Bets For Today VIP Review: Month One Update

Bets For Today VIP Review

Bets For Today have been giving out free racing and football tips since 2016 and they have performed ridiculously well. 

They have been doing so well that Steve Trow, who runs the site, has decided to offer a VIP service that couples these tips with some other great value betting opportunities.

The great thing is, you can still get access to these tips free of charge with the VIP Bronze package. However, for our review we are going to be taking a look at the VIP Platinum package to see what else there is to offer at the top level.

Results from the website show that the Bronze level has made £4,066.70 profit since inception, whereas the Platinum level has made £14,269.78 profit. This is based on £20 per point stakes and 20p each-way for the Lucky 15 bets.

Here is a comparison of what each VIP level includes:

Bets For Today VIP Review - Pricing Options

This means for the VIP Platinum service, there are an extra five horse racing systems and two football systems, plus all of the other extras mentioned above.

We will be recording results from all the Platinum bets over the next few months and will report back with our results on a monthly basis.

We are looking forward to seeing how this portfolio of systems performs and hope to see a steady profit each month.

Month One Update

It was an excellent start to our Bets For Today VIP review with 40.23 points profit altogether across the five systems that we had been following.

We were particularly impressed with the Each Way Earner system, which was on a great run. It had hit several 14/1 winners and added 24.04 points profit to the bank.

The Nap of the Day bets had also been performing well with 13.37 points profit for the month.

Key Stats

Each Way Earner24.04
Football Tips-3.28
Horse Racing Double7.23
Lucky 15-1.13
Nap of the day13.37
 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets120120
Total Stakes (pts)116.8116.8
Profit/Loss (pts)44.540.23
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£445.00£402.30
Strike Rate44.2%43.3%
Overall Bank Growth44.5%40.2%
Bank (100pt starting)144.50140.23


DateFixtureSelectionSystemTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
22/10/202116:25 DoncasterTommassoEach Way Earner1.00Yes26.00-1.0099.00
22/10/202113:55 CheltenhamCamprondNap of the day1.00No1.220.2299.22
22/10/2021Lucky 15 e/wLucky 15 e/wLucky 150.30No-0.3098.92
23/10/2021Wycombe & Bournemouth to winDoubleFootball Tips1.00No2.491.49100.41
23/10/2021Wycombe, Bournemouth & Sunderland to winTrebleFootball Tips1.00No4.16-1.0099.41
23/10/2021Wycombe, Bournemouth, Sunderland & Coventry to winAccaFootball Tips1.00No7.65-1.0098.41
23/10/202117:04 KelsoBroadway JoeEach Way Earner1.00Yes6.503.44101.85
23/10/202120:00 Chelmsford CityEmblem EmpireNap of the day1.00No2.381.38103.23
23/10/2021Lucky 15 e/wLucky 15 e/wLucky 150.30No-0.10103.13
24/10/202114:17 GalwayPeaches And CreamEach Way Earner1.00Yes12.00-1.00102.13
24/10/202115:55 WincantonMon FrereNap of the day1.00No1.670.67102.80
25/10/2021Ludogorets Razgrad & UTA Arad to winDoubleFootball Tips1.00No3.002.00104.80
25/10/202117:25 NewcastleJomontEach Way Earner1.00Yes15.008.40113.20
25/10/202113:10 WexfordLevel NeverendingNap of the day1.00No1.67-1.00112.20
25/10/2021The Player Queen & Sauce of LiveDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No2.741.23113.43
26/10/202113:00 CatterickLotus RoseEach Way Earner1.00Yes8.500.25113.68
26/10/202114:48 Bangor on DeeRepresenting BobNap of the day1.00No2.101.10114.78
26/10/2021Mr Glass & Stage StarDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No2.101.10115.88
27/10/202118:15 KemptonBibulousEach Way Earner1.00Yes12.00-1.00114.88
27/10/202115:05 TauntonSoul IconNap of the day1.00No1.83-1.00113.88
28/10/202115:05 Ffos LasIron BridgeEach Way Earner1.00Yes15.008.40122.28
28/10/202114:40 StratfordCall of the WildNap of the day1.00No1.91-1.00121.28
29/10/202113:10 Down RoyalHollow GamesNap of the day1.00No1.330.33121.61
30/10/2021Liverpool & Man City to winDoubleFootball Tips1.00No1.50-1.00120.61
30/10/2021Liverpool, Man City & Chelsea to winTrebleFootball Tips1.00No2.17-1.00119.61
30/10/2021Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea & Real Madrid to winAccaFootball Tips1.00No3.33-1.00118.61
30/10/202113:48 NewmarketHigh FibreEach Way Earner1.00Yes7.003.60122.21
30/10/202115:25 Down RoyalEnvoi AllenNap of the day1.00No1.400.40122.61
30/10/2021Minella Plus and Tamar Bridge to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No7.356.35128.96
30/10/2021Lucky 15 e/wLucky 15 e/wLucky 150.30No-0.24128.72
31/10/2021Monchengladbach & Atletico Madrid to winDoubleFootball Tips1.00No2.221.22129.94
31/10/2021Monchengladbach, Atletico Madrid & Leeds to winTrebleFootball Tips1.00No4.613.61133.55
31/10/2021Monchengladbach, Atletico Madrid, Leeds & Monaco to winAccaFootball Tips1.00No8.12-1.00132.55
31/10/202113:00 NaasEastern WindEach Way Earner1.00Yes15.00-1.00131.55
31/10/202114:45 NaasWuqoodNap of the day1.00No2.20-1.00130.55
01/11/2021UNDER 2.5 Goals (UTA Arad v Targoviste) & Lecce to winDoubleFootball Tips1.00No2.091.09131.64
01/11/2021UNDER 2.5 Goals (UTA Arad v Targoviste) & Lecce & Monza to winTrebleFootball Tips1.00No3.242.24133.88
01/11/2021UNDER 2.5 Goals (UTA Arad v Targoviste) & Lecce & Monza & Ternana to winAccaFootball Tips1.00No5.95-1.00132.88
01/11/202113:25 HerefordMilitiadesEach Way Earner1.00Yes17.001.10133.98
01/11/202116:30 WolverhamptonAl BarezNap of the day1.00No2.501.50135.48
01/11/2021Miss Marble & Royal Pretender to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No2.431.43136.91
02/11/202114:10 RedcarFirst ImpressionEach Way Earner1.00Yes19.001.30138.21
02/11/202115:30 NewcastleMutaraafeqNap of the day1.00No1.530.53138.74
02/11/2021Three Stripe Life & Howzak to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No2.201.20139.94
03/11/202114:20 MusselburghArkynEach Way Earner1.00Yes15.00-1.00138.94
03/11/202114:45 KemptonConvectionNap of the day1.00No5.504.50143.44
03/11/2021Good Risk At All & Raasel to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No2.45-1.00142.44
04/11/202114:45 SedgefieldPure SurfEach Way Earner1.00Yes15.008.40150.84
04/11/202112:30 LudlowRainyDay WomanNap of the day1.00No1.50-1.00149.84
04/11/2021Celestial Force & Baron De Midleton to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No10.25-1.00148.84
05/11/202116:00 NewcastleMust Be RoyaleEach Way Earner1.00Yes13.000.70149.54
05/11/202114:10 HexhamCrack Du NinianNap of the day1.00No3.252.25151.79
05/11/2021World of Dreams & Millionaire Waltz to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No4.123.12154.91
06/11/2021Chelsea & BrentfordDoubleFootball Tips1.00No2.25-1.00153.91
06/11/2021Chelsea, Brentford & Bournemouth to winTrebleFootball Tips1.00No4.03-1.00152.91
06/11/2021Chelsea, Brentford, Bournemouth & West Brom to winAccaFootball Tips1.00No7.25-1.00151.91
06/11/202116:30 Chelmsford CityPettingerEach Way Earner1.00Yes19.00-1.00150.91
06/11/202112:25 KelsoMister WhitakerNap of the day1.00No1.400.40151.31
06/11/2021Lucky 15 e/wLucky 15 e/wLucky 150.60No-0.24151.07
07/11/2021Arsenal & Marseille to winDoubleFootball Tips1.00No2.06-1.00150.07
07/11/2021Arsenal, Marseille & Oxford United to winTrebleFootball Tips1.00No3.15-1.00149.07
07/11/202114:30 Ffos LasBowtogreatnessEach Way Earner1.00Yes15.00-1.00148.07
07/11/202114:10 SandownChantry HouseNap of the day1.00No1.360.36148.43
08/11/202112:50 KemptonAweedramEach Way Earner1.00Yes15.000.90149.33
08/11/202115:20 WolverhamptonResumptionNap of the day1.00No2.38-1.00148.33
09/11/202116:20 NewcastleBlack EchoEach Way Earner1.00Yes23.00-1.00147.33
09/11/202115:25 HerefordPeterboroughNap of the day1.00No5.50-1.00146.33
09/11/2021Le Chiffre Dor & Azure Blue to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No2.601.60147.93
10/11/202113:00 BangorVienna CourtEach Way Earner1.00Yes19.001.30149.23
10/11/202115:30 BangorBarrichelloNap of the day1.00No3.752.75151.98
10/11/2021Painless Potter & Hermes Boy to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No4.11-1.00150.98
11/11/2021Russia & Portugal to winDoubleFootball Tips1.00No1.59-1.00149.98
11/11/2021Russia, Portugal & Ecuador to winTrebleFootball Tips1.00No2.17-1.00148.98
11/11/202114:47 SedgefieldAkentrickEach Way Earner1.00Yes29.00-1.00147.98
11/11/202113:55 ClonmelMount IdaNap of the day1.00No2.101.10149.08
11/11/2021Fakir DOudaries & Bold Getaway to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No4.84-1.00148.08
12/11/2021Austria & England to winDoubleFootball Tips1.00No1.990.99149.07
12/11/202114:35 NewcastleKind ReviewEach Way Earner1.00Yes23.00-1.00148.07
12/11/202117:30 KemptonFirst OfficerNap of the day1.00No3.00-1.00147.07
12/11/2021Neo Soul & Tibbie Dunbar to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No3.51-1.00146.07
12/11/2021Lucky 15 e/wLucky 15 e/wLucky 150.30No-0.25145.82
13/11/2021Chesterfield & Torquay to winDoubleFootball Tips1.00No1.960.96146.78
13/11/2021Chesterfield, Torquay & Sheff Wed to winTrebleFootball Tips1.00No3.20-1.00145.78
13/11/2021Chesterfield, Torquay, Sheff Wed & Exeter to winAccaFootball Tips1.00No5.66-1.00144.78
13/11/202113:48 PunchestownHurricane CliffEach Way Earner1.00Yes15.00-1.00143.78
13/11/202112:15 WetherbyThunder RockNap of the day1.00No2.38-1.00142.78
13/11/2021Cape Gentleman & Minella Crooner to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No2.43-1.00141.78
14/11/2021Slovakia & Germany to winDoubleFootball Tips1.00No1.660.66142.44
14/11/2021Slovakia, Germany & Romania to winTrebleFootball Tips1.00No1.830.83143.27
14/11/2021Slovakia, Germany, Romania & Slovenia to winAccaFootball Tips1.00No2.521.52144.79
14/11/202112:20 CorkArdera RuEach Way Earner1.00Yes15.00-1.00143.79
14/11/202115:50 PunchestownCool SurvivorNap of the day1.00No2.00-1.00142.79
14/11/2021Wiseguy & Royal Kahala to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No6.30-1.00141.79
15/11/202113:00 LeicesterCall The FairiesEach Way Earner1.00Yes11.00-1.00140.79
15/11/202114:30 LeicesterLydfordNap of the day1.00No1.91-1.00139.79
15/11/2021Annual Invictus & Monarchofthegrange to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No1.460.46140.25
16/11/202112:20 LingfieldReallyradicalEach Way Earner1.00Yes21.00-1.00139.25
16/11/202115:15 LingfieldViva LavillaNap of the day1.00No2.881.88141.13
16/11/2021Soft Risk & Timeless Beauty to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No3.742.74143.87
17/11/202117:00 DundalkAll In The MindEach Way Earner1.00Yes21.00-1.00142.87
17/11/202114:00 Ffos LasNada to PradaNap of the day1.00No2.88-1.00141.87
17/11/2021Golan Cloud & Stellar SpiritDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No6.05-1.00140.87
18/11/202114:55 Market RasenEn CouleurEach Way Earner1.00Yes12.000.60141.47
18/11/202114:07 NewcastleBetty BalooNap of the day1.00No1.73-1.00140.47
18/11/2021Armattiekan & Kingfisher Lane to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No3.65-1.00139.47
19/11/202114:55 ChepstowCome On GruffEach Way Earner1.00Yes19.001.30140.77
19/11/202114:30 CatterickBrianna RoseNap of the day1.00No3.00-1.00139.77
19/11/2021Go Dante & Minella Trump to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No2.03-1.00138.77
20/11/2021Borussia Dortmund & Man Utd to winDoubleFootball Tips1.00No2.09-1.00137.77
20/11/2021Borussia Dortmund, Man Utd & Stoke to winTrebleFootball Tips1.00No3.31-1.00136.77
20/11/2021Borussia Dortmund, Man Utd, Stoke & Exeter to winAccaFootball Tips1.00No6.06-1.00135.77
20/11/202118:00 WolverhamptonState LegendEach Way Earner1.00Yes9.500.35136.12
20/11/202113:10 LingfieldDocumentingNap of the day1.00No3.502.50138.62
20/11/2021Pass Me By & Yantarni to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No2.20-1.00137.62
21/11/2021Man City & Feyenoord to winDoubleFootball Tips1.00No1.43-1.00136.62
21/11/2021Man City, Feyenoord & Real Madrid to winTrebleFootball Tips1.00No2.111.11137.73
21/11/2021Man City, Feyenoord, Real Madrid & Rangers to winAccaFootball Tips1.00No3.17-1.00136.73
21/11/202114:10 UttoxeterTea For FreeEach Way Earner1.00Yes8.50-1.00135.73
21/11/202114:50 NavanRun Wild FredNap of the day1.00No6.505.50141.23
21/11/2021Gazette Bourgeoise & Hollow Games to winDoubleHorse Racing Double1.00No2.40-1.00140.23

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