Read Between The Lines Review: Horse Racing Tips Service

Read Between The Lines is a horse racing tipping service that specialises in finding winners at massive odds.

During our review we witnessed some spectacular results. The service achieved an ROI of 72.5% and an outstanding bank growth of 305.9% in a period of just three months.

The tipster has 35 years experience in handicapping, but it was when he started taking a different approach to his betting that his profits went sky high.

He changed his tactic from backing short priced horses to those from 14/1 - 100/1 and whilst his strike rate went down, his profits were much higher.

Since he began tipping at Tipstrr in June 2021, he had reported 587.21 points at an ROI of 49.9% when we started our review.

There are an average 16 bets per week and they can be accessed on the website as well as being sent by email.

As many of the bets are backed each-way, even just placing can result in a good profit. For example, a few days prior to our review the results showed a place at 126/1 that gave a profit of 24 points.

We found Read Between The Lines to be a top class tipster and had no hesitation adding the service to our "Passed" reviews.

Review Stats+305.93pts profit, 72.5% ROI, 23.6% SR
Stakes Mostly 1 point each-way
Starting bank Not advised – We used 100 points
Average no. betsApprox. 70 per month
Time of emailsMorning 8.00am
Price£39 per month or £99 per quarter

Month One Update

Our Read Between The Lines review got off to an amazing start with 78.4 points profit at an ROI of 53% based on the available odds. This was a bit lower than the profit at the advised odds which would have been 101.6 points, but still a fantastic result in any case.

The service hit a 50/1 winner on the 2nd day of our review and scooped another at 67/1 a week or so later. With evidence of those big winners already, it felt like we had come across a gem with this service.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets747474
Total Stakes (pts)148.0148.0148.0
Profit/Loss (pts)101.678.415.08
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£1,016.00 £784.00£150.80
Strike Rate20.3%20.3%20.3%
Overall Bank Growth101.6%78.4%15.1%
Bank (100pt starting)101.6078.4015.08


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
15/03/20224.50 CheltenhamSkycutter2.00Yes67.00-2.0098.00
16/03/20224.50 CheltenhamGlobal Citizen2.00Yes51.0060.00158.00
16/03/20222.50 CheltenhamCamprond2.00Yes10.000.80158.80
16/03/20224.10 CheltenhamTiger Roll1.00No3.00-1.00157.80
17/03/20225.30 CheltenhamPowerstown Park2.00Yes41.00-2.00155.80
17/03/20225.30 CheltenhamCome On Teddy2.00Yes13.00-2.00153.80
17/03/20222.10 CheltenhamThe Cob2.00Yes41.00-2.00151.80
17/03/20224.10 CheltenhamAdrimel2.00Yes17.00-2.00149.80
18/03/20222.10 CheltenhamWest Cork2.00Yes10.000.80150.60
18/03/20223.30 CheltenhamMinella Indo1.00No5.50-1.00149.60
18/03/20224.50 CheltenhamVienna Court2.00Yes15.00-2.00147.60
19/03/202215:35 UttoxeterHear No Evil2.00Yes34.00-2.00145.60
19/03/202216:10 UttoxeterJesses Lady2.00Yes21.00-2.00143.60
20/03/202215:45 DownpatrickAmaulino2.00Yes13.001.40145.00
21/03/202214:20 WincantonReserve Tank2.00No21.00-2.00143.00
21/03/202216:30 SouthwellCloudy Wednesday2.00Yes34.00-2.00141.00
23/03/202217:10 LudlowMonition2.00Yes67.00-2.00139.00
23/03/202214:55 LudlowLandsman2.00Yes17.003.00142.00
23/03/202214:45 HaydockEncounter A Giant2.00Yes17.00-2.00140.00
23/03/202215:40 Ffos LasJudge Earle2.00Yes15.00-2.00138.00
24/03/202213:55 ChepstowVinnies Icon2.00Yes67.00-2.00136.00
24/03/202216:35 ChepstowDark Heather2.00Yes41.00-2.00134.00
25/03/202215:30 MusselburghDeo Bellator2.00Yes34.00-2.00132.00
25/03/202214:20 MusselburghIolani2.00Yes26.00-2.00130.00
26/03/202215:35 DoncasterUnited Front2.00Yes41.00-2.00128.00
26/03/202214:53 StratfordOur Three Sons2.00Yes21.00-2.00126.00
27/03/202213:35 AscotTelleroftales2.00Yes126.00-2.00124.00
27/03/202214:51 LimerickMasterstonemason2.00Yes67.0079.20203.20
29/03/202216:10 UttoxeterGetaway Bay2.00Yes12.00-2.00201.20
29/03/202216:45 UttoxeterGood Man Vinnie2.00Yes26.00-2.00199.20
29/03/202213:55 UttoxeterDiamond Joel2.00Yes21.003.00202.20
29/03/202215:50 FontwellMiss Malarky2.00Yes51.00-2.00200.20
30/03/202214:55 Market RasenBreaking Waves2.00Yes34.005.60205.80
30/03/202216:05 Market RasenGlacier Fox2.00Yes51.00-2.00203.80
30/03/202220:30 KemptonLoving Pearl2.00Yes51.00-2.00201.80
30/03/202216:40 Market RasenWells Gold2.00Yes67.00-2.00199.80
31/03/202218:15 ChelmsfordRhubarb Bikini2.00Yes15.001.80201.60
31/03/202217:45 ChelmsfordGolden Romance2.00Yes34.00-2.00199.60
01/04/202219:20 DundalkPride Of Pimlico2.00Yes21.003.00202.60
01/04/202216:50 NewburyLady Kk2.00Yes13.00-2.00200.60
02/04/202215:35 AyrEl Paso Wood2.00Yes41.00-2.00198.60
02/04/202215:35 AyrVia Dolorosa2.00Yes34.00-2.00196.60
02/04/202215:20 NewburyJan Maat2.00Yes19.00-2.00194.60
02/04/202217:20 LingfieldDancing Jo2.00Yes29.00-2.00192.60
02/04/202216:45 AyrCastletown2.00Yes23.00-2.00190.60
03/04/202213:35 HerefordHolerday Ridge2.00Yes101.00-2.00188.60
03/04/202216:40 FairyhouseHaveuseentherain2.00Yes67.00-2.00186.60
04/04/202216:20 RedcarLisas Dream2.00Yes67.00-2.00184.60
04/04/202215:00 KelsoEtoile Decosse2.00Yes41.00-2.00182.60
05/04/202214:40 PontefractIberia2.00Yes67.00-2.00180.60
05/04/202216:10 ExeterWick Green2.00Yes10.00-2.00178.60
05/04/202217:05 SouthwellThe Wild Wild Sea2.00Yes12.0013.20191.80
06/04/202218:20 LeopardstownAkua2.00Yes34.00-2.00189.80
07/04/202216:13 LimerickEltico2.00Yes21.00-2.00187.80
07/04/202216:05 AintreeActivial2.00Yes101.00-2.00185.80
07/04/202213:27 TauntonMiss Marette2.00Yes34.00-2.00183.80
07/04/202216:40 AintreeBun Doran2.00Yes29.00-2.00181.80
07/04/202218:15 ChelmsfordMoonlit Warrior2.00No7.0012.00193.80
08/04/202217:42 SedgefieldJupiter Road2.00Yes101.00-2.00191.80
08/04/202216:40 AintreeMy Bobby Dazzler2.00Yes34.00-2.00189.80
08/04/202216:05 AintreeJanika2.00Yes21.004.00193.80
09/04/202217:15 AintreeFortescue2.00Yes34.00-2.00191.80
09/04/202217:15 AintreeFreewheelin Dylan2.00Yes51.00-2.00189.80
09/04/2022EFT Construction Handicap HurdleIf The Cap Fits2.00Yes19.00-2.00187.80
09/04/202219:30 WolverhamptonCity Wanderer2.00Yes21.003.00190.80
10/04/202216:30 TramoreWhatsyourstatus2.00Yes10.00-2.00188.80
11/04/202214:40 HexhamAsking For Answers2.00Yes17.00-2.00186.80
12/04/202217:05 WolverhamptonJack Bean2.00Yes51.00-2.00184.80
12/04/202215:15 AyrAazza2.00Yes13.00-2.00182.80
13/04/202219:30 SouthwellTaras Day2.00Yes34.00-2.00180.80
13/04/202218:30 SouthwellCooldine Bog2.00Yes15.00-2.00178.80
14/04/202219:00 BathLoving Pearl4.00Yes34.00-4.00174.80
14/04/202217:10 ExeterBaily Gorse2.00Yes34.005.60180.40
14/04/202217:40 ExeterWhatcoloristhewind2.00Yes34.00-2.00178.40

Month Two Update

If the first month of our Read Between The Lines review didn't wow you enough, the second one certainly will!

The service banked an extraordinary 257.78 points in month two, which added to the profit we had already made worked out as a total of 336.18 points profit.

He managed to hit several winners at long odds, including a huge one at the start of the month at odds of 67/1. This tipster's knack for finding these big winners is just unreal!

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets707070
Total Stakes (pts)138138138
Profit/Loss (pts)280.64257.78144.62
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£2,806.40 £2,577.80 £1,446.20
Strike Rate34.3%34.3%34.3%
Overall Bank Growth382.2%336.2%159.7%
Bank (100pt starting)482.24436.18259.7


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
15/04/202213:45 LingfieldAuthors Dream2.00Yes17.00-2.00176.40
15/04/202217:00 ChelmsfordIsle Of Hope2.00Yes67.00-2.00174.40
16/04/202216:04 CarlisleTico Times2.00Yes19.00-2.00172.40
16/04/202215:24 Newton AbbotGood Man Vinnie2.00Yes21.00-2.00170.40
16/04/202214:14 Newton AbbotScrumpy Boy2.00Yes67.0067.32237.72
17/04/202217:10 PlumptonOn The Rise2.00Yes51.00-2.00235.72
18/04/202215:40 HuntingdonMorani Kali2.00Yes17.00-2.00233.72
18/04/202213:55 HuntingdonAce Time2.00Yes29.00-2.00231.72
18/04/202217:00 FairyhouseFrontal Assault2.00Yes21.003.00234.72
19/04/202215:50 SedgefieldUp With The Play2.00Yes41.00-2.00232.72
19/04/202216:50 WorcesterKing Of The Story2.00Yes51.00-2.00230.72
19/04/202215:20 SedgefieldArcanja2.00Yes23.00-2.00228.72
20/04/202214:15 CatterickWheres Diana2.00Yes29.004.60233.32
20/04/202216:30 CatterickReputation2.00Yes23.003.40236.72
20/04/202219:40 SalisburyDebbonair2.00Yes126.00-2.00234.72
20/04/202218:40 SalisburyMucuna2.00Yes51.0060.00294.72
21/04/202217:15 KilbegganBerliet Express2.00Yes17.00-2.00292.72
21/04/202217:45 KilbegganMammy Shark2.00Yes67.0012.20304.92
22/04/202219:10 SouthwellTaras Day2.00Yes19.002.60307.52
22/04/202218:00 KilbegganDeo Bellator2.00Yes34.0033.66341.18
23/04/202213:50 SandownStanley Pincombe2.00Yes51.00-2.00339.18
23/04/202215:32 SandownStreets Of Doyen2.00Yes15.00-2.00337.18
23/04/202216:26 LeicesterDylans Ruby2.00Yes67.00-2.00335.18
23/04/202214:05 HaydockOh This Is Us2.00Yes15.001.80336.98
24/04/202217:45 WetherbyMoonlit Warrior1.00No4.003.00339.98
25/04/202216:55 WindsorIdeal Guest2.00Yes41.00-2.00337.98
25/04/202220:15 NaasSamaritaine2.00Yes67.00-2.00335.98
26/04/202218:50 AyrLednikov2.00Yes26.00-2.00333.98
27/04/202218:15 MusselburghExchequer2.00Yes51.00-2.00331.98
27/04/202219:25 MusselburghKoropick2.00Yes23.003.40335.38
28/04/202215:40 PunchestownMountain Fox2.00Yes101.00-2.00333.38
28/04/202219:10 PunchestownPresenting Bonnie2.00Yes51.00-2.00331.38
28/04/202217:00 ChepstowSir Plato1.00No5.50-1.00330.38
29/04/202220:30 NewcastleAnother Angel2.00Yes17.002.20332.58
29/04/202214:15 WolverhamptonSteelriver2.00Yes15.00-2.00330.58
29/04/202214:40 GoodwoodAtalantas Boy2.00Yes12.00-2.00328.58
30/04/202213:50 NewmarketFinal Song2.00Yes23.00-2.00326.58
30/04/202215:20 ThirskHighland Sky2.00Yes34.00-2.00324.58
30/04/202217:15 HexhamLoch Linnhe2.00Yes41.00-2.00322.58
30/04/202220:20 HexhamRoll Of Thunder2.00Yes21.003.00325.58
01/05/202216:50 NewmarketHaymaker1.00No7.006.00331.58
02/05/202216:16 BathLilandra2.00Yes41.0040.80372.38
02/05/202214:35 Down RoyalWalkers Point2.00Yes41.00-2.00370.38
03/05/202216:35 LingfieldBowling Russian2.00Yes21.00-2.00368.38
03/05/202215:15 AyrDare To Begin2.00Yes26.00-2.00366.38
03/05/202220:10 WetherbyTacitus2.00Yes41.00-2.00364.38
03/05/202214:40 AyrBarney Stinson2.00Yes41.00-2.00362.38
05/05/202217:45 TipperaryGrozni2.00Yes15.00-2.00360.38
05/05/202216:05 WorcesterMulcahys Hill2.00Yes29.00-2.00358.38
05/05/202215:40 ChesterRestorer2.00Yes21.003.00361.38
06/05/202213:15 Market RasenJupiter Road2.00Yes101.00-2.00359.38
07/05/202214:25 HaydockMighty Thunder2.00Yes34.00-2.00357.38
07/05/202215:00 HaydockAntunes2.00Yes51.00-2.00355.38
07/05/202213:20 HaydockGo Beyond2.00Yes34.005.60360.98
07/05/202216:05 AscotPopmaster2.00Yes15.00-2.00358.98
08/05/202216:18 HamiltonSet In Stone2.00Yes34.00-2.00356.98
08/05/202217:10 LudlowMeechlands Magic3.00Yes21.00-3.00353.98
08/05/202214:40 LudlowFenney Brook2.00Yes34.0039.60393.58
09/05/202216:00 CatterickLoving Pearl2.00Yes81.00-2.00391.58
09/05/202214:40 WolverhamptonJumira Bridge2.00Yes41.007.00398.58
09/05/202219:10 WindsorJohn Ogroats2.00Yes8.000.40398.98
09/05/202219:20 SouthwellEviscerating2.00Yes29.00-2.00396.98
10/05/202214:00 SedgefieldJupiter Road2.00Yes101.00-2.00394.98
10/05/202218:00 NewcastleSugarpiehoneybunch2.00Yes67.0012.20407.18
11/05/202215:10 Newton AbbotPresgrave2.00Yes34.00-2.00405.18
11/05/202219:10 PerthDarius Des Sources2.00Yes41.007.00412.18
12/05/202217:45 FontwellWhatcoloristhewind2.00Yes21.0024.00436.18
13/05/202215:50 NewburyFrancisco Bay2.00Yes34.00-2.00434.18
13/05/202220:25 HamiltonSlainte Mhath2.00Yes26.004.00438.18
14/05/202215:40 WexfordBalinaboola Steel2.00Yes51.00-2.00436.18

Month Three Update

After two amazing months, there was a bit of a correction in month three of our Read Between The Lines review. There were a quite a few bets that narrowly missed out and collected a place payout, but a couple of big wins pulled some of the profit back.

On the final day of our review, the service hit a 33/1 each-way winner that paid out a whopping 41.25 points.

We finished up with a 30.25 points loss but thanks to the profit from the previous two months, we made an overall total of 305.93 points profit.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets686868
Total Stakes (pts)136.0136.0136.0
Profit/Loss (pts)-28.05-30.25-59.15
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£280.50)(£302.50)(£591.50)
Strike Rate16.2%16.2%16.2%
Overall Bank Growth354.2%305.9%100.6%
Bank (100pt starting)454.19405.93200.55


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
15/05/202217:25 CarlisleMonticello2.00Yes34.00-2.00434.18
16/05/202216:15 CarlisleFighting Chance2.00Yes81.00-2.00432.18
16/05/202219:30 KillarneyWa Wa2.00Yes21.00-2.00430.18
16/05/202218:40 WindsorA Sure Welcome2.00Yes41.00-2.00428.18
17/05/202220:38 HexhamBaraboy2.00Yes21.003.00431.18
18/05/202217:45 WarwickCanyon City3.00Yes26.00-3.00428.18
18/05/202219:50 SouthwellShantou Boudicca2.00Yes34.00-2.00426.18
18/05/202220:30 KemptonI Doubt That2.00Yes17.0019.20445.38
19/05/202213:45 WolverhamptonCharle Brune2.00Yes41.00-2.00443.38
19/05/202217:55 TipperaryToor Moment2.00Yes17.002.20445.58
20/05/202217:15 WorcesterTheoule2.00Yes67.00-2.00443.58
20/05/202220:35 WorcesterNostalgica2.00Yes67.00-2.00441.58
20/05/202220:03 WorcesterTheatre Mix2.00Yes21.00-2.00439.58
20/05/202219:20 DownpatrickGrangeclare Native2.00Yes11.001.00440.58
21/05/202213:25 HaydockSet In Stone2.00Yes67.00-2.00438.58
21/05/202214:00 HaydockMancini2.00Yes51.00-2.00436.58
21/05/202219:00 StratfordAtlantic Storm1.00No5.00-1.00435.58
22/05/202214:10 CurraghAnjalawi2.00Yes101.00-2.00433.58
22/05/202215:52 FakenhamDinah Washington2.00Yes21.00-2.00431.58
22/05/202217:05 YorkOrbaan2.00Yes13.00-2.00429.58
24/05/202219:30 NewcastleKentuckyconnection2.00Yes26.00-2.00427.58
24/05/202220:05 NewcastleMarwari2.00Yes23.00-2.00425.58
24/05/202214:55 PunchestownSo Easy Way2.00Yes51.00-2.00423.58
24/05/202215:11 Bangor On DeeFor Jim2.00Yes10.00-2.00421.58
24/05/202213:00 SouthwellWells Gold2.00Yes51.00-2.00419.58
25/05/202219:45 WexfordRwegoinhigh2.00Yes41.00-2.00417.58
25/05/202217:00 WarwickTom Oroughley2.00Yes13.00-2.00415.58
25/05/202215:10 BeverleyReputation2.00Yes12.001.20416.78
26/05/202215:30 YarmouthKing Carney2.00Yes41.00-2.00414.78
26/05/202220:00 SandownLyndon B2.00Yes17.002.20416.98
26/05/202214:30 YarmouthJust Percy2.00Yes101.00-2.00414.98
26/05/202217:40 SandownCant Stop Now2.00Yes67.00-2.00412.98
28/05/202217:50 Ffos LasMontaqem2.00Yes51.00-2.00410.98
28/05/202213:20 PunchestownBenruben2.00Yes21.00-2.00408.98
28/05/202220:15 SalisburyRunrized2.00Yes67.00-2.00406.98
28/05/202214:20 HaydockKellys Dino2.00Yes41.00-2.00404.98
30/05/202216:05 RedcarHeart Of Kabeir2.00Yes26.00-2.00402.98
31/05/202218:35 BallinrobePeregrine Run2.00Yes29.004.60407.58
31/05/202219:05 BallinrobeCornhill Lass2.00Yes41.00-2.00405.58
31/05/202220:27 ThirskLittle Jo2.00Yes15.00-2.00403.58
01/06/202215:20 Newton AbbotWise Garden2.00Yes26.00-2.00401.58
02/06/202216:45 RedcarCivil Law2.00Yes51.00-2.00399.58
03/06/202217:00 TramoreConvara2.00Yes41.00-2.00397.58
03/06/202219:56 TramoreTrouble And Strife2.00Yes19.00-2.00395.58
04/06/202215:25 ListowelMr Rango2.00Yes67.00-2.00393.58
04/06/202216:01 MusselburghKoropick2.00Yes26.00-2.00391.58
04/06/202215:15 HexhamGeyser2.00Yes126.00-2.00389.58
04/06/202216:41 MusselburghBobby Shaftoe2.00Yes34.005.60395.18
07/06/202214:00 BrightonDoc Sportello1.00No4.33-1.00394.18
08/06/202213:35 FontwellLightning Bug2.00Yes51.00-2.00392.18
08/06/202216:48 YarmouthLincoln Red2.00Yes13.002.00394.18
08/06/202213:10 HaydockEbony Maw2.00Yes15.00-2.00392.18
08/06/202217:30 WexfordIm Not Alone2.00Yes8.500.50392.68
09/06/202219:05 UttoxeterReams Of Love2.00Yes101.00-2.00390.68
09/06/202219:35 UttoxeterHoly Water2.00Yes101.00-2.00388.68
10/06/202219:05 FairyhouseThe Vegas Raider2.00Yes29.00-2.00386.68
10/06/202214:00 YorkBaltic Baron2.00Yes21.00-2.00384.68
11/06/202213:20 HexhamDeerfoot3.00Yes51.00-2.00382.68
11/06/202214:15 SandownLyndon B2.00Yes17.00-2.00380.68
11/06/202217:10 SandownRunrized2.00Yes41.00-2.00378.68
11/06/202215:50 LimerickThree Comets2.00Yes67.00-2.00376.68
13/06/202216:30 LingfieldFamous Dynasty2.00Yes29.00-2.00374.68
13/06/202215:15 CarlisleDodgy Bob2.00Yes67.00-2.00372.68
13/06/202214:45 CarlisleSharrabang2.00Yes26.00-2.00370.68
13/06/202213:00 LingfieldHarmonious2.00Yes29.00-2.00368.68
14/06/202217:00 AscotMoon King2.00Yes81.00-2.00366.68
14/06/202216:30 StratfordAhead Of Schedule2.00Yes34.0041.25407.93
14/06/202218:10 AscotDanehill Kodiac2.00Yes51.00-2.00405.93

Review Summary

  • Specialises in betting on overpriced horses at big odds
  • Daily tips via email or member's area
  • High ROI

Read Between The Lines pulled off some amazing results during our three month review, netting a huge 305.93 points profit at an ROI of 72.5%.

Our profit was actually nearly 50 points less than the profit at the advised odds, but we certainly wouldn't be complaining about our 305.9% bank growth!

The results at Betfair SP proved how much the odds shrink from the time of the emails to the start of the race, as the profit was 100.55 points, more than a 200 point difference.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets212212212
Total Stakes (pts)422.0422.0422.0
Profit/Loss (pts)354.19305.93100.55
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£3,541.90 £3,059.30 £1,005.50
Strike Rate23.6%23.6%23.6%
Overall Bank Growth354.2%305.9%100.6%
Bank (100pt starting)454.19405.93200.55

The tipster is definitely on to something with his system of finding horses that have been massively overpriced. 

It seems that the bookies are on to him, as the odds don't last long once the tipping emails have been sent out. To match the reported profits, you have to get bets on as soon as possible.

This is a service that we can highly recommend and easily found a place on our "Passed" list.

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Like the idea of being able to automatically copy someone else’s bets? In our CopyBet review we go through the main features of this social betting platform.

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Little Acorns Gold Review

Little Acorns Gold Review: Horse Racing Lay Betting System

Little Acorns Gold is horse laying system, with all bets sent out to you daily. We made consistent profits during our eight month review and awarded a pass!

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Betting Gods review

Betting Gods Review: Betting Tips From Professional Tipsters

Betting Gods is one of the most popular tipster platforms and has been home to some of the best tipping services for a range of sports since 2014.

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Clear Bonus Profits Review

Clear Bonus Profits Review: Matched Betting Service

In just three months, Ollie barely touched the surface of what was available at Clear Bonus Profits but still managed to bank a healthy profit of £1,400.86. That works out at an impressive average of £467 profit per month.

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Wadster Bet Bots

Wadster Bet Bots Review: Pay When You Profit Betting Tips

Wadster Bet Bots is a tips service platform with a difference, as rather than paying a monthly subscription for them, you only pay when the tips make a profit.

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Cleeve Racing logo

Cleeve Racing Review: Expert Horse Racing Tips

During our three month review of Cleeve Racing, we banked 56.94 points profit at 30.9% ROI. We did not hesitate to award this horse racing tipster with a pass, and you can get 25% off exclusive to Goal Profits!

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Value Tips Review

Value Tips Review: Horse Racing Value Bet Scanning Software

The Value Tips service identifies horse racing value bets. During our three month review, we banked 32.68 points profit with most of it coming from the scanning software.

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  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 4.5 stars

  • Read Between The Lines review
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on:
  • Last modified: 29th February 2024

Read Between The Lines pulled off some amazing results during our three month review, netting a huge 305.93 points profit at an ROI of 72.5%.

2 thoughts on “Read Between The Lines Review: Horse Racing Tips Service”

  1. Looking at recent bets over last few weeks, there is a remarkable similarity to the tips put up by Richard Hutchinson who operates under Hanbury Racing on Megatipsters platform, including the 50/1 winner at Beverley this week! What are the chances of that??

    • Hi Jeff, Yes, it seems Richard from Hanbury Racing does run this service too. The tips are very similar with just a few differences.


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