Away Wins Review: Football Betting Tips Service

Away Wins is a football betting tips service that takes just 10 minutes per week to use by simply copying their doubles bets.

Their initial results starting from May 2023 look very promising, with £1,574.07 profit to £10 stakes at an ROI of 32.8% and they haven't experienced a losing month yet.

The thinking behind the system is that the home advantage often diminishes the odds for favourites, but Away Wins reckon it is often overstated. This means the odds may be higher if they are playing away from home and there is an opportunity to profit.

Putting them into a double bet adds even more value to the bet and has the potential to achieve much more profit.

We took a look at a the results so far and noticed that a lot of the bets have been for top tier leagues such as the English Premier League, French Ligue 1 and Spanish La Liga. This should make finding the bets and advised odds easy.

As well as the match winner markets, the service also includes some other markets from time to time, including Double Chance and Draw No Bet. This is mainly to protect the bank when there is more of a possibility that the game will end as a draw.

We will be following the service for at least three months to see how it does and we will post our results on a monthly basis.

Review Stats-56.85pts profit, -14% ROI, 53.5% SR
Stakes Level 2.5 point stakes
Starting bank 200 points
Average no. betsApprox. 30 per month
Time of emailsFriday 11.00am-12.00pm
Price£15 per month or £79 per year

Before you continue...

Our Away Wins review ended with a fail rating.

Please feel free to continue reading the full review below, though we recommend checking out some of the betting system reviews which ended in a pass instead. There's a small selection below or you can click here for the full list.

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Month One Update

The first month of our Away Wins review did not go very well and we lost more than a quarter of our starting bank. Our total loss added up to 56.85 points at the available odds with just 3 winning doubles out of 18.

The reason the losses racked up so quickly is because the service advises 5 points to be bet on each double. This means that although you are working with a 200 point bank, effectively it is only 40 points.

Other than the results, we found other aspects of the service had been fine with timely emails and achievable odds.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets1818
Total Stakes (pts)90.0090.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-57.5-56.85
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£575.00)(£568.50)
Strike Rate16.7%16.7%
Overall Bank Growth-28.8%-28.4%
Bank (200pt starting)142.50143.15


DateBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
10/11/2023Galatasaray to Win200.00
Leicester to Win200.00
LASK to Win195.00
Newcastle to Win195.00
Double Chance - Everton to win or draw190.00
Manchester City to win190.00
PSG to win185.00
Double Chance - Dortmund to win or draw185.00
16/11/2023Wales to Win180.00
Hungary to Win180.00
Double Chance - Bosnia to win or draw175.00
Double Chance - Romania to win or draw175.00
24/11/2023Double Chance - Lille to win or draw170.00
Bayer Leverkusen to win170.00
Double Chance - Arsenal to win or draw175.35
Double Chance - Aston Villa to win or draw175.35
Double Chance - West Ham to win or draw180.25
Double Chance - Chelsea to win or draw180.25
Double Chance - Crystal Palace to win or draw175.25
Double Chance - Napoli to win or draw175.25
01/12/2023Juventus to Win170.25
Double Chance - AS Roma to win or draw170.25
Rapid Vienna to Win178.15
Sturm Graz to Win178.15
Double Chance - Aston Villa to win or draw173.15
Double Chance - Chelsea to win or draw173.15
Double Chance - Atletico Madrid to win or draw168.15
Liverpool to win168.15
08/12/2023Real Madrid to Win163.15
Celtic to Win163.15
Bayern Munich to Win158.15
Liverpool to Win158.15
Double Chance - Newcastle to win or draw153.15
Double Chance - Marseille to win or draw153.15
Double Chance - Leverkusen to win or draw148.15
Double Chance - Chelsea to win or draw148.15

Month Two Update

The results for Away Wins continued to be poor throughout month two of our review and we racked up losses totalling 18.13 points at the available odds. Our total loss for the review was up to 74.98 points, which was 37.5% of our betting bank.

Rather than betting on doubles, the service had decided to change tack and advise to bet on all selections as singles. The stakes were slightly different with 2.50 points advised for each bet rather than 5.00 points per double.

This didn't help improve the situation and it wasn't looking good for the service.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets2626
Total Stakes (pts)65.0065.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-18.53-18.13
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£185.30)(£181.30)
Strike Rate42.3%42.3%
Overall Bank Growth-38.0%-37.5%
Bank (200pt starting)123.98125.03


DateBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
15/12/2023Juventus to Win2.501.95-2.50140.65
Tottenham to Win2.501.771.93142.58
Double Chance - Union Berlin to win or draw2.501.50-2.50140.08
Nice To Win2.502.00-2.50137.58
Barcelona to Win2.501.70-2.50135.08
Plzen to Win2.502.052.63137.70
Slavia Prague to Win2.501.751.88139.58
Inter to Win2.501.771.93141.50
20/12/2023Marseille to Win2.502.04-2.50139.00
Real Sociedad to Win2.501.83-2.50136.50
Real Madrid to Win2.501.601.50138.00
AC Milan to Win2.501.48-2.50135.50
Double Chance - Everton to win or draw2.502.10-2.50133.00
Double Chance - Arsenal to win or draw2.501.621.55134.55
Double Chance - Aston Villa to win or draw2.501.62-2.50132.05
Double Chance - Crystal Palace to win or draw 2.502.50-2.50129.55
29/12/2023Leicester to Win2.501.651.63131.18
Inter to Win2.501.66-2.50128.68
Cove Rangers to Win2.502.00-2.50126.18
Arsenal to win2.501.57-2.50123.68
Ipswich to Win2.502.25-2.50121.18
Double Chance - Real Betis to win or draw2.501.62-2.50118.68
05/01/2024Derby to win2.501.611.53120.20
Bournemouth to win2.501.501.25121.45
Aston Villa to win2.501.561.40122.85
Double Chance - Liverpool to win or draw2.501.872.18125.03

Month Three Update

We had been hoping that results would turn around for Away Wins in month three of our review, and we were pleased to report that they did, with 19.2 points profit banked for the month.

The previous two months had been poor, but after a fantastic performance in month three, our hope was renewed and we decided to extend our review to see if the results would continue to improve.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets3232
Total Stakes (pts)80.0080.00
Profit/Loss (pts)18.619.2
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£186.00£192.00
Strike Rate75.0%75.0%
Overall Bank Growth-28.7%-27.9%
Bank (200pt starting)142.58144.23


DateBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
12/01/2024Double Chance - Luton to win or draw2.501.852.13127.15
Double Chance - Norwich to win or draw2.501.681.70128.85
Leicester to win2.502.05-2.50126.35
Bayer Leverkusen to win2.501.551.38127.73
Manchester City to win2.501.601.50129.23
Inter to win2.501.501.25130.48
Draw no bet - Aston Villa2.501.810.00130.48
Double Chance - Tottenham to win or draw2.501.721.80132.28
19/01/2024Southampton to Win2.501.701.75134.03
Draw no bet Como2.501.600.00134.03
Bolton to Win2.502.15-2.50131.53
Double Chance - Nottingham to win or draw2.501.94-2.50129.03
Double Chance - Bayern Leverkusen to win or draw2.501.571.43130.45
Liverpool to Win2.501.721.80132.25
Juventus to win2.501.671.68133.93
Atletico Madrid to win2.501.751.88135.80
26/01/2024Double Chance - Aston Villa to win or draw2.501.852.13137.93
Manchester City to win2.501.741.85139.78
Bolton to Win2.501.822.05141.83
Double Chance - Stoke to win or draw2.501.83-2.50139.33
Aris to Win2.501.571.43140.75
Young Boys to Win2.502.00-2.50138.25
Roma to win2.501.701.75140.00
Double Chance - Everton to win or draw2.501.611.53141.53
02/02/2024Dortmund to win2.501.81-2.50139.03
Leeds to Win2.501.751.88140.90
Tottenham to win2.502.38-2.50138.40
Leicester to Win2.501.952.38140.78
Derby to Win2.502.052.63143.40
AC Milan to Win2.501.701.75145.15
Aston Villa to win2.501.631.58146.73
Double Chance - Liverpool to win or draw 2.501.70-2.50144.23

Month Four Update

It was another fairly good month for Away Wins with 6.65 points profit banked at an ROI of 8.3% at the available odds.

Results had definitely improved since the change from double bets to singles, with 25.85 points profit in the past two months.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets3232
Total Stakes (pts)8080
Profit/Loss (pts)6.386.65
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£63.80£66.50
Strike Rate65.6%65.6%
Overall Bank Growth-25.5%-24.6%
Bank (200pt starting)148.95150.88


DateBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
16/02/2024Liverpool to win2.501.581.45145.68
Juventus to win2.501.67-2.50143.18
Barcelona to Win2.501.912.28145.45
Real Madrid to Win2.501.63-2.50142.95
Brighton to win2.501.671.68144.63
Manchester United to win2.501.802.00146.63
Double Chance - Girona to win or draw2.501.86-2.50144.13
Double Chance - Crystal Palace to win or draw2.502.182.95147.08
23/02/2024Double Chance - Leicester to win or draw2.501.76-2.50144.58
Draw no bet West Brom2.502.100.00144.58
Draw no bet Norwich2.501.950.00144.58
Double Chance - Burnley to win or draw2.501.87-2.50142.08
Double Chance - Nantes to win or draw2.501.531.33143.40
Atl. Madrid to Win2.501.76-2.50140.90
Draw no bet Ath Bilbao2.501.60-2.50138.40
Double Chance - Atalanta to win or draw2.501.621.55139.95
02/03/2024RB Leipzig to Win2.501.671.68141.63
Chelsea to Win2.502.20-2.50139.13
Sheffield Wed to Win2.502.253.13142.25
Double Chance - West Ham to win or draw2.501.802.00144.25
Liverpool to win2.501.541.35145.60
Double Chance - Wolves to win or draw2.502.02-2.50143.10
Draw no bet Stuttgart2.501.611.53144.63
Aston Villa to win2.501.751.88146.50
08/03/2024Leeds to win2.501.681.70148.20
Atletico Madrid to win2.501.75-2.50145.70
Draw no bet - Portsmouth2.502.000.00145.70
Dortmund to Win2.501.912.28147.98
Double Chance - Roma to win or draw2.501.541.35149.33
Double Chance - Tottenham to win or draw2.501.621.55150.88
Brondby to Win2.502.002.50153.38
Double Chance - Newcastle to win or draw2.501.93-2.50150.88

Month Five Update

After a good run of results in months three and four, the fifth month of our Away Wins review turned out to be a disappointment with a loss of 7.73 points.

Given the challenging circumstances we were already facing, having incurred a loss of 75 points within the first two months, this additional setback felt like a significant blow. 

After careful consideration, we decided that continuing to follow the service would not be in our best interest.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets3636
Total Stakes (pts)90.0090.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-7.93-7.73
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£79.30-£77.30
Strike Rate50.0%50.0%
Overall Bank Growth-29.5%-28.4%
Bank (200pt starting)141.03143.15


DateBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
16/03/2024Norwich to Win2.502.884.70155.58
Blackpool to Win2.502.25-2.50153.08
Real Madrid to win2.501.551.38154.45
Tottenham to Win2.502.08-2.50151.95
Sturm Graz to Win2.501.852.13154.08
Milan to win2.501.721.80155.88
Bayer Leverkusen to win2.501.571.43157.30
Liverpool to win2.501.80-2.50154.80
21/03/2024Ukraine Draw No Bet2.501.531.33156.13
Double Chance - Latvia to win or draw2.501.571.43157.55
Belgium to win2.502.05-2.50155.05
Double Chance - Switzerland to win or draw2.501.781.95157.00
29/03/2024Leicester to Win2.501.67-2.50154.50
West Brom to Win2.502.50-2.50152.00
Ipswich to Win2.502.002.50154.50
Leeds to win2.501.55-2.50152.00
Double Chance - Everton to win or draw2.501.73-2.50149.50
Fulham to win2.501.75-2.50147.00
Double Chance - Arsenal to win or draw2.501.912.28149.28
Wolves to Win2.502.44-2.50146.78
05/04/2024Plymouth to Win2.502.002.50149.28
Bayer Leverkusen to win2.501.551.38150.65
Double Chance - West Ham to win or draw2.501.571.43152.08
Southampton to Win2.501.85-2.50149.58
Leeds to Win2.501.95-2.50147.08
Double Chance - Burnley to win or draw 2.502.25-2.50144.58
Arsenal to win2.501.631.58146.15
Liverpool to win2.501.62-2.50143.65
12/04/2024Norwich to Win2.502.383.45147.10
Double Chance - Sheffield Utd to win or draw2.502.80-2.50144.60
Double Chance - Portsmouth to win or draw2.501.621.55146.15
Draw no bet - Mansfield2.502.002.50148.65
Brighton to win2.502.00-2.50146.15
Real Madrid to win2.501.802.00148.15
Milan to win2.501.73-2.50145.65
Roma to win2.502.20-2.50143.15

Review Summary

Our Away Wins review got off to a terrible start, losing almost 30% of the bank in the first month. After that, it was an uphill battle trying to claw back some profit, but there was some hope after the tipster made some changes to the strategy.

Rather than backing the selections in double bets, he changed to singles, which meant that wins were more frequent.

At first it didn't work out and our bank continued to deplete, but then things turned around a bit with two months of profit. We started to believe that we could recoup some profit after all, but results would have to continue to be really good from then on.

Sadly, after another loss in the fifth month, we decided to call it a day.

There was quite a coincidence when tallying up the results, as if we added up the profit and loss since the tipster changed to single bets, it added up to exactly zero points!

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets144144
Total Stakes (pts)405.00405.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-58.98-56.85
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£589.80-£568.50
Strike Rate53.5%53.5%
Overall Bank Growth-29.5%-28.4%
Bank (200pt starting)141.03143.15

We tried to give this service a fair shot but it didn't work out in the end. It's a "fail" for Away Wins.

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Away Wins is a football tips service that focuses on finding value on the away teams in popular football leagues. Find out how they performed in our review.

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