Zcode System Review: Day 8 Update

The Zcode System has been around since 1999, offering systems and picks for a range of sports and a collection of betting tools.

It has quite a lengthy sales page that makes it difficult to know exactly what it is, which is why we wanted to review it for ourselves. We want to find out just what Zcode is all about.

At first glance, we were under the impression that Zcode was itself a system, but we soon realised that it was more of a platform of systems. In fact, there are at least 100 systems available as there is a Top 100 Systems performance section.

The Zcode prediction model calculates true odds of sporting event outcomes using more than 80 parameters.

All picks for systems are generated automatically by the computer and they are all backtested. Where it says automated on the sales page, that is what it means, so you do still have to manually place the bets yourself.

Heading into the member's area, we found that there was quite a lot to get through. We intended to work our through it and find out the best way to make use of the platform.

The ultimate questions are, does the Zcode System work and can we make a profit from it?

Our Zcode System Review Plan

We had put our Zcode System review on hold for a while, as after taking a first look at it, it seemed as though it was going to require us to invest a lot of time in it.

When we finally got around to looking at the site again, we decided that we would be able to get the review going if we allocated 30 minutes to an hour each morning for tracking bets.

At first, we found Zcode System quite overwhelming. There was so much going on that it was hard to figure out what you were supposed to do and where you should start.

We read through the PDF guide and watched the webinar, but we still felt slightly confused by it all!

After spending some time browsing through each part of the site, we discovered the VIP Picks tab and the Expert Journal.

We decided to follow several experts who had mentioned soccer in their descriptions, as we wanted to stick with a familiar sport. Many of the experts focus on baseball, ice hockey, American football and sports that are more popular in the US.

We also wanted to use Betfair Exchange for our bets, so we thought that soccer/football bets would be a better choice in terms of liquidity.

Once we had our team of experts together, we headed back to the Expert Journal and there we found the latest tips posted by each of them.

We also switched on the browser push notifications to make sure that we were alerted whenever there were new tips. There was a mobile app available, so we downloaded that too.

There were alerts popping up from the experts, but also from the zLive Bot Signal, which were in-play bets.

Our plan was to track as many tips as we could, from both the experts and the zLive Bot.

To add some interest, we decided to post a daily update of our results to this review for one month. We would assess at that stage whether to keep going, as there was likely to be a high volume of tips.

There seemed to be so many ways that Zcode be put to use, so our review would merely be scratching the surface.


Day 1 - 1st May 2024

Our first day using the Zcode System didn't go so well, with 3.98 points lost from the 9 bets that we recorded.

It was a fairly quiet day for football and the fixture list for the following day looked quite sparse too. We expected that there would be a lot more bets for us to get stuck into over the weekend.

Although we originally planned to stick to football bets, we were able to line up a baseball bet on Betfair Exchange without any issues. We figured that we may be able to include some other sports after all.

The results below are based on flat stakes of 1 point on each bet.

Total stakesTotal P/LBankROIBetsWonStrike RateBank Growth
MatchBetExpertStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
Universitario de Vinto v San Antonio FCBoth Teams to Score NOMr. Vain1.002.36-1.0099.00
SSD Bari v ParmaBoth Teams to Score NOMr. Vain1.002.12-1.0098.00
Grindavik v FjolnirBoth Teams to Score NOMr. Vain1.003.05-1.0097.00
Chacaritas SC v CD Leones del NorteBoth Teams to Score NOMr. Vain1.002.041.0298.02
Dortmund v PSGOver 2.5 Goals & BTTSEmilio1.001.72-1.0097.02
Dortmund v PSGPSGEmilio1.002.48-1.0096.02
Lecco/Sudtirol/CatanzaroOver 2.5 Goals TrebleAlessandro1.007.05-1.0095.02
Adelaide United - Central Coast MarinersOver 1.5 GoalszLive Bot Signal1.001.470.4595.47
Spartak Subotica - Zeleznicar PancevoOver 0.5 FHNikita1.001.560.5596.02

Day 2 - 2nd May 2024

There were just two bets for us on the second day of our Zcode System review, one winner and one loser. There may have been more available, but with Thursday generally being a quieter day, we decided to focus more on the upcoming weekend.

We already had a bunch of bets for Friday, so there would definitely be more results to report in our next update.

Total stakesTotal P/LBankROIBetsWonStrike RateBank Growth


MatchBetExpertStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
Chicago Cubs @ New York MetsChicago CubsJimmy1.001.850.8396.85
Bondar A. - Zavatska K.Bondar AzLive Bot Signal1.001.54-1.0095.85

Day 3 - 3rd May 2024

We recorded 9 bets on day three of our Zcode System review and lost a further 0.73 points.

With a weekend of football fixtures ahead of us, we hoped to be able to report a profit during the next couple of days.

Total stakesTotal P/LBankROIBetsWonStrike RateBank Growth
MatchBetExpertStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
Opava v ChrudimOpava +0Rodney1.001.540.0095.85
Schaffhausen v Stade NyonnaisSchaffhausen +0Rodney1.001.630.0095.85
Dundalk v ShelbourneDundalk +0Rodney1.002.340.0095.85
Getafe v Athletic BilbaoGetafe +0Rodney1.002.96-1.0094.85
Club Sportivo Ameliano v Guarani Club Sportivo Ameliano +0Rodney1.002.26-1.0093.85
Hamburger SV v St PauliHamburger SVVictor1.002.481.4595.30
DSV Leoben v St PoltenOver 0.5 GoalszLive Bot Signal1.001.39-1.0094.30
Ankaragucu v AlanyasporOver 1.5 GoalszLive Bot Signal1.001.420.4194.71
Toulouse v MontpellierOver 2.5 GoalszLive Bot Signal1.001.420.4195.12

Day 4 - 4th May 2024

We had a good day on what was our first Saturday using the zCode System, banking 3.29 points profit from 14 bets.

There were 8 zLive Bot Signals that we were able to catch on time and netted 1.72 points, so it was quite a good day for those. For some of them, being a few minutes late seeing them worked to our advantage, as we were able to get better odds.

Total stakesTotal P/LBankROIBetsWonStrike RateBank Growth


MatchBetExpertStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
Mallorca v Atletico MadridAtletico Madrid +0Rodney1.001.570.5695.68
Vandewinkel H. - Benoit M.Vandewinkel H.zLive Bot Signal1.001.870.8596.53
Real Madrid v CadizReal Madrid -1.5Martin1.002.161.1497.67
Thanh Hoa v Binh DinhOver 0.5 GoalszLive Bot Signal1.001.45-1.0096.67
Bubelyte K. - Paszek T.Bubelyte K.zLive Bot Signal1.001.800.7897.45
Brentford v FulhamFulhamVictor1.003.75-1.0096.45
Sheff Utd v Nottm ForestNottm ForestVictor1.002.081.0697.51
UD Oliveirense v CD TondelaBTTSWhite Tiger1.001.830.8198.32
Brentford v FulhamOver 2.5 GoalsWhite Tiger1.001.63-1.0097.32
Brommapojkarna - MjallbyOver 1.5 GoalszLive Bot Signal1.001.470.4697.78
Sonay Kartal v Hikaru SatoSonay KartalzLive Bot Signal1.001.550.5498.32
Stuttgart v Bayern MunichOver 2.5 GoalszLive Bot Signal1.001.480.4798.79
HJK Helsinki v EIFOver 0.5 GoalszLive Bot Signal1.001.41-1.0097.79
NK Maribor v NK CeljeOver 2.5 GoalszLive Bot Signal1.001.630.6298.41

Day 5 - 5th May 2024

Our fifth day using Zcode System was the worst to date, with 5.59 points lost. There weren't as many live signals coming through, so not much chance to try and recover some of what was lost from the Expert tips.

Total stakesTotal P/LBankROIBetsWonStrike RateBank Growth
MatchBetExpertStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
Pisa v SudtirolPisa +0Rodney1.001.440.0098.41
Chelsea v West HamWest Ham +1Bookie Killer1.001.98-1.0097.41
Chelsea v West HamWest Ham +1.0 & +1.5Bookie Killer1.001.77-1.0096.41
Liverpool v TottenhamTottenham +1.0 & +1.5Bookie Killer1.002.02-1.0095.41
Liverpool v TottenhamTottenham +1.5Bookie Killer1.001.83-1.0094.41
Taichung - Hang YuenOver 1.5 GoalszLive Bot Signal1.001.43-1.0093.41
Wehen Wiesbaden v Holstein KielOver 0.5 GoalszLive Bot Signal1.001.420.4193.82
Arouca v Club Football EstrelaOver 0.5 GoalszLive Bot Signal1.001.40-1.0092.82

Day 6 - 6th May 2024

We weren't able to check for bets on day six, but did manage to record two and banked 0.69 points profit.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our review is on hold until 24th May. Although Winter leagues are coming to a close, there should be plenty of Summer league games to bet on and possibly other sports.

Total stakesTotal P/LBankROIBetsWonStrike RateBank Growth


MatchBetExpertStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
Crewe v DoncasterDoncasterDavid Limon1.002.721.6994.51
Lille v LyonLille +0zLive Bot Signal1.001.53-1.0093.51

Day 7 - 24th May 2024

After a break to our review, we switched our zCode notifications back on and had a fantastic day. We had a clean sweep with five winning bets and 3.89 points profit, which set us up nicely on the way to recovering what had been lost so far.

Total stakesTotal P/LBankROIBetsWonStrike RateBank Growth
MatchBetExpertStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
Jimenez Kasintseva V. - Joint M.Jimenez Kasintseva V.zLive Bot Signal1.001.580.5794.08
Girona v GranadaGirona 1st halfVictor1.001.620.6194.69
Girona v GranadaOver 3.5 GoalsVictor1.001.810.7995.48
Dallas Mavericks @ Minnesota TimberwolvesDallas Mavericks +5.5Victor1.001.940.9296.40
Florida Panthers @ New York RangersNew York RangersVictor1.002.021.0097.40

Day 8 - 25th May 2024

It was a dire day for the zLive Bot Signal with just two winning bets out of eight and a total of 6 points lost.

There were quite a few that had what we call "insta-goals" throughout the day, which basically meant that there was a goal straight after the bet alert so we couldn't put it on.

It was quite frustrating to see the bot still class it as a win with the "BOOM!" message straight afterwards. These bets would surely skew the official results a lot in the long run.

Total stakesTotal P/LBankROIBetsWonStrike RateBank Growth


DateMatchBetExpertStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
25/05/2024Benoit M. - Valentova T.Benoit M.zLive Bot Signal1.001.670.6698.06
25/05/2024Natalija Senic v Sara CakarevicNatalija SeniczLive Bot Signal1.001.74-1.0097.06
25/05/2024Hu V. - Ma L.Lea MazLive Bot Signal1.001.50-1.0096.06
25/05/2024Clara Vlasselaer v Elysia BoltonClara VlasselaerzLive Bot Signal1.001.54-1.0095.06
25/05/2024Bali Utd Pusam v Pusamania Borneo FCOver 0.5 GoalszLive Bot Signal1.001.66-1.0094.06
25/05/2024Man City v Man UtdOver 2.5 GoalszLive Bot Signal1.001.350.3494.40
25/05/2024Fredrikstad v TromsoOver 0.5 GoalszLive Bot Signal1.001.53-1.0093.40
25/05/2024Kaiserslautern v LeverkusenOver 1.5 GoalszLive Bot Signal1.001.35-1.0092.40
25/05/2024Comerciantes Unidos v Sporting CristalOver 1.5 GoalszLive Bot Signal1.001.43-1.0091.40

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