The Racing Tipster Review: Update Two

The Racing Tipster Review

It's been another losing month for The Racing Tipster with a loss of 5.71 points at the odds available at Betfair, which makes it an overall loss of 6.56 points overall.

Taking the odds available at the bookies wouldn't have been any better as we recorded a loss of 6.54 points there, adding up to an overall loss of 7.3 points.

Things have been looking up from the beginning of June so hopefully the tipster can keep up the momentum, as we could really do with seeing a profit over the next month.

Key Stats - Update Two
 Advised OddsBetfair OddsBookie OddsBSP
Number of Bets54545454
Total Stakes (pts)54.0054.0054.0054.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-0.55-5.71-6.54-5.78
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£5.50-£57.10-£65.40-£57.80
Average Odds3.953.903.764.08
Strike Rate27.8%27.8%27.8%27.8%
Overall Bank Growth3.4%-6.6%-7.3%-11.3%
Bank (100pt starting)103.4093.4492.7088.73

Results - Update Two
DateRaceSelectionStakeOdds @ BetfairP/LBank
12/05/201817:55 HaydockPoker School1.004.20-1.0098.15
13/05/201816:40 LudlowColonial Dreams1.001.98-1.0097.15
13/05/201817:05 SouthwellStrawberry Spirit1.005.80-1.0096.15
14/05/201817:40 KillarneyVoix Du Reve1.001.920.8797.02
14/05/201818:25 TipperaryQueen Rabab1.004.80-1.0096.02
14/05/201819:10 KillarneyBallyoisin1.003.051.9597.97
15/05/201814:10 BeverleyDeep Intrigue1.001.860.8298.79
15/05/201819:40 KillarneyCamile1.003.85-1.0097.79
16/05/201815:20 YarmouthRaven Banner1.003.10-1.0096.79
16/05/201820:45 PunchestownCastle North1.003.85-1.0095.79
17/05/201814:40 SalisburyFayrouz Rose1.004.30-1.0094.79
17/05/201815:05 PerthHello Fellas1.004.00-1.0093.79
17/05/201816:55 SalisburyBird For Life1.004.10-1.0092.79
17/05/201820:15 ClonmelCottonvale1.005.30-1.0091.79
18/05/201814:10 NewmarketWarsaan1.003.252.1493.93
18/05/201817:35 AintreePineapple Rush1.004.00-1.0092.93
18/05/201817:45 DownpatrickCaro Des Flos1.002.101.0593.97
18/05/201819:20 DownpatrickFestival Opera1.005.50-1.0092.97
20/05/201817:35 LimerickAcronym1.005.40-1.0091.97
21/05/201817:15 CarlisleSureyoutoldme1.004.50-1.0090.97
22/05/201821:00 HexhamHey Listen1.003.95-1.0089.97
23/05/201815:35 AyrHelovaplan1.002.38-1.0088.97
24/05/201819:35 SandownWeekender1.003.35-1.0087.97
25/05/201817:25 GoodwoodCrystal Deauville1.002.98-1.0086.97
25/05/201818:15 WorcesterRobin The Raven1.003.15-1.0085.97
25/05/201819:30 PontefractCelebrity Dancer1.003.15-1.0084.97
27/05/201816:35 FontwellNavajo War Dance1.006.40-1.0083.97
28/05/201817:20 RedcarSunrize1.004.00-1.0082.97
28/05/201818:30 BallinrobeDawn Shadow1.004.70-1.0081.97
28/05/201819:30 BallinrobeTorcello1.004.80-1.0080.97
28/05/201820:00 BallinrobeDamut1.004.70-1.0079.97
29/05/201815:20 LeicesterCavatina1.003.852.7182.68
29/05/201818:15 Gowran ParkPedisnap1.005.003.8086.48
29/05/201818:45 Gowran ParkClear Skies1.003.70-1.0085.48
29/05/201820:30 BallinrobeRingleader1.004.30-1.0084.48
29/05/201820:40 WolverhamptonConsidered Opinion1.003.552.4286.90
30/05/201814:40 CartmelFlow With Eve1.004.20-1.0085.90
30/05/201817:55 Gowran ParkMuzbid1.003.001.9087.80
31/05/201819:30 Ffos LasSissinghurst1.004.10-1.0086.80
01/06/201817:40 TramorePleasure Dome1.003.102.0088.80
01/06/201818:15 TramoreDas Mooser1.005.80-1.0087.80
02/06/201815:40 DoncasterAustrian School1.003.45-1.0086.80
02/06/201816:15 DoncasterMootasadir1.003.40-1.0085.80
02/06/201819:20 TramoreIngleby Mackenzie1.003.302.1987.98
03/06/201816:55 FakenhamYoungoconnor1.003.15-1.0086.98
04/06/201816:00 ListowelA Rated1.004.00-1.0085.98
04/06/201819:30 AyrLuis Vaz De Torres1.005.504.2890.26
06/06/201817:20 WolverhamptonAzpeitia1.003.45-1.0089.26
06/06/201819:20 WexfordTimi Roli1.004.102.9592.20
07/06/201815:10 RiponRemember The Days1.003.20-1.0091.20
07/06/201817:20 YarmouthSnowdon1.003.702.5793.77
08/06/201818:40 StratfordMaster Baker1.005.10-1.0092.77
09/06/201817:35 BeverleyNarodowa1.004.40-1.0091.77
09/06/201820:50 LingfieldChoral Music1.002.761.6793.44

Our next update will be in a month's time with our latest results.

The Racing Tipster Review: Update One

17th May 2018

We are a month into our review of The Racing Tipster and although we have only finished with a small loss of 0.85 points, we are quite a way behind what could have been achieved at the advised odds.

All prices are said to be quoted from Betfair Exchange in the emails, but we have found on a few occasions that they have been quite a way under. For example, there have been several times where the odds have been quoted at 3.00 but they were closer to 2.00 when checking for ourselves. We also checked the Betfair price history which showed that they hadn't been matched anywhere near 3.00 previously.

After the first month there is a difference of 4.80 points profit, so in the long term it will certainly have an effect on the amount of profit we can make in comparison to the profit reported by the tipster.

On a positive note, we are only a fraction behind the profit that could have been made at the bookies and on average we have been able to obtain better odds on Betfair Exchange so far.

Key Stats - Update One
 Advised OddsBetfair OddsBookie OddsBSP
Number of Bets54545454
Total Stakes (pts)54.0054.0054.0054.00
Profit/Loss (pts)3.95-0.85-0.76-5.5
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£39.50-£8.50-£7.60-£55.00
Average Odds4.
Strike Rate25.9%25.9%25.9%25.9%
Overall Bank Growth4.0%-0.8%-0.8%-5.5%
Bank (100pt starting)103.9599.1599.2494.50

Results - Update One
DateRaceSelectionStakeOdds @ BetfairP/LBank
11/04/201816:20 LingfieldBosham1.004.803.61103.61
11/04/201820:30 DundalkRagtime Red1.003.40-1.00102.61
12/04/201817:15 AintreeGetaway Katie Mai1.003.552.42105.03
12/04/201820:15 Chelmsford CityRaffle King1.004.00-1.00104.03
13/04/201816:25 NaasTony The Gent1.006.40-1.00103.03
13/04/201817:00 NaasHunting Horn1.003.602.47105.50
14/04/201815:35 LingfieldSilent Attack1.003.602.47107.97
14/04/201818:05 ChepstowGood And Hardy1.003.55-1.00106.97
15/04/201814:55 TramoreWee Small Hours1.005.20-1.00105.97
15/04/201817:30 PlumptonIrish Odyssey1.003.50-1.00104.97
16/04/201816:30 LeopardstownBigger And Better1.009.20-1.00103.97
16/04/201819:20 TramoreMacs Legend1.002.961.86105.83
18/04/201816:45 NewmarketAward Winning1.007.60-1.00104.83
19/04/201813:50 NewmarketMusic Society1.004.40-1.00103.83
19/04/201818:10 NewcastleExtra Mile1.003.252.14105.97
20/04/201818:35 LimerickMoonlight Escape1.002.18-1.00104.97
20/04/201819:15 BathThe Daley Express1.0010.50-1.00103.97
22/04/201817:50 NavanProspectus1.002.82-1.00102.97
23/04/201815:40 PontefractUptown Funk1.004.70-1.00101.97
23/04/201817:30 NavanG Force1.004.40-1.00100.97
24/04/201813:40 ExeterGonnabegood1.004.30-1.0099.97
24/04/201817:30 PunchestownDouvan1.001.87-1.0098.97
25/04/201814:00 PerthLonghousesignora1.003.10-1.0097.97
25/04/201816:20 PunchestownSire Du Berlais1.003.45-1.0096.97
25/04/201816:45 PerthThink Ahead1.002.98-1.0095.97
25/04/201817:30 PunchestownRoad To Respect1.004.20-1.0094.97
25/04/201819:15 PunchestownTintangle1.004.30-1.0093.97
26/04/201815:55 WarwickCresswell Legend1.004.90-1.0092.97
27/04/201816:20 PunchestownKemboy1.005.604.3797.34
27/04/201818:05 PunchestownPallasator1.004.30-1.0096.34
27/04/201818:25 ChepstowInaminna1.004.903.71100.05
28/04/201816:25 PunchestownFarclas1.004.00-1.0099.05
30/04/201814:00 SalisburySteeve1.003.602.47101.52
30/04/201814:30 SalisburyGlory of Paris1.003.20-1.00100.52
30/04/201817:35 ThirskRichard Strauss1.004.70-1.0099.52
30/04/201818:10 WindsorDragstone Rock1.003.75-1.0098.52
01/05/201819:35 BallinrobeFlemenstorm1.004.80-1.0097.52
02/05/201815:20 PontefractRayaa1.004.00-1.0096.52
02/05/201816:25 BrightonPalmer1.003.40-1.0095.52
02/05/201817:45 BathHigh Horse1.002.74-1.0094.52
02/05/201821:00 DundalkEacharn1.005.10-1.0093.52
03/05/201820:50 Chelmsford CityYabass1.003.75-1.0092.52
04/05/201819:05 CorkSchool Boy Hours1.001.91-1.0091.52
05/05/201815:35 NewmarketSaxon Warrior1.004.703.5295.03
06/05/201817:20 NewmarketDukhan1.004.00-1.0094.03
07/05/201814:45 NaasDifferent League1.003.15-1.0093.03
07/05/201814:50 BathMooroverthebridge1.005.904.6697.69
07/05/201817:05 NaasImaging1.003.152.0499.73
07/05/201817:10 BathCent Flying1.002.10-1.0098.73
08/05/201817:25 ThirskMango Chutney1.003.602.47101.20
08/05/201819:10 RoscommonBrazos1.0013.00-1.00100.20
08/05/201820:10 RoscommonConcordin1.003.35-1.0099.20
09/05/201818:15 FontwellDon Lami1.002.000.95100.15
10/05/201819:00 TipperaryBravissimo1.003.60-1.0099.15

We will report back soon with our latest results.

The Racing Tipster Review: Introduction

11th April 2018

We were recently contacted by horse racing tipster, Joel Ellis, who told us about his tipping service that he said had been performing very well over the past 12 months. Since the launch of his betting service "The Racing Tipster" in January 2017, he has recorded a profit of 310 points which works out as an average monthly return of 20 points.

What has really grabbed our attention is that this profit has all been made from betting on the Betfair Exchange. This means there's no worrying about bookies limiting stakes or cutting odds and it's much more convenient as only one account needs to be funded.

Joel has many years of knowledge on horse racing and form studying and has used this to come up with a consistently profitable betting system.

According to the results reported on the website, the service has delivered a profit in 14 out of the 15 months that it has been running.

A strike rate of 39% has been achieved at the average odds of 3.87, which is more than enough to make a profit in the long-term with the required amount to break even being around 26%.

The Racing Tipster Performance Chart

The Racing Tipster Review Performance Chart

There are on average 1-2 tips per day and they are all straight win bets on Betfair, although it is possible to use regular bookies if preferred. They are sent out daily via email (whether there are any tips or not) by 10.30am and they can also be accessed via the member's area.

Each bet is staked using a level 1 point each and ideally the starting bank should be 100 points.

The service is priced at £50 per month, £135 per quarter or £480 per year. There is also another option priced at £75 per month but it offers a profit guarantee, which means if the service fails to make a profit that month your membership fee is refunded.

It's not often that we come across a horse racing tips service that is profitable using only Betfair, so we are really interested in seeing how this review goes over the next few months.

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