HorseCashBuilder Review


We are back with the final update to our review of HorseCashBuilder and unfortunately were unable to build on last month's profit, finishing with a loss of £149.50 in month three. This gives us an overall loss of £96.00 at...

Premium Rugby Betting Tips Review

Premium Rugby Betting Tips

Unfortunately we have been unable to conclude our review of Premium Rugby Betting Tips, as we have not received any tips since those from our last update. We have tried contacting customer support but have not had any replies.

Football Betting Alerts Review

Football Betting Alerts

We have got a new review underway of Football Betting Alerts, a service from the same team behind Pre-Match Betting and In-play Trading. The site offers trading and betting selections that are posted several times per week by someone known...

BetHawk Review


We are back with an update to our review of BetHawk after testing the bot over the last three months. We're delighted to let you know that it has been a fantastic start with 142.07 points profit at an ROI...

Each Way Sniper Review

Each Way Sniper

We have been running our review of Mike Cruickshank's Each Way Sniper betting system for over a month and we’re back with an update of our results. From 37 bets we made a total profit of £149.83 using £25 each...

Elite Betting Syndicate Review

Elite Betting Syndicate

Elite Betting Syndicate is a horse racing tips service claiming to have genuine inside information via stable connections, that have helped to generate a profit from betting since the inception of the service.

Thoroughbred Betting Review

Thoroughbred Betting

Thoroughbred Betting is a horse racing tips service that offers daily win and each-way selections via email. It has been running since June 2015 and has delivered a profit of 325.5 points to date.

Power Bet Pro Review

Power Bet Pro

After three months following the daily horse racing tips from Power Bet Pro, we have finished the review with a small loss 6.25 points at an ROI of -0.5%. We have also recorded results at Betfair SP odds and finished...

Racing Excellence Review

Racing Excellence

We’ve been reviewing the Racing Excellence horse racing tips service over the last three months and it has been a success with two out of three profitable months. We banked an overall profit of 72.03 points at an ROI of...

High Stakes Racing Review

High Stakes Racing

We’ve come to the end of our review of High Stakes Racing and after two losing months we finally made a profit in the third and final month. We were in need of a recovery soon after losing 37% of...

DG Tips Review

DG Tips

We've got another review underway from the Tipster's Empire network - DG Tips. The service has historical results available to download starting from June 2015 and we can see that since then, they have increased their initial £1000 starting bank...

The Snout Review

The Snout

We are starting a new review today of a horse racing tips service run by a tipster known only as "The Snout". We don't know much else about The Snout other than he was born in Cheltenham, home to National...

Football Advisor Betting Review

Football Advisor Lays

We are back with an update to our review of Football Advisor Lays and it was almost a scratch month for the service. There were 5 losing lays out of 28, which gave a loss of -0.65 points.

Soccer Tip Review

Soccer Tip

Today we are starting a review of Soccer Tip, a football betting service run by Maths Graduate, Louise, that is based on value betting on the goals markets.

Bet Fairway Review

Bet Fairway

We are reporting back with another update to our review of Bet Fairway and unfortunately it has not been the best of months. Actually it has been pretty awful! The 76.6 points profit we had has been wiped out after...

Diamond Racing Lays Review

Diamond Racing Lays

Diamond Racing Lays is a horse racing laying service run by Jason Matthews that is available on the Bets For Today network. It has been around since 2013 and has yet to have a losing year, according to the full...