Football Bankbuilder Review: Lay Betting System

Football Bankbuilder Review

Football Bankbuilder is a lay betting system which claims that you can turn £1,000 into more than £30,000 in just three years.

Before our review commenced, the system had been tested by authors Matt Fisher and Andrew David for five years and they reported only one losing month in that time.

We asked our guest reviewer, David, to put Football Bankbuilder to the test with a three month trial. He followed the instructions as detailed in the 32-page manual and placed the lay bets at Betfair with no trading involved.

The suggested bank at minimum £2 stakes was £352 and the authors indicated that 1-3 bets per day was best.

David had made 43.92 points profit during his testing of the system which earned it an easy pass rating.

We revisited the system six years later to not only see if it still worked, but also to find out if we could automate it. It turned out to be a great success with £568.38 profit during the trial from the system running on BF Bot Manager.

Interested in automating the Football Bankbuilder system? 

If you have purchased the system via our link, drop us a line at [email protected] with your proof of purchase and we would be happy to share our settings.

Disclaimer: ADK Publishing & Goal Profits cannot be held responsible for losses incurred as a result of any IP or Betfair outages.

Trial Two - Football Bankbuilder Automated

Month One Results (Trial #2)

We decided to run a re-trial of Football Bankbuilder as it had been around six years since our original review. We were often asked by readers, "Does Football Bankbuilder still work?". 

We could not answer for sure, although there was no major reason why anything would have changed to cause it to stop working. Even so, we kicked off a new round of testing so that we could answer the question with confidence.

In our re-trial, we decided to set the system up on BF Bot Manager so that it would be completely automated. This was a fairly simple process and it has made testing the system effortless now that it's up and running.

We started with a bank of £880. This may seem like a strange amount, but it's the recommended 176 points with a starting stake of £5.00.

After one month of testing the system, there had been 163 bets and 80 had returned a profit, which was a 49.1% strike rate. We finished the month with £142.71 profit, which works out as 28.54 points profit.

That worked out as a 16.2% increase to our bank in the first month, which is not too shabby since we hadn't had to lift a finger since the initial set up of the bot.

We chose to follow the compounding advice, so our starting stake for month two was £5.81. 

Month Two Results (Trial #2)

At the end of month two of our Football Bankbuilder re-trial, our bank had grown to £1,173.29. That meant that we had made a total profit of £293.29 and increased our bank by 33.3%.

There had been 280 bets altogether with 134 of them returning a profit, which was a 48% strike rate.

Our new stake for month three was calculated at £6.66 using the compounding advice from the guide (we hoped that wasn't an omen!).

We were hoping that by our next update we could hit the 50% bank growth mark. Fingers crossed!

Month Three Results (Trial #2)

After three months testing the Football Bankbuilder system out, our bank was now up to £1,312.92, which worked out as a total of £432.92 profit. That was a 49.2% increase to our starting bank, so we had almost reached the 50% mark.

There had been 379 bets in total and 178 wins, so a strike rate of 47%.

The system seemed to be working a treat!

Month Four Results (Trial #2)

Four months into our Football Bankbuilder review, we had made a further £135.46 profit, bringing our total profit up to £568.38. That worked out as a 64.6% increase to our bank and we were well on the way to doubling it.

There had been 481 bets altogether and 233 wins, which was a strike rate of 48%.

Trial Two Summary

Our second trial of Football Bankbuilder turned out to be even better than the first one! Not only do we stand by our original pass rating, we feel even more confident about the system now.

We started with a bank of £880, following the staking advice from the PDF. After four months our bank had grown to £1,448.38, which is a total of £568.38 profit.

This time around, we had also managed to automate the system using BF Bot Manager, meaning we could simply leave the system to run on a VPS and just watch the profits come in.

We had planned to keep the trial going until we doubled our bank, but the fixture list was looking a little quiet so we decided to wrap it up. We have no doubt that we would reach our goal in no time though, once the football schedule is more active.

It's a resounding pass for Football Bankbuilder!

Trial One - Football Bankbuilder High/Low

Month One Results (Trial #1)

During the first month, David used the "High/Low" algorithm which produced £64.68 profit.

From 52 lay bets, there was a liability of £212.98, which gave a return on investment of 30.4%.

Where the system suggested "LOW" his stakes were a straight £2 bet and where it showed "HIGH", the stakes were increased to £6.

Key Stats - Month One

Number of Bets5252
Total Liability£212.98£45.57
Average Odds1.881.88
Strike Rate57.7%57.7%

Results - Month One

DateMatchU/2.5O/2.5StakeHi/LoOddsP/LBankLevel Stakes
14/12/15El Jaish V Al Sadd (Qatar)X6H1.81-4.86347.14351.19
14/12/15Cracovia Krakow v Korona KielaX6H1.945.70352.84352.14
14/12/15Samsunspor v BalikesirsporX6H1.92-5.52347.32351.22
15/12/15Persija Jakarta v PS TNIX6H1.945.70353.02352.17
15/12/15Acharniakos v IraklisX6H1.99-5.94347.08351.18
15/12/15FC Goa v Delhi DynamoX6H1.955.70352.78352.13
16/12/15Aydinspor v Mersin IdmanYusduX6H1.95-5.70347.08351.18
16/12/15Mladost Liceni v OFK BelgradeX6H1.75-4.50342.58350.43
16/12/15Penservikos v Asteras TripolisX6H1.935.70348.28351.38
17/12/15Lazio v UdineseX6H1.935.70353.98352.33
17/12/15Dynamo Dresden v Wurzburger KickersX6H1.825.70359.68353.28
17/12/15Wolves v LeedsX6H1.715.70365.38354.23
26/12/15Brentford v BrightonX6H1.995.70371.08355.18
26/12/15KV Kortrijk v Club BruggeX6H1.97-5.82365.26354.21
26/12/15Antalyaspor v GaziantapsporX6H1.965.70370.96355.16
27/12/15Elazigspor v AdanasporX6H1.94-5.64365.32354.22
27/12/15Kayserispor v GalatasarayX6H1.945.70371.02355.17
27/12/15Zulte Waregam v OostendeX6H1.85.70376.72356.12
28/12/15Southend v MillwallX6H1.915.70382.42357.07
28/12/15Bristol Rovers v Leyton OrientX6H1.865.70388.12358.02
28/12/15Burneley v Bristol CityX6H1.745.70393.82358.97
29/12/15Airdrie v StenhousemuirX6H1.695.70399.52359.92
29/12/15Fulham v RotherhamX6H1.83-4.98394.54359.09
29/12/15Cowdenbeath v AyrX6H1.71-4.26390.28358.38
30/12/15Hamilton v Inverness Caley ThistleX6H1.855.70395.98359.33
30/12/15PSG v InterX6H1.955.70401.68360.28
30/12/15Celta Vigo v A BilboaX6H1.985.70407.38361.23
02/01/16Dundee v Dundee UnitedX6H1.95-5.70401.68360.28
02/01/16W Ham v LiverpoolX6H1.77-4.62397.06359.51
03/01/16C Palace v ChelseaX6H1.785.70402.76360.46
03/01/16Betis v EibarX6H1.755.70408.46361.41
03/01/16Everton v SpursX6H1.825.70414.16362.36
06/01/16Chemnitzer v SV DarmstadtX6H1.95.70419.86363.31
06/01/16Palermo v FiorentinaX6H1.975.70425.56364.26
06/01/16R Vallecano v A MadridX6H1.76-4.56421363.5
07/01/16C Brugge v AZ AlkmaarX2L1.8-1.60419.4362.7
07/01/16Wigan v GillinghamX2L1.911.90421.3363.65
09/01/16Wycombe v A VillaX2L1.78-1.56419.74362.87
09/01/16Arbroath v ElginX2L1.79-1.58418.16362.08
09/01/16Sevilla v A BilboaX2L1.91-1.82416.34361.17
10/01/16Carlisle v YeovilX2L1.97-1.94414.4360.2
10/01/16Sociedad v ValenciaX2L1.811.90416.3361.15
10/01/16Sporting Lisbon v BragaX2L1.871.90418.2362.1
12/01/16Adanspor v TrabzonsporX2L1.94-1.88416.32361.16
12/01/16Bournemouth v West HamX2L1.871.90418.22362.11
12/01/16Brentford v MiddlesbroughX2L1.82-1.64416.58361.29
13/01/16Toulouse v MarseillesX2L1.971.90418.48362.24
13/01/16Villareal v A BilbaoX2L1.94-1.88416.6361.3
13/01/16Liverpool v ArsenalX2L1.941.90418.5362.25
14/01/16Karabukspor v Sivas BelediyesporX2L1.93-1.86416.64361.32
14/01/16Eskisehirspor v TepiciksporX2L1.93-1.86414.78360.39
14/01/16Granada v ValenciaX2L1.931.90416.68361.34

Month Two Results (Trial #1)

During the second month, David followed the selection process algorithm which resulted in most of his bets being placed for minimum stake.

This resulted in a smaller increase in his bank size, going from £416.68 to £424.04. 

Key Stats - Month Two

Number of Bets7676
Total Stakes£152.00£76.00
Average Odds1.901.90
Strike Rate51.3%51.3%

Results - Month Two

15/01/16Fortuna Sittard v Den BoschX2.00L1.841.90418.58362.29
15/01/16Volendam v NAC BredaX2.00L1.76-1.52417.06361.53
15/01/16Waalwijk v TelstarX2.00L1.81-1.62415.44360.72
16/01/16Karsiyaka v Adana DemirsporX2.00L1.88-1.76413.68359.84
16/01/16Barnet v CarlisleX2.00L1.921.90415.58360.79
17/01/16Den Haag v AjaxX2.00L1.99-1.98413.60359.80
17/01/16Genoa v PalermoX2.00L1.921.90415.50360.75
17/01/16Ross County v AberdeenX2.00L1.941.90417.40361.70
18/01/16Alanyaspor v DenizlisporX2.00L1.95-1.90415.50360.75
18/01/16Arminia Bielefeld v SchalkeX2.00L1.821.90417.40361.70
18/01/16Den Bosch v VolendamX2.00L1.891.90419.30362.65
19/01/16Akhisar Belediye v GalatasarayX2.00L1.951.90421.20363.60
19/01/16Accrington v HartlepoolX2.00L1.90-1.80419.40362.70
19/01/16Bradford v BuryX2.00L1.85-1.70417.70361.85
20/01/16Boulogne v LorientX2.00L1.87-1.74415.96360.98
20/01/16Adanspor v GaziantepsporX2.00L1.971.90417.86361.93
22/01/16Bourg Peronnas v ValenciennesX2.00L1.88-1.76416.10361.05
22/01/16Chateroux v DunkerqueX2.00L1.93-1.86414.24360.12
22/01/16Emmen v Den BoschX2.00L1.751.90416.14361.07
23/01/16Lahti v HIFKX2.00L1.811.90418.04362.02
23/01/16Norwich v LiverpoolX2.00L1.781.90419.94362.97
23/01/16Mersin V Akhisar BelediyeX2.00L1.99-1.98417.96361.98
24/01/16A Bilbao v EibarX2.00L1.941.90419.86362.93
24/01/16Sivasspor v EskisehirasporX2.00L1.991.90421.76363.88
24/01/16Fiorentina v TorinoX2.00L1.88-1.76420.00363.00
25/01/16Achilles v Fortuna SittardX2.00L1.86-1.72418.28362.14
26/01/16Willem II v GroningenX2.00L1.951.90420.18363.09
26/01/16Blackpool v Sheffield UtdX2.00L1.90-1.80418.38362.19
26/01/15Bradford v BarnsleyX2.00L1.90-1.80416.58361.29
27/01/16Gaziantepspor v TrabzonsporX2.00L1.881.90418.48362.24
27/01/16Antalyaspor v FenerbacheX2.00L1.871.90420.38363.19
27/01/16De Graafschap v Den HaagX2.00L1.90-1.80418.58362.29
28/01/16Eskisehirspor v BursasporX2.00L1.95-1.90416.68361.34
28/01/16Roda v UtrechtX2.00L1.871.90418.58362.29
28/01/16Las Palmas v ValenciaX2.00L1.84-1.68416.90361.45
29/01/16Willem II v HeraclesX2.00L1.921.90418.80362.40
29/01/16Mainz v B MonchengladbachX2.00L1.831.90420.70363.35
30/01/16Cesena v AscoliX2.00L1.891.90422.60364.30
30/01/16Augsburg v E FrankfurtX2.00L1.821.90424.50365.25
30/01/16SV Darmstadt v SchalkeX2.00L1.96-1.92422.58364.29
01/02/16Trabzonspor v A BelediyeX2.00L1.98-1.96420.62363.31
02/02/16Albion v StranraerX2.00L1.991.90422.52364.26
02/02/16Arsenal v SouthamptonX2.00L1.87-1.74420.78363.39
03/02/16Lyon v BordeauxX2.00L1.941.90422.68364.34
03/02/16Aberdeen v CelticX2.00L1.91-1.82420.86363.43
03/02/16Brugge v GentX2.00L1.971.90422.76364.38
04/02/16RoPS v KuPSX2.00L1.81-1.62421.14363.57
04/02/16Sevilla v Celta VigoX2.00L1.91-1.82419.32362.66
05/02/16Bochum v FreiburgX2.00L1.92-1.84417.48361.74
05/02/16Kaiserlauten v Union BerlinX2.00L1.901.90419.38362.69
05/02/16Osnabruck v CottbusX2.00L1.91-1.82417.56361.78
06/02/16Kayserispor v Mersin Idman YurduX2.00L1.91-1.82415.74360.87
06/02/16Schalke v WolfsburgX2.00L1.94-1.88413.86359.93
06/02/16Cardiff v MK DonsX2.00L1.86-1.72412.14359.07
07/02/16Verona v Inter MilanX2.00L1.99-1.98410.16358.08
07/02/16Celta Vigo v SevillaX2.00L1.981.90412.06359.03
07/02/16Marseille v PSGX2.00L1.951.90413.96359.98
08/02/16Kasimpasa v GlenclerbirgliX2.00L1.82-1.64412.32359.16
08/02/16Go Ahead Eagles v Den BoschX2.00L1.841.90414.22360.11
09/02/16Cowdenbeath v AlbionX2.00L1.95-1.90412.32359.16
09/02/16Dagenham & Redbridge v WycombeX2.00L1.831.90414.22360.11
09/02/16Hartlepool v StevenageX2.00L1.981.90416.12361.06
10/02/16Troyes v St EtienneX2.00L1.97-1.94414.18360.09
10/02/16Halifax v ChesterX2.00L1.95-1.90412.28359.14
10/02/16Peterborough v WBAX2.00L1.93-1.86410.42358.21
11/02/16Baseksehir v RizesporX2.00L1.951.90412.32359.16
11/02/16Celta Vigo v SevillaX2.00L1.76-1.52410.80358.40
12/02/16FSV Frankfurt v Greuther FurthX2.00L1.831.90412.70359.35
12/02/16Go Ahead Eagles v VVV VenloX2.00L1.951.90414.60360.30
12/02/16Helmond v Den BoschX2.00L1.821.90416.50361.25
13/02/16Glenclerbirligi v BursasporX2.00L1.98-1.96414.54360.27
13/02/16Darmstadt v LeverkeusenX2.00L1.901.90416.44361.22
13/02/16Stuttgart v Hertha BerlinX2.00L1.921.90418.34362.17
14/02/16AC Milan v GenoaX2.00L1.861.90420.24363.12
14/02/16Freiburg v Fortuna DusseldorfX2.00L1.941.90422.14364.07
14/02/16Excelsior v Den HaagX2.00L1.951.90424.04365.02

Month Three Results (Trial #1)

This was the third winning month in a row for David.

He grew the bank from £424.04 to £439.84, giving the system a total of £87.84 profit (43.92 points) over three months with a very healthy ROI of 18.7%.

Key Stats - Month Three

Number of Bets192192
Total Liabilities£468.94£173.55
Average Odds1.901.90
Strike Rate54.7%54.7%
End Bank£439.84£372.92

Results - Month Three

15/02/16Jong Ajax v Go Ahead EaglesX2.00L1.91-1.82422.22364.11
15/02/16Nurnberg v BochumX2.00L1.921.90424.12365.06
15/02/16Brescia v AscoliX2.00L1.931.90426.02366.01
16/02/16Accrington v CarlisleX2.00L1.861.90427.92366.96
16/02/16Dundee v MotherwellX2.00L1.91-1.82426.10366.05
16/02/16Hartlepool v Notts CountyX2.00L1.98-1.96424.14365.07
18/02/16FC Inter v HJK HelsinkiX2.00L1.921.90426.04366.02
18/02/16CSKA Moscow v Dinamo MoscowX2.00L1.991.90427.94366.97
18/02/16Midtyjlland v Man UtdX2.00L1.801.90429.84367.92
19/02/16St Pauli v FSV FrankfurtX2.00L1.851.90431.74368.87
19/02/16Den Haag v ZwolleX2.00L1.851.90433.64369.82
19/02/16E Frankfurt v HamburgX2.00L1.841.90435.54370.77
20/02/16Kasimpasa v EskisehirsporX2.00L1.98-1.96433.58369.79
20/02/16Exeter v Newport CountyX2.00L1.98-1.96431.62368.81
20/02/16Cagliari v PescaraX2.00L1.94-1.88429.74367.87
23/02/16Albion v BrechinX2.00L1.99-1.98427.76366.88
23/02/16Barnet v PortsmouthX2.00L1.97-1.94425.82365.91
23/02/16Brentford v WolvesX2.00L1.911.90427.72366.86
26/02/16Achilles v Jong PSVX2.00L1.91-1.82425.90365.95
26/02/16Excelsior v NijmegenX2.00L1.941.90427.80366.90
26/02/16VVV Venlo v NAC BredaX2.00L1.901.90429.70367.85
27/02/16Bochum v SV SandhausenX2.00L1.971.90431.60368.80
27/02/16W Bremen v SV DarmstadtX2.00L1.931.90433.50369.75
27/02/16Wimbledon v OxfordX2.00L1.971.90435.40370.70
28/02/16Heracles v RodaX2.00L1.971.90437.30371.65
28/02/16Utrecht v FeyenoordX2.00L1.86-1.72435.58370.79
28/02/16Udinese v VeronaX2.00L1.951.90437.48371.74
29/02/16FC Midtjylland v AaBX2.00L1.91-1.82435.66370.83
29/02/16Fenerbache v BesiktasX2.00L1.931.90437.56371.78
29/02/16Sogndal v TromsoX2.00L1.971.90439.46372.73
01/03/16Greuther Furth v Union BerlinX2.00L1.97-1.94437.52371.76
01/03/16Hannover v WolfsburgX2.00L1.93-1.86435.66370.83
01/03/16Albion v StenhousemuirX2.00L1.911.90437.56371.78
02/03/16Malaga v ValenciaX2.00L1.881.90439.46372.73
02/03/16Rio Av v BragaX2.00L1.99-1.98437.48371.74
02/03/16Schalke v HamburgX2.00L1.931.90439.38372.69
04/03/16Austria Lustenau v St PoltenX2.00L1.97-1.94437.44371.72
04/03/16Austria Salzburg v FC Weiner NeustadtX2.00L1.91-1.82435.62370.81
04/03/16Mersin Yurdu v SivassporX2.00L1.93-1.86433.76369.88
05/03/16Union Berlin v FSV FrankfurtX2.00L1.90-1.80431.96368.98
05/03/16Bursaspor v RizesporX2.00L1.901.90433.86369.93
05/03/16Barnet v HartlepoolX2.00L1.971.90435.76370.88
06/03/16Kasimpasa v AntalysporX2.00L1.89-1.78433.98369.99
06/03/16Nijmegen v HeraclesX2.00L1.991.90435.88370.94
06/03/16Bochum v Arminia BielefeldX2.00L1.99-1.98433.90369.95
07/03/16Adanaspor v Kayseri ErciyessporX2.00L1.911.90435.80370.90
07/03/16St Gallen v GrasshoppersX2.00L1.831.90437.70371.85
08/03/16Hull v ArsenalX2.00L1.921.90439.60372.80
08/03/16Berwick v ArbroathX2.00L1.96-1.92437.68371.84
08/03/16Bristol Rovers v WimbledonX2.00L1.911.90439.58372.79
10/03/16FC Basel v SevillaX2.00L1.97-1.94437.64371.82
10/03/16Shaktar v AnderlechtX2.00L1.951.90439.54372.77
10/03/16A Bilbao v ValenciaX2.00L1.81-1.62437.92371.96
11/03/16FC Tokyo v KobeX2.00L1.94-1.88436.04371.02
11/03/16FAC Team Fur Wien v Austria LustenauX2.00L1.981.90437.94371.97
11/03/16Trabzonspor v Mersin Idman YurduX2.00L1.921.90439.84372.92
12/03/16Kashiwa v IwataX2.00L1.981.90441.74373.87
12/03/16Duisburg v Union BerlinX2.00L1.98-1.96439.78372.89
12/03/16Samsunspor v AlanyesporX2.00L1.971.90441.68373.84
13/03/16Lyngby v SkiveX2.00L1.95-1.90439.78372.89
13/03/16Young Boys v SionX2.00L1.97-1.94437.84371.92
13/03/16Vitesse v FeyenoordX2.00L1.971.90439.74372.87
14/03/16Austria Lustenau v Lask LinzX2.00L1.941.90441.64373.82
14/03/16Antalyaspor v BursasporX2.00L1.90-1.80439.84372.92

Trial One Summary

David banked £87.84 profit at 18.7% ROI during the three month trial.

This worked out as 43.92 points profit from the £2 stakes and, as you can see below, increasing stake size would have had a dramatic effect on returns:

  • £2 per point / £352 starting bank: +£87.84
  • £5 per point / £880 starting bank: +£219.60
  • £10 per point / £1760 starting bank: +£439.92
  • £25 per point / £4400 starting bank: +£1098
  • £50 per point / £8800 starting bank: +£2196
  • £100 per point / £17600 starting bank: +£4392

Football Bankbuilder is very much a set-and-forget system and ideal for anyone who is short of time. It only takes a matter of minutes to select the daily bets and place them.

Match selections are made by each individual user, so everybody using the system will have different results. The authors do suggest certain types of leagues and matches to avoid, which is helpful.

With a total profit of 43.92 points in the bank, Football Bankbuilder deserves to be added to our list of passed systems.

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  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 4.5 stars

Football Bankbuilder is football lay betting system we reviewed for three months. Read our full review and see the profits made by this lay betting tipster here

66 thoughts on “Football Bankbuilder Review: Lay Betting System”

  1. Hi, nice to see that footballbankbuilder get pass from you. I want to pay for tjis system but have one question. Can I use this system just in Betfair or I have to use and some other bookmakers too? I asking that because I am from Bulgaria and now can place my bets only in Betfair.

  2. Did your guy ignore the match odds liquidity guideline? I see a lot of fixtures in the posted results which probably wouldn’t have managed to reach it prior to KO.

    • Hi David, response from Dave who reviewed the product: “I felt that a liquidity of £2000 was sufficient for bets of this size and used that as a rough rule of thumb (same as Goal Profits). The main leagues met these criteria as they are the ones that people stake money on and therefore, they feature more prominently than others. Each individual will perhaps choose different matches based on the core criteria and for various reasons, (e.g. I know nothing at all about Russian League 3 football) leave out some of the choices in favour of others “

  3. Thanks,

    I’m a month in, adhering to the liquidity guidelines and using high/low with the recommendations from its creator Jerome which allows more than one game to be bet on at a time. So far I’m £34 down on a £1000 bank after 94 bets. No sign of any real upwards movement.

    I will stick with it as perhaps this month being a mixture of end of season plus Scandi/Russian games is uncharacteristic. However I may go back to waiting for the outcome of one match before betting on another (as per Andrew/Matt) if things don’t pick up in Months 2 & 3.

  4. hi, i have this system and i have started trading out when there is no chance of the score coming in. Maybe a few pence but as gp states try and control your losses so i guess over time the few pence will soon add up.

  5. Great system once the hi/lo algorithm kicks in, currently on £1,344 from a £1,000 and all in a safe environment with no massive risk. One of best footie methods i’ve used for a long time. Hats off to the hi/lo developer.

    • Hi Martin, We recently did another two months worth of testing Football Bankbuilder selections and I will be analysing the results soon, so keep an eye out for an update.

    • Hi Scott, we did do some more testing – 99 bets using £2 base stakes, that resulted in a loss of £0.07 using the fibonacci staking and a profit of £13.99 using the two steps back plan. The high/low staking is still our favourite out of all of them as it is lower risk than the recovery types.

  6. Yes the high low staking plan is excellent for this one with no loss chasing either! The fib sequence for me made +17 points so cant understand the above? although i stick to the big leagues as advised seem more reliable so that may be the difference

  7. Really interested in this system. One question: Is the revelation staking plan the same as the high/low? If so, do we get both when purchasing the system?

    • The high/low staking plan is called “Profit Booster” and according to the updated sales page usually costs an extra £37, but is currently free of charge for a limited amount of customers. We are not sure about the “Revelation” staking plan, but we will contact the authors to find out and let you know.

    • Hi Alberto, There’s nothing new to report as there haven’t been any notable changes to the system since our review and our original rating still stands.

  8. Hi. I just approached football trading. Is Football BankBuilder a strategy for someone which is relatively new to football trading? As far as I understand it seems a pretty automated strategy, right?

    • Hi Alessandro, Football Bankbuilder is a set-and-forget system rather than a trading one. It is very simple to use, you just need to place between 1 and 3 lay bets each day.

    • Hi Daisy, This is a standalone system in the form of an e-book. There isn’t a trial, as once you have bought it, you would know how to operate the system.

  9. Hi Laura,

    Do you have any idea of the system performance in 2020, the last check in was 2018. Just wondering whether it has been dealt a blow by no crowds etc. Apologies, not knowing the system, it may be that this is a moot concern.

    I am always interested in s&f systems so would appreciate any update you do have.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Richard, I would not have thought this would have had an effect on the system, but it is a good question. I will look at doing some testing of the system again and update the review.


    • Hi Boris, Not at the moment but as a few people have requested it, I will add it to my list. I can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t still be working, but let’s make sure.

    • Hi Kev, This isn’t something I can do as it would pretty much give away the system. Also, it hasn’t been tested for long enough to be sure it’s ok to use out of test mode.

      • Laura, what about if I proved to you that I own ‘Football Bank Builder’ I can send an email to yourself with all the relevant information?
        I own Bet Bot Manager and using that would help me to automate this all process.

        • Hi Kev, As I haven’t tested it for long enough, I wouldn’t feel comfortable sending the file over to anyone else, but as there aren’t many filters it’s quite an easy one to set up on Bet Bot Manager yourself. I would stick to test mode first though to make sure it’s working right.

          • Thanks Laura.
            I have set it up with Bet Bot Manager now.
            Looks great when a bot does things for you.
            Now where’s my cup of coffee? That silly robot hasn’t even made me one yet!!! LOL!!! 🙂

        • Hi Guys,

          I have had the system awhile & have recently purchased BF Bot Manager but struggling to set the filters up correctly. Would either you consider sharing your BF Bot strategy file if I can prove to you I have purchased the system?

          Many thanks

  10. Hi Laura thanks for this.

    Quick question, for your trial 2, see you using the fibonnaci or the high low algorithm. If the former, quite impressive that you managed 163 bets in a month ( I already own the system by the way). Would be good to see a spreadsheet of your results of trial 2 month 1 if available. Many thanks

    • Hi Jay, Yes, I’m using the fibonacci. Unfortunately I can’t really share my results as it may give the system away. As the bot has been taking care of betting, it can squeeze in more bets. As soon as a bet is settled it can immediately place the next one.

  11. Hi Laura, Great to see you revisiting this system and to see it is still profitable. I am just getting starting with it and am also going to automate using BF Bot Manager.

    Can you point me in the direction of a tutorial for automating a strategy to fire on a market when conditions on another market are met? So far my strategies don’t do this, any advice warmly received! Many thanks!


    • Hi Jon,
      I don’t know about a tutorial but it should be in the manual. I found it under “Selection Conditions” then “Bet if specific market selection is within set price range”.
      Hope this helps!

  12. Hi, would you be able to share the actual selections for the 3 months trial? I believe the ones shown are the ones from the previous review from 2016. I personally tried the system but failed to make profit in the last 2 months so I would be curious to see which games you selected.


    • Hi Yannick, As the selections are automatically chosen by the bot based on the system filters, they could potentially be different for everyone so I’m not sure that sharing mine would be helpful to you. Which of the staking methods are you using?

    • Yannick, stop trying. The system can’t be winning even theoretically. This is very sad that such professional and understanding people as Goal Profits team recommend this.

  13. Hi Laura, thanks for the swift reply. I am using the High/low one but as I am getting started have only recorded “low” bets for the first 45 days until the system staking can kick in. Using the bot for it sounds tempting though, would this be complicated for someone with no betting bot experience setting this up?

  14. Hi Laura, thanks for the swift reply. I use the High/low algorithm but so far only placed “low” bets as it takes 45 days of recording bets before the system kicks in. Setting this up on a betting robot sounds great though, would this be complicated without any prior experience with bots?

    • I’m not sure the High/Low method could be automated at the moment, but it might be worth contacting BF Bot Manager to see what they can do. They often adapt the software to incorporate different staking plans on request. Let me know how you get on with it.

  15. So with the bot manager you are level staking or progressive? Which staking was used for the 3 months trial now? I was under the impression you also used high low at one point

    • We did complete a trial using the High/Low method back in 2015 and made 43.92 points profit, so it was a pass. After receiving quite a few queries on whether the system still worked, we decided to run a re-trial but this time we are using fibonacci staking plan A so that we can automate it.

  16. Yes Laura your spot on as the rules say so long as there is no price gapping between back and lay side so can be used on lower liquidity matches but i stick with top leagues..It even gets an edge on level stakes laying which is re -assuring!

  17. I love this method been using it for 7 years and started on £2.00p stakes ! Dont scoff! As now upto £30 and its excellent. Use it on top leagues and you cant go wrong! Good work! Jay

  18. Hi! I am very interested and I would like to buy the system, but it looks like there are two different football bank builder websites with different prices. Which one should I use?

  19. Hi Laura, I have been using the Fibonacci system and the High/Low in tandem. I recently got hit with a losing run on the Fibonacci system and even without coming close to wiping out your bank it still gives it quite a big hit, especially if the losing run continues into your next round (I had an 11 game losing run). I’ve been left feeling that this is a little too close to Martingale for my liking. The high/low algorithm seems to work better for me.

  20. Hi. I’m on a trial with BF Bot manager right now and think I’ll be signing up. Is there any way to get access to your automation for FBB? I don’t know if its on the forum – they haven’t approved me yet.

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