Oldest System on the Planet Review: Introduction

Oldest System On The Planet Review

The Oldest System On The Planet is a horse racing system that has been around forever but not many people know about it.

It is different to any other system that we have reviewed before, as it is purely based on US horse racing rather than the usual UK & Irish racing.

American Mike Lane confessed that he spent a lot of time trying to beat the races, betting on every race on the card and losing money in the process. It was when he started to take things seriously, spending two and a half years researching handicapping, that things slowly started to turn around.

It was around this time that a friend of his father passed on a racing system to him and he realised that, even though it was really old, it was a good formula for picking out winning horses.

He has broken down the formula and detailed the system in an extensive 46 page eBook and 11 video tutorials.

As well as the eBook, Mike Lane also offers a daily picks service for the system if you prefer to just have selections already research for you.

US Horse Racing vs UK & Irish Horse Racing

There are some differences between UK and US horse racing, but you'll be glad to know that you can still bet on US racing markets in exactly the same way. The markets are available at most of the well known bookmakers from the UK and Europe.

They are also available on Betfair Exchange, although liquidity can be an issue until near the start of the races.

Some of the betting terminology in the eBook won't apply if you are betting at UK bookmakers, as the US horse racing markets will still be listed using the traditional Win/Each-Way format. 

In the US, many bookmakers use a parimutuel system for horse racing, which is where bets are all placed together in a pool and payoff odds are calculated by sharing the pool among all winning bets.

The racing itself is a bit different in the US to Europe. In the UK there are National Hunt and flat races, whereas in the US it is almost always restricted to flat racing.

Race distances are less challenging in the US with the longest course at 1.5 miles. In the UK the National Hunt races are usually at least 3 miles, so US race horses are likely bred for sprinting rather than stamina.

This point is key to what the Oldest System On The Planet is all about!

How to find selections for the Oldest System On The Planet

To find horses that meet the criteria for this system, you need access to some US horse racing "Past Performances".

These are form guides for handicapping horse races but unlike the UK, you often have to pay to get access to them.

Some sites offer one or two PP's for free each day but after that you have to either pay per race, per track or there are various long-term subscription packages.

Alternatively, "From the BackSide" is Mike Lane's VIP service that does all of the research for you.

It provides you with every qualifying Oldest System On The Planet selection, every day, at every North American race track, as well as insight into hot and cold tracks and long shot bets.

Not only would this save a heck of a lot of time each day, it actually works out less expensive than paying for the form guides (from what we have seen checking some of the main providers).


Results for the VIP picks are posted in the member's area on a daily basis, but they just say whether the horse won or placed rather than any profit/loss figures.

We intend to record as many of the selections as we can to see how much profit we can make from it betting at UK bookmakers.

Our first update will be in a month's time.

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