PounceBet Review: Automated Betfair System

PounceBet is a Betfair betting system for football and tennis that can be fully automated with the Auto Pounce feature.

The system is based on backing strong favourites at higher odds in-play when they are at a disadvantage in the game, with the hope that they will come back and go on to win.

The PounceBet app is available on iOS and Android devices. They are a certified Betfair partner so your Betfair account can be linked and bets placed directly through the app.

There are several triggers for bets, including drawing at half time or being a goal down in football matches, or being an early break down or a set down for tennis games.

The strategy can be tweaked to to suit various betting styles, with risk profiles from low to high. You can filter bets and stakes and choose whether you want the service to cash out bets (Expert mode) or you can just use the "Basic" strategy which doesn't cash out any bets at all.

Cashing out offers a lower risk strategy, but the team say that historically returns have proven to be higher by not cashing out.

This definitely turned out to be the case during our review, with a total profit of £861.93 at an ROI of 11.3% from straight betting using the bot.

The PounceBet Index

PounceBet have developed something called the PBI (PounceBet Index), which helps to calculate the chances of a team or player making a comeback.

Each "Pounce" contains a PBI, which is a number out of 100 calculated by their algorithm to show how much confidence there is in the market. The higher the number, the more confidence there is that the bet will win.

PounceBet claim that in 85% of cases, the odds drop after they send out a "Pounce". Since they became active in 2014, the table below shows the win % versus the PBI. As you can see, the higher the PBI or confidence rating, the higher the win rate.

PBI Above

Number of Bets

Win %
















The higher the PBI, the less bets there will be, but it will also be lower risk as a higher percentage of the bets will be profitable.

We initially set up Auto Pounce using the cash out method and then went on to try the service without any cash outs. It turned out that not cashing out delivered much more favourable results.

In the end we decided that based on using the basic strategy and not cashing out, the service was worthy of a pass rating.

Review Summary

When we first started our PounceBet review, we hadn't been too sure on what settings to use so we decided to take a conservative approach. We set up Auto Pounce to cash out our bets at a certain point, rather than letting the bet run.

We were advised that a bank:stake ratio of 10:1 should be used, so the results below are based on a £1,000 starting bank and £100 staked on each pounce.

Although the conservative approach using Expert mode had turned out to be profitable, using the Basic settings delivered far better results.

Leaving the Auto Pounce bot to place bets without any cash outs would have resulted in a total profit of £861.93 at an ROI of 11.3%.

The lower risk cashing out strategy that we had chosen to use gave us a profit of £185.40 at an ROI of 2.4%, so you can easily see that just letting the bot place straight bets was a much more favourable strategy.

Key Stats

With Cash OutWithout Cash Out
Number of Bets7377
Total Stakes£7,700.00 £7,700.00
Profit/Loss (£100 stakes)£185.40£861.93
Strike Rate68.5%70.1%
Overall Bank Growth18.5%86.2%
Bank (£1,000 starting)£1,185.40 £1,861.93

Results - Without Cash Outs (Basic strategy)

DateFixtureSelectionTriggerStakePounce OddsP/LTotal
06/10/2020Svitolina v PodoroskaElina SvitolinaEarly break down£100.001.67-£100.00£900.00
13/10/2020Germany v SwitzerlandGermanyGoal down£100.002.14-£100.00£800.00
13/10/2020Flamengo v GoiasFlamengoGoal down£100.001.68£66.64£866.64
13/10/2020Flamengo v GoiasFlamengoDrawing at half time£100.001.41£40.18£906.82
15/10/2020Hanfmann v RuudCasper RuudEarly break down£100.001.79-£100.00£806.82
15/10/2020Humbert v RublevAndrey RublevSet down£100.001.93£91.14£897.96
15/10/2020Khachanov v KaratsevKaren KhachanovEarly break down£100.001.63£61.74£959.70
17/10/2020Real Madrid v CadizReal MadridGoal down£100.001.95-£100.00£859.70
17/10/2020Crotone v JuventusJuventusDrawing at half time£100.001.96-£100.00£759.70
20/10/2020Rybakina v KasatkinaElena RybakinaEarly break down£100.002.00-£100.00£659.70
21/10/2020Azarenka v KrejcikovaVictoria AzarenkaEarly break down£100.001.64£62.72£722.42
21/10/2020Dimitrov v AndujarGrigor DimitrovSet down£100.001.77£75.46£797.88
21/10/2020Kontaveit v Sorribes TormoAnett KontaveitEarly break down£100.001.70-£100.00£697.88
22/10/2020Ziz Bergs v KhachanovKaren KhachanovSet down£100.001.69£67.62£765.50
22/10/2020Goffin v GironDavid GoffinEarly break down£100.001.93-£100.00£665.50
23/10/2020Davidovich Fokina v SchwartzmanDiego SchwartzmanEarly break down£100.001.63£61.74£727.24
24/10/2020Dortmund v Schalke 04DortmundDrawing at half time£100.001.39£38.22£765.46
24/10/2020Liverpool v Sheff UtdLiverpoolGoal down£100.001.61£59.78£825.24
25/10/2020Juventus v VeronaJuventusDrawing at half time£100.001.99-£100.00£725.24
28/10/2020Tsitsipas v StruffStefanos TsitsipasSet down£100.002.36£133.28£858.52
28/10/2020Dortmund v Zenit St PetersburgDortmundDrawing at half time£100.001.49£48.02£906.54
29/10/2020Benfica v StandardBenficaDrawing at half time£100.001.62£60.76£967.30
31/10/2020Arminia Bielefeld v DortmundDortmundDrawing at half time£100.001.60£58.80£1,026.10
31/10/2020Ajax v Fortuna SittardAjaxGoal down£100.001.27£26.46£1,052.56
04/11/2020Nadal v LopezRafael NadalEarly break down£100.001.22£21.56£1,074.12
04/11/2020Nadal v LopezRafael NadalSet down£100.001.50£49.00£1,123.12
05/11/2020Arsenal v MoldeArsenalDrawing at half time£100.001.44£43.12£1,166.24
05/11/2020Chelsea v Sheff UtdChelseaGoal down£100.001.99£97.02£1,263.26
07/11/2020Sao Paulo v GoiasSao PauloDrawing at half time£100.001.44£43.12£1,306.38
08/11/2020Porto v PortimonensePortoGoal down£100.001.79£77.42£1,383.80
10/11/2020Sabalenka v PaoliniAryna SabalenkaEarly break down£100.001.31£30.38£1,414.18
11/11/2020Kalinina v MertensElise MertensEarly break down£100.001.26£25.48£1,439.66
13/11/2020Sabalenka v DodinAryna SabalenkaEarly break down£100.001.64£62.72£1,502.38
14/11/2020Germany v UkraineGermanyGoal down£100.001.79£77.42£1,579.80
16/11/2020Djokovic v SchwartzmanNovak DjokovicEarly break down£100.001.26£25.48£1,605.28
22/11/2020Sparta Prague v Ceske BudejoviceSparta PragueDrawing at half time£100.001.75-£100.00£1,505.28
24/11/2020Juventus v FerencvarosJuventusGoal down£100.001.67£65.66£1,570.94
24/11/2020Juventus v FerencvarosJuventusDrawing at half time£100.001.41£40.18£1,611.12
01/12/2020Atalanta v MidtjyllandAtalantaGoal down£100.001.71-£100.00£1,511.12
05/12/2020Plzen v MFK KarvinaPlzenGoal down£100.002.68-£100.00£1,411.12
05/12/2020Atletico Madrid v ValladolidAtletico MadridDrawing at half time£100.001.88£86.24£1,497.36
05/12/2020Club Brugge v Sint TruidenClub BruggeDrawing at half time£100.001.74£72.52£1,569.88
05/12/2020Porto v TondelaPortoGoal down£100.001.96£94.08£1,663.96
10/12/2020Tottenham v AntwerpTottenhamDrawing at half time£100.001.59£57.82£1,721.78
13/12/2020Genoa v JuventusJuventusDrawing at half time£100.001.50£49.00£1,770.78
13/12/2020Barcelona v LevanteBarcelonaDrawing at half time£100.001.48£47.04£1,817.82
15/12/2020Man City v West BromMan CityDrawing at half time£100.001.30-£100.00£1,717.82
19/12/2020RB Leipzig v FC KolnRB LeipzigDrawing at half time£100.001.66-£100.00£1,617.82
19/12/2020Sporting Lisbon v FarenseSporting LisbonDrawing at half time£100.001.58£56.84£1,674.66
20/12/2020Inter v SpeziaInterDrawing at half time£100.001.45£44.10£1,718.76
22/12/2020PSV v VVV VenloPSVDrawing at half time£100.001.38£37.24£1,756.00
27/12/2020Genk v Waasland-BeverenGenkDrawing at half time£100.001.65-£100.00£1,656.00
30/12/2020Newcastle v LiverpoolLiverpoolDrawing at half time£100.001.52-£100.00£1,556.00
03/01/2021Inter v CrotoneInterGoal down£100.001.51£49.98£1,605.98
03/01/2021Inter v CrotoneInterDrawing at half time£100.001.45£44.10£1,650.08
08/01/2021Benfica v TondelaBenficaDrawing at half time£100.001.27£26.46£1,676.54
09/01/2021Adrian Andreev v De MinaurAlex De MinaurEarly break down£100.001.19£18.62£1,695.16
16/01/2021Dortmund v MainzDortmundDrawing at half time£100.001.42-£100.00£1,595.16
16/01/2021Angers v Paris St-GParis St-GDrawing at half time£100.001.57£55.86£1,651.02
17/01/2021Atalanta v GenoaAtalantaDrawing at half time£100.001.54-£100.00£1,551.02
17/01/2021Lyon v MetzLyonDrawing at half time£100.001.64-£100.00£1,451.02
20/01/2021Man City v Aston VillaMan CityDrawing at half time£100.001.51£49.98£1,501.00
23/01/2021MFK Karvina v Slavia PragueSlavia PragueDrawing at half time£100.001.69£67.62£1,568.62
26/01/2021Emmen v PSVPSVDrawing at half time£100.001.58£56.84£1,625.46
26/01/2021Braga v Gil VicenteBragaDrawing at half time£100.001.94£92.12£1,717.58
28/01/2021Ajax v Willem IIAjaxDrawing at half time£100.001.28£27.44£1,745.02
30/01/2021Dinamo Zagreb v SibenikDinamo ZagrebDrawing at half time£100.001.52-£100.00£1,645.02
31/01/2021Lorient v Paris St-GParis St-GDrawing at half time£100.001.39-£100.00£1,545.02
31/01/2021Atletico MG v Fortaleza ECAtletico MGDrawing at half time£100.001.79£77.42£1,622.44
02/02/2021Aryna Sabalenka v Kaia KanepiAryna SabalenkaEarly break down£100.001.28-£100.00£1,522.44
03/02/2021Katie Boulter v Naomi OsakaNaomi OsakaSet down£100.001.77£73.15£1,595.59
03/02/2021Jessica Pegula v Sofia KeninSofia KeninSet down£100.003.10£199.50£1,795.09
03/02/2021Rublev v NishiokaAndrey RublevEarly break down£100.001.25£23.75£1,818.84
09/02/2021Sofia Kenin v Maddison InglisSofia KeninEarly break down£100.001.19£18.05£1,836.89
09/02/2021Mladenovic v SakkariMaria SakkariEarly break down£100.001.28-£100.00£1,736.89
09/02/2021Real Madrid v GetafeReal MadridDrawing at half time£100.001.83£81.34£1,818.23
10/02/2021Sabalenka v KasatkinaAryna SabalenkaEarly break down£100.001.46£43.70£1,861.93

Results - With Cash Outs (Expert strategy)

06/10/2020Svitolina v PodoroskaElina Svitolina£100.00-£100.00£900.00
13/10/2020Germany v SwitzerlandGermany£100.00-£100.00£800.00
13/10/2020Flamengo v GoiasFlamengo£100.00£80.80£880.80
15/10/2020Hanfmann v RuudCasper Ruud£100.00-£100.00£780.80
15/10/2020Humbert v RublevAndrey Rublev£100.00£64.50£845.30
15/10/2020Khachanov v KaratsevKaren Khachanov£100.00£55.60£900.90
17/10/2020Real Madrid v CadizReal Madrid£100.00-£100.00£800.90
17/10/2020Crotone v JuventusJuventus£100.00-£100.00£700.90
20/10/2020Rybakina v KasatkinaElena Rybakina£100.00-£100.00£600.90
21/10/2020Azarenka v KrejcikovaVictoria Azarenka£100.00£56.50£657.40
21/10/2020Dimitrov v AndujarGrigor Dimitrov£100.00£52.80£710.20
21/10/2020Kontaveit v Sorribes TormoAnett Kontaveit£100.00-£100.00£610.20
22/10/2020Ziz Bergs v KhachanovKaren Khachanov£100.00£47.30£657.50
22/10/2020Goffin v GironDavid Goffin£100.00-£100.00£557.50
23/10/2020Davidovich Fokina v SchwartzmanDiego Schwartzman£100.00£55.60£613.10
24/10/2020Dortmund v Schalke 04Dortmund£100.00£28.10£641.20
24/10/2020Liverpool v Sheff UtdLiverpool£100.00£48.10£689.30
25/10/2020Juventus v VeronaJuventus£100.00-£100.00£589.30
28/10/2020Tsitsipas v StruffStefanos Tsitsipas£100.00£93.10£682.40
28/10/2020Dortmund v Zenit St PetersburgDortmund£100.00£36.00£718.40
29/10/2020Benfica v StandardBenfica£100.00£45.10£763.50
31/10/2020Arminia Bielefeld v DortmundDortmund£100.00£45.50£809.00
31/10/2020Ajax v Fortuna SittardAjax£100.00£18.80£827.80
04/11/2020Nadal v LopezRafael Nadal£200.00£53.60£881.40
05/11/2020Arsenal v MoldeArsenal£100.00£32.60£914.00
05/11/2020Chelsea v Sheff UtdChelsea£100.00£78.60£992.60
07/11/2020Sao Paulo v GoiasSao Paulo£100.00£32.60£1,025.20
08/11/2020Porto v PortimonensePorto£100.00£63.20£1,088.40
10/11/2020Sabalenka v PaoliniAryna Sabalenka£100.00£27.80£1,116.20
11/11/2020Kalinina v MertensElise Mertens£100.00£24.00£1,140.20
13/11/2020Sabalenka v DodinAryna Sabalenka£100.00£55.60£1,195.80
14/11/2020Germany v UkraineGermany£100.00£56.60£1,252.40
16/11/2020Djokovic v SchwartzmanNovak Djokovic£100.00£23.00£1,275.40
22/11/2020Sparta Prague v Ceske BudejoviceSparta Prague£100.00-£100.00£1,175.40
24/11/2020Juventus v FerencvarosJuventus£200.00£82.10£1,257.50
01/12/2020Atalanta v MidtjyllandAtalanta£100.00-£100.00£1,157.50
05/12/2020Plzen v MFK KarvinaPlzen£100.00-£100.00£1,057.50
05/12/2020Atletico Madrid v ValladolidAtletico Madrid£100.00£63.30£1,120.80
05/12/2020Club Brugge v Sint TruidenClub Brugge£100.00£53.40£1,174.20
05/12/2020Porto v TondelaPorto£100.00£75.90£1,250.10
10/12/2020Tottenham v AntwerpTottenham£100.00£43.60£1,293.70
13/12/2020Genoa v JuventusJuventus£100.00£36.80£1,330.50
13/12/2020Barcelona v LevanteBarcelona£100.00£35.10£1,365.60
15/12/2020Man City v West BromMan City£100.00-£100.00£1,265.60
19/12/2020RB Leipzig v FC KolnRB Leipzig£100.00-£100.00£1,165.60
19/12/2020Sporting Lisbon v FarenseSporting Lisbon£100.00£42.70£1,208.30
20/12/2020Inter v SpeziaInter£100.00£44.10£1,252.40
22/12/2020PSV v VVV VenloPSV£100.00£28.30£1,280.70
27/12/2020Genk v Waasland-BeverenGenk£100.00-£100.00£1,180.70
30/12/2020Newcastle v LiverpoolLiverpool£100.00-£100.00£1,080.70
03/01/2021Inter v CrotoneInter£200.00£73.90£1,154.60
08/01/2021Benfica v TondelaBenfica£100.00£19.40£1,174.00
09/01/2021Adrian Andreev v De MinaurAlex De Minaur£100.00£16.40£1,190.40
16/01/2021Dortmund v MainzDortmund£100.00-£100.00£1,090.40
16/01/2021Angers v Paris St-GParis St-G£100.00£41.00£1,131.40
17/01/2021Atalanta v GenoaAtalanta£100.00-£100.00£1,031.40
17/01/2021Lyon v MetzLyon£100.00-£100.00£931.40
20/01/2021Man City v Aston VillaMan City£100.00£37.70£969.10
23/01/2021MFK Karvina v Slavia PragueSlavia Prague£100.00£46.80£1,015.90
26/01/2021Emmen v PSVPSV£100.00£42.70£1,058.60
26/01/2021Braga v Gil VicenteBraga£100.00£68.80£1,127.40
28/01/2021Ajax v Willem IIAjax£100.00£20.40£1,147.80
30/01/2021Dinamo Zagreb v SibenikDinamo Zagreb£100.00-£100.00£1,047.80
31/01/2021Lorient v Paris St-GParis St-G£100.00-£100.00£947.80
31/01/2021Atletico MG v Fortaleza ECAtletico MG£100.00£58.60£1,006.40
02/02/2021Aryna Sabalenka v Kaia KanepiAryna Sabalenka£100.00-£100.00£906.40
03/02/2021Katie Boulter v Naomi OsakaNaomi Osaka£100.00£51.20£957.60
03/02/2021Jessica Pegula v Sofia KeninSofia Kenin£100.00£138.70£1,096.30
03/02/2021Rublev v NishiokaAndrey Rublev£100.00£21.40£1,117.70
09/02/2021Sofia Kenin v Maddison InglisSofia Kenin£100.00£15.90£1,133.60
09/02/2021Mladenovic v SakkariMaria Sakkari£100.00-£48.70£1,084.90
09/02/2021Real Madrid v GetafeReal Madrid£100.00£60.80£1,145.70
10/02/2021Sabalenka v KasatkinaAryna Sabalenka£100.00£39.70£1,185.40

Based on the basic strategy results without any cash outs, we were happy to give a pass rating to the service.

We don't feel that there would be enough profit using the conservative approach, however, it may be that as it is lower risk, a bigger starting bank could be used.

It's down to personal preference and the amount of risk you're comfortable with, but we felt comfortable enough using the basic strategy.

We recommend taking a look at PounceBet if you are looking for something that you can just switch on and do all the betting for you.

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  • Last modified: 29th February 2024

PounceBet Auto Pounce is an automated Betfair betting app that trades profitable opportunities in-play. We made £861.93 profit from it in our four month review!

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