WinnerOdds Review: Introduction

WinnerOdds Review

There aren't many tennis tipsters around at the moment and we have struggled for a long time to find one that offers long-term, consistent profits. We were recently contacted by Miguel who runs the WinnerOdds tennis betting software and were intrigued to find out if it could be a good alternative.

The WinnerOdds service offers a web-based tool that automatically scans for value tennis bets across your chosen bookmakers. Potential bets are highlighted in green to show that the odds available are higher than the minimum odds required for it to be a value bet.

Winner Odds Review Interface

There is a full history of results on the website going back to May 2016, based on every selection that the scanner has found that users have actually able to place.

It's unlikely that one person would be able to place all of these bets as they could show up at any time of the day or night, but it's interested to see that if you could, a €1,000 starting bank would now stand at €35,411.50 in just over two years. That's from a total of 13074 bets, which is an average 16-17 bets per day.

WinnerOdds Review Results

To get started you have to enter your starting bankroll and select the bookmakers that you will be using. The software calculates the stakes that you should use based on the bank balance using the Kelly Criterion staking system.

There is an in-depth user guide on the website that goes into a lot of detail on how the software works, but we have found it fairly straight-forward to get started.

At the time of writing there are 24 bookmakers to choose from that are monitored, although it's worth noting that there are a few that aren't available for UK residents. It is possible to select from other bookmakers that aren't available on the "monitored" list, but the odds have to be checked manually for these.

Bets that have been placed can be saved into the software and it automatically tracks the results. There is also a handy statistics page with several graphs to make it easier to see the performance of the bets.

There is a notification feature where you can get any new value bets sent via email, but we decided to turn it off after receiving 20+ bets overnight. We will just refresh the scanner throughout the day to pick up new bets instead.

The minimum recommended bank is €1,000. We can't find a way to change the currency but we are just going to track the bets as if they were GBP and start with £1,000.

We began tracking bets on the 22nd June and we have made around £150 profit so far, but we will be back with an update of our results after a full month.

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