WinnerOdds Review: Value Tennis Betting Tips Software

Why is it so difficult to find a tennis tipster who offers long-term, consistent profits?

We had been searching high and low for a long time, when we were contacted by Miguel who has developed WinnerOdds tennis betting software. It looked intriguing and were keen to find out if it could be a good alternative.

WinnerOdds is a web-based tool which automatically scans for value tennis bets across your chosen bookmakers. Potential bets are highlighted in green to show that the odds available are higher than the minimum required for it to be a value bet.

We tracked results for three months and banked £766.38 profit at 4.5% ROI which increased our starting bank by 76.6%.

Our full WinnerOdds review is detailed below. Alternatively, click here to get started with WinnerOdds.


There is an in-depth user guide on the WinnerOdds website which goes into a lot of detail on how the software works, but we found it fairly straight-forward to get started.

Very simply, you enter your starting bankroll and select the bookmakers that you will be using. The software calculates the stakes that you should use based on the bank balance using the Kelly Criterion staking system.

At the time of writing there are 24 bookmakers to choose from that are monitored, although it's worth noting that there are a few that aren't available for UK residents. It is possible to select from other bookmakers that aren't available on the "monitored" list, but the odds have to be checked manually for these.

Winner Odds Review Interface

Bets that have been placed can be saved into the software and it automatically tracks the results. There is also a handy statistics page with several graphs to make it easier to see the performance of the bets.

There is a notification feature where you can get any new value bets sent via email, but we turned it off after receiving 20+ bets overnight! Instead, we refreshed the scanner throughout the day to pick up new bets.

There is a full history of results on the website going back to May 2016, based on every selection that the scanner has found that users have actually able to place.

It's unlikely that one person would be able to place all of these bets as they could show up at any time of the day or night, but it's interested to see that a €1,000 starting bank would have stood at €35,411.50 in just over two years.

That was from a total of 13074 bets, an average 16-17 bets per day.

WinnerOdds Review Results

The minimum recommended bank is €1,000.

We couldn't find a way to change the currency, so we simply switched € with £ for our results tracking.

Month One Results

Our WinnerOdds review had a tough start, with our bank dipping by almost £200 at the beginning of the month. Thankfully, there was a quick recovery and we finished the month with a small £40.97 profit.

Many of the selections were favourites priced below 2.00 so it took a while to get back on track.

Stakes ranged from £2.60 to £94.00, averaging £35.14.

Key Stats

Number of Bets83
Total Stakes£2,916.80
Average Odds1.67
Strike Rate69.9%
Overall Bank Growth4.1%
Bank (£1000 starting)£1,040.97


DatePlayer 1Player 2OddsStakeP/LBank
22/06/2018 12:30Verena HoferJulia Stamatova1.53£14.00£7.42£1,007.42
22/06/2018 12:40Katharina HobgarskiInes Ibbou1.19£39.00£0.00£1,007.42
22/06/2018 19:00Paul C. OosterbaanSamuel Monette4.33£2.60£8.67£1,016.09
22/06/2018 19:00Maegan ManasseBrynn Boren2.10£8.40£9.24£1,025.33
22/06/2018 19:00Layne SleethGail Brodsky1.40£50.00£20.00£1,045.33
22/06/2018 20:30Amanda RodgersAlexa Graham2.63£12.00-£12.00£1,033.33
23/06/2018 09:00Maya TahanNicole Nadel1.40£22.00-£22.00£1,011.33
23/06/2018 12:30Miguel Fernando PereiraThomas Schwencke Lindqvist1.50£41.00£20.50£1,031.83
23/06/2018 17:30Angelica MoratelliAnne Schaefer1.44£17.00-£17.00£1,014.83
23/06/2018 19:00Maegan ManassePamela Montez1.73£20.00£14.54£1,029.37
23/06/2018 20:30Alexa GrahamGail Brodsky1.57£18.00£10.28£1,039.65
25/06/2018 13:35Andrina PeerKristina Milenkovic1.44£47.00£20.87£1,060.52
25/06/2018 15:05Tobias KamkePrajnesh Gunneswaran2.50£5.20-£5.20£1,055.32
25/06/2018 17:25Gregoire BarrereThiago Moura Monteiro1.91£11.00£10.01£1,065.33
25/06/2018 18:30Ugo HumbertJuan Ignacio Iliev1.11£70.00£7.77£1,073.10
26/06/2018 11:30Petra KrejsovaDagmar Dudlakova1.26£63.00£16.38£1,089.48
26/06/2018 14:10Mihika YadavLauren Proctor1.57£38.00-£38.00£1,051.48
26/06/2018 14:15Guy Den HeijerMaxime Pauwels3.40£3.30-£3.30£1,048.18
26/06/2018 14:20Malene HelgoDespina Papamichail1.53£18.00£9.59£1,057.77
26/06/2018 14:55Vasilisa AponasenkoAlexandra Walters1.40£20.00£8.00£1,065.77
26/06/2018 15:40Ania HertelJessie Aney1.30£49.00£14.70£1,080.47
26/06/2018 16:00Christian GarinNicolas Mahut4.33£6.30£21.00£1,101.47
26/06/2018 16:00Christian HarrisonDennis Novikov2.20£12.00£14.40£1,115.87
26/06/2018 17:05Michiel de KromClement Geens1.44£46.00£20.42£1,136.29
27/06/2018 10:30Fernanda BritoAlice Gillan1.10£85.00£8.50£1,144.79
27/06/2018 12:00Issam AL TaweelDiego Hidalgo1.30£76.00£22.80£1,167.59
27/06/2018 12:40Peter HellerStephan Gerritsen1.33£68.00£0.00£1,167.59
27/06/2018 14:55Eva VedderEleni Daniilidou1.83£25.00-£25.00£1,142.59
27/06/2018 17:35Annelou NabSem Wensveen2.75£12.00£21.00£1,163.59
28/06/2018 13:00Selma Stefania CadarMiriam Bianca Bulgaru1.14£80.00£11.44£1,175.03
28/06/2018 13:30Francisca JorgeMathilde Armitano2.00£11.00-£11.00£1,164.03
28/06/2018 13:35Ulrikke EikeriMaria Gutierrez Carrasco1.14£61.00£8.72£1,172.75
28/06/2018 14:30Fiona GanzTess Sugnaux1.25£56.00-£56.00£1,116.75
28/06/2018 14:40Amina AnshbaMarina Melnikova1.62£16.00£9.84£1,126.59
28/06/2018 19:00Alexander RitschardJulian Bradley1.11£81.00£8.91£1,135.50
28/06/2018 22:30Lucas GomezJordi Arconada3.25£10.00£22.50£1,158.00
29/06/2018 10:00Petra KrejsovaJohana Markova1.33£44.00£14.65£1,172.65
29/06/2018 10:30Gregoire JacqBenjamin Pietri1.30£31.00-£31.00£1,141.65
29/06/2018 11:40Ksenia LaskutovaSofya Golubovskaya1.57£20.00£11.42£1,153.07
02/07/2018 15:00Anastasiya KomardinaLisa Ponomar1.53£40.00£21.32£1,174.39
02/07/2018 16:00Anastasia DetiucArlinda Rushiti1.36£24.00£8.64£1,183.03
02/07/2018 17:30Irina RamialisonAnna Gabric1.50£17.00-£17.00£1,166.03
03/07/2018 11:00Anastasia ZarytskaEkaterina Yashina1.25£61.00£15.25£1,181.28
03/07/2018 12:00Mark WhitehouseStefan Petrovic1.17£52.00£8.68£1,189.96
03/07/2018 12:00Merel HoedtAndrea Renee Villarreal2.63£10.00-£10.00£1,179.96
03/07/2018 12:30Cristina DinuLisa Sabino2.00£19.00£19.00£1,198.96
03/07/2018 19:05Benoit PaireJason Jung1.25£35.00£8.75£1,207.71
05/07/2018 09:00Nicole GadientDraginja Vukovic1.36£45.00-£45.00£1,162.71
05/07/2018 13:40Stefania RubiniSilvia Soler-Espinosa1.25£45.00£11.25£1,173.96
05/07/2018 19:15Gabriel Diaz FreireAlberto Barroso Campos1.14£91.00£13.01£1,186.97
06/07/2018 05:00Min-Kyu SongShuichi Sekiguchi1.30£29.00-£29.00£1,157.97
06/07/2018 10:30Lea BoskovicJelena Stojanovic1.11£80.00£8.80£1,166.77
06/07/2018 10:40Kristina MileticVeronika Erjavec1.25£94.00£23.50£1,190.27
06/07/2018 11:00Sergio Gutierrez-FerrolAltug Celikbilek1.50£18.00£9.00£1,199.27
06/07/2018 11:00Valentyna IvakhnenkoJulyette Maria Josephine Steur1.11£79.00-£79.00£1,120.27
06/07/2018 12:00Merel HoedtIda Jarlskog2.00£23.00£23.00£1,143.27
06/07/2018 14:40Andrea KaLauren Proctor1.44£28.00£12.43£1,155.70
06/07/2018 15:00Lexie StevensJustine Pysson1.50£18.00£9.00£1,164.70
09/07/2018 10:40Lana SipekGloria Ceschi1.67£35.00£23.35£1,188.05
09/07/2018 11:00Victoria BosioLou Brouleau1.34£25.00£8.50£1,196.55
09/07/2018 11:30Alice RameTatiana Pieri1.80£26.00£20.80£1,217.35
09/07/2018 12:00Sofia LuiniSvetlana Iansitova3.00£12.00-£12.00£1,205.35
09/07/2018 12:30Filip DudaThibault Cancel2.63£10.00-£10.00£1,195.35
09/07/2018 14:30Anna KlasenAmina Anshba1.44£44.00-£44.00£1,151.35
10/07/2018 06:10Sai ChamarthiRishika Sunkara1.83£27.00£22.49£1,173.84
10/07/2018 06:10Yexin MaMi Zhuoma You1.40£21.00£8.40£1,182.24
10/07/2018 08:00Zhima DuRio Kitagawa1.67£30.00-£30.00£1,152.24
10/07/2018 11:00Ergi KirkinAlexandar Lazarov1.67£20.00£13.34£1,165.58
12/07/2018 12:40Astrid Wanja Brune OlsenIda Jarlskog1.40£49.00£19.60£1,185.18
13/07/2018 04:00Mana AyukawaZhima Du1.40£47.00-£47.00£1,138.18
15/07/2018 13:00Maelys BougratEmily Casteleyn1.60£25.00-£25.00£1,113.18
15/07/2018 13:00Noa Liauw A FongKathleen Kanev1.55£41.00-£41.00£1,072.18
15/07/2018 17:40Freya ChristieCatherine Leduc1.36£40.00-£40.00£1,032.18
16/07/2018 13:00Karla KilicZara de Schutter1.40£51.00-£51.00£981.18
16/07/2018 16:00Samy GraceMaciej Rajski1.14£53.00£7.58£988.76
16/07/2018 18:20Justin BoulaisYunseong Chung1.20£38.00£7.60£996.36
19/07/2018 06:40Hiroko KuwataPei-Chi Lee1.36£20.00£7.26£1,003.62
19/07/2018 22:35Collin AltamiranoBernardo Saraiva1.13£59.00£7.38£1,011.00
20/07/2018 04:00Mahak JainKanika Vaidya1.57£34.00£19.41£1,030.41
20/07/2018 10:00Runhao HuaAryan Goveas1.67£11.00£0.00£1,030.41
20/07/2018 19:30Evgeny KarlovskiySebastien Boltz1.30£55.00£16.50£1,046.91
21/07/2018 14:55Laurent RochetteMarkus Eriksson2.50£14.00-£14.00£1,032.91
21/07/2018 17:30Evgeny KarlovskiyCollin Altamirano1.62£13.00£8.06£1,040.97

Month Two Results

Month two was much better, banking £471.04 profit (6% ROI).

Our bank had now grown by just over 50% after placing a total of 228 bets during the month.

After our month one results were published, the WinnerOdds team advised us that many of their members place more than 300 bets per month. We tried to get closer to that figure by refreshing the software as often as we could throughout the day.

They also advised that "the long-term results, not influenced by variance or luck, is at least at 1000 picks, so the closer we are to that number, the lower probability of being far from the average."

Key Stats

Number of Bets228
Total Stakes£7,812.50
Average Odds2.30
Strike Rate64.9%
Overall Bank Growth51.2%
Bank (£1000 starting)£1,512.01


DatePlayer 1Player 2OddsStakeP/L
24/07/2018 19:00Cristiana FerrandoMaria Sanchez1.46£17.00£7.82
24/07/2018 15:30Kaichi UchidaNorbert Gombos1.53£14.00£7.46
23/07/2018 16:00Diego MatosBrandon Perez2.63£11.00-£11.00
25/07/2018 15:25Jordan ThompsonJames Ward1.36£21.00£7.64
24/07/2018 04:00Chin-Wei ChanKotomi Takahata1.67£12.00-£12.00
24/07/2018 08:00Nicolas Alberto ArrecheFlemming Peters1.47£36.00£16.96
24/07/2018 08:30Liisa VehvilainenMilka-Emilia Pasanen1.83£24.00£19.99
24/07/2018 11:25Alice AmendolaNermeen Shawky1.62£26.00£15.99
24/07/2018 12:20Romain BauvyArthur Rinderknech1.36£23.00£8.37
24/07/2018 13:40Felicity MaltbyEmmanuelle Girard1.20£38.00£7.60
24/07/2018 16:00Daniel Dutra da SilvaGonzalo Villanueva2.75£11.00-£11.00
24/07/2018 18:00Bianca TuratiVerena Hofer1.57£23.00£13.13
25/07/2018 03:40Kwan Yau NgMitsumi Kawasaki2.25£17.00-£17.00
25/07/2018 14:30Kelly VersteegLouise Lampla1.36£30.00£10.92
25/07/2018 12:00Caroline RomeoConstance Sibille1.55£15.00£8.25
25/07/2018 09:00Ina KaufingerSydney Berlin2.38£16.00£22.00
25/07/2018 08:00Filip DudaTakuto Niki1.40£40.00-£40.00
24/07/2018 20:45Tim SmyczekMischa Zverev1.67£12.00£8.04
25/07/2018 12:00Anas FattarLamine Ouahab1.13£79.00£9.88
25/07/2018 12:00Eleni DaniilidouBianca Turati1.33£28.00£9.32
25/07/2018 14:00Alexandra OsborneJuliana Valero1.91£24.00£0.00
25/07/2018 14:00Emiliana ArangoNao Hibino1.17£49.00£8.18
25/07/2018 19:30Facundo JuarezSergio Luis Hernandez Ramirez1.44£18.00£7.99
25/07/2018 12:00Florian LakatAziz Ouakaa4.33£4.00£13.33
26/07/2018 09:00Peter HellerFilip Duda1.26£33.00£8.58
26/07/2018 09:00Stephanie NemtsovaYukina Saigo1.80£11.00£8.80
26/07/2018 09:00Chiara LommerMathilde Armitano1.33£53.00£17.65
26/07/2018 10:30Costanza TraversiBianca Turati1.22£65.00£14.43
26/07/2018 11:00Malene HelgoJulia Rosenqvist2.15£20.00£0.00
26/07/2018 14:00Amanda RodgersMaegan Manasse1.36£23.00£8.37
26/07/2018 14:00Joelle KissellConnie Ma1.20£54.00£10.80
26/07/2018 14:00Meghan KelleyElysia Bolton1.36£39.00£14.20
26/07/2018 09:00Mona BarthelNina Stojanovic1.36£23.00£8.37
26/07/2018 14:00Andres Fernandez CanovasJavier Barranco Cosano3.25£5.00-£5.00
26/07/2018 15:30Gianluca AcquaroliCamilo Ugo Carabelli1.09£93.00£8.46
26/07/2018 18:25JC AragoneBrayden Schnur1.81£10.00£8.10
27/07/2018 15:00Samuel BensoussanOrlando Luz1.65£14.00£9.10
28/07/2018 13:55Giovanni RizzutiErwin Troebinger1.14£91.00£13.01
28/07/2018 18:30Pavel KrainikMikael Torpegaard1.30£51.00£15.30
28/07/2018 18:30Ruan RoelofseKento Takeuchi1.50£19.00£9.50
28/07/2018 23:00Aziz DougazPetros Chrysochos3.80£6.20£17.36
28/07/2018 12:30Bianca TuratiNastassja Burnett2.05£8.90-£8.90
29/07/2018 17:00Sofya ZhukMayo Hibi1.65£15.00£9.75
30/07/2018 11:00Simon BeaupainTeodor Giusca1.55£22.00£12.10
30/07/2018 14:35Enola ChiesaDalila Spiteri1.22£48.00£10.56
30/07/2018 17:00Jordan ParkerFacundo Juarez1.15£64.00£9.79
30/07/2018 18:45Ignacio CarouBernardo Saraiva3.75£9.50-£9.50
30/07/2018 22:20Oscar Jose GutierrezDaniel Mora1.13£96.00£12.00
30/07/2018 22:00Danielle CollinsDanielle Lao1.44£22.00£9.77
31/07/2018 01:45Thomas FabbianoTakanyi Garanganga1.17£59.00£9.85
31/07/2018 10:00Miguel SemedoRafael Mazon-Hernandez2.75£16.00-£16.00
31/07/2018 11:00Oscar OtteFilip Horansky2.05£14.00£14.70
31/07/2018 13:15Mihail KhaldeevSvyatoslav Shainyan2.10£25.00£27.50
31/07/2018 13:00Constantin Bittoun KouzmineJakub Wojcik1.14£103.00-£103.00
31/07/2018 13:55Tomas AlmeidaHugo Largo1.50£54.00£27.00
31/07/2018 15:00Sebastian OfnerMartin Klizan1.44£23.00£10.21
31/07/2018 15:30Chloe PaquetEva Guerrero Alvarez2.05£9.70£10.19
31/07/2018 18:20Joseph W Van MeterMaximiliano Estevez1.15£105.00£16.07
31/07/2018 17:45Lorraine M GuillermoHurricane Tyra Black1.50£54.00£27.00
01/08/2018 12:30Dennis NovakDusan Lajovic3.10£4.90-£4.90
31/07/2018 11:45Alexandr ChepelevMikhail Fufygin8.50£3.60£0.00
31/07/2018 09:30Zdenek KolarTristan Lamasine2.38£7.40-£7.40
01/08/2018 13:00Florian FallertLoic Cloes4.33£8.10£27.00
01/08/2018 08:00Patrik NemaOndrej Krstev5.00£6.40-£6.40
31/07/2018 22:45Kaichi UchidaDayne Kelly1.80£13.00-£13.00
01/08/2018 07:00Svyatoslav ShainyanMikhail Fufygin10.00£3.00-£3.00
01/08/2018 07:00Igor GimenezDenys Klok4.00£6.00-£6.00
01/08/2018 08:40Guido Ivan JustoPierre Faivre4.00£8.90£26.70
01/08/2018 08:30Vasilisa AponasenkoMaria Titova2.00£27.00£27.00
01/08/2018 09:40Peter VajdaMarek Semjan1.67£40.00£26.68
01/08/2018 10:10Paul CayreJoel Cannell2.50£17.00£25.50
01/08/2018 11:00Paula Badosa GibertOlga Parres Azcoitia1.08£121.00£10.04
01/08/2018 12:00Alexandre TsuchiyaSocrates Leon Tsoronis6.50£4.90£26.95
01/08/2018 14:20Andreea Amalia RoscaEden Silva1.33£49.00£16.32
01/08/2018 08:00Pietro LicciardiSamuel Hodor5.00£2.80-£2.80
01/08/2018 11:40Giulia CrescenziMihaela Djakovic1.67£24.00-£24.00
01/08/2018 11:40Costanza TraversiDalila Spiteri1.62£43.00£26.66
01/08/2018 15:00Diego MatosJordi Arconada1.62£44.00£27.06
01/08/2018 16:15Maxime MoraEduard Esteve Lobato5.75£5.50-£5.50
01/08/2018 16:30Maximiliano EstevezFacundo Juarez2.88£14.00-£14.00
01/08/2018 18:30Alison BaiKaty Dunne1.62£16.00£9.84
02/08/2018 11:30Pedro Martinez PorteroRiccardo Bellotti1.30£38.00£11.40
02/08/2018 17:30Thomas StatzbergerMike Urbanija1.50£32.00-£32.00
02/08/2018 11:00Maxime ChazalJoeffrey De Schepper4.50£3.60-£3.60
02/08/2018 12:10Manuel GuinardOsni Junior1.30£102.00£30.60
02/08/2018 12:00Francois-Arthur VibertRafael Mazon-Hernandez2.00£31.00£31.00
02/08/2018 12:10Daniil ZarichanskiyStefan Seifert1.18£86.00£15.57
02/08/2018 16:15Yuanfeng LiAndrey Chepelev3.25£9.60-£9.60
03/08/2018 02:00Hady HabibChristian Langmo1.33£70.00-£70.00
03/08/2018 08:00Denys KlokFernando Yamacita6.00£6.40-£6.40
03/08/2018 11:00Evan FurnessLouis Wessels1.83£13.00-£13.00
03/08/2018 11:30Joshua ParisConor Berg3.00£12.00-£12.00
03/08/2018 13:00George BotezanStefan Seifert3.50£12.00-£12.00
03/08/2018 16:25Oriol Roca BatallaAndrey Chepelev1.14£80.00£11.20
03/08/2018 11:30Roberto QuirozUgo Humbert1.44£25.00£11.00
03/08/2018 16:00Francois-Arthur VibertNuno Borges1.30£87.00£26.10
04/08/2018 15:00Nicolas AlvarezJacob Dunbar1.53£21.00£11.19
04/08/2018 15:00Daniil MedvedevNorbert Gombos1.36£31.00£11.28
04/08/2018 17:00Alexis GalarneauMikhail Youzhny1.17£67.00£11.19
06/08/2018 15:00Serena WilliamsAlize Cornet1.25£45.00£0.00
07/08/2018 15:00Francis TiafoeMarco Cecchinato3.30£7.90-£7.90
07/08/2018 11:30Elmar EjupovicMarco Bortolotti2.75£6.50-£6.50
07/08/2018 12:00Paul WoernerNicholas Bybel6.00£6.10£0.00
07/08/2018 13:00Maciej RajskiAdam Mlazga1.10£114.00£11.40
07/08/2018 14:30Bartosz WojnarEduardo Dischinger7.00£5.10-£5.10
07/08/2018 18:20Diego HidalgoLuis Diego Chavez Villalpando1.30£64.00£19.20
07/08/2018 20:30Liam BroadyMarc Polmans1.62£19.00-£19.00
08/08/2018 10:20Maxime TchoutakianEdris Fetisleam3.25£7.50-£7.50
08/08/2018 22:00JC AragonePrajnesh Gunneswaran2.00£14.00-£14.00
08/08/2018 07:30Zhe LiZhizhen Zhang2.50£13.00£19.50
08/08/2018 09:40Miljan ZekicLuka Pavlovic1.10£115.00£11.50
08/08/2018 17:40Santiago FA Rodriguez TavernaVasil Kirkov1.67£17.00£11.32
08/08/2018 08:30Alexandru Vasile ManoleVladimir Filip4.50£4.60-£4.60
08/08/2018 07:30Alexey BaryshevCristian Lozan6.50£5.50-£5.50
08/08/2018 07:00Ioana Loredana RoscaCamelia Hristea1.13£91.00£11.38
08/08/2018 12:30Duckhee LeeYibing Wu1.75£16.00-£16.00
08/08/2018 08:30Yan BondarevskiySergey Betov4.33£9.10-£9.10
08/08/2018 11:45Justin ButschFranco Emanuel Egea3.50£4.50-£4.50
08/08/2018 09:15Nonna KurginyanDaria Mishina1.22£70.00£15.54
08/08/2018 09:00Gabriel SchmidtFilip Duda2.88£6.60£12.38
08/08/2018 09:00Mick VeldheerTakuto Niki1.36£43.00-£43.00
08/08/2018 12:30Dusan RajicTomislav Jotovski1.08£137.00£11.37
08/08/2018 11:00Jan ZielinskiEduardo Dischinger2.63£17.00£27.63
08/08/2018 12:00Linnea MalmqvistValentini Grammatikopoulou1.20£57.00£0.00
08/08/2018 13:00Maja ChwalinskaMiriam Bianca Bulgaru1.30£38.00£11.40
08/08/2018 20:30Dominic ThiemStefanos Tsitsipas2.00£11.00£11.00
08/08/2018 17:00Sergiy StakhovskyAltug Celikbilek1.20£57.00£11.40
08/08/2018 10:30Baptiste CrepatteAlexandre Tsuchiya1.26£44.00£11.44
08/08/2018 11:20Skander MansouriJonas Trinker2.00£11.00-£11.00
09/08/2018 10:00Alba Carrillo MarinJustine Pysson1.73£20.00£14.54
09/08/2018 14:20Katerina TsygourovaVerena Hofer4.33£9.30-£9.30
08/08/2018 19:00Dominik KoepferLuca Vanni1.62£20.00-£20.00
09/08/2018 08:00Florent DiepDavid Szintai3.50£12.00£0.00
09/08/2018 10:40Baptiste CrepattePedro Gabriel Rodrigues1.08£140.00-£140.00
09/08/2018 14:00Nicolas AlvarezNick Chappell1.40£59.00£23.60
09/08/2018 17:00Strong KirchheimerAxel Geller2.63£18.00£29.25
09/08/2018 10:40Baptiste CrepattePedro Gabriel Rodrigues1.25£78.00-£78.00
09/08/2018 11:00Carlos BerlocqTim Puetz2.75£10.00-£10.00
10/08/2018 02:00Barbora StefkovaJunri Namigata1.30£47.00£14.10
09/08/2018 17:00Julia StamatovaJoanna Zawadzka1.29£41.00£11.73
09/08/2018 18:00Joris De LooreLloyd George Muirhead Harris1.53£19.00£10.13
10/08/2018 08:00Florent DiepNicolas Rosenzweig2.80£11.00-£11.00
10/08/2018 08:00Ioana Loredana RoscaAlexa Pirok1.12£88.00-£88.00
10/08/2018 12:30Laura SiegemundLena Rueffer15.00£2.00-£2.00
10/08/2018 18:00Oriol Roca BatallaSamuel Shropshire1.22£106.00£23.53
10/08/2018 13:30Mikael YmerMartin Klizan1.30£35.00£10.50
10/08/2018 13:30Mathieu PerchicotAnas Fattar1.40£26.00£10.40
10/08/2018 18:00Liam BroadyLloyd George Muirhead Harris1.44£24.00£10.66
10/08/2018 18:20Madison BrengleAnn Li2.50£11.00-£11.00
10/08/2018 12:00Jan ChoinskiChristoph Negritu3.40£4.10-£4.10
11/08/2018 11:30Enzo CouacaudMarco Bortolotti1.83£17.00£14.16
12/08/2018 00:05Kurumi NaraAjla Tomljanovic4.40£8.00£27.20
11/08/2018 15:55Donna VekicAndrea Petkovic1.50£20.00£10.00
13/08/2018 23:00Daria GavrilovaSerena Williams1.33£47.00£15.65
13/08/2018 09:30Rafael Mazon-HernandezBoris Arias1.33£32.00£10.66
14/08/2018 08:00Silvia NjiricNuria Brancaccio1.83£13.00£10.79
13/08/2018 11:30Antoine DamiensGoran Duquesne1.11£99.00£10.99
13/08/2018 12:00Lena RuefferLisa Ponomar1.50£34.00£17.00
13/08/2018 13:00Alexis BoureauMatias Zukas1.15£70.00£10.50
13/08/2018 14:30Olga Saez LarraIpek Soylu1.40£28.00£11.20
13/08/2018 17:00Risa OzakiMartina Trevisan2.25£16.00£20.00
13/08/2018 23:30Gregoire BarrereMohamed Safwat1.95£11.00£10.45
14/08/2018 20:00Damir DzumhurMischa Zverev1.83£14.00-£14.00
14/08/2018 08:20Hiroyasu EharaKarim-Mohamed Maamoun1.53£21.00£11.19
14/08/2018 09:00Julia WachaczykRaluca Georgiana Serban1.22£51.00£11.22
14/08/2018 09:30Francois-Arthur VibertOscar Mancineiras Cornella3.75£11.00£30.25
14/08/2018 11:50Alona FominaAngelina Zhuravleva2.10£21.00£0.00
15/08/2018 08:00Dominik NazarukJose Pereira17.00£1.90-£1.90
14/08/2018 14:00Ryan ShaneEvan Zhu1.22£51.00-£51.00
14/08/2018 14:30Ivan Marrero CurbeloSergio Martos Gornes2.75£6.50-£6.50
14/08/2018 15:40Nicolas AlvarezGilbert Soares Klier Junior1.18£63.00£11.40
14/08/2018 18:30Ekaterina AlexandrovaHeather Watson2.10£12.00-£12.00
14/08/2018 22:00Viktoria KuzmovaKristina Mladenovic1.65£17.00-£17.00
15/08/2018 16:30Nikki LuttikhuisLara Salden1.11£107.00£11.88
15/08/2018 01:00Ryota TanumaKu Keon Kang8.00£4.50-£4.50
15/08/2018 02:40Sinhee KimTamara Barad Itzhaki1.91£35.00-£35.00
15/08/2018 03:00Jeremy BealeOlly Sadler1.13£113.00£14.13
15/08/2018 03:00Ranjeet Virali-MurugesanYuichiro Inui1.30£45.00-£45.00
14/08/2018 17:45Borna CoricDaniil Medvedev1.50£24.00£12.00
14/08/2018 18:55Stefanos TsitsipasDavid Goffin2.50£8.10-£8.10
14/08/2018 18:30Kateryna KozlovaFiona Ferro1.83£14.00-£14.00
15/08/2018 03:00Aoran WangRuikai Wang3.25£8.00-£8.00
15/08/2018 08:40Vlad Andrei DancuDragos Nicolae Madaras5.50£6.20-£6.20
15/08/2018 10:00Filip HoranskyMario Vilella Martinez1.62£17.00£10.54
15/08/2018 10:00Matvey MininPatrik Niklas-Salminen4.33£3.10-£3.10
15/08/2018 14:40Anna KubarevaAnastasiya Komardina1.36£29.00£10.56
15/08/2018 11:40Samuel HodorTomislav Jotovski5.25£6.60-£6.60
15/08/2018 11:00Lucas GerchDominik Boehler6.00£5.60-£5.60
15/08/2018 13:00Verena HoferAnna Turati1.91£12.00£10.91
15/08/2018 13:00Alberto Romero de Avila SeniseLouis Tessa1.30£35.00£10.50
15/08/2018 14:50Maxime PauwelsMatias Zukas1.20£52.00£10.40
15/08/2018 14:00Michael ZhuMartin Redlicki1.53£52.00£27.72
15/08/2018 14:00Trent BrydeAndrew Harris1.22£47.00£10.43
15/08/2018 15:45Zizou BergsJan Choinski2.50£7.00-£7.00
15/08/2018 20:50Gregoire BarrereThanasi Kokkinakis1.37£39.00£0.00
15/08/2018 17:00Madison BrengleAnna Kalinskaya2.63£6.40£10.40
15/08/2018 18:40Magdalena FrechMartina Trevisan1.83£12.00£10.00
16/08/2018 01:00Tamara Barad ItzhakiSang Hee Park1.11£93.00£10.32
16/08/2018 03:00Cing-Yang MengHao Wu1.29£36.00-£36.00
16/08/2018 14:00Romain BarbosaFlemming Peters1.18£106.00£19.08
16/08/2018 20:50Lloyd George Muirhead HarrisRuben Bemelmans2.50£7.20-£7.20
16/08/2018 18:30Thomas FabbianoDaniel Evans2.20£9.00-£9.00
16/08/2018 09:00Miriam KolodziejovaMaria Fernanda Herazo Gonzalez1.36£30.00£10.92
16/08/2018 09:00Joao MonteiroEvan Hoyt1.29£38.00-£38.00
16/08/2018 11:10Vladyslav OrlovChristian Lindell1.53£25.00£13.33
16/08/2018 10:30Yannick MertensKazuki Nishiwaki4.33£3.30£11.00
16/08/2018 13:00Jesika MaleckovaJulia Grabher1.91£14.00£12.73
16/08/2018 14:40Thomas StatzbergerEduard Guell Bartrina4.00£3.70-£3.70
16/08/2018 15:30Antoine HoangFrancesco Ferrari1.15£74.00£11.32
16/08/2018 09:00Isabella ShinikovaDaniela Vismane2.20£17.00-£17.00
17/08/2018 11:40Niels LootsmaMax Houkes5.00£6.50-£6.50
17/08/2018 12:00Germain GigounonMatias Zukas2.90£5.90£11.21
17/08/2018 14:00Evan ZhuAlejandro Gomez1.20£55.00£11.00
18/08/2018 09:10Francesco BessireGiuseppe Tresca1.75£26.00-£26.00
18/08/2018 09:10Francesco BessireGiuseppe Tresca1.67£5.90-£5.90
18/08/2018 22:00Misaki DoiMartina Trevisan2.20£9.90-£9.90
18/08/2018 14:00Martin van Der MeerschenMatias Zukas1.10£109.00£10.90
18/08/2018 17:20James DuckworthBrayden Schnur1.50£22.00-£22.00
21/08/2018 09:00Tomas Martin EtcheverryGiovanni Rizzuti1.13£86.00£10.75
21/08/2018 09:30Moez EcharguiBesir Durguti1.17£112.00£18.70
21/08/2018 10:10Tiago CacaoMartim Leote Prata1.11£96.00£10.66
21/08/2018 10:00Arturs LazdinsFrancesco Vilardo1.25£85.00£21.25
21/08/2018 12:30Leonard Von HindteYannik Reuter1.33£36.00£0.00
21/08/2018 12:50Antoine EscoffierAlejo Vilaro1.44£64.00-£64.00
21/08/2018 19:20Ivan NedelkoEgor Gerasimov1.14£75.00£10.73
21/08/2018 19:05Gabriela CeCandela Bugnon1.13£100.00£13.00
22/08/2018 02:00Aaron AddisonMakoto Ochi1.10£112.00£11.20
21/08/2018 17:45Zdenek KolarNicolas Mahut1.62£18.00£11.07

Month Three Results

The third and final month of our WinnerOdds review banked £254.37 profit.


DatePlayer 1Player 2OddsP/L
22/08/2018 15:30Fernanda BritoAnastasia Shaulskaya1.13£11.05
22/08/2018 15:30Rebeca PereiraCamila Giangreco Campiz1.13£11.00
22/08/2018 16:25Thai-Son KwiatkowskiSergiy Stakhovsky2.50£12.30
22/08/2018 18:35Jurgen MelzerKenny De Schepper1.50-£26.00
22/08/2018 20:15Pedja KrstinUgo Humbert1.25£11.00
23/08/2018 02:00Cheong-Eui KimSeong Taek Im10.00-£3.30
23/08/2018 15:00Sebastian OfnerLloyd George Muirhead Harris1.44£11.10
23/08/2018 09:40Benjamin HassanHenri Squire1.17£19.87
23/08/2018 11:00Tomas Lipovsek PuchesSandro Ehrat2.10£11.00
23/08/2018 18:00Carlos BerlocqEnrique Lopez-Perez1.85-£13.00
23/08/2018 21:20Collin AltamiranoIvo Karlovic1.34-£34.00
24/08/2018 03:00Hanyi LiuHuixin Wang1.14£11.58
24/08/2018 13:00Julie GervaisLucie Wargnier1.62-£39.00
24/08/2018 16:15Victor Estrella BurgosStefano Travaglia1.43£11.61
24/08/2018 18:00Arantxa RusAliona Bolsova Zadoinov2.10-£10.00
25/08/2018 05:40Yan BaiLuca Castelnuovo1.13£11.50
24/08/2018 15:00Jessica PegulaPatty Schnyder1.46-£25.00
24/08/2018 18:00Marc PolmansUgo Humbert2.10£11.00
24/08/2018 19:00Madison BrengleAnna Kalinskaya2.15£11.50
27/08/2018 16:00Stan WawrinkaGrigor Dimitrov2.00£11.00
26/08/2018 12:45Nuria Parrizas DiazVerena Hofer1.50£11.00
25/08/2018 14:00Dustin BrownFederico Iannaccone1.16£11.36
28/08/2018 22:40Harmony TanEugenie Bouchard1.08£11.12
27/08/2018 17:40Feliciano LopezFernando Verdasco1.73£10.95
29/08/2018 10:00Mate ValkuszDavid Szintai1.18£22.26
29/08/2018 10:50Vladimir PolyakovEvgeny Tyurnev1.13£0.00
29/08/2018 10:35Ulyana AyzatulinaAnastasia Zakharova1.83£0.00
29/08/2018 11:10Ivan DenisovPablo Irigaray Guarne2.10£28.60
29/08/2018 12:00Darko BojanovicMaksim Tikhomirov1.36-£34.00
29/08/2018 12:45Martin ZeljenkaWilson Leite13.00-£1.30
29/08/2018 12:00Paolo DagninoLuca Giacomini1.13£14.25
29/08/2018 15:05Francesco VilardoMattia Rossi1.11£12.10
29/08/2018 15:30James WardNicola Kuhn2.10-£11.00
29/08/2018 12:50Mina HodzicSophie Muntean1.10£11.70
30/08/2018 04:40Chan-Yeong OhYeongseok Jeong1.22-£53.00
31/08/2018 10:40Gabor BorsosKarim-Mohamed Maamoun1.53£11.73
31/08/2018 10:40Gergana TopalovaArianne Hartono1.67£13.34
01/09/2018 11:40Marcelo Tomas Barrios VeraFrederico Gil1.50£0.00
01/09/2018 17:20Alex MolcanFederico Zeballos1.55£26.40
01/09/2018 10:00Katarina ZavatskaIga Swiatek1.42£15.12
03/09/2018 14:45Rafael MatosAlejo Vilaro4.50-£3.50
04/09/2018 11:35Peter GoldsteinerGijs Brouwer1.17£12.02
04/09/2018 15:00Noah RubinEvan King1.36£12.01
04/09/2018 03:00Eunji LimHyojung Yea1.13£12.13
04/09/2018 10:00Rafael Mazon-HernandezFelipe Meligeni Rodrigues Alves1.11£12.77
04/09/2018 10:30Lara SchmidtKaterina Tsygourova4.00-£11.00
04/09/2018 11:10Florian FallertJohan Nikles1.30-£80.00
04/09/2018 13:35Agathe TimsitMaria Tanasescu2.10-£29.00
04/09/2018 13:10Davide GaloppiniGiovanni Rizzuti1.22£12.21
04/09/2018 12:50Pascal MeisNicolas Uryson1.14£12.16
04/09/2018 15:45Thomas SetodjiSandro Ehrat1.57£32.55
05/09/2018 02:00Jirat NavasirisomboonKarunuday Singh3.75-£12.00
05/09/2018 12:05Reka FarbasTamara Curovic1.25£12.00
05/09/2018 11:00Ana Filipa SantosInes Teixeira2.00-£32.00
05/09/2018 11:30Linnea MalmqvistJulia Payola2.10-£24.00
05/09/2018 11:30Lorenzo BrunettiJonathan Mridha1.16£18.72
06/09/2018 08:45Vladislav MelnicVlad Andrei Dumitru1.13£11.96
06/09/2018 08:40Maxime PauwelsValentin Vanta7.00-£5.30
05/09/2018 15:30Evan SongTaha Baadi1.20£19.40
05/09/2018 15:30Sadio DoumbiaHugo Voljacques1.40£30.80
05/09/2018 12:40Pemra OzgenCornelia Lister1.83-£14.00
06/09/2018 02:40Seung-Yeon HongSunam Jeong1.33£11.99
06/09/2018 04:30Jason JungZhizhen Zhang1.40£11.60
06/09/2018 09:30Anastasia VdovencoAnna Makhorkina1.35£14.70
06/09/2018 09:30Alexa PirokVanda Lukacs1.40£19.20
06/09/2018 10:45Daniel CozmaVasile Antonescu1.13£11.96
06/09/2018 10:00Franjo RaspudicPeter Torebko1.26£11.96
06/09/2018 10:30Chelsea VanhoutteSofia Nami Samavati1.67£25.46
06/09/2018 10:30Paula Arias ManjonFiona Codino1.11£11.88
06/09/2018 11:00Shahin KhaledanThomas Bosancic1.14£11.90
06/09/2018 17:30Donald YoungJohn-Patrick Smith1.85£11.90
06/09/2018 16:00Anastasia ShaulskayaEugenia Ganga1.91-£15.00
06/09/2018 11:50Bibiane SchoofsYlena In-Albon1.57£11.99
06/09/2018 15:30A J CatanzaritiHiroyasu Ehara6.00-£3.90
07/09/2018 01:00Hanna ChangSunam Jeong2.00£17.00
06/09/2018 12:40Louis WesselsMarvin Netuschil2.00-£16.00
07/09/2018 08:30Sadio DoumbiaLeny Mitjana1.53£0.00
07/09/2018 09:00Karin KennelConstance Sibille1.57-£41.00
07/09/2018 09:00Jorge Blanco GuadalupeLuke Johnson5.00£34.80
08/09/2018 11:30Enzo CouacaudAdrian Menendez-Maceiras1.70£13.30
11/09/2018 13:30Chiara SchollWushuang Zheng1.25£13.00
11/09/2018 16:30Benjamin PietriMarvin Netuschil1.14£13.06
11/09/2018 12:30Julia VulpioMiriana Tona1.20£13.60
11/09/2018 12:30Ignasi De Rueda de GenoverColin Sinclair1.09£0.00
11/09/2018 16:30Juan Pablo Canas GarciaPol Toledo Bague11.00-£3.50
11/09/2018 16:30Benjamin PietriMarvin Netuschil1.20£4.80
11/09/2018 16:35Juan Manuel CerundoloJuliÌÁn Gimenez2.40-£25.00
12/09/2018 07:30Matei Adrian GeorgescuVasile-Alexandru Ghilea1.10£13.30
12/09/2018 16:00Nuria BrancaccioJulia Stamatova1.50£19.00
12/09/2018 12:10Lucas BouquetEduardo Struvay1.26£17.16
12/09/2018 13:30Lucia BronzettiCamilla Scala1.36£13.47
12/09/2018 14:40Gonzalo VillanuevaJuan Manuel Cerundolo1.17£20.21
12/09/2018 19:30Fernando YamacitaJose Pereira5.50-£3.40
13/09/2018 03:00Yuqi ShengYi Tsen Cho2.00£15.00
13/09/2018 09:00Anna UkolovaMarta Lesniak1.11£14.21
13/09/2018 10:30Macsen SisamAnis Ghorbel8.00£37.10
13/09/2018 13:30Maximiliano EstevezCamilo Ugo Carabelli6.00-£3.00
13/09/2018 22:00Matias Franco DescotteLuciano Doria8.00£37.10
13/09/2018 16:30Renata ZarazuaAnastasia Zarytska1.29£14.01
13/09/2018 23:00Sofia KeninFrancoise Abanda1.73£13.81
14/09/2018 10:00Kimberley ZimmermannTamara Korpatsch1.40£14.80
14/09/2018 10:30Paula Arias ManjonJosephine Boualem1.22£14.74
14/09/2018 11:00Lucia Cortez LlorcaLara Panfilov1.36£14.92
15/09/2018 11:00Vladimir UzhylovskyVlad Andrei Dumitru1.14-£109.00
15/09/2018 11:50Johan Sebastien TatlotCarlos Berlocq1.40£15.20
18/09/2018 08:30Maria ManilovaNadia Echeverria Alam1.83-£28.00
18/09/2018 08:30Sam TaylorSamm Butler1.36£14.40
18/09/2018 09:15Jordi WalderShahin Khaledan1.36-£51.00
18/09/2018 09:40Alen AvidzbaChristian Samuelsson1.40£38.80
18/09/2018 09:30Marine PartaudLou Adler1.44-£42.00
18/09/2018 10:10Maria TanasescuAndreea Prisacariu5.50-£8.60
18/09/2018 10:00Ben JonesNeil Pauffley1.40£33.20
18/09/2018 10:40Eduardo DischingerJuan Pablo Canas Garcia4.00-£7.70
18/09/2018 12:25Hugo SchottMick Lescure1.13-£112.00
18/09/2018 12:40Jonathan BindingAntoine Bellier1.44£15.98
18/09/2018 13:10Joel CannellFrancesco Vilardo1.42£19.32
18/09/2018 16:20Linus FrostClement Tabur1.67£24.01
19/09/2018 13:15Stan WawrinkaKaren Khachanov2.38£15.13
18/09/2018 17:30JuliÌÁn GimenezFacundo Juarez3.75-£6.10
19/09/2018 09:30Oleg KhotkovAlexander Erler1.28£13.72
19/09/2018 09:40Joelle KissellJelena Stojanovic2.75£13.65
19/09/2018 10:00Joao MonteiroLuis Faria1.09£13.68
19/09/2018 10:00Maxime TchoutakianPedro Gabriel Rodrigues1.11£13.64
19/09/2018 10:00Fabio CoelhoFrancisco Cabral1.22£13.64
19/09/2018 10:00Ronan JoncourGregoire Jacq1.16£13.60
19/09/2018 11:35John EcheverriaYuanfeng Li3.25-£6.10
19/09/2018 14:40Eugenia GangaAnfisa Danilchenko3.25£0.00
19/09/2018 17:00Emilio NavaIgor Gimenez1.73-£50.00
19/09/2018 18:30Naomi BroadySanaz Marand1.44-£31.00
19/09/2018 20:00Matheus Pucinelli de AlmeidaFranco Capalbo6.00£36.50
20/09/2018 00:00Ryan James StorrieVincent Stouff3.60-£15.00
20/09/2018 06:00Federico GaioMalek Jaziri2.63-£8.70
20/09/2018 12:35Alexis MusialekNam Hoang Ly2.50£19.50
20/09/2018 15:15Andres Artunedo MartinavarrJurgen Briand1.20-£69.00
20/09/2018 20:30Matias Franco DescotteMatheus Pucinelli de Almeida4.33-£5.20
21/09/2018 09:10Jordi Samper-MontanaNikolas Sanchez-Izquierdo4.33-£11.00
21/09/2018 09:00Daniel Munoz-De La NavaNam Hoang Ly4.50-£5.10

Review Summary

During our three month WinnerOdds review, we banked £766.38 profit (4.5% ROI) from a total of 448 bets, increasing our starting bank by 76.6%.

We found the software simple to use and, on average, we placed around 150 bets per month by checking for new bets several times per day. We could have found more qualifying selections by turning on the notifications, but we found it a bit overwhelming with so many other reviews ongoing at the same time.

The software did a great job of automatically keeping track of results. On request, the WinnerOdds team even sent them over as a csv file which was really handy.

A couple of things to note:

  1. The staking is based on Kelly Criterion which means that stakes can be quite high. For example, some of the lower odds selections were staked at more than £100 each. Also, the stakes can be weird amounts like £8.10 which may flag up profitable accounts to the bookmakers.
  2. Many of the bookmakers available to choose from on the monitored list are European books. There are a total of 24 but, as far as we know, only 10 are available to UK residents. That being said, we still managed to make a sizeable profit so it wasn't a major issue.

It's a thumbs up for WinnerOdds from us and whether you're a tennis fan or not, we recommend checking the service out.

Key Stats

Number of Bets448
Total Stakes£17,135.60
Average Odds2.16
Strike Rate66.5%
Overall Bank Growth76.6%
Bank (£1000 starting)£1,766.38
WinnerOdds Review Graph

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  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 4 stars

  • WinnerOdds
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on:
  • Last modified: 29th February 2024

WinnerOdds software identifies value tennis betting tips. During our three month review, we banked £766.38 profit (4.5% ROI) from a total of 448 bets.

  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 4 stars

  • WinnerOdds
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on:
  • Last modified: 29th February 2024

WinnerOdds software identifies value tennis betting tips. During our three month review, we banked £766.38 profit (4.5% ROI) from a total of 448 bets.


  • Well-designed, intuitive software
  • Results tracked automatically
  • Cons

  • Stakes are based on Kelly Criterion which means they can become quite high on the lower odds selections
  • 1 thought on “WinnerOdds Review: Value Tennis Betting Tips Software”

    1. Verry bad, you need to be awake all days/night and click super fast to do profit, market falls verry fast and bookies limits you as well.. Sometimes website crashing and no notifications for all bets.
      And finally administrator stops you if you try to refresh too often the page to see the new bets. Just admin is making money in this business. Stay far away


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