Very few people have the time or money to test out every betting system, strategy and service available. Our aim at Goal Profits Reviews is to provide unbiased and honest reviews of as many betting and trading products as possible so that you know what to look more closely at and what to avoid completely.

The systems and services listed in this category have been independently reviewed by Goal Profits. During the review period we were able to make a profit by following tips or instructions provided to us. We have checked that the prices which were claimed to be available actually were and that published results are true and correct.

We have not received any form of payment for reviewing these betting systems, strategies and services. In order to be completely honest and transparent, we would like to point out that if you choose to buy a product we have reviewed, we may receive an affiliate commission. This does not affect the price you pay in any way whatsoever and provides us with some compensation for the time we have spent providing you with this review service.

Auto Profit Soccer Review

Auto Profit Soccer Review: Football Betting Bot

It’s Dave here with the final update to my review of the Auto Profit Soccer bot. I have been using it for two months now and it is still making a profit. This month saw my bank increase by £82.03...

L7N Longshots Review

L7N Longshots Review: High Odds Betting Tips

We’ve been reviewing L7N Longshots for the last three months and after 178 bets we have finished the trial with a profit of 101.47 at the available odds with an ROI of 11.4%.

Clear Bonus Profits Review

Clear Bonus Profits Review: Risk Free Betting

We have now been trying out matched betting service Clear Bonus Profits for three months and our volunteer reviewer Ollie has reported back with his latest results. Over the last month he has mostly been working through the Daily Offers,...

Value Favs Review

Value Favs Review: Horse Racing Tips Service

We have been reviewing the Value Favs horse racing service from Tipster Street for three months now and it’s time for our conclusion. Overall we have finished with a profit of 36.68 points at the available odds and advised stakes,...

Golf Bet Gold Review

Golf Bet Gold Review: Betting Tips

We’ve been reviewing Golf Bet Gold over the last three months and after the downturn we experienced in our last update, the service has now taken a big step in the other direction. In month three there were 12 winning...

Inplay Trading Review

Inplay Trading Review: Football Stats Scanner

If you are betting on or trading multiple football matches at the same time, you may use a website that notifies you when a goal has been scored in your chosen games. Inplay Trading is a service that is based...

Super Sports Bot Review

Super Sports Bot Review: Multi-Sports Betting Software

It’s Dave here reporting back with my final review update of the Super Sports Bot. Over the last month it has made me a profit of £33.14, which added to last month’s profit of £14.72 gives me a total profit...

Pre Match Trading Review

Pre-match Trading Review: Football Scalping Tool

It’s Dave here reporting back with my final update to the Pre Match Trading software review. The software aims to highlight scalping opportunities before the start of football matches available on Betfair. It compares odds against Pinnacle and Spread firms...

The Bet Engine Review

The Bet Engine Review: Automate Your Betting Systems

The Bet Engine (TBE) is a Betfair betting bot developed by Alistair Moffatt that allows you to build your own custom horse racing and greyhound systems and run them autonomously. The software has been around for many years now and...

PokerSnowie Poker Software Review

PokerSnowie Review: Poker Hand Analysis Software

Online poker has been around for over a decade now and continues to grow in popularity amongst many different types of people. Whether you are playing recreationally or professionally, there are plenty of tools and software available to help you...

Fairbot Betfair Trading Software Review

Fairbot Review: Betfair Exchange Trading Software

Welcome to our Fairbot Review, where we will go over some of the key features of the software and show you why Fairbot is our favourite Betfair trading tool. There are many types of trading and betting software available to...

Football Bankbuilder Review

Football Bankbuilder Review: Lay Betting System

Our review of Football Bankbuilder has now come to an end and we are pleased to report that it has made a profit in each of the three months of our trial with both of the staking plans we tested....

Carl Nicholson's Racing Diary

Carl Nicholson’s Racing Diary Review: Horse Tips

Welcome to our review of The Racing Diary, a horse betting service where Carl Nicholson shares his daily horse racing tips along with a detailed analysis.

Accumulator Generator Review

Accumulator Generator Review: Acca Betting System

Welcome to our review of Accumulator Generator, a risk-free product from Mike Cruickshank that uses software to guarantee a profit from bookie acca offers.

Ultimate Profit Club Review

Ultimate Profit Club Review: Horse Trading Tips

It's Dave here with the final update for our review of Ultimate Profit Club. The three month trial has now ended and my final bank now stands at £1271.66, a total profit of £771.66 over the course of the whole...

Profit Maximiser Review

Profit Maximiser Review: How Much Money Can You Really Make?

We have been reviewing Profit Maximiser over the last couple of months and Aaron has reported back with an update of his results. With a fantastic profit in the bank, there is no doubt that Profit Maximiser lands a maximum...

Our review of Bonus Bagging, a matched betting service from Mike Cruickshank, that shows you how to take advantage of online sports, casino and bingo bonuses and make risk free money

Bonus Bagging Review: Easy & Risk-Free Matched Betting

During our Bonus Bagging review, we tested Mike Cruickshank's matched betting service. It shows you exactly how to make risk-free profits from bookie bonuses - it even finds them for you! We completed 16 bookie sign up offers and made...

Assured Soccer Profits review

Assured Soccer Profits Review: Correct Score Trading System

Assured Soccer Profits is a low-risk football trading strategy which focuses on the Betfair Correct Score market. We tested it out and here is our full review.