The Bookies Enemy Review: Month One Update

Horses racing in countryside setting

The Bookies Enemy is one of the longest running tips services available on the Betting Gods platform having launched in 2017.

The service offers daily horse racing betting tips that are consistently sent out at 7.00pm each evening, which is useful as you always know what time to look out for new bets.

Results on the website show a profit of £10,311.80 to £10 stakes at the time of our review, which is 1,031.18 points profit.

The ROI is a solid 13.3% and the average monthly profit has been 13.9 points per month.

Of course, we always take reported results on sales pages with a pinch of salt, but we have found that the results for Betting Gods tipsters have been reliable in the past.

This is one of those services that has been on our list to do for quite a while now and kept slipping under the radar, but the fact that it is still around now that we have gotten around to it bodes well.

We often see tips services come and go, and it's rare to see one around after more than five years, such as this one.

During this review, we will be recording our own results for the next few months to see if we can match the level of profit reported. Fingers crossed for this one!

Month One Update

It was a terrific start to our review of The Bookies Enemy, with 37.52 points profit at an ROI of 34.5% at the available odds. We were also able to make 26.9 points profit at Betfair SP, which was promising.

We were pleased with how professional the service was during our first month, with bets posted at the same time each day. This always helps as if you know when to expect the tips, you have a better chance at getting the advised odds.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (2% comm.)
Number of Bets838376
Total Stakes (pts)108.7108.7100.5
Profit/Loss (pts)33.9237.5226.9
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£339.20£375.20£269.00
Strike Rate21.7%21.7%19.7%
Overall Bank Growth11.3%12.5%9.0%
Bank (300pt starting)333.92337.52326.90


DateRaceBetTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
03/01/20245:55 KemptonLaura's Breeze1.00No6.00-1.00299.00
03/01/20245:55 KemptonMerry Minister1.00No13.00-1.00298.00
03/01/20245:30 KemptonBudding2.00Yes19.00-2.00296.00
03/01/20246:00 KemptonSwiss Pride1.00No6.00-1.00295.00
03/01/20247:00 KemptonEngineer 2.00No3.00-2.00293.00
04/01/20241:45 LingfieldPhoton1.00No15.00-1.00292.00
04/01/20245:40 NewcastleHopeful1.00No6.505.50297.50
05/01/20246:30 WolverhamptonNew York Bay2.00No10.0016.20313.70
05/01/20245:30 WolverhamptonCargin Bhui1.00No17.0016.00329.70
05/01/20247:30 WolverhamptonGlamorous Star2.00Yes26.00-2.00327.70
06/01/202416:00 SouthwellHardman2.00Yes34.00-2.00325.70
06/01/202419:30 SouthwellAstrophysics2.00Yes21.00-2.00323.70
06/01/202417:45/18:50 KemptonDouble1.00No4.00-1.00322.70
08/01/20243:20 NewcastleBrunello Breeze1.00No3.252.25324.95
08/01/20243:20 NewcastleBristol Hill2.00Yes11.00-2.00322.95
08/01/20243:20 NewcastleReverse Forecast0.40Yes0.00-0.40322.55
09/01/202418:00 SouthwellL'Argent1.00No8.50-1.00321.55
09/01/202420:00 SouthwellBroughton's Flair1.00No4.33-1.00320.55
10/01/202417:00 KemptonSea The Buckthorn2.00No3.50-2.00318.55
10/01/202418:00 KemptonHildenley2.00Yes26.00-2.00316.55
11/01/202411:50 SouthwellHyrcanian1.00No13.00-1.00315.55
11/01/202414:40 SouthwellJean's Maite1.00No13.00-1.00314.55
12/01/202416:45 DundalkMulgrave1.00No10.00-1.00313.68
12/01/202419:00 WolverhamptonSibyl Charm2.00No3.00-2.00311.68
13/01/202416:30 WolverhamptonGolden Passport2.00No5.00-2.00309.68
13/01/202418:00 WolverhamptonSucellus2.00Yes26.00-2.00307.68
13/01/202418:00 WolverhamptonLookingdandy2.00Yes26.00-2.00305.68
16/01/20242:00 WolverhamptonAlchemystique1.00No11.00-1.00304.68
16/01/20243:05 WolverhamptonSurprise Picture2.00Yes9.008.16312.84
16/01/20245:00 NewcastleDingle1.00No6.004.50317.34
17/01/202418:30 KemptonSuperb Force1.00No10.00-1.00316.34
17/01/202418:30 KemptonQueen Jean1.00No11.00-1.00315.34
17/01/202419:00 KemptonHavanarama1.00No6.005.00320.34
17/01/202419:00 KemptonHavanarama0.50No7.003.00323.34
17/01/202420:00 KemptonAim For The Moon1.00No13.00-1.00322.34
18/01/202414:30 ChelmsfordOcean Bliss1.00No5.00-1.00321.34
18/01/202415:05 ChelmsfordL'Argent1.00No7.00-1.00320.34
18/01/202416:15 ChelmsfordMirabello Bay1.00No5.00-1.00319.34
18/01/202416:15 ChelmsfordTables Turned1.00No15.00-1.00318.34
18/01/202420:30 SouthwellInterestnpenalties1.00No17.00-1.00317.34
19/01/202413:40 WolverhamptonPalace Boy2.00No5.509.00325.34
19/01/202414:15 WolverhamptonSir Maxi2.00Yes19.00-2.00323.34
19/01/202415:55 WolverhamptonBloodhound1.00No26.00-1.00322.34
19/01/202416:25 WolverhamptonBroughton's Flare1.00No9.00-1.00321.34
21/01/202417:45 ChelmsfordCarbis Bay1.00Yes17.00-1.00320.34
21/01/202417:45 ChelmsfordStately Home1.00Yes51.00-1.00319.34
21/01/202417:45 ChelmsfordEscarpment1.00Yes41.00-1.00318.34
21/01/202418:45 ChelmsfordAl Marmar2.00Yes15.0016.80335.14
22/01/202413:30 KemptonSold The Dream1.00No17.00-1.00334.14
22/01/202415:35 KemptonMariner2.00No4.50-2.00332.14
22/01/202417:00 NewcastleSycamore Gap2.00Yes67.00-2.00330.14
23/01/202417:30 SouthwellRogue Raider1.00No2.50-1.00329.14
23/01/202417:30 SouthwellRogue Raider1.00No1.80-1.00328.14
23/01/202418:00 SouthwellGrant Wood1.00No13.0012.00340.14
23/01/202419:00 SouthwellHallowed Time1.00No6.00-1.00339.14
23/01/202420:30 SouthwellMartin's Spirit2.00Yes15.00-2.00337.14
24/01/202413:10 LingfieldNight On Earth1.00No3.002.00339.14
24/01/202418:00 KemptonUzincso1.00No6.00-1.00338.14
24/01/202420:00 KemptonCresta Cat1.00No13.00-1.00337.14
25/01/202415:55 SouthwellHiatus1.00No4.503.15340.29
25/01/202415:55 SouthwellAfter John1.00No10.00-1.00339.29
25/01/202415:55 SouthwellReverse Forecast0.40Yes0.00-0.40338.89
25/01/202416:45 NewcastleRomanee1.00No12.00-1.00337.89
26/01/202414:02 LingfieldSpirited Lad1.00No3.25-1.00336.89
26/01/202418:15 WolverhamptonBack To Dubai2.00No8.00-2.00334.89
27/01/202417:45 NewcastlePretence2.00Yes21.003.00340.42
27/01/202418:15 NewcastleQuiet Resolve2.00No5.00-2.00338.42
27/01/202418:30 KemptonGood Too1.00No21.00-1.00337.42
30/01/202417:30 SouthwellMinstrel Knight1.00No5.00-1.00336.42
30/01/202420:30 SouthwellCalshot Spit2.00Yes17.00-2.00334.42
31/01/202417:00 KemptonLookingdandy2.00Yes17.00-2.00332.42
31/01/202420:30 KemptonSao Timothy1.00No8.00-1.00331.42
01/02/202418:30 ChelmsfordSiobhanbrogan1.00No7.00-1.00330.42
01/02/202420:00 ChelmsfordCaribis Bay1.00No8.00-1.00329.42
01/02/202420:00 ChelmsfordCavalluccio1.00No7.00-1.00328.42
01/02/202420:00 ChelmsfordReverse Forecast0.40Yes0.00-0.40328.02
02/02/202413:17 LingfieldEpsom Faithfull1.00No5.504.50332.52
02/02/202416:05 NewcastleBalranald1.00No17.00-1.00331.52
02/02/202416:20 LingfieldLa Roca Del Fuego1.00No12.00-1.00330.52
02/02/202417:45 NewcastleSennockian1.00No8.007.00337.52

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