The Dossier Review: Fifteen Profitable Betting Strategies

The Dossier is a collection of the most profitable betting strategies that the Bet Chat team have discovered over the years.

During the past fifteen years, the team have come across many betting systems from working with various tipsters and analysts. This is a selection of the best that have come their way.

Several of the strategies come from Mel Gee, who we know from First Class Racing. We awarded his tips service a pass in our review, after his highly selective approach enabled us to achieve a steady 37.4% bank growth.

There are a total of fifteen strategies included in The Dossier and they cover a range of sports, including football, horse racing, greyhound racing, golf and American football.

For less experienced bettors, there are some useful jargon buster sections and video guides. There are also some tutorials that show you how to read race cards and how to build your own ratings.

Mel has contributed four strategies, which he has refined during his long career in the betting industry:

  • Catch My Drift - This is Mel's "Betting Than Matched Betting" horse racing strategy, which an easy, risk-free way to profit from horse racing. Mel once recorded a £761 profit from this strategy in a single bet!
  • Everyone's A Winner - A mathematical pattern that guarantees a return from greyhound racing and has the chance to generate huge outlier profits.
  • No More Bore Draws - With this strategy you are hoping for teams to draw. You just need one of your selections to finish as a draw to profit. If there's two you double your money and three draws could as much as £380 from a £10 stake.
  • Teeing Up A Profit - With this golf strategy, Mel shows you how to find codes like ‘Mx-xx234’ to help you pick high odds winners on a regular basis.

As well as Mel's strategies, there are loads more included:

  • Bag A Bundle - A "betting against the crowd" greyhound racing strategy
  • Speedy Profits - A system that uses greyhound speed ratings to source profitable bets
  • Going The Extra Yard - Shows you how to use the Superiority Quotient (SQ) stat to profit from NFL betting
  • Get Your Perm On - Three profitable perm approaches, one for doubling money and two for tripling
  • Acca Rambo No-No - A football betting strategy to combine 7 match selections
  • An Honest Banker - Two systems to easily find "banker bets" in horse races
  • Each-Way Earner - This strategy covers the best horse races to profit from each-way betting
  • Navigating The Danger Zone - Not so much a strategy, but a guide to the most dangerous race types
  • Good Things Come To Those Who Travel - An interesting strategy based something completely outside the racetrack
  • The Return Of Ratings - A horse racing strategy that guides you through rating each horse to find winners

As well as the strategies, there are resources to go with them, such as staking charts and links to stats pages.

Review Summary

There is plenty to get your teeth into in The Dossier. Some of the strategies are old classics that we have come across before, but some are completely new to us. 

When we first read through the eBook, we were particularly interested in the "Teeing Up A Profit" strategy.

We had read that one punter had picked four golf bets using the system and they had all finished in the top 7. Another had successfully picked out a 150/1 first place winner and a 56/1 place, banking a massive profit.

There are plenty of ways to make a profit using these strategies, with various risk levels and sports covered.

It comes from a platform that we trust, having given passes to every single one of their services that we have reviewed.

We are happy to recommend The Dossier and we hope to add an update with a big winning golf bet in the near future!

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  1. How many of those systems actually work in todays market? I’m guessing the horse racing one will have something to do with the market book as in under 100%


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