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Welcome to our The Snout Review, where we find out whether this Cheltenham born and bred tipster can deliver a profit during our three month trial.


  • Professional & knowledgeable tipster, offering detailed analysis with each selection
  • Betfair SP odds held up well and resulted in a profit during our review
  • Cons

  • Poor performance from E/W selections during review
  • Note: This service is n​o longer available. Take a look at some of our "passed" services here.

    After three months following tips from The Snout horse racing betting service, we have come to the end of our review and we are ready to give a final rating.

    During the first two months of the trial the service made a loss of 7.31 points, but thankfully they managed to turn things around in month three banking 15.69 points. This gives us an overall profit of 8.38 points at the available odds.

    The bulk of the profit during the three months came from the straight win bets, which delivered 17.73 points profit overall, whilst the E/W tips made a loss of 12 points. The rest of the profit came from the Cheltenham yankees/trixies which added a further 2.65 points to the bank.

    Surprisingly, the selections made a profit of 9.84 points at Betfair SP odds, which is a fraction higher than the profit recorded at the advised odds.

    Review Stats +8.38pts profit, 3.5% ROI, 25.2% SR
    Stakes Advised 1-2 point stakes
    Starting bank 100 points
    Average no. bets Approx. 70-80 per month or 2-3 per day
    Time of emails Evening 5.00-7.00pm
    Price £30 per month, £75 per quarter or £135 bi-annual or £240 annual
    Rating Pass

    The service sends out selections each evening between 5.00-7.00pm, taking advantage of the early prices put up by the bookies. The prices often started to drop quite quickly after the emails were received, but in the end there was just a small difference of 1.29 points less profit between the advised odds results.

    Placing with a BOG bookie would have boosted profits considerably placing at the bookies, but it's great to see that we could have made a profit betting on Betfair.

    It'd be interesting to see BSP results for the rest of the service's tips going back to June 2015, but unfortunately Tipsters Empire haven't published BSP results for the selections.

    Key Stats - Overall
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
    Number of Bets234234234
    Total Stakes (pts)238.70238.70238.70
    Profit/Loss (pts)9.678.389.84
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£96.70£83.80£98.40
    Average Odds8.438.319.07
    Strike Rate25.2%25.2%25.2%
    Bank (100pt starting)109.57108.38109.84
    Bank Growth9.6%8.4%9.8%

    Longest Winning Sequence: 4

    Longest Losing Sequence: 10

    Max Drawdown: 41.29pts

    Results - Update Three
    DateCourseTimeSelectionWin/EWStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
    11/04/2017Pontefract15:10JULE IN THE CROWNEW1.0012.000.8893.57
    11/04/2017Pontefract17:10OFF ARTWin1.006.00-1.0092.57
    12/04/2017Nottingham14:50MAJOR JUMBOWin1.004.50-1.0090.57
    12/04/2017Nottingham16:20FIRE TREEWin1.004.00-1.0089.57
    14/04/2017Lingfield14:10STEVE ROGERSEW1.0021.002.0091.57
    14/04/2017Lingfield14:10PETITE JACKEW1.0011.00-1.0090.57
    14/04/2017Newcastle15:25TO BE WILDWin1.005.00-1.0087.57
    15/04/2017Musselburgh13:50LAT HAWILLWin1.008.50-1.0083.57
    15/04/2017Musselburgh15:35GABRIAL THE HEROEW1.0017.00-1.0082.57
    15/04/2017Musselburgh17:10ENTERTAINING BENWin1.007.00-1.0086.57
    16/04/2017Fairyhouse13:45TUDOR CITYWin1.002.001.0087.57
    16/04/2017Fairyhouse14:20THE WEST’S AWAKEEW1.0015.00-1.0086.57
    17/04/2017Redcar15:45SEE THE SUNEW1.0017.00-1.0085.57
    17/04/2017Fairyhouse17:00MINELLA FORUEW1.0015.00-1.0084.57
    18/04/2017Newmarket15:30TIMELESS ARTWin1.009.00-1.0083.57
    18/04/2017Newmarket16:05APEX KINGWin1.007.00-1.0082.57
    18/04/2017Southwell16:55BOROUGH BOYWin1.004.503.5086.07
    19/04/2017Cheltenham14:40VOIX D'EAUWin1.009.00-1.0085.07
    19/04/2017Cheltenham15:50FOURTH ACTEW1.0011.000.7585.82
    19/04/2017Beverley16:35LEXINGTON PLACEWin1.0010.00-1.0084.82
    20/04/2017Cheltenham14:05DUSKY LEGENDWin1.003.50-1.0083.82
    20/04/2017Newmarket14:25MIX AND MINGLEWin1.008.007.0090.82
    20/04/2017Lingfield19:20DIAMOND LADYWin0.506.002.5093.32
    21/04/2017Newbury15:05DUBAWI PRINCEWin1.0011.00-1.0092.32
    21/04/2017Newbury16:10DARK DESTROYEREW1.0026.00-1.0089.82
    21/04/2017Newbury16:40DOUBLE UPWin1.003.00-1.0088.82
    22/04/2017Newbury13:55CRIMEAN TATARWin1.005.50-1.0087.82
    22/04/2017Ayr14:10CLAN DES OBEAUXWin1.004.50-1.0086.82
    22/04/2017Newbury15:05DREAM CASTLEWin1.004.33-1.0086.07
    22/04/2017Newbury15:40FASTNET TEMPESTEW1.0013.001.0087.07
    22/04/2017Ayr15:55VINTAGE CLOUDSEW1.0017.00-1.0086.07
    22/04/2017Wolverhampton19:45BERKELEY VALEWin1.006.00-1.0085.07
    24/04/2017Pontefract16:40JACK LUEYWin1.006.00-1.0084.07
    24/04/2017Windsor18:15RIO RONALDOWin1.006.50-1.0083.07
    25/04/2017Yarmouth15:50FLYING FANTASYWin1.006.50-1.0082.07
    25/04/2017Punchestown18:40ANIBALE FLYWin1.006.50-1.0081.07
    26/04/2017Punchestown17:30OUTLANDER (W/OUT SIZING JOHN)Win1.005.50-1.0085.72
    27/04/2017Punchestown18:05MINELLA AWARDSEW1.0013.007.2091.92
    28/04/2017Sandown13:50FIRST UPEW1.0012.00-1.0089.92
    28/04/2017Punchestown16:55CRESSWELL BREEZEEW1.0015.00-1.0096.25
    29/04/2017Ripon14:45WILDE INSPIRATIONEW1.0010.00-1.0095.25
    29/04/2017Ripon15:20RED PIKEEW1.0013.00-1.0094.25
    29/04/2017Punchestown16:25MEGA FORTUNEWin1.003.75-1.0093.25
    29/04/2017Sandown16:45SHANTOU VILLAGEWin1.004.503.5096.75
    29/04/2017Doncaster16:50DESERT RULERWin1.006.00-1.0095.75
    01/05/2017Windsor16:20GETBACK IN PARISWin1.005.00-1.0094.85
    02/05/2017Yarmouth16:30TAUREAN STARWin1.005.004.00101.85
    03/05/2017Pontefract16:35JOHNNY CAVAGINEW1.009.000.30101.15
    03/05/2017Ascot16:55GERRY THE GLOVEREW1.007.00-1.00100.15
    05/05/2017Chepstow14:50POWERFUL WINDWin1.006.00-1.0099.15
    05/05/2017Lingfield15:40VIMY RIDGEEW1.009.00-1.0098.15
    06/05/2017Newmarket14:20ALPHA DELPHINIEW1.0015.00-1.00101.15
    07/05/2017Hamilton13:35SALVATORE FURYWin1.005.50-1.00101.48
    07/05/2017Newmarket14:55CAPTAIN COLBYEW1.0012.00-1.00105.98
    07/05/2017Newmarket15:35FAIR EVAEW1.007.00-1.00110.38
    08/05/2017Windsor19:50PRENDERGAST HILLWin1.003.25-1.00109.38
    08/05/2017Chelmsford20:10NEWSTEAD ABBEYEW1.005.50-1.00108.38

    The official results for The Snout posted to the Tipsters Empire website report that during our review period the service made a profit of 25.4 points, so it's clear to see the benefit of using BOG bookies. However, we do not include these odds boosts in our results to be fair to those that have been banned from this concession.

    Cost of Membership

    There are various membership options available, with the longer term subscriptions offering the best value.

    • ​1 month - £30
    • 3 months - £75 (equal to £25 per month)
    • 6 months - £135 (equal to £22.50 per month)
    • 1 year - £240 (equal to £20 per month)

    There are also some other membership options including bespoke tips for certain races or weekend only for example.


    We didn't make a great deal of profit during our three month review, however we do think that the service has shown good potential. We were pleased to see a profit made at Betfair SP, but it would be good to know whether this is a viable option in the long-term. This would be a huge plus point. 

    As with our review of another of Tipster Empire's services, DG Tips, we found the service to be very professional with emails being sent out every day whether there were any bets or not.

    The tipster also offered a detailed analysis with each bet, which is always good to see as it gives you that added confidence when placing the bet, knowing what the reasoning is behind it. 

    The Snout has reported 565 points profit over the last two years and has had some promising results during our review. With a strike rate of 25.2%, a long-term view is needed as there are likely to be highs and lows.

    It has been a close call but The Snout is certainly one to watch and we have decided to award a pass rating with 3.5 stars.

    The Snout Review: Update Two

    13th April 2017

    We have finished the second month of our The Snout review with a loss of 6.16 points, which gives us an overall loss of 7.31 points. Surprisingly, we would have made a profit of 9.25 points betting at Betfair SP, due to a couple of the selections drifting throughout the day which gave a nice boost.

    The service made a good recovery over the Aintree festival, where they delivered a profit of 13.93 points. Hopefully they can build on this and finish with a profit next month.

    Key Stats - Update Two
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
    Number of Bets888888
    Total Stakes (pts)91.2091.2091.20
    Profit/Loss (pts)-6.51-6.169.25
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£65.10-£61.60£92.50
    Average Odds9.389.3210.84
    Strike Rate25.0%25.0%25.0%
    Bank (100pt starting)92.9892.6993.38

    Results - Update Two
    DateCourseTimeSelectionWin/EWStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
    14/03/2017CheltenhamYORKHILL, LET'S DANCE, NEON WOLFWin Trixie1.0018.000.4193.26
    14/03/2017CheltenhamYORKHILL, UN DE SCEAUX, DEATH DUTY, DEFI DU SEUILWin Yankee1.1078.203.3496.60
    14/03/2017CheltenhamELECTRIC CONCORDE, WESTERN RYDER, CONSUL DE THAIX, DIVIN BEREEW Yankee1.1014742.00-1.1095.50
    14/03/2017Cheltenham14:50HENRI PARRY MORGANEW1.0013.00-1.0093.50
    14/03/2017Cheltenham15:30BUVEUR D'AIRWin1.006.505.5099.00
    14/03/2017Cheltenham16:50CHAMPERS ON ICEEW1.009.00-1.0097.00
    15/03/2017Cheltenham13:30NEON WOLFWin2.003.00-2.0095.00
    15/03/2017Cheltenham14:10ACAPELLA BORGEOISEW1.007.50-1.0094.00
    15/03/2017Cheltenham14:50MISTER MIYAGIEW1.0017.00-1.0093.00
    15/03/2017Cheltenham14:50PEREGRINE RUNEW1.0010.00-1.0092.00
    15/03/2017Cheltenham16:50DIVIN BEREEW1.006.500.1991.19
    15/03/2017Cheltenham16:50LONG CALEW1.009.00-1.0090.19
    15/03/2017Cheltenham17:30WESTERN RYDEREW1.0011.00-1.0089.19
    16/03/2017Cheltenham14:10ELECTRIC CONCORDEEW1.0023.00-1.0090.95
    16/03/2017Cheltenham14:10FOR GOOD MEASUREEW1.009.00-1.0089.95
    16/03/2017Cheltenham16:50LET’S DANCEWin1.002.631.6389.58
    16/03/2017Cheltenham16:50LA BAGUE AU ROIEW1.0011.00-1.0088.58
    17/03/2017Cheltenham13:30CHARLI PARCSWin1.005.00-1.0089.08
    17/03/2017Cheltenham14:50DEATH DUTYWin1.003.00-1.0088.08
    17/03/2017Cheltenham15:30NATIVE RIVERWin1.006.50-1.0087.08
    18/03/2017Newcastle15:10LATE DATEWin1.006.00-1.0087.83
    18/03/2017Wolverhampton18:45COILLTE CAILINEW1.0011.00-1.0086.83
    20/03/2017Kempton14:00THE DETAINEEWin1.008.00-1.0085.83
    20/03/2017Kempton15:00FREDDY WITH A YEW1.0010.000.6386.46
    21/03/2017Southwell16:25WAR DEPARTMENTWin1.004.33-1.0084.46
    23/03/2017Chelmsford20:20SAVED MY BACONWin1.0011.00-1.0087.46
    25/03/2017Meydan11:45HEAVY METALEW1.009.00-1.0086.46
    25/03/2017Meydan12:50WALL OF FIREEW1.0017.00-1.0085.46
    25/03/2017Meydan12:50REMBRANDT VAN RIJNEW1.0033.00-1.0084.46
    25/03/2017Meydan15:30DECORATED KNIGHTEW1.0012.00-1.0081.46
    25/03/2017Meydan16:05SEVENTH HEAVENWin1.009.00-1.0080.46
    25/03/2017Wolverhampton20:15EXCELLENT GEORGEEW1.009.000.3080.76
    26/03/2017Naas15:10BUBBLY BELLINIEW1.0017.00-1.0078.76
    26/03/2017Naas16:40AUSSIE VALENTINEWin1.006.00-1.0083.76
    28/03/2017Wolverhampton16:20SEE VERMONTWin1.006.00-1.0081.76
    29/03/2017Lingfield15:50BLACKTHORN STICKWin1.008.50-1.0080.76
    29/03/2017Southwell16:00EXCELLENT AIMWin1.005.50-1.0079.76
    30/03/2017Wolverhampton15:45STAR OF LOMBARDYWin1.008.007.0085.76
    31/03/2017Lingfield16:30ANONYMOUS JOHNWin1.004.00-1.0084.76
    01/04/2017Doncaster13:50ABSOLUTELY SOWin1.008.00-1.0083.76
    01/04/2017Doncaster15:00STORMY ANTARCTICWin1.004.50-1.0080.76
    01/04/2017Doncaster15:35INSTANT ATTRACTIONEW1.0021.00-1.0078.76
    06/04/2017Aintree14:50EMPIRE OF DIRTWin1.003.50-1.0077.76
    06/04/2017Aintree16:40DOUBLE W'SWin1.008.007.0084.51
    07/04/2017Aintree13:40RATHER BEEW1.0011.006.2590.76
    07/04/2017Aintree14:20MOUNT MEWSWin1.004.00-1.0089.76
    07/04/2017Aintree15:25SUB LIEUTENANTWin1.004.33-1.0088.76
    07/04/2017Aintree16:05THIRD INTENTIONEW1.0023.00-1.0087.76
    07/04/2017Aintree16:40THE WORLDS ENDWin1.003.502.5089.26
    07/04/2017Aintree17:15BLACK OPWin1.005.00-1.0088.26
    08/04/2017Aintree13:45NO HASSLE HOFFEW1.008.000.3888.64
    08/04/2017Aintree14:25FINIAN’S OSCARWin1.004.503.5092.14
    08/04/2017Aintree17:15MORE OF THATEW1.0015.00-1.0092.69

    We will report back in a month's time with our next update.

    The Snout Review: Update One

    15th March 2017

    Our first month reviewing The Snout got off to a great start, reaching a high of +18.05 points. Following this we were hit with a bad run of losing bets, leaving us with a small loss of 1.15 points.

    At Betfair SP the selections had a poor month losing 15.87 points, which is quite a difference compared to the advised odds. This is not a big surprise given that The Snout sends his selections out the evening before the races before the market has fully formed.

    Key Stats - Update One
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
    Number of Bets626262
    Total Stakes (pts)62.0062.0062.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-0.52-1.15-15.87
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£5.20-£11.50-£158.70
    Average Odds7.567.356.93
    Strike Rate22.6%22.6%22.6%
    Bank (100pt starting)99.4898.8584.13

    Results - Update One
    DateCourseTimeSelectionWin/EWStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
    11/02/2017Newbury16:10LESSONS IN MILANWin1.006.50-1.00102.88
    11/02/2017Newbury16:45WESTERN RYDERWin1.005.50-1.00101.88
    12/02/2017Exeter14:50BARNEY DWANWin1.006.00-1.0099.88
    12/02/2017Exeter15:20HARRY TOPPEREW1.0015.00-1.0098.88
    12/02/2017Exeter15:50TEA FOR TWOWin1.001.830.8399.71
    12/02/2017Leopardstown16:00SIZING JOHNWin1.006.505.50105.21
    13/02/2017Wolverhampton15:50PERFECT CRACKERWin1.003.50-1.00104.21
    13/02/2017Catterick16:10JAC THE LEGENDWin1.008.00-1.00103.21
    14/02/2017Fontwell15:00THE GEEGEEZ GEEGEEWin1.004.003.00104.21
    14/02/2017Newcastle16:10SUZI’S CONNOISSEUREW1.008.004.20108.41
    14/02/2017Newcastle17:10KEN’S SAM’SWin1.005.00-1.00107.41
    15/02/2017Kempton19:50ON FIREWin1.003.25-1.00104.41
    16/02/2017Chelmsford19:30OUTER SPACEEW1.009.005.00109.41
    17/02/2017Newcastle17:25FAIRWAY TO HEAVENWin1.003.75-1.00117.05
    17/02/2017Wolverhampton17:45HIDDEN GEMWin1.003.25-1.00116.05
    18/02/2017Lingfield14:20JUST US TWOEW1.008.00-1.00115.05
    18/02/2017Lingfield14:55FORCEFUL APPEALEW1.0011.00-1.00114.05
    18/02/2017Lingfield15:30DOCTOR SARDONICUSWin1.006.50-1.00112.05
    18/02/2017Haydock15:50NO HASSLE HOFFWin1.002.88-1.00111.05
    18/02/2017Kempton18:45ANONYMOUS JOHNWin1.008.00-1.00110.05
    20/02/2017Wolverhampton15:45BOOM THE GROOMWin1.006.50-1.00109.05
    20/02/2017Carlisle16:10BEG TO DIFFERWin1.002.75-1.00108.05
    23/02/2017Wolverhampton20:30INVINCIBLE RIDGEEW1.008.000.20108.25
    24/02/2017Lingfield16:35MR STRUTTERWin1.003.75-1.00106.50
    25/02/2017Kempton15:35IRISH SAINTWin1.006.50-1.00104.10
    25/02/2017Kempton15:35TRIOLO D’ALENEEW1.0017.00-1.00103.10
    27/02/2017Wolverhampton14:55MIRACLE GARDENEW1.007.00-1.00102.10
    27/02/2017Wolverhampton16:25SPES NOSTRAEW1.007.00-1.0099.10
    02/03/2017Ludlow16:00ROC D’APSISWin1.004.50-1.0097.10
    02/03/2017Chelmsford18:55ROCKLEY POINTWin1.005.50-1.0096.10
    04/03/2017Meydan14:20JUNGLE CATWin1.003.252.2598.35
    04/03/2017Meydan14:55MOVE UPWin1.007.00-1.0097.35
    04/03/2017Newbury15:15VIC DU TOUZAINEWin1.006.00-1.0096.35
    04/03/2017Meydan15:30PROMISING RUNEW1.008.00-1.0095.35
    04/03/2017Lingfield15:45ENCORE D’ORWin1.006.505.50100.85
    07/03/2017Southwell14:00POWERFUL WINDEW1.008.50-1.0098.85
    07/03/2017Southwell15:30AQUA ARDENSEW1.0013.00-1.0097.85
    07/03/2017Southwell16:30BOROUGH BOYWin1.005.00-1.0096.85
    08/03/2017Lingfield15:00MET BY MOONLIGHTWin1.005.50-1.0095.85
    08/03/2017Lingfield16:30MAKE MUSICWin1.007.006.00101.85
    09/03/2017Southwell15:55LADY NAYEFWin1.006.00-1.00100.85
    09/03/2017Newcastle18:45CAPTAIN DIONWin1.005.50-1.0099.85
    09/03/2017Newcastle19:45ENJOY LIFEEW1.0012.00-1.0098.85

    Hopefully that is the bad run out of the way and next month will be bring in some profit. We'll report back with our next set of results in a month's time.

    The Snout Review: Introduction

    11th February 2017

    We are starting a new review today of a horse racing tips service run by a tipster known only as "The Snout". We don't know much else about The Snout other than he was born in Cheltenham, home to National Hunt racing and the famous Gold Cup event.

    The service is available from the Tipsters Empire platform and has full results available to download.

    Since June 2015 the service has made a profit of £3235.76 to £10 stakes at an ROI of 14.5% and we calculated that the £1000 starting bank has grown by 323% to date. This averages at approximately £170 profit banked per month to £10 stakes.

    Back in August 2016, The Snout hit a winning fourfold that paid out at a whopping 5939/1. Some members put a £5 e/w bet on it and banked £30,000!

    It's great to see the results recorded in a straightforward fashion, without any fancy staking plans to exaggerate the profits.

    The bets advised are 1 point win singles or 0.5 point each way and they are sent out each evening before the following day's races.

    The tips are sent via email and each selection comes with an analysis (example below).

    3.05 Ascot – Champion Stakes – FASCINATING ROCK
    Jack Hobbs may well win here but at 11-8 it is not justifiable. FASCINATING ROCK is the one that seems to tick a lot of boxes for me. Last time out he was hugely impressive, winning a Group 3 by 6L when giving weight away and he comes here rated just 3lb inferior to Jack Hobbs. Dermot Weld is never short of winners on this day and he earmarked this race out as his target for this horse a while back. He has a prime draw, his perfect ground, and will certainly outrun the price tag of 20-1.
    WON 20/1

    There are various membership options available, with the longer term subscriptions offering the best value.

    • ​1 month - £30
    • 3 months - £75 (equal to £25 per month)
    • 6 months - £135 (equal to £22.50 per month)
    • 1 year - £240 (equal to £20 per month)

    There are also some other special membership options:

    • Bespoke tips service if you are going to the races and need tips for each race - £17.50
    • Saturday tips only, for one year - £75
    • Weekend special - £4.00
    • Saturday only - £2.75

    We will be following the service over the next three months and as usual we will record results for the advised odds, odds that we were able to obtain and Betfair SP odds.

    We will report back each month with an update of our results.

    • Goal Profits Rating
    • Rated 3.5 stars

    • The Snout
    • Reviewed by:
    • Published on:
    • Last modified: 31st May 2018

    Welcome to our The Snout Review, where we find out whether this Cheltenham born and bred tipster can deliver a profit during our three month trial.


  • Professional & knowledgeable tipster, offering detailed analysis with each selection
  • Betfair SP odds held up well and resulted in a profit during our review
  • Cons

  • Poor performance from E/W selections during review
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