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The Betting Mastermind Review

The Betting Mastermind Update One

2nd September 2017

It's been a positive start to our review of The Betting Mastermind with a profit of 6.28 points at an ROI of 2.9% in the first month. Although it's not a huge gain, it's good to see that things are going in the right direction.

There has been a slight change to the service from the 15th August as the selections no longer come with early odds. This was causing confusion amongst subscribers as the majority of the time the Betfair place markets hadn't properly formed at the time the emails were sent out.

We have been advised to try and lay selections as near to the off as possible, so it makes sense just to set the lays up to be bet at Betfair SP. We have removed the early odds and available odds results as it is pointless including them in the review now and we will continue recording BSP results going forward.

Key Stats - Update One
Number of Lays88
Total Stakes (pts)219.75
Profit/Loss (pts)6.28
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£62.80
Average Odds3.50
Strike Rate71.6%
Bank Growth4.2%
Bank (150pt starting)156.28

Results - Update One
DateCourseTimeSelectionLiabilityBSP OddsP/LBank
26/07/2017Bath16:10Meetings Man5.006.000.95152.85
26/07/2017Sandown18:00Jack Of Diamonds2.303.300.95154.75
27/07/2017Newbury19:35Seduce Me2.753.75-2.75152.00
27/07/2017Doncaster17:45Sheriff Of Nawton2.583.58-2.58147.37
28/07/2017Ascot14:45Mark Hopkins1.452.45-1.45145.92
28/07/2017Uttoxeter14:30Hey Bob1.472.470.95146.87
28/07/2017Down Royal20:25Mzuri2.283.280.95147.82
29/07/2017Newcastle13:25Ibn Al Emarat0.961.96-0.96147.81
29/07/2017Newcastle13:55Highway Robber1.522.52-1.52146.29
29/07/2017Newcastle15:40Lord Cooper1.772.770.95147.24
29/07/2017York17:35Undercover Brother1.422.420.95148.19
31/07/2017Newton Abbot14:15Jonagold1.512.510.95149.14
02/08/2017Perth16:00Brave Spartacus2.803.800.95151.04
03/08/2017Nottingham15:55Dutch Artist3.504.500.95155.79
03/08/2017Ffos Las20:45Lady Joanna Vassa1.452.45-1.45154.34
04/08/2017Thirsk14:10Mable Lee2.803.80-2.80151.54
04/08/2017Galway20:25Ted Veale4.135.13-4.13148.36
05/08/2017Thirsk17:40My Name Is Rio1.792.790.95149.39
07/08/2017Salisbury16:00Imperial Link3.084.080.95148.19
07/08/2017Ripon17:15Full Intention2.503.500.95147.45
07/08/2017Carlisle20:00Gold Chain1.342.340.95148.40
09/08/2017Pontefract16:10Lexington Place2.653.65-2.65142.12
09/08/2017Kempton18:05Freddy With A Y3.074.070.95143.07
09/08/2017Kempton20:05Milburn Jack2.343.340.95144.02
10/08/2017Sligo19:10Nellie Pledge1.672.67-1.67143.30
10/08/2017Newcastle18:20Cool Music5.476.470.95144.25
11/08/2017Wolverhampton16:50Binky Blue4.285.280.95145.20
11/08/2017Musselburgh15:30Forever A Lady2.973.970.95146.15
11/08/2017Newmarket19:35Flying North2.453.450.95147.10
11/08/2017Haydock20:20Your Gifted8.979.970.95148.05
12/08/2017Ascot13:40Angel Gabriel2.523.520.95149.00
12/08/2017Ascot16:00Goodwood Crusader3.604.600.95149.95
12/08/2017Newmarket17:20Mark Hopkins1.352.350.95150.90
12/08/2017Ayr17:50Dark Confidant4.105.100.95149.05
13/08/2017Curragh17:10Cirin Toinne2.833.830.95148.38
14/08/2017Ayr16:45Royal Shaheen2.073.07-2.07146.31
15/08/2017Nottingham16:55Champagne Rules1.222.22-1.22146.04
15/08/2017Chelmsford17:40Kodiac Express1.302.300.95146.99
15/08/2017Chelmsford20:10Via Serendipity1.432.43-1.43145.56
16/08/2017Gowran Park19:00Prove The Point1.772.770.95146.51
17/08/2017Beverley15:40Percy Verence1.852.850.95147.46
17/08/2017Leopardstown17:35Victorious Secret2.063.060.95148.41
18/08/2017Wolverhampton14:50Entertaining Ben1.662.660.95149.36
18/08/2017Tramore18:05Theatre Dreams1.822.820.95150.31
19/08/2017Newbury17:15Count Simon2.003.000.95153.16
19/08/2017Doncaster16:45True Romance3.004.000.95154.11
19/08/2017Curragh15:30Wicklow Brave2.003.000.95155.06
19/08/2017Perth15:10No Such Number4.905.900.95156.01
19/08/2017Ripon14:40Teruntum Star3.004.00-3.00153.01
19/08/2017Ripon17:00Just Hiss1.472.470.95153.96
19/08/2017Newmarket15:55Shrewd Approach2.033.030.95154.91
20/08/2017Southwell17:25Back To Balloo4.305.300.95156.81
20/08/2017Pontefract16:00Glenrowan Rose4.645.640.95157.76
20/08/2017Pontefract18:10Swanton Blue4.205.200.95158.71
21/08/2017Lingfield16:00Bint Dandy2.303.300.95159.66
22/08/2017Kempton14:15Laura Knight1.352.35-1.35156.91
25/08/2017Ffos Las17:00Leontes3.284.280.95154.38
25/08/2017Goodwood19:15Black Bess2.293.290.95155.33
25/08/2017Salisbury18:55Ghost Serge2.853.850.95156.28

Stuart has informed us that from the 4th September, subscription to The Betting Mastermind will cost £1 for the first 14 days followed by £19.99 per month, which is a £10 reduction on the previous price.

We will be back in a month's time with our latest set of results.

The Betting Mastermind Introduction

10th August 2017

The Betting Mastermind is a new horse racing lay betting service run by tipster Stuart Neill, who recently contacted us to ask if we would consider starting a review. We are always on the look out for a good laying service, so we gladly obliged.

We've been recording the tips sent to us since the 26th July, but we've been waiting for the website to be completed before posting the introduction to our review. The site is now up and running so it's full steam ahead. ​

The service is fairly straightforward with lay selections emailed out each day, but rather than placing the lay bets in the win market, we are to lay the horse to place.

The bets are sent out with the current lay odds, but liquidity can often be an issue in the place market so Stuart has recorded his results using Betfair SP.

The early prices of the majority of the bets are between 2.0 - 4.0​, however we have been advised that a couple of the selections have drifted throughout the day to give a BSP of 8.0 - 9.0.

There isn't an odds limit for laying the selections, but Stuart advised us that having maximum odds of 6.0 wouldn't adversely affect the bank in the long-term and could be a good option for those that prefer a lower risk style of betting.

The service costs £1 for the first 14 days followed by payments of £29.99 per month thereafter and paypal is the accepted payment method.

The advised starting bank is 150 points and each lay is for a level 1 point stake, meaning the average liability will be approximately 2% of the bank.

We will continue recording results and will be back with our first update once we have completed a full month. 

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