Super Sports Bot Review: Automated Multi-Sports Betting Bot

Super Sports Bot Review

Super Sports Bot is a Windows-based automated betting bot which covers a variety of sports.

It has been developed by the same team who offer Auto Profit Soccer bot and works in exactly the same way, except that there is only one market to bet on - Match Odds.

You do have the option to select Home, Away, Draw, Favourite and Favourite Home in this market, though they cannot be intermixed. You can also choose to back or lay the selections but, again, they cannot be mixed.

The following sports are just a few that are available to bet on with Super Sports Bot:

  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Boxing
  • Badminton
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Australian Rules
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • American Football
  • Hockey
  • Handball
  • Volleyball

It will not accept football or horse racing bets as these are catered for by other bots from the same authors:


Super Sports Bot uses a progressive staking system - often referred to as 'Martingale' - which increases stakes after a losing bet until the loss has been fully recovered.

You are able to bet on up to 10 different games at the same time using a tab system. Each tab records a separate profit/loss and any profits made can be transferred to another tab if needed.

You can enter your own parameters for various settings such as the minimum amount matched in the market, min/max odds and stop losses.

Super Sports Bot Review Interface

The download instructions and the user manual are almost identical for both Auto Profit Soccer and Super Sports Bot. As we stated in our Auto Profit Soccer review, we think that the manuals should be improved.

The software costs £79.97 for a 1 year license for one computer. It can also be ran on a VPS if you have access to one.

We recommend running betting bots on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). We use Simple Cloud which is fast, reliable and recommended by some of the best bots on the market.

  • Run your bots 24/7 without having to leave your computer switched on.
  • Access your bots from any device and from any country in the world.
  • Use windows-based bots even if you use a Mac computer.

Video Overview

Month One Results

We asked Dave to carry out our Super Sports Bot review and he was happy to report £14.72 profit during the first month.

Dave used the following settings:

  • 0.5 profit per match / 5 profit per tab / 10 profit all tabs
  • Stop loss: 5
  • Profit Delta 0.2

He allowed the bot to bet on all sports, but set the minimum odds at 1.26 as tennis can be very low. Max odds were set to 4.00.

Although Dave didn't use the bot constantly throughout the month, when he did switch it on he just left it to run. He did not have a good knowledge of the sports covered by the bot.

Originally, Dave set the bot up to make a profit of £1.00 per game. However, he then reduced it to 50p following an error on his part where he forgot to tick a box and the bot fired in a bet of £106 to win £1!

Dave could not stress highly enough that if you choose to use this software, before you press start you must check, check and check again that it is set up correctly. It's very easy to miss a setting, which could prove to be very costly for your bank.

Month Two Results

Dave's second month made a further £33.14 profit.

As with the previous month, he did not use it constantly but found that Wimbledon tennis proved to be particularly profitable, despite some of the prices for favourites being too low for the bot to fire.

Dave continued with his 50p per game profit target as it kept the bet sizes reasonable, especially when hitting a losing streak. He said it is important to understand that the bot will seek to recover your losses and may - at times - fire a large bet into the market to win only a small amount (if successful).

He stressed before that the initial set up (user controlled) is very important and stressed again that mistakes can be very costly.


Dave decided to wrap the Super Sports Bot review up after month two, having made £47.86 profit.

He had set the bot to make a target profit of just 50p from each game, so his total worked out as a very nice return.

Dave said that his knowledge of many of the sports covered by the bot was limited, but that it would be a useful option for anyone who is looking for a set-and-forget sports bot. Once set up, the bot runs automatically for as long as you like.

Dave had no hesitation in awarding Super Sports Bot with a Pass.
Review Stats£47.86 profit with aim of making 50p per fixture
Starting bank User’s discretion
Average no. betsUser’s discretion
Time of emailsNo emails, fixture list updated as required
Price£79.97 for a 12 month license

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  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 4.5 stars

  • Super Sports Bot
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  • Last modified: 8th April 2020

Super Sports Bot automates betting for many sports including tennis, cricket and American sports. Our reviewer made £47.86 profit in just two months.


  • Uses Betfair API
  • 14 Sports available to bet on
  • Bet on 10 games at once autonomously
  • Very little time required to operate
  • Excellent customer support


  • Poor user manual
  • No test mode – real money bets only
  • Cannot mix strategies

6 thoughts on “Super Sports Bot Review: Automated Multi-Sports Betting Bot”

  1. Can you please say on which sports exactly did you use the settings shown on the screenshot with which you made profit ?

    Did you use all sports that the bot can run, or only some sports ?

  2. Still a bit confused as to how this makes money…. is it a pre event scalping bot? Still relevant in 2021 in terms of profits?

    • Hi Marc, No there’s no scalping involved, it just places straight bets pre-match and uses a staking system to recover losing bets. Dave had tested the bot using a modest target profit of 50p and had success with it, making £47.86 profit altogether. We would advise caution with the staking, as there isn’t a test mode unfortunately.

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