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Welcome to our The Value Machine review where we try out the horse racing software that allows you to scan for value bets using customisable criteria.

We’ve reached the end of our review of The Value Machine software and we have had two out of three winning months, finishing with a total profit of 43.37 points at an excellent ROI of 19.1%.

Considering we have just been randomly picking out selections from the software using simple criteria, the results have been impressive and we will be awarding a pass.

It’s one of the easiest reviews we’ve had to do, as we could log on to the software anytime during the morning or afternoon, reload the races and a bunch of value bets would appear for us to choose from.

Value Machine Software Review

The software has been developed by Kieran Ward and it is based on the same selection process that he uses to find value bets for his tips service, Morning Value.

His tips service has proven to be so popular that liquidity could become an issue, so the benefit of this software is that it will find suitable selections throughout the day as the odds fluctuate, so there isn’t the issue of everyone piling on the same bets at the same time.

There is the option to adjust what range of odds you want to bet on, so if you prefer a high strike rate you could go for lower odds selections. You can also choose the bookies that you want to bet at. There are currently 21 bookies available to select/deselect in the settings.

Another feature is the “Max Selections / Race” which could be useful if you want to do some dutch betting, or just limit it to one horse per race.

Value Machine Review Settings

Once you’ve picked your selections, you can add them to Today’s Bets and the results are recorded automatically. There are buttons to export the results from the software, either by copying, saving as CSV, XLS, PDF or printing.

Key Stats - Overall
 Available OddsBetfair SP
Number of Bets227227
Total Stakes (pts)227.00227.00
Profit/Loss (pts)43.3711.66
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£433.70£116.60
Average Odds7.908.63
Strike Rate19.4%19.4%
Bank (100pts starting)143.37111.66

Update Three - Results
05/11/2016Kelso14:20Shimla Dawn1.006.00-1.00133.75
05/11/2016Aintree15:45Pearls Legend1.006.50-1.00132.75
06/11/2016Sandown14:15Voix D'eau1.003.50-1.00131.75
06/11/2016Ffos Las14:30Globalisation1.003.000.50132.25
06/11/2016Ffos Las16:15Soupy Soups1.0010.00-1.00131.25
07/11/2016Carlisle13:10Jack Steel1.005.50-1.00130.25
07/11/2016Kempton15:40Camping Ground1.002.50-1.00128.25
08/11/2016Sedgefield13:35Wolf Sword1.005.00-1.00127.25
08/11/2016Lingfield15:00Authorized Too1.003.752.75129.00
09/11/2016Kempton18:55Mitchum Swagger1.002.37-1.00127.00
09/11/2016Kempton19:55Art Of Swing1.008.007.00134.00
10/11/2016Towcester13:45Iora Glas1.002.25-1.00133.00
10/11/2016Towcester14:15Forest Bihan1.002.751.75134.75
10/11/2016Southwell14:55Blue Cliffs1.004.503.50138.25
11/11/2016Wolverhampton16:15Archer's Arrow1.005.50-1.00136.25
11/11/2016Newcastle14:50Amuse Me1.0013.00-1.00135.25
13/11/2016Fontwell12:25Tyre Hill1.0013.00-1.00134.25
13/11/2016Cheltenham13:55Special Tiara1.004.00-1.00133.25
13/11/2016Cheltenham15:05Behind Time1.006.005.00138.25
14/11/2016Musselburgh13:20Spoils Of War1.007.00-1.00137.25
14/11/2016Musselburgh15:20Dutch Canyon1.0019.00-1.00135.25
15/11/2016Lingfield12:55Melting Dew1.008.507.50142.75
15/11/2016Lingfield12:25Beauchamp Opal1.0012.00-1.00141.75
17/11/2016Chelmsford17:15Time To Study1.002.201.20141.95
17/11/2016Chelmsford18:25Volunteer Point1.005.50-1.00140.95
17/11/2016Chelmsford19:00Encore Moi1.005.00-1.00139.95
18/11/2016Haydock13:25Cloudy Dream1.001.670.67140.62
18/11/2016Ffos Las13:45Bells On Sunday1.007.00-1.00139.62
18/11/2016Haydock14:00Island Heights1.005.50-1.00138.62
19/11/2016Haydock14:25Yala Enki1.006.50-1.00137.62
19/11/2016Wolverhampton17:45Big Lachie1.004.503.50140.12
22/11/2016Lingfield14:05Remember Forever1.005.004.00145.12
22/11/2016Sedgefield14:15Stilo Blue Native1.005.004.00149.12
22/11/2016Lingfield14:35Bells 'n' Banjos1.005.50-1.00148.12
23/11/2016Hereford14:45What A Scorcher1.006.50-1.00147.12
23/11/2016Wetherby15:30Virtually Ours1.009.00-1.00145.12
24/11/2016Chelmsford17:55Do You Know1.0017.00-1.00144.12
24/11/2016Chelmsford18:55Balancing Time1.004.50-1.00143.12
24/11/2016Chelmsford19:25Rattle On1.003.25-1.00142.12
25/11/2016Newcastle14:20Livella Fella1.0015.00-1.00141.12
25/11/2016Doncaster15:10Harry Hunt1.004.33-1.00140.12
25/11/2016Newbury15:20El Bandit1.006.50-1.00139.12
29/11/2016Southwell12:25Mercian Prince1.004.003.00142.12
02/12/2016Sedgefield12:00Irish Hawke1.007.00-1.00139.12
02/12/2016Wolverhampton18:15Sir Billy Wright1.0015.00-1.00135.12
03/12/2016Wolverhampton18:15Win Lose Draw1.003.50-1.00133.12
03/12/2016Wolverhampton18:45Flaming Marvel1.002.50-1.00131.12
04/12/2016Kelso14:20Harry The Viking1.0010.009.00139.12
05/12/2016Lingfield12:50Zambezi Quee1.0015.00-1.00137.12
05/12/2016Lingfield13:25Gracious Tom1.008.007.00144.12
05/12/2016Ayr14:20Titian Boy1.002.501.50145.62
06/12/2016Southwell14:50St Patrick's Day1.006.00-1.00143.62
06/12/2016Southwell15:20Pancake Day1.004.50-1.00142.62
07/12/2016Leicester13:55Next Exit1.006.00-1.00143.87
08/12/2016Taunton12:30That's Gonna Sting1.002.37-1.00141.87
08/12/2016Taunton14:10Tea Time Fred1.002.10-1.00140.87
08/12/2016Warwick15:35Raising The Bar1.009.00-1.00139.87
09/12/2016Bangor13:15Audacious Plan1.008.00-1.00138.87
09/12/2016Doncaster15:25Theatre Goer1.005.504.50143.37
09/12/2016Newcastle15:40Lulu The Rocket1.005.00-1.00142.37
10/12/2016Lingfield14:15Saffron Wells1.008.50-1.00141.37
10/12/2016Cheltenham14:25West Approach1.004.33-1.00140.37
10/12/2016Cheltenham15:00The New One1.004.003.00143.37

Obviously, every user’s results will differ, depending on their chosen criteria and what time they log on to the software. We aimed to pick out an average of three selections per day between odds of 2.0 and 21.00 and tried to vary the odds of the selections if possible, so that we had a mixture of low/mid/high range odds.

We also recorded the selections at BSP and would have made a smaller profit of 11.66 points at an ROI of 5.1%. BSP results did dip back down into negative figures during the 3rd month before riding back up again.

We did experience some long losing streaks, with the longest being a sequence of 23 bets. We used a 100 point bank but depending on what odds you are betting at, you could alter this to a suitable size.


The software is priced at £7 for 14 days and then £57 per month or £147 per quarter. At the time of writing this update, membership is currently closed but you can register your interest for when it is reopened.

Kieran's Morning Value service usually costs £400 per quarter, so using the Value Machine to select your own bets offers a great saving.


Well what can we say, we were fortunate enough to have been given a review copy of this software and we’ve been delighted with it. It’s easy to use, flexible and does what it was designed to do.

We made a couple of suggestions to improve the software such as being able to remove added selections from Today's Bets incase we had not been able to bet on them and also being able to alter the odds if they had increased whilst we were putting bets on. Kieran has been very open to feedback and these features were added to the software over the following weeks.

Every selection that comes up has been identified as a positive value bet using Kieran’s criteria. He claims to have made over £70,000 in profit to £50 stakes since 2011 using the same system, so he must be doing something right!

The Value Machine Review: Update Two

14th November 2016

We’re back with another update to our review of The Value Machine and we have carried on with the same settings in hope that we could achieve results as good as last month. Unfortunately, we ended month two with a small loss of 4.75 points, but we still have a profit of 35.75 points overall.

This month we picked out 80 selections, aiming for a maximum of three per day. 13 of them won giving us a strike rate of 16.3%.

We experienced a bad run of 23 losing bets, which set us back quite a bit, but bad runs are to be expected when betting on horses at high odds.

At Betfair SP we lost 18.73 points, which gives us an overall profit of 5.34 points since starting the review.

Update Two - Key Stats
 Available OddsBetfair SP
Number of Bets8080
Total Stakes (pts)80.0080.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-4.75-18.73
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£47.50-£187.30
Average Odds8.198.31
Strike Rate16.3%16.3%
Bank (pts)135.75105.34

Update Two - Results
DateCourseTimeSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
05/10/2016Nottingham14:30Diable d'Or1.009.00-1.00139.50
05/10/2016Ludlow15:10Azure Fly1.002.62-1.00138.50
05/10/2016Towcester15:20Airpur Desbois1.006.50-1.00137.50
07/10/2016Newmarket14:05Glitter Girl1.0010.00-1.00134.50
07/10/2016York14:50The Feathered Nest1.007.50-1.00143.50
08/10/2016Hexham14:25Quick Brew1.0011.00-1.00142.50
08/10/2016York14:35Dolphin Vista1.0011.00-1.00141.50
08/10/2016Hexham15:35Safari Journey1.007.00-1.00140.50
09/10/2016Goodwood14:00Be My Sea1.009.00-1.00139.50
09/10/2016Chepstow14:50Potters Corner1.008.00-1.00138.50
09/10/2016Chepstow16:30Coo Star Sivola1.005.00-1.00137.50
10/10/2016Salisbury13:50War Chief1.002.501.50139.00
10/10/2016Windsor16:00Gin In The Inn1.009.00-1.00144.00
11/10/2016Musselburgh14:20Hee Haw1.005.50-1.00143.00
11/10/2016Leicester15:10Can't Change It1.003.50-1.00141.00
12/10/2016Wetherby16:00Pair Of Jacks1.0011.00-1.00142.00
13/10/2016Uttoxeter14:20Officer Hoolihan1.003.00-1.00141.00
13/10/2016Uttoxeter16:05Thyne For Gold1.0013.0012.00152.00
14/10/2016Wincanton13:50Mr Mcguiness1.0011.00-1.00151.00
14/10/2016Haydock14:00Cashla Bay1.004.50-1.00150.00
14/10/2016Wincanton15:00Present Man1.003.252.25152.25
15/10/2016Ascot15:45Jack Hobbs1.0015.00-1.00151.25
15/10/2016Stratford15:50Restraint of Trade1.007.00-1.00150.25
15/10/2016Market Rasen15:55Optimistic Bias1.004.00-1.00149.25
16/10/2016Kempton17:15Tower Of Allen1.005.50-1.00147.25
17/10/2016Windsor16:50Ambitious Icarus1.008.00-1.00148.75
17/10/2016Plumpton17:30Yukon Delta1.007.506.50155.25
18/10/2016Newcastle14:30Call Me Grumpy1.0010.00-1.00154.25
18/10/2016Yarmouth15:50Quick Look1.0017.00-1.00153.25
19/10/2016Fontwell15:20Royal Vacation1.006.00-1.00155.75
20/10/2016Newton Abbot14:20Quarenta1.008.00-1.00153.75
20/10/2016Newton Abbot16:40No No Cardinal1.009.00-1.00152.75
20/10/2016Chelmsford17:45Midnight Man1.009.00-1.00151.75
21/10/2016Newbury14:25Sound Bar1.003.502.50153.25
23/10/2016Aintree14:10Scoop The Pot1.004.50-1.00151.25
23/10/2016Aintree14:45Bearly Legal1.008.00-1.00150.25
24/10/2016Leicester13:40Our Boy John1.0013.00-1.00149.25
25/10/2016Bangor14:10Keep In Line1.002.50-1.00146.25
25/10/2016Bangor15:45Swaledale Lad1.005.00-1.00145.25
26/10/2016Nottingham14:50Wilde Inspiration1.007.50-1.00143.25
26/10/2016Nottingham15:50Corpus Chorister1.0013.00-1.00142.25
27/10/2016Sedgefield14:00Court Dismissed1.004.50-1.00140.25
27/10/2016Sedgefield15:35Point The Way1.007.00-1.00139.25
27/10/2016Stratford16:00Cyrien Star1.0011.00-1.00138.25
28/10/2016Newmarket14:25Dolphin Village1.0017.00-1.00137.25
28/10/2016Uttoxeter16:20Noble Legend1.0013.00-1.00135.25
29/10/2016Newmarket13:50Vice Versa1.008.00-1.00134.25
29/10/2016Ayr14:05Strait Of Magellan1.007.00-1.00133.25
30/10/2016Carlisle13:35Sizing Brisbane1.006.00-1.00131.25
30/10/2016Carlisle15:15Sergeant Mattie1.0015.00-1.00130.25
01/11/2016Exeter13:50Resolution Bay1.003.002.00136.75
03/11/2016Newbury16:15My Boy James1.0015.00-1.00138.75
04/11/2016Warwick12:50So Celebre1.007.00-1.00137.75
04/11/2016Fontwell13:00Run Bob Run1.006.00-1.00136.75
04/11/2016Hexham14:55Uriah Heep1.0010.00-1.00135.75

We'll return with our final set of results in a month's time. Hopefully with the bad run out of the way we can get back to making some money.

The Value Machine Review: Update One

9th October 2016

We’ve been testing the newly released Value Machine horse racing software over the last month and we’ve been extremely impressed with the results so far.

We picked out 60 selections throughout the month and 11 of them went on to win, giving us a profit of 40.5 points at the available odds with an ROI of 67.5%.

We’ve also been recording the results at Betfair SP odds and we are pleased to see that they have held up fairly well, returning a profit of 24.07 points with an ROI of 40.1%.

Since we started the review, there have been several useful improvements to the software. There have even been some suggestions of our own that have been implemented, which is great to see.

You can now opt to view selections either for races in the Afternoon, Evening or Both. You can also filter by the venue or specific race.

The software now includes odds for a lot more bookies – 21 in total so far but it’s possible that more will be added in the future.

Update One - Key Stats
 Available OddsBetfair SP
Number of Bets6060
Total Stakes (pts)60.0060.00
Profit/Loss (pts)+40.50+24.07
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)+£405.00+£240.70
Average Odds9.4911.68
Strike Rate18.3%18.3%
Bank (pts)140.50120.07

Update One - Results
DateCourseTimeSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
05/09/2016Windsor14:20Red Alert1.0012.00-1.00108.00
06/09/2016Worcester16:40Grove Pride1.0013.00-1.00107.00
06/09/2016Redcar15:50Bahama Moon1.0017.00-1.00106.00
06/09/2016Perth17:10Round Tower1.002.38-1.00105.00
07/09/2016Doncaster15:35Sophisticated Heir1.0010.00-1.00104.00
07/09/2016Kempton17:25Moonlight Venture1.0017.00-1.00113.00
08/09/2016Chepstow14:15Canford Lilli1.0015.00-1.00112.00
09/09/2016Chester14:40Arc Royal1.004.503.50125.50
09/09/2016Chester17:00An Fear Ciuin1.007.506.50131.00
10/09/2016Lingfield17:15Sixties Sue1.008.00-1.00130.00
10/09/2016Musselburgh17:55Southern Gailes1.0011.00-1.00129.00
11/09/2016Bath15:15Captain Ryan1.0012.00-1.00127.00
13/09/2016Yarmouth16:20Basil Berry1.007.006.00132.00
13/09/2016Thirsk17:30Big Storm Coming1.0013.0012.00144.00
16/09/2016Ayr16:50Rock On Bollinski1.007.50-1.00142.00
18/09/2016Uttoxeter14:10Palomas Prince1.0021.00-1.00141.00
18/09/2016Plumpton16:00Mercers Court1.009.00-1.00140.00
20/09/2016Beverley15:40Picketts Charge1.0011.00-1.00138.00
21/09/2016Redcar16:30Desperados Destiny1.0026.00-1.00136.00
21/09/2016Kempton18:10Cinque Port1.0029.00-1.00135.00
22/09/2016Perth17:00Round Tower1.004.33-1.00133.00
23/09/2016Haydock14:45Comedy School1.007.006.00138.00
24/09/2016Market Rasen14:00Visage Blanc1.0010.00-1.00136.00
24/09/2016Chester14:30Singing Sands1.008.50-1.00135.00
24/09/2016Ripon14:40Spirit of Zebedee1.0011.00-1.00134.00
25/09/2016Musselburgh14:00My Cherry Blossom1.007.00-1.00133.00
25/09/2016Epsom14:40Max Zorin1.008.00-1.00132.00
25/09/2016Musselburgh15:35Roll On Rory1.005.00-1.00131.00
26/09/2016Bath14:40Touch of Color1.005.00-1.00130.00
26/09/2016Bath15:10Fast And Hot1.006.00-1.00129.00
30/09/2016Hexham14:35Spirit Of Kayf1.004.003.00130.00
30/09/2016Hexham15:00Nefyn Bay1.003.75-1.00129.00
01/10/2016Wolverhampton17:40Welsh Rose1.004.33-1.00127.00
01/10/2016Wolverhampton18:10Control Centre1.006.00-1.00126.00
03/10/2016Southwell14:40St Johns Point1.006.50-1.00126.50
04/10/2016Leicester14:20Italian Heiress1.008.00-1.00125.50
04/10/2016Brighton14:40Tap Tap Boom1.006.50-1.00140.50

We will continue testing the software using the same settings and will report back next month with our next set of results.

The Value Machine Review: Introduction

21st September 2016

We have been asked to review a copy of a brand new horse racing betting app called The Value Machine from Kieran who runs the long-established tipping service, Morning Value. The software using the same selection process as Morning Value and is designed to be able to scan several bookies for value bets throughout the day. It has a simple interface that is split into three tabs – Selections, Settings and Previous Results.

The Morning Value service has made a profit of 3542.81 points to level 1 point stakes over the last 5 years. Due to the success of the service, the amount of membership spaces had to be limited to protect the prices.

The great thing about this software is that it can be ran at any point during the day/evening and different selections will appear depending on the odds at that time. This means that there is room for more members as there isn't the problem of everyone trying to get the same bets on at once.

The Selections page is the where the value bets appear after pressing the “Run Value Machine” button. After placing the bets, you can then save them to the “Today’s Bets” section so that they won’t come up in any further scans.

Value Machine Review Selections

The selections can be downloaded in a number of formats including CSV and PDF, or they can be copied or printed.

In the Settings tab you can adjust what filter what type of bets you want to include in the scans.

  • Min/Max Odds
  • Bookmakers
  • Minimum number of bookmakers with the required odds
  • Max selections per race

The Results tab lists all the previous bets that have been saved and shows the result of the race, as well as automatically keeping a tally of the profit/loss and running total.

The software is browser based so it will work on any platform. It is fairly basic at the moment, but more features are being developed, including adding more bookies so that there will be approximately 20 available to scan.

There are many ways to make use of it by altering the settings, for example you might want to only bet on short priced horses, or perhaps you like to dutch bet on several horses in the same race.

The software is priced at £7 for 14 days and then £57 per month or £147 per quarter.

We will be testing the software out over the next three months using minimum odds of 2.0 and maximum of 21.00. We’ll aim to pick three value bets each day and use level 1 point stakes.

We’ll report back next month with our first set of results.


  1. 1 have the software and it gives numerous selections.1 had 13 yesterday just using the odds range 2 to 7.! would be interested to know how many selections you had using 2 to 21 and how you then reduce the number to 3.


    1. Hi Andy, For the purpose of the review I’ve just selected a maximum of 3 per day, otherwise I would be sitting there all day refreshing the software for new bets. I have just been randomly picking them, but you could apply your own filters to narrow them down if you wanted… perhaps by the type of race, venue or length.
      There’s tons of possibilities, but it’s been a good start seen as I’m just blindly selecting bets.

    2. Hi Andy, I run it since October 3rd with Price Range 2 -> 21 / Max selections per race 3.
      Maximus selections were 79 on October 15th. Generally: average minimum 30 and maximum 60.

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