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Each Way Sniper Review
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Welcome to our Each Way Sniper review - A risk free betting system from the author of Bonus Bagging, designed to exploit the way bookies price up Each Way markets.

We have been running our review of Mike Cruickshank’s Each Way Sniper betting system for over a month and we’re back with an update of our results. From 37 bets we made a total profit of £149.83 using £25 each way stakes. The profits were highly consistent, with just 2 of the bets resulting in a loss, so we were able to steadily build up our bank with very little risk.

You’ve probably heard of Mike Cruickshank by now… if not check out our reviews of three of his 5-star rated products – Bonus Bagging, Accumulator Generator and Profit Maximiser. These are great starting points if you are new to matched betting and taking advantage of bookie bonuses. Mike is the king of bookie loopholes and the majority of his products are designed to teach you how to exploit them and make risk-free profits.


Each Way Sniper Review Performance Graph


The Each Way Sniper system is based on a loophole in the way bookies price up their each way markets. It teaches you how to find the correct races to bet on and guarantee a profit whatever the result is. The great thing is, the method that Mike shows us makes it unlikely that your accounts would be flagged up to the bookies. Despite this, we did lose one of our accounts along the way, so that is something to be aware of.

The product comes with video tutorials, as well as some example bets where Mike walks you through all the steps. If you’re not sure what an each-way bet is – it’s a bet where your total stake is split into two bets, one for the horse to win, and one for the horse to place.

There is more in-depth information included about the ins and outs of each way betting with the system, such as working out place odds and the number of places paid for various races.

Also included is the Each Way Arbing Calculator, which calculates exactly what bets you need to place and for how much. There is also a calculator for taking advantage of the extra places offer bookies offer from time to time.

To make the whole Each Way Sniper process easier, there is additional software available to go with Each Way Sniper, which automates finding the correct races and saves a huge amount of time.


Each Way Sniper Automated Software


To get the review started, we looked for a few suitable races to get involved with yesterday. The first one that the software came up with was Doncaster 14:55, with the horse Scooby being eligible for an each way snipe.


Each Way Sniper Example Bet

After hitting the calculate button, the odds were automatically entered for us and the correct stakes were output. All we had to do was go and actually place the bets.

Here you can see we were guaranteed to make a profit of £5.40 whatever the outcome! That works out as a 10.8% return on our £50 stake.

Each Way Sniper Guaranteed Profit

We did two more races and finished the day with a profit of £24.30. It was very promising start!

Our aim in the review was to try and find 3 “snipes” per day – we worked out that if we could do that every day we could be making a risk-free profit of £170 a week. However, this didn’t go quite to plan, as there were a couple of issues that cropped up along the way.

Firstly we found that the software kept bringing up matches at very high odds, which wasn’t suitable and could draw the bookies attention to our bets, so we changed the filters to only show matches below odds of 19/1.

The next thing was to increase the “Rating” filter to show matches with 105% or more, so that only the best value matches would show up. This narrowed down the selections greatly and on some days we couldn’t find anything suitable to bet on at all.

On occasions we would find a good “snipe” but find that the odds had moved before we had chance to place our bets. On the other hand, sometimes we found the odds had drifted out and we managed to make an even better profit, so it evened out overall.


DateRaceHorseBookieTotal E/W StakeProfit/LossRunning Total
11/02/16Doncaster 14:55Scooby32red£50.00£5.40£5.40
11/02/16Thurles 13:35Kansas City ChiefPaddypower£50.00£11.36£16.76
11/02/16Thurles 15:50Inch RiseBetfair£50.00£7.54£24.30
12/02/16Wolverhampton 18:45ThatsthewaytodoitBetbright£50.00£5.58£29.88
12/02/16Wetherby 15:35Lake View LadBetfred£50.00-£0.01£29.87
13/02/16Gowran Park 17:05So Sorry SarahRacebets£50.00£4.49£34.36
13/02/16Gowran Park 15:25BentelimarBet365£50.00£3.29£37.65
13/02/16Gowran Park 17:05So Sorry SarahWilliam Hill£50.00£1.01£38.66
14/02/16Exeter 14:40Ghost RiverBet365£50.00£6.05£44.71
14/02/16Exeter 14:10Overtown ExpressLadbrokes£50.00£4.56£49.27
14/02/16Exeter 14:40Ghost RiverLabrokes£50.00£7.83£57.10
15/02/16Wolverhampton 14:50Our Little SisterJennings£50.00-£1.20£55.90
16/02/16Ayr 14:20NaburnBet365£50.00£3.44£59.34
17/02/16Towcester 13:50Me ViolaPaddypower£50.00£2.70£62.04
25/02/16Thurles 17:30Cosmic DawnBetway£50.00£4.23£66.27
25/02/16Thurles 17:30West BridgeCoral£50.00£2.92£69.19
27/02/16Chepstow 15:45Audacious PlanBetway£50.00£4.64£73.83
27/02/16Chepstow 15:45AwaywiththegreysCoral£50.00£3.38£77.21
01/03/16Catterick 15:00SinakarBetfair£50.00£2.56£79.77
02/03/16Wincanton 15:20Flaming GorgeBetway£50.00£2.11£81.88
02/03/16Wincanton 14:10Sainte LadylimeRacebets£50.00£2.86£84.74
02/03/16Wincanton 14:10Sainte LadylimeBet365£50.00£3.14£87.88
03/03/16Taunton 17:35Up To AlBet365£50.00£2.99£90.87
04/03/16Wolverhampton 20:15DebenBetbright£50.00£3.63£94.50
04/03/16Wolverhampton 20:15Bond TraderCoral£50.00£3.42£97.92
09/03/16Kempton 19:40Russian RangerLadbrokes£50.00£4.67£102.59
11/03/16Ayr 14:00CraiganboyBet365£50.00£3.87£106.46
14/03/16Taunton 15:25VanishingBetbright£50.00£6.65£113.11
14/03/16Taunton 15:25VanishingWilliam Hill£50.00£4.92£118.03
14/03/16Cork 15:35GlenbervieWinner£50.00£2.67£120.70
15/03/16Cheltenham 16:10Polly PeachumUnibet£50.00£2.96£123.66
16/03/16Cheltenham 14:10BlaklionBetfair£50.00£4.49£128.15
16/03/16Cheltenham 15:30Sire De GrugyBetbright£50.00£8.41£136.56
16/03/16Cheltenham 13:30A Toi PhilCoral£50.00£3.71£140.27
17/03/16Cheltenham 15:30Cole Harden32red£50.00£3.50£143.77
18/03/16Cheltenham 15:30Smad PlaceUnibet£50.00£3.28£147.05
18/03/16Cheltenham 15:30Smad Place32red£50.00£2.78£149.83


Although it may seem that taking £2.00-£3.00 profit from a £50 stake is not worth it, it is still a 4-5% ROI and the small profits do build up quickly as you can see from our results. Also you could just opt to bet on only the best of the best and go for the bigger profits – for example we had profits between £8.00-£11.00 from some of our bets.

The Each Way Sniper system costs £47 +VAT as a one-off payment, and the automated software to go with it costs an additional £98.97 for an annual pass. The software is not necessary, but it is a huge timesaver and personally we think the process of finding suitable selections could become quite a chore without it.

There are pros and cons to every betting system, in this case the pros far outweigh the cons. We would advise not to go mad and bet on every race you can find, but instead be selective and alternate which bookies you use. The profits soon add up!

Each Way Sniper has rightfully earned a place amongst our “Passed” systems.


Each Way Sniper Value System Review

22nd February 2017

A few weeks ago we were browsing through the Profit Maximiser forum and came across a thread for Each Way Sniper where a group of people were discussing value betting on the selections that the software throws up. 

It seems that there have been a lot of positive results shared and the group have been testing various software settings to try and improve results even further.​

One user managed to make a huge £6117.10 in just one month using £5 each-way stakes.

This got us intrigued so we fired off an email to Mike Cruickshank to see whether or not the system was legitimate. He informed us that he had actually been testing the system out himself and sent us a spreadsheet with his results.

In just 7 days he recorded a profit of £486.49 using £2 each-way stakes. He started with a £400 bank split into 100 points and has already doubled it in a week.

Each Way Sniper Review Graph

Now we see that Mike has made use of the majority of the bookies on the Each Way Sniper list, which we do not access to, so we have decided to start testing the system ourselves using just a handful of bookies, to see if it will still work for those of us who have had accounts shut down.

It is worth noting though, that this system WILL work on "gubbed" or bonus banned accounts. 

How does the system work?

It's very simple - we just need to place the each-way bets at the bookies as usual but this time we will not be laying them off. So we are basically just placing value bets knowing that the bookies will be paying out at higher place odds than the true chance of them winning.

The system is not risk-free and there will be losses, but as we are taking value the wins will outweigh the losses and we should make a profit in the long-term.

Some of the benefits of using this system rather than the risk free method are:

  • You no longer need to have a large float at an exchange to lay bets off
  • You can bet on lower rated selections as you don't need to account for commission
  • It doesn't matter if there are non-runners

Mike has advised the best filters to use for the system, but we are going to tweak them slightly to try and prolong the life of our bookie accounts.

As it is a value based system, the more bets we can get on, the more potential profit we can make so we will be be attempting to place as many bets as possible each day.

We are going to use a £1000 bank split into the advised 100 points, so our stakes will be £5 each-way.

We will begin testing this system today and will report back in a month's time with our results.

Each Way Sniper Value System Review: Update One

We are back with an update of our results after a month of ups and downs we have finished with a loss of £44.40.

Our sample of 169 bets is not near enough to make a judgement on this system, so we will carry on until we reach 1000 and then report back with our final results.

Key Stats - Update One
Number of Bets168
Total Stakes£1,680
Average Odds18.42
Strike Rate30.4%

Results - Update One
22/02/2013Wolverhampton19:00Little KiplingCoral3.00-£10.00-£8.12
22/02/2013Wolverhampton18:25Dark TitanCoral5.50£34.38£26.26
22/02/2013Wolverhampton20:00Toga TigerBlacktype10.00-£10.00£16.26
23/02/2013Dundalk18:00Tobacco BayBetstars5.00-£10.00-£13.74
23/02/2013Exeter16:25Brahms De Clermont138bet4.00-£1.99-£15.73
23/02/2013Warwick14:30Fixed RateCoral11.00-£10.00-£25.73
23/02/2013Exeter14:10CascayeSun Bets6.00£31.25£5.52
23/02/2013Dundalk17:30Burn The BoatsSun Bets10.00£4.00£9.52
25/02/2013Fontwell15:30Peak To PeakCoral3.75-£10.00-£0.48
25/02/2013Naas17:20Scheu TimeBetstars7.00£2.50£2.02
25/02/2013Fontwell16:00Current ExchangeCoral5.50£1.25£3.27
25/02/2013Southwell15:10Shrewd TacticsSun Bets9.50-£10.00-£6.73
25/02/2013Naas17:20BalkalinWilliam Hill6.50-£10.00-£16.73
25/02/2013Naas14:50Blast of KoemanBetstars6.50-£10.00-£26.73
26/02/2013Plumpton14:00Muilean Na MadogCoral29.00-£10.00-£36.73
26/02/2013Wolverhampton15:25Poetic QueenBetstars5.00£24.00-£22.73
27/02/2013Leicester15:10Penmore MillBetstars7.00£1.00-£24.23
27/02/2013Lingfield16:00Bamako Du ChateletSun Bets3.00-£10.00-£34.23
28/02/2013Musselburgh16:30Top Cat HenryCoral10.00£54.00£19.77
28/02/2013Wincanton14:10Beni LightCoral41.00-£10.00£9.77
28/02/2013Newcastle19:00HarlowSun Bets4.50£27.00£36.77
28/02/2013Wincanton14:10This Is ItSun Bets15.00£9.00£45.77
28/02/2013Newcastle17:30Good Time AheadSun Bets7.00£2.50£48.27
01/03/2013Clonmel16:25Kilcarry BridgeLadbrokes6.50£0.50£48.77
01/03/2013Chelmsford20:25Lady MorelLadbrokes10.00-£10.00£38.77
01/03/2013Taunton14:00Ice KonigCoral7.00£1.00£39.77
01/03/2013Clonmel17:30Wiz LadyBlacktype34.00-£10.00£19.77
01/03/2013Taunton17:15Goosen MaverickSun Bets34.00-£10.00£9.77
02/03/2013Newbury14:40First Du CharmilSun Bets10.00-£10.00-£0.23
02/03/2013Doncaster16:00Midnight WalkCoral26.00-£10.00-£10.23
02/03/2013Doncaster16:00Ballela MagicLadbrokes13.00-£10.00-£20.23
02/03/2013Newcastle17:15Mister BobSun Bets9.00-£10.00-£30.23
02/03/2013Doncaster14:20Blue HussarWilliam Hill21.00£15.00-£15.23
02/03/2013Newbury14:10HermarnaWilliam Hill21.00-£10.00-£25.23
02/03/2013Newbury14:40Midnight MerlotBlacktype67.00-£10.00£9.77
02/03/2013Newcastle17:45SulafahSun Bets15.00£30.00£39.77
02/03/2013Newcastle18:15KodicatSun Bets3.00-£2.19£37.58
02/03/2013Newbury15:50Have A Go HeroSun Bets21.00-£10.00£25.91
03/03/2013Navan14:45Not A WhisperBetstars7.50-£10.00£15.91
03/03/2013Lingfield16:20Sutter CountyLadbrokes6.50£0.35£16.26
03/03/2013Navan14:10On The Go AgainBlacktype13.00£72.00£88.26
03/03/2013Newbury13:30Agincourt ReefCoral26.00-£10.00£68.26
03/03/2013Newcastle20:15Panther In PinkSun Bets7.50-£10.00£48.26
03/03/2013Lingfield15:10Allegheny BaySun Bets6.50£1.88£50.14
03/03/2013Doncaster16:10Thumb Stone BluesBetfred2.75£9.98£60.12
03/03/2013Newbury14:40Melodic RendezvousSun Bets8.50-£10.00£40.12
03/03/2013Lingfield17:30Juste Pour NousSun Bets6.00-£10.00£30.12
03/03/2013Newbury14:40Loup De LouveBlacktype13.00-£10.00£20.12
05/03/2013Wolverhampton17:40Amitie WaltzCoral11.00-£10.00£10.12
05/03/2013Wolverhampton16:10Miss Goldsmith10bet11.00-£10.00£0.12
05/03/2013Lingfield14:50Positively DylanWilliam Hill8.50£2.50£2.62
06/03/2013Exeter14:50Theatre RougeBlacktype12.00-£10.00-£7.38
06/03/2013Newcastle14:10Rinnagree RosieBlacktype11.00£5.00-£2.38
07/03/2013Catterick17:20Floral BouquetCoral26.00£20.00£7.62
07/03/2013Catterick17:20Strands of VelvetBlacktype26.00-£10.00-£2.38
07/03/2013Catterick17:20Green TikkanaSun Bets23.00-£10.00-£12.38
08/03/2013Thurles15:35Pack Your BagsSun Bets7.50-£10.00-£22.38
08/03/2013Newcastle19:45Twin AppealBlacktype7.00£1.00-£21.38
08/03/2013Wincanton16:05Rainy Day DylanBetstars3.75-£6.56-£1.69
08/03/2013Wincanton13:50Flow With EveBetstars7.00-£10.00-£11.69
08/03/2013Wincanton15:30With PleasureCoral17.00£11.00-£0.69
08/03/2013Wincanton13:50Quarry WizardSun Bets21.00-£10.00-£10.69
08/03/2013Carlisle15:10Largy BullCoral6.00-£10.00-£20.69
08/03/2013Newcastle19:45Enjoy LifeCoral21.00-£10.00-£30.69
08/03/2013Southwell16:30Last Chance PaddyCoral17.00-£10.00-£40.69
08/03/2013Wincanton17:10Present DestinyCoral9.00-£10.00-£50.69
09/03/2013Newcastle18:15Forest AngelBetway4.33-£10.00-£60.69
09/03/2013Ayr14:10Our ValentinaBlacktype3.50-£2.50-£63.19
09/03/2013Newcastle17:45Sugarloaf MountainCoral3.50-£1.87-£65.06
09/03/2013Ayr14:10Well Above ParCoral15.00£9.00-£56.06
09/03/2013Sandown14:30Legal OkBlacktype23.00£17.00-£39.06
09/03/2013Newcastle18:15Hollywood HarryBlacktype19.00£17.50-£31.56
09/03/2013Ayr14:45Notnow SeamusBlacktype4.00-£1.25-£32.81
09/03/2013Sandown15:40Fly CampBlacktype6.50-£10.00-£42.81
09/03/2013Leicester14:20Seven Nation ArmyWilliam Hill6.50-£10.00-£52.81
09/03/2013Leicester14:20Gorran HavenBlacktype26.00-£10.00-£62.81
10/03/2013Sandown13:50Minella AwardsCoral9.00£50.00-£12.81
10/03/2013Gowran Park16:50Maple MonsCoral8.50£4.38-£8.43
11/03/2013Naas16:20Bosco Di AlcoCoral4.50-£1.50-£9.43
13/03/2013Cheltenham14:10Ordinary WorldBlacktype51.00£45.00£35.57
13/03/2013Cheltenham14:10Three Stars10bet81.00-£10.00£25.57
13/03/2013Cheltenham14:10A Hare BreathCoral51.00-£10.00£15.57
13/03/2013Cheltenham16:10Lifeboat MonaCoral17.00-£10.00£5.57
13/03/2013Cheltenham16:10Rons DreamBetstars76.00-£10.00-£4.43
13/03/2013Cheltenham15:30Sceau RoyalBetstars34.00-£10.00-£14.43
13/03/2013Cheltenham17:30Gold PresentCoral15.00£12.50-£1.93
13/03/2013Cheltenham14:50Label Des ObeauxBetway23.00-£10.00-£11.93
13/03/2013Cheltenham17:30Zamdy Man32red26.00-£10.00-£21.93
13/03/2013Cheltenham13:30High BridgeCoral21.00-£10.00-£31.93
13/03/2013Cheltenham16:10Briery Queen32red41.00-£10.00-£41.93
13/03/2013Cheltenham17:30Hammersly LakeWilliam Hill19.00-£10.00-£61.93
13/03/2013Cheltenham14:50Vintage Clouds32red34.00-£10.00-£71.93
13/03/2013Cheltenham13:30Bunk Off Early32red8.00-£10.00-£81.93
13/03/2013Cheltenham15:30The New One32red15.00-£10.00-£91.93
13/03/2013Cheltenham15:30My Tent Or YoursBetway21.00£20.00-£71.93
14/03/2013Cheltenham16:50Percy StreetBetway34.00-£10.00-£81.93
14/03/2013Cheltenham15:30Top GambleBetstars51.00-£10.00-£91.93
14/03/2013Cheltenham15:30Sir ValentinoBlacktype51.00£45.00-£46.93
14/03/2013Cheltenham15:30Special TiaraBlacktype21.00£120.00£73.07
14/03/2013Cheltenham13:30Messire Des ObeauxBetstars13.00£10.00£83.07
14/03/2013Cheltenham16:50Candy BurgBetstars51.00-£10.00£53.07
14/03/2013Cheltenham16:50Long Call32red8.50-£10.00£33.07
14/03/2013Cheltenham16:10Any CurrencyBetway19.00-£10.00£23.07
14/03/2013Cheltenham14:10Briery BelleCoral34.00-£10.00£13.07
15/03/2013Cheltenham13:30Kilcrea ValeCoral26.00-£10.00-£26.93
15/03/2013Cheltenham14:10Fingal Bay32red67.00-£10.00-£36.93
15/03/2013Cheltenham14:10Mr Mix32red51.00-£10.00-£46.93
15/03/2013Cheltenham17:30Potters LegendBetstars17.00£15.00-£49.43
15/03/2013Cheltenham14:10Sutton ManorBetstars29.00-£10.00£18.07
15/03/2013Cheltenham16:10Champagne At TaraBetway34.00-£10.00£8.07
15/03/2013Cheltenham16:10Art MauresqueBetstars34.00-£10.00-£1.93
15/03/2013Cheltenham17:30PendraWilliam Hill17.00£15.00£3.07
15/03/2013Cheltenham16:10Road To RespectWilliam Hill21.00£125.00£128.07
15/03/2013Cheltenham16:10Tango De JuilleyBetstars23.00-£10.00£118.07
15/03/2013Cheltenham16:50La Bague Au RoiCoral11.00-£10.00£108.07
16/03/2013Cheltenham17:30Croco Bay10bet34.00-£10.00£98.07
16/03/2013Cheltenham16:10Sweet As A NutCoral23.00-£10.00£88.07
16/03/2013Cheltenham15:30Cue CardBetway6.00-£10.00£78.07
16/03/2013Cheltenham14:50Ami DesboisBetway29.00-£10.00£68.07
16/03/2013Cheltenham15:30Minella Rocco32red19.00£17.50£88.07
16/03/2013Cheltenham17:30Velvet MakerWilliam Hill13.00-£10.00£52.45
16/03/2013Cheltenham15:30Native River10bet6.50£1.90£54.35
16/03/2013Cheltenham16:10Wonderful CharmBetstars6.00£1.25£55.60
17/03/2013Uttoxeter15:35Gonalston CloudWilliam Hill23.00-£10.00£45.60
17/03/2013Uttoxeter15:35Court FrontierBetway11.00-£10.00£35.60
17/03/2013Kempton14:40Solomn GrundyWilliam Hill19.00-£10.00£25.60
17/03/2013Kempton16:25Jennifer EcclesCoral13.00-£10.00£5.60
19/03/2013Southwell15:10Potters ApproachCoral6.00-£10.00-£4.40
19/03/2013Kempton15:30Secret SalvageBlacktype13.00-£10.00-£14.40
20/03/2013Clonmel13:55Jacobs WellWilliam Hill6.00-£10.00-£34.40
  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 4 stars

  • Each Way Sniper
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on:
  • Last modified: 31st May 2018

Welcome to our Each Way Sniper review - A risk free betting system from the author of Bonus Bagging, designed to exploit the way bookies price up Each Way markets.


  1. i bought e/w sniper i was only betting £12.50 e/w stopped using as my account were limited to£0.50 e/way by bookmakers and also got closed by some bookmakers closed

  2. I have got e/w snipper, it all sounds great but getting your bets on in a small amount of time is very hard to do as the prices go very quick. It’s about time some one told the truth about the e/w snipper. You have been told.

    1. Hi Pete, I agree with you to some degree, the prices can fluctuate a lot especially closer to the race, but sometimes I found that the place odds shortened even more by the time I had loaded up Betfair, so it works both ways.

      Also the software often brings up horses at high odds, which I’m sure would raise a flag to bookies using £50 stakes, so I’ve been using the filters to only show odds of 25.0 and lower.

      All the postives/negatives will be brought up in the final review – all our reviews aim to be as honest and transparent as possible.

  3. Hi Laura,

    When is the final review? I have been looking into this system for a while but will wait to see the outcome of your trial.

  4. Sorry lads, I can`t agree. This is my favourite system and gives me a regular income. The original manual system was very hard work for next to nothing. The instructions were to look at 2/3 favs.
    The software changed all that, the bet can be at any odds you feel happy with, does not have to be high stakes. Could be £1/2 ew. @ 50.00. Also whats to stop you putting on good value bets 2/3 hours early? I often find the BF odds have come in nearer the race, and so cancel the first place bet and re-calculate a second bet for bonus profit.
    I am surprised it only got a 4 star.

    1. Glad to hear the system is making money for you 🙂 The software makes the whole thing easier for sure. When you say you could put bets on 2/3 hours early, do you mean that you are only placing your bets at the bookies and then laying them off later in the day?

  5. Hi Laura, no, I always place a covering lay on BF straight away, in case I forget later. If the odds are not available, I leave the lay unmatched, but always click TAKE SP, just in case I forget to check back .The advantage of looking early is, more time odds don`t move, bookies odds are often higher then, and later the lay odds come in, which is when I replace the first bet on BF plce market.
    If your horse is withdrawn, all monies are returned.
    At worst if BF odds drift, I lose the profit margin and maybe a pound or two. Soon made up though.

  6. I’ve tested the value system for 5 weeks. In which time I’ve managed to place 658 bets made a good profit and got 3/4 of my bookmaker accounts closed. It a good idea but if the owner of the system does not come with a solution to accounts closure it is not worth the time required to be on alert for the bets to appear.

    1. Unfortunately we are faced with the same problem with any winning systems or tipster services that require use of bookies to place bets. May as well take advantage while we can and in the meantime we will be continuing to look for systems that make money using betting exchanges.

    1. Hi Alan, Currently -£168.48 after 262 bets, but recently had wins of £156.25 and £137.50 so things can change quickly. Unfortunately I am struggling with finding enough selections, as the odds are starting to be cut a lot quicker.

  7. I note you have done well with this HOWEVER the bookies are NOT stupid and amongst other things they are well within their rights to do the following and have done …
    They can take you bet for say £100 then after it wins they can CANCEL it losing your £100 and stating that their price was not corrct at the time of the bet ,,you CANNOT get your money back
    They can also bar you from betting with them ir reduce your stake to a Maximum of say £1 per bet which makes them useless
    I have tried all the tricks in the book and have been banned from dozens of Bookies accounts and lost well over £1000 in bets which were disqualified AFTER they had won (And dont forget youm also lose the exchange opposing bet so…
    Be VERY CAREFUL with this system or even better do NOT take it on in the first place it is FLAWED long term
    Straight trading using Betfair alone is COMPLETELY safe and no money can be taken from you at all …….

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