RebelBetting Review: Value Betting and Arbitrage Software

RebelBetting Review

RebelBetting is the world's most popular sure betting service, but we want to find out if their value betting tool is just as good.

The sales page claims that the average user of the value betting service doubles their bank in three months. They are that confident in this that they even offer a profit guarantee.

Both the sure and value betting methods are based on backing selections that the bookmakers have priced too high, meaning that they have a larger chance of winning than implied by the bookmaker's odds.

This means that both tools should be profitable, but they are different in that one is low risk with lower profits and one is higher risk with higher profits.

Statistics from users of the value betting service:

  • Total bets placed: 4,252,634
  • Total member profit: €2,763,123
  • Average ROI per month: 30%

Sure betting is the same as arbitrage betting, so you are covering every outcome to guarantee a profit whatever happens. It can provide steady profits each month with very little risk involved.

Value betting can often involve betting on the same selections except you are aren't covering the other outcomes and your stake is at risk. This means that the variance is higher and staking needs to be managed but it can be very lucrative.

As we already know that arbitrage betting works, this time we were more interested in testing out the value betting tool, so that would be the main purpose of this review.

Review Summary

Unfortunately our RebelBetting review didn't quite go to plan and we had to cut it short after testing it for 2-3 weeks.

The main issue was that being from the UK, we did not have access to some of the more lucrative bookmakers that are available in other countries.

RebelBetting have a list of recommended bookmakers to use for their value betting service:

Bet365, Unibet, William Hill, Bwin, Marathonbet, Coral, Interwetten, 10bet, 5Dimes, Betclic and Novibet.

Whilst a few of those are available in the UK, we found that at least 90% of the bets coming up seemed to be on Bet365 and putting these sort of bets on at this bookmaker constantly would soon get your stakes limited.

Marathonbet had also recently announced that they would no longer be open to UK customers.

The bets that the value betting software flags up were often in very obscure leagues and markets, which would be easy for bookmakers to spot and limit your accounts.

On that basis, we cannot recommend this service. It's not that it doesn't work, as it is clearly a great tool to spot value betting opportunities and no doubt profitable, but we were just unable to put it to use.

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