Wrong Odds Racing Review: Month One Update

Wrong Odds Racing is a BSP horse racing tips service that reported 86 points profit at an ROI of more than 30% during proofing at Wadster Bet Bots. 

It is advertised as being great for bettors who have been limited at bookmakers, as it works using Betfair Exchange. We are always looking for these types of services, so we had high hopes that they would perform well during our review.

Kieran, who runs the service, first got involved with horse racing betting later on in his life and treated it as an investment rather than a hobby or passion for the sport.

He has since developed his own ratings system and proform models which have improved over time.

As the service is part of the Wadster portfolio, it operates a "pay when you profit" model, rather than a traditional monthly subscription. This means that you only ever pay when there is a winning bet.

The bets are sent via the Telegram app each morning at around 9.00am, but as the bets are all at Betfair SP, they can be placed at any time before the start of the race.

We will be following the service for the next few months and will post an update of our results on a monthly basis. As always, we hope to see this tipster do well, but even more so with it being a BSP service.

Free Credits

Try Wrong Odds Racing for free

To get 3 free credits for Wrong Odds Racing, enter /affiliate into Telegram, followed by the code GOAL03.

Try the service out, free of charge.

Month One Update

It was a really poor start to our Wrong Odds Racing review with 19.83 points lost after a total of 85 selections.

The majority of the winners that we had were at a low BSP, so it was a struggle to build up any profit. We did begin to claw some profit back after a tricky start, but things got worse and we finished the month in a streak of 22 losing bets in a row.

We could only hope that this terrible run would come to an end soon and that a couple of higher odds winners would give us a speedy recovery.

Key Stats

Number of Bets85
Total Stakes (pts)63.25
Profit/Loss (pts)-19.83
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£198.30
Strike Rate18.8%
Overall Bank Growth-19.8%
Bank (100pt starting)80.17


DateRaceBetStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
25/03/202416:30 NewcastleBohemian Breeze1.0014.17-1.0099.00
25/03/202416:35 HuntingdonKansas Du Berlais1.008.80-1.0098.00
25/03/202417:00 NewcastleLunar Rocks1.0024.10-1.0097.00
25/03/202420:00 NewcastleTathmeen1.006.495.38102.38
25/03/202420:30 NewcastleGlobal Humor1.003.66-1.00101.38
26/03/202416:35 NewcastleHas Troke1.004.773.69105.07
27/03/202418:30 KemptonDr Foster1.0012.92-1.00104.07
27/03/202415:30 WincantonLilith1.009.93-1.00103.07
28/03/202415:07 FontwellMatchless1.0010.13-1.00102.07
28/03/202419:30 SouthwellBits And Bobs1.0021.44-1.00101.07
30/03/202416:50 CarlisleGreat Ballinboris1.004.30-1.00100.07
30/03/202417:25 CarlisleTommy Combats1.004.50-1.0099.07
30/03/202418:00 WolverhamptonInawe1.0027.66-1.0098.07
31/03/202414:50 Ffos LasBallyvaughan Bay1.009.86-1.0097.07
31/03/202416:00 Ffos LasSizing Pottsie1.007.60-1.0096.07
31/03/202417:00 SouthwellBluebells Boy1.009.12-1.0095.07
03/04/202418:30 KemptonRogue Encore1.0017.36-1.0094.07
03/04/202419:00 KemptonCaragio1.003.50-1.0093.07
03/04/202420:30 KemptonSun Dancer Girl1.009.47-1.0092.07
04/04/202413:50 LingfieldArctician1.006.51-1.0091.07
04/04/202414:50 LingfieldLumiere D'Or1.005.79-1.0090.07
04/04/202417:00 LingfieldRoad To Wembley1.001.640.6390.70
04/04/202419:00 WolverhamptonRock Opera1.006.41-1.0089.70
06/04/202417:45 ChelmsfordBaileysgutfeeling1.0016.42-1.0088.70
06/04/202418:15 ChelmsfordLord Danielson1.0012.00-1.0087.70
10/04/202413:52 LingfieldNiloufar1.002.271.2488.95
10/04/202414:22 LingfieldBallybaymoonshiner1.006.93-1.0087.95
10/04/202415:40 WolverhamptonCon Te Partiro1.001.440.4388.38
10/04/202416:10 WolverhamptonSomething To Do1.007.62-1.0087.38
11/04/202415:45 LimerickOn Lovers Walk1.004.10-1.0086.38
11/04/202414:35 LimerickQatar Spirit (Win)0.5030.00-0.5085.88
11/04/202414:35 LimerickQatar Spirit (Place)0.506.40-0.5085.38
11/04/202415:10 LimerickBallycallan King (Win)0.508.203.5388.91
11/04/202415:10 LimerickBallycallan King (Place)0.502.560.7689.67
11/04/202416:55 LimerickGetaway Master0.505.40-0.5089.17
11/04/202416:55 LimerickGrace Faraday (Win)0.505.30-0.5088.67
11/04/202416:55 LimerickGrace Faraday (Place)0.501.62-0.5088.17
11/04/202416:28 TauntonAmerican Gerry (Win)0.5011.50-0.5087.67
11/04/202416:28 TauntonAmerican Gerry (Place)0.503.55-0.5087.17
12/04/202419:15 DundalkGesture1.006.605.4992.66
12/04/202419:00 SouthwellThe Bay Warrior (Win)0.504.80-0.5092.16
12/04/202419:00 SouthwellThe Bay Warrior (Place)0.501.530.2692.42
12/04/202419:00 SouthwellBay Of Naples (Win)0.5031.46-0.5091.92
12/04/202419:00 SouthwellBay Of Naples (Place)0.502.100.5492.46
13/04/202416:55 YarmouthAt Liberty (Win)0.5024.00-0.5091.96
13/04/202416:55 YarmouthAt Liberty (Place)0.505.70-0.5091.46
13/04/202416:55 YarmouthMoonlit Cloud0.505.60-0.5090.96
13/04/202419:00 YarmouthPorfin (Win)0.5014.50-0.5090.46
13/04/202419:00 YarmouthPorfin (Place)0.503.13-0.5089.96
14/04/202416:15 Down RoyalDreal Deal (Win)0.258.491.8491.79
14/04/202416:15 Down RoyalDreal Deal (Place)0.502.430.7092.49
14/04/202416:15 Down RoyalDuffle Coat (Win)0.502.46-0.5091.99
14/04/202416:15 Down RoyalDuffle Coat (Place)0.501.330.1692.15
14/04/202416:42 HerefordInoui Machin1.002.22-1.0091.15
14/04/202417:25 Down RoyalThe Dabbler (Win)0.2526.00-0.2590.90
14/04/202417:25 Down RoyalThe Dabbler (Place)0.255.89-0.2590.65
14/04/202417:25 Down RoyalThe Abbey (Win)0.507.60-0.5090.15
14/04/202417:25 Down RoyalThe Abbey (Place)0.502.66-0.5089.65
15/04/202418:30 KemptonCiara Pearl1.004.123.0692.71
15/04/202420:00 KemptonImperial Guard1.001.69-1.0091.71
16/04/202416:15 Ffos LasPanjari1.003.712.6694.37
16/04/202414:20 NewmarketThe Camden Colt (Win)0.5012.60-0.5093.87
16/04/202414:20 NewmarketThe Camden Colt (Place)0.503.651.3095.17
16/04/202414:30 Ffos LasFollowango1.006.20-1.0094.17
16/04/202415:50 NaasWill You Win (Win)0.5022.53-0.5093.67
16/04/202415:50 NaasWill You Win (Place)0.504.48-0.5093.17
17/04/202414:05 CheltenhamWindtothelightning (Win)0.5020.00-0.5092.67
17/04/202414:05 CheltenhamWindtothelightning (Place)0.504.40-0.5092.17
17/04/202414:40 CheltenhamIl Ridoto (Win)0.506.73-0.5091.67
17/04/202414:40 CheltenhamIl Ridoto (Place)0.502.36-0.5091.17
17/04/202416:25 CheltenhamCaptain Cattistock (Win)0.5058.34-0.5090.67
17/04/202416:25 CheltenhamCaptain Cattistock (Place)0.5013.62-0.5090.17
18/04/202418:30 ChelmsfordMoon Aspect1.0019.00-1.0089.17
21/04/202415:15 TramorePrince Palace1.003.82-1.0088.17
22/04/202415:55 PontefractHarswell Duke (Win)0.5011.00-0.5087.67
22/04/202415:55 PontefractHarswell Duke (Place)1.002.60-1.0086.67
23/04/202415:45 YarmouthYaajooz1.003.44-1.0085.67
23/04/202419:30 WolverhamptonSeal Of Solomon1.005.57-1.0084.67
23/04/202415:55 EpsomSaratoga Gold (Win)0.5024.69-0.5084.17
23/04/202415:55 EpsomSaratoga Gold (Place)1.006.54-1.0083.17
23/04/202417:05 EpsomMr Baloo1.004.60-1.0082.17
24/04/202414:12 CatterickMurbih (Win)0.509.54-0.5081.67
24/04/202414:12 CatterickMurbih (Place)0.502.76-0.5081.17
24/04/202419:35 TauntonImperial Joe (Win)0.505.36-0.5080.67
24/04/202419:35 TauntonImperial Joe (Place)0.501.99-0.5080.17

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