Ultimate Profit Club Review: Betfair Horse Trading System

Ultimate Profit Club is a horse racing trading service, which uses a strategy called 'dobbing'.

Dobbing involves backing a horse pre-race, then trading out at a lower price in-play to make small but consistent profits.

The great thing is, the whole process can be fully automated with the use of trading software such as Fairbot.

During our Ultimate Profit Club review, we banked a massive 154.33 points profit at 49.2% ROI!

Read about how we turned a £500 starting bank into £1271.66 or click here to get started with Ultimate Profit Club.

Introduction to Ultimate Profit Club

Ultimate Profit Club is a horse racing trading service that provides daily selections to be backed pre-race and traded out at a lower price in-play - also known as 'dobbing'.

It is run by David Clapp, who previously worked as a school teacher and a stand up comedian. He has been betting professionally for many years and has also helped his friends launch their own betting careers through UPC.

There is no history of results for this service available, but this is often the case with trading services as the results can differ from person to person. The strategy does intend to make a set percentage profit from each trade, so the results should be similar for everyone.

On the sales page, David stated that over the previous 11 weeks he had placed 444 bets with a strike rate of 75.45%, which made £7231 profit. This sounds great, but we don’t know what stakes he used.

My mission with UPC is to give you long term and consistent profits with enough excitement for you to really enjoy being part of my unique betting club. I say unique because as you'll soon see this isn't just another here today gone tomorrow tipping service.

David Clap

Ultimate Profit Club

Our Ultimate Profit Club Review

We downloaded a PDF guide which explained how the dobbing process works.

In a nutshell, the selections were backed at a betting exchange two minutes before the race and then, once the desired profit target had been reached in-play, we traded out.

There were often times where it was possible to trade out for a profit before the race had even started and these are indicated in the results with the words 'Pre race'.

The selections were sent out the evening before racing and there were on average 4-5 each day during our review. There was no staking advice given, but we started with a £500 starting bank and £5 stakes.

Our reviewer (also called David!) tried to use a simple script for his trading software (Bet Angel) which fully automated the process, but he abandoned it during month one.

Month One Results

The first month of our Ultimate Profit Club review banked 47.84 points profit.

It was showing a healthy profit of £239.21 at flat £5.00 stakes and a 47.84% increase to our £500 starting bank. A massive 84.8% of the selections returned a profit.

David wrote, "I must stress at this point that these results were MY personal results. Other people using the same criteria may have had wildly different results according to when they entered and exited the various trades."

"I tried to write a program to automate the process but it was not really very successful (mainly due to the variance in tick sizes) so I abandoned it. Use of this program is indicated in the results where it says 'triggered'."

"It's hard to report an accurate ROI figure due to the liability for each trade being different depending on the exit point - the one below was calculated using the full £5 liability."

"The selection emails were sent out in plenty of time, usually the day prior to the races. It is suggested that bets are placed 2 minutes before the off time but, I found this difficult to achieve in practice so my bets were placed between 1 and 5 minutes before the off."

"On a number of occasions, I also took the option of locking in a profit before the race was even run and these are indicated in the results with the words 'Pre race'. Races can often be run within minutes of each other, which makes trading somewhat more difficult at these times."

"At times, I let the selection run without trading out, you start to get a feel for it after some time and take a chance that the selection will not fall or be beaten before the line, based upon the price movements which can be very quick."

"Finally, I found that it can be an enormous advantage to watch the race as this can drastically increase profits and reduce losses. To operate this system to its best advantage is very time consuming but so far, it does appear to be worthwhile."

Key Stats

No. Of Bets99
Profit/Loss (£5 stakes)+£239.21
Profit/Loss (pts)+47.84
Strike Rate84.8%


DateCourseTimeSelectionStake (£)Back OddsLay OddsP/L (£)Bank (£)Notes
03/12/15Leicester12.25Court Dismissed5.
03/12/15Market Rasen1.10Askamore Darsi5.0086.40.98501.93
03/12/15Leicester1.35Topthorn5.0034222.73504.66Pre Race
04/12/15Exeter1.10Otago Trail5.003.1530.25504.91
04/12/15Sandown1.30Malibu Sun5.0010.514-1.25503.66Triggered
04/12/15Exeter1.40As De Fer5.
04/12/15Exeter2.50Karl Marx5.002840-1.50503.11Triggered
04/12/15Sandown3.40Linguine5.001191.11504.22Pre Race
08/12/15Southwell1.00Indomitable Spirit5. Race
08/12/15Fontwell1.10Zero Visibility5.002.962.70.48505.62Pre Race
08/12/15Southwell2.00Royal Holiday5.0013.5110.87506.49
08/12/15Uttoxeter2.20Grove Silver5.0024201.00507.99Pre Race
08/12/15Southwell2.30Coista Bodhar5.0085.31.67509.66
08/12/15Southwell3.00Sir Geoffrey5.0016140.71510.37
09/12/15Lingfield12.20Glens Wobbly5.006075-2.86507.51Triggered
09/12/15Leicester1.35Lovely Job5.
09/12/15Leicester3.05Truckers Highway5.
10/12/15Newcastle1.20Beyond Temptation5.0021123.75512.83
10/12/15Chelmsford5.40Boonga Roogeta5.0021161.56515.31
11/12/15Cheltenham12.00Private Malone5.0023200.75516.83
11/12/15Cheltenham1.10Solstice Star5.0012101.00517.83
11/12/15Bangor1.30Take The Mick5.
11/12/15Cheltenham2.55Drum Valley5.0040282.22520.15
11/12/15Bangor3.10Hollywood All Star5.009.61.429.28549.43
14/12/15Plumpton12.45Zambdy Man5.001.91.860.11550.04
14/12/15Ffos Las1.35Byron Blue5.0017131.54551.58
14/12/15Plumpton1.50Buckthorn Tom5.006.860.67552.25Pre Race
14/12/15Ffos Las2.10The Drinkymeaister5.0043.60.56552.81
14/12/15Plumpton2.20Miss Mayfair5.00861.67554.48
14/12/15Plumpton2.55Dancing Dik5.00980.63555.11
14/12/15Plumpton3.25Warrant Officer5.
15/12/15Southwell2.30Best Trip5.
15/12/15Kempton2.40Jebediah Shine5.002111.54.13558.58
15/12/15Southwell3.30Abi Scarlett5.0017150.67559.25
15/12/15Kempton5.10Miss Pimpernell5.0076.60.30559.55
16/12/15Lingfield1.40Triple Dream5.003.63.8-0.26560.55
17/12/15Southwell3.00Fine n Dandy5.
20/12/15Thurles12.40De Benno5.002.621.53.73575.20
20/12/15Fakenham12.50Storm Alert5.
20/12/15Fakenham1.50Noble Legend5.007.6214.00590.82
20/12/15Thurles2.10Rory O'Moore5.0016.512.51.60592.42
20/12/15Thurles2.40The Perfect Woman5.
21/12/15Lingfield1.10Zero Visibility5.002.463-0.90593.85
22/12/15Southwell1.00Royal Holiday5.
22/12/15Clonmel1.50Sizing Silver5.001090.52595.84Pre Race
27/12/15Kempton1.25Arzal5.0087.60.26596.10Pre Race
27/12/15Chelmsford2.15Waseem Faris5.001180.69594.53
27/12/15Chelmsford2.50Loyalty5.0098.80.11594.64Pre Race
27/12/15Kempton3.10Cannon Fodder5. Race
27/12/15Chelmsford3.25Jonnie Skull5.0040321.25596.23Pre Race
27/12/15Chelmsford4.00Nouvelle Ere5.00118.81.25597.48
28/12/15Catterick12.25Bertielicious5.003403000.67598.15Pre Race
28/12/15Catterick1.00Newspage5.0011.5110.20598.35Pre Race
28/12/15Lingfield1.50Linguine5.0060295.34603.69Pre Race
28/12/15Leicester2.00Noble Legend (A)
28/12/15Catterick2.10Urban Gale5.0017.5131.73604.14
28/12/15Leopardstown2.30Winter Lion5.0013.59.62.03623.42
29/12/15Doncaster1.10The Grey Taylor5.
29/12/15Doncaster1.45Grape Tree Flame5.004250-0.80624.16
29/12/15Kelso2.25Bescot Springs5.
29/12/15Newbury3.25Violet Dancer5.003.251.794.08630.97
30/12/15Haydock12.50Grove Silver5.009.615.5-1.95629.02
30/12/15Taunton2.20Ready Token5.001614.50.52629.54Pre Race
31/12/15Punchestown12.05Altiepix5. Race
31/12/15Punchestown2.05Moylisha Tim5.0023210.40631.94
31/12/15Warwick2.10Leith Hill Legasi5.006.48.2-1.10630.84Triggered
31/12/15Uttoxeter2.50Val D,Arc5. Race
01/01/16Musselburgh1.00Never Never5.0029202.25633.41Pre Race
01/01/16Musselburgh2.10Aristo Du Plessis5.004.22.722.72665.63
01/01/16Cheltenham3.05Cole Harden5.
01/01/16Catterick3.25Darsi Dancer5.002234-1.92687.27
01/01/16Exeter3.30Fear Glic5.0070600.83688.10
02/01/16Sandown1.15Bishops Road5.0010.51.0147.50735.60
02/01/16Sandown1.50Just Cameron5.008.280.16735.76
02/01/16Ayr2.05Capard King5. Race
02/01/16Chelmsford2.50Pearl Spectre5.005.27-1.29735.28
02/01/16Ayr3.15Quick Decission5.0065.10.88736.16
03/01/16Chelmsford2.00Kellys Finest5.0064.71.38739.21

Month Two Results

Month two of our review banked a further 34.14 points profit.

David traded most days, but missed a few due to personal commitments.

He wrote, "I have kept the level of my bets exactly the same as last month at £5.00. I made a profit of £170.69, which is not as dramatic as the first month but nevertheless, still a very good increase."

"My £500 starting bank has now increased by 82% to a total of £909.90."

"The emails have continued to arrive in good time to place the bets and it is often possible to place them the night before, then scalp a bit the following morning when prices have settled."

"This is not always the case so it is down to the individual whether or not they choose to go down this route. The bulk of the profit is still to be made in the 'in running' market."

"The system can be very labour intensive, but I believe that if you can commit the time to it then good profits are obtainable."

Key Stats

No. Of Bets102
Profit/Loss (£5 stakes)+£170.69
Profit/Loss (pts)+34.14
Strike Rate79.4%


DateCourseTimeSelectionStake (£)Back OddsLay OddsP/L (£)Bank (£)Notes
04/01/16Wolverhampton3.10Al Muheer5.
04/01/16Wolverhampton5.10Angel Way5.0019.0016.500.72743.11Pre Race
05/01/16Lingfield1.30Starcrossed5.007.605.701.67740.31Pre Race
06/01/16Chelmsford12.30Kristal Hart5.004.203.950.31740.62
06/01/16Chelmsford1.30Kristalite5.005.304.900.40745.15Pre Race
06/01/16Wolverhampton3.50Fine N Dandy5.
07/01/16Lingfield3.50Tower Power5.0032.0029.000.44751.34Pre Race
08/01/16Lingfield2.10Boxing Shadows5.003.453.200.39752.81Pre Race
08/01/16Wolverhampton4.45With Hindsight5.003.352.561.55754.36
08/01/16Wolverhampton5.15Cool Crescendo5.0010.009.200.43754.79Pre Race
08/01/16Dundalk5.30Have A Nice Day5.009.007.800.62755.41
09/01/16Kempton12.50Galway Jack5.007.2011.00-0.72754.69
09/01/16Lingfield2.30Capo Rosso5.0015.5014.000.21755.30Pre Race
09/01/16Chepstow2.55Subtle Grey5.003.552.850.50755.80
09/01/16Kempton3.10Harrys Farewell5.007.406.000.96756.76
09/01/16Punchestown3.15Princess Lir5.008.007.400.38757.14Pre Race
09/01/16Chepstow3.25Otago Trail5.
10/01/16Southwell1.10Bahamian Sunshine5.008.40100.00-4.58758.66
10/01/16Southwell1.40Northside Prince5.0011.5011.000.20758.86
10/01/16Southwell3.10Pull The Pin5.0032.0028.000.67759.53
13/01/16Chelmsford1.55Jonnie Skull5.007.607.400.10759.63
13/01/16Taunton2.40Morney Wing5.0010.0010.000.00759.63
13/01/16Taunton3.10Norse Legend5.0032.0025.001.40758.66
13/01/16Chelmsford3.55Angel Way5.0019.5018.000.36759.02Pre Race
13/01/16Kempton5.40Secular Society5.0042.0038.000.53759.55Pre Race
14/01/16Catterick1.50Mr Burbidge5.004.5021.00-3.90752.79
14/01/16Chelmsford5.10Welliesinthewater5.003.953.600.49753.68Pre Race
14/01/16Chelmsford7.10Nouvelle Ere5.0014.5015.50-0.32753.36
15/01/16Huntingdon1.20Vaillant Creek5.007.807.200.42753.78Pre Race
15/01/16Huntingdon3.20Three Faces West5.002.302.180.28754.06
15/01/16Lingfield4.00Boxing Shadows5.002.641.018.07762.13
15/01/16Wolverhampton5.15Flying Power5.007.606.800.59762.72
15/01/16Dundalk6.00Little Sweetheart5.002.341.016.58769.30
18/01/16Plumpton3.15Leith Hill Legasi5.008.808.200.52767.25
18/01/16Plumpton3.45Linguine5.003.703.400.44767.69Pre Race
19/01/16Southwell2.20Rupert Boy5.0020.0012.003.33771.02
19/01/16Ayr3.05Quick Decission5.006.505.500.91771.93
19/01/16Ayr4.15Discoverie5.002.402.100.71772.64Pre Race
20/01/16Lingfield2.10Shadow Rock5.0028.0022.001.36774.00Pre Race
20/01/16Lingfield3.55Jonnie Skull5.0012.0021.00-2.14771.86
20/01/16Kempton7.10Bridge Builder5.002.842.88-0.07771.79
21/01/16Wincanton2.10Alder Mairi5.0014.5013.000.54772.33Pre Race
21/01/16Gowran2.35Page Turner5.
21/01/16Gowran3.45Tell Us More5.001.512.26-1.42772.87
21/01/16Wincanton3.55Too Scoops5.0018.0028.00-1.67771.20
22/01/16Market Rasen2.55Father Probus5.0011.509.401.14802.34
22/01/16Market Rasen3.30Captain Kelly5.0025.0030.00-0.93801.41
22/01/16Lingfield3.40Magic Garden5.0013.0011.500.67802.08Pre Race
22/01/16Lingfield4.10Boxing Shadows5.002.781.018.90810.98
23/01/16Haydock1.30Zandy Man5.0010.006.003.33818.33
23/01/16Haydock2.40Rayvin Black5.009.806.003.17821.50
23/01/16Ascot3.00Un De Sceaux5.001.601.012.92826.87
23/01/16Taunton3.55Blue Buttons5.005.003.601.94828.81
25/01/16Kempton3.45Opening Batsman5.005.406.00-0.50829.63
25/01/16Wolverhampton4.00Golden Jubilee5.008.205.802.07831.70
26/01/16Southwell1.30Southern Seas5.009.0012.50-1.40831.47
26/01/16Southwell2.40Yul Finegold5.006.006.60-0.45831.02
26/01/16Southwell3.10Waseem Faris5.0016.509.403.78834.80
26/01/16Leicester3.35Buckhorn Tom5.007.806.201.29836.98
27/01/16Catterick1.20Point The Way5.002.781.018.76845.13
27/01/16Lingfield2.00Maggie Pink5.
27/01/16Kempton4.40We Have A Dream5.0010.5017.00-1.91844.63
28/01/16Southwell2.40Rupert Boy5.
28/01/16Chelmsford5.30Daisy Boy5.005.501.0122.23870.12
28/01/16Chelmsford8.10Time Square5.
29/01/16Doncaster3.05Vintage Vinnie5.005.304.001.63881.99
29/01/16Huntingdon2.10Artifice Sivola5.006.605.501.00882.99
30/01/16Doncaster1.30Red Spinner5.
30/01/16Cheltenham1.50Wakanda5.0020.0016.501.06888.89Pre Race
30/01/16Doncaster2.05Smart Talk5.0010.507.601.91890.80
30/01/16Uttoxeter2.20Over My Head5.006.002.308.04898.54
30/01/16Uttoxeter2.55Vickys Charm5.004.3018.00-3.81894.73
30/01/16Uttoxeter4.05Ace Fighter Pilot5.0010.507.202.29897.02Pre Race
30/01/16Cheltenham4.10Solstice Star5.008.404.604.13901.15
01/02/16Plumpton2.10Zero Visibility5.004.404.000.50901.65Pre Race
02/02/16Southwell2.00Northside Prince5.006.005.400.56902.21
02/02/16Taunton2.15Oscar Jane5.007.803.207.19909.40
02/02/16Southwell4.30Ertidaad5.008.808.000.50909.90Pre Race

Month Three Results

The final month of our Ultimate Profit Club review was the most lucrative of the lot, banking 72.35 points profit.

Our £500 starting bank had now risen to £1271.66 after just three months!

David wrote, "Although not part of the remit for the trial, I was interested to see if just blindly backing the selections with a £5.00 stake would show any form of profit."

"I am pleased to report that had you backed every selection for £5.00 at the odds that I obtained, you would have wagered a total of £1545.00 but your return would have been £1683.35, a profit of £138.35 with little or no effort at all."

"Some of this it has to be said is down to a fantastic day on 1st March with four good priced winners."


DateCourseTimeSelectionStake (£)Back OddsLay OddsP/L (£)Bank (£)Notes
03/02/16Ludlow2.45Uhlan Bute5.0012.006.803.82913.72
03/02/16Ludlow3.20Magic Money5.006.604.003.25921.75
03/02/16Ludlow3.55Kerryhead Storm5.006.405.400.93922.68
03/02/16Leicester4.10The Drinkymeister5.005.506.40-0.70921.98
03/02/16Kempton6.40Peak Hill5.007.0011.00-1.82920.16
04/02/16Wincanton1.30Brise Vendeene5.002.402.240.36921.12Pre Race
04/02/16Southwell1.50Fine n Dandy5.007.801.0134.00955.12
04/02/16Towcester2.10Basford Ben5.006.003.852.81957.93
04/02/16Clonmel2.25Last Encounter5.006.008.20-1.28956.65
04/02/16Towcester3.15Seymour Eric5.006.405.001.40959.05
04/02/16Southwell3.25Golden Jubilee5.0010.5012.00-0.62958.43
04/02/16Wincanton3.40The Italian yob5.0017.5015.000.83959.26
04/02/16Clonmel4.05Westerner Point5.006.005.600.36959.62
04/02/16Chelmsford5.40Commanche Chieftan5.004.903.701.62961.24
05/02/16Chepstow2.10Kiama Bay5.0028.0010.009.00985.79
05/02/16Catterick2.25Over And Above5.0021.0023.00-0.43985.36
05/02/16Catterick2.55Shantou Tiger5.006.405.800.52985.88
06/02/16Sandown2.25Bristol De Mai5.
06/02/16Sandown3.00Yala Enki5.006.004.501.67993.44
07/02/16Musselburgh1.30The Grey Taylor5.004.803.003.00996.98
07/02/16Musselburgh3.00Aristo Du Plessis5.
07/02/16Naas3.50Indian File5.
08/02/16Wolverhampton2.40Luv U Whatever5.0013.5016.50-0.91998.07
08/02/16Fakenham2.50Fine Parchment5.0010.006.602.581000.65
08/02/16Musselburgh3.00Bescot Springs5.0013.5018.00-1.25999.40
08/02/16Fakenham3.20Bishop Wulstan5.007.005.601.251000.65Pre Race
08/02/16Fakenham3.50Entry To Everywhere5.006.805.501.181001.83Pre Race
08/02/16Wolverhampton5.10More Spice5.002.982.840.251000.21Pre Race
09/02/16Sedgefield2.55Bennys Well5.006.804.602.391002.60
09/02/16Southwell3.15Phantom Flipper5.006.602.926.301008.90
09/02/16Southwell4.20Rupert Boy5.003.701.0113.321025.22
10/02/16Southwell2.45Royal Holiday5.009.408.600.471025.06Pre Race
10/02/16Southwell3.55Bionic Indian5.
10/02/16Kempton4.55Imjin River5.006.406.000.331027.53
11/02/16Huntingdon3.40Father Probus5.008.009.00-0.561026.97
11/02/16Doncaster4.40Our Kylie5.008.6011.00-1.091025.88
11/02/16Chelmsford7.40Venus Grace5.0013.009.202.071039.87
12/02/16Wetherby4.10Epic Warrior5.006.806.400.331040.20Pre Race
12/02/16Wetherby4.40Turtle Cask5.009.408.800.341040.54
12/02/16Wolverhampton5.15Fine 'n' Dandy5.004.803.951.081041.62
12/02/16Dundalk5.30Long Journey Home5.002.622.520.201041.82
13/02/16Warwick2.05Grape Tree Flame5.0019.5017.500.571042.39
13/02/16Warwick4.25Back By Midnight5.0012.0011.000.451047.39
13/02/16Gowran4.35Page Turner5.004.805.50-0.641046.75
14/02/16Southwell3.20Fine 'n' Dandy5.0010.509.000.831047.58
14/02/16Southwell4.20Phantom Flipper5.003.001.803.331050.91
14/02/16Southwell4.50Kelly's Finest5.0018.0023.00-1.091049.82
15/02/16Catterick3.10Askamore Darsi5.003.454.00-0.691049.98
15/02/16Wolverhampton4.50Sands Chorus5.0017.5010.503.331056.57
16/02/16Ayr3.30Snapping Turtle5.008.208.40-0.121056.45
16/02/16Southwell3.40Robert The Painter5.0011.0015.00-1.331055.12
17/02/16Towcester3.00Badger Wood5.004.404.000.501061.46
17/02/16Kempton6.20Archie Stevens5.004.807.00-1.571060.53
17/02/16Kempton8.20Emporers Warrior5.
18/02/16Leicester3.55Noble Legend5.0020.0015.001.671068.15
18/02/16Chelmsford6.40Daisy Boy5.
23/02/16Taunton2.00Oscar Jane5.002.282.75-0.851072.55
23/02/16Wolverhampton4.00Archie Stevens5.002.462.200.591137.45
24/02/16Lingfield3.20Opera Buff5.0012.0016.00-1.251136.09
25/02/16Huntingdon3.55Hollow Blue Sky5.004.003.600.561136.65
25/02/16Chelmsford8.10Bionic Indian5.005.405.000.401137.48
25/02/16Chelmsford8.40Commanche Chieftan5.007.206.600.451137.93
26/02/16Lingfield3.35Robert The Painter5.0011.5013.00-0.581137.35
26/02/16Warwick4.15Take The Mick5.0012.0011.000.451137.80
26/02/16Exeter4.25Three Faces West5.003.402.801.071138.87
27/02/16Lingfield1.45Take Cover5.007.407.000.291138.54Pre Race
27/02/16Lingfield2.45Be Perfect5.0013.5013.000.191138.73Pre Race
27/02/16Chepstow3.10Kiama Bay5.0010.5015.00-1.501137.23
27/02/16Lingfield3.20Maverick Wave5.0013.008.202.931140.16
27/02/16Newcastle3.25Delusionofgrandeur5.003.803.600.281140.44Pre Race
27/02/16Lingfield3.55Bold Prediction5.
27/02/16Chepstow4.20Dance Floor King5.008.4010.00-0.801149.24
27/02/16Kempton4.45De Kerry Man5.006.006.60-0.451148.79
29/02/16Ayr3.50Cobjayisland5. Race
29/02/16Wolverhampton4.00Our Channel5.
29/02/16Ayr4.20Viking Rebel5.0025.0032.00-1.091147.75
01/03/16Leicester4.20Man Of Steel5.004.801.0124.001192.75
01/03/16Catterick4.30Court Dismissed5.009.601.0148.001240.75
01/03/16Lingfield4.40More Spice5.005.501.0127.501268.25
01/03/16Catterick5.00Turtle Cask5.0014.0012.000.831269.08
02/03/16Wolverhampton2.20Pearl Noir5.0027.0025.000.401269.48
02/03/16Wincanton3.20Never Complain5.
02/03/16Bangor4.15Market Option5.006.907.00-0.071270.10
02/03/16Wolverhampton4.40Pick A Little5.0042.0032.001.561271.66

Review Summary

During our three month Ultimate Profit Club review, we banked 154.33 points profit.

David kept to flat £5.00 stakes throughout the review and he was able to trade on most days. His £500 starting bank increased to £1271.66, a total profit of £771.66, which was a very impressive increase of 154.3%.

He wrote, "I have to stress at this point that these results are only pertinent to me. Yours may well differ according to your entry and exit points for each trade. Sometimes I exited far too early and other times perhaps did not stay in long enough."

"There were times during the review that I decided to let the selection run without trading out, you start to get a feel for it after some time and take a chance that the selection will not fall or be beaten before the line."

"As stated before, it can be an advantage to view the race as this can drastically increase profits and reduce losses."

"The guide states that it is possible to automate the process with a bot. However, I used
Bet Angel in real time as I got into a right muddle trying to automate the bets. This was very time consuming and, sometimes, races were run within almost seconds of each other which made things a little tricky."

"I have no hesitation in awarding Ultimate Profit Club a resounding pass as it made me a very nice profit."

We cannot argue with that and fully support David's recommendation. Ultimate Profit Club has produced some of the most consistent profits we have seen during any of our horse racing reviews.

Review Stats 154.33pts profit, 49.2% ROI, 78.7% SR
Stakes Whatever you choose – we used £5 stakes
Starting bank 100 points
Average no. bets 4-5 per day
Time of emails Evening before races
Price £25 for 14 days, £40 for 28 days or £80 for 90 days
Rating Pass
Ultimate Profit Club Review Performance

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20 thoughts on “Ultimate Profit Club Review: Betfair Horse Trading System”

  1. Have been using UPC for a few weeks now, but there are some questions I need answering regarding the possible stop/loss idea.

    I have set up an automation for BetAngel and really need to know, as it doesn’t seem clear in the instructions what the guidelines are for looking to come out of a trade if things are not going well.

    15% is put forward as a possible profit for any trade made (although I see Dave – the reviewer does not follow this, should there therefore be a stop/loss if any possible liability goes above 15% above the trade made?

    I know if you are watching a race, it is possible to get ‘clues’, but as I want to set up automation rules, this isn’t a consideration.

    I would love to hear from you Dave, with what steps you have taken regarding coming out of a trade, or do you simply accept close to a full loss on a trade? I notice you only have one loss in Month #2, this being close to the full £5s, would really appreciate some input on this, as I feel the initial instructions do lack details on possible stop/loss, thanks

  2. Sorry, I didn’t click over and see other results from Dave, I know see lower figure losses, so would appreciate your input Dave how you manage your stop/loss.

  3. Hi Geoff,

    Re UPC – I got into an awful muddle trying to automate a stop loss using Betangel. I probably approached it wrongly and the variance in tick sizes was my main problem here. Therefore, as stated in update one, I abandoned this idea. I do agree that the manual is not that good overall at explaining this aspect.

    I now load the selections into Betangel on a daily basis and play the races live with just the greening button selected.
    I initially try to get a few pennies by pre race scalping but, if this is not possible or a drop of a tick or two is all that is happening then, I am ready to pounce once the race is in play. I do this once I am happy with the amount of green available at that moment (prices move very quickly as you will be aware) or I feel that the red is large enough and I pull out. I am however happy to accept the full loss of £5 if I have to but this has not happened yet although it has come closeish!

    I do feel as stated in my review that this is a very labour intensive way of going about things and in truth, once the review is over, this is something that I may dip in and out of at will making my own selections

    I hope that this helps a bit but do feel free to come back to me

    One other aspect that I am exploring although not part of the trial is whether or not blindly backing all of the selections gives an overall profit as many of them as you will know do go on to win. I may well add a sentence or so re this at the end of the final months review

    kind regards


  4. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the latest round up.

    I am very interested in the Ultimate Profit Club, being a racing fan.

    I wonder if you could help me please?

    Is it possible for you to answer the following:

    I know that UPC requires Gruss in order to fire the correct bets in to the market if I want
    to set this on autopilot before work, however do I require anything else such as Microsoft
    excel, or can I simply place the bets and load my lay instructions directly in to Gruss?

    I hope this doesn’t seem a stupid question, I am not at all familiar with Gruss, I have also
    purchased services before only to find I actually need an additional software that I do not

    Thanks in advance,

    Alex Remfry

  5. Hi Alex,

    I am sorry but I have absolutely no knowledge of Gruss other than its name. I use Betangel and as stated place my bets live. I could probably automate the process using its Guardian feature but as stated above, I got into an awful muddle with tick sizes (probably the wrong approach).

    I cannot find any reference to the use of Gruss in my paperwork on the system but the author does mention various other bots including Betangel, fairbot and cymatic so I see no reason why Gruss would not work.

    Sorry that this is probably not of much use to you but maybe another member may be able to assist.

    kind regards


  6. Hi Dave,

    Interesting review. Can I ask if the £5 stake (1% of bank) is the recommended stake?? If not what is the recommended stake vs bank … Thanks

  7. Hi Darren,

    In the manual, the author states – “I will show you simple £5 trades (the more we can trade, the more we will make). I therefore used this as a basis for my stakes. I have kept them at this level for the length of the trial but on a personal basis, I would increase/decrease them as my bank increased/decreased.
    There is no suggested starting bank for this and I suppose that you could start very small with a bank of say £30. Obviously you would then be placing £2 bets at this level but, you could sustain 15 losses in a row before your bank was exhausted.
    One of the things that I do like about this is that your maximum liability is known at the start as you are backing first. One of the downsides is that I feel to fully optimise this, is very time consuming and this has in my opinion to be weighed up against the returns achieved.
    Hope this helps

    kind regards


  8. Hi Eddie,
    I do not have a specific % profit in mind. I do watch the figures as they move very quickly and when I am either happy with the perceived profit or do not like the way a potential loss is going I get out. I said that I use Betangel and this seems to fire my bets into the market quite quickly although I never ever mastered automating it for this.
    I do not do much with horses these days as I am concentrating on a new idea that I have had to scalp from football matches with as little downside as possible and am currently amassing data for this and testing before making my fortune !!!!!
    Hope this helps
    kind regards

  9. Hi dave,
    I am a member of UPC, do you still use it?
    Did you make further improvements on it?
    Which time is the best to go into the trade?
    When is the best time to exit? At which percentage of the stake?

  10. Surely it isn’t possible to automate this system – the reason being that any stop loss set through bet angel will be unreliable ie – if the selection has a bad start, is left in the stalls etc etc then the price will go straight through the stop loss which won’t be hit.

    You can automate the hedge price no problem at all but its impossible to automate any in play stop loss reliably. That’s why you would need to trade manually and with live pictures.

    I operate a similar system to this which is profitable, but everyone will get a different profit/loss

  11. Hi, presuming the p / l either side is 15% and this is set with a bot, is it safe to say that a £1000 betting bank using 1% stakes could actually be used by placing Stakes of £66.70 so that the 15% either side is £10? Therefore max loss being £10 which is the 1% of the betting bank?

    This means risking 1 point for 1 point profit, as long as the strike rate is over 50% there should be a profit?



  12. Hi David, Yes that’s correct, a strike rate of over 50% when aiming to make 100% profit from each bet would be profitable.

  13. No idea if this will be answered so long after the trial but reading through the results I have some concerns.
    There appears to be large periods of time where he is treading water to be saved by massive profit injections of 5-13 points (£64 profit on a single race is the largest of these) which to me suggests he let mid-priced horses run into wins rather than trading out for one point profit.

    My question would be is this an explained part of the system rules or is this something he just did of his own accord? It makes quite a difference to the perceived profitability of the system and as it isn’t explained why it looks a little suspect to an uneducated observer, especially as I would expect to see more full 5pt losses if he was doing this.


    • Hi Maz, I asked the reviewer Dave about this and unfortunately he can’t quite remember as it was quite some time ago. In one of the updates he did say “At times I let the selection run without trading out, you start to get a feel for it after some time and take a chance that the selection will not fall or be beaten before the line, based upon the price movements which can be very quick.”

      If I remember correctly, the system didn’t say what point to trade out at so it is down to the user’s discretion.

  14. Hi Laura

    Thanks for the reply it was greatly appreciated, I hope you don’t think I was being overly picky it’s just I was trying to get a feel for the service and yours is the only site I could find that’s really attempted a running review of it.

    As far as I understood dobbing you’re mainly aiming for a coin toss (make or lose one point) which would still make this service profitable but I was trying to get a feel for how much of Dave’s profits were down to the system rules/selections and how much was down to his instincts.

    I may give the service a go for a while, see how the approach suits me and then if it does see if I can make my own selections through pacecards.com

    Thanks again.


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