Racing Specialist Review: Horse Tipping Service

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Welcome to our Racing Specialist review, a horse racing tipping service from the Sports Betting Stars tipster platform


  • Clear emails with easy to follow tips
  • Cons

  • No reasoning behind selections
  • We have been tracking tips from the Racing Specialist service over the past three months and have finished with a total loss of 20.81 points at an ROI of -19.8%. The review got off to a bad start in the first month and unfortunately the service hasn't managed to recover from it in the two months that followed.

    The available odds that we recorded averaged at 4.37 and the vast majority of the selections were at odds of less than 5.00, so we would have expected to see a bit more consistency in results. There were several losing streaks throughout the review in excess of 12 losing bets in a row.

    Review Stats-20.81pts loss, -19.8% ROI, 19% SR
    Stakes Level 1 point stakes
    Starting bank 75 points
    Average no. betsApprox. 35 per month
    Time of emailsEvening 8.00-9.00pm
    Price14 day free trial then £29.99 per month, £79.99 per quarter or £299.99 per year

    Key Stats - Overall
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
    Number of Bets105105105
    Total Stakes (pts)105.00105.00105.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-19.75-20.81-33.24
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£197.50-£208.10-£332.40
    Average Odds4.464.374.64
    Strike Rate19.0%19.0%19.0%
    Overall Bank Growth-26.3%-27.7%-44.3%
    Bank (75pt starting)55.2554.1941.76

    Key Stats - Update Three
    DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
    30/11/20186.45 NewcastleMelgate Majuere1.003.752.7558.69
    30/11/20187.15 NewcastleAssimile1.003.50-1.0057.69
    04/12/20181.10 FakenhamNative Robin1.003.752.7560.44
    05/12/20188.15 NewcastleAnother Angel1.005.504.5064.94
    07/12/20181.00 ExeterVango De Vaige1.003.75-1.0063.94
    07/12/20182.25 SandownDown The Highway1.003.75-1.0062.94
    08/12/20181.00 AintreeMaheveous1.005.00-1.0061.94
    08/12/20183.15 AintreeForest des aiges1.007.00-1.0060.94
    08/12/20182.30 ChepstowRamses de teillee1.003.502.5063.44
    08/12/20183.25 WetherbyMergeela1.002.88-1.0062.44
    11/12/201812.50 SouthwellKommander Kirkup1.005.00-1.0061.44
    12/12/20186.45 KemptonSunblazer1.003.20-1.0060.44
    12/12/20187.15 KemptonViola Park1.004.003.0063.44
    13/12/20186.45 ChelmsfordAzzeccagarbugli1.005.50-1.0062.44
    14/12/20183.40 CheltenhamWorthy Farm1.005.00-1.0061.44
    18/12/201812.10 CatterickDanceintothelight1.003.75-1.0059.44
    18/12/20181.50 FakenhamEnjoy Responsibility1.003.50-1.0058.44
    19/12/20183.25 LingfieldPerfect Ridge1.003.50-1.0057.44
    19/12/20185.40 NewcastleTesta Rossa1.005.50-1.0056.44
    21/12/20186.45 WolverhamptonCorinthia Knight1.003.00-1.0055.44
    22/12/201812.35 LingfieldBecker1.003.25-1.0054.44
    26/12/201812.20 WincantonSouthfield1.004.00-1.0053.44
    26/12/201812.30 WetherbyInchclom1.004.33-1.0052.44
    26/12/20181.20 KemptonLough Derg Spirit1.005.00-1.0051.44
    27/12/20183.25 ChepstowYalltari1.003.752.7554.19


    It may be that we joined the service during a downturn and just got unlucky but as always, we can only judge by our experience during the review. Based on our results we can't recommend Racing Specialist at this point and unfortunately it will be going down as a fail.

    Racing Specialist Review: Update Two

    29th November 2018

    Racing Specialist has finished month two of our review with a small profit of 2.69 points at the available odds, which hasn't helped much towards the recovery of the loss from month one. Overall we are still 19.06 points down which is a 25.4% decrease to our bank.

    Key Stats - Update Two
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
    Number of Bets393939
    Total Stakes (pts)39.0039.0039.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)3.252.69-1.48
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£32.50£26.90-£14.80
    Average Odds4.554.494.90
    Strike Rate23.1%23.1%23.1%
    Overall Bank Growth-24.0%-25.4%-38.7%
    Bank (75pt starting)57.0055.9445.99

    Results - Update Two
    DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
    29/10/20182.30 LeicesterAlavesa1.003.252.2455.49
    29/10/20183.15 AyrSee Double You1.004.50-1.0054.49
    30/10/20181.45 ChepstowMiles To Milan1.003.75-1.0053.49
    30/10/20184.45 WolverhamptonArabic Culture1.004.50-1.0052.49
    01/11/20186.15 WolverhamptonArrowzone1.003.75-1.0051.49
    02/11/20183.15 UttoxeterMr Mafia1.005.00-1.0050.49
    02/11/20184.00 NewmarketWinston1.003.25-1.0049.49
    02/11/20187.45 KemptonWestern Duke1.004.00-1.0048.49
    03/11/20183.10 NewmarketColide1.003.50-1.0047.49
    06/11/20183.35 RedcarIcario1.004.00-1.0046.49
    07/11/20186.40 NewcastleWinforpower1.003.75-1.0045.49
    07/11/20187.10 NewcastleStar Cracker1.005.004.0049.49
    08/11/20182.25 NewburyPosh Trish1.003.75-1.0048.49
    09/11/20186.45 NewcastleOriental Lilly1.007.50-1.0047.49
    10/11/20182.05 DoncasterDonjuan Triumphant1.004.003.0050.49
    10/11/20182.40 AintreeRomain de Senam1.004.00-1.0049.49
    10/11/20183.35 WincantonPresent Man1.005.504.5053.99
    10/11/20186.30 ChelmsfordMonumental Man1.003.50-1.0052.99
    12/11/201812.05 SouthwellSherian1.003.50-1.0051.99
    12/11/20182.45 SouthwellDeclamation1.005.00-1.0050.99
    13/11/20181.30 HerefordMassini Man1.003.202.2053.19
    13/11/20183.20 LingfieldKeel Over1.006.00-1.0052.19
    14/11/20182.35 ExeterJust a Sting1.003.252.2554.44
    14/11/20186.30 KemptonHold Still1.005.004.0058.44
    15/11/20181.10 SouthwellTails I Win1.006.50-1.0057.44
    15/11/20184.00 LudlowPique Rock1.004.50-1.0056.44
    15/11/20186.15 ChelmsfordEarthly1.005.00-1.0055.44
    15/11/20187.00 KemptonGullard Rock1.005.50-1.0054.44
    16/11/20186.45 WolverhamptonSummer Icon1.003.75-1.0053.44
    17/11/20183.15 LingfieldGifted Master1.003.50-1.0052.44
    17/11/20183.20 WetherbyRavens Tower1.003.50-1.0051.44
    20/11/20181.50 SouthwellToosey1.004.50-1.0050.44
    21/11/20182.25 HexhamKillcullen1.005.00-1.0049.44
    23/11/20188.15 KemptonMiss Blondell1.003.00-1.0048.44
    24/11/201812.40 HaydockLittle Bruce1.005.50-1.0047.44
    24/11/20186.15 WolverhamptonFayez1.003.75-1.0046.44
    26/11/20183.50 LulowAgincourt reef1.005.004.0050.44
    27/11/20182.40 SouthwellFree Love1.006.00-1.0049.44
    28/11/20181.35 HerefordCentreofexcellence1.007.506.5055.94

    We will continue following the service for another month and will report back soon with another update.

    Racing Specialist Review: Update One

    29th October 2018

    After one month of following the Racing Specialist service we aren't in a good position with 29% of our starting bank lost already. At the available odds we have lost a total of 21.75 points with a pretty shocking ROI of -54.4%.

    Out of 40 bets there were just 5 that returned a profit and the ones that won were all at odds in the region of 3.00 - 4.50, so it has been tough to make any headway.

    Key Stats - Update One
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
    Number of Bets404040
    Total Stakes (pts)40.0040.0040.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-21.25-21.75-27.53
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£212.50-£217.50-£275.30
    Average Odds4.474.384.42
    Strike Rate12.5%12.5%12.5%
    Overall Bank Growth-28.3%-29.0%-36.7%
    Bank (75pt starting)53.7553.2547.47

    Results - Update One
    DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
    29/09/20182.35 ChesterInstransigent1.003.50-1.0074.00
    29/09/20184.00 Market RasenLingan Felice1.006.50-1.0073.00
    29/09/20185.25 NewmarketChaleur1.004.33-1.0072.00
    01/10/20182.00 CatterickRed Saree1.003.50-1.0071.00
    02/10/20182.00 SedgefieldCompatriot1.003.75-1.0070.00
    02/10/20183.35 SedgefieldBeach Break1.003.00-1.0069.00
    03/10/20184.55 SalisburyHart Stopper1.003.75-1.0068.00
    03/10/20188.00 NewcastleDuke Cosimo1.005.00-1.0067.00
    03/10/20188.30 NewcastleStar Cracker1.007.00-1.0066.00
    04/10/20187.45 ChelmsfordContingency Fee1.004.50-1.0065.00
    05/10/20182.05 FontwellMagical Thomas1.004.50-1.0064.00
    06/10/20181.50 AscotSpring Loaded1.004.50-1.0063.00
    06/10/20184.35 RedcarKnighted1.005.00-1.0062.00
    08/10/20185.45 KemptonToybox1.003.502.5064.50
    08/10/20186.15 KemptonBuniann1.004.50-1.0063.50
    09/10/20183.40 CatterickShortbackand sides1.004.33-1.0062.50
    10/10/20184.40 LudlowExcellent Team1.004.00-1.0061.50
    11/10/20182.15 BangorHandy Hollow1.003.25-1.0060.50
    11/10/20182.35 AyrHot Hannah1.004.50-1.0059.50
    12/10/20183.50 YorkSurya1.003.50-1.0058.50
    13/10/20184.25 YorkJonah Jones1.003.002.0060.50
    13/10/20184.50 NewmarketDifferent League1.004.00-1.0059.50
    13/10/20185.20 ChepstowRock the Kasbah1.003.75-1.0058.50
    13/10/20186.45 ChelmsfordAgueroo1.003.50-1.0057.50
    15/10/20184.20 MusselburghRestive1.004.50-1.0056.50
    15/10/20185.05 YarmouthTopmeup1.0012.00-1.0055.50
    16/10/20184.50 HuntingdonHepijeu1.004.003.0058.50
    16/10/20186.45 KemptonIsaan Queen1.003.75-1.0057.50
    17/10/20185.45 NewcastleCross My Mind1.003.50-1.0056.50
    17/10/20187.15 NewcastleChitra1.004.503.5060.00
    18/10/20188.45 ChelmsfordGlobal Wonder1.004.00-1.0059.00
    19/10/20182.00 HaydockEpona1.003.25-1.0058.00
    19/10/20185.45 NewcastleNathless1.004.50-1.0057.00
    20/10/20183.00 StratfordHoponandsee1.004.00-1.0056.00
    20/10/20185.10 CatterickEcho1.005.00-1.0055.00
    22/10/20184.10 WindsorCrownthorpe1.004.50-1.0054.00
    24/10/20182.50 FontwellCanyon City1.003.252.2556.25
    24/10/20183.10 NewmarketTravel on1.003.50-1.0055.25
    26/10/20185.30 CheltenhamMagic Dancer1.006.00-1.0054.25
    26/10/20188.45 KemptonNavarra Princess1.004.33-1.0053.25

    It's not looking good for this service so far, but we will carry on regardless and hope to see a better set of results over the next month.

    Racing Specialist Review: Introduction

    28th September 2018

    Racing Specialist from Sports Betting Stars is apparently one of the most consistent tipsters around, delivering a profit in all but three months since launching in Feb 2016. The results given on the website show an impressive profit of £3,500 to £10 stakes and a 20% ROI.

    Unfortunately we couldn't find any results log to look at but we've been informed that all tips have been independently proofed by Racing Proofing and The Tipster League.

    There are 55 tips on average each month or 2-3 per day and historically they have delivered an average profit of £128 per month.

    The tips are sent out each evening between 8 and 9pm and they are straight-forward 1 point win singles only. They are sent out via email but there is also the option to receive them by sms. 

    There is a trial available for £1 for the first 14 days and then the service is priced at £29.99 per month, £79.99 per quarter or £299.99 per year. There's also a 14 day money-back guarantee available.

    The testimonials for the service that we have read so far are glowing, but it'll be interesting to see whether the results will be as consistent during our review.

    We will be following the advice of a 75 point starting bank and will begin tracking bets from today. We'll report back in a month's time with our first set of results.

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    • Rated 2 stars

    • Racing Specialist
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    • Published on:
    • Last modified: 3rd January 2019

    Welcome to our Racing Specialist review, a horse racing tipping service from the Sports Betting Stars tipster platform


  • Clear emails with easy to follow tips
  • Cons

  • No reasoning behind selections
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