v Man CityNo Card Before 29:001.501.831.25 131.39
14/01/202312:05 ChantillyCharnock Richard e/w 4 places1.007.000.25 131.64
14/01/202315:07 ChantillyVif Des Aigles e/w 4 places0.5017.00(0.50)131.14
14/01/202315:57 FairyhouseGrand Rouge e/w 5 places0.2086.00(0.20)130.94
14/01/202315:07 WetherbyBreizh Alko e/w 4 places0.4023.00(0.40)130.54
14/01/202315:15 KemptonKap Auteuil e/w 3 places0.4019.000.52 131.06
14/01/2023Zimbabwe v IrelandOver 21.5 Fours2.501.832.08 133.14
15/01/2023Newcastle v FulhamSven Botman O52.5 Passes1.501.831.25 134.39
15/01/2023Newcastle v FulhamSven Botman O56.5 Passes0.752.63(0.75)133.64
15/01/2023Newcastle v FulhamSven Botman O60.5 Passes0.504.00(0.50)133.14
15/01/2023Newcastle v FulhamSven Botman O64.5 Passes0.256.00(0.25)132.89
15/01/2023Newcastle v FulhamSven Botman O68.5 Passes0.108.50(0.10)132.79
15/01/2023Tottenham v ArsenalEric Dier O58.5 Passes1.001.83(1.00)131.79
15/01/2023Tottenham v ArsenalEric Dier O62.5 Passes0.502.63(0.50)131.29
15/01/2023Tottenham v ArsenalEric Dier O66.5 Passes0.253.75(0.25)131.04
15/01/2023Tottenham v ArsenalEric Dier O70.5 Passes0.255.50(0.25)130.79
15/01/2023Tottenham v ArsenalEric Dier O74.5 Passes0.108.50(0.10)130.69
17/01/202315:25 ClonmelJakes Dream e/w 4 places0.4023.000.68 131.37
17/01/202313:10 KemptonSand Timer e/w 5 places0.2051.00(0.20)131.17
17/01/2023Wolverhampton v LiverpoolNathan Collins O49.5 Passes1.001.830.83 132.00
17/01/2023Wolverhampton v LiverpoolNathan Collins O53.5 Passes0.502.630.81 132.82
17/01/2023Wolverhampton v LiverpoolNathan Collins O57.5 Passes0.254.000.75 133.57
17/01/2023Wolverhampton v LiverpoolNathan Collins O61.5 Passes0.206.501.10 134.67
17/01/2023Wolverhampton v LiverpoolWolverhampton Race to 3 Corners1.002.501.50 136.17
17/01/2023Wolverhampton v LiverpoolWolverhampton Race to 5 Corners0.503.10(0.50)135.67
17/01/2023Wolverhampton v LiverpoolWolverhampton Race to 7 Corners0.255.50(0.25)135.42
17/01/2023Wolverhampton v LiverpoolWolverhampton Race to 9 Corners0.2513.00(0.25)135.17
18/01/202314:40 WolverhamptonThe King's Steed e/w 4 places0.5034.00(0.50)134.67
18/01/202315:50 WolverhamptonPlumette e/w 3 places0.5013.003.60 138.27
18/01/202316:50 DundalkI Know I Can e/w 4 places0.5026.00(0.50)137.77
18/01/202314:00 Cagnes Sur MerRed Torch e/w 3 places0.4019.00(0.40)137.37
18/01/2023Abu Dhabi HSBC ChampionshipPadraig Harrington e/w0.20101.001.90 139.27
18/01/2023Abu Dhabi HSBC ChampionshipDavid Law e/w 0.20226.00(0.20)139.07
18/01/2023Abu Dhabi HSBC ChampionshipMaximilian Kieffer e/w0.20111.00(0.20)138.87
18/01/2023Abu Dhabi HSBC ChampionshipRichard Bland e/w0.20126.00(0.20)138.67
18/01/2023Abu Dhabi HSBC ChampionshipLuke Donald e/w0.20201.00(0.20)138.47
18/01/2023Abu Dhabi HSBC ChampionshipAshun Wu e/w0.20126.00(0.20)138.27
18/01/2023Abu Dhabi HSBC ChampionshipFrancesco Molinari e/w 0.4041.001.40 139.67
18/01/2023Abu Dhabi HSBC ChampionshipMarcel Schneider e/w0.2091.00(0.20)139.47
18/01/2023Abu Dhabi HSBC ChampionshipMaximilian Kieffer Top German e/w0.505.501.75 141.22
18/01/2023Abu Dhabi HSBC ChampionshipDavid Law Top Scotsman e/w0.5013.00(0.50)140.72
18/01/2023Pretoria v JoburgOver 35.5 Boundaries2.501.802.00 142.72
18/01/202314:35 DundalkTogether Aclaim e/w 4 places0.5023.00(0.50)142.22
18/01/2023Crystal Palace v Man UtdRashford 2+ SOT1.003.48(1.00)141.22
18/01/2023The American ExpressJoseph Bramlett e/w0.20276.00(0.20)141.02
18/01/2023The American ExpressKeith Mitchell e/w0.3081.00(0.30)140.72
18/01/2023The American ExpressAlex Smalley e/w0.30101.00(0.30)140.42
18/01/2023The American ExpressAdam Schenk e/w0.20301.00(0.20)140.22
18/01/2023The American ExpressCallum Tarren e/w0.20151.00(0.20)140.02
18/01/2023The American ExpressDean Burmester e/w0.20101.00(0.20)139.82
18/01/2023The American ExpressEmiliano Grillo e/w0.20101.00(0.20)139.62
19/01/2023Adelaide v PerthPerth Over 13.5 Fours 2.002.00(2.00)137.62
19/01/2023Brisbane v HobartOver 23.5 Fours3.001.802.40 140.02
19/01/2023Man City v TottenhamOver 65.5 Possession2.001.85(2.00)138.02
19/01/2023Durban v PretoriaOver 11.5 Sixes4.001.75(4.00)134.02

We had one more month left for our review and we hoped to be able to build up some more profit. In our final review we aimed to break the results down further so we could see the profit/loss for each sport covered by the tipster.

Month Three Update

It was a tricky month for NS Bets with some long losing runs, but tipster Neel managed to turn it around in the end and we finished with 4.56 points lost at the available odds.

On the final day of the review there was a fantastic profit of 17.2 points, including a horse winning at 50/1 and several well-researched football bets on the shots and player passes markets.

It was certainly a day to remember for the service!

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets222222
Total Stakes (pts)123.55123.55
Profit/Loss (pts)-3.7-4.56
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£37.00-£45.60
Strike Rate18.0%18.0%
Overall Bank Growth18.2%29.5%
Bank (100pt starting)118.25129.46


DateEventBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
20/01/202317:00 DundalkHale Bopp e/w 4 places0.3051.00(0.30)133.72
20/01/202317:45 NewcastleDusky Prince e/w 3 places0.6013.004.32 138.04
20/01/202313:50 SouthwellCiao Adios e/w 4 places0.6026.009.00 147.04
20/01/202316:20 MeydanErzindjan e/w 4 places0.2076.00(0.20)146.84
20/01/202317:30 MeydanZainhom e/w 7 places1.0013.00(1.00)145.84
20/01/202316:55 MeydanCharging Thunder e/w 4 places1.0012.50(1.00)144.84
21/01/2023Liverpool v ChelseaUnder 23.5 Shots1.002.63(1.00)143.84
21/01/2023Liverpool v ChelseaUnder 21.5 Shots0.504.00(0.50)143.34
21/01/2023Liverpool v ChelseaUnder 19.5 Shots0.256.50(0.25)143.09
21/01/202313:07 NavanFelix Desjy e/w 4 places0.5023.001.00 144.09
21/01/202314:12 LingfieldBarging Thru e/w 6 places0.6025.00(0.60)143.49
22/01/202313:10 ThurlesCarrigeen Konini e/w 3 places0.10126.00(0.10)143.39
22/01/202316:10 ThurlesDaicheadacuig e/w 3 places0.10176.00(0.10)143.29
22/01/202312:00 TurffonteinCamilcourt e/w 3 places0.8012.00(0.80)142.49
22/01/202313:10 TurffonteinRetallick e/w 3 places0.809.00(0.80)141.69
22/01/2023Man City v WolvesSemedo To Be Booked1.006.00(1.00)140.69
22/01/2023Man City v WolvesSemedo First Player to be Booked 0.2517.00(0.25)140.44
23/01/202316:00 Ffos LasDysania e/w 5 places0.8023.001.36 141.80
23/01/2023Fulham v TottenhamMitrovic 2+ SOT2.002.52(2.00)139.80
23/01/2023Sunrisers v PaarlOver 24.5 Fours2.001.83(2.00)137.80
23/01/2023Joburg v DurbanOver 9.5 Sixes3.001.802.40 140.20
23/01/2023Fulham v TottenhamEric Dier Under 70.5 Passes1.501.831.25 141.45
23/01/2023India v New ZealandOver 10.5 Match Sixes2.001.731.46 142.90
24/01/202313:50 Down RoyalKatlaur e/w 5 places0.2046.00(0.20)142.70
24/01/202316:10 Down RoyalCappy Cross e/w 3 places0.2081.00(0.20)142.50
24/01/202315:00 Down RoyalFour Horseman e/w 4 places0.4016.00(0.40)142.10
24/01/2023Desert vs EmiratesMI Emirates Most Sixes 1.001.83(1.00)141.10
24/01/2023Hobart v BrisbaneOver 23.5 Fours2.001.91(2.00)139.10
25/01/202316:15 CatterickLicit e/w 4 places0.809.00(0.80)138.30
25/01/202315:15 CatterickGuiri e/w 4 places0.4041.00(0.40)137.90
25/01/202314:15 CatterickParamaribo e/w 3 places0.2081.00(0.20)137.70
12/12/2022Big Bash OutrightBen McDermott Top HH Bat1.002.25(1.00)136.70
12/12/2022Big Bash OutrightJosh Inglis Top PS Bat1.002.40(1.00)135.70
12/12/2022Big Bash OutrightJosh Phillipe Top SS bat 1.002.30(1.00)134.70
25/01/2023Dubai Desert ClassicLouis De Jager e/w0.20251.00(0.20)134.50
25/01/2023Dubai Desert ClassicGavin Green e/w0.20126.00(0.20)134.30
25/01/2023Dubai Desert ClassicPaul Waring e/w0.20201.00(0.20)134.10
25/01/2023Dubai Desert ClassicJorge Campillo e/w0.20201.00(0.20)133.90
25/01/2023Dubai Desert ClassicHennie Du Plessis e/w 0.20151.00(0.20)133.70
25/01/2023Dubai Desert ClassicLudvig Aberg e/w0.20126.00(0.20)133.50
25/01/2023Dubai Desert ClassicStephen Gallacher e/w0.10301.00(0.10)133.40
25/01/2023Dubai Desert ClassicOliver Bekker e/w0.20126.00(0.20)133.20
25/01/2023Dubai Desert ClassicDavid Law e/w 0.10251.00(0.10)133.10
25/01/2023Djokovic v PaulDjokovic -2.5 Sets1.501.600.90 134.00
26/01/2023Man City v ArsenalMan City/Arsenal HT/FT0.2542.00(0.25)133.75
26/01/2023Man City v ArsenalArsenal/Man City HT/FT0.2524.00(0.25)133.50
27/01/2023South Africa v EnglandRassie Van Der Dussen Top Team Batter0.757.004.50 138.00
27/01/2023India vs New ZealandIsh Sodhi Top Team Bowler0.755.00(0.75)137.25
27/01/202316:20 DoncasterSymbolic Spirit e/w 5 places0.4041.00(0.40)136.85
27/01/202313:05 DoncasterWe Gotta Getaway e/w 4 places0.20151.00(0.20)136.65
27/01/202313:05 DoncasterVissani e/w 4 places0.20151.00(0.20)136.45
27/01/202315:25 LingfieldSoothing Blaze e/w 3 places0.2086.00(0.20)136.25
27/01/202315:35 HuntingdonRomeo Brown e/w 4 places0.5021.00(0.50)135.75
27/01/202315:25 LingfieldDark Gold e/w 3 places0.10191.00(0.10)135.65
27/01/202314:30 HuntingdonStroll On By e/w 5 places0.5019.000.65 136.30
27/01/202314:50 LingfieldSherpa Trail e/w 3 places0.4019.00(0.40)135.90
27/01/202314:30 HuntingdonHillfinch e/w 5 places0.4021.00(0.40)135.50
31/01/202313:25 NewcastleMisscarlett e/w 5 places0.3041.00(0.30)135.20
31/01/202313:50 LingfieldFlemen's Tipple e/w 3 places0.10201.00(0.10)135.10
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahLindberg - Top Swede e/w1.009.500.92 136.02
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahSimonsen - Top Dane e/w1.0026.00(1.00)135.02
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahDe Jager - Top South African e/w1.009.500.56 135.58
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahMolinari - Top Italian1.002.201.20 136.78
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahAshun Wu - Top Asian1.004.33(1.00)135.78
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahMikael Lindberg e/w 0.10351.00(0.10)135.68
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahSimon Forsstrom e/w0.10276.00(0.10)135.58
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahJeremy Freiburghaus e/w 0.10351.00(0.10)135.48
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahAndrew Wilson e/w0.20251.00(0.10)135.38
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahConnor Syme e/w0.4061.00(0.40)134.98
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahDavid Law e/w 0.4091.00(0.40)134.58
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahMarcel Schneider e/w0.4081.00(0.20)134.38
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahWil Besseling e/w0.20176.00(0.20)134.18
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahOckie Strydom e/w0.20151.00(0.20)133.98
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahNicolai von Dellingshausen e/w0.20191.00(0.20)133.78
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahChase Hanna e/w0.20126.00(0.20)133.58
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahMatthieu Pavon e/w0.4081.00(0.40)133.18
01/02/2023Ras Al KhaimahAlexander Knappe e/w0.20251.00(0.20)132.98
02/02/2023Pebble Beach ProSam Stevens e/w0.20201.00(0.20)132.78
02/02/2023Pebble Beach ProZecheng Dou e/w0.20201.00(0.20)132.58
02/02/2023Pebble Beach ProDean Burmester e/w0.4051.00(0.40)132.18
02/02/2023Pebble Beach ProJustin Lower e/w0.20151.00(0.20)131.98
02/02/2023Pebble Beach ProDylan Frittelli e/w0.20151.00(0.20)131.78
02/02/2023Pebble Beach ProBeau Hossler e/w0.4067.00(0.40)131.38
02/02/2023Pebble Beach ProNick Hardy e/w0.4061.00(0.40)130.98
02/02/2023Pebble Beach ProKurt Kitayama e/w0.4056.00(0.40)130.58
03/02/202318:45 NewcastleSpartan Fighter e/w 4 places0.8015.00(0.80)129.78
03/02/202314:50 LingfieldTropez Power e/w 4 places0.8013.000.56 130.34
04/02/2023Everton v ArsenalArsenal & Under 3.5 Goals1.002.16(1.00)129.34
04/02/2023Everton v ArsenalArsenal/Arsenal HT/FT1.002.34(1.00)128.34
04/02/2023Everton v ArsenalSaka 2+ SOT1.003.65(1.00)127.34
04/02/202315:40 LeopardstownLucky Max e/w 5 places0.4026.00(0.40)126.94
04/02/202316:10 LeopardstownBattleoverdoyen e/w 4 places0.4034.00(0.40)126.54
04/02/202315:30 SandownEmir Sacree e/w 4 places0.4019.000.52 127.06
04/02/202315:40 LeopardstownBelle Metal e/w 5 places0.4029.00(0.40)126.66
04/02/2023Tottenham v Man CitySon 2+ SOT0.504.40(0.50)126.16
05/02/2023Nottingham Forest v LeedsLeeds -0.5 Corners1.002.001.00 127.16
05/02/2023Nottingham Forest v LeedsMarc Roca O48.5 Passes1.001.83(1.00)126.16
05/02/2023Nottingham Forest v LeedsMarc Roca O52.5 Passes0.502.62(0.50)125.66
05/02/2023Nottingham Forest v LeedsMarc Roca O56.5 Passes0.254.00(0.25)125.41
05/02/2023Nottingham Forest v LeedsMarc Roca O60.5 Passes0.106.50(0.10)125.31
05/02/2023Tottenham v Man CityMan City1.501.89(1.50)123.81
06/02/202320:00 WolverhamptonNefyn Dawn e/w 3 places0.2030.000.63 124.44
06/02/202317:30 WolverhamptonMy Boy Jack e/w 4 places0.509.50(0.05)124.39
06/02/202320:30 WolverhamptonGentle Fire e/w 4 places0.505.50(0.03)124.36
07/02/2023Singapore ClassicSimon Forsstrom e/w0.20201.00(0.20)124.16
07/02/2023Singapore ClassicClement Sordet e/w0.20151.00(0.20)123.96
07/02/2023Singapore ClassicBryce Easton e/w0.20201.00(0.20)123.76
07/02/2023Singapore ClassicLouis De Jager e/w0.2091.00(0.20)123.56
07/02/2023Singapore ClassicDavid Ravetto e/w0.20201.00(0.20)123.36
07/02/2023Singapore ClassicAshun Wu - Top Chinese1.002.451.45 124.81
07/02/2023Singapore ClassicChase Hanna - Top American e/w1.006.003.33 128.14
08/02/2023Man Utd v LeedsFernandes 2+ SOT1.003.80(1.00)127.14
08/02/2023Singapore ClassicPaul Waring e/w0.20101.000.85 127.99
08/02/2023Singapore ClassicKristian Krogh Johannessen e/w0.2091.00(0.20)127.79
08/02/2023Phoenix OpenStephen Jaeger e/w0.20251.00(0.20)127.59
08/02/2023Phoenix OpenEmiliano Grillo e/w0.20161.00(0.20)127.39
08/02/2023Phoenix OpenBrian Harman e/w0.3081.00(0.30)127.09
08/02/2023Phoenix OpenKeith Mitchell e/w0.3076.00(0.30)126.79
10/02/202316:35 BangorEsme Shelby e/w 4 places0.8013.00(0.80)125.99
10/02/202318:45 ChelmsfordGypsy Nation e/w 3 places0.5023.00(0.50)125.49
10/02/202316:35 BangorSpitfire Girl e/w 4 places0.8013.000.56 126.05
10/02/202314:50 BangorImac Wood e/w 4 places0.2067.001.22 127.27
11/02/2023West Ham v ChelseaWest Ham Race to 3 Corners1.002.101.10 128.37
11/02/2023West Ham v ChelseaWest Ham Race to 5 Corners0.502.62(0.50)127.87
11/02/2023West Ham v ChelseaWest Ham Race to 7 Corners0.254.75(0.25)127.62
11/02/2023Crystal Palace v BrightonBrighton & BTTS0.504.50(0.50)127.12
11/02/2023Arsenal v BrentfordArsenal & BTTS0.503.60(0.50)126.62
11/02/2023Leicester v TottenhamKane 2+ SOT1.502.24(1.50)125.12
11/02/2023Bournemouth v NewcastleSenesi O37.5 Passes1.001.83(1.00)124.12
11/02/2023Bournemouth v NewcastleSenesi O40.5 Passes0.502.50(0.50)123.62
11/02/2023Bournemouth v NewcastleSenesi O43.5 Passes0.253.75(0.25)123.37
11/02/2023Bournemouth v NewcastleSenesi O46.5 Passes0.255.00(0.25)123.12
11/02/2023Bournemouth v NewcastleSenesi O49.5 Passes0.107.50(0.10)123.02
11/02/2023Crystal Palace v BrightonMitoma 2+ SOT0.503.95(0.50)122.52
11/02/202313:00 UttoxeterBury Walls e/w 4 places0.10126.00(0.10)122.42
11/02/202315:15 WarwickBlack Tonic e/w 3 places0.10151.00(0.10)122.32
11/02/202314:15 NaasBillies Filly e/w 4 places0.20301.00(0.20)122.12
11/02/202314:15 NaasOzark Thunder e/w 4 places0.10301.00(0.10)122.02
11/02/202314:15 NaasI'm For Home e/w 4 places0.10251.00(0.10)121.92
11/02/202314:50 NaasBal De Rio e/w 5 places0.8017.00(0.80)121.12
11/02/202314:33 LingfieldAfternoon Tea e/w 3 places0.10201.00(0.10)121.02
11/02/202313:40 NaasSholo Star e/w 4 places0.10141.00(0.10)120.92
11/02/202315:25 NaasTrishknowsbest e/w 3 places0.10201.00(0.10)120.82
11/02/202315:35 NewburyHighway One O Two e/w 5 places0.5021.00(0.50)120.32
12/02/202314:30 ExeterMolly's Angel e/w 5 places0.2051.00(0.20)120.12
12/02/202314:00 PlumptonFairway Freddy e/w 3 places0.6012.000.36 120.48
12/02/202314:00 PlumptonPeterborough e/w 3 places0.4019.00(0.40)120.08
12/02/202315:30 PlumptonFull Of Light e/w 3 places0.5010.00(0.50)119.58
12/02/202319:00 WolverhamptonDark Pine e/w 4 places0.4017.00(0.40)119.18
12/02/2023Leeds v Man UtdSabitzer 2+ SOT0.256.80(0.25)118.93
12/02/2023Leeds v Man UtdLeeds Race to 3 Corners1.002.001.00 119.93
12/02/2023Leeds v Man UtdLeeds Race to 5 Corners0.502.500.75 120.68
12/02/2023Leeds v Man UtdLeeds Race to 7 Corners0.254.330.83 121.52
12/02/2023Leeds v Man UtdLeeds Race to 9 Corners0.109.50(0.10)121.42
12/02/2023Leeds v Man UtdRashford & Gnonto 1 SOT each1.003.502.38 123.79
12/02/2023Napoli v CremoneseBet Builder1.002.00(1.00)122.79
12/02/2023Leeds v Man UtdTyler Adams O51.5 Passes1.001.83(1.00)121.79
12/02/2023Leeds v Man UtdTyler Adams O55.5 Passes0.502.62(0.50)121.29
12/02/2023Leeds v Man UtdTyler Adams O59.5 Passes0.254.00(0.25)121.04
12/02/2023Leeds v Man UtdTyler Adams O63.5 Passes0.106.50(0.10)120.94
13/02/2023South Africa (W) vs New Zealand (W)Over 22.5 Fours3.001.802.40 123.34
13/02/202314:45 CatterickFenna's Loss e/w 4 places0.8010.000.21 123.55
13/02/202315:30 PlumptonFull Of Light e/w 3 places0.8013.00(0.80)122.75
13/02/2023Sampdoria v Inter MilanBet Builder0.753.00(0.75)122.00
13/02/2023PSG v Bayern MunichMusiala 2+ Shots2.002.10(2.00)120.00
13/02/2023PSG v Bayern MunichPSG/Bayern Munich HT/FT0.2528.00(0.25)119.75
13/02/2023PSG v Bayern MunichBayern Munich/PSG HT/FT0.2530.00(0.25)119.50
13/02/2023PSG v Bayern MunichMarquinhos O54.5 Passes1.501.83(1.50)118.00
13/02/2023PSG v Bayern MunichMarquinhos O58.5 Passes1.002.62(1.00)117.00
13/02/2023PSG v Bayern MunichMarquinhos O62.5 Passes0.754.00(0.75)116.25
13/02/2023PSG v Bayern MunichMarquinhos O66.5 Passes0.506.00(0.50)115.75
13/02/2023PSG v Bayern MunichMarquinhos O70.5 Passes0.258.50(0.25)115.50
13/02/2023AC Milan v TottenhamKane 2+ SOT1.002.90(1.00)114.50
13/02/2023PSG v Bayern MunichRamos Over 1.5 Tackles1.002.251.25 115.75
13/02/2023PSG v Bayern MunichRamos Over 2.5 Tackles0.504.33(0.50)115.25
13/02/2023PSG v Bayern MunichRamos Over 3.5 Tackles0.257.50(0.25)115.00
14/02/202319:00 NewcastlePerfect Soldier e/w 4 places0.5029.00(0.50)114.50
15/02/202316:50 WetherbyMr Dealer e/w 5 places0.4034.00(0.40)114.10
15/02/202315:00 HerefordHighland Frolic e/w 4 places0.6015.00(0.60)113.50
15/02/202317:00 KemptonKay Ceraar e/w 4 places0.2056.000.89 114.39
15/02/2023Thailand ClassicSimon Forsstrom e/w0.40201.00(0.40)113.99
15/02/2023Thailand ClassicMikko Korhonen e/w0.4071.00(0.40)113.59
15/02/2023Thailand ClassicLouis De Jager e/w0.4081.00(0.40)113.19
15/02/2023Thailand ClassicChase Hanna e/w0.20151.00(0.20)112.99
15/02/2023Genesis InvitationalStephen Jaeger e/w0.20251.00(0.20)112.79
15/02/2023Genesis InvitationalMackenzie Hughes e/w0.20251.00(0.20)112.59
15/02/2023Genesis InvitationalScott Stallings e/w 0.20151.00(0.20)112.39
15/02/2023Genesis InvitationalEmiliano Grillo e/w0.20251.00(0.20)112.19
15/02/2023Genesis InvitationalCallum Tarren e/w0.10401.00(0.10)112.09
15/02/2023Genesis InvitationalBeau Hossler e/w0.20126.00(0.20)111.89
15/02/2023Genesis InvitationalAdrian Meronk e/w0.20161.00(0.20)111.69
15/02/2023Genesis InvitationalAlex Noren e/w0.2091.00(0.20)111.49
15/02/2023Genesis InvitationalTaylor Montgomery e/w0.4067.00(0.40)111.09
15/02/2023Genesis InvitationalBrian Harman e/w0.20101.00(0.20)110.89
15/02/2023Genesis InvitationalJhonattan Vegas e/w0.20161.00(0.20)110.69
15/02/2023Genesis InvitationalKurt Kitayama e/w0.20151.00(0.20)110.49
15/02/2023Club Brugge v BenficaMechele O61.5 Passes1.001.83(1.00)109.49
15/02/2023Club Brugge v BenficaMechele O65.5 Passes0.752.62(0.75)108.74
15/02/2023Club Brugge v BenficaMechele O69.5 Passes0.503.75(0.50)108.24
15/02/2023Club Brugge v BenficaMechele O73.5 Passes0.255.50(0.25)107.99
15/02/2023Club Brugge v BenficaMechele O77.5 Passes0.108.00(0.10)107.89
15/02/2023Dortmund v ChelseaJude Bellingham 2+ SOT0.5010.00(0.50)107.39
16/02/202318:30 ChelmsfordFull Intention e/w 3 places0.8015.006.72 114.11
16/02/202315:35 SandownTik Tok e/w 4 places0.20101.00(0.20)113.91
16/02/202314:45 NewcastleAntey e/w 4 places0.4023.00(0.40)113.51
17/02/2023Sassuolo v NapoliSassuolo DNB0.504.40(0.50)113.01
17/02/2023Aston Villa v ArsenalTyrone Mings U42.5 Passes1.501.831.25 114.26
17/02/2023Nottm Forest v Man CityMan City -
17/02/2023Brighton v FulhamSolly March 2+ SOT0.504.83(0.50)111.76
18/02/2023Brentford v Crystal PalaceTony 2+ SOT1.002.601.60 113.36
20/02/202318:30 NewcastleMy Duty e/w 3 places0.2067.00(0.20)113.16
20/02/202316:45 LingfieldAnother Emotion e/w 6 places0.4021.00(0.40)112.76
20/02/202315:00 LingfieldCeci Wells e/w 3 places0.10201.00(0.10)112.66
20/02/202315:00 LingfieldBirkie Girl e/w 3 places0.10251.00(0.10)112.56
20/02/202315:00 LingfieldSally's Girl e/w 3 places0.10201.00(0.10)112.46
20/02/202319:00 NewcastleJustathimble e/w 5 places0.2056.00(0.20)112.26
21/02/2023Frankfurt v NapoliVictor Osimhen 2+ SOT2.003.104.20 116.46
21/02/202314:30 TauntonProfessor Calculus e/w 4 places0.2051.006.00 122.46
21/02/2023Frankfurt v NapoliNapoli Over 12.5 Shots2.002.002.00 124.46
21/02/2023Liverpool v Real MadridModric Under 59.5 Passes2.001.831.67 126.13
21/02/2023DoubleDouble0.503.661.33 127.46
21/02/2023Liverpool v Real MadridVinicius Junior 2+ SOT0.505.002.00 129.46

Review Summary

  • High volume of bets
  • Much more than an ordinary tips service
  • Available as separate football, horse racing or golf services, or all in one package 
  • Telegram messenger app required 

Our NS Bets review was, in a word, epic, with a total of 723 bets in three months resulting in 29.46 points profit at the available odds, which was a 29.5% increase to our starting bank.

During our review period, the football and horse racing bets were the most profitable. These were also the most popular type of bet, along with golf.

With the golf bets, we felt sure that the profit would come along at some point, but it was just a waiting game because of the high odds of the selections. We were happy to bide our time with these and hope for a tidy sum to arrive in the near future.

  • Cricket: -3.32 points
  • Darts: -1.88 points
  • Football: +24.75 points
  • Golf: -4.52 points
  • Horse Racing: +16.53 points
  • Tennis: -2.10 points
  • Total: +29.46 points

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets723723
Total Stakes (pts)523.71525.23
Profit/Loss (pts)18.2529.46
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£182.50£294.60
Strike Rate29.5%29.5%
Overall Bank Growth18.2%29.5%
Bank (100pt starting)118.25129.46

Neel Shah, who runs the service, is a professional bettor who spends a great deal of his time researching bets and finding value to try and beat the bookmakers.

He shares his bets via a Telegram group, and they can come at any time of the day or night, so to catch all of them you will want to make sure your notifications are switched on.

There were also some unofficial bets posted to the group that we were following with a close eye, inparticular the French racing value bets. One of the Lucky 15 bets had come extremely close, with all but one selection winning to produce a large profit and almost a jackpot.

It’s not necessary to bet on every single selection, but the more bets you can get on, the more chance of profit there is.

It was clear to us that Neel knows his stuff. He was always happy to go into more detail about his thinking behind selections and the service offered much more than just a regular tips service. 

At the time of the review, he had recently started working as a trader for one of the main bookmaker networks. This did mean he wasn’t able to post tips for certain bookmakers, but you can easily shop around yourself if you want to place the bets somewhere other than the advised bookmakers.

As you can see by our results, we were able to achieve more than 10 points extra profits than at the advised odds.

One of the issues with being able to beat the bookmakers is risk of account closure. As part of the service, there is advice on how to avoid this so that you have the best chance of being able to get bets on.

We learnt a lot from this service during our review and we were sure that we would include player props markets in our personal betting going forward.

It was evident that there is value to be had there as well as in golf/horse racing each-way bets. If you don't want to do the research yourself, this is the ideal service as Neel does it for you.

NS Bets is a service that we will continue to follow beyond this review. In fact, the day after we finished officially tracking results, Neel had a clean sweep on the player passes bets netting 4.83 points.

We were happy to give the service our recommendation with a "Pass" rating.

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