Oldest System On The Planet Review: US Horse Racing System

The Oldest System On The Planet is a horse racing system that has been around forever but not many people know about it.

It is different to any other system that we have reviewed before, as it is purely based on US horse racing rather than the usual UK & Irish racing.

American Mike Lane confessed that he spent a lot of time trying to beat the races, betting on every race on the card and losing money in the process. It was when he started to take things seriously, spending two and a half years researching handicapping, that things slowly started to turn around.

It was around this time that a friend of his father passed on a racing system to him and he realised that, even though it was really old, it was a good formula for picking out winning horses.

He has broken down the formula and detailed the system in an extensive 46 page eBook and 11 video tutorials.

As well as the eBook, Mike Lane also offers a daily picks service for the system if you prefer to just have selections already research for you.

Before you continue...

Our Oldest System On The Planet review ended with a fail rating.

Please feel free to continue reading the full review below, though we recommend checking out some of the betting system reviews which ended in a pass instead. There's a small selection below or you can click here for the full list.

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US Horse Racing vs UK & Irish Horse Racing

There are some differences between UK and US horse racing, but you'll be glad to know that you can still bet on US racing markets in exactly the same way. The markets are available at most of the well known bookmakers from the UK and Europe.

They are also available on Betfair Exchange, although liquidity can be an issue until near the start of the races.

Some of the betting terminology in the eBook won't apply if you are betting at UK bookmakers, as the US horse racing markets will still be listed using the traditional Win/Each-Way format. 

In the US, many bookmakers use a parimutuel system for horse racing, which is where bets are all placed together in a pool and payoff odds are calculated by sharing the pool among all winning bets.

The racing itself is a bit different in the US to Europe. In the UK there are National Hunt and flat races, whereas in the US it is almost always restricted to flat racing.

Race distances are less challenging in the US with the longest course at 1.5 miles. In the UK the National Hunt races are usually at least 3 miles, so US race horses are likely bred for sprinting rather than stamina.

This point is key to what the Oldest System On The Planet is all about.

How to find selections for the Oldest System On The Planet

To find horses that meet the criteria for this system, you need access to some US horse racing "Past Performances".

These are form guides for handicapping horse races but unlike the UK, you often have to pay to get access to them.

Some sites offer one or two PP's for free each day but after that you have to either pay per race, per track or there are various long-term subscription packages.

Alternatively, "From the BackSide" is Mike Lane's VIP service that does all of the research for you.

It provides you with every qualifying Oldest System On The Planet selection, every day, at every North American race track, as well as insight into hot and cold tracks and long shot bets.

Not only would this save a heck of a lot of time each day, it actually works out less expensive than paying for the form guides (from what we have seen checking some of the main providers).


Results for the VIP picks are posted in the member's area on a daily basis, but they just say whether the horse won or placed rather than any profit/loss figures.

We recorded the selections for a month to see how much profit we could make from betting on them at UK bookmakers.

It was quite a mammoth task, as some days there were more than 10 selections and occasionally even more than 20. We recorded 314 bets in total, almost reaching the end of a full month before reaching a bitter end.

Throughout the month, our betting bank dwindled down slowly and it was clear to see where it was heading. We bust our bank one day before our first month update was due, finishing with a loss of 99.25 points.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets314314
Total Stakes (pts)314.0314.0
Profit/Loss (pts)-101.7-99.25
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£1,017.00)(£992.50)
Strike Rate22.0%22.0%
Overall Bank Growth-101.7%-99.3%
Bank (100pt starting)-1.700.75


DateTrackRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
11/05/2022Penn National1Fifty Sheas Ofgrey1.002.20-1.0099.00
11/05/2022Will Rogers Downs4Maria Elena Y. G1.002.501.50100.50
12/05/2022Belterra Park4Ricki Tornado1.0014.70-1.0099.50
12/05/2022Belterra Park6Spun Pretty1.002.40-1.0098.50
12/05/2022Churchill Downs6Nepotism1.0015.50-1.0097.50
12/05/2022Evangeline Downs7Cajun Two Step1.0052.40-1.0096.50
12/05/2022Evangeline Downs8Lucky Linda1.001.800.8097.30
12/05/2022Penn National8Buff And Shine1.004.40-1.0096.30
12/05/2022Thistledown7Ballroom Blitz1.007.00-1.0095.30
12/05/2022Woodbine7Nice Company1.002.001.0099.15
13/05/2022Belmont Park2Dutchess Of N Y1.0011.20-1.0098.15
13/05/2022Churchill Downs3Jump Into The Fire1.001.300.3098.45
13/05/2022Fonner Park3Tellittothejudge1.007.60-1.0097.45
13/05/2022Hawthorne1Bells Of Joy1.004.203.20100.65
14/05/2022Belmont Park1Eminency1.004.45-1.0098.65
14/05/2022Churchill Downs2Smokin Hot Bobbie1.0017.20-1.0097.65
14/05/2022Evangeline Downs2Da Due Run Run1.006.50-1.0096.65
14/05/2022Fonner Park3D L’S Girl1.002.70-1.0095.65
14/05/2022Fonner Park4Bud Minister1.009.10-1.0094.65
14/05/2022Louisiana Downs5Early Dismissal1.007.30-1.0092.65
14/05/2022Lone Star Park8Moro Warrior1.0018.30-1.0091.65
14/05/2022Sunray Park5I Am The Juan1.009.30-1.0088.65
14/05/2022Sunray Park7Cause And Effect1.004.90-1.0087.65
15/05/2022Belmont Park9Mispelled Mooon1.004.85-1.0086.65
15/05/2022Hawthorne8Big If True1.003.302.3088.95
15/05/2022Miles City3Maximus The Great1.001.500.5089.45
15/05/2022Prairie Meadows3Joe G’S Payback1.001.400.4089.85
15/05/2022Santa Anita Park9Niles Channel1.008.80-1.0088.85
16/05/2022Finger Lakes6Writer’S Regret1.002.401.4090.25
16/05/2022Indiana Grand1Gemo Rain1.002.30-1.0089.25
16/05/2022Louisiana Downs6Silver Ratio1.001.600.6089.85
16/05/2022Prairie Meadows3D Von Tae1.0010.10-1.0088.85
16/05/2022Parx Racing At Philadelphia Park3Expensive Cut1.003.10-1.0087.85
16/05/2022Thistledown5Amigo’S Affair1.003.90-1.0086.85
17/05/2022Louisiana Downs1Speedy G1.002.80-1.0085.85
17/05/2022Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort4Valley Wildcat1.002.10-1.0084.85
17/05/2022Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort6Sheltowee’S Bali1.0015.40-1.0083.85
17/05/2022Presque Isle Downs7Tactical Pajamas1.001.60-1.0082.85
17/05/2022Parx Racing At Philadelphia Park5Tangerine Dream1.002.70-1.0081.85
17/05/2022Thistledown3Spectacular Road1.004.503.5085.35
17/05/2022Thistledown4Ames Mister1.003.002.0087.35
17/05/2022Will Rogers Downs6Town Drunk1.003.80-1.0086.35
17/05/2022Will Rogers Downs7Keller’S Gold1.003.20-1.0085.35
18/05/2022Belterra Park2Atta Boy Anthony1.005.00-1.0084.35
18/05/2022Belterra Park3Isle Of Grace1.002.70-1.0083.35
18/05/2022Canterbury Park7Thealligatorhunter1.003.50-1.0082.35
18/05/2022Charles Town2Dinner At Five1.005.50-1.0081.35
18/05/2022Evangeline Downs5Angel Of Verdun1.001.50-1.0080.35
18/05/2022Indiana Grand2Corsidat1.0024.20-1.0079.35
18/05/2022Presque Isle Downs4Runaway Russell1.0024.60-1.0078.35
18/05/2022Presque Isle Downs7Ribbons And Medals1.001.60-1.0077.35
18/05/2022Thistledown7Storm Risk1.0010.20-1.0075.35
19/05/2022Belterra Park2Aunt Irene1.003.50-1.0074.35
19/05/2022Belterra Park3Sofia Strong1.003.50-1.0073.35
19/05/2022Belterra Park6Platinum Mac1.003.50-1.0072.35
19/05/2022Belterra Park8Lasttraintoboston1.005.20-1.0071.35
19/05/2022Churchill Downs5Lord Zed1.002.00-1.0070.35
19/05/2022Charles Town6Ex Rated1.009.10-1.0069.35
19/05/2022Lone Star Park5Half Ours To Keep1.008.10-1.0068.35
19/05/2022Penn National2Venomous State1.002.701.7070.05
20/05/2022Belterra Park2Hero Of The Best1.008.507.5077.55
20/05/2022Charles Town4Cheese Louise1.006.90-1.0076.55
20/05/2022Charles Town7Moonlit Shadow1.008.207.2083.75
20/05/2022Churchill Downs4Very Wealthy1.002.40-1.0082.75
20/05/2022Evangeline Downs3Lemniscate1.002.00-1.0081.75
20/05/2022Evangeline Downs4Commander Scott1.005.40-1.0080.75
20/05/2022Evangeline Downs7Coach Hudson1.004.803.8084.55
20/05/2022Fonner Park5Bull Ring1.002.80-1.0083.55
20/05/2022Hawthorne1Foot Rub Love1.002.30-1.0082.55
20/05/2022Lone Star Park6Redefinition1.002.30-1.0081.55
21/05/2022Belmont Park8Buckortwo1.002.40-1.0078.55
21/05/2022Canterbury Park1Quantum Leap1.002.60-1.0077.55
21/05/2022Century Mile6Smart Play1.001.95-1.0076.55
21/05/2022Charles Town1Steal The Cash1.0010.50-1.0075.55
21/05/2022Fanduel Sportsbook And Horse Racing1Super Silver1.001.200.2075.75
21/05/2022Fanduel Sportsbook And Horse Racing2Majestic Attack1.004.30-1.0074.75
21/05/2022Fonner Park2Dryspell1.004.40-1.0073.75
21/05/2022Fonner Park3Upperclassman1.002.10-1.0072.75
21/05/2022Fonner Park4Sandy Sangria1.002.00-1.0071.75
21/05/2022Gulfstream Park5Dominate Themoment1.004.30-1.0070.75
21/05/2022Hawthorne10Path To Success1.0010.00-1.0069.75
21/05/2022Lone Star Park3Coco Loco Mama1.003.30-1.0068.75
21/05/2022Lone Star Park8Preferito Da Barbi1.0012.40-1.0067.75
21/05/2022Louisiana Downs3Emerald Forest1.001.400.4068.15
21/05/2022Louisiana Downs5Pintlala1.0010.60-1.0067.15
21/05/2022Penn National1Ltl Bear Saloon1.001.700.7067.85
21/05/2022Penn National5Middle Earth1.001.500.5068.35
21/05/2022Woodbine3Join The Dance1.006.35-1.0067.35
21/05/2022Woodbine10Blazing Sky1.007.20-1.0066.35
22/05/2022Emerald Downs1Atlatl1.004.40-1.0065.35
22/05/2022Golden Gate Fields3Royal Jester1.003.30-1.0064.35
22/05/2022Golden Gate Fields6Crazy Dreams1.002.20-1.0063.35
22/05/2022Gulfstream Park5American Tap1.005.60-1.0062.35
22/05/2022Lone Star Park1Lumberjack Leslie1.003.00-1.0061.35
22/05/2022Lone Star Park5Mysterious Star1.007.20-1.0060.35
22/05/2022Louisiana Downs1Lulumaru1.001.500.5060.85
22/05/2022Monmouth Park2Jim’S Bronze Star1.003.502.5063.35
22/05/2022Prairie Meadows2Cold As You1.002.101.1064.45
22/05/2022Sunray Park5Guarding Elk Camp1.004.603.6068.05
22/05/2022Sunray Park10Mr. Big Rig1.004.80-1.0067.05
22/05/2022Woodbine6Winston Blue1.008.657.6574.70
23/05/2022Horseshoe Indianapolis1She Ranup The Amex1.005.30-1.0073.70
23/05/2022Prairie Meadows3Coworker1.0017.60-1.0072.70
24/05/2022Belterra Park2No Bang No Boom1.001.700.7073.40
24/05/2022Belterra Park5Fabiola Princess1.002.20-1.0072.40
24/05/2022Belterra Park6Brilliant Journey1.002.60-1.0071.40
24/05/2022Belterra Park7Mystic Miss1.001.60-1.0070.40
24/05/2022Finger Lakes8Bosship1.0012.60-1.0069.40
24/05/2022Louisiana Downs3First Empress1.001.800.8070.20
24/05/2022Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort3Win Blue1.001.200.2070.40
24/05/2022Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort6Tommy Tuesday1.008.00-1.0069.40
24/05/2022Will Rogers Downs2Bork1.002.90-1.0068.40
25/05/2022Belterra Park4Rollin So Perfect1.009.30-1.0067.40
25/05/2022Charles Town1Payito1.0012.80-1.0066.40
25/05/2022Charles Town2Quad Eights1.004.40-1.0065.40
25/05/2022Charles Town4Sarah Bellum1.0013.30-1.0064.40
25/05/2022Delaware Park8Muchacho Macho1.003.20-1.0063.40
25/05/2022Evangeline Downs2Midnight Spirit1.006.50-1.0062.40
25/05/2022Finger Lakes1Dos Vaqueros1.002.50-1.0061.40
25/05/2022Horseshoe Indianapolis2Shipshape1.006.60-1.0060.40
25/05/2022Horseshoe Indianapolis3Poetic Verse1.001.600.6061.00
25/05/2022Parx Racing At Philadelphia Park4Dune Jumper1.003.602.6063.60
25/05/2022Parx Racing At Philadelphia Park5Ardean1.002.901.9065.50
26/05/2022Belterra Park3Box Step1.001.20-1.0064.50
26/05/2022Charles Town8King T’Challa1.003.40-1.0063.50
26/05/2022Delaware Park4Raise A Speights1.002.601.6065.10
26/05/2022Evangeline Downs1Customize My Quest1.005.50-1.0064.10
26/05/2022Evangeline Downs8Lundi1.003.50-1.0063.10
26/05/2022Pimlico7Free Square1.008.10-1.0062.10
26/05/2022Pimlico8Sky Of Gold1.0011.7010.7072.80
27/05/2022Belmont Park6Stone Creator1.001.65-1.0070.80
27/05/2022Belterra Park1Datza Five Oh1.004.30-1.0069.80
27/05/2022Belterra Park3Improbable Story1.001.500.5070.30
27/05/2022Century Mile4Royal Status1.001.750.7571.05
27/05/2022Churchill Downs6Eagle Pass1.005.10-1.0070.05
27/05/2022Columbus2Swingin’ Sam1.002.20-1.0069.05
27/05/2022Columbus5R Deja Voo1.005.70-1.0068.05
27/05/2022Evangeline Downs3Abigail G1.004.50-1.0067.05
27/05/2022Lone Star Park5Algebra1.003.202.2068.25
27/05/2022Penn National2Iamproud1.001.400.4068.65
27/05/2022Penn National8Tuff Bird1.001.40-1.0067.65
27/05/2022Prairie Meadows6Miss Melody1.003.10-1.0065.65
27/05/2022Santa Anita Park9Ghostem1.004.20-1.0064.65
28/05/2022Belmont Park5Mozay1.006.00-1.0063.65
28/05/2022Belmont Park8Market Alert1.0025.75-1.0062.65
28/05/2022Canterbury Park2Cha1.001.900.9063.55
28/05/2022Century Mile8Paddysdaycharm1.008.15-1.0062.55
28/05/2022Charles Town8Stretch The Truth1.004.00-1.0061.55
28/05/2022Churchill Downs9Gun It1.002.60-1.0060.55
28/05/2022Evangeline Downs1Total Malice1.001.800.8060.35
28/05/2022Evangeline Downs2Move It1.003.40-1.0059.35
28/05/2022Evangeline Downs4Achancetowin1.0023.70-1.0058.35
28/05/2022Evangeline Downs5Getcha1.004.80-1.0057.35
28/05/2022Golden Gate Fields1Traffic Stopper1.003.30-1.0056.35
28/05/2022Hastings Racecourse1Airaffair1.002.10-1.0055.35
28/05/2022Hawthorne10Hot Dame1.0012.10-1.0054.35
28/05/2022Louisiana Downs3Proud Victoria1.002.60-1.0053.35
28/05/2022Louisiana Downs5Miss Emma Jean1.004.40-1.0052.35
28/05/2022Louisiana Downs6Have I Ever1.004.60-1.0051.35
28/05/2022Santa Anita Park6Chipper1.003.202.2052.55
28/05/2022Santa Anita Park8It’S Simple1.007.20-1.0051.55
28/05/2022Sunray Park8Gordy’S Rules1.008.40-1.0050.55
28/05/2022Woodbine7Giant Illusion1.005.80-1.0049.55
28/05/2022Woodbine9Constitution Gal1.009.20-1.0048.55
29/05/2022Belmont Park3Curlin’S Wisdom1.005.60-1.0047.55
29/05/2022Churchill Downs3Joyful Applause1.004.00-1.0046.55
29/05/2022Emerald Downs2Curling Secret1.002.20-1.0045.55
29/05/2022Golden Gate Fields1California Cool1.003.80-1.0044.55
29/05/2022Hastings Racecourse6Anothersunnyday1.003.50-1.0043.55
29/05/2022Lone Star Park10Cowboy Ridge1.0012.90-1.0042.55
29/05/2022Louisiana Downs3Counterfeit1.005.10-1.0041.55
29/05/2022Monmouth Park6Penetrator1.003.10-1.0040.55
29/05/2022Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort2Perfetto1.002.60-1.0039.55
29/05/2022Prairie Meadows5God’S Pick1.003.10-1.0038.55
29/05/2022Santa Anita Park8Circle West1.0013.40-1.0037.55
30/05/2022Belmont Park5Out Of Sight1.004.353.3539.90
30/05/2022Finger Lakes4Twisted Sunset1.002.00-1.0038.90
30/05/2022Golden Gate Fields4Maxinamillion1.001.90-1.0037.90
30/05/2022Louisiana Downs1I’M A Custom To It1.0015.30-1.0036.90
30/05/2022Louisiana Downs3See Sassy Run1.002.00-1.0035.90
30/05/2022Louisiana Downs7Oh My Aching Arch1.003.40-1.0034.90
30/05/2022Monmouth Park8Pogi1.003.502.5037.40
30/05/2022Monmouth Park9Ballymore Star1.0038.50-1.0036.40
30/05/2022Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort7Indian Empire1.003.502.5038.90
30/05/2022Parx Racing At Philadelphia Park4Mr Fantasy1.003.20-1.0037.90
30/05/2022Parx Racing At Philadelphia Park8Shofar1.002.101.1039.00
30/05/2022Parx Racing At Philadelphia Park10Bob In Our Midst1.0012.70-1.0038.00
30/05/2022Pimlico1Just Pick One1.0013.90-1.0037.00
30/05/2022Prairie Meadows5Private Lake1.002.001.0038.00
30/05/2022Thistledown3Shadow Tracer1.003.60-1.0037.00
31/05/2022Fort Erie9De Only Solution1.002.551.5538.55
31/05/2022Finger Lakes3Massey Hall1.002.65-1.0037.55
31/05/2022Finger Lakes8Battle Map1.0014.20-1.0036.55
31/05/2022Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort6Capitan Fofo1.002.10-1.0035.55
31/05/2022Parx Racing At Philadelphia Park2Bellamy’Spartygirl1.003.20-1.0034.55
31/05/2022Parx Racing At Philadelphia Park6Seamialaugh1.004.00-1.0033.55
01/06/2022Belterra Park2Ronni’S Storm1.002.80-1.0032.55
01/06/2022Belterra Park6Northern Journey1.004.90-1.0031.55
01/06/2022Canterbury Park3Hot Habanero1.0011.00-1.0030.55
01/06/2022Delaware Park5Smoozer1.0010.80-1.0029.55
01/06/2022Finger Lakes8Winter Siren1.001.650.6530.20
01/06/2022Horseshoe Indianapolis3Purr Sea1.001.90-1.0029.20
01/06/2022Horseshoe Indianapolis5Pickle Feet1.001.70-1.0028.20
01/06/2022Presque Isle Downs2K C Rocket1.003.90-1.0027.20
01/06/2022Presque Isle Downs5Moonshine Dreamer1.004.30-1.0026.20
02/06/2022Belmont Park9Sixty Three S1.002.651.6527.85
02/06/2022Belterra Park5The Pink Z1.001.20-1.0026.85
02/06/2022Charles Town3Shoofly Pie1.005.20-1.0025.85
02/06/2022Charles Town4Lace Revolution1.0012.70-1.0024.85
02/06/2022Delaware Park6Hero Tiger1.001.40-1.0023.85
02/06/2022Evangeline Downs3Hushed Court Room1.004.00-1.0022.85
02/06/2022Penn National6Zertz1.004.00-1.0021.85
02/06/2022Penn National8Gallinipper1.006.60-1.0020.85
02/06/2022Presque Isle Downs7P H Factor1.001.60-1.0019.85
02/06/2022Thistledown6Country Ruckus1.0040.40-1.0018.85
02/06/2022Woodbine1Anita Grigio1.003.60-1.0017.85
02/06/2022Woodbine7American Gamble1.006.05-1.0016.85
03/06/2022Century Mile10Smart Play1.002.10-1.0015.85
03/06/2022Charles Town4Lady Tizmo1.0040.80-1.0014.85
03/06/2022Evangeline Downs1Justa Buster1.002.101.1015.95
03/06/2022Gulfstream Park5Dakota Boy1.004.40-1.0014.95
03/06/2022Prairie Meadows3Kido’S Sling Shot1.003.20-1.0013.95
04/06/2022Belmont Park3She’S A Black Belt1.0010.70-1.0011.95
04/06/2022Belmont Park6Blood Moon1.0032.00-1.0010.95
04/06/2022Century Mile3Convince1.004.303.3014.25
04/06/2022Churchill Downs2Wild For Wycliff1.004.50-1.0013.25
04/06/2022Churchill Downs8Gray’S Fable1.006.60-1.0012.25
04/06/2022Churchill Downs9Top Gunner1.003.50-1.0011.25
04/06/2022Columbus1Husker Legacy1.004.503.5014.75
04/06/2022Delaware Park4Our Bella Nicole1.008.90-1.0013.75
04/06/2022Emerald Downs1Willing To Burn1.002.201.2014.95
04/06/2022Fanduel Sportsbook And Horse Racing3Snoozer1.003.40-1.0013.95
04/06/2022Golden Gate Fields3Hypersonic1.002.40-1.0012.95
04/06/2022Hastings Racecourse2Definite Pleasure1.003.15-1.0011.95
04/06/2022Laurel Park2Patriarch Artie1.003.702.7014.65
04/06/2022Laurel Park3California Bella1.002.80-1.0013.65
04/06/2022Laurel Park5Dejohn1.006.10-1.0012.65
04/06/2022Laurel Park6Cosmicality1.006.70-1.0011.65
04/06/2022Lethbridge7Blue Jeans N Beer1.002.10-1.0012.55
04/06/2022Lone Star Park9Brock On By1.006.10-1.0011.55
04/06/2022Monmouth Park12Miracle Silver1.004.20-1.0010.55
04/06/2022Prairie Meadows6Sweet Wheat1.001.60-1.009.55
04/06/2022Santa Anita Park3A New Peace1.003.70-1.008.55
05/06/2022Churchill Downs1Jump Into The Fire1.001.40-1.007.55
05/06/2022Churchill Downs4Isthmian1.004.003.0010.55
05/06/2022Emerald Downs8Jedi Knight1.005.70-1.009.55
05/06/2022Golden Gate Fields3Run For My Honey1.001.300.309.85
05/06/2022Lone Star Park4Adele’S Bling1.0024.10-1.007.85
05/06/2022Lone Star Park7Texas Remington1.0010.609.6017.45
05/06/2022Louisiana Downs1Lovethatcause1.006.90-1.0016.45
05/06/2022Louisiana Downs6Adrenaline1.0010.70-1.0015.45
05/06/2022Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort2Masquerade Ball1.007.60-1.0014.45
05/06/2022Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort4Kit Kat Katie1.001.900.9015.35
05/06/2022Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort7Wish For Magic1.008.80-1.0014.35
05/06/2022Prairie Meadows2Snap Away1.008.80-1.0013.35
05/06/2022Prairie Meadows6Win In The City1.006.40-1.0012.35
05/06/2022Santa Anita Park7Ghostem1.006.90-1.0011.35
06/06/2022Fair Meadows11Downondixiebeach1.0010.80-1.0010.35
06/06/2022Finger Lakes2Take Your Place1.001.500.5010.85
06/06/2022Finger Lakes5Easy Play1.004.303.3014.15
06/06/2022Parx Racing At Philadelphia Park7Expensive Cut1.002.10-1.0013.15
06/06/2022Parx Racing At Philadelphia Park10Cartwheel1.001.70-1.0012.15
06/06/2022Prairie Meadows3Mr Frost1.005.90-1.0011.15
06/06/2022Prairie Meadows6Mollies Rocket1.002.301.3012.45
06/06/2022Thistledown5Sweet Queen Bee1.003.602.6015.05
07/06/2022Fair Meadows1Gentle George1.002.00-1.0014.05
07/06/2022Fair Meadows7Remember Me Tony1.003.80-1.0013.05
07/06/2022Fanduel Sportsbook And Horse Racing6D’Archer1.0012.40-1.0012.05
07/06/2022Fort Erie8Core1.004.30-1.0011.05
07/06/2022Horseshoe Indianapolis4Z Zs Red1.001.300.3011.35
07/06/2022Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort2Amicus Brief1.003.60-1.0010.35
07/06/2022Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort6Clearly Visible1.002.001.0011.35
07/06/2022Parx Racing At Philadelphia Park5Mountain Tree1.002.80-1.0010.35
07/06/2022Presque Isle Downs6Woodchuck1.005.504.5014.85
07/06/2022Presque Isle Downs7Rivetrix1.007.50-1.0013.85
07/06/2022Presque Isle Downs8Our Dominator1.005.904.9018.75
07/06/2022Thistledown4Amigo’S Affair1.002.10-1.0017.75
08/06/2022Belterra Park5Mystic Miss1.001.70-1.0016.75
08/06/2022Canterbury Park3Street Of Dreams1.002.30-1.0015.75
08/06/2022Delaware Park6Flight To Shanghai1.004.20-1.0014.75
08/06/2022Evangeline Downs1Jackie Moon1.007.40-1.0013.75
08/06/2022Evangeline Downs6Lundi1.002.40-1.0012.75
08/06/2022Finger Lakes6Hit By A Wave1.002.35-1.0011.75
08/06/2022Horseshoe Indianapolis3Iwannabeperfect1.0011.20-1.0010.75
08/06/2022Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort3Win Blue1.002.90-1.009.75
08/06/2022Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort6Ready To Play1.003.60-1.008.75
08/06/2022Presque Isle Downs1Snow Job1.
08/06/2022Presque Isle Downs7Pure Spring1.005.00-1.007.95
09/06/2022Churchill Downs4Rio Lady1.003.60-1.005.95
09/06/2022Evangeline Downs4Us Second Cute Pie1.0012.90-1.004.95
09/06/2022Horseshoe Indianapolis3Z’S Lucky Girl1.006.20-1.003.95
09/06/2022Lone Star Park2Silver Wings1.005.00-1.002.95
09/06/2022Penn National7Sweet And Macha1.001.800.803.75
09/06/2022Presque Isle Downs4Grande Tortugon1.006.60-1.002.75
09/06/2022Woodbine1Bound Lucky1.008.95-1.001.75
09/06/2022Woodbine8Palio Siena1.006.25-1.000.75

Please note that we did not use the staking plan from the eBook for these selections. It would have been difficult to implement with so many races per day, ranging from afternoon to early hours of the morning UK time, so we stuck to 1 point level stakes.

Review Summary

It was clear from our results for these picks that we were not betting at value odds and it was just a quick way to burn money. 

We can't blame in on the UK bookmakers as the advised odds that came with the selections weren't much different and gave similar results. In fact, the bank at the advised odds bust first before the available odds bank.

Oldest System on the Planet Review Graph

Given that the "From the BackSide" picks use the same selection process as the system explained in the eBook, we can assume that it would not be profitable to source bets manually either.

The difference would be that there would likely be less selections, as you have to pay per card that you are researching at most of the North American form guide websites. You would still be losing money, just not as quickly.

It was a shame that this service did not work out, as it would have been good to have something a bit different to the usual horse racing systems. Sadly, it is a clear fail for the Oldest System on the Planet. 

Other Systems and Services which Passed

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First Class Racing achieved a 37.4% bank growth during our proofing, using a selective approach and betting on the best of the best Class 1 horse races.
SVB Tips Review: Multi-Sport Betting Tips Service
SVB Tips is a multi-sport tipping service that had a clean sweep during our review with 3 out of 3 winning months, achieving 79.89 points profit in total.
Value Tips Review: Horse Racing Value Bet Scanning Software
The Value Tips service identifies horse racing value bets. During our three month review, we banked 32.68 points profit with most of it coming from the scanning software.
Bets For Today VIP Review: Betting Tips Package
Bets For Today VIP turned out to be a profitable set of betting systems, making 30.16 points profit during our three month review at an ROI of 9.3%. It gets a pass from us!
Little Acorns International Review: US Racing Lay Bet System
It was an easy decision to give Little Acorns International a pass after 5 out of 5 months of profit at both the level and Fibonacci staking systems.
TradeShark Tennis Review: Trading Guide and Daily Advice
TradeShark Tennis is a trading service that goes above and beyond, with a small one-off payment that gives you a trading mentor for life. Community and support seem to be the heart of the service, with Paul on hand to give advice along the way.

  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 1.5 stars

  • Oldest System On The Planet review
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on:
  • Last modified: 29th February 2024

The Oldest System On The Planet is a US horse racing system that has been around for a long time, but does it still work and can you use it in the UK?

  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 1.5 stars

  • Oldest System On The Planet review
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on:
  • Last modified: 29th February 2024

The Oldest System On The Planet is a US horse racing system that has been around for a long time, but does it still work and can you use it in the UK?

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