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Each Way Value Tips Review
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Welcome to our Each Way Value Tips review, a horse tipping service that regularly tops the leaderboards at Tipstrr for overall profit.


  • Transparent results updated on a daily basis
  • Straight-forward to follow with 1-2 tips per day
  • Cons

  • Made a loss at BSP
  • We've reached the end of our four month review of Each Way Value Tips and the service has finished with style with a further profit of 44.9 points added to the bank. Overall that makes it a commendable profit of 108.69 points at an ROI of 12.4%.

    It's easy to see why this service is listed on "Tipstrr Pro", the selection of tipsters specially picked out by the Tipstrr team for their high quality and consistent tips. The service is regularly topping the leaderboards for overall profit and boasts a higher long-term ROI than many of the other established horse racing tipsters.

    It's been a straightforward tipping service to follow, with 1 or 2 tips sent out daily via email with the advised stake and odds. The Tipstrr platform has a great set up with results and statistics updated automatically.

    The advised starting bank of 200 points was enough to cover any drawdowns that we experienced, with the biggest drawdown in the last four months reaching 70.4 points.

    Breakdown of monthly profit/loss:

    • Update 1: -14.96pts 
    • Update 2: +1.03pts
    • Update 3 : +77.72pts
    • Update 4: +44.9pts
    • Total: +108.69pts

    The only downside was that the service did not perform well at Betfair SP with a 77.7 point loss overall, so it's best to get bets on as soon as possible after receiving the tips before the odds start to drop.

    Review Stats+108.69pts profit, 12.4% ROI, 33.6% SR
    Stakes Advised between 1-5 pts each way
    Starting bank 200 points
    Average no. betsApprox. 30-40 per month
    Time of emailsEvening 5.00-8.00pm
    Price£29 per month, £69 per quarter, £129 biannual or £239 per year

    Key Stats - Overall
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
    Number of Bets149149149
    Total Stakes (pts)878.00878.00878.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)124.96108.69-77.70
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£1,249.60£1,086.90-£777.00
    Average Odds8.858.8010.29
    Strike Rate33.6%33.6%31.5%
    Overall Bank Growth62.5%54.3%-38.9%
    Bank (200pt starting)324.96308.69122.30

    Longest Winning Sequence: 4

    Longest Losing Sequence: 8

    Max Drawdown: 70.36pts

    Each Way Value Tips Review Graph

    Results - Update Four
    DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
    06/07/201818:20 Chelmsford CityExtra Large6.00YES8.00-6.00257.79
    07/07/201814:05 Chelmsford CityThe Last Party6.00YES15.00-6.00251.79
    09/07/201817:55 WolverhamptonSilver Character6.00YES12.003.60255.39
    10/07/201815:45 WolverhamptonMarshal Dan6.00YES8.501.50256.89
    11/07/201814:30 LingfieldFull Suit6.00YES5.0015.00271.89
    12/07/201815:35 NewmarketBest Solution6.00YES10.0032.40304.29
    13/07/201815:25 AscotStar of The East6.00YES9.00-6.00298.29
    13/07/201814:50 AscotI Am A Dreamer6.00YES5.50-6.00292.29
    14/07/201816:20 ChesterBit of A Quirke4.00YES6.0012.00304.29
    14/07/201816:15 YorkHumble Hero6.00YES5.00-6.00298.29
    16/07/201816:20 RiponSea Youmzain6.00YES5.00-6.00292.29
    17/07/201817:00 BeverleyIf We Can Can6.00YES8.50-6.00286.29
    17/07/201814:20 Chelmsford CityLaughing Stranger4.00YES7.500.60286.89
    18/07/201820:35 WolverhamptonLopes Dancer2.00YES23.00-2.00284.89
    19/07/201816:20 LeicesterDelft Dancer6.00YES5.50-0.30284.59
    19/07/201816:50 LeicesterAlbert Boy6.00YES6.50-6.00278.59
    20/07/201817:10 NewburyMarshal Dan6.00YES5.50-6.00272.59
    24/07/201818:10 Chelmsford CityStosur4.00YES8.00-4.00268.59
    25/07/201817:10 CatterickIndian Pursuit6.00YES5.0014.40282.99
    26/07/201820:35 DoncasterAreen Faisal4.00YES17.00-4.00278.99
    26/07/201819:20 LimerickWee Tiger6.00YES5.0012.24291.23
    27/07/201817:25 ThirskPenny Dreadful6.00YES6.0018.75309.98
    27/07/201818:00 YorkHumbolt Current6.00YES5.00-6.00303.98
    28/07/201814:45 NewcastleDesert Ruler6.00YES8.00-6.00297.98
    29/07/201814:30 PontefractMultellie6.00YES6.5013.86311.84
    30/07/201815:30 AyrChinese Spirit6.00YES12.00-6.00305.84
    31/08/201816:45 GoodwoodEl Astronaute6.00YES11.004.50310.34
    01/08/201817:30 RedcarSize Matters6.00YES6.50-6.00304.34
    02/08/201815:10 StratfordMystic Sky6.00YES9.00-6.00298.34
    03/08/201815:45 BangorSalto Chisco6.00YES6.000.75299.09
    03/08/201816:20 BangorGet Ready Freddy6.00YES5.00-6.00293.09
    04/08/201819:50 HamiltonAn Fear Ciuin6.00YES9.50-6.00287.09
    05/08/201815:30 ChesterGossip Column6.00YES7.0021.60308.69

    Note: Our results don't include BOG and BSP results include a deduction of 5% commission.


    We can see why this is one of Tipstrr's top tipsters and it's one that we can recommend after witnessing the results for ourselves.

    On a sidenote, there's nowhere for Tipstrr services to hide poor results as the results are automatically updated publically to the tipster's page every day and odds are input directly from the bookmakers. It makes it easy for the tipsters themselves to keep track of results, but also gives subscribers that added security knowing that the results are accurate.

    Each Way Value Tips has made it to our "passed" list, now our next step is to check out some more services from the Tipstrr Pro list. You can follow our progress reviewing Tipstrr services here

    Each Way Value Tips Review: Update Three

    8th July 2018

    ​Each Way Value Tips have pulled it out of the bag in month three of our review​, tipping several race winners ​at big odds. ​We finished the month with a profit of 77.72 points ​which gives us a total profit of 63.79 points at an ROI of 9.2% since the start of the review.

    We did record a small profit at Betfair SP this month but it was a fraction of the amount achieved at the early prices.

    Key Stats - Update Three
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
    Number of Bets373737
    Total Stakes (pts)215.00215.00215.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)74.1277.727.95
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£741.20£777.20£79.50
    Average Odds8.858.8111.12
    Strike Rate37.8%37.8%35.1%
    Overall Bank Growth38.9%31.9%-37.0%
    Bank (200pt starting)277.76263.79125.98

    Results - Update Three
    DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
    06/06/201818:10 WetherbyVentura Bay3.00NO9.00-3.00183.07
    06/06/201820:00 KemptonNative Fighter6.00YES9.503.39186.46
    06/06/201820:30 KemptonThe Way You Dance6.00YES5.500.38186.84
    08/06/201815:20 WolverhamptonMy Fantasea6.00YES7.500.90187.74
    08/06/201817:55 GoodwoodDanzay6.00YES6.5019.80207.54
    08/06/201818:05 StratfordNumbercruncher6.00YES7.50-6.00201.54
    08/06/201819:15 StratfordArthurs Secret6.00YES6.00-6.00195.54
    08/06/201819:50 StratfordNow Ben2.00NO15.00-2.00193.54
    08/06/201819:50 StratfordYoung Hurricane2.00YES10.00-2.00191.54
    09/06/201814:35 NewmarketEastern Impact6.00YES5.00-0.60190.94
    11/06/201818:40 PontefractEssenza10.00YES5.00-10.00180.94
    12/06/201816:30 SalisburyCacophonous6.00YES6.00-6.00174.94
    12/06/201817:30 SalisburyAssassinate6.00YES11.00-6.00168.94
    14/06/201821:15 UttoxeterInfluential Lady6.00YES6.500.30169.24
    15/06/201819:30 ChepstowKinglami6.00YES5.50-6.00163.24
    15/06/201817:25 Sandown ParkKittileo6.00YES11.00-6.00157.24
    16/06/201819:55 FontwellBoss Mans Ladder6.00YES7.50-6.00151.24
    17/06/201814:25 SalisburyUnbridled Spirit6.00YES7.00-6.00145.24
    18/06/201820:30 WindsorBajan Gold10.00YES7.0028.80174.04
    19/06/201816:20 AscotU S Navy Flag5.00NO7.00-5.00169.04
    19/06/201820:40 BrightonAsk The Guru10.00YES5.00-1.00168.04
    19/06/201816:20 AscotKings Shield4.00YES29.00-4.00164.04
    20/06/201815:40 AscotUrban Fox3.00NO11.00-3.00161.04
    21/06/201818:50 LingfieldMiss Celestial6.00YES11.0036.00197.04
    21/06/201821:15 Ffos LasSilk Run6.00YES7.00-6.00191.04
    22/06/201819:40 AyrGworn6.00YES11.00-6.00185.04
    22/06/201820:45 AyrDr Doro6.00YES8.0025.20210.24
    23/06/201817:55 NewmarketHidden Affair6.00YES11.0036.00246.24
    24/06/201817:10 WorcesterSimafar6.00YES7.50-6.00240.24
    25/06/201817:00 ChepstowJuneau4.00YES11.0021.60261.84
    27/06/201819:40 KemptonSir Plato6.00YES7.00-6.00255.84
    28/06/201819:00 HamiltonOn The High Tops6.00YES8.00-6.00249.84
    29/06/201820:50 ChesterPenwortham6.00YES6.0018.75268.59
    02/07/201817:15 WolverhamptonSir Lancelott6.00YES15.007.50276.09
    03/07/201817:15 HamiltonImperial Legend6.00YES10.00-6.00270.09
    04/07/201817:50 KemptonMajor Valentine6.00YES8.00-6.00264.09
    05/07/201820:25 NewburyOurmullion6.00YES5.50-0.30263.79

    ​We are going to continue tracking results for ​this service for a bit longer to see​ how things progress from here, so we will be back with another update in a month's time.

    Each Way Value Tips Review: Update Two

    6th June 2018

    We have finished month two of our Each Way Value Tips review with a small profit of 1.03 points, which hasn't helped us much on the way to recovering last month's loss. The gap between the advised odds and available odds wasn't as wide this month but there was still a difference in profit of 5.77 points between the two.

    Betfair SP results have continued to be poor and the BSP bank has now depleted by 41%.

    Key Stats - Update Two
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
    Number of Bets434343
    Total Stakes (pts)239.00239.00239.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)6.801.03-22.24
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£68.00£10.30-£222.40
    Average Odds7.997.809.01
    Strike Rate30.2%30.2%30.2%
    Overall Bank Growth1.8%-7.0%-41.0%
    Bank (200pt starting)203.64186.07118.03

    Results - Update Two
    DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
    07/05/201814:10 AyrTomahawk Wood4.00YES7.50-4.00181.04
    08/05/201818:10 RoscommonPoetic Light4.00YES9.00-4.00177.04
    09/05/201819:25 WolverhamptonStrange Society6.00YES9.00-6.00171.04
    09/05/201820:55 WolverhamptonFunkadelic4.00YES10.00-4.00167.04
    10/05/201814:25 ChesterRastrelli6.00YES6.50-6.00161.04
    11/05/201814:25 ChesterWar Decree6.00YES8.002.25163.29
    11/05/201815:00 ChesterTiti Makfi6.00YES9.00-6.00157.29
    12/05/201817:50 LingfieldIsland of Life6.00YES5.50-6.00151.29
    12/05/201820:15 ThirskMartineo6.00YES6.00-1.35149.94
    13/05/201816:15 LeopardstownZorion4.00YES13.0030.00179.94
    14/05/201815:45 KemptonBertie Barnes4.00YES7.00-4.00175.94
    15/05/201816:40 BeverleyNeverbeen To Paris4.00YES7.5016.26192.20
    15/05/201817:00 SedgefieldShamitsar4.00YES11.00-4.00188.20
    17/05/201819:30 NewmarketPrabeni6.00YES5.50-6.00182.20
    17/05/201816:35 YorkHey Jonesy6.00YES5.00-0.60181.60
    18/05/201817:05 YorkKoditime4.00YES7.5016.26197.86
    18/05/201819:45 AintreeBulls Head2.00YES17.00-2.00195.86
    18/05/201815:20 NewmarketLunar Jet6.00YES5.00-6.00189.86
    18/05/201814:20 YorkStrings Of Life2.00NO7.50-2.00187.86
    18/05/201816:15 NewburyCoolongolook2.00NO10.00-2.00185.86
    19/05/201820:20 DoncasterMonadee6.00YES5.000.00185.86
    19/05/201817:40 ThirskAfrican Jazz10.00YES5.00-1.00184.86
    21/05/201819:45 WindsorGifted Master5.00NO5.00-5.00179.86
    21/05/201815:15 CarlisleQuestion of Faith6.00YES8.00-6.00173.86
    22/05/201817:15 AyrRoyal Cosmic6.00YES6.00-6.00167.86
    23/05/201818:05 SouthwellMaestro Royal6.00YES7.00-6.00161.86
    24/05/201814:25 CatterickSienna Says6.00YES5.500.38162.24
    24/05/201815:35 CatterickPoetic Steps6.00YES7.00-6.00156.24
    24/05/201816:00 LingfieldMaori Bob10.00YES5.50-0.50155.74
    24/05/201816:55 GoodwoodCosmic Love10.00YES4.00-10.00145.74
    24/05/201819:05 Sandown ParkDream Today4.00YES17.00-4.00141.74
    26/05/201815:25 HaydockEmblazoned10.00YES17.0011.00152.74
    29/05/201815:20 LeicesterElectric Landlady4.00YES11.002.00154.74
    31/05/201819:30 Ffos LasCawdor House Bert4.00YES10.00-4.00150.74
    01/06/201817:45 BathToolatetodelegate10.00YES4.00-10.00140.74
    02/06/201813:40 MusselburghBibbidibobbidiboo6.00YES5.0014.64155.38
    02/06/201815:10 EpsomCentury Dream6.00YES5.0011.52166.90
    02/06/201816:55 MusselburghRoyal Brave6.00YES7.000.24167.14
    03/06/201817:10 PerthNight Manager2.00NO6.00-2.00165.14
    04/06/201820:00 AyrMuscika6.00YES4.5013.13178.27
    04/06/201817:45 WindsorRock of Estonia6.00YES9.00-6.00172.27
    05/06/201815:00 BangorCafe Au Lait6.00YES6.5019.80192.07
    05/06/201815:30 BangorDanceintothelight6.00YES9.00-6.00186.07

    This service seems to be coming so close but it's no cigar as of yet. Let's hope we can move into an overall profitable position over the next month.

    Each Way Value Tips Review: Update One

    9th May 2018

    We've finished the first month of our Each Way Value Tips review with a loss and a 7.5% decrease to our 200 point starting bank. We are down by 14.96 points at the available odds, although at the advised odds we would have finished the month with a much smaller loss of 3.16 points.

    That might make it seem like we struggled to match the required odds, but in fact it was only a few selections where that was the case and sometimes we were actually able to find better odds. The main cause was a 20/1 winning bet where we were only about find odds of 16/1. This made a difference in profit of 10 points at the advised stake of 2pts e/w.

    The results at Betfair SP have been poor so far with a loss of 59.7 points.

    Key Stats - Update One
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
    Number of Bets363636
    Total Stakes (pts)238.00238.00238.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-3.16-14.96-59.73
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£31.60-£149.60-£597.30
    Average Odds10.2910.4711.56
    Strike Rate27.8%27.8%27.8%
    Overall Bank Growth-1.6%-7.5%-29.9%
    Bank (200pt starting)196.84185.04140.27

    Results - Update One
    DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
    06/04/201814:50 LingfieldWazin10.006.00-10.00190.00
    07/04/201814:15 FakenhamGregarious10.006.000.50190.50
    07/04/201817:40 FakenhamEclair De Guye6.0017.00-6.00184.50
    07/04/201820:15 WolverhamptonDerek Duval6.006.000.00184.50
    09/04/201816:45 KemptonFoxy Act4.0034.00-4.00180.50
    10/04/201819:15 WolverhamptonMajrooh6.006.500.30180.80
    11/04/201817:10 Market RasenFrancky Du Berlais6.0015.00-6.00174.80
    12/04/201815:35 SouthwellKommander Kirkup10.006.50-10.00164.80
    13/04/201816:05 AintreeUltragold4.0017.0040.00204.80
    14/04/201817:15 AintreeUcello Conti4.0021.00-4.00200.80
    16/04/201817:00 LeopardstownTandem4.0017.00-4.00196.80
    17/04/201814:00 ExeterHunt Politics4.0021.00-4.00192.80
    18/04/201817:30 CheltenhamAmour De Nuit6.007.50-6.00186.80
    18/04/201816:10 NewmarketRed Hut Red6.006.00-6.00180.80
    19/04/201817:00 CheltenhamThe Nipper6.005.00-6.00174.80
    19/04/201815:35 NewmarketMasar6.007.5024.39199.19
    20/04/201814:50 FontwellOne Night In Milan10.007.50-10.00189.19
    20/04/201817:35 LimerickSamson Bill6.009.00-6.00183.19
    21/04/201815:05 ThirskCommander Cole6.006.00-6.00177.19
    22/04/201816:00 Market RasenInfinite Sun6.0017.00-6.00171.19
    23/04/201819:50 WindsorHateya6.0010.003.75174.94
    24/04/201818:05 PunchestownThink Positive6.005.50-6.00168.94
    24/04/201815:50 ExeterCadeau Du Bresil6.007.00-6.00162.94
    25/04/201816:35 CatterickStewardess10.007.00-10.00152.94
    26/04/201820:05 Chelmsford CityLucymai6.008.501.50154.44
    26/04/201816:45 KemptonAlberta10.009.00-10.00144.44
    26/04/201819:45 PunchestownSometime Soon6.0013.00-6.00138.44
    26/04/201820:05 Chelmsford CitySuzis Connoisseur4.0015.00-4.00134.44
    27/04/201817:15 PerthJarveys Plate6.008.0025.20159.64
    28/04/201814:55 RiponTeruntum Star10.006.50-10.00149.64
    30/04/201817:20 SouthwellMimram10.005.00-0.50149.14
    01/05/201820:25 NewcastleFuel Injection6.009.00-6.00143.14
    02/05/201817:20 WolverhamptonHomeopathic10.005.50-0.50142.64
    05/05/201816:30 UttoxeterMajestic Moll6.0011.00-6.00136.64
    05/05/201813:50 NewmarketOasis Charm4.0011.0025.00161.64
    05/05/201817:00 GoodwoodHidden Affair6.007.5023.40185.04

    We are pleased to see some big winners already, but let's hope there will be enough to make an overall profit in our next update.

    Each Way Value Tips Review: Introduction

    5th April 2018

    Each Way Value Tips is a horse racing tips service available on the Tipstrr platform and it is one that Tipstrr themselves have recommended we review as one of their top performing services.

    The sales page claims that the service has made just under 2000 points profit in the last 8 months from 387 tips. It's worth noting that bets are advised up to a maximum of 10 points each, so this profit figure is not to level 1 point stakes. However, a quick glance at the results page shows that most bets have been staked at 5 points or less.

    Since launching in September 2017, the stats show a profit of 1999.70 points at an ROI of 36.3% with a strike rate of 36%.

    The service offers a minimum of 2 bets on most days and they are posted well in advance of the races. The tips are researched using the form and highlights and then checking for value odds, which are currently at an average of 9.40. Bare in mind that betting at high odds means there will inevitably be losing runs along the way.

    As the name would suggest, the service mostly focuses on each-way betting although there have been a few win only bets.

    The service has several pricing options: £15 per week, £29 per month, £69 per quarter, £129 for six months or £239 per year.

    We can't find mention of an advised starting bank, so we will be going with a 200 point bank. This might not be the optimum amount, so we would advise to make your own decision on this depending on the level of risk you happy to take. 

    We will begin recording our results and will report back in a month's time with our first update.


  • Transparent results updated on a daily basis
  • Straight-forward to follow with 1-2 tips per day
  • Cons

  • Made a loss at BSP
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