The Betting Mastermind Review: Betfair Betting Strategies

The Betting Mastermind is a subscription service offering daily selections for several football betting strategies on Betfair.

At the time of writing, there are five football systems and they show a combined profit of more than 1,880 points since 2018. In 2022 so far, they are up to 370 points profit overall.

The strategies included with the service when we started our review were Back the Draw, Lay the Draw, Back the Home Win, Back the Away Win and Back Over 0.5 First Half Goals.

Bets are placed on a betting exchange such as Betfair or Smarkets, so there's no worry about having stakes limited at regular bookmakers and they also can be automated with BF Bot Manager.

The service had reported the following figures for each system prior to our review:

  • Back the Draw = 127 points
  • Lay the Draw = 115 points
  • Back the Home Win = 12 points
  • Back the Away Win = 56 points
  • Back Over 0.5 First Half Goals = 60 points

These results included a deduction of 2% Betfair commission.

The bets for each system are sent out by email each morning and you just need to back them at whatever odds are available at the time. There aren't any advised odds given with the selections.

We recorded our results for three months, two of which were automated with the bot, which worked a treat. The results for each of the systems varied, so read on to find out how we got on.

Month One Update

It was an interesting but very busy month testing The Betting Mastermind service, with 383 bets across the five systems in total. Overall, we finished the month with 4.86 points profit.

All bets were placed on Betfair, but it still took at least 30-40 minutes, sometimes more, on a busy Saturday morning. 

Noting results down would take another 30 minutes later in the day, so needed to spend a lot more time on this service than we would on a normal tipping service.

Three out of the five systems finished with a profit, with Home Win performing the best.

Here is a breakdown of results:

  • Back the Draw = -3.93 points
  • Lay the Draw = -22.44 points
  • Back the Home Win = 24.08 points
  • Back the Away Win = 6.74 points
  • Back Over 0.5 First Half Goals = 0.41 points
  • Total = 4.86 points

Key Stats

Back the DrawLay the DrawHome WinAway WinOver 0.5 FH
Number of Bets83713857134
Total Stakes (pts)83.0186.938.057.0134.0
Profit/Loss (pts)-3.93-22.4424.086.740.41
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£39.30)(£224.40)£240.80£67.40£4.10
Strike Rate26.5%63.4%60.5%31.6%65.7%
Overall Bank Growth-3.9%-22.4%24.1%6.7%0.8%

We took a short break at this stage of our review as the service was coming up with a solution to automate selections.

Month Two Update

We were now able to automate The Betting Mastermind systems so we recommenced our review. A simple setup on BF Bot Manager and we were ready to go.

It turned out to be a cracking month with 43.15 points profit using level 1 point stakes. Added to the profit gained in the first month of our review, that worked out as a total of 48.01 points profit.

Here is a breakdown of results for the month:

  • Back the Draw = 30.59 points
  • Lay the Draw = -3.07 points
  • Back the Home Win = -7.23 points
  • Back the Away Win = 20.99 points
  • Back Over 0.5 First Half Goals = 1.87 points
  • Total = 43.15 points

Key Stats

Back the DrawLay the DrawHome WinAway WinOver 0.5 FH
Number of Bets9743522967
Total Stakes (pts)98.94118.9353.0429.5868.58
Profit/Loss (pts)30.59-3.07-7.2320.991.87
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£305.90 (£30.70)(£72.30)£209.90 £18.70
Strike Rate38%72%35%41%69%
Overall Bank Growth26.7%-25.5%16.9%27.7%4.6%

It was a great start to our automated results for The Betting Mastermind and we hoped to see more of the same in the coming months.

Month Three Update

It was a disastrous month for two of The Betting Mastermind's systems, with Back the Draw and Lay the Draw losing more than 75 points between them, giving us an overall loss of 65.87 points for the month.

That took away all of the profit that we had made since starting the review, leaving us with a loss of 17.86 points overall.

Here is a breakdown of results for the month:

  • Back the Draw = -38.6 points
  • Lay the Draw = -38.38 points
  • Back the Home Win = 5.72 points
  • Back the Away Win = 1.86 points
  • Back Over 0.5 First Half Goals = 3.53 points
  • Total = -65.87 points

Key Stats

Back the DrawLay the DrawHome WinAway WinOver 0.5 FH
Number of Bets122475946120
Total Stakes (pts)124.44125.1860.1846.92122.64
Profit/Loss (pts)-38.6-38.385.721.863.53
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£386.00)(£383.80)£57.20 £18.60 £35.30
Strike Rate21%51%37%26%68%
Overall Bank Growth-11.9%-63.9%22.6%29.6%11.6%

Review Summary

  • High volume service
  • Several strategies available
  • Able to fully automate using BF Bot Manager

Our Betting Mastermind review had been going quite well up until the third month, when two of the strategies had a terrible performance causing us to lose all of the profit we had built up.

The culprit was the draw strategies, both backing and laying. The Lay the Draw strategy hadn't had a winning month since we started the review and went from bad to worse, losing 63.89 points overall.

The Back the Draw strategy had a great set of results in month two but had a terrible set in month three, losing more than we had gained from it altogether.

On a positive note, the other strategies had performed well, notably Back the Away Win which had produced a profit in every month and finished with just under 30 points profit in total.

Here is a breakdown of the total profit/loss for each strategy overall:

  • Back the Draw = -11.94 points
  • Lay the Draw = -63.89 points
  • Back the Home Win = 22.57 points
  • Back the Away Win = 29.59 points
  • Back Over 0.5 First Half Goals = 5.81 points
  • Total = -17.86 points

Key Stats

Back the DrawLay the DrawHome WinAway WinOver 0.5 FH
Number of Bets85161149132321
Total Stakes (pts)306.38431.01151.22133.5325.22
Profit/Loss (pts)-11.94-63.8922.5729.595.81
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£119.40)(£638.90)£225.70 £295.90 £58.10
Strike Rate28%62%42%32%67%
Overall Bank Growth-11.9%-63.9%22.6%29.6%11.6%

It was very easy to use this service, as it was all set up through BF Bot Manager and had the bets loaded and placed automatically each day without any further input after the initial setup.

We were happy with how some strategies performed, but others were not so good. It would be easy to switch off the ones that weren't doing well, but then if they recovered you would miss out on it.

Given that Lay the Draw had depleted it's starting bank by 64%, we would personally be considering switching that one off.

As the service finished up with a loss over three months, we had a difficult decision to make on the rating. In the end, we felt that a Neutral was fair as some of the systems had performed well but others needed refining or removing from the portfolio.

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  1. Hi,
    Is something wrong with one of the sites you put on the website.
    Betting Mastermind. I clicked on the £1 trial link and paid via Pay Pal. Didn’t hear nothing from them so sent them a message. Just noticed that they returned my £1 without giving any explanation.

    • Hi Chris, The trial was supposed to be free but they had trouble setting it up, so they were charging £1 and refunding it instead. I heard this morning that it will now be £1 for future sign-ups though so there’s no confusion.

    • Hi Victor, This review was finished in February and we gave the service a “neutral” rating. You can use the navigation table at the top of the review to skip down to the review summary.


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