Accumulator Generator Review: Risk-Free Acca Betting

Accumulator Generator shows you how to bank risk-free profits from the frequent accumulator offers that online bookmakers advertise.

For example, bookies often offer a refund if one leg of an accumulator lets you down. With Accumulator Generator though, it's possible to turn this offer into a guaranteed profit.

You don't even need to know the first thing about acca betting as the video tutorials will show you everything step-by-step.

We asked Paul to help us with an Accumulator Generator review and in one month he made a profit of more than £600!


When Paul first logged in to the Accumulator Generator site, he watched a welcome video which gave him a quick overview.

He was then presented with the main sections:

  • Training – A guide to using all the different features on the site, including video tutorials and strategies
  • Offers – An up to date list of the accumulator offers available at various bookies
  • Acca Matcher – Software which finds the most profitable accas by searching through 50,000+ acca combinations
  • Bet Finder – Enables you to build your own custom accas, useful for invite only offers or free bets
  • Reminders – This keeps track of all your accas so that you know when you need to complete the next action
  • Calculator – This calculates exactly what stakes you need to bet at the bookie/exchange
  • FAQ – Covers the most frequently asked questions about the product

Acca Strategies

Paul was shown exactly how to find suitable accumulator bets. In the 'Offers' section of the site, he simply clicked the purple 'Calculator' button which loaded the bets automatically and calculated the stakes. He then placed his bets as normal with the relevant bookie.

Finally, Paul saved the acca which added details to the 'Reminder' section. This helped to keep track of any further steps.

In order to complete the acca offers, there are five options:

  1. Back/Lay and Hope
  2. Bonuses Section
  3. Lock In a Profit
  4. Advantage Play
  5. Lay All at the Same Time

Each of these strategies has pros and cons, so you have to determine the level of risk you are comfortable with.

'Lock In A Profit' is the best strategy if you want small, but consistent profits but at the other end of the scale, 'Advantage Play' has a much higher risk. Each of the strategies describes a +EV method to completing the offers.

Paul initially went for the 'Bonuses Section' and 'Lock In a Profit' options, but soon found that by not laying off some of the 'sure fire' legs he was able to increase his profits substantially.

Of course, he had to accept the losses when they come, but either way there was good value to be had.

Acca Matcher Software

The 'Acca Matcher' software is designed to save you a lot of time. It finds suitable acca bets for you, which match up with the corresponding offers available at the bookies.

Here is an example of a few accas that popped up on a Monday with not much football action. Despite it being such a quiet day, there were still 32 pages of potential accas available!

Accumulator Generator review: Acca Matcher software

How Much Profit Can You Make?

The profit you will make from Accumulator Generator varies depending on how much risk you're comfortable with. The sales page says that the system is designed to make 20% profit on your investment, so you can use that as a benchmark figure.

Paul estimated that by using the guaranteed 'Lock In a Profit' method only, he would have made approximately £290 profit over the month. That's a lot less than his actual £601.05 profit, but still an excellent return.

You can complete as many offers as you like, as long as the bookie terms and conditions allow it. Generally, bookies like punters who bet on accas but you may want to consider using as many bookies as you can, rather than just one or two.

A couple of things to note... each offer may take a number of days to complete, so if you're doing lots at once you will need a bigger bank in order to lay off. Also, Paul noticed that sometimes the odds would drift in/out between games which altered the estimated EV of the acca. However, this balanced out overall so it wasn’t a major issue.

The software is a no brainer and you can’t fail to make money from it!!




DateBookmakerProfit/LossRunning Total
05/01/16William Hills£134.80£134.80
08/01/16William Hills£57.40£274.00
08/01/16William Hills£9.50£283.50
10/01/16William Hills£6.50£309.80
13/01/16William Hills£10.30£331.85
16/01/16William Hills£9.60£341.45
16/01/16William Hills£10.70£352.15
20/01/16William Hills£10.00£373.35
20/01/16William Hills£11.00£384.35
23/01/16William Hills£78.00£477.75
23/01/16William Hills£49.00£526.75
25/01/16William Hills£10.00£567.25


Overall, we were very impressed with Accumulator Generator.

In just one month, Paul made £601.05 profit which was enough to cover the annual membership a few times over. It even has a 30-day money back guarantee, so risk-free in more ways than one.

This is a top piece of software that we can highly recommend and it gets an easy 'pass'.

In fact, it's another '5 star' pass for Mike Cruickshank as we already awarded 5 stars to Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser.

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15 thoughts on “Accumulator Generator Review: Risk-Free Acca Betting”

  1. Hi
    I’m interested in Accumulator Generator, just wondered if I need Excel on my laptop which I don’t currently have.



    • Hi Danny, Paul said “I always keep £1000 in the bank, but you can start with less – I’d say £500. Going the guaranteed route and building slowly that would suffice. “

  2. Hi but these offers only happen one per day, I have the software, but you can’t manage to make it more than 2 per oweekend per bookie, I would like to know how the reviewer managed to bypass that. And how did he managed to make 134 quids on his first acca, if he didn’t lay then it’s pure gambling I must say.

  3. The only problem I have come across is when there is a postponed match. The bookies then tell you that your min 5 or 6 selections is now less one team, and therefore does not count for the acca insurance. Which is fine if all teams have won upto that point. But if you have already have a loser, and a match is postponed then you will not get the free bet.

  4. I’m a little suspicious of this, how does he make £134, £81, £78 from single accas?
    also if you constantly do accas with a bookie and all matches are played at different times, they will ban you from getting free bets since you are abusing their bonus.
    also if people do this, write down all your accas since what if accagenerator site goes down for a little while, then you are in a predicament.
    @ paulo Will Hill say 1 per day so you can do 5 accas in 1 day but if they finish on 5 different days u get bets. I had 2 start n finish on the same day and Will Hill stlll gave me 2 bets (wouldn’t count on it but has happened to me 2/2 times)

    • There is value in not laying the accas off, but it is obviously higher risk. Paul used this method a few times when he felt confident in the bets, but he estimates by locking in a profit he would have made approximately £290 for the month.

      Also you are correct if you constantly abuse the offer with one bookie you are likely to get banned, so it is better to try and alternate which bookies you use.

  5. Hi there, currently reading through some of the reviews on here as well as taking the plunge on Goal Profits after the First Half Heaven free strategy has made me enough to pay for the full product. Anyway, is this the same as the acca finder’ on oddsmonkey please ? Unrelated question, could anyone suggest one of the easier, lower risk systems to try out please ? Been doing the matched betting for the last couple of months but after the initial sign up offers, just seem to be giving and not receiving all the time, rinsing hundreds at a time through the exchange for a couple of quid here and there starts to get tedious after a while.

    • Hi Kev, We haven’t reviewed OddsMonkey yet (it’s on the list!) so I’m not sure about Acca Finder, but I think it is a similar piece of software. As you are on the road to football trading, we would definitely recommend looking at our Assured Soccer Profits review ( It’s low risk and a steady bank builder, however you do need to give the manual a good read through and watch the videos before diving in.
      Accumulator Generator is still working very well at providing regular, low risk profits and is one of the tools that we have continued to use since finishing the review.

  6. Thanks Laura, I have put Assured Soccer Profits on my list of ones to check. Maybe Accumulator Generator is slightly different as the O.M ‘Acca Finder’ has not brought anything up for a while now and if Acca Generator is still providing steady income during this dry spell with the O.M one. Plenty of stuff to keep one busy in Goalprofits tho and will have a look at Assured Soccer Profits once i build a bit of a bank and get to grips with a couple of strategies from GoalProfits. Thanks again 😀


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